Timeline dedicated to the so called 'Trigger hypothesis'.

(From spring 2001 until summer 2003.)

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In general, the timeline is build up from simple facts. Just simple facts like 'At that point in time I did this' or 'At that point in time this happened to me'. All points are clickable and you get a page with a bit more info.

Beside this there are themes that might have a sharp placed point in time, for example the birth of the NightmareOnWallStreet on 19 October 2001 but those themes work for a long time. And so the theme is found at more points along the timeline.

Also, these writings into the timeline are always incomplete; an important theme to me is the concept of 'Fear Management'. Although the management of fear is extremely important in avoiding juridical trouble or stupid journalist stuff, it generates distance to secret services as well. To me this is very problematic, how to get the info 'in' (or made public) and the journalists 'out' at the same time? 

So when some stuff is a 'theme' I will make more links to and from the timeline, but not all themes will be covered because of the limited detail within the timeline. Simply said; only big stuff is placed upon the timeline.


Event or theme: Date:
00 The trigger hypothesis (comments)
01 The provocation (comments)
02 The story about Arty (comments)
03 The photos, the little shooting and the shouting
04 The 11th Sept&the Twin towers gone
05 Anthrax, the start and the stopping
05a Infinite Justice turns in Enduring Freedom
06 To Germany, the tracing and following
07 The adventures of the NightmareOnWallStreet
08 The fourth plane on New York  
09 The big increasment to 25 million dollar 
10 The broken car window & the atomic Song of A 
00 = After 11 Sept 2001 
01 = Spring 2001
02 = 10 July 2001
03 = May - August 2001
04 = 11 Sept 2001
05 = 20 Sept-02 Nov 2001
05a= about 22 September 2001
06 = 15 Oct 2001
07 = 19 Oct 2001
08 = 14 Nov 2001
09 = Some Nov 2001 Sunday 
10 = 14-17 November 2001
11 A hoax creation suggestion  
12 Hamas dances too (on the dangerous music) 
13 The video with 'the proof' 
14 The 'terror free' story from 7 Jan 2002  
15 The silent months  
16 Reopening of the big story 
17 Bestseller with 'remote control' theory 
18 The milestone; Part X of the long Kweb story
19 The first 'retaliation' story 
20 Telephone fun and telephone troubles observed 
11 = Somewhere in Nov 2001
12 = 02 to 10 December 2001
13 = Mid December 2001
14 = 07 Jan 2002
15 = Mid Dec till 19 April 2002
16 = 19 April 2002
17 = 20 May 2002 
18 = 01 June 2002 
19 = 13 June 2002 
20 = 18-20 June 2002
21 Were the 9/11 hijackers swayed or not?
22 The 'red font' writing on Jesse Helms
23 The cyber war for all 
24 The Moral Equation 
25 Glass works
25a A (latest) letter to the local courthouse  
26 Smallpox vaccination
27 Audio tape from Islamabad  
27aMedia info around the Mombasa stuff  
28 The content of the audio tape from Islamabad 
29 The Norwalk virus on cruise ships   
30 The shoe bomb alert from around Christmas  
21 = 19 June 2002
22 = 06 July 2002 
23 = 06 July 2002
24 = 28 June - 8 or 9 Oct 2002
25 = 02 Sept - 12 Nov 2002
25a= 26 Sept 2002
26 = around 20 Nov 2002
27 = 14 Nov 2002 
27a= 29 Nov 2002
28 = 14 Nov 2002 
29 = 06 and 08 Dec 2002
30 = End of Dec 2002  
31 Statistics arising from the audio tape  
32 The reopening of this website 
33 The waiting is over  
34 In the belly of the Eagle 
35 Ahold&WorldCom fun 
36 Reinko&kinky gives Kinko or Reinky? 
37 System transformation; stopping of bombing 
38 The hate came back, the rest just followed... 
31 = End of Dec 2002 
32 = Half Jan 2003
33 = End Jan/Begin Feb 2003 
34 = Begin Feb 2003 
35 = End Feb 2003
36 = 11 April 2003 found 
37 = 8 (and 9) April 2003 
38 = 24 April - 18 May 2003
01 Religion; Part I, Part II (=uc)  
02 Fear / emotional management 
01 = 06 Sept 2001
02 = All dates 




The reasons for this timeline are rather simple but manyfold;


1) It makes things more easy to understand. Although all my sayings could be found back into my original writings it was hard to find if you did not follow the building up of my website from the beginning. 

2) Every time I try to speak to (local) authorities about my ideas about the execution of the 11 Sept attacks there always is this dislike of 'A sex website?'. And often eyebrows are raised and they look at me as if I was the luny and not the Dutch governement. So now I decided to let all sex pics out for the time being.

3) Every time I try to speak to (local) authorities about my ideas about the execution of the 11 Sept attacks there is often this 'Do you use drugs?' amazement after reading some of my privious stories. And often these locals say things like 'But then you cannot be credible and you have lack of reliability.'. And because I know that the general normal distribution of intelligence is relatively unchanged by the academic study followed by lawyers and prosecutors (remark me being diplomatic telling they are utterly stupid...) I decided to gain a lot of credibility by immediatly stopping to smoke all that evil drugs.

4) Someone told me lately 'If you keep representing this constantly as "Oops another 12 people gone, oopsie toopsie tralala" well, then we will not take you serious'. So I just adopt to that and instead of 'Oops' and so on I will just share the facts with you. So for example we have the German city of Erfurt and it was during a MATH examination day that 17 people were shot there. And yes, it was on a Friday when there was a MATH exam so it was clear the shooter did wait until it was a Friday and there was a MATH exam. And just some days before that in Milan a plane was flown into a building after I just reopened some story that very morning. There is nothing to 'oops' about the fact the plane flew into the 26-th floor as far as I know. But you constantly choose to be silent, I do not understand why because we are now into the situation that even in Europe bombs are expected. And because I am a little fed up with your kind of behavior I just do not know why I should try to stop that kind of stuff. And again, I think there is nothing to 'Oops' about Bali stuff in Europe, but if you want it you will have it. Simple and efficient, and that is what I like.
Simple and efficient solutions to a simple problem of me;

'What is my precise role into the 11 Sept 2001 attacks?'

And if you keep on staying silent you must enjoy the bombs in the meantime, because that is what you are asking for. Or not?  

5) Etc etc, I have seen beautiful arrays of strange arguments why it would be impossible that I would have had any influence at all in the execution of 11 Sept. There was even a person who thought that me having 'The vision' (in Dutch; helderziend zijn) or 'Seeing the future' were a lot more making sense compared to the 'Copying of stories' hypothesis I have.
Please, come on! I am a scientist and although it might not appear to you, most of my writings are completely and logical to explain via scientific ways of reasoning. The strategy is very simple, I have to gain a lot of what I call 'power' and when I have collected enough of that there could be a possibility that the Americans finally give me the info I want to hear from them.
This timeline is just a little part of that.



Title: Milk and honey pot forces are heading towards earth.  

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Now you find yourself at the end of the intro to the timeline to the so called 'trigger hypothesis'. Nothing after this, nothing after this & again nothing after this. So take a look at the wall below...


And finally yes finally the very first strange attractor did surface. But the strange attractor was afraid to come out! This all was so sad but the killing machine just had to be fed with bodies so while the automatic killing device still does not haunt at your 


door you better make the best of it. And now the strange wall does show a bit off into these strange planes, are the walls for real and what kind of bombs will fall from this? And why are there always little faults in the designs of  planes? Only questions and no..