The song of H.

Second title: Indecent exposure.

Posted 13 June 2002.

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Introduction to this story: This is the song of H. The difference between an atom bomb and a H bomb is rather simple; a H bomb is detonated with some A bomb and the blast of a H bomb is much bigger. This story is very big too, but instead of the title 'Song of H' it could also have the title 'Indecent exposure'. So therefore it has the second title attached to it.
At first I did not want to publish this one, but the Americans did make a little mistake with the HollandInvasionLaw and now they have to swallow this. Just swallow this. Swallow this. This.

Characters to the story (or play):

  • Reinko, you know his character a bit by now. Thinks he can do almost anything and always come away with it. This time he will he will give some very severe punishment to the American government. They did make some HollandInvasionLaw and now they find Reinko on their way and they probably will not like that.

  • America, she is a very beautiful girl and this day she is wearing some military uniform without a bra.


Legal remark; In public places it is forbidden to expose oneself in some indecent way. But this website is not a public place and so there will be no way I can get into some juridical trouble with this story.

Lets start the story;

Part one:

Tring, the doorbell goes. Reinko opens the door, it is America! How beautiful she looks in her youth and what nice clothes she is wearing, they fit her fine and she looks good in it. America looks a bit difficult through her eyes as if she is unsure about coming here.
'Hey come in' I tell her and she enters the house and sits down on a chair. A few tears come rolling out of her eyes and after a minute or so she starts crying hard. And crying and sobbing and finally she manages to say 'We are no slimy worms'. And after that she just cries again.
And Reinko is so sorry for her, he has gone too far. Much to far and now she is crying. And he tries to comfort her and tell her he did not mean it that way. And he tells her she is so beautiful and if she please could stop crying, just please.

After five minutes the crying and sobbing is over and she even laughs again. We make cozy smalltalk and my hands run up and down her spine. Every now and then Reinko fondles her pussy part through her military trousers and his hands do a perfect job. Yes, a perfect job because Reinko knows how the female body works and America is overwhelmed by strange emotions and she is getting wetter by the second.

'Now show titties' Reinko orders America, and she listens and she starts unbuttoning her blouse and when she is finished she opens her military blouse for Reinko. And every time Reinko feels overwhelmed by her tits, so perfect so wonderful and so beautiful. A few small bruises and blue spots from the previous visit are there and Reinkos big dick almost explodes when he sees the bruises and blue spots. But no tit torture today, no today I am in a soft mood and today I want her soaking wet. So wet, so devastating wet.

'Now give nice spread to me little girl'. And America does as she is told and fast she removes her trousers and her army underpants. Reinko points at the table and she sits on the table and widens her legs. Reinko takes a chair and looks from about 30 centimeter into her perfect pussy. What heavenly pussy and how wet she looks already. Her beautiful red fingernails trigger heavy emotions into Reinko. 'Finger it' he commands her, and she starts rubbing her inner pussylips and every now and than her finger glides into her pussy and she starts taking a deeper kind of breathing.
'Let me suck' and America knows what she has to do and she puts her pussy-wet finger into Reinko his mouth. And this always tastes so perfect, oh she is such a perfect sex slut to Reinko. A perfect sex slut to him and he likes it.

'Now spread again' and her red fingernails open her pussy and Reinko starts licking her inner parts. And he knows exactly how she likes it at most and the girl gets wetter and wetter and some kind of deep moaning comes from deep out of her body.
Reinko opens his pants and his hard on comes out, he is leaking stuff too. He is standing between her open legs and he grabs his hard on and he slams it a bit against her wet pussy. Then he enters her perfect hole, just a few centimeters and back again. And he repeats this a couple of times and her pussy muscles start reacting and it just feels as if he is sucked inside.
And his dick glides in and out and in and out and America glides into the rhythm too and she starts moaning harder and harder.

But before he comes he takes it out and he says to America: 'On your knees, you know what to do'. And her perfect little sex slut body dives down and she takes Reinkos hard on in her hands and while she looks at him she sucks it in and out. In and out and Reinko is almost cumming and he almost cannot stop it, this is so good. So perfect she does her work.

'Stop and say the magic words to me' Reinko whispers at America. 'Suddenly she looks a bit frightened and she looks a bit difficult through her eyes. 'Please don't make me do it, please Reinko no. I'll do anything, anything but not that'.

There is no avoiding it and she is shaking with emotion when she says; 'Please Reinko may I kiss you Opera dick?' But Reinko is not satisfied, no he is not satisfied. 'No no girl, say the right words, you know what I want you to say. So do it!'

And tears run down her cheeks and even some tears drop on her perfect tits and with a trembling voice she says 'Please Reinko may I kiss your pre eleven September Opera dick?' And after this she is crying again, and again Reinko is comforting her and after some time she does not cry anymore. They start fucking again and Reinko kisses her beautiful mouth and the smell of sex comes out of her body and arises from her lips. 

 Part two: 

Now you are ready to look at the next pic. The creation of that pic was just a coincidence. I just experimented with the skin of the Opera browser and just by accident I clicked on a photo. It was a large photo, but also just by pure luck the 'right part' of the photo came upon the buttons of the Opera browser. The pic is found in part one (temporary removed) of the Birth to the KinkyWeb story, may be you know that part one is the 'pre eleven September' part.

America, don't get mad at me. But I think you have found your master and all your superpower crap is nothing compared to the powers I have. And it is therefore I ask you the following; 'If you are an American female, I want you to look at that pic and to give a little kiss on the monitor screen.' That is all I want from you, just some little kiss on my HolyRod into this little indecent exposure story.




Title to this: Just kiss and do not think.     

End of story.

Final words: Please America do not get mad at me. It is just you made the 'InvadeHollandLaw' that triggered this one so you cannot say you did not ask for it. You just cannot say that. By the way, how is your war on terror going? Ok....?


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