Arty gets out of

The Void.


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Original version of this story (external link)  

Posted on the internet 10 July 2001, posted on the Kweb 16 sep 2001.
Second repost in the timeline on 11 February 2003.

We all did not know how the hell Arty got into that void. We really didn't do.  Arty told us of strange and magnificent music, that got him into that void anyway. And he said: "It was like nothing before, I knew I had to go and, on the same hand, I was not sure about coming back to you".

All of us was shocked, where the hell had he been? What was that music, it was strange, yes it was. Many animals were missing also, and some of them were found back on strange places and did look happy. 

And what about that strange story of the big brown deaf man? He is (was) an elderly in his late fifties. Nobody would think that he would kill over ten people with just a silly small potato knife. The anger of the deaf was enormous, he was eventually shot at his arrest. Later in hospital he died after a he made some statements.
For over twenty years this deaf big brown man was the most relaxed guy in this village, at least we thought so.
He declared hearing that big 'nothing' and had the strong drive to 'go somewhere'. But he did not understand where to go. He wanted to go into some 'void'. After that he did not remember anything, apart from the shot in his leg he lost all and every memory of it. 

Then there is that very awkward thing with the mayor, when I saw him he was definitely 2 inches smaller and he talks that strange. After each question he waited 1 or 2 seconds too long before starting to answer me. I knew the mayor for more then five years and I was sure that someone else was talking to me.
And my girlfriend Annie asks me "Why don't we drive away as far as we can? I do not want to hear that dangerous music".

"But what about me?" I asked her because I felt that she would be making here own conclusions and then expect me to go along. "I might be safer here and I am not so sure if I do not want to go into that void. All animals that came out looked all right. And Arty is just like he was.  To me he looks a lot younger and more healthy than before."
Her face flushed with anger, she gave me a flat slap in the face; "Arty is nothing like he was before! He is just not! I saw him the other day at the store and he grabbed my pussy three times, normally he would not dare to! Every split second other people would not see, he just felt between my legs. I am not feeling save around here anymore. Please let's go into the desert Reinko, I think we might be safer there. If you do not come with me I just go on my own."

At that moment I saw that music in her eyes. Don't ask me how but I knew she had nothing good in store for me. And that music, if it would come from her was no good for me. After a good look in her eyes I knew I had to run. But how to escape from this fate? A tempting thought did struck my mind "Kill her with that axe, kill her with that axe, kill her Reinko". What a sweet and tempting idea, but I decided not to, how could I. After all we both lost two brothers in our family wars. 
Time was running out. In a few minutes she would start singing the first part of the mind burning music. Later the full music of virtual instruments would hard hit in on myself. I looked at my computer, it went on by itself. The opening screen and startup process was done within one second! Yes time was running out, I grabbed my axe from its place and hit the loudspeaker part of my PC hard. Hard ramming, and again, also I cut the cables to an from the computer but the thing did not went off.
I felt Annie approaching me from behind. What a bitch, I swung my axe; sharp steel entered her skull. Quick I and run out of the house to the garage. Grabbing my megawatt beamer from the garage I ran to the house again. Still I had the feeling that the music was not terminated and in a few seconds the Void music would bomb in. And there wouldn't be anything nice for me in store this time.
I had to freeze the music with the right stuff. It had to be the beamer solution.

I decided to flash it all down with my high frequency beamer, I did pull out the first flash of the mean apparatus. Reloaded the hf beamer and again let the megawatt flash burst. My house was a total ruin by now. The last blast hit Annie her legs, both were vaporized. She made some moves with her arms and that was it. She still had the axe in her skull.

Strangely nothing in the house was on fire, that was not normal; so many megawatts bursted into it. I got a very creepy feeling about this. Did I hear some music or was it the sizzling in my ears?

Reconfiguring the beamer to a low frequency and a smaller amount of power made it less dangerous to handle. I gave all electronics in the house several blasts. Total ruination of my apartment, Annie a dead corpse, but it had to be this way I guessed.

After about one hour I put the apparatus at mixture: Low freq together with 'no flash'.    So it was kind a homeopathic; the flash was infinitely mixed. I felt really good and kept beaming all electronic stuff at the apartment. 
Then a police car stopped at my house, several more arrived at the scene. Why did they come to me? Why? I had really no clue whatsoever. 
An officer walked to my house, holding his gun with both hands. Why was he aiming at me? Then there was this loud bang, I grabbed my high frequency beamer and heard a few more bangs. What was that strange hitting me? I looked down at my body, it was one big red mess. I fell to the floor.  "Hold fire, hold fire" I heard. Then I closed my eyes and I began hearing some very strange and very beautiful music. 
Never ever, no never heard something as beautiful as this music. Music for the angels it was, or music for the Gods, but not for me. O, how beautiful. I started crying and crying and crying. 



Remark (11 Feb 2003) in the original there are also a lot of  pics included that very vaguely look like 'flying something'. This also is rather important if you would ask me....  here is an external link to the original version

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Let's go to Sesame her place,
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