Just some war art 08=small sized at 10%.


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This pic is voided into six directions, you can see the six little copies of the entire pic at the left and right.
The process was repeated 4 times so from ground zero we climbed to the fourth floor. After that the pic would
not change anymore after repeating the process so I left it with four voiding rounds.

Observation: When I found this pic it was written it came from a satellite. Look at the pic, could that be true?
If you would ask me I think it's made from a plane, I estimate the height of the plane at 2 kilometers. (But I am
not sure if that estimate is correct and after all we have the possibility is it a true satellite pic that is 'transformed' to
show vertical details. Could be, I don't know.)

Remark:  The pic is about 140 kB in size (jpg format). The real work is 10 times this, so it's about 1400 kB in size.

Click on the pic below for the 1400 kB pic or go here .

Title to this war art: The fourth floor is the maximum.     


Click on pic for 1400kB size

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