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Part XXIX: January 2004:




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04 Jan 2004    
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06 Jan 2004   More on the Iraqi debt (Part II) 
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10 Jan 2004   A blind guy in a white house full of deaf people?  
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13 Jan 2004   The (gay) GI-Joe says 'Lets have sex!'  
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To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XXIX of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid judicial shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject


04 Jan 2004: The January part, will this be the 'orange month'? Who knows, anyway the 'American anti terror' governmental parts are scared to the bone. A few plane flights were delayed or even canceled, but that's all there is until now... And I think I am not speaking solely for myself when I look with a giant amazement towards that country named America, what a funny way to fight good organized 'terror attacks'. Hey, why not start a WarOnPoverty and we start bombing the most poor countries in just a few seconds?

This time without a hair comb, lets take them by surprise!

In another development I went swimming with the kids today, only a few hours but how sleepy I was afterwards. And I didn't even dive or stuff like that, may be I must indulge into a more healthy lifestyle again. May be I must start smoking the Afghan smoke again, ah the Afghan smoke... Well, like promised a long time ago I stopped smoking this particular Afghan smoke. Now for 53 or 54 weeks even, so according to American anti drugs standards I sure must be a saint by now! 

Hey my evil drug lords from the Afghan landscape and similar parts of this world, how is the '500 dollar a kilo' policy going? I hope it's going fine because it is important to lay a bit of money at relatively poor farmers, I didn't check the Media files on this because I simply trust you on this. With the Afghan poppy production it is all very simple; It would be wise if the (big) international drug lords would copycat the Western way of subsidizing agriculture stuff (what is produced too much is simply destroyed, fight them with their own weapons!)


In yet another development the US dollar is still very 'bearish' as they say it. Sentiment is still heavy against the American dollar so this in line with the proceedings of the NightmareOnTheUS$. The money traders honored me very much lately on the last trading year of 2003. On 29 December the Nightmare took the 1,25 US$/Euro level and therefore there was suddenly good hope on even the 1,26 US$/Euro taking. Anyway this is what I hoped for on 29 Dec, would it be possible to end the year on a 1,26 level? 

The first miracle of 2004: Yes it is (partially) possible on a 1,26 level!

To me this new Nightmare (on the US dollar) is completely new territory so I have a lot to learn. For example (look in the picture above) when you see a sudden sharp drop below the 1,26 level I must not immediately think that I am under attack! Under attack from some American weasel thing or so.
No no, it was not 'patriotic buying' but only so called 'short positions' covered up before midnight of the last trading day of the year. Thin markets are always interesting to a relatively outsider like me (oops!).

This brand new NightmareOnTheUS$ (created on 24 and 25 November 2003) has also all kinds of the most strange side effects I just could not ever have dreamed of. The next quotes are some complaint from Russia, did you know that a lot of Russians did get paid according to the US dollar value? Quote from Russia:

Everyone in our country knows the importance of the dollar’s exchange rate, and watches it carefully. This figure is simple but deceptive. It presents practical interest only for those who are going to spend their dollars in one country – the United States. Prices almost do not rise there, and it means that the dollars of Russian citizens retain their purchasing power. 

In all other cases, the situation is completely different. It is most sad for the absolute majority of Russian people who hold dollars – people who earn in dollars and spend them on living expenses. Such people have lost 15.5 percent of their incomes this year, or about one-sixth of their earnings. 

It is exactly by how much the dollar’s buying power decreased in Russia, in the estimation of the Central Bank. In other words, if you spent $100 on the New Year celebration last year, you will have to spend $115 this year. As for your New Year expenses next year, it is better not to think about them.

Comment: That all is cozy stuff compared to the next; The 'official' exchange rate of Ruble/US$ is something like 29. The former header of the Russian central bank says the actual value must be something like 15-16 ruble per dollar while the Mr. Gurvich folk (heading the team of the Russia Finance Ministry’s macroeconomists) puts it on 11 ruble per US dollar! 

So with great enthusiasm this little ShakerOfNations will look upon the evolution of this all. What will happen to all those 'peg currencies' when the dollar slides further and further? 

Title: When was the NightmareOnTheUS$ created? (Exegesis question!)

05 Jan 2004: The first 'thick trading day' of the new year observed and the NightmareOnTheUS$ is doing remarkably well! Doink, we had the Bank of Japan declaring they would only interfere in case there was to much volatility (accepted by me, I understand you are a bit weary upon the economical recovery after that long decade of economical rest). And the Nightmare almost took the 1,27 US$/Euro this day (it came upon 1,2695 so that was almost a taking). But there are still pockets of resistance observed. 

Reports of daily money inflow towards America are still scarcely found, ok ok there is often some undertone that this inflow is declining. But against this there are reports of Asian banks still buying US treasuries on a large scale, that is not good for the future of capitalism. That is only support for that fake American 'capitalism' that needs to pay those 'Chief Executing Officers' amounts of 100+ million US$ a year. (Remark: I don't talk about corporate ownership or so, these so called CEO's are only on the payroll and still need over 100 million a year. Is that capitalism?)

In another development of hefty anti Americanism I felt proud upon the Iraqis and the Afghanis, the US army needs to expend the so called 'stop loss' orders to more 'voluntary' US soldiers. In case you don't know what a 'stop loss' order is; this is simply an order to a soldier expecting to be home in a few weeks or month. The order is 'Your assignment is enduring until we let you go.' 
In the meantime it is also often reported that over fifty percent of the present US soldiers serving in Iraq will not enlist again if they had a chance, that is a good thing. Lets enjoy a few quotes from the freedom lovers:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 2, 2004 -- Army officials are expected to expand the stop-loss/stop-movement program soon to include more soldiers deployed in support of the war on terror. 

An Army announcement, expected within the next week or two, will broaden the number of soldiers whose separations, retirements and reassignments are temporarily placed "on hold." 

The expansion of the stop-loss/stop-movement program comes just as the Army prepares for a major rotation of troops in Iraq within the next few months. 

Lt. Gen. Dennis Cavin, commander of U.S. Army Accessions Command, said during a CNN interview today that the stop-loss program is designed "to provide continuity and consistency" for deployed units and to enhance their ability "to execute their mission to the highest degree of their effectiveness."

Comment: Many months ago I told the Iraqi people how important it is to keep the occupation longer on than one year. Only 'enduring freedom' for the Iraqis will break that backbone of the US army, so keep them busy and keep them feeling miserable Iraqis! (Don't forget that I know what I am asking, I would not like it too to see this little country occupied. That part is simple to understand.)

Now I feel some need to glide into difficult doing upon all kinds of possible Iraqi futures, but I will resist this need. Why paint brain-breaking long term versions while the day-by-day beauty gets lost? After all lately there was another US helicopter shot from strange skies, although it was shit there was only one US soldier dead the other details around this case make it some very interesting attack... First we look at the brave soldier losing her life in this particular attack, she doesn't look that bad so the Americans have some great loss in this. Or not?

Title: A great loss America, but the Pentagon does it all to herself. Or not?

Want to know why this particular attack was of interest to me? Let me tell you that for some time I am not very satisfied with the general performance of the so called 'Western free press'. More explicit I asked for the killing of a few more journalists (sorry folks, it isn't Nov-Dec 2001 anymore, sorry folks). Let me quote a few words as they are written for many weeks ago (in italic) while the Media report is quoted in blue font thereafter:  

So journalist shitheads do you now understand why you are legitimate targets and do you understand that this is of good & high moral level? Or do thee prefer to draw other lines between a lot of dots and do thee not see any contradictions at all in the white house version of this all? Now?

He said troops from the 82nd Airborne Division were "fairly convinced that it was enemy fire" that brought down the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter near Fallujah, a flashpoint in the insurgency.

As paratroopers from the 82nd surrounded the crash site, five men "wearing black press jackets with 'press' clearly written in English" fired on them, Kimmitt said. He said it was the first time he had heard of assailants in Iraq posing as journalists.

(Right after this some Reuters camera crew (entering that scene) came under fire from the US army, I had fun Iraqis I had big fun... This was creative as far as I know it, this was good and smart. By the way Iraqis, don't you know that I am a little bit dissatisfied with the so called 'Geneva rules' of making war? Did you know already?)

And although these so called 'Geneva rules' of making war were very good at the moment they were enforced, as always the usual saying applies. This is: "In the end your strength will always turn into your weakness." With that very simple rule of life in the back of the US army mind we can look at this next interesting picture. 

Title: This picture is nothing, just enjoy the quotes below it & love the USA.

(I found the above picture on some American bulletin board, here are a few quotes from just below those pictures. They are not unbiased or so, this is just a sample of the 'short quotes':) 

US nickname

Statement made

AmericaIsGreat No proff the Americans did this. Are you sure it was not the Rupublican Guard (Fagits).
speakenglish we are the saviors of democracy and freedom.... you people are the terrorists and you know it.
Flying_Monkey Smells like propaganda to me.
Try posting something from a non-muslim site now.
SERENA the middle east was and is and will continue to be a mess...dont blame the US..take responsibility for yourselves.
spunndaze It does sound a little sus to ma also, and IF the coalition troops did do this all I can say is " shit happens"
50cal Killer This pictures are horrible!!!
US = Great Satan
smallrage I know that Saddam is sick but plastic surgery at such a young age what is he thinking allowing this to happen.
Nyarlathotep they all deserved it because theyre muslim.
a dead muslim cannot breed more terrorists.

Well don't we love the above quotes? Aren't they beautiful? Sorry but I am not sarcastic or so, only I have to remember you to more of these nice little facts. It is a quote done by the Holy President of the United States of America. It goes like this:

"We in America are different, we love freedom you know."

That is what George Doubleyou said, there is no denying this my dear Americans. There is no denying. Therefore lets take a look in the eye of the power and the glory, a look in the eye of the smart folks. Just look: 

Title: This picture is nothing, just enjoy the quotes above this.

06 Jan 2004: Relentless selling, there is only one word for this. Relentless dollar selling in favor of the Nightmare, in favor of the NightmareOnTheUS$. Today the NightmareOnTheUS$ took the 1,2750 US$/Euro border and within a few hours also the 1,2800 US$/Euro was taken!

Ha! Didn't I say it on 24 & 25 November last year? Didn't I say "Hedge it or sell it"? And although the momentum is fine and the declining speed is good, the American Federal Reserve did declare that they have the luxury to sit aside, the luxury to sit on their hands... It just looks as if some new 'American dinosaur' is found, after the present US administration and the US army were classified 'dinosaur status' this Federal Reserve could be the next part of America given this particular status. By the way America, how is the war on terror going? Ok? 

Yes America, is the war on terror going fine? I just ask again because in both Afghanistan and Iraq the number of dead civilians was above the whole of nine eleven. That is very interesting but wisdom is found with the words of your Holy President declaring that 'The American public will understand it is important to fight the war on terror abroad and not in Detroit.' That is 'American wisdom' for sure, or not my dear US citizens?  

Title: By the way America, how is the WarOnTerror going?

Lets start with a bit of Media reporting, it is know that the occupational forces in Iraq (still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction) will dump power on the Iraqis half 2004. One July 2004 to be precise, that is less than six months to go so I am hoping this all will glide into a bit better society. Now the first bunch of remarkable quotes, found on globalsecurity dot com:

NINE MONTHS after the demise of Saddam Hussein's regime and his feared mukhabarat (intelligence) operatives, Iraq is to get a secret police force again - courtesy of Washington. 

The Bush administration is to fund the new agency in the latest initiative to root out Ba'athist regime loyalists behind the continuing insurgency in parts of Iraq. 

The force will cost up to $3 billion ( pounds 1.8 billion) over the next three years in money allocated from the same part of the federal budget that finances the Central Intelligence Agency. 

Its ranks are to be drawn from Iraqi exile groups, Kurdish and Shi'ite forces - in addition to former mukhabarat agents who are now working for the Americans. CIA officers in Baghdad are expected to play a leading role in directing their operations.

A former United States intelligence officer familiar with the plan said: "If successfully set up, the group would work in tandem with American forces but would have its own structure and relative independence. It could be expected to be fairly ruthless in dealing with the remnants of Saddam."

Comment: The (hidden) assumption is that the present Iraqi resistance is overwhelmingly done by so called 'remnants of Saddam'. Let me take the freedom to doubt this a little bit, if that would be one hundred percent true than how come the five so called Military Bloody Days were that successful? (While exactly on the sixth Military Bloody Day Saddam was captured...). More quotes:

Former CIA officials compare the operation to the Phoenix programme in Vietnam, which was launched in 1967. That programme sought to destroy the civilian infrastructure supporting the Vietcong through assassinations and abductions secretly authorised by Washington. 

Vincent Cannistraro, a former chief of CIA counter-terrorism, said: "They're clearly cooking up joint teams to do Phoenix-like things, like they did in Vietnam." He said that small units of US special forces would work with their Iraqi counterparts, including former senior Iraqi intelligence agents, on covert operations.

Comment: A bizarre development for sure, but since I am reciting for some 'military Vietnam' in Iraq for many months already this development is understandable. After all this American army is some dinosaur army and since they think they are the last defenders of democracy and freedom they will go to great lengths with their 'defending freedom & democracy'. 

By the way, did you know that the CIA is funded by the US Air Force budget? (According to a guy named John Pike from globalsecurity dot com this is the fact, a strange fact or not? Why not let the US Navy pay the CIA bills? Why not?)

Now a bit of a math question: Suppose you have a country of 26 million people and there are 50 percent males and also 50 percent females. How many men (or how many percent of men) you must kill before you are at the 40/60 rate of male/female? Just another fine gift of Saddam to history, but we must never forget that we will never know how stuff would have been without Sammy boy. (In reality you also have to take into account how the male/female ratio is into the refugees and so, a lot of people needed to flee the country and likely this was not 'gender unbiased'.)

"Women are 60% of the population in Iraq. To appoint only 12% as members of the Interim Governing Council is enforcing a most oppressive male quota on the majority of the population," continued Burk. "Minorities should no longer oppress the majority in Iraq. Our 180 women’s groups, collectively representing 10 million women nationwide, strongly support this challenge to the actions of Coalition Provisional Authority, and will act in solidarity with Iraqi women in urging the U.S. to adopt new policies and procedures to insure women’s equal participation."

Comment: Indeed the number of appointed females looks a bit pale, for the economical future it sure would be wise if the female part of Iraq gets a bit more power dumped on it too. After all the start of the Islamic Nation or those 63 States of Muslim Mania could be a bit different than a lot of imams and mullahs think right now... This could be and I am smiling softly while writing this. 

Title: A great loss America, a bit shit it wasn't even much greater but anyway.

07 Jan 2004: To much news is fighting for attention, just to much. Let me start with the political hotshots of Turkey and Syria telling that it would be unwise if the Kurds in Iraq would try to build some separate country (and therefore giving the starting shots of the Iraqi civil war). 

Very interesting, but given the fact that Turkey and Syria have some kind of interest in this what Kurd would take those words serious? If I were some Kurd I would not think about those words too much, why waste my time? 
So to the Kurds I can say the next, it is even some 'official' statement:

Statement for Kurdish separatists:

Some time ago I mentioned the 'Kurdish desires' for the first time. To me it looked wise to share the wisdom that some independent nation at this point in time was some 'no go area'.

After I mentioned the Kurdish stuff for the very first time, within 24 hours there was a blast beside the temporary Kurdish governmental stuff. I think the Kurds don't have much difficulties in understanding that kind of talk, after all it was written in the best understandable language...

Now we are done with the macho talk and I want to say again to the Kurds that I understand a bit of your historical past. And as far as I am concerned you will get dumped a lot of local power on your population, just as much as possible. But some things simply will stay national like the currency (the money press), a lot of taxes, large infrastructure stuff and one way or the other some new Iraqi army. (Oops, a new Iraqi army...? Yes I am serious on this, the present US led army isn't the biggest of successes but the Americans are there only temporary you know.)
Also it would be fun if even the Kurdish people would finally understand why the only good GI Joe is a dead GI Joe, the story isn't that difficult it all started a long time ago with the Shah in Iran... Well most of you know the rest, so don't forget the only good GI Joe is a dead GI Joe! 

But like I said above, just to much news is fighting for it's attention. That news is all rather important but I have to select a little bit, so I start with the latest 'bicycle bomb' from the Afghan landscape:

Details found are the next: In the Southern city Kandahar in the Afghan landscape the next did happen; Ther   e were two explosions after one another, the first one was soft and the the second was a big one.

The result was as next: 13 people were dead included 11 children. All Afghanis, no US soldier in the neighborhood or so.

Comment: Of all blasts after nine eleven 2001 seen by me, this is for sure the most stupid one. This blast just lacked all it takes for a good attack, for example the ones who did ignition the latest (big) blast just did not have a clue at what timescale coalition forces would be there.
Beside this they just never have practiced this, how can it be that 11 kids playing some soccer game in the neighborhood come looking at the first (soft) blast without the miserable attackers understanding this would happen?

This is just unforgiven, when you are not capable of understanding the direct effect of your actions and so much children die there is just one answer: All participants in this attack need to get executed via the method of one bullet through the heart (the head is allowed to). Just like that latest blast into Saudi Arabia where no Western figure died too by the way. 

And although I can get very mad upon stupid blasts wiping out far to many kids, I just have to be diplomatic and whisper 'These are only 11 kids dead, only eleven.' Because in case the next quote is true, just much more shit will happen in Muslim countries for decades on a row. Here are the quotes as I found them on some relatively good Indian website (called saag dot org where the 'saag' abbreviation is standing for South Asian Analysis Group):

"During the year 2003, there were reports of a debate in the jihadi circles in Pakistan about the wisdom of bin Laden's action in taking on the US directly by launching the terrorist strikes of 9/11 in the US homeland, which have provoked the US to use its military might to crush Al Qaeda and the IIF. Critics of bin Laden's action argue that the initial focus of their jihad should have been on identifying and weeding out the surrogates of the US in the Islamic world. This argument for an initial offensive against the surrogates seems to be enjoying increasing support. The two attacks on Musharraf were an indication of this. Amongst other identified surrogates whom they want to eliminate are interim President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, the rulers of Saudi Arabia, the members of the Iraqi governing council and the King of Jordan."

Comment: These are strange words emerging from strange people. How can anybody doubt the insight of Osama that 'America is the source of most trouble'? If you really think that the killing of a few 'American surrogates' will bring long term relief you must be really crazy. (That does not mean it could be very wise to minimize the influence of America in your particular country, but that is another thing).

No no my dear operatives, during these decades the analysis still is simple as hell; There is only one enemy and it's name is America. Wake up operatives, when America just wasn't there would Israel could have done her stuff the last decades? Now?
And when you could kill the Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, would Israel be from the map? Now?

There is just one enemy that has just a bit to much power, it's a country of just 300 million folks so wiping her power away is far from impossible. Don't forget operatives, America is the fundamental problem in these years and in these decades. The rest is peanuts although one can survive on peanuts alone. (That surviving is some old policy of the Americans, but if you are blinded by holy Koran stuff and therefore kill what is next to you, you are wrong!) 

After all that Osama, Afghan, Kurdish and Iraqi stuff we have to take a little look at the proceedings of the NightmareOnTheUS$. The pictures below are from yesterday 6 January 2004 and that was the second 'thick day' of money trading in this year. And although it is very clear that this NightmareOnTheUS$ is a clear case of 'All other nations against America' there is just one country that is pissing 'beside the potty'. That country is Japan. 

That country is Japan and although I can understand a little bit around the worries the Japanese have after a full decade of economical decline I still think they do not understand the power of the Nightmare. Countries standing beside the realities of this Nightmare will be corrected in the future completely automatic, even if the war chest of the Japanese bank is tripled it will be corrected completely automatic my dear Japan Bank.

So may be I feel a bit challenged by the pictures below, or may be not because money markets will understand the difference between the real currency value and the artificial ones. Just two days ago I wrote that I accepted the Japanese excuse of only fighting 'to much volatility' and from one day back we have these big money markets pictures. From the left to the right we have:

  1. The US $/Euro rate from yesterday.
  2. The US $/British Pound rate from yesterday.
  3. The Japan Yen/US$ rate from yesterday.

Title: Japan is fighting volatility? Or her US-led past? Now Japan?

09 Jan 2004: Again far to much stuff is competing for it's attention, of course the developments around the US dollar are of great interest but lets start with a few attacks. Lately there was that blast into the Afghan landscape killing 13 people included 11 children (to me this is the most lousy attack from the last two years), and there was some attack on some church.

This church attack did frown my eyebrows a little bit, but upon inspection of the details it was found (of course) that some Buddha loving folks have done that. (Of course there were no Media reports found that said that the White House was condemning this particular attack, like observed before the US government goes only after some Muslim stuff and one could wonder why. Why not go after all terror my dear America? Why not?)

Well, one way or the other the next attack just skipped my attention. On a scale of one to ten there are many reasons this attack is some perfect 10. (Although my eyebrows were again a bit frowned when I read 'Schools attacked', but reading the details I can only say I would likely have executed this attack in more or less the same way.) Just read this, quote: 

Media report to 09 Jan 2004: In Sunday's attacks in Narathiwat, 21 schools in a radius of about 6 miles around an army engineers camp were set ablaze almost simultaneously with military precision. The attackers then moved on the camp, firing automatic rifles to keep troops pinned down. Four soldiers were killed. 

Roads leading to the camp were blocked by felled trees, tires and nails to slow rescuers. After 20 minutes, the attackers vanished into the night with more than 100 stolen assault weapons.
Comment: This attack took place in Thailand, to be honest I know almost nothing of Thailand so this comment can only be brief.

At first it is observed that indeed the 'official' school policies could lead indeed to trouble, too little schools while there is some language obliged used in the state sponsored schools. Also the burnings were in the middle of the night and that was more or less a guarantee that no civilians were hurt. So what can I say?
I can say this was very nice, this is in many ways a perfect ten. Congratulations! 



In another development I have to say 'Burpie burpie & blup blup blup'. What is the case? Well this is a very serious case, in Poland there were some evil divers observed that only tortured animals! (Yes, the GOOD law enforcing police is after their smelly asses because they used unpolite fishing techniques towards innocent swimming fish! Techniques like poaching fish and more evil deeds...)

On the other hand I found out that these fishermen are not evil at all! They even share champagne with the fish on New Years Day! So are divers getting into very cold water on 01 January of the New Year really evil with only spreading intoxicating stuff into fish? Has a fish no right to champagne? Judge for yourself: 

Title: A question for the Taliban; Have fish an Islamic Right on champagne?

Yes, a very hard question to crack; Do fish have some Islamic right to receiving champagne yes or no? And if the right is not Islamic, is it some basic fish right? What do the Holy Words tell us on this subject? Now?  


In yet another development a severe case of drama was found. According to the text found beside the next picture, this is just seconds before the latest helicopter blown from Iraqi skies bursts into flames. On board are nine US soldiers who rather likely are alive at the very moment this picture (taken from video) was made. So in just a few seconds these 9 GI Joes will meet their maker, this picture (if the text is true!) is raw drama. Just raw drama, 9 US soldiers aboard only looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction and nothing more get some spectacular end to their lives... (It was also reported that this latest helicopter was some medical helicopter as could be seen by some black cross or so, do you see a 'medic sign' on this heli?) 

Like said before, if the text is true look at simple drama. (A pity I could never find pictures of the wreckage after the burning out of the helicopter, that is a pity for sure.) Enjoy this drama:

Title: We are now over 500 dead US-led soldiers, fine, good and much more please! 

10 Jan 2004: Today we start with some beautiful words from that what is generally known as 'history'. It is a well known fact that the Holy President of this particular US administration has a father. And the father of the present Holy President spoke in the solar year 1984 the next wonderful words (in the midst of the Iran-contra stuff), the quote is breathtaking for sure. Just read this:
"Today I am proud to deliver to the American people the result of the six months effort to review our policies and our capabilities to deal with terrorism. Our policy is clear, concise, unequivocal. We will offer no concession to terrorists, because that only leads to more terrorism. States that practice terrorism, or actively support it, will not be allowed to do so without consequence."

Isn't this a lovely quote? It dates even back to 1984 so it is a nice two decades back! Of course the next picture is an obligation for the story to get reposted;  

Title: States indulging in terrorism will get punished with terror. 

At this point in the story it might be wise to whisper to the US army (and all other military mindsets around the planet) that all armies hanging on to old military axioms of making war inside civilian areas could come under attack. It is all a matter of time you know, but there is no turning back and you will come under devastating stuff if you cannot 'fine tune' your military axioms.  

But the elderly Bush has made much more fantastic quotes, a lot of us might remember the 'New World Order' that was promised by Holy President Bush I. In case you are to young for this or you just skipped this wisdom, it was before or after Gulf War I that the Holy President of america of those years found wisdom in declaring that after this war against a brutal dictator 'everything would be different'. That was some NewWorldOrder...

Well, facts are that this NewWorldOrder never materialized. No, nothing of this kind of stuff. The Israelis kept on feeding the American intelligence services with updates upon the Saddam danger and after that we all know what happened. An estimated one million Iraqis died from the economical sanctions (while the Iraqis themselves were not capable of killing Saddam, the only thing that could have changed this little course of history). 

According to recent reports even the two USA-Clinton administrations hang upon the heavy belief of a lot of Weapons of Mass Destruction inside the Iraqi landscape. But now we read the fine fine quotes of the first 'bush president' of the United States of Holy America:

Media report to 10 Jan 2004: REPORTER: You said, President Bush, that a "New World Order" would emerge once the Gulf crisis has been solved. How do you envisage this New World Order?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, I envisage it -- one: where the whole -- once we're -- let me start over. 

Once we set back this aggression, and once it is clear that the security and the stability of the Gulf are enhanced by whatever arrangements are set into place -- once that this invading dictator gets out of Kuwait -- then I think that it's clear we're going to have an opportunity, given the diversity of this coalition, to work more closely together. And part of that -- I want to see a solution to the question of the West Bank, for example. But I think if we work cooperatively as our -- with our

common sights set -- this aggressor will not succeed -- it opens up all kinds of possibilities for a New World Order. 

We're already seeing that "world order" means "world." And we're beginning to see that with what happened out of the -- well, just as a result of the actions that led up to this successful CSCE meeting. I'm going down to South America, and the evolving democracies there are strengthening their economies, and we've got a program that I think will be very helpful there.

Comment: Wow wow wow, even dating back to Gulf War One there was some Holy President telling that there was some 'West Bank question'. Well my dear Sharon-led Israeli administration, why don't you wait for next Summer to learn the meaning of a NewWorldOrder? 
Why not Israel, why not just wait?



But relentlessly I have to dump more quotes upon this long story, before diving in stuff from that old book of Revelations from the Christian Holy Words we could take a look at the next picture. In that picture you can see the daily development of the US$ per Euro development, for myself speaking I am glad that the first so called 'Delta function' is at the currency scene. 

Title: The first Delta Function observed against those 'freedom lovers'.

This is some solar year 2003 comment upon the above wishes of Holy President Bush (number one) upon that new world order:
It was pretty clear that Bush had no fucking idea what the term meant. And his tangential meanderings didn't exactly reassure the conspiracists, who sensed that he was really just tiptoeing around the idea of instituting the unified global government prophesied in the book of Revelation. If that actually was his intent, then apparently it was on the "second term" todo list.
Comment: The quotes before this are very interesting, indeed until now there is nothing observed like that so called 'global government' as predicted by the book of Revelations...

Well, I am only smiling softly and in the meantime you can think your stuff and I will think my stuff. All I can say is that I really like the 'freedom of enterprise' in this all. And ok, there are even days when I ask myself 'Who has more power, that US-led presidential thing or me?' 



Yes, who has in fact more power? Is it that US-led presidential thing or is it me? Or is this story just the thing with the most power in it? (I hope that of course, but the first 3  weeks of Gulf War II aren't that promising because there were no serious attacks on Western interests observed). Does my dear neocon cell have a clue on this? Do you still hate me or do you need more beating around the bush before you love me?

Hey my dear and strangest of cells, my dear neocon cell. Sometimes I pick myself some American flower. Today I would like to pick the flower called 'The cult of the dead cow'. That is some old hacker organization that is just picked by me to enter this little story. It is the wish of the story that they will act as some completely independent unit into attacking the big US defense corporations. This on the timescale 2005 and further beyond.
I just pick this flower my dear neocon cell and all I have to whisper are the simple words below:

"Dear cult of dead cows, are thee still alive? Fine, because I have work for you! At first you will think a bit around the military axioms of the US-led 'Power and the Glory' and after that you will make plans into attacking those weasels. You are allowed to attack on all software levels thinkable, but may I invite you to pay a bit of attention towards those drivers needed in a lot of military hardware? Thank you for taking part into this story."

Title: Welcome cDc, please don't forget to pay enough attention to drivers.

Of course I expect the other branches of the CyberWar department to be much better, but the DeadCowCult is an oldie and might have some good ideas of attacking the US military... By the way my dearest of DeadCults, is the next quote true yes or no? Quoting:

26 NOV 2001: In the wake of 9-11, the CowDeadCult issues a press release offering to build an undetectable surveillance tool for the FBI.

Comment: Very interesting date my dear dead Cow, 26 November two thousand and one... I just hope it wasn't Cow related stuff that did those interesting Cyber blasts at my address. That is what I hope my dear dead Cow, so give your prions to the story or get classified the 'dinosaur status' (just like the US army has). 

Title: Predator drivers will get a little inspection one way or the other.

11 Jan 2004: Today there is just so much peace in my heart, you just would not believe the devastating amount of that stuff found today in my heart. So today I will not beat the shit out of those miserable Americans, why live in hate when this is bad for your health? 

Ok, today I posted the extra text to yesterday and this text could be classified a being hefty anti-American but reality is that the Americans did it all to themselves. It was just some newsarticle as found on the website of the Time magazine, here it is in case you are interested why the previous US Treasury Secretary did get fired... 

By the way, just in case you are interested or so, the previous US-led treasury thing has the name Paul O'Neill. After Paul was fired we got a new bright light at the scene, that is the Snow figure. When you ask the Snow figure upon the currency stuff you always get the same answer and this answer is 'This administration believes in a strong dollar policy while this dollar value has to be placed at free markets.'

You can say a lot upon this particular American administration, this government. It's tax policies are strange, the WarOnTerror often a complete madness but the 'has to be placed at free markets' is some good point to make. These free markets understand the value of the tax policies and the towering twin deficits, they do.

The free markets also understand the meaning of irony in the name of the Snow figure when they are remembered to the strange sexual performance of so called 'snowballing'. Of course, since I am some diplomat, I just never indulge into such strange sexual performances myself and it all depends on the definition of the word 'snow' I just guess but the economical snowballing between the USA and some Asian countries is not good.

Like said before, the Americans need over one billion foreign bucks a day to keep on living the way they do. Why should the rest of the world pay for that? Why is it natural that (for example) a company like Microsoft can easily ask a full 350 US$ for every 'operating system' in Thailand on computers that is traceable? Why this 'natural inbalance' my dear Microsoft? Why?

Oops, I started with 'all this peace in my heart' but only few lines later I run into 'natural inbalances' so all peace vaporizes suddenly into the void. Stuff happens, therefore I stop writing to this day. With a little bit of peace left in my toes lets say till next update. 

12 Jan 2004: Today the behavior of the so called NightmareOnTheUS$ was thrilling in many ways, it almost took the 1.29 US$/Euro border while I was only drinking a cup of morning tea. And the cup almost fell out of my hands! Luckily at the end of this day we all observe it is back to 1.2750 GI-Joe stuff a €.

My dear money traders, my dear hedge fund cell structure and all other participants in this (weasel central bankers and so). Please let me invite you to the next simple words, here we go:

In case you (as some individual person) ever felt at your belly and you thought thoughts like "Holy Moses, there is just 7.5 kilo of fat too much in my little belly! Shall I go on some diet?"

In case you want to 'diet' you do the next: In a timescale of 12 to 15 months you nicely break down this bag of unused fat as found in your belly. So on a monthly timescale you must burn only 500 grams of crease, of fat, month in month out, but sometimes there could be wisdom found in burning the first kilo's a bit faster.... 

Therefore the weekly decline of the US$/Euro pair is still a 1.50 cents, may be a bit more may be a bit less. The first stop is at 1.35 $/€, after that border there is that slow slow declining of (American) currency value until the real value is found.

What this 'real value' of the American currency is I just don't know, far to many future parameters play a role in this but in the meantime I can share with you fine wisdom around the American labor market: Right against all 'analyst' predictions there were only a lousy one thousand jobs created in December, lousy analysts predicted far over one hundred thousand new jobs... 
This US-led job market stuff is a perfect development and it proofs again that the NightmareOnTheUS$ was created at a perfect moment in time. 

Timing is important you know, just like going on a diet in time.   

In another development the space stuff has to be mentioned, observed was that the NASA succeeded into getting a workable robot on Mars while the Europeans failed with this. Strangely enough there were no Media reports observed saying that the (European) 'Beagle has blanded'...  Journalism just has no creativity these days anymore.

My dear NASA, again I took a bit of time to search the internet published files on propulsion stuff but it was only observed that there were strange (nuclear) propulsion solutions at the scene. Although a lot of your future planned deep space robots are equipped with relatively big nuclear power stuff there is just no sign of what I call 'TheDevice'.

Oh oh, the device... I was only a teenager when I created this device, I was just a teenager asking himself why it was that impossible to transform heat into kinetic energy. Why it was per se needed that a car had to exchange energy via it's tires (although for breaking speed the tires are handy). And the military consequences were also very well understood by some teenager before he had to list into the army in this little country, it was understood a few decades ago. After all, if the device was for real, it had more power in it than the combined nuclear arsenal of humanity. Or not NASA? To ventilate a bit of steam why not look at the next picture, here you are honored my dear NASA:

Title: Well done NASA, but if the device is for real what can I say upon you?

13 Jan 2004: In the extra text to this day I am a bit rough and rude on the US army soldiers, I even asked them if they were some shit eating gays. To the real gays of this world I would like to ask excuse for this, but that kind of language is very good understood by the US army folks. The US army folks understand what emotion drives the questions about their gay shit eating capabilities...

To make it a little bit good again with the real and normal gays let me throw in a little anecdote:

Anecdote around gay birds:

Somewhere in Holland (as far as I remember it was in The Hague) the next happened; There were two gay flamingo's (those pink birds you know). And the gay flamingo's were just doing their daily stuff and so, they flew a bit around and polished their feathers and so. Just daily stuff, bird stuff.

Then it became a new breeding season, spring was in the air, temperatures were rising and all that. Well, the gay couple became well aware of their little 'egg problem'.

So that was all very shit for the gay flamingo couple, a nice nest was made, spring was in the air but no egg. Frustration all around, or not? No no, they succeeded in stealing an egg somewhere else, they started breeding it and lived happily ever after...

That was the little story of the two gay pink birds, in another development today another helicopter was shot out of the skies in the Iraqi landscape. This was very good news of course, but when I saw the Media reports on this it was found that the two crew members did survive the crash... Shit shit shit, with a bit of luck they have some severe wounds and with more luck they will be invalid for the rest of their lives...  

But military facts are military facts and during the Vietnam war something like 120 helicopters were shot from the skies and in Iraq we aren't that far by now. No, we are still not on Vietnam levels according to helicopter numbers, that is a military fact. (By the way, lately there was almost one of those big planes shot away, a C-5 plane or so carrying 63 soldiers... A pity that the emergency landing was successful, just imagine 63 US-led soldiers in one blast, that is a good dream and with a bit of luck this dream will come out a few times my dear Iraqis. Keep on trying please, keep on trying to get those big ones.)  

Why not say it again? During the first 21 days of GulfWarII an estimated 5000 civilians died, we are now many months later and we are only at 500 dead US soldiers. So from the bottom of my heart I hope there will be many more dead coalition soldiers, that is what I hope. 

Title: 5000 dead civilians in just 21 days versus only 500 US soldiers in 250 days. 

To put a fine finger on it, 5000 is 166% of the 9/11 happenings while this GulfWarII was justified by America because they were only looking at so called Weapons of Mass Destruction (still not found yet, another wonderful example of that devastating standing beside reality of this American administration, this Bush administration). 
But in Afghanistan we had the same joke, far more civilians dead compared to nine-eleven-2001 while the American weasels and cowards never ever investigated how the 9/11 attacks were executed in detail. And all that secrecy surrounding each and every 'executive detail' from that White House, it is disgusting and they are some natural enemy mine. The conservative mindset will get slaughtered one way or the other, in the meantime lets not forget that a majority of American Muslims did vote for the guy named IQ43, named George Doubleyou bush. They did, there is no denying this my dear American Muslims. 

Now we are on that US army anyway, let me share the next quotes with you while slamming in your memory the little fact that GulfWarII was executed without even the permission of the security counsel of the United Nations. The Americans were shouting that some UN resolution did give them the right to invade, but where does this particular UN resolution (number 1441 or so) spell out it that the Americans had the 'invading rights'? I think it didn't (although I never went through the detailed text of that resolution, but of course America would always forbid words implying that just one nation could take these consequences from a particular UN resolution). Enjoy this, quoting:

WASHINGTON -- US officials have found evidence corroborating White House allegations that Russian companies sold Saddam Hussein high-tech military equipment that threatened US forces during the invasion of Iraq last March, a senior State Department official said yesterday.

The official said the United States has found proof that Russian companies exported night-vision goggles and radar-jamming equipment to Iraq, the official said. The evidence includes the equipment itself and proof that it was used during the war, according to the official. Such exports would violate the terms of United Nations sanctions against Iraq.

"We have corroborated some of that evidence," the official told a group of reporters.

Comment: Only one country can come up with crap like this, individual Russian weapon companies are completely 'a-moral' with selling simple jamming devices (an advanced radio amateur could build jamming devices for JDAM stuff, these are only simple frequencies to block). Ok, the Kornet anti tank thing is from some other caliber but do the Americans say that the former Iraqi army had no right in defending itself? While all those Weapons of Mass Destruction are still missing?

Only one country could come up with crap like this. 

Title: In the Iraqi alphabet I found the K! K stands for Kiowa Warrior helicopter.

So we have right now in this Iraqi alphabet the next:

- A stands for Abrams tank,
- B stands for Black Hawk,
- C stands for Chinook, 
- D stands for Donkey, 
- H stands for Humvee,
- K stands for Kiowa 
- P stands for Paladin and
- S stands for Saddam. 

Title: Ah, she looks so cute this dead Kiowa girl. She looks so cute...

In another development it is wise to look at some strange detail into the NightmareOnTheUS$ as started lately on 24 & 25 November last year. (Here is a relevant starting text in case you never have read it.) Here are a few facts:

- In the month of December last year, the US$/€ pair lost something like 6 dollar cents (or about 5 percent of lost purchasing power).
- In the month of December the USA import prices only rose 0.2 percent according to official figures.

Comment: This is weird and bizarre, I do not know the exact way of this import pricing index and therefore I guess it is made the same way as the usual consumer pricing index. But the 0.2 percent figure is so strange, how can the dollar loose six cents while import prices decline so slow? 

Ha, here in this little country we even have a saying for this kind of stuff. The saying is 'The mouse will have some tail.' (Meaning some future predictable stuff will be at scenes in the future...) The 0.2 percent is simply unbelievable, but may be when I see the raw data I have to admit the figure is actually true. (But I would not bet on that, this looks like a strange contradiction and something is wrong. So the US$ did not decline 6 cents or the 0.2 percent more import pricing is wrong.)

Lets end the day with a light tone and ask again at the Taliban from the Afghan landscape the next:

Title: A question for the Taliban; Have fish an Islamic Right on champagne?

14 Jan 2004: It is late in the day but before I go to sleep I feel that it is needed to place a few words around the meaning of this day, a long time ago I spoke words like 'Today will be car inspection day for Abu Mazen'.

To be precise, this was written six months ago. The 'car inspection' means only that I wondered six months ago how far Abu Mazen could have driven his car on the US-led road map to peace between Israel and it's neighbors. At this date most people don't even know anymore who Abu Mazen was, well Abu was the folk that I put a bit of trust in a long time ago. The Israelis were not capable of recognizing this, a bloody mistake I just guess.

I am not negative or so, it was clear a lot more time was needed to make the stuff the Israelis would understood. Therefore I only share a few quotes with you as I found them today in some Media files, please don't forget that the whole phrase of 'car inspection' is at most something like one kilometer of filled coffins, this is big stuff. Therefore I cannot comment on this, this is not some invitation towards the 'heightened terror danger' level we had lately in America, this is the real stuff. Therefore the next quotes for you:

GAZA (Reuters) - A Palestinian mother of two who killed four Israelis in a suicide bombing Wednesday professed love for her children before launching an attack that she said was meant to turn her body into "deadly shrapnel."

Smiling at times in a videotape that showed her cradling a rifle, 22-year-old Reem Al-Reyashi said she had dreamed since she was 13 of "becoming a martyr" and dying for her people.

Reyashi, from a middle-class merchant family, blew herself up at the main border crossing between Israel and Gaza Strip in an attack claimed jointly by the militant group Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Comment: These are very lovely quotes and I think the timing of these quotes could be of interest. Why say more upon this simple stuff, wasn't it clear from the last Osama statements what simple futures could be? Of course the 'enemy is listening' so I just have to keep my mouth shut, timing and policies are known by those who need it so good luck. 

That is all I have to say to this very important 'car inspection on roadmaps to peace' day today. 

15 Jan 2004: Although I really feel shit upon the latest developments of the American dollar value (there are more major currencies of course, but against the Euro it looks like the central bankers of Europe and America have won this week..) there is also fun at that scene. Yes, the central bankers likely have won this week. Problem for those banking folks is of course they only have 'one week in so many weeks' and I could always create more havoc in case the havoc is realistic in potential. 

So far my sad feelings after the US$/€ pair left the speedy and disciplined pace of 1,50 cents/week since the creation of the NightmareOnTheUS$ from 24 & 25 November last year. Often sadness is accompanied by fun or vice versa, this morning I had big fun when I heard two of those political figures sending a message to all financial ministers (or central bankers) around the world... Yes, I do not make this up; it was in the mainstream news that the head of the European counsel (monsieur Romani Prodi) and some French financial governmental guy did sent a message to all financial ministers around the world. 

You might think that this is just very normal, but just read the story that was the birth of the NightmareOnTheUS$, just read it. And you know, this complaint against the Euro surge was worded by the next: 'Currency values have to represent the real economic value of the underlying countries.'
That was a lovely quote European Chief Prodi, and ok ok you might be right stuff went hard lately but there is a lot of irony in your words man. I still defend the fact that the US dollar needs at least 10 percent less 'purchasing value' as this is called (blunt loss of value against all other currencies). That is what I think my dear European Chief. There are many reasons for this but right now I feel a bit FED up with all this money talk and we tunnel into the Goebels stuff.

Here we go:

Yesterday it was the Abu Mazen 'car inspection' day on the US-led roadmap to peace and 'leading' to a good state for the Palestines in 2005. Six months ago I told it would be 'car inspection' day today (well, yesterday was 'the day' to be honest). So far this small and little timescale of only six month, why did I bring up the name of the Nazi Goebels above?

That is because I did read a few Israeli media reports explaining in detail why this all was a big blow against the Hamas. One writer even observed a 'double blow' when the husband (of the yesterday suicide bomber) did spoke words like 'I knew she wanted this but I did not know it would be this fast'. Oh oh, the fantastic zionist saw only a broken marriage and that was all that was needed to explain this...
Oh oh Israelis, this was just so wonderful Goebels speak. Just so wonderful and so perfect in line with the talk of the mommy of zionism, mommy was very one dimensional too and saw only life space direction east. Just like you do my dear Israelis, you still seek land direction east. In the meantime you tell a lot of that Goebels crap, or am I wrong on this little detail? Are you just the best that could happen to this planet and is going eastward only replacing garbage for real folks? Wow, the latest fixation of this American administration on Muslim fighters is very handy for you in the long run. Or is that analysis again a bit to simple and do you never indulge into that Machiavelli kind of reasoning? Are you only 'helping' the Palestines with relatively cheap labor and all the other things you do?

Now a few quotes from the Media files, since I am suddenly in love with all those wonderful Israeli folks I would like to place a few quotes as found on the Jerusalem Post:  

The female suicide bomber who blew up Wednesday at the Erez Checkpoint in the Gaza Strip will not be the last woman to carry out a suicide attack, senior Hamas member Mahmoud Azhar said Thursday. 

Reem Salah al-Rayashi, 21, the mother of two small children from Gaza, blew herself up Wednesday morning at the Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip, killing two soldiers, a border policeman, and a security guard for a private manpower company. 

"She is not going to be the last (attacker) because the march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only on the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe," promised Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar.

Comment: These are large goals, the universe is very big you know. But who knows, so we keep on quoting stuff:

Wednesday's attack was the first time that Hamas has dispatched a female suicide bomber to perpetrate an attack. 

Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said the use of female suicide bombers marks a change in the movement's strategy. "For the first time, Hamas used a female fighter and not a male fighter," he told reporters. "It is a new development in resistance against the enemy.... Resistance will escalate against this enemy until they leave our land and homeland."





 Reyashi, a high school graduate active in Hamas women's groups, faked a limp when she set off a metal detector operated by Israeli security personnel at the Erez checkpoint.

While a female solder was being called to search her, Reyashi entered the building and blew herself up, the Israeli army said.

"It was always my wish to turn my body into deadly shrapnel against the Zionists and to knock on the doors of heaven with the skulls of Zionists," Reyashi, wearing combat fatigues with a Hamas sash across her chest, said in the video.



24 July update: And suddenly the website crashed on the night of 15 to 16 January, it was found out that one of the bills was not paid for and without a warning the plug was pulled out...

It wasn't the biggest amount of money, the registration fees for a full year of this dot nl website plus a bit more, but my economical situation right now is not that good and therefore I would need two to three weeks to save for that kind of money.

So I decided not to do that and simple wait a few months to see how reality would evolve without me, that is important knowledge too you know. In short it can be said that there were many highs and lows observed, let me name just a few that were foreseen by me on 16 Jan 2004:

  • The Americans (and their donkey the United Nations) tried to upscale the so called WarOnDrugs in the Afghan landscape. (Lucky they did not use those chemical warfare planes for spreading poison on the lands of very poor farmers, we know how the Americans are and they love chemical warfare in the WarOnDrugs as observed often in Colombia.)
  • The number of burned down Christian churches went up fast, just like the number of deaths from Muslim Sunni-Shia clashes. This clearly proves that the Americans often hefty underperform in most battlefields in the so called WarOnTerror. They only pay attention at the stock value of their beloved civil military industry, high stock value is very important to them. 
    The slimy Americans can see nothing but good flowing from their military and therefore their worldview is rather simple and it's logic obliges 'military solutions' to their little 'terror problems'. Again we see that it is very wise to kill all US military related people in all freedom loving countries around the world. Day in day out and year in year out just kill and kill again, that part of the story can only be written in blood because there is only one way to change the present military axioms and that is killing Americans.
  • Not expected but definitely a highpoint in the story was the killing of the Chechen marionet president of the Chechen landscape. To me it was surprising to read the details of the method used, this method was meant by me for some other president but I simply had to forgive the Chechens with a soft smile on my face.
    My compliments for that one! A very good strike and a fine humiliation for the Russian Red Army.
    Also my dear readers it is not for nothing that I concentrate so much upon killing US soldiers, but the Red Army will feel the full wrath of me after my present problems with America are solved. 
    So my dear Chechens now we are 'on the line' anyway, may I ask you the same as I asked to the Iraqis? I mean some kind of economical improvement (that means not that many people starving in the winter due to cold and food and simple medicine) and at the same time place attacks every now and then. (The so called TwoTrack because each kid below 10 years of age not dead can be a builder of the Chechen landscape in the future, that is very simple to understand.)
  • On Wednesday 12 November 2003 (or 17 Ramadan according to the lunar calendar) I asked for the first Giant Military Bloody Day to be on 29 April 2004. Since I could not update from 16 January it also became the seventh Military Bloody Day. The results were gigantic in many ways, even the biggest number of dead US soldiers in one strike (in a period of many weeks around 29 April) was observed just 30 minutes before the start of my trial in the city in Leeuwarden. Wonderful! 
    Of course all those evolving in military stuff on 29 April (Abu Ghraib coming out, the power transfer in Fallujah, the aftermath of the Thailand equation, and so on) was not foreseen by me but all in all I was impressed. 
    So much could be said and told upon that date 29 April but for now I will only ask the Thais the same as all other folks; cells must only strike when they are ready. (But against betrayal all strikes will fail, so this was sad all in all. Just take your time, there is always lots of time found in that thing we call the future. So take your time and practice and think and try to be smart, when the time has come to strike just strike.) 
  • Like expected the decline in US dollar value stopped and in the long run stuff stabilized around the 1.20 on the US$/€ pair (or 83,333... cents upon the €/US$ pair). To me it was definitely a high point to observe that this equilibrium was above the US$ value from the starting point of the NightmareOnTheUS$. (It was 1.16 or 1.17 for the US$/€ pair on that date, the same evening I started that new Nightmare the US$ fell two full cents and I hope that after all those months we can finally go to that 1.35 level that is more realistic.)
  • And so on, and so on, the Madrid paella from 11 March was very interesting (in case you didn't read it, here is an interesting letter for you). It took only 191 human lives (soft target) to make that fundamental lesson, one in every six voters changed opinion when there were elections a few days later.
    As a comparison, 191 dead Spanish civilians is only a few percent of the number of dead Iraqi civilians from only the first 21 days of operation 'Iraqi Freedom'. Something as 4 or 5 percent, so this was a soft response. A very soft response... 

End of this update and end of this part 29 covering January 2004, proceed with the next part please.  



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NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll wipe you out & that's a fact!






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