Dream format for war. Part I

Subtitle: Reinko enters the infinite WarDream.


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Posted:  27 October 2001,
Reposted 19 October 2003.



Classification:  This is a very old dream of me, may be one day it will come alive. 


When we look at the state of the world the last century, we remark that when war is there we are always in a terrible situation. Always terror comes from it and it just seems as if this is unavoidable.

And so the rich and powerful can fuck around and they often can come away with it (because there is no one to tell 'You cannot do this!'). War is always shit, especially when you have some moral crap involved. (Country leaders believing in all kind of strange religion and thinking this will help the people of this planet in general and their country in special.)

So other kinds of war can be constructed, let's keep it simple:

Two counties want to go to war with each other, both file in a request at some international WarTribunal, this WarTribunal has to be completely independent from any country in this world; that is of great importance.

The WarTribunal looks at the case and between some meetings both counties&the WarTribunal make clear what kind of war it will be:

1) A total war, lasting till one of the armies is completely wiped out.
2) A war of exactly 24 hours, we count living bodies afterwards. Party with most living bodies is winner.
3) A war of 3 complete days, also living body count at the end. 
4) Etc etc, you can think of many variants, stopping at 10% death solders etc.

If the countries cannot decide what to do, the WarTribunal has the last word on this.

Then some piece of land is selected where the fighting will be done, from that moment this piece of land falls under the jurisdiction of the WarTribunal. We could call this piece of land a WarSpace. This piece of land could be, just for example, some island, or some (Afghan) mountains etc etc. It has to be big enough so two groups of 500 soldiers each can fight properly.

A date will be set when the war will take place, somewhere 3 to 5 weeks in the future. Both countries will select the best soldiers&fighters they have. Both groups start exercising and preparing for war. And the soldiers selected for the fighting can enjoy some heroic feeling and will have some pleasant time while the war is still somewhere in the future....
From about two weeks before the start of the war, the soldiers will be kept away from the public so they can concentrate on the coming war. As always they have to sing their best song and they have to think smarted than some opponent of theirs.

The WarSpace is completely fenced of from the environment, during fighting no contact with the outside is allowed (no medical care from the outside, only some good fighting doctors come along with both armies). Also no new ammunition from the outside or new guns&stuff like that. This is in principle the responsibility for the WarTribunal, so the WarLand must be sealed of properly from the rest of the world. No over flying planes allowed etc etc.

Upon the arrival of the date of starting the War, emotions will run high in both countries. Very high, and the telly talks about nothing else. In the WarLand a lot of video camera's are put into place. Each piece of the WarLand is looked upon with a few camera's.

Both armies do carry the same kind of weapons, each soldier has a gun and a few hand grenades. Each platoon one (or two) big firemouth, 84 mm or so. And each set of 5 to 6 platoons even one or two more bigger stuff. But the bigger weapons must be transportable by the hand&body power of the fighters because there won't be any cars, motors or even tanks into the WarSpace. 

And then the first day of war is there, at noon both armies enter the WarSpace from opposite directions and may be they have to hurry a lot to get to the 'best spots' into this WarSpace. After a few hours or so, first contacts are made and both armies fight man to man and platoon to platoon. The army with the best fighters&the most of luck will win this war.

Then some words on the Media Event arising from this: During day time some censored version will be broadcasted to prevent children from the most bloody details. Beside this, every thing is broadcasted, yes you heard me well; everything is broadcasted!
Beside some border in time, you can also split censored/uncensored over the diverse TV channels. 



This is some short description of my dream, I am thinking about this dream for more than a decade and I was just thinking to myself 'May be this is a wise moment in time to tell this dream'.

We have some change you think I am a complete luny and we will fight wars the way we used to do the last century. I am afraid you have it right, but if there is only one change to a billion I will always tell this dream.

In Part II of the DreamFormatForWar we take a look at the advantages/disadvantages of modern warfare compared with the 'man to man' kind of war.



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