The sniper project.

Remark: This is for real, this is some contest for all those who want to involve in this project.

Project started at 24 June 2002.

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Introduction to this project: When I thought of this project at first I was just planning to devote this sniper project purely to the so called War on Drugs. There were a lot of reasons for only narrowing this to the war on drugs because to my rather humble opinion the so called War on Terror is only the extension of this war on drugs. And of course the White House is scared to the bone that this kind of wisdom will emerge. 

With extension I mean that without the war on drugs there would very probably never have been a war on terror, when you think a bit around this you understand the dimensions of the scare of the White House in case this ever surfaces in public. This scare is good in the sense 'I like it', and lately it was even observed that the dearest of White Houses even did forbid racial profiling in drugs cases. This is some good step forward, but the fact that into a lot of US states you can get more prison years for smoking pot compared to murder makes it clear the way ahead is long.

Later it came to my attention that only 'war on drugs' might be to narrow, so although I am planning to make the kernel still around the war on drugs it is rather likely other people will 'enter' this contest too.

For each person on this sniper list I will explain why this person has to be on this list, also I will give 'points' to this person. Snipers out there could collect these points by snipering out the person involved. It is important that no innocent people are hurt so only snipers who are very good and very dedicated are invited into this project.

Let me give you some example, long time ago I asked for the snipering of Jesse Helms and I did set a timetable of a thousand days. Therefore Jesse is worth of 10 points. When a person gets a timetable of 1500 days this equals to 15 points. Simple and efficient, please don't forget that I never ran into any trouble whatsoever upon making the sniper case against the (former) senator Jesse Helms. Also bring in mind that when I spoke of Jesse into the so called timeline it only was observed that American senators and there families were warned against sniper attacks....

You see the sheer power of this, when I just remention Jesse all kinds of senators are warned against sniper attacks but I do not have any problem whatsoever.... Do you understand that? I do, I know how the White House 'loves' me and why they give me the 'freedom of enterprise' in this particular case. 

End of intro.



Nr 001: Jesse Helms of course, 1000 days with starting date 6 July 2002. So Jesse is worth of 10 points, there are 2 bonus points added in case you can take him out via his right eye (the bulls eye so to say). Jesse has the American nationality, you have to find his address for yourself.

Reason: Jesse is the typical conservative mindset that all in all does more bad than good to the people on this planet. A typical saying of Jesse is 'I cannot stand people standing up against this beautiful nation, and I have to act.' Also Jesse did contribute to the law (the act) that would allow the American military to invade this country in case American military people have to appear in front of the international court against war crimes.
The fact that this can only happen in case these war crimes are not tried into the country where those military people come from is not important to Jesse. So when there are some 'court faults' into some USA court than it is not possible to 'correct' this into The Hague because we could get some visit from the American army. 

This cannot be and therefore Jesse is proudly found on number 001 of the sniper list. 


Nr 002: The head of the Dutch secret service, his name is Sjoerd van Hulst. Sjoerd has entry date of this project at 24 June 2003. He is rewarded with 1250 days, so this equals to 12.50 points.

Favorite bulls eye spot is his throat, this gives 2 bonus points in case the bullet goes through there.

Reason: This guy has some lousy job performance, the sooner he is out the better it will be in the long run for the Dutch population. He has some stupid fixation on Muslims and carefully avoids everything else. Typical saying of Sjoerd 'We just wonder why there is some feeding ground for extreme Muslims in this country.'. 
This saying makes abundantly clear this guy just knows nothing from preventing impending attacks against this country, he is a clear representative of the bunch of people that did stuff like Sebrenica without blinkering their eyes just one moment. And only play the game of 'externalization' (meaning 'It is not our fault!').
A second reason is found in some letter I received from the Dutch secret service, I will not quote from it but the content makes clear that they carefully avoid any kind of serious question around the roots leading towards the so called 'nine eleven fun'. To me as a person this is good news because this implies no trouble on behalf of the Dutch government, but for me as some citizen this is not acceptable and again we see this guy has lousy job performance. 


Nr 003: Into the WarOnDrugs I can proudly place three locals 'in one bunch' at number three. It is the local police chief and two local prosecutors that have the honor this time. The police chief is some good target for 3000 days, the prosecutors get a 2000 and a 1000 days reward. So the chief gets 30 points of 'wiping out value' and the prosecutors 20 and 10 respectively:
  • 30 points for Mr. BJAM Welten, the head of the (local) Groninger police forces. In a short time he will lead the Amsterdam police forces so I have good hopes on this particular target.
  • 20 points for the local prosecutor Mr. Gert Sour, I just know little of him in person and do not know how he looks. But he was just to arrogant in his reaction upon 'some possible roots to 9/11' so mercy has run out, he will not make it till pension time...
  • 10 points for the local prosecutor Mr. van Sloten, I have informed 'this guy' over a year ago who was some 'central figure' in the WarOnTerror. He didn't do anything, only feeding the above mentioned prosecutor with negative emotion. Sorry van Sloten, I have to blast a bit back and you are rewarded with 10 points for a 1000 days.

Entry date is 13 December 2003 for this triple (WarOnDrugs motivation not highlighted here), all men have different sniper periods (3, 2 and one thousand days respectivaly) and I wish these three men good luck. 

No bonus points given beside speed, the first attack (in time) gets 15, the second 10 and the last attack gets 5 extra points in this local contest. At last I just hope that (local) snipers can evolve into perfect cell structures similar as found elsewhere around this little planet.     


Nr 004: With pride in my heart I can announce that Mr. Donald H. Rumsfeld, also known these days as the US Secretary of defense, is placed at number 004 on this WarOnDrugs sniper list.

Starting date is 11 August 2004. On 11 August it came to my attention that Mr. Donald H. Rumsfeld did willfully give the starting signal of making war against opium traders and puppy growers into the Afghan landscape. Although the average income of the average Afghani is only something like 200 US$ a year, Donald is willing to wipe away 50% of that income.
Right now (11 August 2004) it is still unforeseen if the Americans will use bio-chemical warfare into the Afghan landscape. 
This behavior can only be rewarded with a placement on this sniper list; given the fact that a US secretary of defense is a so called 'high value target' I have found wisdom in rewarding the snipering of Donald with a full 300 points.

There is no time limit, until his last day on earth this '300 points' reward will stay at the scene. To those who would like to participate in this particular shooting I can only say: 'Keep on trying, the guy can't hide forever, he just can't.' Good luck on this one.   


Nr 005: It is now 01 October 2006 and for a long time there have been no calls to wipe out the Afghan opium production via bio-chemical warfare using spraying air planes (crop dusters). But suddenly talk like that is at the scene again so I have to fulfill my duties as a writer.

Number five on the sniper list is retired US General Barry McCaffrey, he gets rewarded a full 30 points. Retired U.S. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the "drug czar" under former President Bill Clinton's administration, said crop dusters may be the only way to preserve Washington's project in Afghanistan, before drug profits undermine the country's elected government. So his sniper timeframe is 3000 days with this day 01 October counting as number one of those 3000 days. Here is a quote from Barry, this quote gives him the right and the honor to be on the sniper list:  

Retired U.S. Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the "drug czar" under former President Bill Clinton's administration, said crop dusters may be the only way to preserve Washington's project in Afghanistan, before drug profits undermine the country's elected government.

"We know exactly where these fields are. They're absolutely vulnerable to eradication. And it is immeasurably more effective to do it with an airplane," McCaffrey said by telephone from the United States. "I've been telling the Pentagon, if you don't take on drug production you're going to get run out of Afghanistan." 

Now I have to remark that I am amazed that we have to have this discussion again (like we had in 2004...). But I will never allow Afghan children to eat poisoned food, I will never allow water resources to get poisoned with pesticides. No way Barry, no way... And why don't the Americans not start spraying the American agricultural fields in order to wipe out marihuana plants? If the method is that perfect than why not do it in the USA? (By the way, here is the source the quotes are from.) 


Nr 006:  

















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