Some thoughts for the operatives; In case you want to make some
'dirty bomb' what is the best approach in spreading as
much as possible radio activity around?

Answer: Be creative, do not bomb but burn it slowly on a day without wind.


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Extra text to 14 Jan

A few minutes ago I did read some relatively stupid Media file that told that during the latest 9/11 remembrance a plastic bag was left at the Washington monument.

This plastic bag could have contained some 'dirty bomb' and this was all under the eyes of some undercover guard that really was sound asleep in an unmarked vehicle usually know as a 'car'. 

The whole concept of just a little plastic bag that could 'possible' contain a dirty bomb did trigger in me feelings of deep deep disgust against the Americans. How stupid can you be? For a good so called 'dirty bomb' you need many many kilo's of radio active stuff that has to be spread around over many square kilometers...

And this all in a plastic bag on nine September 2003 just beside the Washington monument?

Within seconds I came upon a much better idea (but the operatives themselves can be smart to in this and just outbeat me with a much better delivery idea). Anyway, this is what I just thought up in 2 or 3 seconds:   

How (to make and) deliver a good dirty bomb? 

Author: Reinko Venema.
Department: Terror science, techno tips.
Copyright: This may only be used on a clear signal from the author.

Yes, suppose you have a lot of radio active stuff. Just many kilo's of it, how to 'deliver' this message in the heartlands?

At first: There are a lot of atomic elements that are radioactive and a lot of isotopes, so many chemical properties at the scene that give rise in potential for a lot of different 'delivery means'.

Therefore let me keep it simple; You have laid your hands (with gloves on of course) upon some metallic radio active stuff. You turn the metal into dust, the finer the better. The dust is mixed with something that can burn and could go 'up in smoke' without leaving much ashes.

Now you take a look at some container as it could fit on a truck (just a standard container as used for all kinds of transportation). Inside this container you can make a 'hell of an oven' that is fed with the radio active poisoned stuff to burn.

The smoke that leaves the oven is not very healthy of course, climatic circumstances are important and a day without any wind is a perfect day to burn your stuff...

So that is all there is; a standard container on a truck equipped with an oven in it. You could drive the truck around or park it somewhere and let the 'oven from hell' do it's burning. Just be creative and explore the borders of asymmetrical warfare please. 


Technical tip: Have you ever tried burning with pure oxygen? Stuff will burn devastating, take care of your oven in case you turn to pure oxygen. (Mixing pure oxygen with air is also some option when the burning of many hundreds of kilos take a lot of time...) Give it a try, you can vaporize stuff in terrible hard burnings that simply are not possible with common air. So the ideal 'burning recipe' is something like 8 to 16 of those big oxygen bottles, a few hundred kilos of 'radio active stuff to burn' and a day without any wind. 

So nothing of what the name 'dirty bomb' suggests; no explosion. Only very hot smoke on a day without wind.  

Update from 04 Nov 2004: Of course there are more ways to be thought off in spreading in a fine way dust around. Simply radio active water spread by a municipal street cleaning truck is also a way, there are so many ways. Just be creative, but how to get enough radio active stuff? Medical apparatus might be the most handy ways (nuclear reactors are always guarded so much, you need a full blown military operation for a raid on a nuclear facility).

Lets close this with a little joke: Lately some operative was highlighted for the American media again, Josť Padillo or so (I do not remember his name in detail). Well we were told that Josť also had evil dirty bomb plans, he planned upon a stick of dynamite combined with a piece of depleted uranium...  


Title: Just a little greeting card to a day without wind. 

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End of extra text.







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