The birth of the Kweb.


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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have May 2003.
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Part XXI: Begin May 2003:




Extra texts 

04 May 2003    
06 May 2003   txt01 cache from the homepage (pre 11 Sept info)  
08 May 2003    
10 May 2003   txt01 Black Wednesday info (in Dutch)
13 May 2003   txt01 why bio-chemical terror stuff? I do not know... 
15 May 2003   txt01 details around the Saudi attacks (from 12 May)
16 May 2003    txt01 laughable details around private Lynch  
17 May 2003     



To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XXI of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.


04 May 2003: Peace is in my mind, part 21 means some kind of mature ness and in some sense the stuff (read power) has grown into some adult size. This day is some important day, this day is the fourth of May and locally there is some meaning to the fourth of May. It is death remembrance day into this little landscape known as the Dutch landscape. All the wars are thrown into one big bag and all the death arising from them are remembered.

Today is special, for a long time I have some wishes and only 18 months ago I just thought 'If I work hard on this, it could be that in 300 years or more my wishes will come out'. That was 18 months ago and since all those months my so called 'powers' just grew and grew exponentially fast I have some humble feelings and some proud feelings. And I am just 'gonna do it', today I have to inform you that the War Tribunal is born. This is not to be confused for the International Court in The Hague against war crimes; This is the War Tribunal and the Tribunal will facilitate, organize, and referee wars. These wars are not what people usually think when they here the word 'war', this is just the way wars ought to be fought. Two armies of equal size, not exceeding 1000 soldiers in total so a maximum of 500 soldiers in each army. Both armies have the same kind of weaponry they have the same amount of fire power and that's it.

So today, the fourth of May in the year 2003 is the birthday of the War Tribunal. Local time is 14.46 hours, so let this be the 'birth time' of this all. Let me be the man who says 'Lets roll' and let us bring down together the beast called modern warfare and lead the beast to its cage where it belongs. We can do this, we can do this together and all you have to do is give a little help right on the very moment I need it. Or better said 'right on the very moment the story needs it' because I am not that important it is the transformation of war that is important. 
But I will exercise my right 'to party' and if you stand in my way you will face troubles you never ever imagined before, this goes for individuals, this goes for organizations and this goes for continents and countries. Friendly in nature is what I am, being humble is my way of living but I will be ruthless when needed. I will always do my best in minimizing deaths but it is clear from the beginning that some transformation of war (or the way they are executed) won't be without some damage that sometimes is referred to as 'collateral damage'. 

So much could be told, so many movies, so many books and so many articles could be written around this subject of 'transforming war'. To all scenario writers, to all movie makers, to all people in some position to help may I ask on behalf of the story; Give it a try and give it a little help. It's not about writing cheap propaganda, it is about building some future brick by brick. Also do not forget the 'old fashioned wars' will always be around, when even my desired kind of war does not bring relief to the 'problem in question' than a war into civilian areas will be at the scene again. 

More will be written around this very interesting subject, but why don't you 'make yourself heard' if you would like to help this story a little bit? That is all that this ShakerOfNations is asking you, lets roll&lets shake! End of intro, end of the intro to the birth of the War Tribunal. (Remark; now it is 16.32 hours, not often I write this slowly... I feel just too 'peace full' in the literate meaning of these two words.)


To end this day I would like to bring some greetings to the 'Power and the glory', it's found in the simple WarArt below. The name of the pic is good_good_blue and the title of the WarArt is:

Title to this WarArt: This is the way, not that AC130 stuff please.  

Lets close this day with a few remarks, lets do this "Rumsfeld 'TheSilverBullet' style"; Will Reinko, or the War Tribunal take away all AC130's from the American army? No, he won't. Will the War Tribunal disarm countries from nukes in the future? Very likely! Will the War Tribunal always attack countries still making WMD stuff? No, that is not the main task, Reinko has better things to do. Is Reinko or the War Tribunal going to impose some maximum number on soldiers into the armies of countries? Or some maximum 'population fraction' allowed to be military personnel? No, he won't! Is Reinko just plain crazy? Yes he is! Does Reinko really care what other people think of him? No, he is only terrible!

And so on, and so on. We close the fourth of May, we close the first 'official start' of some kind of War Tribunal that will only facilitate, organize and referee 'wars' the way they need to be fought. Till next update my dear readers. Think with light and sleep with a pillow, axe wood and not tax usher meat... Oops, till next update.


06 May 2003: 'Daddy daddy, we are back! Daddy we are back!' (child runs from the garden into the house)
'Daddy it was nice, daddy uh? (child stops suddenly on the doormat)
'Daddy your eyes are red and your face is wet! Daddy are you crying?' (child jumps from joy)
'But daddy are you crying? I didn't know you could cry too!' (child stands firm in the 'cry too' conclusion)
'I did not know you could cry, why are you crying daddy?' (jumps with enthusiasm again, just 'wants to know')
'Why daddy why?' (she just wants to know, she just doesn't take a 'no' for answer)
'It is just to complicated, you would not understand. Well it's just I am glad you three are back.' (daddy makes some clumsy movements and hugs the child and steps back)
'But why daddy, we are just back that's it.' (she looks happy and feels identification with daddy, he can cry too)  

End of intro, the children were gone for some hours to some music concert in open air. This day I suddenly realized where 'this all leads too' and in the aftermath of that some tears fell from my eyes. Where will this all lead to? What is wisdom and is it all going too fast or just too slow? Attack again while the enemy is still puzzled or give some time to breath and rethink? This year another 'two plane work', yes or no? Shake nations, devastate people and what's the use of it all? And just under the threshold level of my ears some music is heard and just under the threshold level of my bones some drumbeat is felt. 

As some antidote against all these emotions we take a look at some fine work of art, it's called 'fruit spreads' so what do you think of that name my dear reader? And what's the question?

  Title to this Art: Spread fruits or fruit spreads, that's the question.  


Media report to 06 May 2003: This is not so nice, I simply cannot find back where I exactly posted the words (quote) And still there is no food poisoning at the scene...  (there were more words, but I do not remember them into detail). It wasn't that long ago I wrote them, if you know more about this you see this is some clear copy from the 'Anthrax triggering words' (quote) And still the world holds its breath and still the first American bomb has to fall and still there is not anthrax or stuff like that at the scene...
Since I know the size of my so called 'powers' rather well it was clear on the forehand that later I could choose some stuff from Media files. Now I have chosen the next food poisoning case (quote):

Man linked to poisonings a 'very nice fellow'

Sunday, May 4, 2003 Posted: 2:23 PM EDT (1823 GMT)
NEW SWEDEN, Maine (CNN) -- A parishioner at the church in northeast Maine where 15 people were sickened and a man died after drinking arsenic- tainted coffee described a man linked to the case as "a very nice fellow.".
"I've known Danny for a long time. He was a very nice fellow. I liked him very much," parishioner Beatrice Page told a reporter outside the church about her fellow parishioner, Daniel Bondeson, 53.

Bondeson was found shot to death at his farm in New Sweden. Police say they have found enough evidence on the premises to link him to the poisonings.

A police officer said Bondeson's fatal gunshot wound may have been self- inflicted. An autopsy is scheduled Monday.

A week after the poisonings, members of Gustaf Adolph Lutheran Church were grappling with their emotions following the poisoning death of church elder Walter Morrill, 78, and the shooting death of Bondeson.
At a prayer service Sunday in this community of about 600 residents, the pastor gave each child a heart and a cross, calling them "God's Band-Aid."




After the service, parishioners formed a procession outside in a show of unity.

The parishioners became ill last Sunday after a social at the church where they drank coffee that was later determined to have been laced with arsenic. Morrill died hours later.

"It's unbelievable what's happening here. I can't figure it out or come to any conclusions on how or why it happened," parishioner Fred Anderson said.

Arsenic was once used as an agricultural pesticide and can still be found in abundance in rural areas of the state, said Maine State Police Chief Col. Michael Sperry.

Correspondent Jason Carroll contributed to this report.

Comment from Reinko: Again it is a little pro- 

blem I cannot find the 'trigger quote' again. It was written a few days ago somewhere before the end of March but I do not know into what file. Stupid stupid stupid you might say, this is correct because now there is not some 'statistic' to be drawn from the facts as they happened. 

But I consider this little fact being significant and in case I am wrong there are possibly a few other facts that did not reach my attention but were triggered anyway.
Just look at the case and the emerging details, a nice fellow, the old poison arsenic, the martyr like behavior of the guy and so on and so on.

Am I feeling proud? No I feel not proud, but what needs to be done will be done and again I ask the White House the following;
'In case you have any kind of information that I would like to have considering the 11 Sept stuff, give this please.'
End of Media report to 06 May 2003.



  Title: What is the Big Silence and what is fate? 

End of day, see you around. Bye.

08 May 2003: And these were the days he even had to walk carefully to avoid earthquakes. So he walked carefully and tried to avoid big jumps. And these were the days he just wondered why the hell even nature did it's best for the big story and he whispered 'tornadoes, wow 300 tornadoes'. And he had a little smile on his face and he was just wondering what would happen if the just shouted 'tornadoes' instead of the soft whispers. 

These were the days of wonder and these were the days of wondering why. Of wondering why even nature helped him in killing the Slimy Worms. These were still the days of peace the days of silence, the days of peace and silence and perfect weather. These were the days that so much could be spoken but nothing was told and nothing was said and nothing was written, these were the days of being silent too. 

These were the days that some 'window of diplomacy' was still open a little bit, and he knew in a few days it would be closed again for another 15 months. These were the days of wonder and these were the days of silence&in a few days the War Tribunal would be over one week old. He knew the implications, in a few days he had to burn his Dutch passport. But how to get a new passport? One that said 'War Tribunal member' and without any state and without any country? And how to get any kind of income when he no longer had the Dutch nationality? After all the Dutch laws tell that you more or less automatically loose your state membership upon entering 'strange armies'. There was no avoiding this, they were just 'to slow again'and now it just has happened and now this particular law had to be respected. There was no avoiding this, there wasn't. 

We end the days of wonder and the days of wondering, sleep well, eat well and so on. We close this day with some anecdote, in the very first part of this ongoing story I did ask my readers the following; 'May be you wonder what kind of pussy can give birth to such a strange thing, well I am sorry this is confidential business stuff.'. This time I have the honor to show to you the stuff that gave birth to the War Tribunal (yes really true, you must believe me on this....;)):

  Title: This is The Way? Or is it art? 


10 May 2003: Just mad as hell is what I feel, so I will not longer try to help america a bit with the Iraqi problems and/or the so called 'road map to peace' for the Middle East. As the saying goes; There is a time for war and there is a time for reloading. And after the news found below in the Media report it feels like the time of reloading has come to an end, no no america this is simply unforgiven and you must face the consequences of this kind of behavior. There are enough alternatives and you could simply afford it to pay a rough 500 dollar for each kilo of opium not reaching the market but you prefer bio-chemical kind of warfare...

Ok, I will adept to your ways of fighting war. I will, yes I will. Only for some 1/6th fraction but I will...

Media report to 10 May 2003: I am mad as hell, I will not explain in detail. I will just quote stuff and I will only say I simply never ever tolerate harm to unborn European children so if I were some 'US-military-dual' to this I would be scared to hell. That is all, now I quote stuff and make some comments afterwards:

Chemicals Sprayed On Poppies Kill Afghans

May 08, 2003
Source: Islam News, Translated By JUS

To demolish poppy cultivations in Afghanistan, American planes are spraying deadly chemicals on producing fields. Three farmers, two children, three women as well as dozens of animals have been killed as a result.

According to details, American planes were used to spray poppy fields in Hilmand, Kandarhar, Nangarhar, Laghman and Kantar provinces after government negotiations with farmers who refused to destroy poppy cultivation failed.

Initial news from the affected areas is that minimum three farmers, two children as well as two women were killed. Dozens of animals have also been reportedly killed as a result. More human deaths are expected in due course. Other crops and fruit farms have also been severely damaged due to the chemical spray.

Comments: The implications of this info (if correct) are truly stunning. This means that to the unborn children of European females (still unaware of being pregnant) could be done big harm via state sponsored American poison to kill puppies. Because the spread out poison from the American war planes (thank you Pentagon...) will one way or the other enter the street sold heroin.

Beside this all kinds of food are poisoned as well and this food will be eaten by the most poor children into the Afghan landscape.

America you know what it means if some government poisons the food of some civilians. You know what this means for your civilians, why America? Why? 

   Title: Where is that evil drugs hidden? 
  UnderTitle: What will people 200 years from now think of that elbow licking? 


Again I will just try and be diplomatic by saying there are not many days left and after that the 'window' is closed again for a new and fresh 15 months. May be wisdom is found in the fact the previous 'closing' was ended somewhere around 11 Dec 2002. Beside diplomacy there is reality;

America, I still have a ban on use of bio-chemical stuff against civilians. The 'not so smart' actions of local prosecutors in 2001 and 2002 forced me to reduce a complete 1/6th part of this ban. In case the above Media info is correct, well in that case another 1/6th part of the bio-chemical ban will be removed leaving only 4/6th part of the ban alive. You know what a complete lifting of this ban means, you look at a '50-thousand' start before you know it. Again, why? Why do you do this? 

End of this day, no good luck or so to my readers. Just think a bit around the consequences of our dear virgin america poisoning again the soil of the most poor farmers on this planet. We quit. 


13 May 2003: Doink! What a series of terror bombs observed the last days! How is this possible? Could it be that the simple but fundamental rule of 'Making Reinko mad gets a lot of dead bodies' is still at the scene? And that the application of this rule into the Iraqi war makes some sense into explaining the low level of suicide attacks around there? 
Could be, but I did not read this kind of info into the Media ^ȣ׷|b\L;A.&WB@JNH $&'#&*#&++.2.435<9BID/63267BEI89=<;=:;9;<8TWU>B=?C>673793''!45,*+"W[\q}JQT%)$