Shock and awe cake.


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Needed ingredients:

500 gram of ordinary flower
250 grams of sugar
250 grams of butter or margarine
4 eggs
3 sachets of vanilla sugar (that is something like 25 gram)
1 sachet of backing powder (that is something like 15 gram)
a bit of salt
one spoon of lemon juice
milk until the paste is 'soft enough'

300 gram of chocolate (I used a relatively sweet white chocolate because of the children but with a more bitter kind of chocolate it will also taste fine, in that case use a bit more sugar in the cake).

Needed tools:

a cake form
an oven & enough electricity
a pan or a bowl (to mix the ingredients in)
something to stir the ingredients with
a large pan with boiling water and a small one to melt the chocolate in (au bain marie) 

How to execute the creation of Shock and awe cake?

First you lay out all the ingredients and with a small but devilish smile on your face you whisper softly 'There will be no Iraqi oil for American companies for a long long time'.

After that you put the butter/margarine into a small pan and on a small and slow fire melt it in 5 to 7 minutes.

In the meantime throw all other ingredients (but no milk yet) in the pan/bowl.
While you wait for the butter to be melted you make very small dancing movements and softly you whisper 'No oil for the Americans'. Repeat this three times.

Than you add the melted butter with the rest and start stirring (of course, when your wheat/flower is old or a bit moisture use a sieve when you apply that). After a minute and when needed you add a bit of milk until it is 'smooth enough'.

Place it in the over, 175 degrees C and 50 minutes is enough but you can also use a temperature of 125 degrees for 90 minutes or longer. (I like the speedy way of course).

When the cake is ready take it out the cake form and put it on a large enough plate. Break the cake while it is still hot in 3 or 4 pieces: ensure that you break it diagonally (because the idea is you glue it together again with the melted chocolate).

Let the cake cool down, take the large pan and make the water in it boil. Break the 300 gram chocolate into small pieces and place that in the small pan.
Let the small pan float in the boiling water, stir every now and then.
When melted, glue the broken cake with the chocolate together (it is often handy when you use backing paper and glue the cake together again in the backing cake form where you first have applied the backing paper).

Use the rest of the chocolate for a topping of the cake.

Wait a few hours (it takes a long time for the chocolate to harden again).

Serve on a plate together with some Greenspan ice.