Introduction to the Dream format for war.

Subtitle: Reinko enters the infinite WarDream.


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Posted:  27 October 2001.
Reposted on 19 October 2003, There is some progress observed but as always it doesn't go fast enough...
Remark: I wanted to rewrite this intro but that will be saved for some future day, now I better work on the
impending 2 Military Bloody Days...




Classification:  This is a very old dream of me, may be one day it will come alive. 


Reinko is just doing his boring daily stuff, he cleans up the house a bit. He writes a bit with the keyboard, he looks outside the house a bit and does a little bit of shopping to get some food. After returning he has left the front door to his house open and suddenly Arty comes bombing in.

Arty: Hey man, long time yo see! How was your trip to Germany and do you have some new stuff?

(Reinko jumps up from his chair and walks exited around...)

Reinko: Germany was so perfect, it was exiting and in the beginning I was a little bit afraid things would not work out fine. Also I had some sniper fear, but that's not important. And all went fine, and sometimes on the streets I ran into people having a kind of infinite smile on their faces. Such a little smile, but so infinitely long lasting.

Arty: Yes I know what you mean, I smile a lot for myself to. But hey hush man, I was at Sesame and she told me you had started taking singing classes? What rubbish is this? What do you sing in classes?

Reinko: Oh, I like to keep it simple but perfect. So I had to start with the basic stuff and I do like to sing the song of A. The song is perfect and pure and I still believe in it, but at this point in time I have 3 names on some axe I would like to show to the AllMighty.

(Arty turns a bit pale and he looks a bit difficult through his eyes and he starts to walk around and is shaking from emotions...)

Arty: Reinko please, don't go after my father. You sure loose this one boy, I can't take care of your back if you do this. Just don't try that you stupid!

(Reinko has suddenly got this relaxed feeling, how come Arty also does have some blind panic spot? Reinko clearly sees what problem Arty will have to face, because after all those years Arty&Reinko were friends they never ever talked about his father. Much to dangerous.)

Reinko: Hey Arty, just act normal!

(And he gives Arty a flat slap into his face, and Arty comes to reality again.)

Reinko:  And that was for grabbing Annie three times into her pussy! Why did you do that man? At that moment she was my girl, now anyone can fuck her if she wants to!

(Arty has some big smile on his face, the hyperlink above is some secret message! It all depends on Annie, if she is soaking wet she will do a lot of fucking around Arty thinks...).

Arty says:  Reinko, stop this, I can understand that after the congress you also would like some SeriousStatistics like NASDAQ&stuff like that. But why do you do that? And what is your problem when you think upon yourself as some kind of NightmareOnWallStreet? Why is that ego of you so inflated?

Reinko says: Dear Arty, I do not have any clue whatsoever what you mean with the Nightmare stuff, we just wait and see. All this time people still have some change to leave the building of the SeriousStatistic. But why don't we get back to the real stuff: America wants to torture and that is some important signal to me.

(Arty relaxes, his father has gone to some background in focus and he knows the WarDreams of Reinko. Arty thinks that it's not a bad idea. No, it is not a bad idea at all, at maximum only 999 men dead. And only two army's of each 500 men.....  What strange dream this boy has.)  

After this strange introduction, you can proceed to the DreamFormatOnWar Part I.

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