Disclaimer to Birth of the KinkyWeb.


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When you are reading the collection of pages that form The Birth of the Kweb you may experience some heavy emotions. Don't get frightened by these emotions, you are a human being and I am human to. I like to write this stuff so I just write it.
Sometimes it just looks as if TrueWorldExperiences are echo's of my writings and sometimes TrueWorldExperiences echo into my writings. And that's it, nothing more and nothing less.

You must understand that it is only sheer coincidence if such an echo occurs. I am not responsible for that and I will only accept responsibility to my own behavior. And I will not accept any responsibility for behavior not done by this body&mindset.

So my position is a handy one, sometimes I ask for stuff (or recite for stuff) and when some time later the echo's are heard in the Media files I simply tell all of you 'Oh, what a big coincident!' All I do is exercise my right to free speech, really true. And all those who understand what I say and understand I am always only telling the truth are of course invited to act harsh at the very moment the story needs this. 

So be my guest and have fun while you are reading my stories. But never forget: I am only responsible for my own behavior and that's the end of this disclaimer.



(End of disclaimer&no update on this.)


You are at the end of this textual piece of art. You see, again only letters chosen from an alphabet of 128 characters. And again the letters form words and the words form sentences and the sentences generate emotions. And that's what I like.


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