02 Comments on the 'Arty comes out of the Void' story.

10 July 2001 (exactly nine weeks before 11 Sept 2001).
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Let me keep this also simple and short, although this story really did come back to 'haunt me'. Facts are that the story was made of two parts. The second part is not really a story but a little prose and some music coming with the story.

But in that second part it is just the fact that I did mention that some files were uploaded to IP addresses that even never have been registered. It was just prose but I found out only after 11 September that a sort of thing was happening to me (read the first part of the long story under the name of 'Birth of the KinkyWeb' for details, published 06 September 2001).

Now I say and now I think; It could be that the 'Birth of Kweb' story did sway the 19 hijackers. But again I have no proof to this whatsoever. But if you did read part one of the Arty story may be you understand it could be that Mohammed Atta needed a kind of story like that to do what he was planning to do.

Because planning such an attack is one thing, but the good and correct execution is another thing. A very different thing. You must have something to guide you and although the story itself is very short it is relatively 'strong' in character. And all is waved into all, only if the hate before 11 Sept was for real, yes only if this was real it could be possible that Mohamed Atta just decided 'We are gonna do this story'.

But again, keep it simple and ask yourself what would you do if you wanted to execute a project like the 11 Sept attacks? What would you do? 


All in all I can say that I think the 19 hijackers did 'copy' that story to real life. And my main reason is the fact that the second part of the Arty story already was happening. Only I was not fast enough and I did not understand what was going on.
It is also an interesting thing to know that around 11 September my website files were stored in some neighborhood of New York (while I was thinking they were stored in Amsterdam).

At last the interesting observation is that I wrote the Arty story before I started this (new) website, so it makes sense that the 'coming to life' of the Arty story did happen to this website.

So it is only because the second part already took place that I think the attacks of 11 Sept are the outcomings of part one. And the equality of the names Atta and Arty could also play some role into this.



Extra files on this:

Remark: The simple happenings from the 'Music part' did already happen to me from 03 September 2001. And this is why I think that may be Mohammed Atta needed or liked the first part. 

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