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Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have July 2004.
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Part XXXV: July 2004:




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 21 July 2004     
 25 July 2004     
 26 July 2004    txt01: A new 6 months long target; Nour USA  
 29 July 2004     
 30 July 2004    txt01: Pakistan & the 9/11 attacks in the USA  



To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XXXV of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid judicial shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject


21 July 2004: Although I am not having a habit of antidating these writings, it was promised that this BigStory would be open again on 21 July. Right now when I write these very words it is actually 25 July and on 21 July I was still on a very nice holiday travel with the kids.
It was wonderful to have a few days without all that international news around, the kids could learn how to travel the lands by foot and by bike. TheGirl even had the opportunity to take a few lessons in riding horse so to her the little holiday was perfect. Both kids gained a pound of muscle and they look slightly different now compared to two weeks ago.

But enough of the family fun, the date 21 July is the 'Opera 5' date to the next and eight Military Bloody Day on 26 July. The 'official reason' for MBD nr. 8 on 26 July is the fact that originally on 26 July the final 9/11 report upon the attacks in America would come out. A few days back it came to my attention that the 26 July date was changed to this week but I did not care much.
The 'official reason' is the fact that after my humble opinion there were a few 'minor faults' in that report, therefore I found wisdom in reciting for the deaths of a few more US soldiers. The US army is not allowed to complain upon this because most Americans prefer a so called 'military solution' towards their little terror problems, so they must not complain if they only get what they ask for... 

While still on holiday I found out that on Wednesday 21 July the US army did use air power in the form of Apache attack helicopters. American Media files said later that 25 insurgents were killed and 25 captured while there were two deaths on the side of the US army. How real is that? Lets turn to the Media report that gives quite different numbers on the 21 July date and in the comment upon those quotes I will try to explain that both reports could be 'true' at the same time. Here we go:

Media report to 21 July 2004: The next quotes were found on a website named jihadunspun dot com, according to their sources the number of killed US soldiers was 14. The US-led Media files say it is only 2. Quote (remark that this quote is far more heroic towards the US army compared to their own Media outlets...):
At least 14 Americans were killed in ar-Ramadi yesterday as a day of fierce and heavy fighting that raged from about 11:00am local time until sunset got under way.

The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the clashes began when a group of Resistance fighters ambushed an American patrol consisting of four Humvees and a number of foot soldiers. Resistance fighters pounded the Humvees with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) destroying all of them and sparking a battle on al-‘Ishrin (“1920”) Street that lasted until sunset as US reinforcements poured into the area.

The American side threw Apache helicopters and tanks into the fray but in the end 14 US troops were killed and eight others wounded, most of them the troops who were aboard the Humvees that were attacked during the morning.

The Resistance also shot down one US Apache helicopter in the course of the fighting. During the 
fierce battle the US forces blew up the ‘Abd ar-Razzaq Science Library, the most famous library and a meeting place for ar-Ramadi’s students.

Comment: It has occurred to me that every time as I read some names of fallen US soldiers they always have those American 'alias Smith & Jones' names. One might argue that it is very normal for American soldiers to have American names but there also are reports of many thousand 'foreign fighters' that are into the US army only to get their US citizenship.

I just don't know the exact numbers anymore but somewhere in the back of my mind are numbers like up to 40 thousand 'US soldiers' that have in fact not yet the American nationality. Also it is understandable that those 'foreign fighters' in the US army will do most of the dirty and dangerous work. 

It is hard to grasp if those foreign fighters in the US army do not reach the statistics on casualties, would the Pentagon and the US army be really that corrupt? I can't believe it, a massive fraud like that would surely not go unnoticed.
Or not my dear reader? What do you think on this subject? Who is in the right, the jihadunspun reporters or the US-led Media files?  



To make it clear to the readers that the American Media files are also often not telling the simple truth as it is we take a fine look at that pearl of the 'free press' in America. We take a look at the Washington Post that also covers lots of aspects around the war in Iraq, the file I have the picture below from is called Faces of the Fallen. And this Fallen Faces file contains lots of military information, look for example to the previous Military Bloody Day on 29 April this spring. But the Pentagon planners do not grasp that information and the US army keeps on collecting detainees to find out who is 'calling for the shots' in Iraq.  

 Title: Washington Post employees, where are your loyalties???

Let me explain a bit more around the picture above: On 26 July 2003 three US soldiers died in one attack, it was just a handgrenade thrown at them and the soldiers were unlucky that day. You see that on 26 July there is no red stripe underneath the three soldiers in question, in the course of many months since July 2003 there have been much more 'mistakes' made on this page. After some emailing from me to the Washington Post they corrected the fault from 18 September 2003. (That was the first Military Bloody Day you know, so that was important for me to communicate this with the local authorities.) 
The other faults from that tabblade are not that important right now, right now it is only important that the next and 8th MBD will have some success while it is clear that also when lots of success is there the American Media files will still continue to withheld the simple truth as it is. 

All I hope right now (25 July) is that the US army will take it's responsibility tomorrow and we can avoid the need to kill all those hostages in Iraq. So again my dear US army, no air power allowed, no 500 pounders and no 2000 pounders, no AC-130 gunship and only little Abrams tank stuff. And please do not play it the American way by later remarking that I did not mention 1500 pounders Mark-77 firebombs!
So it is soldier to soldier and platoon to platoon my dear and mighty US army, it you fight too asymmetric and you linger on the axiom of 'overwhelming force' too much you might regret this in the future. So take your responsibility! Greetings from this armchair general.  

 Title: Come on America, if you can be great on Mars you can be great on earth.

25 July 2004: Well good luck today and tomorrow to all who need that, good luck!

Below you can read a bit of Media reporting, this time around the problems of the number of people that died while in custody of the US army and why I will only start making complaints at the operatives address if they exceed the '400 executed' number.

Life is simple on this one; when America really is the 'world leader' she must not complain when I follow her down the ladder of low battlefield conduct. No my dear Pentagon you can not complain that I will come after you in strange ways. So here is the Media report: 

Media report to 25 July 2004: Ah, there is an update upon the number of people that died while in American 'custody' in the entire WarOnTerror in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Let me remind you to the numbers as I estimated them a few weeks ago; I estimated it at least 200 and at most 400 people dead while in US 'custody'. Here are the 'official' numbers (quote from Ass Press:)
WASHINGTON - Thirty-nine prisoners have died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan since the fall of 2001 and there have been 94 cases of proven or suspected abuse, the Army said Thursday in a broad new report giving a more precise and higher estimate of the scale of the abuse.

The acting Army secretary and its top general said they took responsibility for the abuses while insisting that they were not sanctioned by Army leadership. 

“These actions, while regrettable, are 

aberrations,” said Acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker said mistakes were understandable, though not excusable. Troops must be trained to contain their anger at prisoners who had been trying to kill them, he said. 

Comment: Well Army Chief of Staff Peter, may be you are right and is it wise to teach the US kid soldiers what those Geneva conventions were about anyway. You could even include this in the training of new US soldiers, I know that is a devastating new approach but it might pay of...

But Peter, since I estimated that 200 to 400 died while in US custody I will only start complaining if the operatives execute more hostages than 400. You only look in the mirror of your own behavior my dear Peter boy! 



 Title: Come on America, if you can be great on Mars you can be great on the 26th.

26 July 2004: Ok, today is the 8th Military Bloody Day as recited for. According to the Media files there were two car bombs in Iraq today, one with a female driver in a truck (bomb) that did not explode properly. And a car bomb in Baghdad, a few mortars and a (successfull) killing of a high Iraqi US-backed government figure. 

More on this in the Media report below, at first there is another remark to be made around a US company under the name of Nour USA (Vienna, Virginia, USA). Let this company be a target for exactly 6 (solar calendar) months, with the word 'target' I mean that anything goes. From bombs to sniperings to attacks from hedge funds;
Nour USA has foundations in Iraq, Jordan and the USA. In case you are interested why this particular company has my specific interest (all other US defense civil industry has my interest too of course) you can read the next quotes:

On February 2, 2004 it was announced that Nour USA, Vienna, Virginia, U.S.A., (a firm which along with other U.S., Polish and Iraqi firms comprises the DES Group) was awarded a $327,485,798 firm fixed price indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity contract to procure equipment for the Iraqi Armed Forces and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps.

In Iraq only about one hundred Nour USA employees are walking around, so they are a very rare kind of species to catch. So it's very difficult for the average Iraqi to attack those folks but may be the hedge funds are willing to help the story a bit too. (Yes hedge funds, the Nour USA folks did forget that there are some new military axioms at the scene so it would be fun if they burn their fingers a little bit on this big big contract sized at $327,485,798 fixed price...) The website is named nourusa dot com but it doesn't contain much information, the operatives have to be lucky on that one. 

Now the Media report:

Media report to 26 July 2004: The 8th MBD how did it go? Well now it's only 18.35 so the day ain't over yet but I guess that the operatives feel just like me upon the fact that the truck bomb in Mosul did not go off. There was a report of some female driver by the way. Quoting:

A U.S. military spokeswoman said a suicide truck bomb exploded outside a U.S. base near the northern city of Mosul, killing an Iraqi woman and her child. Three U.S. soldiers and three Iraqi security staff were wounded. One of the Iraqis later died. 

The military said the truck was packed with mortar shells, but added these did not detonate, minimizing the impact. 

Police said no one was hurt by the Baghdad car bomb. 

There were also several mortar attacks on Baghdad on Monday morning, wounding one person, police and witnesses said. In one, television pictures showed a destroyed car and storefronts buckled or pockmarked with holes.

And more, quote:

MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - A suspected suicide car bomb exploded near a U.S. base in northern Iraq on Monday, wounding eight people in an attack believed to have been carried out by a woman, the U.S. military said. 

A U.S. military spokeswoman said five U.S. soldiers and three members of the Iraqi security forces were wounded when the car exploded about 50 yards from the southern gate of the base at an airfield near the northern city of Mosul. 

She said the driver of the car, which exploded at about 8:30 a.m. (12:30 a.m. EDT), was believed to be a woman.

Also in Baghdad was a car bomb, quote:
"An Opel car bomb exploded near the Sarafia bridge on a road where police make frequent patrols," said fireman Safin Rashid.

Comment: Well we can all conclude that this day was not as successful as 29 April was. A pity, especially that truck bomb that was meant as some knocking of the door of the US army... 



Today I took some time to remember those who died today, just some time to remember them. No US soldiers dead today and there is only one four letter word for this and that four letter word is 'shit'.
Of course reality obliges me to say that it could very well be that on the 8th MBD, that on the 8th Military Bloody Day the Pentagon finally anticipated a bit more and indeed succeeded into avoiding casualties on their behalf...

This could very well be, the Media outlets do not tell if there were less military patrols today, they don't tell. 

But the day isn't over yet, may be tomorrow there will be more news to read. Also lets not forget that indeed this day no US airpower whatsoever was observed, therefore it looks reasonable to request at that group that has all those truck drivers to release them. (But that group had some wishes to be fulfilled themselves so they must make up their own mind on this one.)


At last a simple message to the Fallujah readers (although I doubt they have much internet there around). It is around the 31 March barbeque of those four Blackwater employees, those four mercenaries carrying a gun while being 'a civil contractor' at the same time. 

My dear Fallujah people, you know the American military can be so funny. Just so funny, they let run around dozens of 'civil soldiers' while there is nothing in the Geneva conventions upon making war that covers that particular problem of the 'civil soldier'. The Americans are very funny with that...
So it could very well be that the treatment of the four Blackwater mercenaries are in fact no war crimes (according to the letter of the Geneva convention laws) but after my humble opinion it was a bit overdone. You know my dear Fallujah people, the Western societies can not take pictures like that on the evening news on the television. They will start acting strange... (The fact that many thousands of former Iraqi soldiers did get the same kind of burning wounds in for example the 'road of death' that ended Gulf War I is not relevant to Western societies, those pictures were not on the evening news you know.)
So try to keep on killing Americans please, just please. I beg you to keep on killing those Slimy Worms that do not understand how to make war while having the biggest military on this planet. Now for the simple message: 

 Title: My dear Fallujahns, the timing of the Blackwater bridge barbeque was not
 that handy all in all. It just wasn't. 


29 July 2004: Today I did a bit of reading in the 'final' 9/11 report that came out last week. The report is all in all 585 pages long so I will not waste too much time in reading that report. It has some major faults anyway, so it might contain details of interest but the report writers nicely avoid the hot potato.

Well, what is this 'hot potato'? Very simple my dear American friends, have you ever heard of a guy named Khomeiny? Now did you? In case you didn't, Khomeiny had a bit to do with the wiping out of the American puppet dictator in Iran. Khomeiny had a bit to do with the destruction of that former shah regime that was 'US backed' as the saying goes. 
Well the Shia part of Islam might be very different from the Sunni part, but there were thousands and thousands who imitated this Khomeiny figure in all ways possible. This is what we call a 'role model' and this is not particular an Islam thing but a human thing, in Western society it also of often observed that lots of people try to look like their 'role modols' but in Islamic society it sometimes is even more hefty. 
(Remark: It could very well be that the fact that the Prophet Mohammed could not read and write did contribute to this particular behavior of Islamic societies, I have always considered it as a pity that he could not write. On the other hand it is very well possible that in case Mohammed could read and write, there simply would be no Islam today!)

The Khomeiny figure was imitated in many ways possible; eating and sleeping habits, the way he looked and dressed and so on and so on. On this particular characteristic of the Islamic societies that final 9/11/2001 report simply gives no answer. Did the 19 operatives have some role model yes or no? After almost 3 years I still think they did have some 'role model', I think it is a bit waste of human lives that the Western societies are not looking into this little detail of the war on terror.
Simply because the next attack on America will be much bigger. And in case the 'role model' is really true, may be this 'role model' might be capable of preventing the next attack. But I also think that this hypothetical role model will say 'No way, never I will prevent that, no way.' 

Lets look into a very limited number of details at this in the Media report to this day: 

Media report to 29 July 2004: According to time magazine, I was in the right when I expected that most of the 9/11/2001 operatives emerged within 9 weeks from before the attack. It was seven and a half week, so this fits as perfect as possible. Quote:
A counterterrorism official tells TIME that a recent analysis of al-Qaeda's 2001 timeline shows that the hijackers started to gather in the U.S. 20 weeks before Sept. 11 and the entire strike team had infiltrated the country no later than 7 1/2 weeks before, leading some intelligence analysts to conclude that members of the operational cell must already be here. 

Comment: Yes, I too expected that there were more operatives at that scene within that nine week period before 9/11/2001. (The 'fuelling weeks' as I name them.) I was thinking that the 'needle point', the starting point would be 21 May 2001. But the last is not correct according to the 9/11 report, the first operatives arrived already in the spring of the solar year 2000. 
So the timeline of this particular operation is slightly different from what I expected, lets leave it with that and make the enemy not wiser than it is.

Lets proceed with a detail that the time magazine is completely wrong about. It is well known and widely known that the ending of the United Flight 93 wasn't that heroic attempt that the American Media outlets would like it to be. This is a very important characteristic of the American society; Only good things can flow from the Americans and for the rest it always has to be 'heroic' and the hero in question must always be an American. Well the details of the 93 flight are known to me many many months. Quote from the time mag:
New details emerge about the scene on board United Flight 93, which crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pa. The report concludes that those who rushed the cockpit never made it inside but did prevent the plane from reaching its target — either the Capitol or the White House. With passengers on the verge of breaking in, Jarrah, the pilot, asked another hijacker, "Is that it? Should we put it down?" The answer was yes, and moments later the plane plowed into the ground.

Comment: No comment beside that we see it is important to strike in concert at the very minute and the very second!



To make sure we can sew a bit of sand in the eyes of the enemy I just have to avoid sharing all those insights I get from reading that 9/11 report, sorry folks! Therefore we take a fine look at the deepest insights and works of internet gossip journalist Matt Drudge! The gossip journalist did discover a hefty controversy around the Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry! This all looks very dangerous for that lefty asshole Kerry because when the gossip journalist Matt Drudge from the Drudge report makes a discovery the whole world is shaked! Just like when this gossip journalist in the far past reported the sex adventures of the former Democratic president Mr. Clinton! Yes, the gossip journalist Matt Drudge has made wonderful contributions to humankind, lets enjoy the hefty reporting of gossip journalist Matt Drudge from the Drudge report in the next: 

The next quotes are found on the website from gossip journalist Matt Drudge, here we go:
**World Exclusive**
A bombshell new book written by the man who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat charges: Kerry reenacted combat scenes for film while in Vietnam!
The footage is at the center of a growing controversy in Boston.
"On February 28, 1969, now in charge of PCF 94, Kerry came under fire from an enemy location on the shore. The crew's gunner returned fire, hitting and wounding the lone gunman. Kerry directed the boat to charge the enemy position. Beaching his boat, Kerry jumped off, chased the wounded insurgent behind a thatched hutch, and killed him. Kerry and his crew returned within days, armed with a Super 8 video camera he had purchased at the post exchange at Cam Ranh Bay, and reenacted the skirmish on film."
Comment: Wow my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge you really have a hefty **World Exclusive** at hand! You are very good in discovering **World Exclusives** man! 
Your gossip is just the best there is, I like it!

Hey my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge let me shove another **World Exclusive** in your wide open ass! It is called **Designer Disease** and it's just a new front in the War on Terror.

Just a new front and a timescale of something like 2 or 3 decades, may be you know my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge that you only need a few million of US$ laboratory stuff to 'get to work' on this **Designer Disease** kind of stuff.
So my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge, do you think this new front is right open right now or am I only weighing my future options?  



 Title: My dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge, is this the next US president???

In another development to put attention there where it is needed we can look at another fine discovery of American society, may be gossip journalist Matt Drudge can write one of his **World Exclusives** upon this phenomenal device. This wonderful device is called the 'pussy snorkel' and to all those who are living in the American landscape it is instantly clear that this device can only be invented by some lefty assholes. Decent people like conservatives would never think of such a device, they just wouldn't do that or not my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge? 

So be prepared for one of the finest inventions from the American landscape, the pussy snorkel! A wonderful device, you don't even need to use those big cigars for it and you can even use it under water! A wonderful device my dear gossip journalist Matt Drudge, a very handy thing for all new US-led presidents! Life is a miracle and I know lots of things but the space shuttle is nothing compared to the US-patented pussy snorkel! Here we proceed with luring attention away from that mighty 9/11 report:

 Title: All US-led presidents must use a pussy snorkel and not a Cuban cigar! 

End to the writings of this day, till updates my dear readers... 
Live well and kill well (especially US soldiers of course.) 

30 July 2004: Today the strangest of news was observed; the NATO agreed today to start training Iraqi security forces! Do you believe that? This is only a cosmetically thing because what reasons are there that the NATO would succeed where the USA has failed? Do you know just one reason why the NATO should outperform the USA (or the 'coalition of the willing' occupying Iraq)? Do you know just one reason?

I don't. So with pride in my heart the Americans succeeded in raising the possibility of so called 'terror attacks' in other countries. That is their game you know, it is better to fight the war on terror in Iraq (their president has stated that often). It is better to fight it in Iraq then in Ohio, that kind of statements are often made by high ranking American government officials.
Also I am sometimes under the impression that every time a big bomb explodes outside America they give a big 'thumbs up' to one another while their president in the meantime is making phonecalls to make sure that the country under attack will side with the USA... Anyway that is the way it works in practice, may be in the White House they are even concerned about the loss of human lives, may be... 

So beside the fact that the NATO has some 'leadership role' into the Afghan landscape, they will now 'train' the Iraqi security forces (as backed by the present Iraqi government that is backed by America). 

Media report to 30 July 2004: Quotes found on the AP wire, amazing news isn't it? 
Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said a 40-member advance team would leave for Iraq "as soon as possible" to begin the training and would report back in September about proposed relations with the U.S.-led multinational force.

"It's a distinct NATO mission," de Hoop Scheffer told reporters. "The multinational force will give protection" and "there should be a relationship between the training mission and multinational force in Iraq."

De Hoop Scheffer said the mission's first task would be to set up a working headquarters to train Iraqi officers how to run and coordinate their own command and control system. The initial, 40-member mission is to be followed by a larger force.

"It will certainly grow into the hundreds very rapidly in the early autumn," said Burns.

Agreement on the mission had been delayed by French objections.

"Today's decision for us represents the unification of NATO ... the NATO flag is definitely going to be in Baghdad."

Comment: Well what can I say upon this? I am amazed because why should the NATO succeed where the mighty American army has failed?

Can you give me just one reason? Just one reason that also makes military sense? 

I can think of a few simple reasons why they should have a bit more success in the actual day-to-day training of security forces. But that are reasons like 'Most people from other countries are not that arrogant as the average American is, they are not that stubborn and do not have that much of the kill-kill-kill-and-kill-again kind of attitude.'

But would the reasoning at NATO headquaters have gone via those lines or do they have surprisingly wise military insights that I can not grab even in a hundred years? 

What do you think my dear reader, what do you think?  



NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll wipe you out & that's a fact!

So NATO headquarters, what is happening here? What is happening at your headquarters and what will be happening in Iraq! You can choose from the next 3 options:

Option 1) The NATO led operation 'Help restoring Iraqi security forces' will heal all wounds in the NATO and this restoring operation will give realistic security forces to Iraq during this overall operation 'Iraqi Freedom'. (In the meantime and only from that success of restoring the Iraqi security forces, a thousand flowers of democracy will start flourish in Iraq...)
Option 2) The NATO led operation 'Help restoring Iraqi security forces' will heal all wounds in the NATO and this restoring operation will not give realistic security forces to Iraq during this overall operation 'Iraqi Freedom'. NATO headquarters will suddenly remember that the Americans failed on this subject, the hiring of former Iraqi trainers failed and that therefore 'With the wisdom of hindsight' the NATO failed. 
Option 3) Because of the future failure of restoring the Iraqi security forces for that Iraqi government that loves freedom so much, the NATO rift will only deepen. There will emerge a civil war in Iraq, but not the advocated one by the Americans (between the Sunnis and Shias) but against the US backed government. 

Of course the smart asses from NATO headquarters are quite capable of thinking of lots of other 'options' involved. One could fly in the Kurdish equation in this all, will there be a Kurdistan yes or no and how will this influence the rest of the set of realistic options?
After my humble opinion Option 3 mentioned above is not completely from planet Mars, this combined with the fact that the Kurds have some 'historical rights' too... 


At the end of this part I will give the NATO some marching orders, they are found in the next words:

When I was a (NATO) soldier a long long time ago, there were very often that nine-digit-long so called 'NATO numbers' upon spare components.
Also I remember common wisdom from those days like 'We cannot drive in Japanese cars as a Dutch army because during a war supply lines will be disrupted.' 

So how about all those spare parts with 'NATO numbers' that cannot be produced inside Europe? I mean of course, what spare parts always come from over the ocean? What comes from America and what can be produced locally?

Start studying fast how to produce stuff like that in Europe, because if the 'Japanese car not in the Dutch army' was common wisdom a few decades ago then it could be a wise battle field advice to start producing the stuff formerly exclusively produced in the USA before...
(Or does it not make sense to keep supply lines as short as possible my dear 26 NATO members?)

NATO provides peace and security for all of it's members, really true!





NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll kiss you with love & that's a fact!





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