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Part XXVIII: December 2003:




Extra texts  

01 Dec 2003   txt01: Fragments upon some Iraqi past   
02 Dec 2003   txt01: Update on the NightmareOnTheUS$  
03 Dec 2003    
04 Dec 2003   txt01: 1973 Israel??? So much I still not know..... 
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12 Dec 2003   txt01: A letter to al Queda  
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21 Dec 2003   txt01: Did the Kurds lay their hands on Sammy boy
22 Dec 2003   txt01: The 126 billion US$ Iraqi debt gets shaved  
23 Dec 2003   txt01: Some SA-Rand vision upon the US$ Nightmare 
25 Dec 2003   txt01: The adventures of Private Popko & his lost hand  
txt02: Why a lot of Americans are braindead weasels  
28 Dec 2003    
29 Dec 2003   txt01: More American braindead weasel WMD stuff   
31 Dec 2003   txt01: Expectations for the next solar year 2004  



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If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid judicial shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject


01 Dec 2003: I am clueless in many ways, the 'military happenings' in the city of Somarra in Iraq gives me a lot to think upon. Because a long time ago I asked for the third time at the US army to give me good battles, this still has not emerged.

Therefore it is wise to preach a little bit into the direction of the US army, here is the preaching:

(Military) Preaching:

My dear US army, I do not like jokes made from words like 'A full 46 death on the other  side and we have nothing, just na na na ná nà!'

My preaching is short, I just whisper at this point '40 thousand civilians into the heartlands'. Lets keep it with that because I never ever ask for the fourth time to change behavior. 

But the (military) details are interesting, there was an American convoy bringing money to two Somarra banks (so there would be much protection upon this convoy) and there was some striking willing population in Somarra waiting for 'the next time'. (Anyway that is what is emerging from the media files this far). 

So what can I say? I say very simple that on a scale of 1 to 10 this looks like a 'good seven' for the Iraqis. At the moment of attack this target was has hard as possible and when they would have waited until after delivery of the currency at the (local) bank stuff would have been 'softer'. 

It is understandable that the US tanks did fire some rounds, on the other hand it cannot be forgotten that if the '46 against 0' is really true there will be prices to be paid upon this. Now a quote from some college kid from there:

Staff Sgt. Bruce Jones described the intense battle Monday from Samarra to CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien.

JONES: My mission and my platoon's mission was to actually escort the Iraqi currency exchange into two different banks in Samarra. ...

We escorted them in. As soon as we got to that location, we started receiving direct fire via small arms, AK-47s. My guys from both the east and the west bank started returning fire back to the point of origin and neutralizing any targets they'd actually seen.

During the course of the firefight, we started receiving not only small-arms [fire]. We had incoming and direct fire from mortars. We also had RPGs coming through here just hitting us all around.

Comment: After this staff sgt. Jones starts explaining that just the previous day he has called his wife and he had promised to his wife that he will never put his life in harms way because they had this wonderful 10 month old baby... And this all on CNN, the Cable News Network.
Of course the 46 killed (terrorist) opponents never have these kind of troubles! No no, sgt Jones himselves said this all so clearly, quote:

Well, what they attempted to do -- and we don't know if it's actually civilians. I called them all terrorists. If they're blocking the streets or if they're attempting to block the streets, then obviously they're not a civilian. They're some sort of combatant. They're helping out the terrorist projects with that. I'm a true believer of that.

Comment: Read the last alinea's of sgt Jones over at least three times. Sgt. Jones is a 'true believer' into some kind of stuff, but what stuff exactly? 

Title: In what stuff is Sgt. Jones believing exactly? Do you know?

02 Dec 2003: Today I still feel a bit shaken upon the Somarra numbers reported dead, however there was this police captain (and other reports) saying at most 8 people died (included civilians). So what is the real number of casualties in this particular attack?

To be honest I liked the attacking details in this, a pity the US army found wisdom in firing with tanks. Also a lot of 'non fitting' reports are there that it will take some time to see what is real and what not. (And long before that the journalists will have lost interest in it).
For example there were also reports that the attack only started after the money transfer was done (This look not in line with the 'Sgt. Jones' report from yesterday...). So I simply have decided to skip all and every battlefield advice I could think of and simply ask the operatives to be creative, especially on the next Military Bloody Day at Saturday 13 December. 

Title: Next MBD at 13 Dec & the first Giant MBD at 29 April 2003.

The extra text to this day contains a very interesting picture, look at it and you will understand I have to thank all the financial wizards for helping this story when I gave the NightmareOnTheUS$ signal at 26 November. Thanks! 

03 Dec 2003: Ah, we have some news from the SilverBullet (the American secretary of defense). It is about the impending European military forces independent from the NATO. The quote is from a session with journalists:
Q: Mr. Secretary, there have been all sorts of reports about your reaction to the EU meeting in Italy this weekend. Would you like to state clearly what is your attitude to the plans of European Union to establish military planning capacity outside of NATO?

Rumsfeld: There have been some reports. Someone showed me something off the Internet that was pure fiction. I'm sure no one in this room participated in that.

Our policy is very clear. We strongly support NATO as the primary form for Trans-Atlantic defense. We support ESDP that is NATO friendly. Therefore we worked hard, our Alliance did, I think for four and a half years to fashion the Berlin-Plus agreements, which we support, and we stand by them. You're quite right, there are discussions and consultations taking place at the Defense Ministerial level, and the Foreign Ministerial level and at the Prime Ministerial level and I'm confident and hopeful that things will sort through in a way that we end up with an arrangement that is not duplicative or competitive.

Comment: Well SilverBullet I could talk very long upon this, but as far as I see it stuff will be more or less like next: The European Military Forces will only be 'duplicative' in the highest ranks, for the rest there is a whole lot of practical stuff that might come handy 'duplicating' in the process too. For example every screw and every bolt and nut has it's own 'NATO code' (for technical specifications, for ordering and replacing and so), these 'NATO parts' will be used too of course...
May be you wonder why it would be handy if the highest ranks are a copycat of the NATO highest ranks? That is simple, when the time is right all other NATO members will suddenly and at the very same moment put their boots on the ass of America and America will be thrown out of NATO. (Just like (may be) now is happening at the US dollar value old man.)
This ass kick is for a lot of reasons but one of those reasons is that we are not waiting upon some guy eating abundantly out of his nose every time one of his 'colleagues' try to speak some words. It is rather clear that America is a power junkie and she needs a good and long cold turkey, power is too addictive when you do not have a solid backbone! 

Title: Next MBD at 13 Dec & the first Giant MBD at 29 April 2003.

So Rummycup lets proceed with the next (quote):
Questions are also likely to be raised over plans to include a mutual defence clause in the new EU constitution, whereby the EU would defend any member state if attacked.

Comment: Like I said before NATO is not that relevant any longer because they used the article five stuff upon the 9/11 attacks while carefully 'forgetting' to investigate how stuff really happened. No no Rummycup, big lies give rise to big powers and it was your government that willingly neglected the little but fundamental role of Mr. Reinko Venema. So Europe would be served with a simple clause like 'Attacking a member state is attacking all' (While in the meantime the Reinko Venema format for making war can deal with hefty quarrels between member states...).

  Title: And the C, the C stands for Chinook. 

There is another military hotspot glowing lately, that is the situation between China and Taiwan.  

General Peng listed the Olympics, loss of foreign investment, deterioration in foreign relations, economic slowdown or recession and "necessary" casualties by the army as costs China would willingly bear to reunify the mainland. He belittled the idea that China would not dare use military force against Taiwan in advance of the 2008 Olympics, which it campaigned for many years to play host.

Comment: Yes my dear Chinese general Peng, the consequenses of a full blown raid on Taiwan could have devastating consequences for China in general. May be if you all add it up it could be a full decade back in time for China.

Well if this is what you political leaders want why not do it?

To be honest, we are now over fifty years after the civil war from 1949. The existing situation is such that Taiwan and China will not come together within the timespan of one or two decades (when this reuniting would go 'spontaneous'). So the question is why exactly is the Chinese leadership willing to throw the country a full decade back? Why is this issue so important? Only some macho nationalist attitude or are there more (real) reasons at hand? Do you know this Peng? 

Title: And the P stands for Pentagon, it's united in lies into September 11.

After all this military stuff we take a look at peacefull fights, how is the NightmareOnTheUS$ proceeding? Well, this was just another day with nice records lows for the US dollar (against all other currencies) and the end is not in sight yet. I just wonder what kind of slaughtering will be there in a few months on all those US government bonds, I just wonder and I just smile softly. The 400+ billion military budget for the year 2005 will likely be paid dearly, very dearly.

Now the fun, wasn't it a fact of life that the Holy President told in rather detail that 'We are confronted with an enemy of the likes we have never seen before. An enemy without borders and and an enemy that is so evil that most of us into the USA do not know what they do why they do'? Well didn't I quoted the words of the Holy President a few times every now and then? The fine news to this day is that the Nasdaq did hit the 2000 border for the first time in two years, how is this possible? And weren't the traders pleased? (But isn't the Nasdaq some completely electronic market these days? Why the heavy gestures in the pics below?)

Title: These folks do not know what they do why they do.

04 Dec 2003: Today I received a bit of sad news via email, the news says:
The workers in the IBG building are planning to 'usher raid' my house with the help of the local police.

Comment: This is sad because again one thousand Euro is more important than one thousand human lives. There can be only one kind of language applied to this and that is the 'best understandable language' there is. 
To put stuff into perspective; In the spring of 2001 I wrote jokingly upon these twin buildings and it's employees like 'I will dance on their grave!' According to my humble opinion these little words could have made the choice of the WTC buildings much more definite (while skipping that crop duster fun). 

So on the one hand I feel sad but on the other hand there is no turning back and that special language that is the best understandable needs to be spoken. This time not on the raid date but before this date, at the moment I know the raiding date I will let you know, sorry operatives I have to turn to you again for deterring just a lousy one thousand bucks... (And it is a pity that after all these months no one into that IBG building is capable of grasping the simple truth as it is, just look at the shape of your twin building my dear IBG employees. Is that shape so difficult to understand?) 



Media reporting, some old pre Gulf War II detail is still unmentioned but surely deserves a place into this long story. In case you never knew this, take a bit of time to think this quote over:

Hage passed along to senior Pentagon advisor Richard Perle an alleged last-minute Iraqi peace proposal.
The back-channel offer, according to Hage, was that Saddam was willing to open up his country to thousands of American inspectors to verify his claims that he no longer had any weapons of mass destruction. Saddam even allegedly offered to hand over a notorious fugitive terrorist, Abdul Rahman Yasin, who had been indicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing—all in exchange for a Bush administration promise not to invade his country.
But, according to Hage and Perle, Bush officials rejected the offer out of hand. Perle, who has since said he never really took Hage all that seriously, originally told a New York Times reporter that he passed along Hage’s overture to the CIA and got back the following message: “Tell them that we will see them in Baghdad.”

Comment: This is a wonderful example of American arrogance, just so wonderful and it is not for nothing that with every helicopter blown away I just feel so good. And this was long before the Holy President had to arrive at the conclusion that 'war is inevitable' because the evil Iraqis constantly hide all their Weapons of Mass Destruction!
So with this kind of 'Holy President wisdom' in the back of my mind I am not very satisfied upon the behaviors of the US army inside Iraq. Why proudly kill in the dozens when you only face what you deserve? You were the ones believing the crap from the White House, you were the ones that believed that you would be greeted as liberators (partially you were, but strangely enough not by all Iraqis & how is this possible?). And last but not the least, you were the ones that did the RoadOfDeath ending Gulf War one while the US ambassador in Iraq told the Iraqi government the evening before invading Kuwait that there likely wouldn't be 'any problem' upon this particular invasion.  



Now for something completely different but American arrogance anyway! It is that vital Roadmap to peace as thought out by this very smart US administration! Weren't they very hard at work after I asked for a bit of 'bomb silence' last Summer? No, they did not do a thing and after the Israelis continued to do 'their thing' there was a big bus blast ending this all. (With just a little bit of support from the White House stuff could have looked different, but they are just to stupid because their Holy Boss carries the name of IQ43 after all these months). Now enjoy the perfect quotes from some unimportant Media outlet:

President Bush gave a guarded reaction Thursday to an unofficial peace plan for the Middle East, saying the new initiative should follow his blueprint for fighting terrorism and establishing a Palestinian state that is democratic and free.

Comment: My dear IQ43, only next Summer I can return to the Palestine/Israeli equation again. That is because I would like to have some backpack filled with five devastating blasts, and I am not talking about one of those small 'female lawyer' blasts from begin October my dear boy IQ 43. (In case you do not understand, this Palestine female lawyer blasted herself two days after the 'military only' month of September in the year 2003)
I hope in my so called 'backpack' will be a hefty five fold of the attacks against the Italian military police in Iraq, that was some attack man! Wow, I felt good for many days and I hope so much that all five 'back packers' for Summer 2004 will be at least that size! 

An update upon the latest baby born called the NightmareOnTheUS$, this day on the battlefield the enemy tried to struck back. And, ok ok they had some success because this day not another record low was set for the US dollar but it bounced back a bit. Lets say it bounced back one percent, read the quotes at first:

But the dollar turned higher on the day after President George W. Bush said the administration would shortly announce his decision on steel tariffs, remarking that "the American economy is better off with a world that trades freely."

Comment: Sorry George, again it is too late and it is too little. In terms of the former War On Drugs we see that America needs a long cold turkey from that addictive daily money inflow. That is good for the soul and declines the American arrogance a little bit.
But George, why not compare our powers at this moment? The day I created the NightmareOnTheUS$ that very evening there was a severe two percent decline in dollar value. You have a 'one percent' smash this day, so how will this all end my dear George?
Do you have more potential ramming stored in your closet and what do I have in terms of 'Weapons of Massive Dollar Destruction'? So George, who has the biggest WMDD?  






05 Dec 2004: Fine fine fine, after American labor reports showed only 57 thousand new jobs created instead of the expected 150 thousand the NightmareOnTheUS$ marched on again. Fine, I feel good upon this. There will be US dollar value destruction so big, just so big that all financial mindsets on the face of this little planet will look with amazement; 'How can this US dollar decline so fast?' they will wonder.

Also today I learned a nice new detail that was unknown to me, the US economy simply needs a 150 thousand monthly job growth to keep up with demographic growth... And given the decline in the daily instream of money towards the USA I feel proud upon the timing of the creation of the NightmareOnTheUS$ (created at 26 November in the year 2003 according to the local calendar). Yes, I feel proud on the one hand and on the other hand I feel humble from all those billions 'currency help' that suddenly materialized after 26 November...

Ha! This is just week number 29 of the second wave of attacks against America. And my dear Americans are thee still refusing to investigate how the nine eleven 2001 attacks happened in detail? Why is this my dear America? Why? 

Now we tunnel into the most stupid quote I found upon the US dollar value, just so stupid and so perfectly outside that stuff we usually refer to as 'the reality'. This imbeicile reporter is even an academic! Quoting:

 Sell US equities, buy the US dollar!

By Dr. Marc Faber M

My position for the next month or so is to liquidate US equities, and to go long on the US dollar and bonds.

Short term, commodities including gold, equities and the Euro seem to be somewhat overbought, while the US dollar and bonds are becoming oversold. Therefore, my bet for the next month or so is to liquidate US equities, and to go long on the US dollar and bonds. 

What worries me most at present is that even I, a skeptic, can't find any good reason why stock markets around the world would decline significantly.

Comment: Well Marc, here in Holland we have even a saying for this kind of behavior. It goes like this: 'The eye of the master makes the horse lean.'

But Marc, with saying that you are some kind of imbecile I am partially wrong. Very wrong, just look at the next quote from Marc:
What better economic paradise could a society wish for than an environment in which assets such as stocks and properties appreciate, while consumer goods decline in price? 

Comment: A very wise observation my dear Marc, very wise. To be honest I have broken my head upon the reasons why the 'leading Western academic economic folks' are so afraid of just a little bit of deflation. All that so called scientific crap upon 'harm to the economy' with only a few percent of deflation is just so stupid. This whole nonsense theory is only rooted in fear, deep fear. And this fear has its roots into the Great Depression from the 1930 years between both World Wars. 

That whole 'deflation is bad' theory is only a fear driven theory, but since Americans are the perfect flock stuff people they are not capable of correcting this nonsense. A pity, therefore we now have the NightmareOnTheUS$! A good medicine for the addicts to the inflow of the equivalent of 1500 million Euro a day towards that country, they need to get some simple cold turkey treatment otherwise this will only hinder the development of the rest of this planet. And that is something I cannot allow.....

Now another completely different development, the old WarOnDrugs. Today I read with a lot of pleasure the happenings to one of those American prosecutors in the this WarOnDrugs, the poor guy was stabbed to death. And I hope I can read quotes like this more often, just like the American journalists need a little 'correction' I am pleased my (seldom) writings into the WarOnDrugs may be start materializing (Just do back what they did to you!) Quote the fun from this saint warrior in the WarOnDrugs: 

Luna was discovered face-down in the water behind the parking lot of a well-drilling company in Lancaster County, Pa., about 70 miles from Baltimore, police said. His car was near the body, police said.

Luna was prosecuting Baltimore rapper Deon Lionnel Smith, 32, and Walter Oriley Poindexter, 28, who were accused of dealing heroin and running a violent drug ring from their Stash House Records studio. Smith recorded under the name Papi Jenkinz.

Luna and the men's defense attorneys negotiated through the afternoon Wednesday and reached a plea bargain on the drug charges at the end of the day, said U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles Jr., who presided over the case.

Comment: What astonishing details, I almost jumped for joy! Just after one of those schmutzy heroine 'judicial deals' from one of those moral crap telling American prosecutors the guy was stabbed to death. This is a good day, that is a fact! (It was a full 3 years back since the last US prosecutor was killed and by American standards that is a long long time ago).

Like I said before I am 'expecting' attacks next winter against Dutch courthouses and I am hoping upon 'Five prosecutors in one blast' (a simple handgrenade or some backpack filled with good booming parts, just be creative my dear readers, just be creative). Because after all the entire Dutch judicial system is lying on its back from this stupid WarOnDrugs and even from that point of view it is perfectly logical to wipe out some local prosecutors. 




06 Dec 2003: The computer is doing rather difficult, it needs a little bit of that so called 'defragmentation' stuff but there is some (little) program constantly scanning my desktop via that particular hard disk. And I cannot find that desktop scanner.

So till later. 

11 Dec 2003: Doink! Yes, till later! Not often I say Goddamnit but lately I spoke this word out a few times. I 'found' that desktop scanner, or better it found me...

The details are just so amazing and look rather advanced, therefore I have decided to file them in the extra text to this day. So may I ask my CyberWarriors from those outer Cyberian spaces to take a look at those details, can you make a file that is so selfdestructive (when replaced or deleted) that literally all other files five directories deep are blown away? These kind of Weapons of Massive Computer Destruction might come handy in days of BigBlasts against the freedom lovers.

After a bit of rethinking I found that the most logical source was some DARPA employee (s) that is (are) also handy in using the particular graphical program I use (I use Picture Publisher from Micrografx, a perfect program and the only disadvantage is that it is American... Shit ain't it?). This particular DARPA source would fit into a pattern of strange behaviors after the PAM girl was smashed out of their hands.... (For people who do not understand what I am saying {for example local prosecutors here in Holland}, DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research stuff from the Pentagon while PAM was some Policy Analysis Market project from them, the project was ended begin August this year.)


From the Media files so much could be quoted but limited space forces me to zoom in on this nasty detail at first. Quote of the nasty details:

Learning the Art of Occupation from Israel
The U.S. military is reportedly turning to Israel for tips on how to manage the insurgency in Iraq. Will it work? 

Comment: At some times I even asked sarcastically & ironically that this dinosaur US army needs to ask advice at the Israeli defense forces about how to turn stuff into a fine mess. Well, the US army has found the meaning of irony too; of course this will not work. Quoting on:

The idea U.S. forces in Iraq may be taking lessons in occupation and counterinsurgency from the Israeli Defense Force may have only just begun to make the news in America, but it has been obvious to Iraqis for some time. For residents of the Sunni Triangle, who have spent years watching TV images of the residents of the West Bank and Gaza living under siege, surrounded by checkpoints and suffering periodic air strikes and military sweeps, the Palestinian experience offers a ready template for understanding the turn taken by their own lives over the past six months. Whole villages have been surrounded by razor wire, their residents forced to pass through checkpoints; U.S. aircraft and artillery have blasted buildings suspected of being used by insurgents; there have even been instances of family members of suspected insurgents being taken into custody when their wanted relatives can't be found. As one Iraqi waiting on line at a checkpoint last week told the New York Times, "I see no difference between us and the Palestinians." That's a worrying development for U.S. authorities, since in the eyes of much of the Arab world, the humiliation of occupation has served to justify terrorism against the Israelis.

Comment: My dear US army, these methods will fail into turning stuff into the right direction. The living example is indeed the occupation of Palestine territories by the Israeli army. But let met tell you only a small anecdote why this will fail: 


Last year November I finally succeeded into getting arrested and locked up for more than one day. On a Sunday evening I was arrested and on a Friday I was released again.
That day the next did happen:

In the entire Europe a warning was given for attacks on military targets, beside this somewhere in the occupied the next did happen: Through a street walked a (small) dozen villagers, right behind them came 12 Israeli soldiers. The Hamas attacked and as far as I know all 12 Israeli soldiers were killed.

(Six days later the last attempt of a civilian plane shootout from the skies was observed somewhere in Africa.)

So these are the simple facts as they happened late autumn 2002, these simple facts also demonstrate abundantly that 'containment' does not work. When the US army simply is not capable of making good battles so all who see that agree on 'This or that party has indeed won' they will fail. Just like the Israelis failed, the axiom of 'overwhelming power' can only exist when it's dual is around. The dual is of course what some call 'terror'. That is because this dual feeds on the use of overwhelming power.
Or is this analysis to simple? Well, good luck with the copycat of the Israeli defense forces, but those strategies will not help much in the long run.   

Against the above words I would like to say to the former Iraqi army soldiers: Please do not forget that I advised to 'build stuff up from nothing again'. The Pentagon took this advise serious and therefore released all inhabitants and there was no massive locking up of former Iraqi soldiers. Do not forget this, because all in all this detail is in favor of the Pentagon. 

Against this 'in favor of the Pentagon' there was such beautiful news from the Iraqi equation observed, may be you know that I have this 'Ok ok ok' kind of attitude against attacks at the US led Iraqi police. Although these police attackers stole my heart in many ways, my local police chief Mr. van Welten is not capable of grasping any insight in this. (A pity, he is just heading for Amsterdam to lead the police forces there and I think I am just reciting/Oops!).

Ahum, let me quote the beautiful news as found on the Cable News Network (CNN) that advertises with 'Be the first to know':

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- About 300 of 700 members of the new Iraqi army have resigned, citing unhappiness with terms, conditions and pay and with instructions of commanding officers, a representative of the U.S.-led coalition said Thursday. 

"It's a new force, and ... we face some difficulties," the representative said. 

In response to the resignations, the coalition will review the terms and conditions and compare them with other security services in Iraq -- the police and Civil Defense Corps, the representative said.

Comment: Suddenly I have even more good hope gained upon the next Military Bloody Day next Saturday 13 December in the Christian year 2003. Yes, just suddenly I have even more good hope...

But as far as I know the (long term) policy still stays the same, this policy is:

  • Improvement for the Iraqi population while
  • Turning stuff into some military Vietnam for the US army (without agent orange jokes and so)





12 Dec 2003: "My fellow Europeans (I am imitating the Holy President of the USA), my fellow Europeans. Today I was heavily disappointed in you today, not for one but for two reasons. My fellow Europeans, are you constantly misunderestimating me or not yes? We must bring them on, those criminals that kill Afghan children on an average of 15 a weekend and they need to feel the meaning of European justice!

My fellow Europeans, the enemy is evil. There is no doubt in my heart that we will prevail over evil! They are so evil that they even say it are the Afghanis to blame to put all those 15 children hostage there, they are only interested in killing children and innocent civilians. They want to show who is boss in this world of terror but we will not bow for a bunch of criminals. We will not bow and we are constantly very focused on our task and determinated to bring freedom to the entire planet."  


So far for this little imitation of that White House propaganda stuff, why am I disappointed in two ways? Here is the first way (quote):

The military plan, presented by Britain, France and Germany, aims to resolve a seven-month dispute with the United States, which had denounced earlier plans for an EU military headquarters as a serious threat to the unity of the NATO alliance. 

Before the EU summit approved the text - which sets up an EU planning cell at NATO's military headquarters - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who was chairing the summit, said it would be "a fantastic step forward." 

"The accord sanctions the importance of NATO ... It is an agreement that our American friends will like," Berlusconi said.

Comment: This is plain unbelievable, I hoped it would be inside Belgium but as far away from the NATO headquarters as possible. Ok, simply outside the city of the NATO headquarter would have been enough.
Now I am just wondering how some independent EU cell could emerge that is even within that NATO building and likely even using American software. There are even 'NATO attaches' to give 'advice', why does my mouth taste that bad suddenly? 

Bah, this was a true bah. But I simply cannot judge what pressure the USA must have used behind the screens so the bowing of the weasel Europeans might be understandable (but I still do not grasp it, why inside the NATO building?). 

We proceed with a more simple thing, the exclusion of the 'anti war countries' Germany, France and Russia from Iraqi rebuilding contracts. A nice soap because rather likely they would not have gotten much contracts anyway (just like the Dutch did not get any 'compensation contract' after the Dutch military choose for some US military planes while skipping the European stuff). But I quote this to demonstrate abundantly that the Pentagon boys and girlz are intellectual lightweights. Quote:

U.S.-based firms vying for billions in Iraq reconstruction contracts might be cheering a little this week, thanks to the Pentagon's decision to exclude companies based in countries that actively opposed the U.S.-led war to oust Saddam Hussein. That's bad news for French and German firms that have traditionally done a lot of work in Iraq, and just possibly good news for companies based in the U.K., Spain and other U.S. coalition partners. 

Under an order signed by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz on Dec. 5 and first revealed in media reports earlier this week, the Pentagon has created a list of 63 countries whose companies are eligible to compete for $18.6 billion in contracts tied to reconstruction efforts in Iraq. The reason for the hot-or-not list? Wolfowitz cited "essential" security concerns.

Comment: Well my dear Wolfowitz (or better; my dear Hollowwitz), I am not completely against this particular decision if indeed the end result will be less debt for the Iraqis. If the 126 billion US dollar figure is correct there is serious shaving needed given the fragility of this starting economy. This (heavy) argument is in favor of the US government, against the exclusion of anti war countries is the simple fact the rebuilding costs could might be lower without this 'policy'. 

Hollowwitz, the main flaw in your reasoning is the next: Before Gulf War II these countries were invited to take part into operation Iraqi freedom. So in practice you were willing to fight together and you did not see any 'security concerns' in those days.
Rebuilding Iraq is only trade and sharing of (non military) knowledge and now you suddenly see 'essential' security concerns. Sorry Paul, your intentions might be good but I do not buy this particular kind of crap.  

The US deputy of defense has had (just like me) some mathematical training, that is a strange coincidence. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to the brain of the Holy President George Doubleyou Bush in case he would have gotten some 'math training' like "Four planes give three successful strikes, so forty planes give ........ successful strikes." (Fill in the dots please)

So we skip politics a bit and tunnel into a wonderful result that also emerged today. The discovery of a giant (Mersenne) prime was published and by luck I came across it. This discovery was done via one of those 'multi-computer-tasking' programs and to be honest I do not know enough of the discovery of Mersenne primes to have good insight in the actual achievement in this. But two million more digits added sounds good enough (and simple enough for journalists) to get published... Quote:

The number is 6,320,430 digits long and would need 1,400 to 1,500 pages to write out. It is more than 2 million digits larger than the previous largest known prime number. 

Shafer, 26, helped find the number as a volunteer on an eight-year-old project called the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search.

In the case of Shafer's discovery, it was 2 to the 20,996,011th power minus 1. The find was independently verified by other participants in the project.





13 Dec 2003: Exiting is not the right word, I feel just a bit nervous on this day. Military Bloody Day number six and what will happen today? Ok, for spectacular actions also tomorrow and the day after 'count' but we start with preluding stuff from yesterday (quoting upon some rocket stuff):
"There were four points of impact within the Green Zone," a U.S. military spokeswoman said Friday. "Two coalition force members were slightly wounded from flying debris, but the injuries are not life-threatening."

One building in the area, which comprises dozens of palaces once part of Saddam Hussein's presidential compound, was slightly damaged. Smoke billowed from two locations.

It was the first bombardment on the headquarters, which is protected by concrete walls, since mid-November when guerrillas fired on the area several nights running. It was also the first assault on the complex since U.S. forces launched a major counteroffensive against insurgents last month.

Comment: No comment right now, I just hope this is prelude and I am still nervous to the bone. This day is important, there is no denying this. 

Right now it is 15.00 hours and still no attacks observed via the Media, but let me be patient because there is always many hours time delay. And may be the US army did draw it's lessons from the previous Military Bloody Days and skips a lot of convoy driving & other behavioral changes. I don't know so I will wait.


So we take a fine look at some other important front, the proceedings of the NightmareOnTheUS$

Media report to 13 Dec 2003: A quote from the Monday before I created this new Nightmare, on Monday 24 November the US$ climbed a bit against the Euro to 1,775 $/Euro:

The dollar's rise eased fears that foreign investors, faced with the declining value of their dollar-denominated assets when converted back into their own currencies, would dump U.S. equities and Treasury bonds.

Comment: Just days later I created the NightmareOnTheUS$ while giving some 'selling advices'. Also on Tuesday 25 November the high 7.2 percent economical growth in the US (third quarter) became public; and on that day it 

was clear that the largest European nations were allowed to fuck up the stability pact.
But right throw all this (fake) economical violence the last Euro high was at 1,2308 $/Euro yesterday.

So all idiots who did skip my 'selling advice' of US bonds & similar stuff are looking at a nice 4.5 percent decline in value (if not hedged) in just 18 days.
Like I said that day "Aren't my selling advices not the best there are? And am I not your friend?

Well dear investors, for the sake of capitalism the next stop is at 1,35 $/Euro. Be prepared! 



But my dear investors, this 1,35$/Euro is just what I call the 'logical Soros border'. Only after this border SomeKing will enter the ring, at that time this King will have mobilized all other nations against the USA and then the real battles will be there...

There will be selling so hefty and so big, these numbers will be unprecedented in economical history. There will be hammers of so many billions that all financial mindsets around this planet will look with amazement and they will think "How can this grow so big?"

Let me close this NightmareOnTheUS$ update with the next words; 'Completely against that 7.2% growth number and against a lot of other United States economical bluffing in just 18 days almost 5% of the entire wealth of the entire America was wiped out! But according to a White House authority (the Snow figure or so) there was only 'orderly decline' observed...' So why am I smiling so broadly? That is because I too consider this an 'orderly decline' my dear White House, this was very orderly and a lot of short positions were there. 

My dear Snow, you did stick your head nicely into that currency rope by declaring that the present dollar value is by far not at the median value of the last 25 years (against all other currencies)... My dear Snow, are you aware of the consequences of your own words? That is because I just never would say a thing like that in public when I had your job! So Snowy, what do you think? Is the 1,35 $/Euro rather realistic or not? (Now follows a quote as found on the Reuters website:)

By Manuela Badawy; NEW YORK, Dec 12 (Reuters) - The dollar reached a lifetime low against the euro on Friday after U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow said the dollar's decline was "orderly," a comment dollar bears took as a green light to sell the currency, analysts said. 

"This is a deja vu of this spring when John Snow was asked about the dollar decline," said Ashraf Laidi, chief currency analyst at MG Financial Group in New York. "And just about when the dollar had taken a sharp drop, he said the decline had been 'orderly,' which accelerated the fall in the currency, and we are seeing some of that now." 

The euro reached a record high of $1.2306 , according to Reuters data, before drifting back to $1.2292, a gain of 0.68 percent on the day.


End of the update to the NightmareOnTheUS$.



BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The top U.S. general in Iraq said on Saturday he would rethink the Iraqi army pay structure after a wave of recruits quit the new force over low salaries. 

His remarks came after a bomb killed a U.S. soldier west of Baghdad, the latest in a series of deadly attacks that have increased domestic pressure on the U.S. administration over Iraq and led it to accelerate plans to hand power over to Iraqis. 

Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez acknowledged soldiers who quit over salaries of $150 monthly for senior officers may have a legitimate grievance. 

"We're in the process of reviewing the pay scales to determine what needs to be done there to ensure that they have a decent standard of living," he told reporters in Baghdad.
Comment: Wow Ricardo I had big fun in reading that over 50 percent of the 700 first soldiers did run away...

They might have many reasons for this and may be the level of payment is a reason that is understandable for Western media mindsets and therefore gets published.

My dear Ricardo, has the US army already investigated if I (Reinko Venema) was indeed some (devilish) role model for the 19 attackers from September 2001? 
Ricardo, suppose as some hypothetical exercise of mind, that indeed this is true. That indeed I was some (devilish) role model. Suppose furthermore that the US army never operates from that kind of wisdom.
In that case, how can you stop the most devastating and big attacks on the US army & coalition forces? How Ricardo, how? 







14 Dec 2003:




A list of attacks from within the Iraqi borders:

14 December: At least 17 people die in an attack on a police station in Khalidiya a (suicide) car bomb attack, the bomb crater is over 2 meters deep 
22 November
: At least 18 people die in car bomb attacks on police stations in the towns of Khan Bani Saad and Baquba, north of Baghdad 
12 November: 26 die in suicide attack on Italian police base in Nasiriya 
2 November: 16 US soldiers die as Chinook helicopter downed 
27 Oct: Red Cross and other buildings in Baghdad bombed, more than 30 killed 
12 Oct: Baghdad Hotel bombed, six dead 
9 Oct: Police station in Baghdad bombed, 10 killed 
29 Aug: Mosque near Najaf bombed, 90 to 125 reported including Shia Islam's top cleric in Iraq 
19 Aug: UN headquarters in Baghdad bombed, 23 killed including head of mission 
7 Aug: Jordanian Embassy bombed, 14 killed

Comment: Again I only zoom in on the August stuff, again I have to tell you that before August was there (and after a long period without bombs) I put down the next proposition to al Queda:

Lets make a 'Tour the World' of the month of August to compare what vision upon the 9/11 attacks is more accurate. Mine or the White House version of this all.

Because the White House did again give no reaction at all they did earn my heavy disgust, the only thing the Holy President did was making phone call after phone call after each attack (giving condolences and stuff like that). 

But at the end of August the 'desired' amount of daily deaths did indeed come out sharply, that was very good work from what I call 'the operatives'. Until now the August month is still a spike in civil deaths, so why the Media silence upon what I have to say? Why? 





Saddam Hussein was found following intelligence indicating he was at one of two possible locations south of Tikrit, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, commander of coalition ground forces in Iraq. 

A large contingent of US forces conducted extensive searches of the area and found a small rural farmhouse.. 

A "spider hole" was detected within the house with an entrance camouflaged with bricks and dirt. 

When uncovered, US troops found the former Iraqi president in a hole barely six to eight feet (1.8m to 2.5m) deep.
Comment: Pictures from Saddam from just after that does indeed give rise to the question "Who is organizing the resistance?"

Of course I have broken my head upon this question too my dear American friends, but since it is clear that on Military Bloody Day number six not one single coalition soldier died the facts speak for themselves. Facts are it can't be me, or is this analysis to simple my dear audience? 

So who calls for the shots? And are these only 'state sponsored devils' or are they just like those free 'peer to peer' networks exchanging 'free files' on subject outside the average imagination? 

Who calls the shots in this 'war on terror'? Who? 






15 Dec 2003:  




Even when asked simple questions like, ``How are you?'' Saddam responded, ``I am sad because my people are in bondage,'' according to the report. 

Saddam was also asked whether Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. ``No, of course not,'' he replied, according to Time, ``the U.S. dreamed them up itself to have a reason to go to war with us.''
Comment: Although I think it is a very good development that Saddam is captured, I just have this nasty habit of telling the truth as far as I know it.
Truth is that the 'dreaming WMD stuff up' is a very good observation of Saddam, there is no denying this. The USA needed (from a psychological point of view) to 'evilize' the enemy in all ways possible before they were capable to strike & make war.  






``Given the location and circumstances of his capture, it makes it clear that Saddam was not managing the insurgency, and that he had very little control or influence,'' said Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. ``That is significant and disturbing because it means the insurgents are not fighting for Saddam, they're fighting against the United States.''   Comment: Some debiles, some imbeciles wake up finally in this little WarOnTerror. Yes, they are fighting against the United States, is this a strange thing to you Jay R?

An idiot is what you are, just look at the rest of this planet. Who is not fighting against America? Who is not indulging in this? IDIOT!   






The EU was plunged into a crisis on Saturday by a fundamental split over member states' voting powers. Spain and Poland blocked plans to give bigger countries, led by Germany and France, more voting power in a reformed system that would take greater account of population size.

Comment: The European model needed in this case looks a bit like this; All countries get some 'voting weights' according to their population size. For example a country of 63 million people has a weight of 63, they will have 63 votes to throw in.

Suppose in the European parliament this country has to vote for the next bill:

Bill 1963: <We will destroy America or may be not>

Well, the folks of this particular 63 million country needs a bit of scratching on the head before they can finalize such a beautiful bill and they come up with the next:

- 3 votes do not want to vote (non votes)
- 26 vote in favor of this bill (+26 votes)
- 34 vote against this evil bill (-34 votes)

That's all, the net result will be 26 minus 34 = minus 8 votes. You get the 'voting point' in this? There is still plenty of room to give rise to 'wheeling and dealing' while there is plenty of democracy too. Beside the European parliament also the United Nations need to work along simple lines like this, but that is another chapter. 

Second comment: From a strategic point (in the WarOnTerror) kind of view it is strange that the countries Spain and Poland were the blockers in this (but I do not know the details of this particular 'reformed system' so may be they are wise. May be.) 







17 Dec 2003: Only a little Media reporting stuff:
The materials found with Saddam -- 50 or 60 documents of about 500 pages --already have proved useful, officials in Washington said. Within 24 hours of the capture, troops had arrested some former Baathist leaders connected with financing the insurgency, based on names found in Saddam's documents, Dempsey said. 

But a senior official in Washington said the arrests were "not high-level people but cell 
members further down," adding that some information has been "actionable" intelligence that may save the lives of U.S. soldiers.

Comment: Ah, some very interesting detail these 'contacts with resistance' forces. I have some thoughts upon this too (some things are very clear although the Americans simply not see this) but since the 'Feind hört mit' I have to shot up my big keyboard born mouth.




19 Dec 2003: Not much done lately (I still have the flu). Only the sniper list updated (three locals added) and equally evil I wrote a (new) letter to al Queda, let me hope both works will proceed fine. 


History lesson 
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, in a statement in December 1998 supporting President Clinton's four-day bombing of Iraq: 
"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process. The responsibility of the United States in this conflict is to eliminate weapons of mass destruction, to minimize the danger to our troops and to diminish the suffering of the Iraqi people."
Comment: Very interesting quote, suppose that even in 1998 all Weapons of Mass Destruction were already gone...

What could happen with the 'international law status' of this particular four days bombing in question? Although nowadays in practice international laws on warfare are just a muppet show as the World Trade Organization is, in the future this could be different.

The Holy President George Doubleyou Bush said it himself: 'I want international institutions that can be taken seriously and are not irrelevant.' That is what he said himself.   



And after a lot of days I decided to swallow the corruption of my graphics program (but DARPA if I ever get more clues if it was you or not my dear Warriors of outer Cyberian spaces will strike back) and used this particular American software again. So here is the perfect big market result from the Monday after the Saddam capture (the rest of the week I decided to leave them alone because they had some right to 'party'):

Title: Not bad art as found somewhere, not bad at all....

Hundreds of videotapes that federal prison officials had claimed were destroyed show that foreign nationals held at a New York detention facility after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were victims of physical and verbal abuse by guards, the Justice Department's inspector general said yesterday. 

"If the camera wasn't on, I would have bashed your face," one detainee was allegedly told by a guard. "The camera is your best friend."

During two incidents captured on videotape, the report said, "we observed officers escort detainees down a hall at a brisk pace and ram them into a wall without slowing down before impact." In the numerous "slamming" incidents recorded on tape, the report said, there was no evidence that the detainees had provoked or attacked the guards.

Comment: Well I am completely not impressed with this, a long time ago info did surface that makes these details only getting a good fit.

No, this is not that much impressive (although running at brisk pace with blind folded people is some interesting detail, I just guess each country reacts different upon attacking stuff). Impressive would be detailed reports of what happened to all those people that were sent abroad to get some 'questioning'. That's impressive my dear America, that's impressive...

Against this foreign sending of 9/11 detainees that wonderful presidential prose explaining that "Sixty years of supporting oppressive regimes did not make this country one little bit safer." This is also impressive. 
Very impressive, but the last are only words while the wall smashing (and worse) are deeds done by the 'freedom lovers'. 



Title: Not bad Monday art as found somewhere, not bad at all....

To complete the above big market art and my rejoicement into the use of my graphical software program again I have to place an interesting cache of the Monday words as were written on the homepage of this humble website. It is flip I deleted the original DOW DOW DOWN words from last Sunday (I try to keep the homepage as small as possible you must know): 

(Monday 15 Dec 16.55 hours) Nah, the 'DOW DOW DOWN' words aren't working today! ;)
How is this possible? I sure have to work on my 'dictator capabilities' or not?
But serious, the DOW is allowed 'to party' of course and US financial mindsets can wonder if the big stock markets are on the historic P/E ratio of one to 15 again (because now at the end of 2003 all companies must have implemented new techno stuff so the beginner advantage is lost and it has to go back to it's historical level, otherwise foreign investors will not invest into the USA...)

For the rest, I have a little flu so today I will not write some letter to al Queda and I will not explain how you can draw the social logarithm of humanity inside the science of Social Quantum Mechanics. 
Sorry, at first I want to fly the flu out of my little building.



21 Dec 2003: Oops, just after I finally published my latest letter to al Queda via the Media files two audio tapes from the evil al Quedians popped up! But since I cannot find anywhere at what time exactly the first audio tape was deposed at that press office I can only be vague upon cause & effect. 
Only vague, sorry. I will not even tell the time of publishing of this particular letter to al Queda, why shall I give info like this away 'for free'? 

Of course I could comment for hours on the exact content of both tapes I will carefully not do this (still the Feind hört mit). Only a detail is highlighted:

The evil docter Ayman al-Zawahri from that EvilBasisNetwork spoke evil words like "The attacks against Americans in Iraq is done by the Iraqi people, this is not some former regime zealot stuff." (Or words like that).

Comment: Well it is good to have this confirmed from your corner too, you know Ayman I grew worried after the ending blast of August. The worldwide blasts from August were very important and a lot of people did learn a lot of lessons from it, but I grew worried later on...
But luckily there was some wonderful series of Military Bloody Days observed while the resistance crossed the borders of cultural and religious differences. And the last was very good in keeping Iraq together, I have been very emotional upon that (because a collapse into civil war after August would have been one of the biggest failures of my life, but I am still smiling now...).

Let me close this comment with some personal remark Ayman, you trigger some kind of 'uncle feelings' in me. That is because you are indulging into anti-American stuff for a few decades while I am doing that for only a few years... By the way, do you consider the GreatMoneyDrain upon America, this NightmareOnTheUS$ a good or a lousy idea?  

Title: So Saddam, where did this all go wrong anyway? Where? 

A very good photo is the above, or not? Much madness is in that pic, that is clear. Also clear is the little fact the the Iraqi people need a bit of help since after ending the war with neighbor Iran they were not capable of stopping this madness. Lets hope this was a 'once and never again' kind of leadership for the Iraqi people, so the Iraqis are invited again to build up their own stuff. According to the latest facts plans are still to dump 'internal power' on the Iraqis mid next solar year (1 July or so). 
So adopt to that one way or the other my dear Iraqis and may be this is a good place for me to say to the leading mindsets of the 'religious majority' in Iraq: "Thanks for taking this easy, just thanks."
(By the way, lately I read some reports around some 'presidential wishes' living at your side. After thinking on this I found that this wish might be real, it might be wise. It depends on a lot of course (short term presidents have a lot of actual day-to-day power while lifelong presidents often only have representative functions) but given historical developments I think I am in favor of this.

But in general I am in favor of a lot of things, things like a good shave for example. Yes, a good shave. But you must never use shaving marks that are related to the US economy, because your shaving will support the lack of tax burden on the American people and that is pure terror! So don't shave with Gillette: 

Title: Gillette likes to lead the resistance against the Iraqi resistance! 

Right after the exposure upon how to 'Shave particular US companies' (A signal to my dear hedge fund cell structure stuff? Yes of course my dear idiot, but first the NightmareOnTheUS$ must burn a lot more...) we tunnel into my deep worries upon the long term looks of the US economy. A lot of US know that this long term look is not very positive, in the holy Media files even words like 'Towering Twin Deficits' are mentioned. 

So to all my lovely financial math mindsets very may be reading this, may I ask you in what kind of 'parameter space' we are not into impending heavy 'cusp catastrophes'? (Remark; The mathematical catastrophe theory was in part developed by some folk under the Zeeman name, he had good examples on this but this was all before the 'strange attractors' arrived at scenes not comprehensible to the average financial (math) mindset.) The US dollar fed by the freedom lovers is allowed to look at a very simple representation of a very good attack on your greenback addiction:

Title: Catastrophe theory can be only a little part of the NightmareOnTheUS$.

With the next quote you could accuse me of being 'selective in quoting' but that is not entirely ok in this fact. The article it came from was one long list of questions how 'stuff like this or that could happen & what is next?' kind of talking. Suddenly a beam of reality was found so I feel obliged to quote this: 

However, data show that capital flows to the US are falling or drying up considerably. Clearly, how willing are Asian central banks to invest in Reserves that are losing value? If central banks diversify their holding away from the dollar, the repercussions could be huge.

Comment; Just as some example, the Deutsche Bank has lost something like 6 billion Euro from that decline in the valuation of the US dollar so far in this year 2003 (the last 2 billion were after the creation of the NightmareOnTheUS$ and sometimes I just wonder what would happen if the Deutsche Bank would go short heavy on some stuff...[this in a smart short going attack of course, not like the CNN commercials of Deutsche Bank where they declare they are only after 'aiming higher' just like their clients do]). 

Title: So Deutsche Bank, what is thee opinion upon the below StrangeMonday art?
  But at what time exactly I smashed the DOW DOW DOWN in?   

22 Dec 2003: Wow! The DOW Jones even crossed the 10,300 level! Will it make the 11 thousand in a few weeks? Why not? Because according to US economist led reasoning; when you have a pan of 10 liter soup and you poor one liter water extra in it, you have 11 liters of soup... So how is that old fashion and boring number called the P/E ratio doing my dear big market folks? 

In another development called the 'Saddam capture' stuff gets more and more hilaric, just read the extra text of yesterday where according to two news articles it were the Kurds that did the actual capture... But now suddenly the Israeli Mossad is pretending too to have 'almost been there'. Wow, the Mossad; Isn't that not some bunch of 'not so smart' weasels that did completely not understand where that Summer 2002 truce emerged from? Isn't that the bunch of fundamental incompetents that did say to their own government to stop this stupid 'one-by-one' killing policy of Palestine militia members? Well Mossad I hope you will regret your own incompetence in the Summer of 2004 and I hope their will be a lot of tears on your behalf... Now quote why the Mossad has a Severe Alzheimer Dementia Syndrome (a case of SADS)

And the Mossad analysts, as part of their work, began to ask intriguing questions: 

• WHO were the two unidentified men armed with AK-47 rifles who stood guard over the hole? Were they there to protect Saddam – or kill him if he tried to escape? 

• WHY did Saddam not use his pistol to commit suicide – and become the martyr he had long boasted he would be?

• THE hole he hid in had only one opening. It was blocked. He could not have escaped. So was it in effect a prison? Was he being held there as part of a trade-off? 

• WHAT was the $US750,000 (about $A1 million) found on him for?

• WHY did he have no communications equipment? Not even a mobile phone was on him.

Comment: Well this was found on a website called the Sunday Mail (from Australia) so it could be the journalist or reporter that is fundamentally stupid in this. But how come that somebody like Saddam even does not have a mobile phone on him? 
May be, in case you are interested, let me inform you that only in this solar year 2003 I accepted a mobile phone for the first time (because I do not have a normal phone anymore due to lack of money and so). But I leave this pre paid phone always at home and (almost) never take it with me, that's lethal stuff you know. Wanna be a sitting duck for all parties with voice recognition software? Just take your mobile phone with you wherever you go! 

Title: So DOW Jones, do thee know now how to cook a perfect soup?
   click for the perfect soup recepi please  click for the perfect soup recepi please  

Now a few words on the assassination attempt on the Pakistani president Mr. Musharraf. In short the attempt was like this: 'The Holy Pakistani President went over some bridge in some row of cars (a convoy). The (rather professional) bomb exploded only many seconds after his car passed it. There were Western journalists making statements like 'Why not boomie boom at the right timie time? That is because this Holy President is making use of the most advanced US led jammers that jam the frequencies used by remote control bombers.' 

I tried to find some technical specification upon this jamming stuff (that is partially secret of course, that part you have to estimate for yourself) and again I think that the operatives could make big gains into this direction. Only a few 'scratch thought' by me: 

All electronic engineers & similar folks need to work from that simple axiom 'Look for the holes in their thinking'.  There are (of course) many holes into this 'bomb avoiding jamming stuff', let me name a few via mentioning some items:
  • Item one, the item of social ranking. The higher the target the better the jamming stuff will be, but even presidents cannot jam hard upon aviation radio frequencies (or frequencies used by his or her own security services). 
  • Item two, the item of electro-magnetic spectrum used by jammers. Just go around the corner of radio frequencies and imagine the next example: Just one kilometer away from the moving target crossing some 'bride' a good sniper is standing, in it's hands (or on some tripod) is some good quality laser gun. With this laser gun the good sniper could trigger the (roadside) bomb.
  • Item three, the item of 'jamming recognition'. Again a simple idea but this one is hard to implement, the bomb just 'recognizes' the jamming apparatus and says BOOM when it estimates that the jamming is at it's 'maximum'. (I prefer item two, but if you have good technical specifics upon that particular jamming stuff you could try item three but please minimize that stuff we call collateral stuff.)
  • Item four, the item of (partially) wired booming devices. You can use good quality coax cable in trying to avoid jamming or even glass fiber (no radio frequency jammer can disturb glass fiber wired stuff...). 
  • Item five, the item of robustness. These days the most advanced jammers even have stuff that can disturb electronics, so do not use advanced micro chips running on just a few electrons a second but take a look at old fashioned transistors using a lot of currency (so only extreme strong waves of some spectral stuff can destroy the functionality of the apparatus).   

That's it my dear Pakistanis, don't forget that Gods gift to humanity is for sure our brain (therefore we have such lousy bodies and we do not have real 'gorilla power' in our bodies...). But my dear Pakistanis, why do I mention you again? That is because you were the first that reacted very positive upon some simple ideas of how to make 'Simple Cyber War'. To Musharraf I can say; 'Do not take this personnel my man, in general I only attack policies and not people. The only exception on this is the so called SniperList.'   

Title: Also Pakistanis you must not forget that Musharraf is not Saddam. 

23 Dec 2003: Flip flip flip, why did I not follow my original intuition and wrote a few weeks back not 'Now we wait for impending mudslides and earthquakes in California'? Why did I let take over the scientist in me whispering 'No human can predict earthquakes on such a timescale without more detailed scientific knowledge'? Why?

But, on the other hand, facts are facts and this was only a six point fiver on the Richter earthquake scale so all in all this was not very much. (A four year record was this little quake.) No this was not very much, but they stay nice stuff those earthquakes...
Now for the fun, I found out that the US-led secretary of legal stuff (Mr. Ashcroft, the IQ53 figure) is engaging into Broadway showing stuff! Just read those quotes, I found them on some website that is equally reliable as time dot com in this particular week (time has all kinds of wonderful prose explaining why US soldiers are the 'person of the year'). 

Title: I'll be home for Christmas but you can only dream...

On thespoof dot com I found a very interesting news article outlining the Broadway plans of the US-led secretary of legal stuff, Mr. Ashcroft (the IQ53 figure). Also the Holy President Mr. IQ43 will entertain the public with a remarkable song... Let me quote:
* The grand finale, beamed by satellite to the hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers stationed all over the world, featured U.S. President George W. Bush singing his own special version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas": 
I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
I'll have snow and mistletoe
And presents 'neath my tree
Christmas Eve won't find me
Where the rockets gleam
Yes, I'll be home for Christmas
But you can only dream 

Title: A higher terror alert to orange? Wow, how interesting...

25 Dec 2003: A perfect (but long reading) extra text to this day named: The adventures of Private Popko and his lost hand... It is an old article from the Time mag, good stuff to read and again you can see for yourself that America did not evolve a lot in five decades. 

This day it is Christmas day and therefore a time of peace and love sowing. Therefore I was a lucky man when I found the next quotes, they give me the possibility to show my love for the American secretary of defense, the Donald Rumsfeld figure (or TheSilverBullet in this website speak). Is what I found true? Just read this as found on the independent dot come (Their source were the National Security Archieves):

Fresh controversy about Donald Rumsfeld's personal dealings with Saddam Hussein was provoked yesterday by new documents that reveal he went to Iraq to show America's support for the regime despite its use of chemical weapons.

The formerly secret documents reveal the Defence Secretary travelled to Baghdad 20 years ago to assure Iraq that America's condemnation of its use of chemical weapons was made "strictly" in principle.

The criticism in no way changed Washington's wish to support Iraq in its war against Iran and "to improve bi-lateral relations ... at a pace of Iraq's choosing".

In March 1984, under international pressure, America condemned Iraq's use of such chemical weapons. But realising that Baghdad had been upset, Secretary of State George Schultz asked Mr Rumsfeld to travel to Iraq as a special envoy to meet Saddam's Foreign Minister, Tariq Aziz, and smooth matters over.

Comment: This is a lovely finding, this is the real face of America once more. This is the way they are and it is not for nothing that I am hoping upon something like forty thousand dead in the next big attack... That is not for nothing my dear America, it's all to late and to little what you are doing now! 
But since the Americans are still so very proud upon their beloved Ronald Regan, we quote on:

America's relationship with Iraq at a time when Saddam was using chemical weapons is well-documented but rarely reported.

During the war with Iran, America provided combat assistance to Iraq that included intelligence on Iranian deployments and bomb-damage assessments.  

Comment: Of course stuff like that is not reported, by now I have found out how the US media works! At first each and every US journalist/reporter cannot fly away too far from the herd, as a second the 'story told' must be comprehensible to the average American mindset (this triggers severe borders of debility on) and thirdly it must not compromise White House statements/policies in this WarOnTerror while (fourth) all the time just pretending they are a 'free press'. Quoting on:

Iran had submitted a draft resolution asking the U.N. to condemn Iraq's chemical weapons use. The U.S. delegate to the U.N. was instructed to lobby friendly delegations in order to obtain a general motion of "no decision" on the resolution. If this was not achievable, the U.S. delegate was to abstain on the issue. Iraq's ambassador met with the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Jeane Kirkpatrick, and asked for "restraint" in responding to the issue - as did the representatives of both France and Britain.

Comment: Again I wonderful finding, did not the present president of the USA complain before GulfWarII that he wanted 'International organizations that can be taken serious and are not irrelevant'? Now, didn't he want this? Well , may be the Americans will have it that way...
The next quote is what some American media outlet (syfi dot com) makes of the interesting 'lobby works' to achieve a 'no decision' on the above mentioned resolution (or may be another UN resolution is mentioned, anyway the spin is perfect so perfect):

The Reagan administration condemned the use of chemical weapons under pressure from the United Nations, but continued to cultivate ties with Baghdad for business, energy and political interests. 

And a little part of the Rummycup reaction upon this 'minor disturbance':

Rumsfeld on Tuesday said that such diplomacy was standard in history and that the United States continued to have relations with countries that are "not behaving in the way we would like them to behave". 

"We nonetheless have diplomatic relations and communicate on a variety of subjects," Rumsfeld said. "There's nothing unusual about that then and today". 

Rumsfeld told reporters he did not recall any memorandums or written instructions about his trips to Iraq. "The only surprise is that someone reached into a duffel bag that is 20 years old" and came up with the document, he said.

Comment: A few months after the 'little fault' in the State of the Union became known to the public the wonderful mindset of Rummycup came up with the next 'Only yesterday I found out that there were some minor mistakes in the State of the Union, but it was all technically correct. Now the next question please... Yes you maddm in the corner.'  

For the rest, it was a nice (Christmas) day and I have nothing more to say. Bye my dear readers. 

26 Dec 2003: Boink what a hefty stories read, just look above at 23 Dec 2003 and read the first 3 lines please... So am I good in timing or not? Mudslides in California (an extra gift from the GreatBarbeque they had lately) and even a big earthquake in Iran. The Iranian earthquake was something like 6.3 or 6.7 on the Richter scale so from a statistical point of view the number of dead is rather big (but stuff struck very near a century old city called Bam, so what's in a name?). 

Problem with the relatively high number of earth quake deaths in Iran (but in other relatively poor countries to) is that the local population often starts mumbling that stuff is 'God willing' or so. I often feel sad when I see people who say this (although I can understand they need to feel stuff like that), reality is that it's far more likely that it is 'God willing' that this planetary crust stays a bit in shape. And therefore earthquakes are needed, just like you scratch your skin every now and then... 

In another development (the American economical front) the first case of so called MadCowDisease was discovered, the white house would not be the white house if they did not declare that there was 'No problem whatsoever' and that 'This one cow clearly proofs our detection system is working'. (Statistical facts are that at most 30 thousand cows a year are tested on stuff like this, but that is far to difficult to understand for the white house cowboys.) The economical problems do not seem that big, after all it is only a 27 US$ billion meat market a year so what damage can flow from that? But any billion of damage coming with this is of course part of this nice 'Christmas gift'. 

Now it's WOW time! Wow for the real American weasel stupid shithead stuff. It's around anthrax, just read the quotes from that 'Inside the Ring' duo of journalists who's names are just not worth mentioning:

Anthrax terror 
The CIA has been quietly building a case that the anthrax attacks of 2001 were in fact the result of an international terrorist plot. 
U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports tell us the information showing a terrorist link to the anthrax-filled letters sent by mail in the weeks after the September 11 terrorist attacks is not conclusive. But it is persuasive. 
Asked to comment, a U.S. official said, "There is no evidence at this point to suggest a foreign terrorist link or connection. But the matter is still under investigation and we're not ruling anything out." 
Some officials think the intelligence is at least as valid as the FBI's "mad scientist" theory, which has produced dead ends so far for the G-men after more than two years of investigation.

Comment: Well, if you are finally after all this time pick up investigation lines like this it is just once more proved that America is in many ways a 'dinosaur country'. Beside this I have only one more thing to say; Lately I recited again for this particular stuff and about five weeks later another 'anthrax scare' was observed (but the mail in question was radiated). So was there anthrax yes or no? I found no Media reports on this little but important item... 

Title: Another highlight of the Israeli defense forces observed.

Yes, it took a lot of time after the latest big so called 'terror blast' in some restaurant begin October. But the fine and brave Israeli defense forces did it again! Congratulations my dear boys & girlz, you always have those wonderful results time in time out. But I have asked you this before, you know what it takes to give you that extra 'LiveSpace' that is even pointing eastwards. You know what it takes and if there is a people that can get this job properly organized it must be you... 

The United States army has deserved some addressing too; More and more (media) reports popped up explaining that Israeli instructors do indeed give 'advice' to you about how to 'contain' an insurgency. Why do you do this and why don't you grow your own stuff in this? Facts are facts and is the IDF that successful after all these years? You better devaluate a few of your military axioms if I were you.
Although the so called operatives have their own 'collateral damage' too, all in all and given the difference in techo capabilities I still have to say they are the better soldiers my dear US army. 

The next quote was found from a source explaining that the US army tries to copycat the Israeli defense forces, according to the writer in question this copycat game had some deficiencies in it (as for example the next from the Afghan landscape as found on abcnews):

But Jawaid Khan, the Ghazni governor's secretary, said Wazir was not among the dead. He also said eight children and two men were killed.

"The Americans wanted to bomb Mullah Wazir, but they bombed a different house," Khan told the AP. "The people there are very afraid. They have no idea why the Americans bombed their village." 

Comment: Again we see (to speak in White House wordings) that they are only killing civilians and children and elderly. For a great deal this only emerges from the use of some military axioms that are a bit outdated. 

Title: But would the Western icon of female meat give a shit upon this all? 

28 Dec 2003: Today there was good news and sad news, the sad news entered my mind when the full scale of the Iranian earthquake entered my mind. And I just fell asleep for an hour or two, just like yesterday. 
But if the 20 thousand reported dead are true and given the fact that often only 'Richter scale number 5' quakes often deaths are reported there is a fundamental lesson to be learned from this:

When in the future the Muslim countries indeed 'decide' to cluster together to make the GreatNationOfMuslimMania, let there be a good economical system. So there is wealth enough to grow good educational, medical systems. And, in case of quake dangerous areas there is the capability of good & solid housing of the population. 

Ok, given the present state of a lot of 'Muslim majority' countries it is clear there is still a long way to go but in a few decades things could look very different. Anyway, these years I have much more confidence in those folks known as the 'operatives' then I ever had in exemplarics of that old 'national Arab stuff' (as was represented for example by the Saddam figure). 

So far the bad news and my 'preaching stuff' upon that (I still am a lousy preacher, somehow you enter that 'moral crap' phase so fast that I think I always prefer to be a lousy preacher!). The GOOD news came from Iraq, just a few quotes to get into the mood:

KARBALA, Iraq - In the biggest rebel attack since Saddam Hussein's capture, suicide bombers and assailants with mortars and grenade launchers blasted coalition military bases and the governor's office in this southern city Saturday, killing 13 people and wounding at least 172.
The death toll in Karbala included six coalition soldiers - four Bulgarians and two Thais; six Iraqi police officers; and a civilian.

Comment: Since the US army is constantly refusing to review the military axioms she is using she must not complain that I call stuff like this 'very good'. You know Western military mindsets, it is always the same with you; You cluster together and seal your area completely off from the environment, after softer targets are selected by opponents you always start complaining upon the 'terror level' of those 'coward attacks'. 
Well, a bunch of cowards is what you are with your ways of fighting. In the meantime I sometimes feel very proud upon the achievements of the Iraqi insurgency. Oh oh US army, you are so 'pre 9/11' you are so dinosaur. How often did I not ask from you to give me good battles? And what do you do?
So in the meantime you must not complain upon phrases in the above like 'and wounding at least 172' (mostly civilians likely). You must not complain when your own seeds gets harvested. You must not complain...

It is not for nothing I often ask for the hardest possible targets, it is not for nothing that I have asked the Iraqis often to 'write their lessons down' so that in a sharp detail knowledge accumulates upon 'how to attack the US army'. Because only with enough dead coalition soldiers the present military mindset will give themselves a scratch on the head and only with enough dead Western soldiers stuff will change... 

At last to the Iraqis; good luck with this all while the operatives too must not forget the long term policy still applied to the Iraqi equation:

  • Turn stuff into a military Vietnam for the US & coalition military forces, &
  • Serious improvement for the Iraqi population. 

A lot more could be said upon the Iraqi equation but now we tunnel at first into the wonderful 'terror scared mindset' of the coward American population. As the joke goes lately, they have the MadCowardDisease these days and the British history is repeating so beautiful with the white house declaring that the HolyPresident is continuing to eat beef... (Where have we seen that before somewhere in Great Brittany?) We take a look at the most devastating words possible, lately there was some 'female suicide bomber' report that would blast into New York or so. According to my humble memory there were never 'Israeli army styled suicide bombers' observed in the United States of America, but the HomeLand defending weasel is saying this:

SECRETARY RIDGE: Well, we -- first of all, we heard the reporting, saw the reporting, about the suicide bomber. And that's something we're obviously very concerned with because it is a tactic that's been employed around the country, but we had no independent confirmation of that particular reporting. 

But nonetheless, we continue to hear, one, the interest in using aircraft as a means of attack; two, there's continued discussion -- again, these are from credible sources about near-term attacks that could either rival or exceed what we experienced on September 11th.

Comment: Just think a bit upon the "because it's a tactic that's been employed around the country", what the hell is the guy saying? To my humble opinion it has just never emerged into all Media files that the tactic of (simultaneous) suicide attacks is used into the holy heartlands. 

And since I said before that if you want to understand the American 'free press' behavior these days you must take a look at the 'free press' during World War II, what can we conclude upon this? Is this just a 'constantly misunderestimating' kind of thing, or have there been suicide attacks carefully not reported via the American Media? (Because that would only lift the spirit of the enemy...)

By the way, did you notice that the 'all American looking guy' Ridge is now SECRETARY Ridge? Don't you think that Ridge is so very 'American looking'? When you see him you instantly know that he is an American, again we see that in this American country looks are more important than brains. 

Now we quote on a bit more from the whitehouse dot gov website:

QUESTION: Saying the chatter is up, the highest it's been since September 11th, is a pretty dramatic statement, but how would you compare it to, say, the Orange Alert that you called last February when there were CIA reports saying an imminent attack was probably about to happen and obviously didn't? But how would you compare it to that time? Is the chatter more serious? Is it more intense? 

SECRETARY RIDGE: I think the level -- again, I don't recall numerically, quantitatively, that time, but any time the federal government goes from Yellow to Orange or Orange back down to Yellow, there's a consensus within the intelligence community that not only the volume but the credibility and the kind of reporting merits us to either raise or lower the level of threat. 

So I think it's a -- it's more important to focus on the fact that there is that consensus within the intelligence community that we go up.

Comment: Very interesting, very interesting that there is that 'consensus within the intel community'. Wow stupid Ridge boy, I could tell you stories but I won't. Only a small but nice detail, here we go:

A long time ago I found the number of American death via traffic accidents and calculated it back to the 9/11 size. I do not remember the exact result anymore, but the whole of 9/11 is less then 14 days of traffic deaths in America. After my simple & humble calculation I observed the next my dear Ridge boy (two examples emerging within 7 days after the humble calculations):

  • Just 'by accident' I looked at some German morning news show and there was some 'terror expert' invited and to my big amazement the guy used exactly the same calculation &
  • Some relatively frustrated white house official had wisdom like "The terrorists are trying to get us to sleep, but we won't!"

So Ridge this 'consensus into the intelligence community' was very funny to me in those long lost days. But Ridge, just like a lot of foreign intel folks have great fun with the Americans some financial figures too are not completely satisfied with America. Beside the impending terror stuff this is of concern too my dear Ridge, it just looks as if the emperor is loosing clothes on a regular basis. Or not?    


(Editorial remark: the next was posted 20 hours after the above, why I write such stupid details down I don't know either. But in the meantime I slept and ate and did a lot of other stuff so may that's why...;)) 

There was bad news (in the Iranian quake even the 40 thousand number is mentioned, that is a big one just a big one). Compared to completely other shit like the Iran-Iraqi war from the eighties this amounts to four percent of casualties on just one unlucky day (or better an unlucky night). 

But there is also lots of good news found, let me highlight a few of those:

  • Somewhere I read that some time ago a complete branch has 'separated' from the 'official al Queda network of volunteers'. I cannot recall the name anymore, lets say it was named the TwoHolyCitiesLiberation. And this THCL did the latest Saudi blasts...
    Comment: This could be since I did look up in my writings and I just could not found any 'signal given' (not even an 'accidental signal' as happens sometimes). In case this 'separation' is true this could explain the facts as they happened.
  • About six weeks ago there was that strange 'scaffold accident' in France at the biggest cruise liner ever build. The operatives understand rather likely what I am willing to say right now; "I was struck with the similarities compared to the Essent scaffold accident in the Amer power plant (here in Holland) where two Americans died." Now I can quote the next: Queen Mary 2 owner Cunard confirmed it had received a terrorist threat against its maiden voyage in the new year.
    Concerns al-Qaida had opened up a new front in its terror campaign emerged when a US spy plane discovered scores of acoustic sea mines had disappeared from a high-security naval base in North Korea.
    US intelligence services believe the mines may be aboard an armada of 28 terror ships Osama bin Laden's organisation has assembled over the past year.
    The mines are fitted with homing devices that allow them to zero in on massive targets like the 150,000-tonne QM2.

    Comment: Again a perfect spin observed, simply because some North Korean sea mines are missing (or only removed or stored under a roof, or this or that just like all those years the economical sanctions against Iraq were justified) the sea mines 'must be' in the hands and ships of al Queda.
    But in many ways I can assure you that this is a rather good target, even in the (military bloody) ways of this story because I have to classify attacks on these kind of targets as 'economical attacks'.
    And these kind of attacks will simply continue until the global spread of wealth is a bit different compared to these years (and indeed with that in the back of your mind the biggest cruise ship ever build looks suddenly very different, a lot of rich meat is walking there and they keep the world as it is right now...)
    Another justification is simply found in the next observation; 'Last year 2002 was the very first year the the rich did not get richer and the poor not more poor. This solar year 2003 we are back to the old situation and indeed the rich did get richer again and the poor did get poorer.' So do I have much mercy for elderly fatbags on luxury cruise liners who pieced this world as it is right now? Now, will I wipe lots of tears?  

And with that kind of wisdom we are into more beautiful quotes around the heightened terror alert (from that yellow level to the orange level) that according to white house sources will stay in place at least throw February next year. Therefore it was strange to observe news like the next:

US: Terror threats can be bogus

Washington - A top US lawmaker expressed concern on Sunday that the al-Qaeda may be deliberating spreading false information about security threats in the United States in a bid to wrong-foot US authorities and maximize public panic.

"It's a very inexpensive way for terrorists to do great damage and inflict costs on the United States of America," Representative Christopher Cox said.

Asked if the elevated terror alert over the Christmas holiday could have been caused by al-Qaeda releasing disinformation, Cox, head of the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee, replied: "That concerns me a great deal. That's a very real possibility." 

Comment: My dear Christopher Cox, don't you see you are on very dangerous grounds with this? The SuperSmart white house together with devoted hard working Americans in the homeland defense department have not for nothing lightened up the thread level. Why don't you stand beside your Holy President Christopher? You are failing your Holy President, you are failing your country, you have surely crossed the border of decency with your low remarks that 'This could be hoaxing stuff'. 
My dear Christopher, you must be one of those lefties one of those democrats who always try to attack the Holy President whenever they can. Don't you understand the 'natural order' from these years my dear Christopher? When the Holy President says that often one and one adds up to three than this is simply the way it will be... Why do you drift so far from the most simple patriotic duties? Is it that difficult to remember that one and one makes three?  



29 Dec 2003: Ah, a nice development in the 'Iraqi debt writing off' process is found. Japan is willing to write a lot of stuff into the void (on the reasonable condition that the so called 'Paris club' does this too). So thank you Japan, writing of 6 or 7 billion is a lot of money so thank you again...;)

But serious, for almost all countries who are owned money by Iraq (or by the former regime) again the following simple rules apply:

  • All military but not paid deliveries have all bad luck (=zero percent will be paid, Saddam was not the 'military future' but you decided to deliver anyway).
  • All money that is not paid to other states, bad luck too (since most states did not prick through to the real state of Weapon of Mass Destruction stuff into Iraq, sorry being stupid has a price as you can see).
  • All companies that don't go broke on the writing debt off have bad luck too, only companies that otherwise would go broke or need massive layoffs to survive have some right of speech...

These are the simple rules and they are not prey to negotiation, but what when a country like the next comes along? Quote:

China mulls reducing Iraq debts

China will consider cutting the debts owed by Iraq as a humanitarian gesture, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has said. 

The announcement came US envoy James Baker met top Chinese leaders - and follows Japanese and European pledges to write off Iraqi debts.

It is hard to get precise numbers on the sums which Beijing is owed by Iraq, our correspondent says. 

The figures mentioned in the media range from just over one billion to several billion dollars, most of it for construction and oil industry work done before the first Gulf war.

Comment: Well my dear Chinese, I have no idea about how much money we are talking but anyway I have to say the next: 'To me two things jump to the forefront, the first is the simple fact that the average income per Chinese citizen is far below that of some of the other countries. The second is the fact that your population is 40 times as big as the Iraqi population'.
So with these facts in mind you might have 'something' to mull but it isn't very much. To be honest, you have nothing to mull in this particular case of just a few billions. 

But I am in a good mood today so I even have a reward for you; Within the latest policy of the so called NightmareOnTheUS$ (started on 24 & 25 November so five weeks back or so) you are allowed to peg your currency (the yuan) to the US$ at your profit. You must be reasonable of course, this is not a blanc cheque but if the Americans start complaining you could subtly whisper 'But the Dutch guy said so'. After that you likely won't get much complaining, but you must be 'reasonable'.

By the way my dear Chinese government, now we are on the line anyway may I ask you the next: In the year 2002 just every time I wrote the word 'China' down in these writings, the local folks from the local Chinese food service were scared to the bone. Only 3 to 4 weeks later they were able to look me in the eye again, these people were really afraid at those times...
My dear China, I am well aware of the fact that the Dutch secret service is a bunch of coward fatbags but I considered that kind of behavior as very unpolite. Very unpolite.
So my dear Chinese government, don't forget that at every instant in time I could choose to grow a bit of so called 'cell structure' in your country too. 

Wow, these are big words or not my dear China? But time is in favor of you because at first the Palestine stuff will get some attention again in the next Summer. So in case you don't know if you could take the above words serious, why not take a look at the next Summer in that Palestine-Israeli equation?   



31 Dec 2003: This is the last entry to the solar year numbered 2003; today the NightmareOnTheUS$ took the 1.2600 US$/Euro border! This was mighty good although the money markets are relatively thin at this day, but given the fact that I exposed my little '26 wish' just two days ago on 29 Dec I feel humble and proud at the same time. 

It is still all other currencies against the US dollar (although the Japanese bank is a bit pissing beside the target) and that is good and that is fine. Please (financial) folks, do not forget to axe the daily inflow of capital towards America! There is no need to throw 1500+ million Euro a day into this country, what does the rest of the world get in return for this? Do we have 'value for money'? Now? Do we have 'global security' via investing a daily amount of 1500+ million Euro? Do we have improvement for the poor half of this planet via investing 1500+ million Euro a day into America? You know the answers I hope.

So why the hell did I read some report saying that in the week of 24 Dec a rough 8 billion US$ was invested by Asian countries into US treasuries? Is this Japan again? Japan let me ask you this very softly; 'You know that al Queda have made some threats at you, do you want the real thing yes or no?' That is all I am asking you Japan, do you want the real thing yes or no? 
So Japan, I understand your worries and so, but if you think you can stand in the way of this story you better think twice is my advice. (Sorry for being this rough just after your Iraqi debt gesture, but I know how the rabbits run)

So far the politics of these days, since it is the last day of this solar year 2003 I feel the need to dive a bit into history and also by pure coincidence I came across some 'selected thoughts' of Attila the Hun. Some of these thoughts are very interesting so let me share a few with you, they are separated in two bundles. In the first bundle you could change the word 'Hun' for 'Operative' while in the second bundle the word 'Hun' could be changed into 'American'. Here is the first bundle:

The first bundle of thoughts = swap (Hun, Operative):

  • A wise chieftan gives tough assignments to Huns who can rise to the challenge.
  • Huns only make enemies on purpose.
  • Appoint the most capable Hun, give her both responsibility and authority, then hold her accountable.   

Comment: The 'tough assignments' given to Muslim operatives making some great nation of MuslimMania have indeed some challenge to face and to rise upon. Your marching orders are clear, country by country this will be swallowed in but always there is that fundamental respect of 'no more than 1 percent of population wipe out'. (Well less than one percent is also fine of course, but the Muslim countries must stick together and make some future that is better than the present crap at the scene.)
And the second bundle

The second bundle of thoughts = swap (Hun, American):

  • A Hun's perception is reality for him.
  • Every Hun has value -- even if only to serve as a bad example.
  • Some Huns have solutions for which there are no problems.
  • Suffer long for mediocre but loyal Huns. Suffer not for competent but disloyal Huns. 

Comment: The first quote is better read as 'The white house perception is reality to her'. With a bit of recent history in the back of our minds we know that America started bombing Afghanistan on 7 October 2001 (within a month of the 9/11 attacks). All americans jumped for joy upon pictures and videos of the bombs dropped.
There is no excuse for your behavior america, there isn't. The fundamental joy (at your side) upon the amount of dropped bombs is carved in my memory and in the memory of a lot of others. Now we are just 27 months further and what clothes is the emperor wearing into Afghanistan? Now? 

In the second quote 'Every Hun has value' we can replace the word 'Hun' also for 'American democracy' or even for the 'US army-branch'. Now we are at the end of this little story in this solar year 2003 let me spell it out again once more:

Pentagon don't get me wrong, you will get nuked of terrified in other ways. House owners in the neighborhood of this Pentagon building must not complain if stuff is nuked indeed. Sorry Pentagon, the American society just asks for this. For example take a fine look at your so called 'free press'. What has your stupid 'free press' to say upon the sudden decline in US dollar value? Now? 


NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll wipe you out & that's a fact!





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