The dance of the Four Devils.

Second title: The story of the carnival and the seven headed monster.

Posted 01 July 2002.

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Introduction to this story: It is carnival in the City, preparations were made during many months. The whole city is dancing and the beat of the music fills the streets and there are fires of worship all around.
This day the carnival is at its top, at 10 'o clock the dancing started and now it is almost noon.

Characters to the story (or play):

  • Reinko, he is dressed as a White Devil in this story. It took him long time to make the costume and it fits good and he can dance good in the Devilish costume.

  • Three more Devils are there, a Black Devil, a Yellow Devil and a Red Devil. The Devils are all working alone, they never met before but now it seems they are all dressed very much alike. Very much alike they look and they dance.

  • The big fire is there, it is in the center of the city where the beat of the music is felt in all your bones and where the music sounds very loud.

  • The Seven Headed Monster, this is a big fat monster with seven heads attached to it. And the heads are like seven snakes, the monster can pull them in and the monster can stick the snake necks far out.

  • The music is there, the drumbeat to the music is harsh and overwhelming. The rhythm rules the streets for many hours and all who can dance, they dance with all they have got. 


The longest day is there, Reinko woke up early this morning and because it would be a long day he started eating a lot. So his body could take all energy from it and he could dance until night. A lot of pasta was eaten by him and he also had some good vegetable soup to flush it down. Now he relaxes a bit and tries to do a little nap until dancing time is around.

At ten 'o clock in the morning the music starts and the drumbeat reaches his house and Reinko awakens and he is feeling restless. The rhythm rules his brains instantly and in a trance he starts dancing, he grabs his sword and he grabs one of his axes and he carries the sword on his left and the axe on his right. He goes out to the street and he leaves the front door open so all who need it can make use of the house.

In the street a lot of people are dancing already and all move slowly to the center of the city where the big fires are. The White Devil just dances along with the people and the dancing feels good. And although the dancing feels good and the music beats fine, the White Devil is not relaxed and he pays much attention to possible dangers. But Reinko, it is a carnival and what dangers could there be you stupid boy. It's party time, party time so stop worrying please!

Just dancing, just dancing and about 11.30 hours he enters the inner parts of the city, the music is much louder around here and smoke is in the air from the big fires. He dances along and he makes fun with some girls and even some sexy dances were danced with them. Nice, but Reinko feels he has got to go and he tries to get to the big fire and when is succeeds in getting there through the big wall of dancing people it is exactly a quarter to noon. At the other side of the fire he sees something...

And when he looks better Reinko is surprised as hell, he sees a Black Devil! What a giant, over two meters long and almost one meter wide. He even stops dancing for a few seconds so surprised he is, the Black Devil is dressed exactly as himself; The same kind of trousers, the same face mask, the same kind of shoes, all is alike but it is in black and it is much bigger. The Black Devil has a sword to, and he has an axe with him. A big black axe.
The Black Devil is surprised too, but he recognizes Reinko under the White Devil dress and he comes up to Reinko and he says; 'Unbelievable man! This is not normal, you are the third I see, the Yellow and the Red Devil are here too!'

And Reinko is surprised again, how is this possible and he recognizes the Black Devil too; It is an old pal from the military service and in the past they did fight together in the battle of Delight against the Slimy Worms. The Yellow and Red Devil come dancing in and dance towards the big fire and it is five minutes to noon right now.

The four Devils look with amazement to each other, and they start having fun because they are all so much alike. What a strange coincidence, and it is one minute before noon. All four devils take their place around the big fire, Reinko is on the North side, the Black Devil is on the South, the Red Devil at the East and the Yellow one is at the West side of the Big Fire.

Now it is noon and the sound of the big clock goes even above the loud music with the ruling dance beat in it, and the fire starts burning harder and harder and big clouds of smoke come from it. And suddenly with a loud thunder a big Monster arises from the fire, lightning comes from the skies and the thundering is devastating. Most people who see the Monster start screaming and they are struck by panic and start to flee from the fire and the Monster.
The monster steps out of the fire and from his giant neck seven big snakes come out and at the end of each snake body a head is seen.

The four Devils all grab their sword in the right hand and the axe in the left hand. And they know what to do, they have danced this dance before long time ago in the battle of Delight against the Slimy Worms. On the beat of the music they start attacking the seven snakes and they all make the same moves at the same time and the snake starts leaking and squirting green and slimy blood. And the screaming from the seven faces in despair is horrible and the four dancers from the hellbound playground keep on attacking with all they got, heavy axe cutting and sword sticking and they go on an on until the screams stop.

The beast falls down and the thundering from the skies stop instantly, and the dance music stops too. A big wind starts howling through the streets and the fire starts burning faster and faster. And Reinko pulls a big burning beam from the fire and sticks it into the dead corpse of the Monster and the other Devils to the same and in no time the ugly Monster is burning and it starts to scream again. This time the screams are so loud, even windows burst and the four Devils all try to cover their ears from the terrible screams.
The Devils have to flee the scene too and run for cover. The screams are devastating and all glass is exploding from the high buildings and it rains down in a terrible hail storm. After ten deep breathes of time the screaming starts to vanish and twenty heartbeats later it is gone. Now silence sets in and the four Devils take their hands from their ears and look to each other.

Silence, only silence is heard. But all ears are sizzling, and the Black Devil says to the White Devil; 'Shit man, shit! Remember that silence Reinko! Oh shit man, please no, please not in this city!!'
Reinko is scared too, the silence from the past was burned into his brain. It happened before in the battle against the Slimy Worms, and after the silence the mind burning music came. And all the Worms were killed but half of the soldiers on our side too. They dropped dead as soon as they heard the music.
And now, Reinko was listening carefully and all the other Devils listened too. Was this the starting of the music or was it the sizzling in their ears? My heart pondered and I was whispering strange words; 'Please my God, not in this city. Please not here!'

Time went by, heartbeat after heartbeat and second after second. But it stayed silent, the howling wind was gone and there was silence, only silence.





End of story.



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