Mark 77 Fire Sauce.


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This intro is likely riddled with minor faults but it is more or less like next:

After the Vietnam war the United Nations started to push for a ban on napalm fire bombs, the USA said that was ok but we had to have some technical specifications in the ban because otherwise the ban could not be verified.
So the ban was crafted.
And the Americans replaced napalm oil by other fat and gasoline by kerosene and this was at the birth of the Mark 77 fire bomb.

Every body was happy, the UN because they banned evil napalm bombs and the USA because they had an improved version of napalm bombs. Nobody slammed the full fist into the arrogant American head, but that was before they became obese & had all those one yard wide people slowly waggling around...

(Indeed this is riddled with minor faults as this file shows, facts are the US military used fire bombs although even at globalsecurity dot org the names of these dumb bombs are unknown.) 



Needed ingredients:

Take more or less equal amounts of the next:

Peppers (or already meshed peppers, locally known as sambal).
Onions and garlic.
Soya sauce (locally known as ketjap but any soy sauce will do).  

This is how the ingredients look:




Needed tools:

---A blender or a mixer to mesh the onions and garlic (and the peppers) is very handy, if you do not have that just cut all stuff in very small pieces.
---A high pan, if you do not have a high pan use something to prevent the boiling sauce from making a mess of your kitchen.
---When you don't have already meshed peppers, use rubber gloves to cut them because the sharp stuff of the peppers will be on your hands for a long time. 

How to make it?

Very simple:

Cut the onions, garlic (and or peppers) in small enough pieces so the blender can mesh them, use the soy sauce to do the blender work properly as shown in this picture:


 After mixing it looks a bit like this:


Throw all the stuff into the high walled pan:


Let it boil on a small fire for a long time until it is thick enough.
(If you do not have a mixer you must boil for so long that the parts fall apart, add water if needed.)


You can stop when there is still a little bit of liquid because when it cools it will get a bit thicker.

When boiling it is handy to open the windows and the doors so the fumes can leave your house... This stuff is one of the things that tastes better than they smell upon preparing!




That is all there is to making Mark 77 fire sauce, beside it is horribly cheap compared to the ' ready to use'  spices from the food industry you can use it for an extreme wide range of food:

Pasta & rice meals, bread & meat, bread & cheese, soups, other sauces, baked potatoes & so on & so on.

This Mark 77 fire sauce is only one from the large family of sambal sauces from Indonesia (our former colony; that is why it is so popular here in Holland). You can find hundreds, may be even thousands of sambals on the internet.