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The quote on Jesse Helms.


Date; 06 July 2002.

What about Jesse Helms? 

Timeline date=06 July 2002.


From time to time I conducted some 'social experiments' on my website, the motivation for this is simple; If the so called 'trigger hypothesis' is true than you do not run into trouble when you go a bit over the line.

Simply because higher powers want it to be unrevealed, why I do not know but they want it for some reason. Therefore I often did look for reasons to go a bit 'too far' and when you read the words below you can say that I am way out of line with this kind of writing. It is plain illegal to ask for the death of somebody in the way I did with Jesse Helms.

Only right after publication I did find out he had just had open heart surgery as well, I did not know this and I felt a bit sorry for the guy but it was written and published anyway so I just left it that way.

Just read the quotes, how can it be that you simply do not get any reaction on this kind of writing whatsoever? All you have to do is send an email and then I will consider removing it, simple or not? Now we quote, at first in a green font but the 'illegal writing' is found in the red font:



American followers and believers, and the followers and believers who live not in America; you know I am the man who took the American Congress. And now I would like to ask you to 'cut&paste' the red words from below into an email. And you send the email to the Senate, preferably to Mr. J. Helms. I hope this emaillink to Mr. J. Helms works.
I would like the Senate to have a few hundred emails with this content. If you read my words not on this date (6 July) but later, send the email anyway. Send it all summer long until they are forced to react upon my writings.
Together we can kill the beast called Modern Warfare, please dream along with me and send the email. I Love you and I Bless you with all my heart and all my mind.

And how about some Dutch people who send the red words to my hero Jesse? Please hundreds of these to the American Senate, you won't get any complaints from them. I have so much experience with that. Tell in the email you love my website and that this nice website is a 'must read' for our hero Helms. Please help me, please...


Jesse Helms I would like you to read this:
Because you contributed to the Act called 'Invasion of The Hague Act' I would like to tell you that you are dead meat. By doing this you are dead meat man. And after you are killed people will pee on you and shit on you and that is what you deserve. 
And I dare you; while do you not file some complaint against me? As far as I know it is illegal to ask for the death of a person, and I would like to see you dead. That is for sure.
If you are against gun control I would like to see you snipered away within a 1000 days, and if you are in favor of gun control I would like you to die from poison in your food, also within a 1000 days. This is an order for the American parts of my Dual.
Or, Jesse, just between you and me, are you a coward too? Are you fake or are you for real? Do you have balls or do you have only slimy and smelly rotten stuff into your ballsack? I think you don't have balls and I think you don't have guts. Come on man, I dare you; you coward.
Hey you Jesse coward, remember the Twin Towers; your coward government did not file any complaint on that into my direction and I think you will not do this too. I dare you man, I dare you. You are so fake, so coward, so stupid, so smelly, so fat, so standing outside reality....

Greetings from Reinko Venema, Holland.


Brrr, yes read it again. Not a single complaint was received and if you ask me this is not normal. Sometimes I still wonder if he has any extra bodyguards or not for these long lasting period of a 1000 days. How come that I do not get any resistance with my writing because it is clear that those writings bring a lot of harm to the USA in the long run.
Just look at the creation of the 'Nightmare on WallStreet' for example, that must cost an awful lot of money and the Nightmare is doing its work now for a period of 15 months.

Why the constant 'head in the sand' attitude my dear Americans? Why? Do you really think not reacting makes these words go away? Or are you practicing your religious beliefs by exactly doing what is found in the last book of the Bible namely 'A great nation will stay silent' (or will not answer, I do not have the exact phrase around here)?
It just looks like the Americans are doing this, that is totally luny and weird. You must not make (international) politics based only on the Bible my dear readers. That is dangerous.




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