How to make some simple Cyber War.

Remark: This is only the psychological side of the Cyber War.

Posted 19 July 2002.
Updated 07 October 2003

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Introduction to this story: In this I will ask you to start the Psychological part of the battle against the Slimy Worms. They must be told the truth and we must do it in a Democratic way to avoid juridical shit. So the nuke stuff is for other people who have access to that SongOfA. We sing right now the SongOfCyber, yes the SongOfC. Why not?     ;)


Characters to the letter :

  • Reinko, the very last defender of freedom for all. Now he tells of good Cyber War.

  • The Cyber space, in this space you can fight all kinds of Cyber War.

  • You my dear reader, you must work for me. Just read on and do your work.

  • The SongOfC, a symbolism to this little Cyber attack.

First I want to give you three very different examples of some nice Cyber war, the first example is:

Ex01) When I published nr113 in the jsw files (the graphical work I like to make) I simply asked in the text a little help from my readers to demolish the Pentagon. With curiosity I did read the news and after a week or two there were a few perfect cyber blasts observed. One was done by some 17 year old boy; he did expose some nuclear secrets of the 'all mighty' Pentagon. This was wonderful and this was good, just expose all kinds of stuff if you can, but try to keep your arse covered when you do real hacking&cracking etc.

So this example creates a 'call for help': Dear hackers of this world, in case you would like to help me just a little bit I would be very honored. In principle is anything allowed against the Pentagon, anything. As always, civil death has to be minimized. Just minimized but for the rest anything goes and you sure have my blessing on your work.


But most of you have never done any computer breaking in you can still be very very helpful, see the next example: 

Ex02) Some time ago I did ask all my readers to send some email to my dear friend Jesse Helms and the content to the email were some red words you can find in Part XI b of the long story at date 06 July 2002. Read the red words (look for the red font in that file please) if you did not read them before.


With example nr02 we will go on below, much more from this can be done. But first we look at the next example because that one is of vital importance too:

Ex03) A long time ago, in the beginning of this website I already 'gave permission' to mirror this entire website. Now I do not give permission but I ask all the people who rule the backbones of the beloved internet to please mirror my entire website. And I even do not ask, I beg and I am almost on my knees....
A little joke, but serious; It is important that this website is fast to access on each part of this planet. So if you have bandwidth and diskspace left, please... I won't forget this, no it is of great importance and if you could help me out. 

So far three easy examples, nr03 is very important. And may be if you are creative you can think of other ways and better examples, please do it. May be you have to wait until it fits the story, or may be you just must do it.



Finally we start the Cyber war story:

To all who can not break into computers and who do not want to break the law, you could do the following:



Compose some (art) email with the following:


In the subject you mention my name Reinko; 


For example you could choose from the following starts:

  1. Reinko says: 

  2. Reinko writes:

  3. Reinko Venema from Holland says:

  4. Reinko Venema from Holland writes:

After the double points you could fill in some original title to your email, for example the entire subject could be:

  1. Reinko says: This will be a long hot summer.

  2. Reinko writes: The NightMareOnWallStreet burns ok.

  3. Reinko Venema from Holland says: Merry Christmas.

  4. Reinko Venema from Holland writes: New song, the Coward song.

Just be creative and think of some nice title. But make sure you mention my name in the title otherwise you could run into trouble. When you mention my name you will probably get NO answer and that's it. May be it is wise to make use of some service like hotmail and may be it is wise to think of specific laws in your country, but I just guess there won't be much trouble... 


Now: Where and who to send it?

This depends on what your goal is, of course your goals must lay into the same direction as my goals as found on my website. Just read the stories, they speak for themselves. Very simply said; I am a true democrat and I want all people on this little planet having some chance to make a living on their own without hunger and without war. 

So if goals fit you can send it to the American Senate, there are a lot of Senators and committees and etc etc. The same goes for the American Congress and the White House.

If I have time I will try and collect some lists of email addresses but the email addresses are easily found on the Internet. (It is not the Chinese government....., please Chinese people send some stuff to your Chinese government too, they need it too).


And at last; What is the content of the email?

Just cut and paste the parts of my stories that you think are best for your particular goals. Quote the parts in blue, just like I always do with with quotes and write in the usual black letters your own text if needed.

You can use anything from the entire website, even (small) pictures if needed. If you send a mail more times, made a little change every time you send the mail. Send the mail to just one email address; if you use groups of email addresses make sure the groups are changed again and again (so no two receivers will have exactly the same mails with the same content...).

As some example to the content; Suppose you, my reader, are a Muslim female who is against all those bombardments into the Afghan countryside. Well, you could send some email with the following content (the so called CowardSong, I wrote the Coward song on 29 October 2001 at the end of Part III of the long story):


So today we just analyze a bit round the word 'coward'. We look at the English word and translate this into Dutch (because we do have some far better word for this).

When you translate coward to Dutch you get 'laf'. So laf means coward in the Dutch writing. But we do have a far more better word, it is called lafbek (and when you have more then one coward we call it lafbekken).

Why is lafbek much better, that is because te Dutch word 'bek' means the mouth of a low creacture. Worms for example do have a 'bek' and not a 'mond'(=mouth). A horse does have a mond (=mouth) and not a bek.

Now let enter your mind some of the slimy worms living into the dirty mud. And we start singing&counting some lafbekken. here we go:

Let X be the number of American soldiers, male&females, serving in the proud&great American army.

We have one American soldier lafbek.
We have two American soldier lafbekken (sing this two times).
We have three American soldier lafbekken (sing this three times).
We have four American soldier lafbekken (sing this four times).
We have five American soldier lafbekken (sing this five times).
We have six American soldier lafbekken (sing this six times).

And we have X American soldier lafbekken (sing this X times).

(End of song).

Now we would like to estimate how cowardly the American army is in reality. This number, we call it Y.
We carry the assumption that we have 
X so called soldiers into this army:
This number
Y is estimated via the simple formulae:

Y = X*(X + 1)/2. 

So America, that's it for this day. Don't be mad at me, I am just exercising my right to free speech. And I like to speak freely as you have found out by now.


You see how easy this is? You just cut and paste some parts that you think are nice sending and now we have some nice democracy at work. All very easy and now we have some power to the people, but you must build up the power by sending large amounts of email to proper authorities.

And we do this until they finally react on my writings, do you help me? You do not have to be afraid for your job or so. You do not have to be afraid of some kind of criminal investigation. You do not have to be afraid of some kind of terrorist investigation. No, if you mention my name, silence will be there. And the silence is important, you understand why I hope...




We are at the end of the perfect story about the finest of psychological cyber warfare. A real democratic kind of cyber warfare, all can participate. From skilled technicians to old grannies in the elderly homes. And since I do favor freedom of religion, all are welcome to send emails. If you are a not believer, if you are a Muslim, if you are a Christian or Buddha kind of figure, I do not care and I love you all the same. But send it, send it and we can kill the beast called modern warfare. Please do it!


End of this little story about perfect Cyber War.


End of story, this textual art will trigger some emails I hope. How many million emails will be there? A lot.... Please make me smile....

Make me laugh... 



07 October 2003: Update on the Cyber War subject!

What can I say? I am smiling, that is a fact. The Cyber War did get some good hands & feet this year and this is only the beginning of it all. As some cells might have found out some good Cyber War is not something you make in 3 or 4 months, a timescale of 3 to 4 years is more likely.

With that timescale of 3 to 4 years in the back of our minds it is nice to look at the developments this year, I could make a lot of nice quotes on this but I won't (only a few). No, let me tell you this (without disrespecting other cells working on other parts of the Cyber War of course!):

It is just a detail but when I lately whispered words like 'Is this SoBig virus the thing I think it is and the thing I am expecting?' That was all I whispered after not mentioning this subject for a long long time. But the result was nice; within a day or 10 a complete 'Cyber War department' was created within that Homeland Defense stuff the Americans. So was that good or was that only SoBig?

Ha, this was funny again. Again the Americans can only 'react' while I 'act'. 

Lets enjoy a few of the quotes around the workings of the SoBig variant (I just like the name, but as said before I like all other cells that do less 'sexy work' to. This is some interesting 'academics project, or not?  ;) ). Quoting:

Economic damage from Sobig.F has been estimate in the range of $7 billion, according to statistics from Mi2g, a London-based research firm. Mi2g's research pegs Sobig as the "third most damaging virus ever." 


Shoer also noted that he talked to an IBM engineer on Wednesday who wasn't able to offer him customer service because his email was down. Security analysts verified IBM's troubles but the company could not be reached for comment and its Web site was unresponsive Wednesday afternoon. 

This is very good and of course it is rather unwise to tell in exact detail what I am 'expecting' in the end of this all. But again after a full year I would like to look a bit at the original content of the story above and just email selected parts of this website around! 

The fact that I just never did get any complaints about massive emailing of 'selected words' make me worry a bit, on the other hand whatever I do I just never get any complaints so this is not 'out of line' with for example the concept of 'blast reciting'. Never I get complaints about blast reciting too, that is strange for sure but it also has a bit to do with 'Keeping everybody happy' and without me being the LeadingTerrorIndicator the poor US folks would be completely in the dark.

Now I close this (ongoing?) story for some time again, bye bye. Work well & sleep well & stuff like that.


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