Just some war art 10.


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Something more with the Ground Zero background. The latest one in this cycle, next war art is very old stuff; 
Fat man&little boy&Enola Gay of course. The atom bomb theme is not to miss into these pieces of WarArt.

The title to this work reflects the fact that the US army is designing more 'very heavy non nuclear' bombs. More
powerfully (and more 'specialized') compared to the so called 'Daisy Cutters'. The weight of a daisy cutter is 
about 15,000 pound; this would be doubled according to some media messages.
I have to admit it; I feel a bit jealous when I think of a job with the title 'Bomb designer&tester'. But I prefer
other ways of making war, you could read that for example in story 14.    


Title to this war art: After&not before gives rise to a completely new bomb design.     

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