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Story 01; Arty comes out of the Void. This is the story that did come back to the writer of it. This was also my first story written into the English writing, after I wrote it I felt ok because I did get rid of some angers from life I had. It was written and published on 10 July 2001.  The second part of that story came into my life again on Monday 03 September and after that I started some kind of little 'hunt' to find out what was happening. 
And until today I am still figuring out what is happening and what was happening, in nr 02 of the timeline there is found some comment on this story, on the first English written story of Reinko. Read timeline nr 02 or read Arty comes out of the Void.   
Story 14; The old Dream format for making war. An old dream came to life on 27 October 2001, after writing I felt curious upon the long time results of it. Now we are two years further down the timeline it can be said that the seeds of the story are starting to grow. That's all, the seeds have started to grow and still did not break through the surface...
Go to the intro of the DreamFormat or go to Part I or Part II of the DreamFormat for making war. 
Story 15; The contest; who is the biggest terrorist? Reinko and Osama go into a contest to find out who is the biggest terrorist, Arty is the unbiased and helpful referee to the contest. 
Exiting! What will happen? Shall both men run into some argument and will Osama succeed into pushing one of his hand grenades trough Reinko's infidel mouth? Or has Reinko the most of luck and does some fine axe work on Osama? Or do they go to some café and have a chat? Just read the story and then you will know.
Story 30; Fragmented as hell, or (second title) Only madness words. Experimenting with nonsense talk, some teacher collected a lot of nice nonsense like: "Noach was married to Joan of Ark". But he said: "You cannot think things like this for yourself".
May be you cannot do that, my dear teacher. But I can, so I did write very beautiful nonsense prose. Read it
Story 32) Free electricity! A few but very good tips on how to save on your electricity bill. How to stop the electricity meter from turning too hard? Reinko has the answer, so take a look into this little&simple story with a lot of explanation pics in it. Read it
Story 34; How to make vegetable soup. This story is very nice reading, it is an experiment if one can add a plain and simple 'anti American' attitude in your life. For example, while you are making some soup. Read it.
The story has no meaning or so, it was just fun to write. With some luck and you feel down right now; after reading you will have a (little) smile on your face.
Story 35; The Song of H. This story is no fun reading if you are some kind of American government figure. See this very vital and strong anti-Americanism in this one. I changed the pic at the bottom a little bit, but fundamental humiliation is found in the part with the 'Opera' browser on it. That pic was placed into the very first part of the long story under the name of 'The Birth of the KinkyWeb' at date 6 (or minus) Sept 2001. Read it.
Story 41; The carnival or The dance of the four Devils. Very interesting story, long time ago created and after waiting for a full year I finally decided to write this one. The story is also a symbolism about how terror organizations grow, often just spontaneous. Read the Devil dance.
Story 46) How to make good Cyber War for all readers? From the skilled professionals to the computer dummies; you can help me. Yes, all can help and why don't you do this good deed every day? Go to the story.  
Story 47; The great terror survey to measure the general view of the public against the War on Terror. Read it. Just meant to be funny and if you think it is not funny you should file a complaint at your nearest embassy of Australia. Thank you for taking the survey.
Story 48; And what about Iraq? Part one. Long time ago (somewhere mid July 2002) I gave 'permission' to the Americans to start a war into Iraq, with 'permission' I meant I would not write against them.
Since I do have some habit of keeping my word I will not write against this war, but before a possible war is there I would like to say some words. I tried to be diplomatic, that was difficult for me but I hope I have done well.
You can go to the story directly or to part D called Instant retaliation.

Story 48; And what about Iraq? Part two. Written on 20 May 2003, this part is not about war but about trying to build some new country again while avoiding the faults of some other countries (as we have for example America, or Iran). Read Part II

Story 49: The cycle of nasty letters. Sorry to foreign readers but these writings, these letters, they are all into the Dutch writing. These are just meant as some good kick into some stupid Dutch governmental ass, and again they are nasty. This is just rude and rough and this is without borders, I just know my so called 'powers' and I use them. I nail some people to hell and there will be no complaints, but the nailing is nasty. Read the nasty index & be my guest. 
Story 50: The War Tribunal project. Yes, I will simply do this. Another story of the 'Birth of Kweb size' at least. To be honest I just hope it will be a few hundred times as 'strong' in the long run. Go to the index of The Proceedings of the War Tribunal, right now only a few files are there, but more will follow...
This will be some 'many years project' may be even 'many decades project'. That's what I hope.
Story 51: Annie walks home through the park.  More on the Annie character, this time she is not dressed in military clothing that looked fine on her. No, now she is a beginning student at some university in some big (American) city. She just comes back from some congress and she thinks about the great wisdom of Paul Hollowwitz and other things. Her nipples hurt a bit from the new bra but this cannot spoil the fun. Here is part one
Story 52: The sniper project.  A rather simple project, the word sniper says it all. It is my intention to make the War on Drugs some kernel to this project, but other people could be invited too. 
I will select names and faces from the American and UN public who, in my vision, tell crap on the so called War on Drugs, or who otherwise do arouse my anger. So to snipers who like to participate into this project, be my guest. Go to the sniper project.
Story 53: The shortest story.  A short story, very short. These story of just a few words is meant for all those so called 'hard-liners' in Israel and the US of A. According to my humble opinion these are rather often not hardliners but nothing more than crybabies. Am I wrong? Why don't you read the story?   
Story 54: Reposting three old Math Works. Just some old Math Works, it is sure a pity I don't do a lot of math anymore these days. It still is the (only) science of creation by only pure thought, that is why I like math. But no advertising for academic studies like math, you can read Work01 Part01, Work01 Part02 & Work02.  
Story 55: FBI most wanted list. Yes, FBI's most wanted list. The top three so to say, do not worry it is only some caricature. There are three parts to this little story and you can choose from them at the intro to this story. 
Story 56: The Blue Footed Crane Trophy. Who did win the Blue Footed Crane Trophy this time? (That means who did kill the most soldiers opposing the true art of making war?) The first contest for this Trophy was against so called (Western) coalition forces at Military Bloody Day number five (22 November 2003, result: the first 'fixed wing plane' shot from the skies). 
This is a complicated story, take your time in case you want to read it
Story 57: The Terror Quiz. Four candidates have to answer questions for a television quiz, (to be finished later)
Story 58: Evil Bert visits the White House




Longtime projects and stories; stories and projects unfolding over years of time are always my favorite! Let me name a few that are traced on this little website: 


The birth of the KinkyWeb; With the wisdom of hindsight one can say that part one of this story was the rhythm and rhyme of the final stage of the nine eleven stuff. I was not fast enough, I did not understand what was going on and I am sorry for this. I am, I was just not fast enough and on the other hand, how could I know? 

Enough 'sorry saying', it still is a simple fact of life the Americans simply deserved this otherwise this would not have happened... Go to the index if you like.  

Index Kweb project
The DreamWeb project; The oldest 'long during story', it is in Dutch (because I started this before I began writing into the English writing). This story is about a skeelering project of mine, skeelering is roller blading in case you did not know.
I want to encircle this city with skeelers via the so called 'ring way' around this city. Go to the dream pages if you want to.    


DreamWeb project

The Timeline project. Go the the index of the Timeline project, a relatively small project but dedicated completely to facts that do not fit the normal version of the so called War on Terror. You can still call it a 'I want to know' kind of project and because there might be some very small possibility that authorities do not want this known to the public there must be a lot of  pressure on the diverse authorities.
For example, I have to ridiculize the local secret service under the name of AIVD by telling them 'It was only logical to expect more terror around 10 October 2002, why did you not react at all?'



Timeline project

The War Tribunal; The latest project, just started on 04 May 2003 and for a lot of reasons I hope this will be my 'most important' project. As a person I just hope that this project will accumulate many hundreds times the amount of 'workout' compared to the nice little project called the NightmareOnWallStreet. Yes, I am the Alpha and the Beta and everything in between, now I am starting the War Tribunal or may be I will change the name to the War Foundation. 

Right now there are no files posted within this project, only the birth cries are heard softly, so softly they are. Read the birth at 04 May 2003





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