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Original I planned this war art at some point in 2002, I was thinking of the summer. But since I mentioned it the idea didn't leave my mind and so I just made this one. This is the first war art at the WTC crap. Most stuff on this website is placed just for fun, this one is not placed for fun. Just for thinking, how to beat terrorism? 
And don't come here telling you can beat terror with bombing some nice daisy stuff, that is nonsense. Bombs only trigger more future terrorism, that is about as difficult to understand as 1 + 1 = 2 don't you think?
Or do you really think you can throw enormous amounts of bombs and you can come away with it? And do you think that throwing bombs can be 'justified by the need'?
Yes, do you really think that?
Then you are stupid as hell.


Title to this war art: Osama says 'I did some logical&religious thinking'.
Second title to this: So Reinko says 'It's clear I am not your teacher, no no boy'. 



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Added October 2003:

Now we are two full years further down the timeline of life. And now I understand why Osama called this 'religious thinking', just after two years I can say I have arrived at the same conclusion. But I have found more of those fabulous insights, for example it is just needed that the next big 'niner' will be something like 40 thousand dead civilians.
Please don't forget that I am a democratic loving guy living in Holland and I have just arrived at the same conclusion as Osama did years ago. So how is it possible that some math academic arrives at this conclusion too my dear America?

How is this possible? Don't you think there is some 'little fault' in all your 9/11 stuff? Yes or no, just answer the question please.