Fragmented as hell.


Posted 07 Jan 2002.

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Introduction to this story: Just some experimenting with 'nonsense talk'.



Tringg! The doorbell goes.

Reinko walks to the front door and opens it, it was V!

'Hello R, do you know in what quarter of this town I can find the quarter figures of the companies you own? I need them for my weakly report and still that shit fly is flying around my arse.
When the fly lays it eggs in my anal cave than I need daisy stuff to prevent the worms from eating my belly. But the feeling is good, only the noise of the fly is disturbing my temper.'

'How should I know in what quarter the quarter figures are, why don't you ask the bookkeeper? But the bookkeeper won't give you the books, otherwise he wouldn't keep them. And it's the bookkeepers job to keep the books, I am sorry for you.
And why daisy stuff? If you use liquid nitro glycerin you only need 15 thousand grams, disadvantage is you have to swallow it while with the daisy stuff you need the cutter to.'

They said goodbye and separated, actually it was not a good bye but a good day. Suddenly I realized Noach must have been married to Joan of Ark. And if there would be snow instead of rain, the plan would collapse and he had to rebuild it as some kind of giant ski to hide all the animals in. 
So quick I ran to the telephone to call the bookkeeper; 'Now you must hide because V is looking for you. You just hide and you seek, make it some good seek&I see you next weak.'

The bookkeeper was alarmed, so many books had to be kept but the car was old and too small. What to do? Go for the beamer solution? The hf beamer could vapor her legs and than she could not reach anymore for the books. So the bookkeeper would be safe and finish the lovely sate.

In the meantime at Tora Bora all anal caves were bustered by bunkers. And the cook said: 'All food is gone and I am no longer the cook anymore!' That was some signal, yes it was. And if spring would arrive, all daisy flowers were gone because the soil was poisoned.
The farmer broke down, three generations of work was gone. All was poisoned and it wasn't out of any good store this time. The red light out of his eyes looked scary, he shouted: 'No, not the hf beamer. I am gonna use my axe!'

'Yes, you two hold his arms. Cathy grab his head, yes ok ok here we go!' And with both hands Cathy pulled at the hair of the Land Lawyer to the Dutch state, when his head was up the axe cut his throat and it sounded kind of funny. After some time the blood stream vanished into the Void and Cathy came up to me and she said: 'When you have 12 cakes and you slide all cakes into two, you can give 24 people some dessert desert.'

'You sure have some point in that' I said, 'but why don't we wait and what's the hurry? Next year at this time about 100 thousand extra Iraqi kids will be dead. We all love that don't we?'
'Oh yes, I am always thinking on that when I'm cumming' she said sad to sad Sad. 'They are even not allowed to buy water pumps because, in theory, you could use them to pump up the poison into the Oval Office. But why don't you look at it this way; Poison wants to be free too.'

'But is the collection of all stories known to humankind a story in itself?' the teacher asked to the class. Janet loved her teacher, it all was so romantically and she raised her finger and hoped she could answer the question. Instead the teacher pointed at Trudy and said: 'Yes blond hair, big tits&juicy pussy what is your opinion on this?' Trudy said: 'Truly you can do this, just read along one after another. But you must have some good one dimensional ordering principle to do this. And my bunker feels so bustered why not ask Janet to do it this afternoon?'
Janet her face flushed red, the teacher looked a few seconds at her and than she nodded at Janet.

Tringg, the telephone rang. V answered it and found out it was the bookkeeper. 'Oh, I feel so sorry I vapored your legs, now you must be definitely two inches smaller. Just like the major of this city!' And the bookkeeper started to cry and made excuse after excuse.
With some loud voice V interrupted the sobbing sounds: 'Stop that please! My legs are not vaporized at all you stupid! I just pretended they were vaporized, otherwise I could not look into the quarter figures in the right quarter of town.'

And finally the bookkeeper grasped what was happening here; this has happened before! Yes, before he had to drive to Germany he had some big weak spot on the back left tire. It just was not safe to drive too fast, but he had no time and no money to replace it so he had to go with the bad tire.
But when he arrived and he tried to locate the weak spot, it was gone. It was just gone and the tire was ok, only some extra air was needed.  


End of story. 



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