This is for you my dear Israel, this is for you.


Posted 01 July 2003.

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Introduction to this story: For sure the most short story ever written by me. I will not explain what I mean with this, just read these few words as found below. And after that you could do some thinking, you could. This is just a cache of 30 June 2003 of the big story, I would like to repost this as a separate story.





30 June 2003: For me this was a day of silence, and just thinking. Some worries were in my mind, and the worries they did not fade away. They kept on lingering through my attention. And the worries they climbed together, they kept on climbing together. And after they climbed together and all dust was fallen, I saw a demon. 

The demon it was big, it was big and I felt small. The demon it was not mad or so, it was not angry. It just looked sad. So sad. 

And the demon noticed my presence and the demon turned and looked at me. 'Who are you?' I asked, but the demon stayed silent. I grabbed my strength together, took a deep breath and I shouted 'WHO ARE YOU!'

Now the demon answered me and with a soft and deep voice it whispered 'I am the One Million Demon, 
I am.'
And the demon, it's voice it sounded so sad, just So Sad.

And the above words, they are for you my dear Israel. They are for you.





End of story.


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Title: My dear local courthouse employees, this is for you, just for you.