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In the stories you find a lot of abbreviations or so called symbolisms. Here you can find a few of them:


  • The Void is a kind of mist, some emotional mist and it even has some colors now and then. It can have some blue shining or red, if it is red sometimes lightning's are observed.
  • Arty is a symbolism to myself, but Arty is very strange and completely unpredictable.
  • Sesame is the Female&Muslim part to my character, she is always in the background.
  • Reinko is my own name and can be used into social communication events.
  • The Kweb is just this website, but sometimes the Kweb just acts like it is a kind of SomeHorse (found below is the meaning of SomeHorse).


  • The figure on SomeHorse (also Binnie Boy) is Osama Bin Ladin.
  • SomeHorse is a kind of organization that forms quite spontaneously under some social pressure. As an example we have the AlQueda network. This is the SomeHorse of Binnie Boy.
  • The MainMullah is of course Mullah Omar. But when stories play part in other countries it could mean some one else or it could even mean some theoretical person.
  • The ThunderStorm is the war into the Afghan landscape. But in future wars the word could be used again. So lets say a ThunderStorm is a war. While the war was 'fought' (meaning throwing as many bombs as you can and avoid man to man fighting as long as possible...) a lot of civilians were bombed away, to compensate for that we have:
  • The MoralEquation, this so called 'equation' says that for every innocent Afghan life 10 American lives have to be taken. Just because America is a very rich and Afghanistan a very poor country the equation makes sense. Reinko activated the MoralEquation on 27 June 2002 and the activation will be there for a 100 days exactly.


  • IQ 43 is a symbolism to the American president who's name also is NotATree. May be IQ 44 will be the name of the next president.
  • The guy who's name is NotATree lives in the StillNotBlackHouse. 
  • IQ 53 is Tony Blair.
  • The SilverBullet is the American minister of defense, the Rumsfeld figure.
  • IQ 35 is the Ashcroft figure (not introduced into my writings, but he will be in the future...).
  • Annie is a symbolism to The USA, but Annie is also some (ex) girlfriend of mine.
  • GreedyCountry is also a symbolism to the USA, they have to much arrogance in their thinking. Sometimes it just looks as if there are two different types of human beings, the Americans and the NotAmericans.
  • The BigDick is some important trigger to the amateurish WTC attacks, to everyone with only a little bit of brains it is clear the attacks were done with great haste and could have been organized much better. A picture of the BigDick is found in part one of the Birth to the KinkyWeb story.By the way, that big dick is not very big as you can see on inspection, it are the balls that count. And those balls are big balls and that is often the reason I do have such a big fun.
  • LocalBossInTown is just what it says, it means the local authorities on some subject.
  • ThisOldCity is mostly just the city where I live in here in the Dutch landscape. But sometimes it means the whole world too, a kind of Dual to the GlobalVillage so to say.
  • The TriggeringHypothesis is the hypothesis that some old writings of Reinko triggered an enormous amount of hate into the heads of Mohammed Atta&friends. And after this happened (Reinko did not plan that, it was a sheer coincidence) a lot of things streamed into the Void.
  • StealthMode, with this 'flying in stealth mode' I mean the nice fact that upon this date (27 June 2002) no journalist had written upon this website or has written about me. As long as the big Media silence is there I can work on, at the very moment they start writing upon me I think some little troubles could be there. All kind of frustrated and fat Americans will try to do something against my SongOfFreedom.
  • SongOfFreedom, with this I mean the simple idea that I am gonna turn modern warfare into the way it has to be and the fact that I would like all countries to participate into a world economy that brings wealth to all nations and all people. Not a small goal, that is true, but I am gonna do it. Yes, there is no avoiding it and when you stand in my way you could be in trouble.
  • NightmareOnWallStreet, this concept speaks for itself I hope. I created the Nightmare at the end of October 2001. A few days later the guy under the name of NotATree did declare that 'The terrorists are after our financial structures'.... 
  • SongOfA, this song is a symbolism to the Anthrax attack into the USA but it is also a symbolism to an explosion of some atom bomb. Reinko was very fond of the SongOfA because there were only five deaths (most elderly so in total less than one complete life was lost) but it scared America good and it did cost a lot of money. And the last is important, money attacks are the best.
  • SongOfH, this song is sang for the first time in story nr 35. The H stands for H-bomb, those bombs are well know for their blasting capacity. The story found at nr 35 is a perfect story and it reveals a bit who I am, I am a bit nasty at sometimes but if you read the story you understand I am human too. I am not the divine or the Holy one or so, no I am only terrible and I like it.
  • SoundOfSilence, this is the strange and constant silence I have observed from the US government after the 9/11 attacks until the previous day. Beside this government also the same amount of silence is observed from so called professional journalists, but may be I am having only a little 'chicken & egg' problem of me (or of them). I don't care as long at the big and devastating attacks are just there the very moment I need them...


  • Cell, this is a group of people who have decided to act in favor of the story when they can and when this is needed. They can be very diverse in nature, for example there are (for sure) CyberWar cells, there are (electricicy) Blackout cells, in the making are GasAttack cells and so on and so on.
    So it is much more than only 'weaponized or bombing cells'.
    At rock bottom a cell can be as small as just one person, at the other range there is no theoretical limit to the maximum number but in practice I never observed cells larger than a complete platoon. 
  • CellOfCells, at the moment there are operations needed with more cells involved they have to find a way to communicate and fine tune their actions we have a 'CellOfCells' situation. Of course there is danger when some people know to many cells (or cell members).
    For example in GulfWarII in Iraq it is observed that often something like 4 different cells work together, the one cell does logistics, others deliver weaponry and stuff like that and so on and so on. It all depends on the operation involved, the more complicated the operation the more cells are likely needed.
  • More will follow in the future (updated in Feb 2003 and made a bit smaller). 



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