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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages. 
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have May 2006.
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Part LVII: May 2006:




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 29 May 2006    



To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part LVII of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid judicial shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.


29 May 2006: A few weeks ago (when US military death in Iraq were standing at 2396, now it is 2465) I came across an unbelievable quote. It is hard to say how reliable the information is, but stating that one killed in action a day is politically sustainable (for the Bush administration) is feeding al Qaida and other groups inside Iraq...

Here is the quote:

Support in the US for the war in Iraq has been sapped by the 2396 American combat deaths since the invasion. The Pentagon hopes to limit deaths among American troops to "one KIA (killed in action) a day" - a figure White House strategists believe will be politically sustainable.

Comment: Ah, the death toll is feeding it's way into the very caves of American political power. The poor creatures. But we can easy draw an important lesson from this: Before the impending US midterm elections this year, the Iraqis should keep up the pace of killing US military in Iraq...
The weeks before this US election will be important and when the democrats win there will be severe trouble for commander in chief Dubya.  

It is even tempting to make the day before the US elections a new Military Bloody Day. But we better look at the result of the next MBD on 26 July this year, when nothing happens the Iraqis have lost interest in this long story. 


Next subject: The tensions between Iran and the USA (or may be better the tensions between Iran and a whole lot of other nation in particular the USA). The tensions over the nuclear affairs from Iran are growing and growing and it looks like Iran is on a ram course, just like the USA...

Well military action by some international coalition or solely by the USA would alter the Iraqi equation, that's what I am hoping for. But read the quote, the Iranians have all kinds of fantasies of course about how to fight back and here is one of those fantasies (that might be in the planning by the Iranians by now...):


"We have announced that wherever America does something evil, the first place that we target will be Israel," Revolutionary Guards Rear Admiral Mohammad-Ebrahim Dehqani was quoted as saying by Iran's student news agency ISNA.

Now isn't that easy to understand? If you attack us, we attack Israel! Easy and simple...


Next and last subject for today: Coalition fatalities in Iraq.

In the previous month I published the next picture on the homepage, just some statistics around military coalition fatalities in Iraq. Just take a look at the numbers:

Beside this I asked the Iraqi mujahedin to kill only 31 in this month of May, they did not listen... It is hard to say if this is a pity because extra military deaths are always welcome around here. It would be funny if this month total will stuck at 62 US military deaths, in that case the mujahedin would have twice a '31 package' delivered. But we have to wait until the end of the month, in the meantime you can look at the statistics until now, there are interesting differences to observe. For example look at British fatalities:

We have to go a long way back since the UK suffered losses like this, to be precise we have to go back to a previous Military Bloody Day. That MBD was 30 January 2005 (elections in Iraq). That was a very important MBD-day, in my memory it was a bit like this:

Country wide something like 300 to 350 attacks were staged by the Iraqis but all efforts did not give one single dead Western soldier. It just looked like that MBD would end into the void of history. But in the evening after I had given up hopes of massive destruction a British Hercules was shot down, this was unbelievable news. This was unbelievable and because the initial reports had no clue upon the number of dead there was room for all kinds of fantasies because Hercules planes can carry many dozens of soldiers...

But this election day MBD is a thing from the past, we must look at the future and the next Military Bloody Day is located at 26 July 2006. Lets wait upon that one, with a bit of luck we will have another good day.















End of part 57.














NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll kiss you with love & that's a fact!





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