Annie walks home through the park from the congress.


Posted 22 August  2003.

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Introduction ty


Part one: Annie walks home and thinks things over.

Annie was walking through the park although it was late at night. No lights but plenty of moon so she just did it, ha she was not like those other girls always afraid of being in the dark. She didn't worry and she had so much to think about, just so much to think about. She thought about the big city she lived in now for two months already and the differences between the university and her old school. And it was all so much and all so beautiful and so big and so complicated, but she did her best and until now most things went great.

Only that nasty neighbor living below her, he was often on the sidewalk outside with some friends and they only looked at her titties and between her legs and even gave a 'thumbs up' every now and then. And the ugly words they spoke, bah she just could not remember them. No, she did put that nasty guy out of her head and she went back in her mind to the congress. Never has she been at a congress but the university has organized a big congress and she has had the greatest of luck because she was allowed to go to some senior speeches as well. This was a big step forward for this little junior and it was all so great. All those hot shot figures from corporate America and all those wise elderly politicians, so wise were they all and they could tell it so well. Just so well.

And oh all those speeches and all those lectures they were all so interesting. At first there was that young executive from Halliburn Corp and he was telling how the company was working great miracles for the freed and poor Iraqi people. The executive looked so good and he could say it so smart, Annie repeated softly one of his many hardliners 'A smart brain can run some smart business'. And the young executive showed on diagrams how his company performed while freeing the Iraqi people and all the diagrams they just went up! 
Only with the oil there were some problems but she did not understand that part completely.

From the speech of that figure from the chemical industry she did not understand much. The female said that the great liberation of the Iraqis even contributed to the chemical industry because her company did have the patent for the most important ingredient of the Mark 77. But Annie did not understand it, what the hell was Mark 77? And she could clearly see that a lot of people in the audience did not look happy when the female spoke of 'significant progress' from that patent profits and that they very likely would win big future contracts. No, even while she was walking in the park Annie did not get it. 'Why not Mark 88 or Mark 99'? No, all that technical patent info was nothing for her, that was what she clearly understood.

Her mind went back to the last speech, this was not some speech this was a very very good lecture done by one of the greatest minds of American history. This man was a senior in the administration of the great President, oh she could understand him so well and so good. It was just like her daddy talking, no it was even far better now she thought upon it. His name was Paul Hollowwitz, what an interesting name she thought. Oh, if I just had neighbors like Mr. Hollowwitz life would be much better. But away with that negativism of neighbors! 
She was thinking on all that great moments of the speech of that great lecture, so clearly this man could explain that the brave American soldiers were fighting the war on terror right in Iraq. 'Oh, how brave!' Annie was thinking, she felt her nipples even contracting for a short time, how brave...
And Mr. Hollowwitz could so good explain that the liberation of Iraq was only the beginning, in the future most other nations would be freed by American democracy and all people started clapping their hands and giving big applauses. This was a great moment of the lecture of Mr. Paul Hollowwitz, she felt so proud to be part of this nation. Oh, so proud to be an American.

And the image of Mr. Paul Hollowwitz just kept on going in her mind, wow what a teacher! Why don't they ask him to give lessons at the university she was just wondering. She would love to have such a great teacher, the man had such a big mind and he was so wise just so wise. From hearsay she knew that Paul was a Jew and he was also a conservative and has achieved many great moments of conservative intellectualism. That was hearsay, now she has heard the great mind herself and she felt devastated. What a wisdom in such a small body, the guy must be a pure sun. She felt so proud to be American and now she has seen one of the greatest sons of Abraham and could think about all that devastating wisdom.
What a wonderful lectures this man could give, it all sounded so logical. He said: 'At first we must crack down that evil Hamas and so, they were Muslim anyway, so after the big crackdown in the final solution it was time for American democracy to free the entire neighborhood!' 
Annie kept on walking and thinking upon the great ideas of Paul, her breasts jumped up and down and the skin of her nipples did hurt a bit but the hurting it felt good. And with big steps she kept on stepping and thinking upon that wonderful mind of Paul Hollowwitz. 


Part two: Annie meets trouble...


Not yet finished, may be later may be never. Why not, unfinished stories are a part of humanity too... 

But, my dear reader, what is good trouble for Annie to run into. What do you think? A bit of:

  1. Nasty remarks from the nasty neighbor, or
  2. More rough, the neighbor and other boys start touching her every time she wants to leave the house, or
  3. Turn this into snuff and the neighbor does horrible things to Annie for a long long time and even gives her severe tit torture with a potato knife?

I still don't know, may be leave it in this state. So you can figure out for yourself how this story has to end.









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