Dream format for war: Part II.

Subtitle: Reinko enters the infinite WarDream.


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Posted:  27 October 2001,
Reposted 19 October 2003.



Classification:  This is a very old dream of me, may be one day it will come alive. 


In Part II of the DreamFormatForWar we take a look at the advantages/disadvantages of modern warfare compared with the 'man to man' kind of war.

At first some history, look at the way the old Roman empire was fighting. It was relatively large scaled and they did have some technological advantage, but it was more fun these days to fight some battle or some war than it is these days.
Think back to the old Greek and think back to Alexander the Great, it is still fascinating to read. Although in these days also many civilians lost lives...

Compare this, for example with Stalingrad (end of the German sixth army) or even more horrible look at the 900 days of Leningrad. So much terror at the scene, it was terror by the cubic lightyear. Look what happened in Vietnam, at first the French and later the Americans bringing terror to a lot of people.

Because of technology, modern warfare brings also much more terror to the lives of civilians. And always you have some CountryBoss telling al kinds of moral crap to the people, and the people often buy this crap at that moment.

Beside the enormous humanitarian problems of modern warfare, also the economic problems arising from it are gigantic. Economic system collapse and always it takes a lot of time to grow a new economic system. Take a look at Yugoslavia for example.

Let enter your mind the next 15 to 20 generations that will walk on this planet, that is a timescale from now 2001 till about 2500 (Christian calendar). In these 500 years the problems of modern warfare will only get bigger, they won't fade away, no they only will get bigger and bigger.
Mass destruction as never seen before is our future if we don't do anything about it. 

I hope you do agree with me that modern warfare is only hell and only terror can come from it.


Now we take a look into my DreamFormat on war, let's do a little experiment of thought:

We ask a few hypothetical Bushes&Blairs&Poetins about a first reaction on this proposal of some DreamWar. What will they say do you think? I think one of the first reactions will be: "You cannot send this out on the telly, it is much to shocking for the audience at home!"

But in the meantime these Bushes&Blairs&Poetins do allow themselves to throw bombs at civilians and they always have some weak excuse like 'this or that system failed, it was an accident'. So they are hypocrites; some rough telly is too much but when the cameras are gone the bombs do fall and the poison is spread into the farmers soil.

What more can they say, the English government might say for example 'This kind of  cannot solve our problems with the IRA'.

I do wonder if this is a good argument against the WarDream, may be the IRA does want to fight in such a way. But the rest of the country the IRA lives in must also stand behind the idea, this could lead to trouble yes. But that is always less trouble than the terror from real modern warfare.


As a person and speaking only for myself:  Just the economical advantages of some DreamFormatForWar are so big&gigantic, we must look seriously into some kind of implementation of this. Century in century out much less dead&wounded innocent is a nice dream I think.

Why don't we start thinking on this subject and why don't we start dreaming this? With a bit of luck we can dream this into reality, I will always do my best for it. If we can kill the beast of modern warfare we have beated the devil, and that's my dream.







End of file, may be I can update on this. I hope I can.

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