Greenspan ice.


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Needed ingredients:

400 to 600 ml canned fruit in syrup (I used 600 ml tangerines on syrup)
400 ml whipping cream (don't whip it!)
500 ml yogurt (buy it or make your own)
fruit syrup until 'sweet enough'

Needed tools:

an emailed pan or a glass oven 'pan'
a blender or a good mixer (for the fruit)
a refrigerator
at least four hours of continues electricity
a spoon 

How to execute the making of Greenspan ice?

First you shout to your ingredients: 'Ha! Now you are still ingredients on room temperature but a few hours from now you will be ice just like the stupid USA economy will be in a few months/years!'

After that you put the ingredients and the pan/spoon etc in de deepfreeze part of your fridge for about 20 minutes. (It is handy when the stuff is already cold but the ingredients not frozen of course).
Blend or mix the fruit with the syrup in the pan until it is meshed fine.
Add the cream and the yogurt.
More syrup until 'sweet enough' and stir well.

Now you put it in the deepfreeze and stir good with the spoon every 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on the quality of your freezer you have to proceed until it is real ice or soft ice, my fridge often needs four hours time before it is hard enough. 

Remark 1; I had to stir every 20 minutes because I used tangerines with relatively much water.
Remark 2: The stirring is needed to prevent water crystals to form, when you stir you can sometimes hear them crack.
Remark 3: Always ensure that all ice that is formed on the sides and corners is stirred through the mass again (otherwise you get waterice crystals there).