Saving on your electricity bill can be fun!

Posted 28 April 2002

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Introduction to this story: Good ways to get free electricity without leaving traces.

Legal remarks; May be it is illegal to steal big amounts of electricity, I don't know. So if stealing is illegal around where you live, don't do this in practice! (Smiley smiley??)


The way to get free electricity with the older types of electricity meters is rather simple; all you need is a big big magnet. You could even use a electrical magnet!
So when you do it right you can get free electricity while using free electricity, that is some big fun don't you think? 

Lets take a few looks at some electricity meters first:

A very common electricity meter as found into the Dutch landscape, the lead seals aren't broken yet. When you use electricity the metal disk in the apparatus starts turning:


This turning can easily be stopped if you have some big big magnet (or an electrical magnet). We take a look at the inside of the apparatus:

The arrow points to an important piece of the electricity meter; the fine tuning magnet.

May be, if you did take some interest into your physics classes, that when you apply a constant magnetical field to a turning metal disk, the disk is slowed down. And that is all there is:

Just apply a strong magnetical field vertically through the electricity meter and you will observe it turns slowly (or not at all if you don't use too much electricity).

In the pic above you have a better view of the magnet at the left side of the apparatus.

Below you can see how to place a big magnet on the electricity meter (make sure you get the right kind of magnet!!!):

At last a pic of a WRONG kind of magnet (this one is from a loudspeaker, they are not right for our purposes):

Well, that was it. I hope you can use it for your benefit and I do hope you can grow an enormous amount of good Dutch Mariahuana with this.

Now you are at the end of Reinko's commitment to the 'War on Drugs'. I hope you liked it.
End of story

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Remark (from 02 April 2003): About one week after I published this story on free electricity I did bring some little visit at a local coffeeshop. You know those famous Dutch coffeeshops where you could drink a cup of coffee... Anyway, why do I mention this? I mention this because at the coffeeshop the door was suddenly locked, and on a piece of paper was written 'Push the button and the door can be opened'.

So I did and when I went inside I saw that there was one of those 'fire door' electrical magnets placed, normally they keep doors open and when there is some fire alarm all doors can be closed with just one push on some button. But now it was used the other way around and it did keep the door locked while pushing the button the electricity current was temporary upheld.
Oh, this was great fun. If those (evil) drug (eh, coffee...) sellers did use it in some creative way to lock the door... Well in that case there was some possibility that they used the same kind of door magnets now for getting 'free electricity'.

At last some legal remarks; The method discribed above is well known under people working with electricity. So I did nothing special in publishing this kind of knowledge, may be that some of my readers were unaware of this possibility and may be they even tried it out. But you cannot held me responsible for this, no no dear prosecuting stuff; you cannot hold me responsible for those very wicked and evil crimes...

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