A letter to al Queda, to TheBasis.


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Extra text to 12 Dec
Posted 19 December 2003

Hello al Queda forces, it's good to finally write a letter to you again.
There a few items that sure need to be discussed although there is little immediate hurry in these items. So lets start with a bunch of items:

Item 1:

A few month ago I asked you to use some words as they often appeared into this story (like IQ43 for president bush, the StillNotBlackHouse for the white house, and so on) in 'official statements'.

Although I did not scan the media files abundantly on this on a daily basis, a few times it was observed that 'BlackHouse' was used (may be in the translation stuff was lost and I still can't read Arabic, sorry). Also it occurred to me that the number of official statements suddenly dropped for some time, that was very funny and I can understand it's difficult to do this 'firm but safe'. (Safe in the sense I am not instantly rewarded with a one way ticket to that Cuban basis.) So may I ask you to try again a few times? That would be nice.


Item 2:

A funny item; Lately you did three (series of) blasts (SA and Turkey) and suddenly in some American media file I found some journalists explaining that 'One blast was exactly 5 days before another and the other was exactly 14 days after...(and so on)'.

This journalist tried to explain the concepts of Opera 5 and Opera 7, but did not name the Opera word of course. I had to laugh, that was funny!
Also the dear journalist did forget to explain why this 'timing detail' is important... (More fun by me). I am still learning a lot of human behavior so that is fine.

But lets proceed with these three blasts in the next item.


Item 3:

Lately you might have found out that I suddenly started condemning certain attacks for the full 100 percent! That was indeed a policy shift partially done to look if there would be any 'significant change' of the behavior and statements from official figures. (There was not any change observed by me, only the usual crap emerging from their lips.)

But I have done a lot of thinking on this item, let me keep it short with saying the next:

  • I simply withdraw my criticism of the Saudi blast, my analysis was partially wrong and I was stunned upon that coward reaction from that house of saud. What a bunch of weasels this 'royalty' is!
  • The blast against the Turkey synagogues are not very wise from a strategic point of view. A long time ago I recited for some 'backpack' of five very big blasts against Israeli targets outside Israel (I hope the target selection and the preparations work fine).
    But when there a more blasts outside Israel against zionist interests then they can say next Summer things like 'This is a scaling up of an ongoing series of attacks'.
    I want the opposite, next Summer I want to dive again into some 'Palestine nation building stuff' and when that fails again suddenly those five very big blasts will be there...
  • The blasts again British interests during the Bush visit; my compliments (although you know that I always hang on 'the harder the target the better').
    But this gave me the opportunity to start the NightmareOnTheUS$ and that is a mighty fine project too (just like that NightmareOnWallStreet project). And I sure feel pride into the fact that towards some relatively poor countries the outflow of money was suddenly reversed and was invested there (because why should we feed the most rich country on earth with a daily money shot of 1500 million euro? why?) 

So my dear operatives as found into the 'Basic cohorts' be creative into attacks and try to think the unthinkable, look for the holes in their thinking and maximize concepts like 'asymmetric warfare'. After some perfect attack I can feel good for many days, but when a bit of failure is there I feel rather down. But a lot of you have likely the same, again I need to emphasize that cells only must fire when they are truly ready and that the answer still is 'much more cells'. 

End of this item.


Item 4:

Just a little question still lingering in my mind, lately there was a very spectacular 'accident' at some electricity power plant owned by Essent here in Holland. The accident was almost five days before my little courthouse session against the Essent folks, you know may be why I am writing this...

Was the (partial) Turkish nationality of the operative some signal to me of expecting stuff into Turkey? That is, before the Turkish blasts were there, this looked logical to me and it even happened... So what is reality in this particular item or shall we never find the real truth in this?


Item 5:

How far is the 'five car bomb' project inside Holland converging? Or may be a better name is the 'deterrent project', I just hope they are ready by now. 

Like I said before I would like five remote control stuff, but that is not some obligation or so. Just be creative, it even do not have to be necessary car bombs! Again be creative and use your GodGivenBrains in case you are able to help in this detail. 


Item 6:

A long term or some strategic item. You have your goals, I have mine. All I want is some transformation of actual warfare while in the meantime create a few economical transformation upon the global spread of wealth too.

One of your goals is the creation of a (giant) United States of Muslim Mania, I think that this is a good idea. But it has to be workable and it must be a giant, so that is a lot of work and a lot of things will suddenly fall in place without much effort.  

We will see how this ends, but somehow we are still on that same boat floating around for two years now. 


Item 7:

A short term or some tactical item. I just love it when at the very moment I am standing before stupid local courthouse figures that spectacular blasts are there world wide. There is no denying this, I like that.

Why am I telling this? Simple, please protect me at times from my own madness. Human lives are still valuable things you know (even when it's only enemy collateral stuff). 

But I tell you the truth as it is; 'When I again stand at some stupid courthouse session for exactly 63 Euro and on the same day there are 63 people wiped out I feel good.' This might be a bad side of me but according to my humble opinion the Western world governments have nicely pushed me into this position and since in the past I had heavy lack of power I do not have any problem with this. 


Item 8:

The next 'big one' item, the inevitable item. Again, just take your time (but why did October not materialize? ;)) and again I have asked numerous times to concentrate this around 40 thousand.

I understand the difficulty in centering upon 40 thousand so that makes it equally important (stuff must be workable). But for the timing I have some proposals to make, only two of those proposals is placed here:

  • A short time before the impending US presidential elections. (Motivation; I cannot predict sharp how such an attack will influence the outcome of these elections. Since I consider this as very important knowledge it might be wise to conduct this experiment.)
  • When the locals want to jail me for a long time make this equally inevitable. (No motivation given, but as the local law will run it's path then I can say after that jailing 'Now I have succeeded into 25 US$ cents a piece so I am almost at nuke spending costs a 'piece'.) Remark that 'costs a piece' are cold calculations meaning 'costs a death' (but you know this for so long so why tell you this?) 


Item 9:

The item of wishing you luck and the item of wishing peace in your soul. 


Item 10:

Since I still have the flu I will not make a 26-item letter of this (my first plan). So sorry we have to say goodbye again after only 10 items. 


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End of extra text.







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