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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Long time yo see man! Hey I need some hot coffee because it is damn cold in your country and what do we have to do with this surge in USA born soldiers?

-Reinko: I don't know, the surge in Afghanistan is very weird because only next year in 2011 these USA born soldiers are supposed to get back to their trailer parks.

We must also take into account that even the throwing of dumb bombs is good for the US economy because of the replacement demand. 

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: For Afghanistan it is important to keep attacks up, after all Afghanistan is not for nothing the graveyard of empires.

On the other hand the Pakistanis should put their act together and avoid being the next Colombia or Mexico.

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to Afghanistan so bye bye 




(12 Aug 2011) One item:

Item 1) Ratio between US Federal debt growth & GDP growth. 

 Item 1) Ratio between US Federal debt growth & GDP growth. 

Going further from yesterdays update where we observed the annualized USA GDP grew about 50 billion from the first to the second quarter of 2011, we observed also that this means that the GDP grew only 12.5 billion on a quarterly basis.

Lets further assume the USA Federal deficit is about 1.5 trillion a year, so on average per 3 months, that is about 375 billion. 

That gives a ratio between GDP and debt growth of 375 / 12.5 = 30. 

So one extra GDP dollar costs at this moment 30 more dollars in borrowing... 


The reason for this update is that I am a little bit worried upon the reaction of the Standard & Poors downgrade of the USA Federal debt from AAA to AA+. 

My worries are that until the present day there still are a lot of pension funds worldwide that still have US treasuries in their holdings, that is horribly stupid because it is utterly clear how the USA story will end. 

I know that I am a little bit better at math than the average person, but is the above ratio so difficult to understand? And why have a lot of pension funds no employees that craft such easy ratio's themselves and rely hefty on commercial rating companies like S&P? 


Lets leave it with that, till updates & for the pension funds: use your fucking brain! 


(11 Aug 2011) Only one boring item, lets hope it is boring enough...  

Item 1) Is the USA economy already contracting for some time? 

 Item 1) Is the USA economy already contracting for some time?

Lets not do difficult, according to the next link the US economy might be shrinking already when it comes to GDP numbers chained to 2005 US$ values. 

Here is the link, in the upper row you see the USA economy shrinking although as usual the USA financial press has other 'more important' things to do... You know, all those things that people 'can understand' or 'lets not get too technical' kind of stuff.

Table 1.1.6. Real Gross Domestic Product, Chained Dollars  

If the link does not work, try table 1.1.6 from the next collection of tables:  

So all in all life looks ok; the USA economy is shrinking right in the face of so much   stimulus...  



The USA Bureau of Economical Analysis says so...  If you need so much more Federal debt and on an annualized basis the GDP only grows 50 billion (or only 12.5 billion going from Q1 to Q2) you can also argue that in fact the economy is shrinking.

Poor poor equity markets around the world: the USA cannot suck up more debt propping up her wonderful GDP even further. 

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(06 Aug 2011) What a lovely weekend; I am almost half a century old now and for years I have waited for the very first downgrade of US Federal debt.
Therefore only two items both about the S&P USA Federal debt downgrade:

Item 1) Two dumb reactions on the US Federal debt downgrade. 
Item 2) Possible stuff that could happen because of the US debt downgrade. 

 Item 1) Two dumb reactions on the US Federal debt downgrade. 

Albeit at least one full year late, because you can do all calculations on the backside of a cigar box, the first commercial rating company has downgraded the US Federal debt by only one notch to AA+. 

The fiscal details are easy to understand, only when you have a severe mental handicap you cannot understand what will happen in the future when in the present you have: 

(Sorry if I am a rough 100 billion wrong here and there, 100 billion more or less is utterly irrelevant now.) 
---Federal outlays about 3.7 trillion US$ this fiscal year.
---Deficit is about 1.5 trillion US$ this fiscal year.
---No possibility to raise any kind of taxes. 


Any fool can understand that, you really do not need a commercial debt ratings company for that. 

The Australian prime minister is nothing but a cheap chick when she remarks; quote, source

"At the same time, the other two major ratings agencies, Moody's and Fitch, continue to have the American economy rated at AAA. So I think people just need to look at all of the facts." 

Comment: Yes stupid chick, people should look at the facts, you can find these facts above. I am glad this dumb chick is the Australian pm and not one from Europe... 

Paul Krugman. 

It is well known Paul Krugman is a fundamentalist when it comes to debt hugging, every time Paul finds a teenager that is without a job for over two weeks, in utter agony Paul screams for more and more stimulus. 

Why Paul ever got that Nobel prize in economics will forever be one of the mysteries of the Nobel prize committees that select the candidates... 

Ha, years back when the dumb dumb policies of the former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan came falling apart, I very much pondered the question if Paul Krugman would follow the same way. 
Paul is a one dimensional debt hugger without an eye for the value of savings in your economical system, beside that he is very lousy in math.  

So how did our Nobel prize winner react on the US debt downgrade?

Only a bit of dumb emotion, see this:  

The Best Summary of the S&P Downgrade 

Paul and his followers seem to think that given the wrongdoings of Standard & Poors in the past, suddenly 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 any longer in the present because S&P says that one and one is two. 

Come on Paul & Australian pm chick: it is only one notch down while in practice everybody can do the math... (Unless you are utterly stupid of course.)

Item 2) Possible stuff that could happen because of the US debt downgrade. 

Ha, this is tricky stuff because to be honest I don't have much sharp clue either. That is because the downgrade is only one notch.

But it will have it's stuff on the Federal bond markets, that is clear. But in the USA there are also piles of borrowed money every now and than fleeing 'into safety'. 

All that cash, be it real money or leveraged up borrowed money in the US financial system still needs it safe haven. Look for example at the behavior of the bond markets last week: Spain & Italy got a nice beating around the ears while USA stuff dropped...

Therefore elementary logic says that the US$ will weaken further, so that bond markets will have less volatility and or panic.

That's in a nutshell as I look at it now: the bond markets don't want all kinds of shit, an orderly rewind will go via currency depreciation. 
(Of course there still is that strange correlation between stock market values and the US$ value; if stocks fall the dollar gets stronger and vice versa, that blurs the picture of course but all in all I expect the dollar to weaken further.)

Lets leave it with that, see ya around! 

Till updates. 


(03 Aug 2011) Two items:

Item 1) UK phone hacking fun continues.
Item 2) USA obesity rates keep on rising and rising. 

 Item 1) UK phone hacking fun continues.

Just as you thought it could not go any lower than this, now it is rumored that the News of the World editor gave a mother an already hacked phone while her eight year old daughter was kidnapped & killed... 

In that case the phone could have software like this on it: 

Some of the tasty details: 

Did Rebekah Brooks Hack It? 

Just so disgusting I won't comment on it, as an antidote an old anecdote from my own experience with hacked phones: 

This dates back to the end of 2001, I don't recall the exact month but lets say it would be in the Oct-Nov 2001 range of dates. 

On this website I published a short story or some update that clearly had attached a number to it. I don't recall the exact number so lets say the number was 12344321. 

To my amazement a few days later a good friend of mine with who I had often some short telephone talks a day came up with a new telephone number: 06 12344321. 

You understand I was totally surprised but I decided to keep my mouth shut. 
Even my pal did not know that he had a very weird telephone number. 

So I few months later, on this very website again, I mentioned the strange telephone number I received. That same evening the phone of my pal stopped working... 

A few days later after the phone stopped working I explained the thing to my pal and I asked him how he got that phone. He said he got it very cheap from a very 'vague person' in some café after his previous phone was lost or stolen. 

(End of the anecdote.) 

That's one of the reasons I still don't like mobile phones today, they might be handy but for myself speaking I don't like them. 

Item 2) USA obesity rates keep on rising and rising. 

One of the miracle things of the USA is they keep on getting fatter and fatter in an amazing high rate. Ok ok also over there a lot of new pensioners are in the making given the old baby boom from after World War II and the older you get on average the heavier you get, but the USA obesity madness goes far beyond that.

Why, as a nation, do they keep on deteriorating like this? 

It is the speed that amazes me so much: how fucking lazy as a nation you must be to arrive at body fat growth like this? 

Is the USA really the nation of retards as I portray them them for years?
Please make up you own mind, that's all I ask. 

Boring links: 

From Boston dot com: 
Obesity rates rise at least 90% in 17 states since ’95, study says 

A funny graphic can be found at: 

U.S. Obesity Trends 

Lets leave it with that, till updates.


(18 July 2011) Only one update:

Item 1) The UK phone hacking scandal gets better and better. 

 Item 1) The UK phone hacking scandal gets better and better. 

It all started with a bit of emotion: the mobile phone of a kidnapped and killed UK teenager was hacked while months later her inbox was changed giving her parents and 'the police' false hope on her survival... 

Now a bit of dust is beginning to settle it becomes more and more obvious that the UK newspapers are using police software in order to track and get access to mobile phones. 

It was obvious the police would be involved since the hacking goes over many years over all telecom operators and for many years no UK based telecom operator is advertising with stuff like: You cannot hack our phones because we love the privacy of our customers.

Of course the UK tabloids have some money to invest and very likely they have better hacking software today compared to the London police... 

Lets not do difficult, it looks like the London police is at least as corrupted as the local police here in Groningen and it is a pity I cannot use a mobile phone myself for over five years now...

That is very shit because I simply cannot use a reliable phone that will keep away the local police, I want a phone that only traces me when I need to make a call... 

Lets leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(16 July 2011) Sorry for not updating so long but it's Summertime so why spend too much time behind your fucking computer?     

That does not mean I don't have nothing to write about, for example (without placing links) it is rumored that in the bin Laden so called treasure trove there was some prior knowledge to the 7/7/05 London bombings. 

If they have stuff like that, may be (but far from sure) the bin Laden treasure trove also has some info on my individual insights on the success of the original 9/11/01 attacks in New York... 

But hey, the 'treasure trove' is in the hands of the Americans so by all standards it will be highly unlikely I will get the stuff that I need...  

So I skip all kinds of stuff like that & there will be only one update in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Smilde en Lopik zendtorens branden op dezelfde dag... 

 Item 1) Smilde en Lopik zendtorens branden op dezelfde dag... 

Als statisticus is het voor mij heel leuk om te zien hoe jullie reageren op twee branden waarvan één onder controle en de ander aanleiding gaf tot een leuke instorting. 

Laten we het simpel houden:

Stel dat er eens in de 10 jaar een serieuze brand is in een zendtoren vergelijkbaar met Smilde of Lopik. Laten we gewoon eens zeggen dat de kans op brand per dag 1 op de 3000 is.

Nou, als de kansen op brand in zendtorens ongeveer één op de drieduizend is, dan is de kans op twee branden op dezelfde dag ongeveer één op de negen miljoen!   

(Ok ok, mijn collega statistici en kansrekenaars weten dat je ook de zendmasten die niet in de brand zijn gegaan erin moet betrekken, en je moet ook niet alleen kijken naar de kans van precies twee zendtorens in de fik maar naar de kans op twee of meer op dezelfde dag...) 

Volgens mijn bescheiden mening, als het waar is dat de Lopik brand ontstaan is door een overbelaste electriciteits toevoer kabel, is er in Smilde precies hetzelfde gebeurt.  

Hier is een youtubber met het Smilde gevalletje: 
Val radio- tv-toren smilde 

Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums.

Till updates.


(30 June 2011)  Five items:

Item 1) USA zombie spending at 3.5 trillion $???
Item 2) The staggering price of abortions; 163 million girls gone...
Item 3) A short one on Libya.
Item 4) In Dutch: Een tweeter die gevangenisstraf krijgt.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) USA zombie spending at 3.5 trillion $??? 

The Christian Science Monitor had a nice article lately stating that about 3.5 trillion is paid in interest only every year in the USA. 

Source: Zombie spending and US debt 


How about this? Porter Stansberry told us that together, public and private sectors in the US now spend $3.5 trillion just on interest. Since almost all the borrowed money was spent on consumption rather than capital investment, this expense is just one big drag on the economy. It produces no growth, no real jobs, and no real wealth.

And here’s another big drag: taxes. Porter says the total tax take is about $2.5 trillion. Again, this is money almost 100% consumed…eaten up…used up, with nothing to show for it but people eager to consume even more next year. 

Comment: The 3.5 trillion looks a bit over the top, suppose the average interest rate is 5%, in that case you would need 70 trillion in outstanding debt in order to get 3.5 trillion of paid interest a year... 
For myself speaking I often use something like 50 trillion in total USA debt but that is not included all the trillions in the USA Federal Trust Funds.

Item 2) The staggering price of abortions; 163 million girls gone... 

A female named Mara Hvistendahl gets a big compliment because she has done what I wanted to calculate for years but since it is hard to get the statistics right I never have done it.

Mara calculates back from the male to female ratio in a given population like China and India and as such calculates how much girls extra have been aborted.
In normal societies the male to female ratio is 105 boys for every 100 girls, in for example China this is 121 boys for every 100 girls.

Mara comes with a staggering number, but her methods look solid so this could very well be true, quote: 

Yet today in India there are 112 boys born for every 100 girls. In China, the number is 121—though plenty of Chinese towns are over the 150 mark. China's and India's populations are mammoth enough that their outlying sex ratios have skewed the global average to a biologically impossible 107. But the imbalance is not only in Asia. Azerbaijan stands at 115, Georgia at 118 and Armenia at 120. 

Comment: These are truly staggering numbers. This is sad stuff, sad statistics... 

Item 3) A short one on Libya. 

It is a pity that Gadhaffi is still alive, a few weeks back I pondered the question if there might be more to this guy because he still has some followers but a few days later it was clear again Gadhaffi is just a bucket of shit and it would be better for Libya to get rid of that inverted asshole. 

Lately some generals swapped wiser sides and to my fun we also had some soccer players doing the same. In order to understand why Gadhaffi is very much some inverted asshole (beside his weird uniforms, dresses and his disgusting ugly face) lets enjoy a quote from the soccer team guys: 

“I am telling Colonel Gaddafi to leave us alone and allow us to create a free Libya,” said Juma Gtat, 33, who has played as goalkeeper in the national team. “In fact I wish he would leave this life altogether.”


Gaddafi had “done nothing for Libya since he took over; there’s no proper infrastructure, no good education, no health care,” he told the BBC. 

“The young people are not well educated. This is because of the last 42 years.” 

Comment: The dear leader (aka inverted asshole) should be killed of course, that is easy to understand but why not burry his body somewhere in Tripoli and build a large public toilet over it?

In that case you can take a pee or a shit for decades to come on the right place.

It's not a bad idea, likely it's forbidden under Islamic law, but as an idea it is very much ok.  

Item 4) In Dutch: Een tweeter die gevangenisstraf krijgt.

Er zijn van die dagen en dan zakt je onderbroek haast spontaan af omder je van dat vreemde en gestoorde nieuws te horen krijgt.

Nou ik wil het echt niet goedpraten, laast was er een gevalletje van 'USA shootout" in een winkelcentrum in Alphen aan de Rein. En dan heb je ook nog van die mafkeketels die gaan dreigen dat ze het nog wel eens dunnetjes zullen overdoen. 

Natuurlijk moeten dat soort gasten een leuke schop onder de kont,  

Bekijk eens de volgende video: 

Twitterdreigers voor de rechter 

Kommentaar: Tja wat moet ik hiermee? Natuurlijk moet wat jeugd een schop onder de kont als ze verklaren de boel nog eens dunnetjes over te zullen doen.
Maar als ikzelf als 40+ persoon aan het 'internationaal terrorisme' adviseer om de getallen 5 en 7 te gebruiken is er alleen stilte.

En dan heb je bijv, tja ik noem maar een UK zijstraat, van:  

Kommentaar: Ok ik geef toe dat ik graag het internationaal terrorisme wat meer controllable wilde maken... Nou ja, dat lukte wel maar een beetje help?   

Vergeet het maar...  

Item 5) The empty item.  

Empty empty empty, sorry please use your own brain to construct this fifth item... 



Tot opdatums, till updates. 


(21 June 2011) Only one item about boring military developments on the techno gadget level:

Item 1) A pack of wolves versus the hive mind. 

 Item 1) A pack of wolves versus the hive mind. 

No clue, no I have no clue whatsoever when a few times I jokingly proposed that instead of using so called 'smart bombs' they should make bombs & rockets that work together like a pack of wolves. 

To my surprise a few years later Pentagons darling DARPA floated the idea of making unmanned fighter jets that work together...
I scratched my head and wondered if it would have been better if years before I kept those jokes to myself. On the other hand I still had fun because floating the idea or joking about it is very easy, actually writing the software to make this work would be a few years work. 

Now in 2011 it looks like the USA folks have made some progression, again I am scratching my old bold head but what is life without a few jokes? 

That's true, without fun life is miserable. A 2011 joke: 

Shit man, if DARPA got enthusiastic from some boring jokes they also understand the zero-one project! So say an extra goodbye to all those extra filled coffins... 

But lets not hang out the stand up comedian and lets get back to the future of modern warfare. Here is a funny quote: 

The Hive Mind

Building the robot planes themselves was relatively easy. Much tougher was writing the software needed to fly the drones. “The operating system is the part that’s hardest to deal with,” Michael Francis, Leahy’s successor, said later. Ideally, killer drones would fly in a choreographed “swarm,” swooping down to overwhelm an enemy’s defenses. But swarm behavior required a fast-reacting blend of navigation, communication, targeting and formation-flying that had never been demonstrated before. 

Comment: I don't have a clue how far this is developed right now, it is very difficult to get a good representation of 'swarm behavior' into the software that rules the unmanned aircraft. 


The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone 


Ok lets end the day with a more simple joke that most people can understand more easily: 

Question: Have you heard about the Iraqi oil pumped up for the USA? 

Answer: There still isn't any! 

May be it's time to hit the 'publish website' button. 
See ya around & till updates.


(09 June 2010) Oops, I didn't update for about two weeks! I am sorry for the regular readers but I just didn't feel like it because this old guy succeeded into getting a very unpleasant pain in the lower parts of the human backbone.  

Therefore only a few boring links, as usual I always do my utter best to make them as boring as possible. 

Item 1) Boring links. 

 Item 1) Boring links.

A guy named Steve Keen has similar insights as me on the sustainability of the USA to suck up more and more debt. Steve has a good approach and is luckily much wider in his reasoning compared to all those stock market analysts. 

From Steve Keen's debt watch: 

Prof Steve Keen YouTube Channel in business again  

A few days back I stumbled upon a kind of 3 dimensional fractal that is very lovely, it is named the Mandelbox although it has nothing to do with the original Mandelbrot fractal in 2 dimensions. 

And instantly it started itching in my head the hard way: there are so many ways to bring the complex multiplication into all other dimensions and infinite huge oceans of beautiful fractals are only waiting to be found... 

But I have to admit I never published that math; it lies on the shelf for lets say 20 years but I still did not write it down into some modern pfd file that you can read all over the world... Sorry for being lazy. 

Here is a youtubber on the Mandelbox: 

Mandelbox variations 

Also nice: 

Mandelbox trip 

Of course all regular readers know the original Mandelbrot fractal is based on iterations of the complex parabola f(z) = z^2 + c.
So how is this done in 3D with the Mandelbox?
A very short answer describing what is happening when it comes to iterations is the next link (remark the upper half of the algorithm goes par coordinate so in 3D it works on the three (x, y, z) coordinates

From wikipedia: Mandelbox 


At the end of this update a few words to the NATO generals & the likes upon Libya: 

I am very satisfied with the results until now, the air power weapon has it's limitations and all in all this is a small scale study of those limitations.
So my dear NATO generals, may be I will regret it in the future, but for now you get my official compliments. 

And why there are still supporters of the lunatic named Gadhaffi is still not understood by me, ok Gadhaffi might be smart in the science of survival but now I want him dead too for a couple of months. 

So lets wait and see how the Libyan equation will pan out.

Till updates. 


(27 May 2011) Two items: 

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul hits again!
Item 2) In Dutch: Spionage in Zweden door USA ongedierte. 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul hits again!  

It still amazes me that so much Americans keep on hanging out the debt hugger and apply all kind of weird logic to ridicule the well needed austerity measures here in Europe. 

Why would some European nations need a severe bout of austerity? Only that will help making the economy more efficient, it is a very painful process but if you use debt for consumption on all scales of the economy, at some point you simply have to do the thingeling known as austerity. 

It is rather painful, for example Greece needs to cut about 3% a year (as compared to the entire economy) for something like three years on a row. (Plus all those other things that in the long run will make the Greeks more efficient workers.) 

Lets turn to that weirdo Paul Krugman, the more years go by the more it beats me why this guy ever got a Nobel prize in economics. From his latest ramblings we have for example, quote:

In Europe, by contrast, the pain caucus has been in control for more than a year, insisting that sound money and balanced budgets are the answer to all problems. Underlying this insistence have been economic fantasies, in particular belief in the confidence fairy — that is, belief that slashing spending will actually create jobs, because fiscal austerity will improve private-sector confidence. 

Unfortunately, the confidence fairy keeps refusing to make an appearance. And a dispute over how to handle inconvenient reality threatens to make Europe the flashpoint of a new financial crisis. 

Comment: After my humble opinion the problems in for example Greece have been building up for lets say a full decade. So how can that be solved in lets say 10 months? No, on the contrary, if for a full decade too much debt has been sucked up, on average it might cost another decade to get rid of it.

Why those people like Paul Krugman/Joseph Stiglitz want 'solutions' that keep the economy growing (growth in the sense of GDP growth) is beyond all logic I can think of.  

And why the hell did people like that get a Nobel prize in the first place? 

Item 2) In Dutch: Spionage in Zweden door USA ongedierte. 

Een maandje terug (23 april om precies te zijn, zie beneden) vertelde ik jullie wat over auto's die mij achtervolgd zouden hebben terwijl ik gewoon mijn eerzame werk voor defensie deed in Deutschland.  

En ik zie jullie al denken: allerlei achtervolgingen door rare types met vreemd gedrag en ha ha ha dat zouden we dan ook in Groningen gehad hebben? Ja ja, die Reinko kan mij nog meer vertellen maar dat gaat er bij mij toch niet in. 

Nou ja, iedereen heeft natuurlijk recht op de vruchten van de eigen hersenen, maar dat soort van spion gedoe is veel meer schering en inslag dan je als brave belastingbetaler zou denken. 

Dat is gewoon van alle tijden. 

Maar het was toch wel leuk om al zo snel een ander 'vreemd gevalletje' te vinden, 
Deze is uit Zweden: 

US ran 'secret terror hunt' in Sweden: report 

Nou ja, even terug naar de maanden okt/nov/dec 2001:
De Groninger politie hield mij in de gaten omdat zij van mening waren dat ze Maaike's kut moesten beschermen, maar er waren ook veel te veel van die andere types. 

Ik heb geen enkel hard bewijs dat er Amerikanen rondliepen in Groningen in die lang vervlogen maanden maar ik heb nog wel steeds een naam op de plank liggen, het is niet uit 2001 maar uit 2007: 

Kevin Thomas McGann (dat is een chiropraker gevestigd in Zaandam, misschien heeft hij de postcode 1506 DB). 

Heel misschien en met de nodige slagen om de arm kan het zijn dat K T McGann een zogenaamde 'person of interest' is voor bijv organisaties als de AIVD... 

Niet teveel aandacht aan besteden maar als AIVD-ers eens 10 duizend € belastinggeld stukslaan op deze McGann dan weet ik na 10 jaar weer waarom ik eigenlijk belasting betaal. 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(16 May 2011) One item on this day's financial news: 

Item 1) What is the most bizarre financial news of the day? Choose from... 

 Item 1) What is the most bizarre financial news of the day? Choose from... 

Today I observed two equally bizarre news items, the first is bizarre because of it's sexual content, the second because of the weird languages used by Timothy Geithner (the present USA Treasury Secretary).

What is the most bizarre? Choose from: 

1) IMF Chief Denied Bail in Sex Assault Case 

2) U.S. dipping into pensions as it hits debt limit 

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused today of a sodomy rape of a hotel room maid, by all standards this is one 100% bizarre news. We are all waiting on the juicy details of course, but suppose it's true Dominique raped that maid, could it be he had ordered for a whore but accidentally this maid enters his room?
It's just sheer speculation on my behalf or course, but until now the story is just so freaking bizarre that only stuff like ordering for a whore makes sense of this.
But we better wait for the juicy details to come out, so much could have happened...


On the second link: 

Today the USA Federal government hit her debt ceiling of 14+ trillion, this debt ceiling consists of all public traded Federal debt plus all the debt in the Federal Trust Funds. (And may be a little bit more like 'emergency money'.) 

Quote from the link above: 

Geithner said he would suspend investments in two government retirement funds, which will give the U.S. Treasury $147 billion in additional borrowing capacity.

"I will be unable to invest fully" in the civil service retirement and disability fund and the government securities investment fund, he said in a letter to congressional leaders.

The Treasury has said the suspension of the investments and other measures it could take would give the government until about August 2 before it will start defaulting on obligations, such as paying bond investors. 

Comment: Now you must not think that Tim Geithner actually withholds $147 billion investments in these funds, no on the contrary:
The $147 billion are already collected taxes from this fiscal year (or these taxes will be collected this year). In those funds there is only debt found...
No, all Tim does is not parking the debt in the Federal funds but instead sells it on the Treasury market. That's an extra 147 billion on top of the 147 billion in disablement taxes and so.

More interesting reading on this lovely financial detail can be found at: 

§ 8348. Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund 

The weird language from Tim Geithner is also embedded in texts like the above, let me quote part c) for you: 

(c) The Secretary shall immediately invest in interest-bearing securities of the United States such currently available portions of the Fund as are not immediately required for payments from the Fund. The income derived from these investments constitutes a part of the Fund. 

Comment: That is what you get if you run a country like it was a tiny and small company that cannot set aside enough reserves and only lives from one fiscal year to the next. Luckily in my home nation only once in my lifetime I observed someone in parliament suggesting similar weird stuff, that proposal was shot very fast out of the sky... After all, at the moment a government starts issuing debt to herself, the future will be rather fuzzy! 

That's it, till updates. 


(13 May 2011) One item, you need to know a little bit of math like the geometric series to understand why this is very retarded stuff from USA Nobel lauerates in the economical sciences.

Item 1) James K. Galbraith: It's the interest rate you stupid!

 Item 1) James K. Galbraith: It's the interest rate you stupid!

What happens if a nation is debt saturated on all levels of society and even the government uses a simple minded model where never ever one cent of money is reserved for future outlays? 

In that case they are a bunch of debt huggers and after they have a boatload of debt on all levels of society they will start screaming: 'The ridiculous high interest rates need to go down or otherwise we are not on a sustainable path to prosperity and happiness.' 

Sounds familiar? 

Yes indeed I am talking about the USA and James Galbraith is a USA citizen that for some strange reason indeed succeeded into getting a real Nobel prize for economical studies... Just like that other retard named Paul Krugman. 

For years I have argued that total debt levels in the USA always grow much faster compared to the underlying growth in profits in the real economy, just a tiny detail from this year 2011:
The Federal deficit is in the 10% range of the entire USA gross domestic product while this GDP doesn't grow that fast, after all the USA isn't a China kind of thing. 

Retarded mathematics.

James uses some highly retarded mathematics borrowed from Willem Buiter who now works for Citigroup. This kind of mathematics is rather retarded, if you try to catch the Amazone eco system in Brazil with a quadratic equation you end up with similar stupid stuff.

The basis of stupidity is that the variables involved are, for some strange reason, supposed to be stable over the years while running a Federal deficit in the range of 10% of GDP suggests otherwise.

Since it is so lovely retarded I decided to make a screen shot of the math involved:    


By now it is high time for you to look at the writing of James G: please neglect the 'math' and look at all the graphs he has put in to explain the difference between 'sustainable debt growth' versus the ones that are 'not sustainable': 


So dumb, so retarded, why don't the USA folks for only once in their lifetime try to bring down total debt levels? Now you are only on a path of bringing down interest rates and all international 'saving gluts' will think twice before investing in your super safe debt harbors.

Lets leave it with that while I only remark I expected better from my fellow country man named Willem Buiter. (Ok it is logical retarded USA folks will run away with the things Willem writes because on the mathematics level those USA folks are über retards but Willem: take your responsibilities instead of grabbing your big monthly salary!)

At the end of the article and after all those years finally James sees the light, quoting: 

Conclusion: It’s the Interest Rate, Stupid

The significant conclusion is that there is a devil in the interest rate assumption. If the real interest rate on the public debt is assumed to be greater than the real growth rate, unstable debt dynamics are likely.

Comment: For all international investors to the USA, mark this conclusion from James Galbraith, take care of your elderly and your youth and do not invest in inverted assholes like the USA.

Till updates while in the meantime we must never forget to attack the land stealers and land grabbers from the divine nation of God: That would be Israel...


(11 May 2011) Two items, for my international readers I am sorry but they are both in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? 
Item 2) Best een leuke column van Willem Middelkoop op 

 Item 1) Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? 

Vorige week op maandag was het vol in het nieuws: Osama bin Laden was een beetje verrot geschoten en daarom waren er plotseling allerlei extra beveiligings maatregelen. 

Nou, op die maandag zag ik ze voor het eerst op televisie; op RTLz om precies te zijn: gepantserde politie auto's die extra veel rond reden bij de Amerikaanse ambassade in Den Haag. 

Hee zeg, die dingen kende ik al. Vorig jaar maakte ik veel wandelingen en in de maand maart 2010 heb ik die dingen een aantal keren in Groningen gezien.
Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? Hoeveel gekker moet het worden??? 

Maar nee, ik heb ze zelf gezien en ik was in hoge mate verbaasd wat die dingen in Groningen deden... Echt geen idee. 

Vorig jaar na die vreselijk koude winter was ik eigenlijk van plan om te trainen voor een wandeltocht naar Assen (en dan met de trein weer terug) en dus oefende ik braaf dag in dag uit. Ik gebruikte meestal een vaste wandel route zodat eventuele vijanden dag in dag uit op mijn simpele wandel route konden anticiperen. 

Maar ja, ik ben ook niet 100% achterlijk en op zekere zondag wijzigde ik mijn route een piepklein beetje: Normaal ging ik al lopende door het Noorder Plantsoen en als ik bij de Plantsoenbrug aankwam dan sloeg ik rechtsaf om al lopende het Reitdiep enzo te volgen.
Die zondag ging het plotseling een klein beetje anders: ik liep door naar de Kraneweg en ging wandelend over de stoep langs de Kraneweg. 

Tot mijn verbazing kwam daar op deze frisse zondagochtend in maart 2010 twee politie vehicels aan rijden: een min of meer standaard politie bus met daarachter iets dat direct in mijn brein geschreven stond: WAT IS DAT???

Met een totale verbazing stond ik ernaar te kijken op deze verloren zondag ochtend: WAT IS DAT EN WAT DOET DAT HIER??? 

Dat was toch een kleine tactische fout van de lokale politie: als ik dat soort van spul zie rondrijden dan krijg ik verbazingwekkend snel een woedend schuim rond mijn mond. 

Waarom word ik daar zo kwaad over?

Nou ja dat is eenvoudig: I am the guy without body guards.
Dat is een langjarig principe en als ik het fout doe dan krijg ik een kogel door mijn kop. 

Tot nu toe, ongeveer 10 jaar in deze 'War on Terror' is het nooit echt gevaarlijk geweest. In tegendeel; de zomer van 2001 was veel en veel gevaarlijker, maar het lukte de Moslims toch niet om mij te doden. Maar ja het was evident super gevaarlijk in die oude maanden uit 2001, dat 9/11 stuff gebeurde en daarna was het ook wel gevaarlijk maar het ijzeren principe is en blijft:

Ik ben gewoon zonder lijfwachten, ik ben niet zoals mietjes als Geert Wilders en ik ben zeker niet zoals die gast genaamd Theo van Gogh. 

Om het eenvoudig te houden: Ik zou het in hoge mate waarderen als de Groninger politie zowel op korte termijn als lange termijn zou stoppen met al dat randdebiel gedoe. Wat is dat nou voor onzin om op zondag ochtenden allerlei agenten werk te verschaffen terwijl ikzelf 100% werkloos ben? 

Item 2) Best een leuke column van Willem Middelkoop op 

Willem heeft een leuke column vandaag.

Willem is wat betreft financieële inzichten ongeveer zo goed als ik; bijv toen ik dat maffe USA gedoe met betrekking tot Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac bestudeerde in het jaar 2004 bleek dat deze televisie beurs commentator dat ook deed.

Met soortgelijke conclusies als ik had!  

Nou ja, dit is echt een onderwerp dat zeer interssant is omdat inderdaad op bepaalde moment al die internationale poen markten inderdaad 100% rigged zijn. (Daarmee bedoel ik dat vele miljarden gebruikt worden om de dollar sterk to houden als dat nodig is, dat lijkt vreemd vooral als je bedenkt waar de verliezen op deze transacties wel niet heen moeten gaan.) 

Laat ik het hierbij houden, hier is de link naar Willem zijn schrijfsels: 

Column Willem Middelkoop: "The War on Gold" 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(10 May 2011) Two very boring items:

Item 1) Why do people react so weird on the gray beard of Osama?
item 2) A few and hopefully very boring links. 

 Item 1) Why do people react so weird on the gray beard of Osama?

In the first place I would like to compliment the Pentagon folks (and their political leaders) for acting normal and post a more or less funny video of Osama bin Laden watching Osama bin Laden on the television.

After having said that I think it is rather weird to observe all those media reports about a 'very frail man' who dyes his beard before making a video appearance... 

Any person with only one active brain cell still alive knows that Osama dyed his beard for example in the video with the title 'A message for the Americans'. Because in that video he had a black beard while from much older stuff we know he had some gray hairs in his beard. 

In the next link you can find perfect nonsense in so many ways, it is just like the local police talking about me... May be you should read the stupid dailymail article before proceeding: 

Mastermind of terror... or a doddery old fool? 

It is so perfectly stupid, I am obliged to quote a little bit: 

He is not watching a shopping channel on daytime TV, but old footage of his younger self – waving an AK-47 assault rifle in the Afghani hills, or acting with faux presidential grandeur in one of his jihadist broadcasts.

That the Pakistanis subsequently found ‘herbal Viagra’ in Bin Laden’s medicine cabinet sheds further light on the super terrorist’s vanity. The new footage reveals that before taping his broadcasts, he used dye on his beard and hair to achieve the impression of virility.

The unkempt figure hunched before the TV seems much older than his 54 years. Occasionally, he can be seen forgetting his lines in otherwise well-crafted propaganda broadcasts. 

Comment: For myself speaking, I use blankets too in wintertime. I have one blanket with an Avatar movie print on it and a larger one that is plain blue. Beside this I do not use a hat but a military shawl that says on it's label it is KL 1991. (My previous shawl was from the year 1986 but a few years back I had to buy a new one that was made in the year 1991. Let me spare you the NATO equipment number that is also printed on the shawl label.)

Why is Osama having a gray beard so important for all those zero brain folks? 

I mean, look at Hillary Clinton; she is aging very much but she never ever shows one gray hair in public. Is Hillary Clinton (the present USA foreign department secretary) a pure natural having perfect hair at her present age? 

And what about Tony Blair? That macho man uses facial creams all the time so he looks good before the television camera's.

Remember Dubya just before he announced a fresh war in Iraq? The BBC accidentally showed a camera feed back in 2003 where the supreme commander in chief had his hair combed so he looked perfect for the camera's and he could announce a fresh war in Iraq...

So why the fuss on the gray hears from Osama bin Laden?

Item 2) A few and hopefully very boring links. 

A few updates back I informed my dear reader that it was highly unlikely that Osama bin Laden had a kidney sickness. It's not really important because Osama is just only one soldier and compared to the value of one soldier it is far more important to get the right policies in place. But if the next link has some truth, ha ha ha all that so called kidney sickness is only a way the average USA brain works...
As you can see on inspection: not much of a kidney sickness observed:

What was in medicine chests at bin Laden compound? 

From another realm of this website: of course I am observing how the Americans act and react on their funny yearly Federal deficit of only 1600 billion US$ a year while remarking the USA military budget is only 700 to 800 billion a year.

It will take a few more years, but in the end they will bow for me and miracle miracle they will slash much more military spending. If not an amazing part of their elderly will die just like if the USA was nothing but some fifth degree developing nation... 

This fact may not sit well: Americans are under-taxed 

The next link is in the German language, but it is the best link of this update. It is about so called Totesmärsche (= death marching) and zum totes marschieren was one of the tricks the Nazis used. 

The good news is that the Israelis did those kind of tricks too shortly after the international community allowed them to have some kind of home country named Israel. 

There is nothing new under the sun, humans are humans and if there would be a nation on earth that should say no to death marches it would be the Israelis.

But no, they did stuff like that themselves...
So in the German language we have:


Zum aufspeichern.

Till updates.


(06 May 2011) Ok, may be not what you expected, but we have a green tea update...

Item 1) All those USA obesity folks never drink green tea, why is that? 

 Item 1) All those USA obesity folks never drink green tea, why is that? 

Ok drinking green tea every day is a subject far away from all the emotion in this week now the honorable bin Laden has been killed and I am still boiling with raw hatred against the Israelis with their stupid talk about a 'setback' in the peace process.

But for this update I simply set aside all my hatred and we take a short look at the obesity epidemic in the USA. 

Everybody who has visited the USA knows there are an amazing lot of very fat people over there, they are so fat and so obese it makes you wonder why they walk. Wouldn't it be much more easy to roll yourself instead trying to walk?

But no, if you have an obese body you are very weak and if you roll around every small stone you roll over will damage your skin and as such rolling around is not a good alternative to walking/biking/hiking or whatever what. 
Beside this rolling around only works when you are going downhill...

There are many factors to getting obese, it is not only your mindset but also the food and drinks you consume. For myself speaking now I am aging I far better understand the stuff involved: once you have gotten too heavy you are dead meat.
When you are young it is very easy to skip the extra kilo's, when you get older it is much harder to loose weight. And if you live inside a closed economy like the USA is, it is even much harder to loose weight; that is really not a part of USA culture...


So what about that green tea stuff, why is it not a part of USA culture? 

In the first place it costs only 20 cents a day, just like the Israelis will never give up on their ever growing settlements, for USA folks 20 cents a day is a repulsive thing while diet Coca cola is a thing they can understand. 

In the second place, most Americans are retarded to the bone. When you can do something with a cost of just 20 cents a day per capita citizen, they will reject that and go for the 20000 thousand US$ hospital operation to get their stomachs operated. 

In the third place beside drinking green tea you also have to get a little bit of body exercise, it is not much, 60 minutes a day of light exercise is enough, but try to get those obese USA wagons only walk for 30 minutes is a hell of a task...


Why does green tea work? Very simple: it has a combination of substances that indeed makes your body fat go away.

But it is 20 cents a day so the average USA mindset can't accept that.
They prefer to pay a 1000+ US$ medical insurance a month so they can get expensive treatments at their hospitals.

That's the way it works over there in the USA, long live the world leader...  


Ok end of the green tea update, now Osama is dead I would politely remind my dear reader of the importance of bringing death to Israel and the USA.

Till updates. 


(05 May 2011) Two items:

Item 1) Illegal ammo used by the Seal team in the Osama killing?
Item 2) Why it is important to keep on killing Israelis. 

 Item 1) Illegal ammo used by the Seal team in the Osama killing?

Flip flip flip I made a big mistake: I could have save those Reuters pictures while they were still online but I never thought they would be taken offline so fast... 

Reuters has bought some pictures of killed males at the bin Laden compound and they were highly interesting: blood was streaming from the nose and the ears from the guys shot by those heroic USA Navy seals... 

I admit that I was stupid as not saving those pictures instantly so I cannot show you the pictures right here and now. 

But by all standards this kind of damage can only be done by ammo that is illegal under the standard Geneva conventions that rule the use of handgun ammo in warfare. 

One of the lessons of World War II is that this kind of ammo is not allowed.

The USA does not give a shit about such details, but for me this is no surprise.
After all, in Iraq so much illegal ammo has been applied by our beloved freedom fighters and year in year out the entire world wide journalists never even looked into that.

(Later I found the pics again in other media files.)


Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house

Very funny is that these pictures were actually sold for money:

Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house

(Look at picture number 3, that more or less shows the use of illegal ammo. Legal ammo has both small entry and out wounds from the bullet used).  

This is how it looks; is this legal ammo or is it a forbidden kind of ammo for hand held guns? 


Item 2) Why it is important to keep on killing Israelis. 

In another development I observed the Israelis simply going on with their slow decade in decade out landgrab and land stealing. 

Therefore it is advised to kill more Jews and others in all nations supporting Israel.

What is the case?

I observed the Israeli pm Netanyahu being against a unified Palestinian people, he literally asked the West Bank folks not to unify with the Hamas.
On top the that the West Bankers were asked to choose between the Hamas and Israel...
Netanyahu demanded the West Bankers to choose between peace with Israel or peace with the Hamas. 

Seldom my insights in the Israeli behavior is more easily to understand. Over the last years I have written it over and over again:

The Israelis do not want peace, they only want to go on with more and more and more and more settlements. The rest is only a circus and this circus is only there to get more and more land.  

Therefore my carefully advice is to kill Israelis and supporters of Israelis wherever you can find them.

In my home nation where I live it would be good to kill the CDA political leader named Maxime Verhagen. That guy always supports Israel no matter what so why not activate his burial costs?

Lets not do difficult on small meat like the Maxime guy...

Till updates. 


(04 May 2011) And again only one item:

Item 1) Links & small thoughts on the Osama killing. 

 Item 1) Links & small thoughts on the Osama killing. 

I did not mention it in the previous update because I ran out of time, but I want this USA Brennan guy killed. With so much eager he told the world that Osama used females as a human shield that it is utterly clear he needs a bullet himself.
So disgusting, just so disgusting, the reason we need to kill Americans decade in decade out is this kind of childish thinking that Osama would use his own wife as a shield... The Americans still don't understand why they deserved the 911 fun in so many ways. 

In the next link you can find a vid of this disgusting guy named Brennan (by the way I never heard from him before but now I have seen him I want him dead): 

White House changes Osama bin Laden account  

After having said the above there is also funny news from the German media outlet named Der Spiegel; they ponder the question if it was legal...
No, of course it is never ever legal under international law to fly into another sovereign and kill a bit for home grown reasons.
I am not an expert in international law, but this was not legal. Any fool can understand that. 

Was Bin Laden's Killing Legal?,1518,760358,00.html 

It has been well documented on this website I consider the Americans as being nothing but a bunch of retards only interested in maintaining military power on the gadget level. But now they have confiscated a lot of computer hard disks and other materials from the Osama bin Laden compound that might prove that indeed al Qaida in Iraq imitated my methods of getting more US military coffins filled...
Now am I scared to the bone?
Of course not, by now I know how the weasels run... 

US trawls al-Qaida 'treasure trove' of seized hard drives 


All in all I am laughing; the local authorities have behaved illegal for so many years against me, for them it is very very hard to bring a solid judicial case against my holy ass. Even if the Osama hard drives contain some serious stuff, never ever I will have only the smallest kind of problems...

Live isn't hard if you know how the weasels run.

Lets leave it with that, till updates my beloved reader! 


(02 May 2011) Only one item:

Item 1) News of the day: The death of Osama bin Laden. 

 Item 1) News of the day: The death of Osama bin Laden. 

Well well well, after almost 10 years the USA has finally managed to kill bin Laden. That sure was some surprising news. 

As far as is known until now, no civilians died (except on the compound itself of course). Fair is fair, it is well known how I think about the Americans but they deserve a compliment for the execution of this operation; nothing of that weird bla bla bla of using overwhelming power and so. No massive bombardments, just going in with four helicopters... 

The seaman's grave for Osama does not win the beauty contest, but ok ok it would be hard to find a suitable place on land within 24 hours in order to get a more normal burial. The argument the Americans wanted to prevent a land grave becoming a shrine is rejected by me: if a true world military power could not carry the risk of a land grave it is not a true world military power. No, as far as I am looking at it this does not win a beauty contest... 

One thing is sure: all those cave dwellers who year in year out thought Osama was hiding in caves have luckily proved to be wrong. It was more or less like I expected it all those years: in a more or less large city.
What we still miss: you also had those thousands of USA based idiots believing Osama had a serious kidney sickness (because he once imported two blood cleaning medical machines to Afghanistan). Of course the US military medics must have checked on the kidney detail: wanna bet it is a 100% fantasy? The kidney sickness story is more a way the average American brain works and not a representation of what could be true... 

Pure evil.

It turns my stomach all day long when I hear Americans talking about the 'man of pure evil'. And that only because of the little number of 3000 Americans killed on 11 Sept 2001... That kind of stuff makes me sick: on average every day inside the USA there are about 50 killings so it takes about two months in the USA to arrive at 3000 killings.
In normal democracies like Germany or my home base country it takes not 2 but on average 10 months to arrive at similar numbers of killed people. And those retards talk about 'pure evil'... 

From the standpoint of social sciences it has to be remarked that the USA is highly selective in choosing her enemies; Osama bin Laden was by all means their dreamt up enemy. Very good for their military industry...
When I myself executed the so called zero-one project in Iraq in the spring of 2007 it is estimated that easily 100+ US military service folks died in so called 'excess death toll'.
To put it in perspective: That's easily 6 times a USS Cole event.
I never had any kind of complaints, how come that?
Now wow going after me does not bring any benefits to the US military budget, an alternative explanation would be that the USA military folks are far too retarded to understand the details of the zero-one project. 


Ok, it is past midnight so officially it is already 03 May of the present year while the date above says it is 02 May.

So I have to stop writing and hit the 'publish button'. Because already now the Americans would think I am a 100% liar because I am a few minutes late...

Being retarded is an easy thing you know, see ya around!


Till updates. 


(30 April 2011) Two small items: 

Item 1) I want Donald Trump as next USA prez!
Item 2) Those strange things known as Modern Money Theories... 

 Item 1) I want Donald Trump as next USA prez! 

More and more USA business 'tycoon' Donald Trump looks like the perfect candidate for the Republican nomination for the next US presidential elections.
The Trump guy is sheer perfection for what I see is an ideal candidate: You have the combined stupidity of Dubya, Rumsfled & Cheney combined in one person... 

So it's perfectly logical Trump is leading in the polls as held under the retarded US population; only when you are retarded enough you will view D. Trump as a good next prez for your country. 

The stuff this guy comes up with is unbelievable, lets quote a few of Mr. Trump's remarks: 

On the Iraqi oil: 

The real estate mogul and television producer continued his battle cry of taking oil from countries after we have defeated them in battle.

"In the old days, when you won the war, it was yours," Trump said, earning applause from the crowd. "When we win a war … we leave with nothing." 

And, for example, on South Korea: 

"I'd say to South Korea, 'All those televisions you sell us, all the billions you make — we're going to protect you and make sure you're in good shape, but you're going to pay for it,'" he proclaimed. "You know something, they would do it in two minutes." 

Say no to OPEC! This version of Donald Duck will say no to OPEC if he were the next USA president: 

Concerning oil prices, the New York businessman complained that there isn't anyone in power willing to say no to OPEC when they raise the price of gasoline. "We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that ****ing price," Trump said. 

Comment: This all is so weird and outlandish it is very hard to make meaningful comments on it, I mean stuff like invading other countries for stealing oil or literally asking South Korea protection money points to serious mental issues inside Mr Trump his head.

We have to take into account that Donald Trump can win the Republican nomination, don't forget they coughed up Dubya with their eyes open, we must never forget that my dear reader: 

They can also cough up somebody as dumb as Dubya, we must never forget that. 


Ok it's no secret I want the USA kicked out of NATO, that is one of my long term wishes. Lets talk real politik: With Donald Trump as the commander in chief over the US military & with some luck of course, I finally could axe the NATO in half. 

A bit more down to earth:

The combination Donald Trump / Charlie Sheen would be true perfection, these guys show similar mental deficiencies and will be a perfect tandem operating from the White House... 


Donald Trump in Vegas: 'Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people' 

Donald Trump still wants Iraq's oil, calls Fox analyst a 'sad fool' for disagreeing 

(Both links are from the Los Angeles Times.) 

 Item 2) Those strange things known as Modern Money Theories... 

It is hard to define what exactly Modern Money Theories are so lets them simply view them as 'after the crisis hit' kind of theories. 

The most weird kind of those theories say it is utter nonsense to tax the real economy since the government already issues the local money. So a bit like the government already issues the money, why tax people after that? 

Of course already before the financial crisis started it was easily foreseen all kind of weird lines of reasoning would pop up, after all the psychological state as known as 'being in denial' activates all parts of the human brain and hence all  'logic' is just a derivate of emotion.

This week I came around another one of those modern thingelings and even I was impressed by the next logic, quote: 

Occasionally I have written in an article that Government deficits equals private savings "to the penny". That comment generates some heated rebuttals from readers, but from my analysis of the National Accounts, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), I can confirm that the statement is one of fact. 

Comment: Don't get fooled by stuff like this, it is just the outcome of one of those dumb & simple economical models.
Of course in all models of a closed economy, the debt issued by the government is by definition bought by the 'private sector'. And if you classify these private sector buys as 'savings' it might fit to the penny. I will not deny that. 

So if this were true, the USA is actually 'saving' this 1600 billion $ Federal yearly deficit and not consuming it? And they only lean back a little bit waiting for the time to activate those fantastic savings?

Source: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)  


Oh oh, modern money theories... Who needs it? 

Till updates. 


(23 April 2011) One update, sorry it's in Dutch...

Item 1) In Dutch: Lekker kletsen, lekker schelden. 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Lekker kletsen, lekker schelden. 

Wat went dat toch snel: lui die je achtervolgen... 

In oktober van het jaar 2001 onzes Heren werkte ik een poosje voor defensie in Duitsland (lokatie Seedorf, die lokatie is nu opgeheven). Tot mijn verbazing werd ik al rijdende in mijn automobiel meestal achtervolgd door rare types die constant een telefoon tegen hun oor gedrukt hielden.
Ze spraken nouwelijks in die telefoon en hadden constant zo'n agressieve trek om hun monden.
Het is vreemd maar dat soort van achtervolging went enorm snel, al na twee of drie dagen als ik bij mijn hotel aankwam dan wist ik: als ik nu mijn richting aanwijzer naar links doe dan gaat mijn achtervolger binnen een seconde naar rechts daar dat kleine straatje in. En zo gebeurde het...

Terug in Groningen: hoe filter je achtervolgers uit het publiek terwijl je te voet bent? 

Dat is lastig, met een auto kan je altijd veel makkelijker snel of extra langzaam gaan rijden en gewoon eens kijken welke auto's in de buurt blijven. Maar te voet wil ook best wel, gebruik bijv eens de volgende methode als je die nodig hebt: 

Ga wat heen en weer lopen in een niet al te drukke winkelstraat, hier in Groningen kan dat bijv in de Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. Banjer wat heen en weer en probeer alle relevante gezichten/personen te onthouden.
Het is belangrijk dat het niet al te druk is, dan is het veel makkelijker.
Dan sla je een rustig zijweggetje in, bijv die naar de Nieuwe Kerk. Loop rustig het straatje in, na een meter of 100 steek je over en keer je gewoon om.
Iedereen die je dan tegen komt en die je om de één of andere reden eerder ook al vond opvallen is natuurlijk verdacht... (Niet direct met je bijl gaan meppen trouwens, je kunt de rollen ook omdraaien en proberen zelf eens een verdacht persoon te volgen en kijken wat ie gaat doen.) 

De Groninger politie deed ook mee; de helden beschermden Maaike's kut. 

Ja, kom je terug in Groningen in okt 2001 en tot mijn verbazing gaat de Groninger politie mij ook in de gaten houden. En ook min of meer opzichtig maar steeds met een kort oogcontact, dus niet zoals die gasten in auto's in Duitsland die alleen maar hardnekkig achter je aan rijden. (Nou ja, dat was in okt 2001.)
Nou dat was een leuke combi: aan de ene kant van die buitenlanders in burger en aan de andere kant de Groninger polite met hun maffe zedenzaak.  

Je kunt het niet geloven: zelfs de Chinezen??? 

Dit is niet van okt 2001, ik weet niet meer precies wanneer het gebeurde maar het was ook ergens aan het begin van de War on Terror.
Ik kwam al een jaar of drie bij een lokale afhaal Chinees en dat waren meestal bijzonder plezierige economische transacties. En vaak ook grappig (voor zover dat mogelijk is bij een Chinees). 
Nou ja, stap ik op een goede dag weer eens binnen, ze herkennen mij en ze trekken echt wit weg als ze mij herkennen. En niet eentje maar het hele team hè.
Later op internet zoek ik maar eens op of ze eigenlijk wel Moslims hebben in China; ja inderdaad. Best veel eigenlijk en ach die arme lokale Chinees: moest ie spioneren voor het vaderland? Voor zover als ik die mensen kende zullen ze dat niet leuk gevonden hebben... 

Terug naar het heden: met korpseer begraven. 

Lokaal is het welbekend alhier dat recent een motor agent met korpseer is begraven. Ik kan er weinig medelijden mee hebben, per slot van rekening zijn de motor muizen altijd erg goed geweest in het in de gaten houden van onderhavig persoon. 
Maar het is natuurlijk altijd mooi om zo'n doodskist door de straten te zien gaan met al die saluerende agenten erlangs. 

Nou eigenlijk moet ik enorm gaan schelden maar ik hou mij nog even in & we kletsen nog wat door: 

Is Reinko Venema ook niet met korpseer in zijn graf geflikkerd in dec 1952?
Want mijn opa, waar ik naar vernoemd ben, stierf ook toen hij 48 jaar oud was... 


Maar ik heb toch zin in een klein beetje schelden: 

Herinneren jullie je die wandelende frikandel met mayo Theo van Gogh nog? 

Ja staat die wandelende frikandel nog op je netvlies? Zijn filmpjes waren best wel leuk, maar ja wie kijkt er tegenwoordig nog naar?
Behalve een wandelende frikandel was Theo ook een soort van gestolde pan frituurvet, het was zeker verbazingwekkend dat hij ook nog kon lopen...
Theo dacht dat hij wel kon doorgaan met zijn filmpjes gedoe en een beetje agiteren tegen Moslims, je moest eens lezen wat onze lieve frikandel wel niet geschreven heeft.

Maar als je het woord Moslim vervangt door Jood is het veel beter leesbaar...

Om met een komische noot te eindigen: Je kunt het woord Moslim in de geschriften van Theo van Gogh ook vervangen door 'Groninger politie agent'... ;)


Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(16 April 2011) I am dead tired from some little physical exercise so lets try a small update:   

Item 1) Small Libya update.
Item 2) In Dutch: Met de groeten uit Baflo. 

 Item 1) Small Libya update.

Although most Libyans would not agree, the NATO operations are going very well considering the boundary restrictions an organization like NATO faces.  

Most folks on the individual level would like to see Gadhaffi gone, let it be no secret I am one of them. But never ever an organization like the NATO could hug that as an official goal. The NATO is simply created as a defense organization in order to prevent a perfect World War number III emerging from our soil.

As such it would be strange to observe NATO soldier boots on the ground or weird stuff like 'arming the rebels'. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the old and longlasting Afghan equation, arming the rebels... Is it wise?

Lets just wait and see, for myself speaking I try to understand why Gadhaffi still manages to trump up such a fight; if I were a fighter in his army I would hesitate a little bit: why bet on such a loser?

But may be there is more than meets the eye in this Gadhaffi detail. 

Item 2) in Dutch: Met de groeten uit Baflo. 

In Baflo werd drie dagen terug een politie agent met zijn eigen wapen verrot geschoten, geruchten zeggen dat hij wel drie kogels vlak voor zijn kanus had. 

Volgens de lokale burgermeester is heel Groningen in rouw...

Heel Groningen? 

Nee, in Groningen woont ook iemand die constant gestalk gezeur had van de Groninger politie. Bijv vanaf okt 2001 tot en met maart 2010.

Zo is het bijv voorgekomen dat ik gewoon wat groente wil gaan kopen op de Vismarkt, nou ja dat is toch heel normaal? 
Waarom zwermen er dan steeds vier politie auto's om mij heen? 

En ach ooit had ik een eigen bedrijfje, het was niet veel maar wel minstens de helft van mijn jaarinkomen. Waar is dat toch gegaan? Gone with the wind of hebben bepaalde gemeente politie klojo's de ventilatoren keihard aangezet? 

Who knows, maar als het echt eigen dienstwapen en drie kogeltjes close range is, dan ben ik niet in rouw...

Waarom zou ik? 

Nou nee, er is geen diep doorleefde behoefte om in de rouw te schieten... Sorry. 

Tot opdatums.

Till updates. 

(05 April 2011) Two items: 

Item 1) Killing the entire Kadhaffi family zenga zenga style.
Item 2) Boring links.

 Item 1) Killing the entire Kadhaffi family zenga zenga style.

At the beginning of the uprising in Libya a true miracle happened: for the very first time in the entire history of mankind the Israelis made a positive contribution to the lives of us ordinary people. It was the zenga zenga song inspired by dj colonel Kadhaffi: 

This is the version without the dancing chick: and with the dancing chick:  

A lot of people considered the original 'zenga zenga' speech by that worthless colonel guy a little bit over the top. So lets apply the zenga zenga logic to the entire Kadhaffi family: 

It is said the genius colonel has seven sons, the number of daughters is unknown but all in all he must have a lot of grandchildren. Lets throw all toddlers from a high building in Tripoli, there is nothing immoral to that; it is elementary zenga zenga logic. 

Toddler toddler, zenga zenga!

After that all other kids from the Kadhaffi family: Kids kids, zenga zenga!

Of course the rest of the entire family will go like: Aunt aunt, zenga zenga!
Uncle uncle, zenga zenga!
Son son, zenga zenga!
Daughter daughter, zenga zenga!

And so on & so on...   

Item 2) Boring links.

If a central bank uses a fundamentally flawed statistic to base important decisions on, all you have to do is wait for the disaster to happen.
It is well known that the 'rental equivalence' (for measuring housing costs) as used by the FED to measure core CPI is a rather dumb construction of CPI measurements.
At the business insider there is nice try to place a more realistic version of what a CPI should be, it is about halfway the article:

The Credit Bubble Must End In Severe Debt-Deflation 

The entire credit crisis is easy to understand: If, for example, debt levels always grow at 8% a year and the underlying economy only 3%, it is only waiting until you hit a wall very hard. That's all there is to know.
So the USA based FED has rather expanded balances because they were forced to take this 'totally unforeseen' garbage from the commercial bank balances.
At the Daily Ticker they said the the FED balances are also shrinking and I was flabbergasted: I thought like are the FED folks applying the mark-to-market rule on their own balances??? That would be weird... ;) 

(The video doesn't work by the way.)

QE2? More Like QE 1.5. The Fed’s Balance Shrinks Even As It Expands 

Do you like the mahjong games? At a Dutch website they also have 3 dimensional versions of it. They play nice although sometimes the program code goes astray.
Here is an example:

Mahjong dimensions 

Always had problems understanding Laurent series while you think Taylor series are a piece of cake? The next link contains a very simple way to create Laurent stuff from the Taylor series. So easy, even the FED folks could do it! Zenga zenga! 

Laurent series 

A lot of USA and UK based folks were screaming wolf and predicted an explosive end to the Euro because in Europe there is not a uniform tax code. Those retards simply don't know what they are talking about, as if the USA tax code is a recipe for happiness: 

United States Federal Tax Dollars 

Also funny: 

March Madness: U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue 

The first signs of a fresh new Egypt democracy are observed:

ElBaradei: We'll fight back if Israel attacks Gaza,7340,L-4051939,00.html  

Till updates. 


(24 March 2011) A short one: 

Item 1) On Libya: Resolution 1973 & the diplomatic henhouse. 

 Item 1) On Libya: Resolution 1973 & the diplomatic henhouse. 

Oh oh, what is happening here?
Exactly one week ago the UN 1973 resolution was passed, two days later while the European diplomatic henhouse came together in France two French fighter jets were inside Libyan airspace & the rest is history. 

Most diplomats and political leaders were doing other stuff at the time: they were all caught by surprise. For example the US prez Obama was in Brazil studying the samba dance and he must have been surprised by the original 110 Tomahawks fired on his behalf...  

The Europeans are also doing difficult, they think that before there is military power applied, there is consultation and stuff like that. Dream on my dear European diplomatic corpse: that only goes when it's related to NATO. 

For myself speaking, I am laughing because completely outside diplomatic channels suddenly a lot of air power is applied in order to prevent civilian death... 

So for the time being, one week long down this road, I wish the air lords luck...


Lets leave it with that. Till updates.  


(19 March 2011) A very short update:

Item 1) On Libya: how much air power is enough?
Item 2) On Japan: is the nuclear plant leaking water all the time? 

 Item 1) On Libya: how much air power is enough?

Yes my dear NATO generals, how much air power is enough?
We'll see in practice if once more you succeed in rallying the local population behind their leadership...

Too much doesn't work, right now the first photo's of the first 110 Tomahawks are in, for the time being I have no comment.
So my dear NATO generals, for the time being I wish you luck.   


Side remark: In the house of Gadaffi they don't understand how much the person of Mr. Gadaffi has become the problem. Everybody just want to get rid of that guy. 

Lets leave it with that. 

Item 2) On Japan: is the nuclear plant leaking water all the time? 

For days the Japanese throw in a lot of water over all that exploded stuff; almost no steam comes out any longer from the reactors. 

But the longer this water throwing continues, the more urgent the question of leakage of water becomes. 

My dear Japanese I would never pray for you because of the earth quake, neither for the tsunami. With your little nuclear problem I hold my heart & I might consider a little prayer. 

Oh oh, beside the global financial crisis this equals the importance of reasonable risk management. In the end all tail risks suddenly combine and leave you standing alone in a landscape of chaos. 

Yet I wish the Japs a lot of luck! 

Till updates. 


(18 March 2011) Ok I am not against it (although it is a bit weird after Iraq to observe logic like 'we need to rescue the civilians' from the USA) but we seems to have a no fly zone over Libya:  

U.N. approves no-fly zone over Libya; raids may begin Friday 

Lets wait and see, for the time being I have no comments. 

Till updates. 


(14 March 2011) Temporary update:   

Item 1) Why do those Japanese nuclear reactors explode? 

 Item 1) Why do those Japanese nuclear reactors explode? 

Shit shit shit, the last time I made calculations around nuclear reactions and the forming of isotopes is 30 years ago. That is very shit because I do not understand why so much hydrogen is created; what particular nuclear reaction gives so much hydrogen that makes the outer layers explode? 

And than there is that nonsense about using seawater to 'cool' the nuclear rods?
What nonsense is that?
It is really not that from above you can put a few buckets of seawater on it like it was some wood on fire.
The nuclear core is in a high pressure environment, you cannot pump water into it...

Or may be you can, may be enough water can be pumped in... Lets pray for that. 


And what about the design of the nuclear rods?
After all the trick of running a nuclear plant is to get enough radio active matter together to form a 'nice burn'. But if such a rod is not cooled, it should not burn down by itself. 

All in all it looks like a few very serious design flaws.

Lets leave it with that, till updates.

[ Update from 15 March:

Without posting links, the hydrogen comes from a chemical reaction, not a nuclear reaction. It is a kind of high temperature rusting of some of the metals used: the metal 'steals' the oxygen from water leaving the hydrogen as a gas.

It is not that important but yesterday at first I thought the hydrogen came from nuclear reactions so I had a hefty 'Holy Cow' erlebnis.
Luckily it is a chemical reaction, although this kind of chemical reaction never ever is supposed to be happening. 

End of the 15 March update.]


(09 March 2011) Sorry only one item, lets go: 

Item 1) The two year anniversary of the market bottom of 2009. 

 Item 1) The two year anniversary of the market bottom of 2009. 

Two years already? How time flies when you are collecting debt... 

But serious: On 12 Nov 2007 just a few weeks after the DOW Jones top of 14+ thousand I activated the so called NightmareOnWallStreet again.
Goal was to guide the DOW down to say 7000. 

In case you have never read it, here is the link again:

Second activation of the NightmareOnWallStreet  

With that activation I took a tremendous risk: If I failed to make it to the 7000 level my reputation would be wasted more or less for ever.
And if my reputation was wasted, all likelihood of the authorities finally investigating if the 9/11/2001 attacks were done slightly different than officially though would also be wasted.

Back in 2007 I still thought it would be possible but later I realized the authorities will never give up with their good versus evil version of it. So be it... 


So two years back was the first market bottom of the credit crisis, how are we standing today? 

--1-- A lot of stock markets are up 70 or 80% from two years back. That is a lot, especially when you take into account that debt levels are rising at a higher rate compared to the underlying profit growth.
This suggests a lot of debt is still used in a 'consumable way' (not contributing to growth only uphelding GDP).

--2-- Luckily in Europe the problem of lazy and debt ridden economies is a point of attention. In the USA we have the usual circus from those debt hugger clowns.
All in all the € is working very good: The monetary union sets rates via the ECB while the tax thingelings can be done locally on the country level.

--2a-- I hope that for a long long time to come, country parliaments run the local tax regime. Please don't make puppets from the local parliaments by imposing a fiscal union instead of a monetary union: It will fail.
You simply can't manage so much diversity with one tax code... 

--3-- If on 12 Nov 2007 you would have told me:
One day there will be a country that from one day to the next will report a (yearly) deficit of about 30% of local GDP.
I would have told you: No fucking way I can believe that. 

Ok, it is past midnight so it's time to hit the publish button, see ya around.

Till updates. 


(20 Feb 2011) Two items:  

Item 1) The Arab nations want to get rid of shitty leaders; success!!!
Item 2) Donald Trump thinks the USA has become a laughing stock, I agree... 

 Item 1) The Arab nations want to get rid of shitty leaders; success!!!

The last weeks the middle east has seen some sweeping changes that in potential could lead towards a very different political constellation. I think that the armies from Tunisia and Egypt deserve a compliment for making the right choice & avoiding all that nasty stuff known as civil war.

Lets hope the Egyptians won't forget who supported Mubarak for all those years; that was our beloved democracy bringing USA...  

And the poor Americans; officially they support a sweep towards more democracy but with a bit of luck they now have far less possibilities for the outsourcing of torture. 

For myself speaking I hope that the Gaddafi figure will be hanged in a public space, rather likely it won't happen but it would not be a bad thing if that fake Muslim will meet his maker...  

But lets leave it with that because the peoples of most countries made clear they don't like foreign comment and/or interference. Of course I respect that because after all that is the way it is supposed to be. 

Good luck my dear Arabs! 

Item 2) Donald Trump thinks the USA has become a laughing stock, I agree... 

Seldom you see television as funny as this: Donald Trump explaining that the USA has become a laughing stock. Yes yes, it was on CNN and it was lovely to see. 

Poor poor Donald, he seems to think the 'laughing stock' is caused by a lack of testosterone... No no Donald, too low hormone levels are never a problem in the USA, the problem is basically a lack of brains.

But my dear Donald, you and I agree on one thing: The USA is indeed a laughing stock.
From tap water infrastructure via the high speed railroads and the high speed internet, the USA is a laughing stock in many ways.

The Americans think that if they launch an IPad/Pod/Phone, they are a high tech nation. They have indeed become a laughing stock my dear Donald, they have. 

Ok Donald Trump, just between you and me: Might it be the US military is also a laughing stock, because, just for example, the zero-one project took place four years ago? I never had one complaint! 

Wow man, I could keep on talking but I won't do that.
Instead I will link to one of those funny 'laughing stock' things from Donald Trump: 

Trump says United States is disrespected 

The link is from UPI by the way, lets leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(04 Feb 2011) One item: 

Item 1) Waiting for the non-farm-payrolls... 

 Item 1) Waiting for the non-farm-payrolls... 

It is not only an NFP Friday, we also have the yearly benchmark revision today.
About 10 months ago I estimated that the monthly NFP numbers could be overstated by about 50 thousand a month, for the entire year that would mean about 500 to 600 thousand overstated jobs. 

If the benchmark revision comes in that high, that would imply the economical conditions in 2010 were about the same as in 2009. (Ok ok there are hundreds of thousands Americans that think the economy is doing better lately but the problem with most Americans is they are so deeply and fundamentally retarded.) 

So lets wait and see, in about 3 hours time the numbers will come out.
Later to be updated. 


Update: Scroll down in the link above until you see table A with the revisions: If you add them up you arrive at minus 215 thousand over the entire year. 

So as a simple rule of thumb from now on for this year you can withdraw about 20 thousand every month in the reported NFP numbers. 
Not that the Americans will do that; if you are proud to be retarded you must show on a daily basis you are utterly stupid & retarded. 

If you ask the average American debt hugger if the 215 thousand revision means the economy is in recovery mode, they will say YES YES YES. 

But all that borrowed money is not used for investment but mostly for consumption, at the moment the borrowing stops that fake economy will come crashing down.

Till updates.  


(28 Jan 2011) Finally some items crafted & published:

Item 1) What is most weird? Coptic church attacks or the Facebook valuation?
Item 2) USA GDP growth only 26 billion $...
Item 3) In Dutch: Wortel trekken zoals opa dat deed.
Item 4) In Dutch: Van eenen kankerjood en eenen kutmarrokaan.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) What is most weird? Coptic church attacks or the Facebook valuation? 

The previous weeks had a lot of weird news, the attack on a Coptic church on new years day was one of them. Seldom you see news that strange but there was actually a list of churches out that supposedly could come under attack.  

Since only very seldom you see it that stupid I call on al Qaida international to execute the person (or the persons) who posted that list of churches.
Lets leave it with that, kill those weirdo's & that is not some advice but a serious request.

Link: Coptic church officials on alert around the world 


More strange news was all the buzz around the facebook website, the website is more or less valued at a staggering 50 billion dollar... Yes 50 billion for a website and on top of it there was even a stupid movie made about facebook.

To make it even more crazy, some people said that facebook wants to be the very first one trillion company... 

Why should facebook be valued that high? It is only some advertisement dollars comparable to lets say the yellow pages from before the internet. 

These days most yellow page telephone books are gone but for many years they were a solid money maker, I am sorry but with a boring website like facebook I don't see it happening.  

Item 2) USA GDP growth only 26 billion $... 

One hour ago the latest USA gross domestic product came out and the usual nonsense was applied. See for example table 3 in the next link:  

It says that the USA GDP has grown 104.1 billion dollar, the poor poor American retards; they really think it has grown 104 billion. 

No no folks, it has grown only 26 billion because the numbers are 'annualized' (that means multiplied by four). And for that 'growth' of 26 billion they needed once more about 500 billion more borrowed money in the fourth quarter of 2010. 

A whole lot of American retards will explain on television that the economy is growing again with healthy numbers. Oh oh those poor retards.

For example at the Business Insider they hang out the comical character:

CHART OF THE DAY: The US Economy Is No Longer In Recovery   

Item 3) In Dutch: Wortel trekken zoals opa dat deed. 

Ja wortel trekken, niet bij de tandarts maar met getallen.
Tegenwoordig doe je dat altijd met een rekenmachine maar hoe ging dat vroeger eigenlijk? 

Er zijn veel manieren om met pen en papier de wortel van een getal te benaderen maar een manier die veel lijkt op staartdelen is te vinden in de volgende link (van Jan van Maanen):  

Probeer het maar een paar keer uit, het is een heel ingenieuze methode.
En zet voor de grap de streepjes eens fout, bijv in het getal 100: 

Dus pas de methode toe op |10|0,0| 

Als je het goed doet druk je dus de decimale komma in het midden van een cijfer.
(Ooit lang lang geleden was dat mijn eerste 'uitvinding' toen ik dat saaie vak wiskunde ging studeren. Je had er niets aan maar ik had toch maar mooi de komma in het midden van een cijfer gekregen.) 

Item 4) In Dutch: Van eenen kanker Jood en eenen kut Marokkaan. 

Laatst heb ik het eerste stukje van een conversatie tussen een Neerlandsche Jood en een Marrokaan geschreven. Het is wel leuk om te schrijven maar ergens heb ik het gevoel dat jullie gaan denken dat ik knettergek ben. 

Nou ja, dat zal ik nooit ontkennen: Om bijv het zero-one project in beweging te zetten moet je echt wel knettergek zijn. Maar, ha ha ha, gek of niet er gingen lekker veel Amerikaantjes dood en dat is ook wat waard.

Goed, de eerste korte conversatie is hier: 

Een kanker Jood en een kut Marokkaan lopen door de Kalverstaat.
Zegt de kanker Jood: Is het nu echt waar dat er zoveel geiteneukers zijn in Marokko? 

Zegt de kut Marokkaan: Nou zeg kanker Jood, heb jij soms 20 jaar onder een steen gelegen in Auschwitz? Volgens het groene boekje der Nederlandsche taal is het geitenneuker en niet geiteneuker. Net als pannenkoek.

Kanker Jood: Oh dat wist ik niet geachte kut Marokkaan, want je kunt toch maar één geit tegelijk neuken? 

Kut Marokkaan: Daar snijdt u een interessant probleem aan kanker Jood want inderdaad is het lastig om meerdere geiten tegelijkertijd te neuken, maar iedereen gebruikt ook maar één pan om een pannenkoek te bakken. 

Kanker Jood: De wegen van het groene boekje zijn ondoorgrondelijk. 

Kut Marokkaan: Zo is het mijn beste kanker Jood. 

Zwijgend lopen de mannen door. 

Maar goed, hoe nu verder? Zal ik de mannen laten praten over de Joodse 'blood libel' (dat Joden het bloed van babies gebruikten als vocht voor het brood)?
Of iets met homo's? 

Geen idee dus laat ik maar wachten tot de bliksem mij raakt en eindelijk weer eens ga schrijven... 

Item 5) The empty item. 

A complete and utterly empty item. 





Till updates.  


(17 Dec 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Moody's is worthless; more proof found.
Item 2) In Dutch: Kanttekeningen bij de vorige 'Lekker schelden' update. 

 Item 1) Moody's is worthless; more proof found. 

Over the entire spectrum everybody gets tired from Moody's, they threatened to downgrade Spain and today Ireland was downgraded five notches.

Always Moody's (and the other commercial ratings agencies) are like mustard after the meal.  

The reason I mention Moody's is that although everybody gets tired, might it be that according to Moody's all countries are equal except for the USA who is the most equal of them all...? 

Lets zoom in on the Moody's nonsense when it comes to the USA, source file:

Moody's May Cut US Rating on Tax Package 

The link contains two completely retarded/idiot/imbecile remarks that only once more prove that such agencies are utterly worthless. 

Quote 1:

Moody's estimates the cost of the funding the proposed tax bill, along with unemployment benefits and other policy measures, may be between $700 and $900 billion, which will raise the ratio of government debt to GDP to 72 to 73 percent, depending on the effects on nominal economic growth. 

Comment: The nonsense is of course in the '72 to 73 percent' because if this was true it would be a piece of cake to lift the USA out of her economical troubles. 
Once more the Federal debt ceiling as set by Congress & Senate is beyond the Moody's horizon, once more we miss state and local government debt.
For Spain or Ireland all government debt is equal: So the retards once more prove they can't get it right when it comes to the USA. 

In quote number two Moody's goes from 'just normally retarded' to 'complete über retarded'.
Does Moody's really think this crazy stuff is reliable???

Quote 2: 

This means that the government's debt relative to revenues will decline much more slowly over the coming two years, to just under 400 percent from 420 percent at the end of fiscal year 2010. 

"This is a very high ratio compared with both history and other highly rated sovereigns," Moody's said. 

Comment: The idiots at Moody's seem to think that in the future taxes will be raised in the USA? The USA government deleveraging in some kind of way???

May be that is why everybody gets extremely tired from that Moody's talk... 



At a dot us website you can find similar weird stuff, Moody's has a weird view upon the future estimates on a lot of stuff and on the next website it is not different:   

You have to pity those people: the American have severe difficulties with math and so they come up with such stupid future projections.


All in all, if Moody's uses completely retarded math that gives rise to such strange fantasies, they are utterly and completely useless... 

Item 2) In Dutch: Kanttekeningen bij de vorige 'Lekker schelden' update. 

Zo dat was effe lekker schelden vorige week!
En in no time kwamen er allemaal figuren met de Rooms Katholieke geaardheid (= homofiele pedofielen) bovendrijven. Van Amsterdamse kinderopvang centra tot voetbaltrainers die doen alsof ze een fuckable young chick zijn. 

Hoe is het mogelijk? 

Nou als ik zulk apart spul schrijf dan heb ik altijd veel meer in gedachten en er zijn ook altijd allerlei dingen uitgelaten.


Beetje dom van mij, maar dat parketnummer 18/070574-02 van 17 september 2003 was dus die rechtszaak zonder advocaat. Waarvan acte dus.

Ander spul is er ook uitgelaten, bijv de broekriem die de geachte politie agent Sander Vreeswijk gebruikte bij het wurgen... Kan best dat die riem een standaard politie broekriem was, maar daar heb ik geen enkel bewijs voor. 

Daarom heb ik dat broekriem gedoe er maar uitgelaten, maar ja elke ochtend gorden Groninger politie agenten hun broekriem aan en als zodanig was het wel verleidelijk hoor... 

En dan is er een morele component: Als jouw dochter of zoon op soortgelijke manier vermoord was, dan wil je later toch ook niet dat soort 'grapjes' lezen? Dat was voor mij  een belangrijke reden om die broekriem eruit te laten. 

Er is nog veel meer uitgelaten, waarvan acte dus. 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(10 Dec 2010) Two items very different compared to my original planning, so no fancy pictures but a little bit of lovely Dutch text... To compensate a few boring links in the first item:

Item 1) A few boring links.
Item 2) In Dutch: Lekker schelden met veel taalverruwing. 

 Item 1) A few boring links.

The new Federal Reserve Z1 release was out yesterday, I already did the usual analysis of total debt levels but the screenshots will be made next week or so.

But if you have read those old analysis I can tell you it is still impossible to confirm if as a whole the US economy will go deflation or inflation. (Ok the latest round of QE.2 plus the extension of the Dubya tax cuts point at future inflation but this is not seen in the present data. Furthermore contrary to popular belief; the FED has nothing to fight inflation because the main weaponry of raising rates will be lethal given the present debt levels and rather soon interest payments will swallow all profits made in the real economy.) 

Boring link:  

The whole 100+ pages thingeling:  

The wikileaks cable viewer is still up and running, they contain the most bizarre kind of stuff. I try to read only one cable a day and it's always refreshing.  

Years back I often argued that total US housing value will decline about or over 10 trillion and that US house prices will bottom out at the end of 2011. But later you got all those tax incentives, you got banks letting people stay in the home as long as they maintained it well and lately we have all this foreclosure fraud.
That all delayed what once was a clear cut rather natural process, yet Zillow (as far as I know them they are reliable) say that right now about 9 trillion is lost in house value.

That means we have one trillion in house decline to go (or some more) but of course I cannot take any responsibility any longer for my statements that it will be in the end of 2011. It will be later but I don't have a clue how much more later. 

American homes are worth $1.7 trillion less 

Always funny is of course the next link (150 billion deficit means at least 500 deficit debt dollars for every USA citizen for November 2010 only, that detail is often lost on the USA based commercial rating agencies). 

November federal budget deficit highest on record 

Barry observes (the Flow of Funds thing = the Z1 FED release): 

Flow of Funds Report Chart Porn 


Item 2) In Dutch: Lekker schelden met veel taalverruwing. 

Man man wat een gekrakeel over Frits Bolkestein deze week; volgens journalisten zou hij gezegd hebben dat er in de toekomst voor bewuste Joden geen plaats meer is in Nederland. Frits had dat helemaal niet gezegd, het was gewoon een bijzin uit één of ander muf boek van onze Fritzl.
Toch kwam FB wel komisch uit de hoek; als er voor een bewuste Jood geen plaats is en je slaat zo'n Jood bewusteloos, mag ie dan nog wel een dagje blijven? 

Het gekrakeel begon allemaal met dit artikel in de Pers: 

Bolkestein: ‘Joden, emigreer!’ 

Nogmaals, het spul schijnt uit één of ander muf Fritzl B boekwerk te komen, maar in het artikel staat de vogende quote: 

‘Met bewuste joden doel ik op joden die als zodanig herkenbaar zijn, zoals orthodoxe joden’, aldus Bolkestein. ‘Voor hen zie ik geen toekomst hier vanwege het antisemitisme onder vooral Marokkaanse Nederlanders, die in aantal blijven toenemen.’ 

Commentaar: Tja kutmarrokanen hebben mischien wel een iets hogere fok ratio dan traditionele kaaskoppen of kankerjoden en heel misschien hebben kutmarrokanen een gemeenschappelijk gen dat hun afkeer voor Joden verklaart.
Maar volgens mijn bescheiden mening is het meer het gedrag van Israel (en dan vooral het apartheids gedrag) dat de allerbeste voedings bodem is voor eventueel anti-Semitisme. Als onze Fritzl Bolkestein echt denkt dat lange termijn demografische ontwikkelingen belangrijker zijn dan haalt die quasi intellectueel een beetje oorzaak en gevolg door elkaar. 

Nou vooruit, iedereen heeft recht op hoor en wederhoor en gisteren kwam Frits met de volgende verklaring: 

Bolkestein: ik deed geen oproep 


Gelukkig is er in Nederland altijd volop te schelden. Zo werd vorige week de rechtzaak tegen de geachte politie agent Sander Vreeswijk uitgezonden op de televisie. En de rechter dat was een vrouw, je weet wel: een gleuf. 

Tot mijn verbazing deed die gleuf de hele tijd ontzettend aardig tegen Sander, ik vond haar echt een post-menopauze krampkut zeg! En dan dat vonnis; iedereen kon allang afleiden uit haar betoog dat dit 18 jaar met TBS zou worden en het kletst maar door en het kletst maar door en eindelijk krijgen we dan to horen: 18 jaar met TBS. 

Maar waarom was die rechter steeds zo vriendelijk voor Sander?
Ik had zelf eens een akkefietje en op 17 sept 2003 mocht ik voor de rechter verschijnen en het parket nummer was 18/070574-02, ze hadden speciaal een rechter uit Friesland laten overkomen omdat de Groninger rechters waarschijnlijk bevooroordeeld waren.
Nou ja, dat begon zo: 'U bent Reinko Venema en u heeft dit en dat gedaan'.
Ik antwoord dat ik inderdaad Reinko Venema ben maar hé hé hé dat was niet de bedoeling: Ik mocht alleen antwoord geven als mij expliciet iets gevraagd werd.
Ja ja, zonder camera's erbij zijn ze heel anders die rechters.

Laten we de agent Sander Vreeswijk eens vergelijken met de gemiddelde Groninger agent: je kunt veel zeggen van Sander maar hij heeft wel lef.
Nou dat is iets wat bij de Groninger politie helemaal ontbreekt, die rijden aleen maar als een zootje lafbekken 9 jaar achter mij aan om mij even duidelijk in te peperen dat ze mij wel in de gaten houden hoor!


Dan uit het 100% fictieve nieuws; hoe gaat het met de Rooms Katholieke geaardheid? 

Even een definitie: Iemand heeft de RK geaardheid als het een homofiele pedo is. 

Nou een geestelijke had een manuscript geschreven, het boek was nog niet uitgebracht, onder het pseudoniem Peter Paal. De titel was 'Kerm Kindje Kerm'. 

Toen men bisschop Ter Schure vroeg waarom deze geestelijke niet was ontslagen antwoorde Ter Schure dat dit niet opportuun was omdat
a) De geestelijke in kwestie om vergiffenis had gevraagd en
b) Het eigenlijk een uitstekend manuscipt was, alleen de titel was wat raar. 

Na verder vragen verklaarde bisschop Ter Schure dat dit een pedagogisch prima manier was om aan kinderen de betekenis en importantie van het lijden bij te brengen.



Een aantal jaren terug moest het woord Turkenbak uit de van Dale omdat dit woord denigrerend zou zijn voor Turken. (Een Turkenbak is een grote lawaai makende auto).
Zelf vond ik het een heel mooi woord en als ons sociale gedoe niet eens tegen een Turkenbak kan, waar zijn we dan mee bezig? 

Maar je mag nog steeds het volgende gezegde gebruiken: 

Iemand zwart maken.  

Conclusie: Je mag een turkenbak wel zwart maken maar tegen een zwarte Surinamer mag je niet zeggen dat hij een Turkenbak heeft. 

Ach ach, dat is nou nederland anno 2010. Wie had dat gedacht in 1990? 

Tot opdatums.

Till updates. 


(07 Dec 2010) Only one item, it's in Dutch. 

Item 1) In Dutch: Zakt het Nederlands onderwijs echt af? 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Zakt het Nederlands onderwijs echt af?

Ok Nederlandse onderwijs politiek valt ver buiten de normale items van deze website, maar ik erger me al jaren aan de laatste onderwijs veranderingen in het middelbaar onderwijs.

Het is allemaal veel te ingewikkeld geworden en deze vreemde tuin moet een flinke snoeibeurt hebben. Tegenwoordig als je zo'n HAVO of VWO puber tegenkomt dan kan ie makkelijk 11 tot 14 vakken op school hebben in dat jaar. 
Aan de pubers kan je het nog niet zien maar er zijn statistieken die toch echt de verkeerde kant opgaan.  

In plaats van een gewoon vaststaand leerjaar hebben middelbare scholen zelfs trimester systemen, aan ouders legt men dan uit dat een groot voordeel is dat de rugtassen van de leerlingen dan niet zo zwaar zijn omdat ze niet zoveel vakken tegelijk hebben... 

Het is heel simpel: Als je veertien vakken moet volgen doe je eigenlijk geen één vak goed. Dat gaat zowel voor de individuele puber als hele scholen en/of school gemeenschappen. 

Vroeger heb ik een klein beetje in het onderwijs gewerkt en toen had je bijv Wiskunde A en B. Is het waar dat we nu op bijv VWO nivo wel vier 'wiskundes' hebben?
Dat is geen goede ontwikkeling, het zijn pubers en zij behoeven 'algemene vorming' en geen quasi geavanceerde wiskundes. 

Ik heb het nog niet nagelezen maar vanuit de politiek was er het voorstel om gewoon terug te gaan naar twee profielen, laten we gewoon zeggen exact versus niet exact vakken. 

Zo zeg, na al dat onderwijs gepreek is het best wel tijd voor een plaatje

Picture source:  


Dit is zoals we nu internationaal scoren en je moet de getallen even begrijpen:

Het gemiddelde is 500 en de standaard afwijking is gefixeerd op 100, dat is een eenvoudige lineaire transformatie op de data. Bijv CITO scores voor groep acht basisschool gaan ook zo. 

Maar even terug naar de hoofdpunten van onderwijs politiek: 

-- Gewoon terug naar twee stromingen als exact versus al dat andere gemekker zoals vreemde talen.

-- Het is vreselijk onverstandig om pubers bloot te stellen aan teveel vakken, denk eens na: als je zelf weer een puber was, zou je dan 12 vakken goed kunnen doen? 

Nou jullie onderwijs doktors, wat is daarop jullie antwoord? 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(04 Dec 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Will Wikeleaks elevate humanity or will nothing happen?
Item 2) In Dutch: Van Likoed Nederland; hoe herken je antisemitisme? 

 Item 1) Will Wikeleaks elevate humanity or will nothing happen?

A few days back there was an interview with Julian Assange via the UK Guardian and a few times I did read Julian thinks that via releasing the latest USA diplomatic cables humanity will be lifted and the dream will come out. 

That is nice dreaming but I don't think it will happen, most people are not interested in politics anyway and in order to lift the USA you must take into account they are a bunch of retards. It is highly unlikely a bunch of retards will get elevated, on the contrary: Remember how the Pentagon reacted when the Iraqi warlogs were published? Pentagon employees could not read them... 

The whole world could read them but the Pentagon retards could not read their own classified materials... 

So humanity will not be lifted that much but if you have all USA diplomatic cables dating back to 1966 it is sure worth a compliment!
And I agree that this will bring more transparency where the diplomats of course like everything deep sealed. 


What the sex case against Julian concerns, Julian has the benefit of the journalistic attention so the legal system will do everything to play by the book. 

I had similar rather dumb stuff back in 2001, yet I always choose to stay away from journalists as far as possible. And believe me: without the attention of the journalists suddenly the whole bunch of police/judges/prosecutors can act freely and corrupted.
And so they did, from trials without even my lawyer present to about 9 years of following and shadowing by the local police here in Groningen, anything simply goes when they have the possibility.
I am no legal expert but after my humble opinion it is a little bit illegal to follow somebody 9 years on a row. 

But Julian is in the spotlight so the authorities are forced to play by the book therefore it is estimated the sexcase won't carry much water. If this really is stuff like using a condom yes or no, the Swedish authorities only make fools of themselves. 


The so called Cyber Attacks also are not much of a deal, it is only DDOS stuff and at best that is a temporary (or tactical) weapon. The strategic value of a DDOS attack is very limited; websites only climb in popularity after stuff like that. 

Nothing of that nice stuff like I had myself (all hard disks deleted exactly five directory layers deep within a second). But these days those clone software and backup software is much better compared to the past and if the Pentagon would use the better kind of cyber weaponry, in theory an expert could find out how that kind of stuff works. 

Beside this, it is highly unlikely the Pentagon will apply the high range of cyber weaponry against a bunch of formerly hackers... ;) 

By the way, now all armies around the world have the possibility to elevate themselves and make their computer systems far more safe. Will they do that?
No no my dear Julian, they won't. They won't guard against such a hard disk attack...

All in all I expect these so called Cyber Attacks limited by stupid temporary distributed denial of service 'attacks'. And although it requires some work, right now the dot nl version is online already: (although the speed of traffic is volatile). 


Also it is important to name a horse a horse and a cow a cow. That what has been published has also been edited (to avoid violence and so).
It would be nice to have an unedited copy of the whole bunch, that is of course what the USA fears. The unedited stuff in the open domain...
Wow man, that would be some thing. Holy cow!

 Item 2) In Dutch: Van Likoed Nederland; hoe herken je antisemitisme? 

De volgende link heb ik een dagje of vijf bewaard want ik wilde er toch eens rustig over nadenken. In de eerste plaats wil ik opmerken dat ik nog nooit gehoord had van een Likoed organisatie in Nederland en ik had geen enkele zin om kwaad te worden, dus rustig aan Reinko en even tot 10 tellen of in dit geval vijf dagen. 

Ik wil opmerken dat elke groep in Nederland natuurlijk het recht heeft om dat te publiceren wat zij belangrijk achten, voor de Joden kan je daar dus geen uitzondering op maken. Maar dit volgende artikel in Elsevier gaat toch wel heel ver hoor, niet dat ik extreem lange tenen heb maar het wekt wel degelijk irritaties bij mij op. 

Lees het zelf maar eens mijn geachte lezer: 

Hoe herken je antisemitisme? De zaak Gretta Duisenberg  

Dit artikel gaat toch wel heel ver hoor, blijkbaar mogen Israelische politici wel allerlei totale waanzin articuleren ivm de attack on the Gaza flottile (er was bijv veel cash geld verdeeld, de Israelische Netanyahu zag dat als bewijs van terroristische invloeden, maar Likoed Nederland kunnen we soms een girotje overschrijven naar de Gaza?). 

Nee, ook vijf dagen later is dit Elsevier artikel niet fris.
Waarom zouden voor Joden andere regels moeten gelden?  

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(02 Dec 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) Funny applet says USA GDP per capita below 1% over the decade. 

 Item 1) Funny applet says USA GDP per capita below 1% over the decade. 

I did not check how accurate the time series are but if you look in the right part of this page you see a very funny applet that you can use for boring stuff like nominal and real GDP for the USA and UK. 

Nominal GDP is a difficult word for GDP included inflation, when it comes to real GDP the reliable government folks try to filter out the thing known as 'inflation'.  

For myself speaking, until now I only used the applet once and within the limitations of the applet I tried the 1999 - 2009 range (the last possible thing since it is still 2010). 

It was lovely, if you look at the 'per capita' thing it was below 1% a year.
Horrible, but again I did not check the validity of the times series used & I will not do that either. 

Here is what I made of the screen shot: 


Till updates. 


(28 Nov 2010) For this update it is handy to grab some paper & pencil before you start reading, sometimes you can break life down to what it is: numbers on a paper.

Item 1) The tricky world of annualized statistics versus the CNN version. 

 Item 1) The tricky world of annualized statistics versus the CNN version. 

According to CNN this day (no link, it was on the television) the USA growth domestic product grows about 50 billion a month, they (the government) borrows about 100 billion so that's a one to two ratio in the wrong direction. 

So that was more or less on CNN.

Lets check if it's nonsense or some simple truth!
In the next link from the Federal Bureau for Economical Analysis you find the GDP in present term dollars (that is included recent inflation):   

Table 1.1.5. Gross Domestic Product

You see the latest number is 14,750.2 billion and that is over 600 billion from a year ago... Any fool can see that is about 50 billion a month! Or not??? 


The tricky world of annualizing this kind of Quarterly data is simply given by multiplying the Quarterly number by four to get the annual estimate. 

Are you with me still? All that is done is a multiplication by the number four to understand the presented numbers... 


Now grab a paper and pencil for yourself, we start with a country that does not do annualizing but reports only the Quarterly numbers. It's a kind of hypothetical country because it's quarterly numbers grow exactly 2% in a linear fashion. 

For simplicity lets assume in the first quarter there was a 3000 billion GDP, one year later it is 3060 or exactly 2% more. 

With 'linear fashion' I only mean we look at Quarterly numbers that grow 15 billion a Quarter, just like 3000, 3015, 3030 and so on. 

We observe this is a growth of exactly 5 billion a month; 5 billion a months adds up to 60 billion a year or 2% of the present GDP. 

Until now all was very simple, yet now we are going to 'annualize' the stuff in the USA way so we multiply everything by the number four: 

Now we don't have the real Quarterly numbers like 3000, 3015... & so on, no now we get 12000, 12060, 12120, 12180 and finally exactly one year later 12240. 

By sheer coincidence CNN comes along and they want to know how the economy of my hypothetical country is doing. I explain to them it has grown 240 billion in the last 12 months or 20 billion a month. 


But hey, don't we have a problem?
After all in my hypothetical country and in the very first place, the economy grew only 5 billion a month. Not 20 billion.... 


By the way, my colleagues in statistics at bea are no evildoers, just like the rest of the USA they are weak because they don't speak out against such dumb stuff like the US economy expands a hefty 50 billion a month. 

It's only 12.5 billion a month my dear bea folks, why always so weak over there? 


Lets leave it with that, have fun with statistics!
Till updates. 


(27 Nov 2010) Ok, it's not very boring but a small update can be allowed as some kind of wasting my time. It's just a hobby you know, destroying the USA military might. 
And all hobbies waste some time, otherwise they would not be a 'hobby'.

Item 1) Two times weird news, from USA police dogs to South Afghanistan. 

 Item 1) Two times weird news, from USA police dogs to South Afghanistan. 

The great USA entrepreneurial spirit, what is it? 
Is it true that in the USA you can easily start your own business and get rich fast after that? Is the USA truly filled with entrepreneural powers? 

Or are they a bunch of retards only thinking they have these powers? 

Today a local business channel reported that about half of all police dogs in the USA are German shepherds coming from Germany... As a funny consequence these dogs are best commanded in the German language because after all that is their native tongue... ;) 

If this USA police dog information is true, again I say suppose it is true, in that case we are confronted with a country that still has 50% of world military spending yet is not capable of breeding & training their own police dogs... 

So retardism is saturating over the decades & it has also reached higher import levels of police dogs, I have stated it often enough: 

The Americans are not used to having a trade surplus, that only scares them to death just like deflation does. 

The local business channel has it's info only in Dutch, here is the link: 

Politiehonden VS verstaan alleen Duits 


As if the USA police dog news wasn't weird enough those lefties from the Huffington Post coughed up the next, quote: 

Do the Afghan people want us to leave Afghanistan? Maybe. But what the Afghan people really want is to know why the hell we are in Afghanistan in the first place.

Stunning though it seems, a study by an international think tank found recently that nine out of ten Afghan men (the only gender that gets out much) in two key southern provinces have never heard of the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 and have no clue as to why our armies have been rumbling around their country shooting people for the past ten years. 

Source: What we have here is a failure to communicate... 

Comment: For myself speaking I don't believe that 9 out of 10 Southern Afghan men have never heard about the 9/11/2001 attacks. It looks like something is lost in translation; I think or estimate that 9 out of 10 Southern Afghan men see absolutely no relation between the 911 attacks and the present situation. 

Till updates.  


(25 Nov 2010) Yes! Now I have found a pdf that is so completely & utterly boring, once more I will succeed in chasing all my readers away!
Do not say I did not warn you: if you try to read the source file of this item from the beginning till the end, you will get bored at some point in time...

Item 1) Bizarre Princeton / FED / Paul Krugman writing observed. 

 Item 1) Bizarre Princeton / FED / Paul Krugman writing observed. 

For lets say a day or five I read some stuff from this bizarre kind of writing as to puzzle out why anti gravity can actually be put in a box. About 30 minutes a day, that's really enough... 

Here is the source file, please remark it is a long and bizarre read:  

In this 'scientific' article the debt huggers Paul Krugman & Gauti Eggertsson try to prove that more debt can sovle the present debt related problems. 
It is all so bizarre that I decided to take no highlights out of it, ok only made a picture from this basket of misuse and abuse of my dearest of sciences, the math science...


Just so retarded my dear reader, lets leave it with that.


In a sign of the times that the USA is healed again, anyway the financial sector is completely healed, they are hiring dwarfs for bachelor parties and so:

Wall Street Excess Is Back: Hiring A Dwarf For A Bachelor Party

Till updates. 


(17 Nov 2010) Two items, of course as usual these items are selected because they are boring enough. The art of being boring is an important art, or not?  

Item 1) Strange al Qaida strategy observed.
Item 2) Strange USA GDP projection observed: 22.5 trillion in 2020... 

 Item 1) Strange al Qaida strategy observed. 

Last week a relatively strange 'new' al Qaida strategy came out. It's a bit of a very strange strategy, it seems that Osama bin Laden has appointed a new guy to spearhead operations against the West. Source & quote: 

Osama bin Laden appoints new commander to spearhead war on West 

Known to western intelligence services by the alias Saif al-Adel, or "Sword of the Just", al-Qaeda's new chief of international operations is believed to have conceived of the wave of strikes that set off terror alerts across Europe recently, as well as last week's mid-air parcel-bomb plot. 

US and Pakistani sources have told The Daily Telegraph that al-Adel is running several similar operations as part of a war of attrition intended to persuade Western public opinion that the war against terror is unwinnable. This would clear the road for al-Qaeda to capture power in fragile states such as Somalia and Yemen. 

"His strategy", said Syed Saleem Shahzad, a Pakistani expert on al-Qaeda, "is to stage multiple small terror operations, using the resources of affiliates and allies wherever possible." 

Comment: It is hard to say if this is indeed a 'new strategy' but if so it won't work. History is laden with examples that say it won't work in the sense that the West will not think about surrender or leaving.
Only if attacks are large and seldom it will have maximal effect, strings of attacks on a small scale will lead to nowhere.
Lets give a few examples from history that say high frequency attacks don't work:

Example 1) World War II, the bombing of UK cities by the Germans. It killed many thousand UK folks but it never broke the UK in the sense they seriously considered surrender or stopping anticipating in the war.
On the contrary, it only gave the UK more resolve to go on.

Example 2) World War II, the bombing of German cities. There is no proof that this made the war shorter or longer. It kills only a small fraction of the German population so the rest had all the more reason to go on. 

Example 3) The combined terror crimes done by Germany in Russia in World War II. The Russians never considered giving up, on the contrary the kept on hanging in East Europe for decades after the war to ensure a much safer border.

Example 4) The Basks in Spain have staged hundreds of small attacks (I don't have my statistics on order but lets say about 400 attacks). It only makes the rest of Spain annoyed and the goal of a free and independent Bask is kept out of reach. 

Well there are many more examples but lets also look at what makes countries surrender or give up trying to win.

Example 5) After being nuked Japan surrendered, remark this is a large scale attack and very seldom in time.

Example 6) In May 1940 the Germans staged a terror raid on Rotterdam in my own country. My forefathers did surrender fast... (For myself speaking I don't blame my Dutch fellows for surrendering, I would have done the same. I blame those in the 1930's that made a mess of the Dutch army.)

Example 7) The Germans surrendered in 1945 because basically they had not enough country left. 


So my dear al Qaida international; it is just an advice, but more frequent more small attacks is not a strategy that will bring your wishes sooner to materialize.

Big and seldom was my old advice, there is no reason to change this.

Item 2) Strange USA GDP projection observed: 22.5 trillion in 2020...  

On SeekingAlpha they had a nice and stupid enough update on debt growth. 

The NYT's Apocalypse: $1 Trillion a Year in Interest on the National Debt  

Over a year ago I wrote a few times that it is one hundred percent impossible the FED would not start monetizing the Federal debt. I don't recall if that was before or after the first round of 300 billion Treasuries by the FED. Rather likely it was before because these important watershed events have long standing shadows before them, like water streams downhill and we know Americans are lazy it is easy to see what will happen. 

But here is the quote, it has some weird combination of keeping the 'tax pressure' of interest needed to pay the debt below 1980 levels and future expected GDP numbers. These folks are crazy to the bone, that's for sure. Quote: 

If the Fed holds the debt, then it poses no burden to the government. The Treasury pays interest on the debt to the Fed and then the Fed refunds the interest to the Treasury. Last year the Fed refunded $77 billion in interest to the Treasury, nearly 40 percent of the net interest paid out by the Treasury.

If the share of interest going to the Fed is the same in 2020 as it is today, then the interest burden on taxpayers in 2020 will be equal to about 2.6 percent of GDP, well below the levels of the late 80s and 90s. If the Fed increases the share of the debt it holds, as it is doing now with QE2, then the interest burden on future taxpayers will be even less. 

Comment: As if it is not weird enough the interest payments are refunded this writer guy tries to pin the evil tax burden on 2.6%. To make it even more funny, quote:

Let's get out the GDP projections. CBO tells us that GDP will be $22.5 trillion in 2020 [thanks Jeff]. 

Comment: Yes Jeff, thanks too! It would be about 5 to 5.5% GDP growth a year to reach the 22.5 projected trillions in 2020.
Ok we subtract the 2% FED engineered inflation to observe a real GDP growth of 3% or more a year...   

Lets laugh at these fools, my dear reader it is so easy to see what will happen: 

Debt levels will simply rise at their present linear growth levels, more and more will go to the FED balances. 


Lets balance the first al Qaida item against the this second item, what will happen? 

More and more the Federal Reserve will worship a 0% interest rate for her family members called the USA commercial banks. 

Hey my dear al Qadians; wasn't there some guy a few centuries ago advocating a non interest policy for family members and so... ;)  

Till updates. 


(05 Nov 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) The real mandate of the US Federal Reserve. 

 Item 1) The real mandate of the US Federal Reserve. 

The last weeks once more I am looking in confusion at the American FED and I just don't grasp it as why they are so fundamentally stupid over there. 

So I decided to be a speech writer and wrote a small speech for the FED chairman Ben Bernanke, here we go: 

Ladies and gentlemen lately there has been much confusion about what actually is our mandate at the Federal Reserve. So let me explain once more:
We try to keep retard levels growing 2% a year and at the same time we protect employment. That is our two pillar mandate, making the American people more retarded every year while fighting unemployment.
These two pillars work in tandem like the wheels of a bicycle; if the bicycle moves forward Americans have jobs and get more retarded and both wheels move in the same direction.  

Suppose our education system, that is the best in the world, would deliver students that are smarter and more efficient year in year out, these students will come up with all kinds of innovation that makes products and services cheaper and cheaper.
That will lead to a deadly deflation trap.

Suppose our medical system, that is the best in the world, would be just as efficient as in other countries. In that case your health insurance would only cost half as much and millions of medic jobs will be lost.
That would very likely lead to a horrible deflation trap. 

We at the Federal Reserve are a bright and shining example of a bunch of totally retarded central bankers; if we really understood how the economy works we would not be in this mess. It will take a tremendous effort to get out of this mess, it will require a lot of hard work so that is good for employment.
We are the best central bank in the world; no central bank is more stupid and retarded although the Chinese are right on our back.

If American workers get more dumb, obese and retarded every year you need more and more workers to produce the same level of goods. That's why it is so important to make people completely retarded, in that way America can move forward like we always did.

In order to maintain our mandate while avoiding the deadly deflation trap we have a wide range of tools to steer the economy into liquidity, debt and inflation traps. Best is to steer the economy in all those traps at the same time so that stability is anchored in a solid way and there will be no deadly deflation spiral leading to Armageddon.

So far for the eternal wisdom of the US based Federal Reserve. 


Ok, so we have this QE.2 program of 600+ billion. What impact can it have on, for example stock markets? 

I don't have a clue because 75 billion a month in buying US Treasuries is not that much when you compare it to the 500 billion total debt levels are growing a quarter.

I found some smart guy that did more or less like my own so called zero-one project (my 0-1 project was for maximizing US military death toll in Iraq and not about maximizing the stock markets, but hey you can use the same kind of statistical analysis!) 

I am sorry I cannot validate the content of the next link, furthermore there are only 44 days included in this content. But it's good stuff anyway (from Barry's hangout): 

Permanent Open Market Operations Still Matter! 

Till updates. 


(03 Nov 2010) Ok, boring, but QE.2 is out:

Item 1) Ha ha ha, USA Federal Reserve only 600 billion QE.2 bucks today. 

Item 1) Ha ha ha, USA Federal Reserve only 600 billion QE.2 bucks today. 

Today it became known that the USA Federal Reserve will buy about 600 billion in garbage highly rated USA Treasury bonds. 

Therefore a long awaited threshold (anyway it was long awaited by me) has set in:
Monetization of Federal debt. (And that: for the long run, no short time thingelings.)

It's only about 75 billion / month or so and given the fact that the USA has about 300 million inhabitants, only 250 US$ per inhabitant per month. 

Lets wait and see if those stupid Chinese will buy more USA debt... 

No links, till updates. 


(27 Oct 2010) Wow man, that's exiting: a second round of QE...

Item 1) What to expect from QE.2 next week? 

 Item 1) What to expect from QE.2 next week?

Wednesday next week the US Federal Reserve will announce her plans for a second round of quantitative easing (that is buying garbage investment grade stuff).
The official reason is often stated as keeping interest rates low, of course such a reason is not the real reason, the low rates are needed to borrow more and avoid borrowing to pay only the interest on the borrowed money.

On 13 Oct I showed you that the non financial sectors of the USA still need 500 billion US$ fresh debt every 3 months. Scroll down to 13 Oct or look at this graph again:   


The idea that via keeping interest rates low you can revive the economy is rather laughable; the nonfin sector has a boatload of 35 trillion in debt so low interest rates really don't help that much.

No, only real deleveraging will help to improve economical conditions, yet the Americans are fundamentally retarded debt huggers so they will not deleverage... 

Suppose the Federal Reserve wants to try and 'deleverage' the stuff a little bit, they have a mandate of about 5 trillion for QE so if they throw in the reminder of 3 trillion they can stabilize the debt for only 18 months. 

So even 3 trillion does nothing but buy a little bit of time, everything below 3 trillion is a complete joke so lets wait a week to see what the FED retards cough up...

(Even folks like Bill Gross from Pimco say it all becomes more and more a perfect Ponzi scheme, that is correct. Link: 
Pimco’s Bill Gross: QE2 is a Ponzi Scheme 

Till updates. 


(24 Oct 2010) One small item:

Item 1) What is Arty doing in the Iraqi Wikileaks files? 

 Item 1) What is Arty doing in the Iraqi Wikileaks files? 

I didn't have much time but a short time I browsed the Wikeleaks Iraqi documents, to my surprise one of the categories was ARTY... (With 73 links inside the combined documents.) 

No clue what this is, although ARTY is a category it is also one of the deleted 
(= censored) words.
Check for yourself, this is the ARTY category, but the word ARTY is never found:  

Compare that, for example, to the category AMBUSH.
Most of the time the word AMBUSH is in the title of the document:  

If for some reason the above links don't work properly, go to and scroll down to you find 'Category' in the left column. 


I still don't know what to think of it... Arty in the Iraqi Wikileaks? 

Ok, lets skip all Media links (you can find them for yourselves).  

Till updates. 


(21 Oct 2010) Only one Dutch written item. 

Item 1) Korte reflectie op het Gert Wilders proces (in Dutch). 

 Item 1) Korte reflectie op het Gert Wilders proces (in Dutch). 

Oh oh, had ik mij voorgenomen om vooral niets van dit Gert proces te zien maar het lukte de advocaat van dhr. Wilders toch om in mij een milde vorm van irritatie op te wekken.

Ik, Reinko Venema, zat gewoon op de vloer in mijn keuken (omdat ik de derde laklaag aanbracht) en mijn oren moesten de logica van advocaat Bram Moszkowicz aanhoren.  

Het televisie geluid van RTL7 gaf de volgende logica weer (het is maar een klein deel uit het geheel): 

1) Het is wetenschappelijk niet bewezen dat de Islam als religie niet radicaliseerd.
2) Met zijn uitspraken wil dhr Wilders alleen maar het gevaar benadrukken van radicale Islamistische regimes.

Nou ja, wat moet je daarmee? Het is gewoon van die domme jodenlogica waar we zo langzamerhand wel genoeg van hebben gezien.
Terzijde; er is geen enkel wetenschappelijk bewijs dat zegt dat dhr Wilders alleen maar bepaalde gevaren wil benadrukken. (Dat is alleen maar een vorm van jodenlogica...)

Goed, morgen, televisie dus uit tijdens het aanbrengen van de vierde laklaag want dan heeft Gert z'n laatste woord. 


Ok, nu we toch Dutch aan het kletsen zijn, is het bijv zinvol om de Maxime Verhagen update van 27 Sept nog verder te updaten? 

Ach nee, waarom? 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates.  


(13 Oct 2010) Finally the standard debt analysis around the US Federal Reserve so called 'Flow of Funds', after that in item 2 we will sing a song: 

Item 1) US debt growth unchanged, still above 500 billion / quarter.
Item 2) Lets sing this song: Retarded in the USA! 

Item 1) US debt growth unchanged, still above 500 billion / quarter.

Every 3 months we do the same: we look at the total debt levels in the USA without the financial sector. So that is everything without banks and other financial institutions; consumers, companies, state & federal debt. 

As usual the USA needs over 500 billion every quarter just to keep functioning like they do (read being retarded to the bone).
All small debt bubbles are growing together only to form bigger bubbles, in particular Federal debt has taken over the debt hugging role of consumers & companies. 

To my surprise even after about one year nobody in the USA does simple debt analysis like this, that abundantly demonstrates they are:
1) Cowards & weasels &
2) Live in complete denial &
3) Are totally and utterly retarded. 

But with that I tell you nothing new... 

Ok lets get started; the first picture shows the linear growth attitude of the US debt levels, it grows so fast it is completely impossible to pay it back via higher taxes or stuff like that.
It's still trending around a line so all in all there is no deleveraging whatsoever: 


Just like every 3 months we calculate the differences between the dots and the line, these differences are called the residues.
Still these residues follow a cubic model, when I first found that something like a year ago I though it was just some coincidence but with every quarter the cubic model becomes stronger and stronger.

Yet one day this cubic model will break down because the last thing on earth the obese fatbag Americans will do is the thingeling known as 'austerity measures'.
Here is the cubic for the residues: 



Before we close this item lets take a look at the deleveraging myth from the USA financial sector: everybody (read all retards) is saying the financial sector is deleveraging! And if you look at the total debt levels that looks true, but is it? 


No the US financial sector is of course not deleveragin, in order to do so they have to sell their 'AAA rated assets' and what idiot will buy that far overvalued garbage? 

Answer: The Federal Reserve... 

Well mostly the FED, if you look at the expanded FED balances you see there is only a few hundreds billion in 'real deleveraging'.  

The poor USA retards: when will they understand their own situation?

Source of the data used:

Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States.

May be the name USA is no longer valid and we should rename it in URA (the United Retards of America)... 

Item 2) Lets sing this song: Retarded in the USA!  

Over there in the URA they have a nice looking collection of fuckholes named Miley Cyrus. The little chick had a music hit lately, title = It's a party in the USA.

Lets all sing along with this nice collection of holes but lets modify the text a little little bit; instead of 

It's a party in the USA,  we do sing:
It's retarded in the URA. 


Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A. - Official Music Video (HD) 


Till updates & don't forget to sing along! 


(06 Oct 2010) Sorry I am a bit sparse with uploads lately; I am doing more and more small house repairs & as so often one thing leads to another & another & another. 
And so as long as it is autumn I need to pump in a lot more hours in that direction, lets hope after a lot of work this worn out house will look a little bit better...

Therefore only 2 small financial items that are hopefully boring enough: 

Item 1) Why have US Federal taxes fallen so much? 
Item 2) Will it help if China strengthens her money? 

 Item 1) Why have US Federal taxes fallen so much?

It is just a little detail in the entire global so called 'credit crisis' but lately we had our Dutch minister of finance de Jager stating that taxes have been nicely around the curve of total GDP. 

With that our honorable de Jager is meaning that if economical output declined x percent, that also goes for the taxes the government collects. 

For me one of the known unknowns in our little crisis is that USA taxes have been fallen much much sharper compared to figures like the Gross Domestic Product. 

That is important to know because this is a pillar of stability in the economy where you live, taxes need to be pinned to the standard GDP. If not you are doing something wrong on the tax side and introduce some more risk to the entire economy you are part of. 

Anyway I was to lazy to decompose all kinds of USA Federal tax details, so I don't have a clear cut understanding why it fell so hard...

All I have is a link that more or less pictures the USA Fed taxes, it pictures taxes as part of the GDP: 

Historical federal tax revenue levels 

Now where is all that weakness coming from? It's 100% clear the USA can't raise taxes that much... Burn baby burn :) 

 Item 2) Will it help if China strengthens her money? 

This is another 'lazy item' because I did not investigate if the USA ever had a trade surplus with Japan over the last 30 years. Likely it never had, the USA is not used at running trade surpluses... 

For many years there are complaints about China having an artificial low valued coin, lately these sounds are more and more there.
The theory is as next: If the Remnibi rises this is good for everyone. 

In the beginning of the eighties the Jap Yen did about 260 a US$, now it's at 80+ levels... That is over 3 times as strong in under 3 decades.  

(Source: You can find the Yen detail for example with the next Java applet:

You might wonder why the Japanese with their boatloads of debt can have such a strong currency? That's simple to understand: After all the Japs still have a strong workforce, the Americans don't. 


Ok end of the update, till updates. 


(27 Sept 2010) A so called 'Take it cool' update?

Item 1) Take it cool: let's kill Maxime Verhagen. 

 Item 1) Take it cool: let's kill Maxime Verhagen. 

Take it cool my dear reader, but it is 3 minutes after midnight and the Israelis were pleased to follow decade old wisdom:

Jewish settlers declare end to building moratorium  

Therefore weighing all in all the killing of Maxime Verhagen would have the biggest impact in pro Israel stuff in this little country.

Believe me, after the honorable Pim Fortuyn & van Gogh killings we need a bit more spice. Geert Wilders is the expected target & that's weird... 

That's weird because a clean shot at Maxime Verhagen would do miracle tricks. 

So take it cool please take it cool: Maxime is only allowed to get killed via long distance sniper fun. 

Take it cool...
Till updates. 


(24 Sept 2010) Only one item: 

Item 1) The first words of the FED Flow of Funds Z1 release are... 

 Item 1) The first words of the FED Flow of Funds Z1 release are... 

I am a little bit late with my usual analysis of total US debt levels, so lets say that's still in the pipeline. I would like to start with the first words from the Z1 release, quote:

Debt of the domestic nonfinancial sectors is estimated to have expanded at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4¾ percent in the second quarter of 2010, ¼ percentage point more than in the previous quarter.

Comment: It would be funny if the FED folks would state that this is in line with debt growths over the last years completely regardless of positive or negative economical growth... It's just 35 trillion we are talking about, so what is 4.75%? 

Furthermore at the heart of the credit crisis lies the simple fact that debt growth always outstripped GDP & total profit growth. One way or the other this will end in tears, not just one or two but plenty of tears.


Ok, since I still haven't done the usual analysis, lets post a few links:  

On benzinga dot com they claim total US debt levels grew only 14 billion or so to 52,1 trillion. After my humble opinion it is at least 10 times that number (just look here and do the adding & subtracting). To me it looks like overall deleveraging simply has stopped, but who am I? 

Link 1: THE NEW Z1 IS OUT! 

At the Huffington Post they think that the USA is digging faster into the debt hole, again this is contradictory with my own analysis that says that at least over the last five years the simple linear model is the best fitting model. 

Link 2: America Digs Faster Into Debt Hole 

The most stupid title was found on Seeking Alpha; how much more to go???
Well, a lot I just guess... 

Link 3: On Debt Deleveraging: How Much More to Go? 

Until now Steve Keen from debtdeflation dot com wrote the best stuff, Steve even takes the labor of not only comparing total levels (like in all of the above links) but also speed and acceleration... So I like that because that is a relatively rigid approach. 

Link 4: Deleveraging with a twist 

It's a pity that the blog named The Big Picture has absolutely nothing upon the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds release. The Barry Ritholz blog doesn't live up to it's name, but it has to be remarked I never sold one tshirt either...
May be the inconsistencies of life are an integral part of life... 

So nothing from the big pic blog, but unrelated to the Z1 release it is funny to read the Cassandra does Tokyo thingeling:

Link 5: Pop-Quiz: Terms of Trade 

So far for the Z1 release, may be next week we can look how the usual chain saw analysis falls out for our dear Z1 release. In the meantime tomorrow I will eat this strange looking vegetable, I don't trust it: 

How could it also have good taste when it's visual look is already so perfect?
There is also the law of conservation of misery...
The law says that whatever you do the outcome will be miserable, if that is true such a perfect looking vegetable cannot also taste good.


Till updates. 


(16 Sept 2010) Because I always do my best to make it a boring as possible, only one financial item:

Item 1) Tomorrow new Federal Reserve Z1 release + some links. 

 Item 1) Tomorrow new Federal Reserve Z1 release + some links. 

Tomorrow we will have another FED Z1 release and as such I can finally publish a highly interesting thing; the USA financial sector is deleveraging at a 2.5 trillion $ a year speed... 

Anyway, that is what the previous Z1 release said.
Who should this be important? 
When the so called financial crisis broke out, the US financial sector tried to pump up debt at a similar rate. That was before Lehman and Bear Stearns collapses... 

If you want to see it for yourself that indeed the present deleveraging speed is about 2.5 trillion a year, look in the one before last column and scroll down:   

So what will tomorrow bring? I am expecting more or less the next two things:

1) The deleverage speed in the USA financial sector will decline but I don't have a clue to what extend.
2) The rest of the US economy will continue to need about 500 billion more debt every 3 months to squeeze only a tiny fraction of that in higher economical output known as the GDP. 

Lets wait and see.



A guy named Steve Keen is doing nice things with weird statistics, he studies the simple sum of GDP and (extra) debt levels. That is a bit like adding apples and oranges but if you are only interested in a fruit count it is allowed.

(Of course if you add GDP and fresh debt you do also a bit of double counting but if most debt is used in a 'consumable way' and not a long term investment way, the idea is charming.)   

So, in case you haven't read it, it's a nice read:

What Bernanke doesn’t understand about deflation  

A few times a month I am still annoyed by people who say that the USA Federal debt is only 60% of the GDP. Most of the time this comes from 'analysts' who work for a commercial bank or folks otherwise related to the financial industry. 

Why are so many guys after so many years still so full of shit? 

I don't know why they are persistently weird, ok ok I can understand they are not capable of for example relate a 17.4% growth over a decade to 1.6% a year...
But my dear commercial bank analysts, is it that hard to add a few numbers and calculate a more correct percentage?  

Lets turn your stupid argument around:

Suppose it was true that USA Federal debt was only 60 percent of the gross domestic product, wouldn't it be a piece of cake to turn the economy around?  

Now you inverted assholes, you fakest of analysts, what is your opinion on that?? 

The article is from the pen of Kenneth Rogoff, a former IMF employee: 

Why America Isn’t Working 

Bond valuation. Bond valuation, why bond valuation?
That's boring, bonds are simple: every year or month you get your coupon money and at the end you get your money back... 

To be honest I never thought in a math way on bonds, may be I never traded bonds myself is an explanation for that shortcoming of mine. 

It seems the commercial banks also offer bonds with options included, so that makes me laugh; the pricing of derivates is a little bit known to me... 

Ah ah USA Federal bonds, where will you go? To the refi heaven or a more down to earth deflation harbor?

Bond valuation 

Till updates. 


(11 Sept 2010, updated 12 Sept.) 

Item 1) It's one of those 911 days again... 

 Item 1) It's one of those 911 days again... 

Oh oh it is already nine years ago since the major of this city was definitely two inches smaller and he still talks that strange...

Over the years I have never made any real progress on my little 'trigger hypothesis' to the 911 attacks from 2001. There is not really only one trigger hypothesis, it comes in many shades of gray. For example a very weak version is: 

Somehow I managed to make a lot of Muslims very mad at me and that has helped as a little backwind for the success of the 9/11/2001 attacks.

A very strong version is more like this: 

Somehow I managed to make a lot of Muslims very mad at me and the 9/11/2001 mujahedin even actively followed my latest website. At some point in time, to be precise 11 - 5 = 06 Sept 2001, I more or less demanded for my so called 'dual' to make himself heard. 
(The strong version basically says Mohammed Atta, the leader, acted fast after that.)  

The strongest version can easily be rejected or accepted if you knew on what date the tickets were bought at Kinko's. If it's before 06 Sept 2001 we can kill the strongest trigger hypothesis...

Anyway, I have lost my interest in the 2001 stuff, after so many years all possible direct proof is long long gone. 

I don't have a clue where on the spectrum from strong to weak the trigger hypothesis is to be pinned down, all I know is I am at peace with myself: if 911 never happened it rather likely would be me who would got killed...
So my dear USA folks, I am sorry that I might have yes or no have caused you a little bit inconvenience.
May be that starting a website was never a good idea in the beginning... ;)  


Lets end this update with a little challenge to you all my dear readers:

May be you are familiar with those websites where you can read an article and place reader comments while other readers can rate your comment from 'thumbs up' to 'thumbs down'. Go to one of those comment sections and place a nasty comment. 

If you can collect about 10 thousand of those very 'negative' rates in lets say 10 to 14 days, you have beaten or equaled me... You also must have zero 'positive rates'.

If you cannot easily make over 10 thousand people mad, I will never take serious your logic on the trigger hypothesis. In that case you are a so called 'weak person' like most of the male Pentagon employees are. 

Lets leave it with that, if you are interested in if it's true that US military folks collected Afghan body parts you must read stuff like this

End of the day; till updates. 

Update from 12 Sept: 

It took me an awful lot of time to find it (over one hour or so) but I found only one source that says Mohammed Atta bought his ticket 10 days before 11 Sept 2001.
There is no way to validate that info but suppose it is true:
If it's true the strongest form of the trigger hypothesis is not validated. 

Quote of interest: 

September 1, 2001 B:

"And 10 days before the tragedy, Atta bought a ticket on American Airlines Flight 11 - the plane he crashed into the World Trade Center's north tower - from an American Airlines ticket agent at La Guardia Airport. 

Source, scroll down to 'September 1, 2001 B:  

It was boring but also funny to read those old 911 timelines again...

For example there still are folks tracking the anthrax thingeling, you keep on laughing when you read rather far fetched stuff like:

The Coded Message in the Media Letters 

Lets skip that old stuff and go back to the present:

Burning Qurans and stuff like that: A lot of people are looking in bewilderment at mostly white Christian guys that want to burn Qurans.

Me too; I know of no wider socio/economical theory that can explain such an outburst of desire for fire. It's mostly a media hype because all we get to see are some retards.
For myself speaking, many years ago I arrived at the conclusion the USA folks are a bit retarded. That theory really needs no adjustment...    

But weirdly enough, this is the USA today: 

Six Christians rip pages from Koran in White House stunt 

End of this updated 11 Sept item. 

Till updates. 


(01 Sept 2010) Only a few links: 

Item 1) Links. 

 Item 1) Links. 

Suppose you would read newslines like "Cows caught redhanded while eating green grass in dry weather conditions" or like "Lions totally embarrassed because some ate meat" you would know you have entered some kind of fantasy land.

About two weeks back we had such a funny fantasy land, it's about a few IDF soldiers only doing their daily routine: 

Army shocked by 'flotilla looters',7340,L-3939674,00.html 

A Dutch link; CIDI watch: 

De Koningklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag wil een zootje oude Nazi kranten uit de tweede wereld oorlog online zetten. Nou daar ben ik altijd voorstander van, of het oude Nazi kranten zijn of koloniale boekhouding van opium verkopen in Indonesie, hoe meer hoe beter denk ik altijd maar.

Zo niet het CIDI, want zoals ze het zelf zeggen, citaat: 

"Op internet kun je heel makkelijk met zoektermen al die kranten doorlopen. Het wordt dan heel makkelijk om met knippen en plakken een antisemitisch verhaal te maken." 

Commentaar: Daar snap ik niets van, als je al anti Semitisme zou willen oppompen kan je beter de info van het jaar 2010 gebruiken. Vers is namelijk veel beter dan oude beschimmelde kranten... 
Er is plenty reden om de Israelieten levende in hun Beloofde Land er eens flink van langs te geven.
Alleen een idioot zou zich beroepen op oude Nazi krantjes... 

CIDI Link: 'KB moet geen nazikranten op internet zetten'

Ah, there are also 'peace talks' under supervision of the White House between Israel and some Palestinians. Yesterday 4 Jewish settlers were killed and one of them was a pregnant female...  

Oh oh I am totally in tears, 4 dead is an amazing 0.4% of that Operation Cast Lead of Palestinian death toll. 
Of course directly thereafter the Jewish settlers started rebuilding because of the horrible 0.4%... 

I have said it so often:

The only thing that counts for the Israelis is the ongoing slow landgrab, it goes by the square meter & it keeps on eating.

The rest is only a weird circus decade in decade out; 

President Obama condemns Hamas attack on four Israeli settlers, says they won't stop peace talks 


Hard to say if the next info is true, but if the USA refuses to do military exercises with Turkey if Israel is not present, one thing is clear: 

The entire NATO is far less important than the US-Israel relationship. 

After all Turkey is a NATO member and as far as my memory goes, Israel not. 

US tells Turkey military exercise off if Israel not in,7340,L-3947622,00.html 

Iraq, ok Iraq...

Today the official end of Operation Iraqi Freedom was there.
Now we have Operation Dusk Forever or 'New Dawn' if you want the official name.

But I don't want to comment on that, I would like to post a link from the 18-th of August that was weird beyond comprehension.  

Weird beyond comprehension, is the oil company Shell corrupted at a deep level?  

Halliburton gets letter of intent for Iraq oil 

From Afghanistan you keep on wondering as why the highly skilled Western forces cannot bring peace and love like they want to. Is it true Afghan government folks are on the CIA payroll? I don't know, from countries like Columbia this is relatively good documented, from Mexico you might suspect there is weird CIA stuff too but Afghanistan? 

Better make up your own mind:

CIA making secret payments to members of Karzai administration 

That's it, till updates. 


(27 Aug 2010) Only a financial/economical update today:

Item 1) USA economical growth revised to 1.6% in Q2.
Item 2) Modern money theories: so stupid you must read it.

 Item 1) USA economical growth revised to 1.6% in Q2.

Ha ha, today the revised numbers for the USA came out and it was revised down from 2.4% to 1.6% on an annual basis. Oops, that was just the average over the last 10 years as we calculated it on 11 August... 

Also you can find dozens and dozens of finance press intellectuals who are talking about a so called Japanese 'lost decade'.

Once more we see that in the universe of the financial press looks are far more important than brains, those mentally handicapped talk about a possible 'lost decade' without only doing the most basic calculations... 
Weirdo's, they are dangerous weirdo's! 

Because if you subtract the US demographic growth, it is obvious that the USA has just had her first decade in 'lost Japanese stuff'. 

Why are they always so disillusional over there?  

It's a very strange society that USA society, they are definitely not 'truth seekers'. At best they give lip service to their particular tribe, so they are more or less 'tribe truth seekers'...
But crafting undisputable simple economical facts?
You can shake it; the Americans will never deliver on that kind of detail. 

Item 2) Modern money theories: so stupid you must read it.

Ok suppose as a country you have spoiled your economy because you always loaded on too much debt. As a matter of simple fact you need to raise all taxes by about 60% to get rid of the Federal deficit. (Because that is the USA situation more or less.) 

In the past you had hundreds and hundreds of 'economists' explaining that debt hugging was good for long term economical growth.

Now the debt hugging situation has run out of hand of course there are more and more of those fake people explaining that Federal taxes are only a way to cripple consumption. They even say these are 'modern theories' and that only weirdo's from the past keep on thinking you should fund the government with taxes only. 

The reasoning is more or less as follows: 

Since the government issues the currency in circulation it makes little to no sense to tax money away since the government can fund herself (because she issues the fiat currency coins, notes and electronic money).
The argument goes further: the moment the taxes are collected they go into the garbage can to be recycled via the issuance of fresh currency... 

It is just so plain fucking stupid: such a theory implies that government services to society are for free. Of course they are not for free, government actions (spending) are also a drain on the economy.
At best government spending is a necessary condition for a modern economy to work: without it you get Somalia on a global scale... 

Anyway, the article is a long read but it is so stupid it gets funny again (it is also funny because those folks think they can save the world by getting rid of that stupid taxation, they are true world saviors!). 

If you click on the picture you are linked to the funny source article:


Source: Deficit spending 101 - Part 3 

Call me old fashioned, but if there would be a way to truly lower taxes, wouldn't that have been found by now? But that magical thing was found decades ago:

Just run deficits and keep inflation at the 'policy rate' of about 2%.  

That's a Central Bankers theory; moderate inflation is good (or does not hurt) long term economical growth. 

It's all rubbish, even on the Central Bank level the economy should be simple and price stability is 0%. Not some weird 2% because people would spend more; with the access to credit the average consumer is already capable of overspending... (Most new cars still have some form of borrowing, it is not people save money first and buy a car later.)

Ok, you are at the end of this small financial update;

Till updates.


(21 Aug 2010) Seeking truth; what is it?

Item 1) Just some seeking truth links, I hope they are boring enough... 

 Item 1) Just some seeking truth links, I hope they are boring enough... 

As far as I am concerned the so called six party talks in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula are halted or stopped right now.

What is the case? The retards from South Korea still have not coughed up one little piece of proof the Cheonan was sunk via that weird theory as if some mini submarine could fire a torpedo that did split the Cheonan in two nice parts...

I am loosing my temper at high speeds when I read that the SK 'demands' an apology from the NK because of the Cheonan sinking. Hey shitty SK military and diplomats:

Cough up some truth! And not some weird first derivate of emotion, stick to the facts assholes! Link of irritation:

Seoul Seeks Pyongyang Apology For Resuming Nuke Talks 


A lot of people are obsessed with a thing as 'finding the truth'. For myself speaking I am not different: I keep on searching for 'the truth' until my mind gives me pleasant feelings in return... 

That's just how the brain works; you will always try to find the truth. 

A funny USA based guy named Barry Ritholtz is claming that he is a truth seeker too: 

Seeking the Truth — Or Obscuring It?


On Pakistan I just don't know. 

Shall or should I order for a six month silence of the weapons yes or no?

Why should I ask to the Pakistanis to stop the crap and make a giant fool of myself?
The USA will always keep on using drone attacks so in case there is a fragile six months truce, please let the USA folks break it with drone stuff.  

Lets leave it with that.


It's a little bit old this video, but the so called 'ghost fleet' of merchandise ships in our little financial/economical crisis is still alive and kicking:  

'Ghost Fleet' Sits Out Crisis in Malacca Strait 

So what's the truth? Something that only fits in your brain?
Or something that would fit in everybody's brain if 'they were smart enough'? 


Lets end this update.  

Till updates.

Update from this same day 21 Aug 2010: What did I post only 22 hours ago? Quote:

On Pakistan I just don't know. 

Shall or should I order for a six month silence of the weapons yes or no?

Why should I ask to the Pakistanis to stop the crap and make a giant fool of myself?
The USA will always keep on using drone attacks so in case there is a fragile six months truce, please let the USA folks break it with drone stuff.  

Comment: Wow man, I feel lucky because my time as a giant fool has lasted less then 24 hours! Almost you could accuse me of being some kind of 'peace hugger'... 

Luckily there is fresh drone attack today inside Pakistan (implying I better stop all this nonsense of peace love & understanding, lets make war on the USA one decade longer): 

US drone attack kills 4 militants in N Waziristan 

And, more or less unrelated to drone attacks is a very funny read about the USA becoming Manhunt Inc on a global scale. Quote: 

After all, it raises a basic question: Is this country really going to become known as a global Manhunters, Inc.? 

Source: Killing the Wrong People in Afghanistan 

Comment: I don't know, I know I had some weirdo's following me in lets say end 2001 / at most begin 2002, after that I did not observe foreigners that much. 
Has it really evolved into manhunt bla bla in 'easy countries'? Could be... 

Till updates. 


(14 Aug 2010) Only one item with very boring links.

Item 1) Just some links, I hope they are boring enough... 

 Item 1) Just some links, I hope they are boring enough... 

A funny but also weird youtubber is a vid with the title 'Gaza flotilla video mashup: Internet Killed Israeli PR':  

The video makes you wonder, who makes stuff like that?
Like expected it are indeed a bunch of Jews: (Where at the present date the same video is featured.) 

Of course after such a funny video about Israel, what is life without a little bit of Israeli whining? We can't live without it: 

Underneath Lebanon, Israel sees hidden battlefield 

An old BBC link upon the end of the deployment of the Dutch forces in Afghanistan (I hope the Taliban know the small Dutch air wing is not withdrawn for the time being) is the next (in the end it get funny when the Taliban congratulate the Dutch citizens & government, if you don't know it: the Dutch government fell over that detail of withdrawing from the Afghan landscape): 

Dutch troops end Afghanistan deployment  

A guy from Wikileaks is named Julian Assange, he seems to be some convicted hacker... Since I consider Julian to be 'rather good' while also noticing that military leaks are not a real game changer in the way wars are fought, I have a simple question for the Wikileaks folks:

Suppose you run a very small computer network, lets say about 15 running hard disks. Suddenly within one split of a second the whole thing breaks down, later it is found out that on all hard disks you have the same problem:
The standard directory structure is still intact but all files within five layers deep are destroyed. Six or more directory layers deep all is intact & nothing is destroyed. 

What would you do my dear Wikileak team? 

(I have had cyber fun like that myself so that's why I keep on wondering; What would you do?) 

Julian Assange: is 'Wikileaker' on a crusade or an ego trip? 

The Pakistan situation is very sad with the present floodings, the situation is terrible and about zero point zero international help. The media folks explain this via some kind of 'disaster fatigue' line of reasoning, for myself speaking it looks like the Western governments have finally found their way of cheap war (or asymmetric warfare).  

After all, despite it being Ramadan & the flooding disaster, drone attacks inside Pakistan still continue: 

Suspected US missile strike 'kills 12 in NW Pakistan' 

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(09 Aug 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) The Lebanese Hariri killing from 2005; who did it? 

 Item 1) The Lebanese Hariri killing from 2005; who did it?

Like said before I never ever wrote one word upon the Hariri killing, it is still one of the biggest mysteries in terror land. It is a mystery in understanding terror attacks because of the scale of the bombing, the utter lack of claims of responsibility and the zero point zero progress in the diverse investigations. 

So the above points more and more to an actor on the state level and not some loose action done by some temporary group. 

Suppose that, from a theoretical point of reasoning, state actors are involved.
Who did it? We know next to nothing; we know behavior aspects like all that bombing from Israel into Lebanon about a year later. But the fact we know nothing is important in itself: likely the actor has achieved it's goal or has other reasons to stay silent. 


Today the Hezbollah threw in a coin of interest, quote: 

"Such footage generally comes as the first leg of the execution of an operation," the Shiite militant party's leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a news conference broadcast via video link.

Several clips, each minutes long and undated, showed aerial views of the coastline off mainly Sunni west Beirut on various days prior to the Hariri assassination.

Nasrallah, who has accused Israel of the February 15, 2005 bombing which killed Hariri and 22 other people, said the footage was intercepted from Israeli MK surveillance aircrafts.

Hezbollah's chief said the images were not conclusive proof but noted that his party had no offices, positions or presence in the areas under surveillance that could have been of interest to its Israeli foes. 

Source: Hezbollah unveils 'Israeli footage' of Hariri murder site  

Comment: Indeed it is not a solid proof for Israel to be the perpetrator of the Hariri killing. But if it's an actor on the state level, who else but Israel did this? 

After all, the Israelis have their own behavior against them.
A bit of air power here over the border, a bit more over there and we top it off with tennis killer sauce in Dubai...

Are that the deeds of a normal functioning democracy?
Till updates. 


(30 July 2010) Five items:

Item 1) Wikileaks, the Afghan war logs; an air power detail.
Item 2) Unbelievable; the mess at Arlington cemetery.
Item 3) Counterpunch on the sinking of the Cheonan.
Item 4) USA gross domestic product growth is 2.4%; what does it mean?
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) Wikileaks, the Afghan war logs; an air power detail.

Much has been said about the leaking of tens of thousands of classified documents, finally a 'platform for truth' has been created and all the Pentagon & White House do is whine whine whine. 

Not much of a miracle that the USA & Israel are so deeply befriended, Israel will always be the number one world champion when it comes to whining but the USA folks are doing their best too lately. 

Now what's the detail of air power that I find interesting?
If memory serves about 2 years back before the winter did set in, lets say about 20 months back, a Taliban leader told a bit of their view of how the war went and told that the Taliban had new anti aircraft stuff. 

It did receive almost no attention because most Western journalists are trained at repeating the nonsense our leaders tell us, but I considered it very important. So last year I was a bit disappointed when this did not come to light very much, after all the Taliban interview looked reliable enough. 

Now with the wikileak stuff it can be said that the pentagon think they can win the war by withholding information like that, once more we see the Pentagon never will have a shortage of retards...
Indeed the new heat seeking anti aircraft ammo seems to be working. 

Here is a short list with downed aircraft over the years, it is important to notice that whenever possible the Pentagon will classify the stuff as an 'accident' (just like the hundreds of deadly vehicle 'rollover accidents' from Iraq, officially accounted as 'non hostile' but in other nations the USA has almost zero rollovers...):  

List of Coalition aircraft losses in Afghanistan 

For example, the next link is from the Huffinton Post declaring that indeed the Pentagon retards think winning a war is just a matter of marketing & public relations... Oh oh retards, war is not a washing powder... 

Wikileaking Afghanistan: Disaster Is Not a Good Thing, but Knowing About it Is 

Über-retard admiral Mike Mullen is 'appalled' by the big leak, the retarded whiner informs us that this will put American lives at risk. How such extra loss of lives should materialize Mike Mullen did not tell, for me it is hard to see how the Taliban can turn this into a winning strategy.
The Taliban already have a winning strategy because the enemy is a little bit retarded & I, Reinko Venema, can easily prove the USA folks are retarded:

Until this day the USA folks still refuse to investigate the 'trigger hypothesis' to the 9/11 attacks from the year 2001. And if from day one you refuse to understand how stuff really worked, you will always fight strange windmills in strange countries. 

US Braces for Blowback Over Afghan War Disclosures 

The retards from the US military, after all those years I still shake my head in disbelief... 


Item 2) Unbelievable; the mess at Arlington cemetery.

The retards from the US military, after all those years I still shake my head in disbelief... This time not the Afghan war logs but the mess at Arlington cemetery. 

Thousands of graves seem to be mislabeled, meaning the wrong name on it or the wrong corpse in the grave. There still are no reports of graves with two heads or three legs in it, yet at this point in time nothing surprises me any longer.

Ok Arlington is a giant graveyard, up to 330 thousand corpses from every war the USA was ever in. So it's not the average village graveyard, but by their very nature graveyards are very easy to manage.  

Disbelief, I softly shake my head in disbelief when you read the details emerging from the graves of Arlington. And these are the same guys that are the military leaders of the NATO??? 

Arlington cemetery’s lapses stun senators (KansasCity)

Thousands of Arlington graves may have been mishandled (LA Times)

All in all the Pentagon & Arlington management have one thing in common: 

Keeping up appearances is the only thing that counts.

Item 3) Counterpunch on the sinking of the Cheonan.

Do I have to link to a website like counterpunch? USA left leaners are nice but just like their right wing counterparts they often forget backing up their words with solid and undeniable facts.  

Since my estimation is that it is kinda weird for the North Koreans to do such a thing on a wide spectrum of reasons, for example all military logic is lost, to hardware problems like the kind of torpedo or (shaped) explosives used, the counterpunch writing is very good!

It contains only a small mistake, quote: 

The centerpiece of the case against North Korea is without doubt the torpedo fragments retrieved by trawlers. 

Comment: No that is not the centerpiece of the case, it is the point where everyone started to act like retards. At that point in time emotion did set in over elementary logic because until this day we still lack so called 'non classified' facts supporting the outlandish theory that the NK torpedoed the Cheonan. 


The Sinking of the Cheonan and Its Political Uses 

Item 4) USA gross domestic product growth is 2.4%; what does it mean?

Is the GDP growth right on track to pay for those silly Federal deficits in the future without raising tax pressure? (Actually overall USA taxes would need to rise about 60 to 70% of present tax levels to keep the spending up.) 

As always we go to the Bureau of Economical Analysis for the mighty dollar streams, as always pick table 1.1.5. Gross Domestic Product. Source:  

2010 Q1 = 14,446.4 
2010 Q2 = 14,597.7 (annualized billions of US$)

For the real quarterly numbers this gives: 

2010 Q1 = 3611.6 
2010 Q2 = 3649.4 (as GDP goes for the quarter). 

That's a staggering 37.8 billion US$ more economical output for the whole of the mighty US economy! And this while the Federal deficit is about 400 billion over the same timespan. 

Do you need more proof that the USA only loads up 'consumer debt' and not the desired 'investment debt' that guarantees future economical expansion? 

Yes, all buyers of USA Federal debt will always need more proof.
Ahem, might they be retards? 

Item 5) The empty item. 

This item is empty, as empty as it is.

Till updates. 


(24 July 2010, updated 27 July) One item only, at the end of the item finally the War Tribunal has something to say after all those years. 

Item 1) Dick Cheney, Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton have something in common. 

 Item 1) Dick Cheney, Joe Biden & Hillary Clinton have something in common.

What I feared has happened: the present USA political leaders think that it's true a North Korean torpedo sunk the SK warship Cheonan. 

Before we proceed a little bit of recent history: Before the war on terror going to Iraq Collin Powel gave his famous United Nations speech in Feb 2003, may be you remember this old picture: 


Later they were found in Iraq and indeed we got to see the real photographs (in the Cheonan we simply miss real photo's) and since it was very important I took 3 to 4 hours of study to arrive at the conclusion these were not for biological agents.

It is highly important to stress once more the USA did not send one but two successive investigation teams both coming up with statements like:

The only logical, consistent and coherent solution is that they were for the production of biological agents. 

To put it simple: On my own I was better compared to about 40 of those USA 'experts'. 

(I remember it slightly different from the source of the picture, see, my memory says the photo's popped up with and from the second USA 'investigation')  

Anyway, the USA version of reality was blown to pieces: the stuff was for filling weather balloons... 

Despite all the proof against it, in 2004 US vice prez Dick Cheney still believed it were biological agent production facilities.


Back to the present: Because of the Iraqi miss of biological weapons the CIA suffered a mighty blast in her credibility. So have they learned something from that? 

Yes they have, in the case of the Iraqi trucks we got to see the actual photo's. With the Cheonan there are no photo's published; everything is sealed off with nets. 

Also we have zero point zero info of exactly what kind of NK torpedo can do such a thing, no sketch, no photo. Nothing, just plain nothing. 
Again remark: nothing but this stupid photo, stuff like that simply doesn't cut a warship like the Cheonan in two nice pieces.


Ok I understand and I accept that since the Cheonan was a warship, a lot of it's specifications are classified information. But the void of information is simply far to big, the USA & the SK have popped up zero point zero validation of their outlandish theory. 

Show me at least a sketch of the weapon, the kind of shaped explosives used and how such stuff can fit inside a mini submarine that comes & goes undetected... 

It all stretches the imagination too much, likely it is a fantasy that for some strange psychological reason is needed.  


Back to the title of this item, now there is an nuclear driven air carrier named George Washington over there what have Cheney, Biden & Mrs. Clinton in common? 

They are all plain fucking stupid.

From Dick Cheney this is widely documented enough, yet Biden & Clinton can add their coin to fantasyland. Quote: 

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton calls the evidence "overwhelming" that the Cheonan, a South Korean warship that sank in March, was hit by a North Korean torpedo. Vice President Joe Biden has cited the South Korean-led panel investigating the sinking as a model of transparency. 

Source: Doubts surface on North Korea's role in ship sinking 

Comment: Let it be documented in this story that Biden & Clinton live in a weird fantasyland. Just like Cheney & the rest of team Dubya once did.
Show me the money! Show me the torpedo! 


Since I annoyed myself today at the utter lack of factual proof and that stupid George Washington gunboat diplomacy and since I once founded the War Tribunal, the verdict from the War Tribunal is as follows: 

North Korea is allowed to proceed with further nuclear weapon development, of course this includes delivery systems (may be a mini submarine is a nice delivery thing).

In the meantime both the USA & SK are not allowed to start war against North Korea in the name of nuclear expansion by the NK. 

End of this verdict, the verdict can be modified, withdrawn or whatever what if and only if the USA & SK cough up some real proof of their version of reality.
And not these romantic fantasies..... 


Update from 27 July 2010: 

Ok, it's not official yet as far as I know, but it looks like the Russian navy isn't buying the USA & SK version of the sinking of the Cheonan. 

One of the interesting details, quote:

The Russian investigation team stated that crew members of the Cheonan made calls on their cell phones to report that fellow crew members were hurt at 21:12:03, much earlier than 21:21:58, the time of the explosion as announced by the joint investigation team. The material also pointed out that the blades of the Cheonan’s screws were damaged by hitting bottom prior to the disaster.  

Source (it took me over ten minutes before this page was readable on my computer):
[Editorial] A thorough reinvestigation into the sinking of the Cheonan 

Comment: No comment beside that fact I am very pleased this kind of media reports come so fast, let me congratulate the Russian navy folks. Lets wait and see if China has something to say too. 

For the rest, I spoke myself clearly out on what I think in the above 24 July update. I have nothing more to add. 

End of the 27 July update. 

Till updates. 


(22 July 2010) Sorry, I am lazy so just a few boring links.

Item 1) Just a few boring links. 

 Item 1) Just a few boring links.

In the Gulf of Mexico oil spill the oil well cap seems to be holding, it was a dangerous bet to put a cap like that in place but until now it seems working.
For me it is a bit strange to make some kind of compliment to some kind of enemy, but that Thad Allan is some guy... 
Take it as a positive my dear USA folks, your society still isn't 100% retarded. 

Anyway, the hurricane season sets in so what will they do? 

A tropical storm could force US Coast Guard and BP to reopen oil cap:
weather, wind, and wave maps

A few tree huggers felt the need to post photo's of animal oil spill victims: 

Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Devastating Consequences Of The BP Disaster 

The USA is still the land of freedom so why should British Petroleum doesn't have the right to alter images, pictures or photo's? That's ridiculous, the whole of the USA is glued together like that... 

More doctored BP photos come to light 

As an antidote the last link is a pleasant math book that's still very readable after all those years. It's from Leonhard Euler, that's the guy from the number e as found on your handheld calculator:

The book has the title 'Elements of Algebra' so if the link does not work you must do a simple google book search for yourself: 

Elements of Algebra  

If the above link doesn't work go to:  

and search for 'Euler'. 

Till updates, let the hurricane season begin...  


(17 July 2010, temporary update on the Gulf oil stuff)

Item 1) Question: Is the well bore leaking? 

 Item 1) Question: Is the well bore leaking?

In all fluids pressure goes with the speed of sound in that particular fluid. Why the speed of sound? Because sound, by definition, is variations in pressure levels. 

The BP engineers are expecting a maximum pressure of 8 to 9 thousand psi, if there was no gas mixed in and the well bore would be ok, the maximum pressure would be there in a very short time. In just a few seconds or minutes the maximum pressure would be there...
But about 40% of the volume is gas & with the rising pressure the volume of the gas becomes less and less. 

Lets suppose it leaked about 60 thousand barrels a day and since one barrel is 159 liter, that is about one thousand cubic meter a day. 
A thousand cubic meter is a whole lot of filled drill pipe...
Now the well is capped about 2 days so if the well bore is intact the higher pressure can only be explained from shrinking gas volume.

So is it leaking? If it's not leaking I don't understand why the buildup in pressure goes so slow slow slow... Quote:

Pressure in the capped Macondo well is building slowly and "there is no
evidence we don't have integrity," Kent Wells, BP senior vice president, said
In a conference call, Wells told reporters that pressure in the capped
well is 6,745 psi and rising at 2 psi/hour. "We're feeling more confident,"
Wells said.   

Source: "No evidence we don't have integrity": BP's Wells 

Comment: If the well bore is not damaged the pressure should climb faster and not so slow. It looks like it's leaking somewhere deep underground...


On the other hand some media files report a max expected pressure of 7500 psi so the difference is only about 700 psi. That 700 number is small enough to say the bore well is more or less intact... 

So lets wait until we have more 'facts' found.

End of the temporary update. 


(12 July 2010) Only a boring oil item:

Item 1) 3rd time around: What caused the original Deepwater rig explosion? 

 Item 1) 3rd time around: What caused the original Deepwater rig explosion?

Ok the previous update on the oil spill item was on 30 June (see below). Now this weekend the old cap on the leak is replaced by a new cap and I think I found an interesting picture. 

I don't know what exactly is in the picture, if it is a plain photo of our normal eye vision spectrum, the picture might suggest very heat stuff is gushing from the oil leak.
For me it feels a bit weird to quote from what I wrote myself, but why not? Quote: 

If my gut feeling about chemical reactions are right, in that case temperature of the outpouring oil and gas is important: does the gas/oil field work as a natural methane gas factory yes or no?

Comment: No comment, I still don't have a clue... 

Anyway if the next picture is actually a photo of what a standard human eye would see, it looks a bit like it's hot stuff gushing out.  


Picture source originated at Reuters but was found at the Guardian:

BP begins new operation to seal off leaking Deepwater Horizon well 

So is it really a natural gas factory? It is now 12 July and I still don't have a clue... 



Finally more news is coming out on the detail that there are two drill pipes in the blowout preventer and riser pipe. After almost two weeks BP confirmed there is a double pipe problem. 


National spill response commander Thad Allen had this to say, quote: 

It "presumably fell down beside it as a result of the explosion and the riser pipe being bent over," Allen said. He noted that the second pipe does not have oil shooting from it. 

Source of picture & quote:
Discovery of second pipe in Deepwater Horizon riser stirs debate among experts 

Comment: Until now everything points to a catastrophic event deep in the oil/gas field that came ramming above and destroyed everything in it's path and did set the oil rig on fire with a big explosion.
So it might not be impossible for some drill pipe to fall in, but it's not very likely drill pipe comes down vertically (drill pipe doesn't have stabilizer fins like rockets or so). 

Lets just wait & see what will happen in this oil spill detail. 

Till updates. 


(10 July 2010) Due to the hot weather sitting behind a stupid computer is a dull thing to do. So only one item with a few links: 

Item 1) Just some links. 

 Item 1) Just some links. 

With a little smile I found that there will be an academic chair named after Alan Greenspan... Funded by... John Paulson (that hedge fund guy making a few hundred millions from the crash). Who said the Americans can't be funny? 
Link to Barry's hangout:

Ack! The Alan Greenspan Chair at NYU ! 

With a big smile I observed some USA politicians not understanding the Federal Reserve sucked up a whole lot of garbage with her expanded balance sheets. If it wasn't garbage it would not work, often haute finance is complicated but this time it's simple: Only sucking up the garbage brings 'needed liquidity' to the system.
From Bloomberg: 

Fed Made Taxpayers Unwitting Junk-Bond Buyers  

For me reading Paul Krugman is far less annoying if I read his Op-Ed columnist stuff, Paul is still a fundamental debt hugger but if you frame it as 'closing the output gap' it sounds less annoying: 

Pity the Poor C.E.O.’s 

The mental world of Paul must be a strange one, like something of an 'output gap' can be restored always... It only works if just a few dollars of fresh debt create more and long lasting GDP dollars, this is not the case so stimulus can't work Paul...
No way it can work. Link: 

Why Isn’t Investment Higher? 

In Afghanistan for some strange reason the Afghanis still don't love the Western military forces. Voice of America: 

6 US Service Members Killed in Afghanistan 

Also funny, BBC reporting:

Five US soldiers killed in Afghanistan attacks 

I did not know Bach also had a 'little fugue', it ain't bad: 

Bach, "Little" Fugue (G minor, BWV 578) 

For what it's worth, the USA & Israel have found their 'strong ties' again: 

Obama and Netanyahu attempt to strengthen U.S. Israel ties and call for peace 

Via the Dutch intellectuals at CIDI I found very funny propaganda, I hope the link works: 

Before you boycott Israel! 

A very short comment on the CIDI propaganda: 

Now, after two decades you know why the Windows operating system is so expensive and non-performant: Jews invented it!
Also we should abandon computers because Jews invented them!
So I thought, are they only talking about the Von Neumann guy? As far as I know no other Jews contributed anything of significance...

John von Neumann 

And with Mr. Newmann we got the so called 'Neumann bottleneck' in computer science for free for decades: 

Von Neumann architecture 

And where is my Jewish hero? Why nothing of Paul Erdös?
Is it the Einsteins fit better in a stupid propaganda movie? Who knows... 

Paul Erdősős 

Weighing all in all: There is plenty of reason to boycott Israel, why this should include skipping old scientific progress made by Jews in the past in other countries is unknown to me. But a cultural and scientific boycott could ring some message home to Israel.  

Mark my words: it could ring some message to Israel, but we can never be sure on that detail... 

Till updates. 


(04 July 2010) Two items:

Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch; Kinderliedjes en empathie.
Item 2) A fun item: Why does the oil splill cleanup go so slow? 

 Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch; Kinderliedjes en empathie.

Het CIDI gaat op de kindertoer en vraagt zich af waarom Palestijnse kindertjes ook een schurfthekel hebben aan de Israelische Joden. Je vraagt je af of ze bij het CIDI twee soorten van empathie hebben; eentje voor Joodse kindertjes en een ander soort voor niet Joodse kindertjes.

Definitie vh woord empathie volgens de van Dale, het handwoordenboek:

em-pa'thie (-tie) <de ~(v.)> 0.1 vermogen zich in te leven in de gevoelens van anderen. 

Dit keer heeft het CIDI zeur problemen omtrent één of ander Palestijns kinderliedje, ok Nederlandse kinderen zingen iha wat anders maar is een omschrijving als 'Tophit van de haat' nu echt een juiste insteek? 

Misschien moet je eerst de youtubber bij het CIDI bekijken:

Palestijns kinderliedje: tophit van de haat 

Het commentaar van het CIDI is adembenemend, zoals ze het formuleren is net zo prachtig als al die kletsverhalen uit het verleden waarin Palestijnen met opzet hun eigen kinderen doodschieten om de Israelieten in een kwaad daglicht te stellen...

Commentaar vh CIDI: 

Waar komt de haat vandaan? Deze video van kleine kinderen die vrolijk bezingen hoe ze hun bloed willen vergieten voor Palestina en vast oefenen in het doodschieten van Joden met keppels is een tophit van 'Birds of Paradise' , een van de populairste kindergroepen in de Arabische wereld. De leuke site en liedjes als dit krijgen miljoenen hits. Ouders zetten filmpjes op Youtube van hun eigen kinderen die dit liedje nazingen. 

Commentaar van mij: Dit is weer een ongelofelijke stomme zet van het CIDI maar hoe bedoelen ze de eerste vijf woorden precies: Waar komt de haat vandaan? ?
Is het rethoriek? Ironie of puur sarcasme? Of is de vraag serieus? 

Dit is weer zo stom van het CIDI dat ik mij serieus afvraag of ik niet een oproep moet doen voor geweld tegen Joden die het CIDI steunen. Voorlopig ga ik zo'n oproep nog niet doen, het moet eerst nog erger worden.
Maar als het echt nodig is zal ik het gewoon doen, wat kan die hele Nederlandse rechtsstaat mij nu doen? (Laat ik geen parketnummers noemen, maar er is nog steeds een openstaand gevalletje van een strafzaak zonder advocaat. Het OM te Groningen staat strategisch gezien niet erg sterk, waarmee ze ook komen ze staan niet sterk...)


Ok laat ik gewoon één simpel voorbeeld geven waarom Palestijnse kindertjes niet zo gelukkig zijn met de existentie van Israel: 

Ontelbare duizenden zijn gedeporteerd dan wel geweigerd terug te komen na oorlogs handelingen. Er zijn nogal veel Palestijnse kinderen die familie in het buitenland hebben en die familie zullen ze zeker weten nooit in hun leven zien.

Trouwens, bij deportatie of verjaging krijgt men iha geen identiteits bewijs of geboorte bewijs mee. Waarom zouden de Joden het de Arabieren zo gemakkelijk maken? Immers met het afgeven van een geboortebewijs zou men impliciet toestemmen in het recht op terugkeer... 

En ach, als de Joden na een generatie of 60 wel het recht op terugkeer hebben en al die ooms, tantes, opa's & oma's van die Palestijnse kindertjes niet, dan snappen alle kindertjes dat iets niet helemaal eerlijk gaat.  

Item 2) A fun item: Why does the oil splill cleanup go so slow? 

A whole lot of people in a whole lot of countries are looking in bewilderment at how the USA manages the oil spill. Once it was a superpower, that's for sure: once the USA was... 

Yet on all levels of society they spoiled it; the end result is an overweight and overdebted population. 

Lets not look at the broader reasons why the USA is evaporating her powers, just look at the sheer lack of flexibility they have, quoting:  

Next, the Obama administration can waive the Jones Act, which restricts foreign ships from operating in U.S. coastal waters. Many foreign countries (such as the Netherlands and Belgium) have ships and technologies that would greatly advance the cleanup. So far, the U.S. has refused to waive the restrictions of this law and allow these ships to participate in the effort. 

Source: Why Is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow? 

Comment: Likely a whole lot of Dutch skimmer builders are completely one 100% frustrated by now... That's a good thing, if they are utterly frustrated they truly wanted to help the USA folks...
Who knows if later in life even Dutch skimmer builders understand it is better to kill a large beast fast and not slowly. 

Ok that's it for this update, I won't make cheap propaganda use of oil covered sea animals, why should I? 

Till updates.  


(30 June 2010) One item:

Item 1) 2nd time around: What caused the original Deepwater explosion? 

 Item 1) 2nd time around: What caused the original Deepwater explosion?

Exactly 10 days ago in the 20 June update I unfolded a few foolish idea's on the chemical science part of the Mexican Gulf oil spill.

In short my foolish hypothesis says that suddenly a whole lot of (extra) methane is formed, after that all in the path of the outburst gets destroyed.
If my gut feeling about chemical reactions are right, in that case temperature of the outpouring oil and gas is important: does the gas/oil field work as a natural methane gas factory yes or no?

Yet 10 days after unfolding my original foolish thoughts, it just gets better & better, quoting: 

A team of scientists from the Energy Department discovered a new twist: Their sophisticated imaging equipment detected not one but two drill pipes, side by side, inside the wreckage of the well’s blowout preventer on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

BP officials said it was impossible. The Deepwater Horizon rig, which drilled the well, used a single pipe, connected in segments, to bore 13,000 feet below the ocean floor. But when workers cut into the wreckage to install a containment cap this month, sure enough, they found two pipes.

The discovery suggested that the force of the erupting petroleum from BP’s well on April 20 was so violent that it sent pipe segments hurtling into the blowout preventer, like derailing freight cars. 

Source: Department of Energy: Segments of Oil Well Casing Were Violently Ejected Upwards Into the Blowout Preventer 

Comment: No comment, I will do my own thinking and the chemical scientists can do theirs.  

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(29 June 2010) One item:

Item 1) Afghanistan; Coalition casualties over one 100 this month of June.

 Item 1) Afghanistan; Coalition casualties over one 100 this month of June. 

In Afghanistan the USA military top chief McChrystal is going out and good ol Petraeus is coming in. Since it is a pleasant day now we have the first triple digit monthly death toll in Afghanistan, it might be wise to start with a joke: 

Hey hello Petraeus, long time yo see man!
Hey Petraeus, now we are talking triple digit fun once more, have you already found out what the Iraqi zero-one project was? 

I could also go a little bit sarcastic and ask Petraeus how the hell he managed to minimize all that death squad activity in Iraq. So Petraeus: how did you do it? 


Enough of the jokes and utter sarcasm, the Afghanis achieved a great work!
For the first time we have a monthly triple digit number (of course that means one 100 or more). It's beautiful and brings back old memories and with the old memories also old emotions come along...  

Old strategies also come siding along now it seems Afghanistan has a lot of mineral wealth; at all costs it must be prevented that USA companies will profit from that! 

(So that looks like a new strategy for Afghanistan but is of course basically the same as we had in Iraq with the oil. These days the USA folks have next to nothing in Iraqi oil contracts and if the USA folks want some oil they only need to step into a small boat to fish some oil that is floating for free on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico...) 

Here is a simple screenshot with the number 100 for June 2010:


And, for what it's worth, what will Petraeus do? Link: 

Does Petraeus Mean a Return of Afghanistan Air War?  


Till updates my dear reader. 


(27 June 2010) It's late already, so only one item:

Item 1) Fundamental proof the G8 leaders are basically stupid? 

 Item 1) Fundamental proof the G8 leaders are basically stupid?

On 30 May & 01 June I wrote a bit around the likelihood/unlikelihood of the North Korean torpedo that supposedly sunk that South Korean warship.
Don't forget the SK ship was nicely split in two...

To be precise: there are so many reasons to doubt this was some kind of NK joke, for example it is completely against how militaries operate most of the time. Furthermore if North Korea felt the need to test such a magnificent torpedo, why not use some old NK ship? 

So for me it was only waiting until our diplomats would undoubtly make the fools of themselves as they are. Quote the fundamental stupidity:

G8 leaders condemned North Korea's communist government for its alleged role in the March 26 sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan that killed 46 sailors.

"Such an incident is a challenge to peace and security in the region and beyond," the G8 final communique said. 

CNN source: G8 criticizes North Korea, Iran in final statement 

Comment: No comment, only posting two pictures of some warship nicely cut in half.
And one picture of some 'torpedo source'.
If the G8 leaders truly think the NK does have such ship cutting torpedo's, let them cough up some serious proof and not that stupid kind of communique's! 

Here is the backside of the SK warship: 


This is the frontside: 


And all we got to see was some little torpedo that was supposed to create such damage.
My dear SK army, how low can you go? Why this nonsense? 


You know our leaders are often not evil people, most of the time they are plain stupid... 

Till updates.


(22 June 2010) One item:

Item 1) The ten trillion dollar chair. 

 Item 1) The ten trillion dollar chair. 

The last months since this very cold and long winter I picked up the hobby of restoring old and worn out chairs. Now I am busy at the third chair, it is nicknamed the ten trillion dollar chair. 

Why ten trillion? That is because one of the elements of this chair is the cubic graph as found in the 11 June update where I explain that the non-financial parts of the US economy still need over two trillion fresh debt a year. Yeah yeah, regardless of positive or negative economical growth they need over two billion fresh debt & still think the old economical rules apply...
If it weren't the Americans you should feel pity for these mental dwarfs.

But making a straight line describing the debt growth is too boring so I used the cubic graph for the residues:


With a bit of shrinking & stretching it looks like this: 


Of course I still make a lot of amateur mistakes, for example on the one side of the chair I used 22 of those copper nails and on the other side it are 23.
So my working method on this detail needs a little bit improvement, but hey it's only the third chair... 

It now has seven layers of paint, that might sound impressive but is a very non rewarding work to do: with so many thin layers of paint you simply get smaller mistakes in a larger number. 

Removing all old paint and making the chair look a little bit sleeker requires a lot of sandpaper and lots of time. I don't buy sheets of sand paper any longer, now it comes in rolls of 4.5 meter... Luckily in these days the machines can do a lot of sanding but there are an amazingly number of places you need to sandpaper by hand. 

Let me spare you my insights on the quality development of copper nails during the last century...  ;)

Till updates. 


(21 June 2010) Two items:

Item 1) In Dutch: Lokjoden inzetten?
Item 2) USA is testing the pain ray weapon in Afghanistan. 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Lokjoden inzetten?

Vorige week meldde het CIDI al dat zij achter het plan staan om zogenaamde lokjoden in te zetten. Maar nu blijkt dat ook loco burgemeester Asscher van Amsterdam dit een goed plan acht.

In ons rechtssysteem is er eigenlijk niet zoveel plaats voor undercover agenten die infiltreren, zo zijn er bijv ook geen undercover kinderlokkers...
Nou daar moest ik toch wel even een paar dagen aan wennen, lokjoden... Even laten bezinken en nu kan ik gelukkig komen met een weldoordachte en met veel mitsen en maren omgeven zeer subtiele reactie: 

Het lijkt een goed plan om lokjoden in te zetten, maar dan moeten die lokjoden wel compleet verrot geslagen worden met extreem veel zeer grof geweld. 

Motivatie: In onze rechtsstaat heeft de overheid het recht om de belastingen te innen, daar tegenover staat de morele verplichting van de overheid om de belastinggelden doelmatig aan te wenden.
In deze tijd van bezuinigen, broekriem aanhalen en vreselijke crisis moet elk dubbeltje tientallen malen omgedraaid worden, nou als we lokjoden gaan inzetten en het is honderd keer nul komma niks aan resultaat dan zou de overheid haar morele verplichting om belastinggelden doelmatig aan te wenden niet nakomen. 

Het is dus het doel van de lokale overheid dat de lokjood succesvol is en daarom moet de lokjood zoveel mogelijk geweld oproepen.
Tip: Laat de lokjoden dat liedje 'Dr Goldstein, dr Goldstein' zingen in een buurt waar veel Palestijnse vluchtelingen wonen. (Wiki: Dr. Baruch Goldstein.) 


Goed, nu het aannemelijk is gemaakt dat de lokjoden totaal verrot geschopt en geslaan moeten worden zitten we met het probleem hoe een lokjood te identificeren! 

Wat is het verschil tussen 'echte Joden' en lokjoden?
Immers iedereen kan bizar haar laten groeien en een keppeltje opzetten! 

Da's makkelijk: Als je een mogelijke lokjood gevonden hebt, geef die dan een heel klein duwtje. Zo zacht als een duwtje maar kan zijn.
Begint ie direct te zeuren en te mekkeren en haalt ie er nog van alles bij (zoals eeuwenoude pogroms) en het blijft maar klagen: dan is het geen lokjood! 

Als tweede geef je de potentieële lokjood een flinke duw, niet dat ie omvalt maar toch een stap moet zetten om het evenwicht te bewaren. Reageert ie net als jij en ik (hee kankerlijer, mot je een hengst!?) dan is het waarschijnlijk zo'n undercover lokjood. 


Ok, nu het doel helder is, grof geweld tegen lokjoden, en we een eenvoudige methode hebben om lokjoden van echt te onderscheiden, wat kan je zoal doen met je lokjood?

Je kunt bijv een flinke hoeveelheid witte fosfor over de lokjood gooien, zorg er wel voor dat je er voldoende veel op gooit want de lokjood moet genoeg rook afgeven voor een rookscherm. Volgens het internationaal oorlogsrecht is het gebruik van forfor toegestaan om een rookscherm te creëren. 

Je kunt ook retro gaan met een blok rode fosfor uit één stuk (vroeger waren die moderne cluster granaten nog niet zo verfijnd). 

Heel anders: Je kunt ook eens een persiflage van het IDF doen: Je zaagt met een goede houtzaag het hoofd van de lokjood af. 
Dat hoofd zet je op een stevige stok en je steekt een sigaret tussen de lippen van de lokjood. Met een zootje maten ga je daarna leuke foto's en filmpjes maken. 

Hoe de houtzaag methode juridisch precies ligt is mij niet helder. Sommige rechters houden er bizarre vormen van logica op na terwijl in het geval van een echte lokjood noodweer en zelfverdediging de basis rechten zijn van elke burger. 


Na het ontvouwen van enkele subtiele gedachten omtrent lokjoden gaan we maar over naar een nog veel vreemder item... 

Item 2) USA is testing the pain ray weapon in Afghanistan. 

The US military is developing for a long time more non-lethal weapons. As such there is the pain ray...

The need for non lethal weaponry is partly caused by the high number of civilians killed during the many years of overapplication of air power resources. Yet as some retard the USA & NATO generals kept on doing the air power thing. 

I don't know if the picture below is actually a pain ray weapon, it might just as well be some kind of radar or a giant long distance Geiger teller. 


Source: U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan 

The quote of interest is:

For years, the military insisted that the Active Denial System — known as the “Holy Grail” of crowd control — was oh-so-close to battlefield deployment. But a host of technical issues hampered the ray gun: everything from overheating to poor performance in the rain. 

Comment: If this weapon only gives a burning sensation to the skin it can only be done by using frequencies from the microwave spectrum. That not only gives rise to poor performance in the rain but having a wet tshirt on is enough to stop most of the pain. 

In short: It's a stupid weapon, once the enemy understands how it works it is useless from that point in time.  

That it for this 21 June update, live well and work well... 

Till updates. 


(20 June 2010) Two items:

Item 1) An old 'worst case' scenario for the Gulf oil spill.
Item 2) Iraq bank bombing update. 

 Item 1) An old 'worst case' scenario for the Gulf oil spill.

A few days back I joked more or less that the USA should nuke the oil well leak...
Of course I did not take that option too serious but it is amazing how many USA folks are in favor of this simply because Russia did it five times with gas spills.  

The nuclear option can only be done if there is enough solid rock, in an environment like the Gulf of Mexico with muddy rivers like the Mississippi, rock layers might be sparse... And nuking mud and clay won't help that much, only make things worse. 

The Russians seem to have used the nuke option five times, four times with success and the latest due to poor geographical data, a failure.
So one thing is becoming more and more clear: it is something in the gas that causes these kind of violent outbursts.

What could it be? Only if you know enough about high pressure carbon based chemical reactions you can find it.

My last classes in high school chemical sciences was about 30 years ago, so I am fully aware that I will make a fool of myself, but I vaguely think more or less:

Triggered by some reason (like drilling in a gas/oil field or an earthquake) suddenly a whole lot of 'gas' goes from the liquid/frozen state into the gas state.
Also some oil gets into the gas state.
Following simple high school knowledge like the elementary gas law for pressure, temperature and volume, on average the new gas will have a pressure.
After that all oil molecules and higher gasses are cracked into methane, thus dramatically rising the pressure once more. 

I know I will make a fool of myself but if my application of high school science is in fact a big joke, why not ask the professors in the chemical science to explain what might have happened? 


Here is a link where US Representative Ed Markey comes up with some old British Petroleum report where damage below in the seabed is far from excluded:

BP's worst-case spill scenario 100,000 bpd: report  

Item 2) Iraq bank bombing update. 

Last week the Iraqi Central Bank had some attack and now another Iraqi state owned bank had a bit of bombing and the likes. 

What can I say? I think I say nothing. 

Just a news file link from the LA Times: 

Bombings outside Baghdad bank kill dozens 

What can I say? I think I say nothing. 

Ok ok, now the Americans can't have their oil from Iraq they get it for free in their backyard...;) 

Till updates. 


(17 June 2010) One item:

Item 1) More on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,  relieve drilling or nuke the stuff? 

 Item 1) More on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,  relieve drilling or nuke the stuff? 

It started about 8 weeks ago with a big explosion on an oil rig and that explosion was big but there seemed nothing uncontrollable at the whole thing.
Later it emerged that the explosion was caused because of an outburst emerging from the well that smashed right through all valves and even an apparatus known as a 'blow out preventor'.  

To be honest I know almost nothing about chemical reactions and definitely nothing about high pressure carbon based chemical reactions. But it was clear some kind of catastrophe had happened and it would be logical that the casing in the seabed was also damaged. As far as I can see it, it looks like some chemical thing that is not understood right now. And that's exactly what we need to know: How did the original explosion exactly happen? 

So if it's true that a lot of the metal pipe & casing below the blow out preventor is damaged/weakened/destroyed, it doesn't look good. 

At the business insider they have a long quote or repost that contains a lot of stuff I was thinking too, link: 

Here's Why Top Kill And Every Other "Top-Down" Leak Operation Will Fail 

And constantly there is all that talk of so called 'relief drilling', well again I am not an expert on this but for relief drilling to work you must have a good insight in the geological structure of this oil field.
For the time being I am not convinced relief drilling will always work, on the contrary; depending on the local shape of the oil field it might not work at all... 

But in the end something has to be done, is going nuclear the answer?
Some argue that the heat from a very small nuclear device creates enough glass like rock to stop the leak. It's a tempting idea but for myself speaking I never use nuclear bombs for breakfast so I don't know much about them... But it might work...
Video on Barry's hangout promoting the nuclear option: 

Nuke the Oil Leak (Part II) 

Well, lets not poke fun at the Americans, the situation doesn't allow it. For one time and one time only I wish the USA folks luck. 

Till updates. 


(16 June 2010) One item:

Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch, wat hebben die Joden nu weer te zeuren? 

 Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch, wat hebben die Joden nu weer te zeuren?

Het is ongeloofelijk wat de CIDI Joden nu weer te zeuren en te mekkeren hebben, ik vraag mij af of ze gezonde hersenen in hun hoofd hebben of alleen het residu van gedestilleerde varkenspis... Wat is het geval? 

Zoals bekend staan de Joden zich vaak voor op morele superioriteit, als zodanig zoeken ze vaak naar fouten bij diegenen die zij als vijand of opponent zien. 

Ditmaal zeuren en mekkeren de CIDI Joden om de hoeveelheid hulp die Turkije geeft via de Verenigde Nagties, ihb via de UNRWA. 

Laat ik eerst de grenzeloze debiliteit van de CIDI Joden quoten:

Gezien de woedende toon waarop Erdogan ongehinderde doorgang van hulpgoederen naar Gaza eist, zou je verwachten dat Turkije alle mogelijke wegen heeft verkend om iets van haar rijkdom uit te storten over de door Hamas geregeerde Strook. Niets is minder waar. Turkije is een van de gierigste Gazadonors, rekende Forbes-columniste Claudia Rosett uit. Onder de kop "Erdogan praat veel en geeft weinig" presenteert zij het lijstje donoren aan de UNRWA, volgens eigen opgave van de website van die Gazaanse vluchtelingenorganisatie. Bij de top-20 staan maar twee Arabische landen: Koeweit, dat in 2009 $35,5 miljoen gaf, en Saoedi Arabie met $27,6 miljoen. Turkije komt in dat lijstje helemaal niet voor. Het prijkt op de 26e plaats, na Belgie. 

CIDI zeurbron: Turkije roept hard, maar geeft gierig aan Gaza 

Verder is het van belang op te merken dat Turkije vnl een Moslimland is en dat als zodanig veel hulp via religieze organizaties zal gaan. Volgens een bron waar het CIDI zich op beroept is Turkije qua omvang de 17-de economie van de wereld.
Een 26-ste plaats op de UNHCR lijst is zeker nog geen statistisch bewijs van 'gierigheid'. Je moet ook weten hoeveel er buiten de UNRWA omgaat.

(Merk op dat het eigenlijk heel humoristisch is als de Joden anderen van gierigheid beschuldigen... Bijv Palestijnen werken altijd ver onder het wettelijk minimum loon in Israel, wie is hier nu gierig?) 

De CIDI Joden bevestigen dat zelf ook, quote: 

En hoeveel kreeg de UNRWA van de organisatoren van de Gaza-vloot, de IHH? vroeg Rosett. Antwoord van de UNRWA-woordvoerder: "UNRWA heeft nooit enige geldelijke steun ontvangen van IHH." 

Commentaar: Kijk dat soort geld en hulp staat gewoon niet op de UNRWA lijst, is dat een reden om de Turken gierig te noemen? Na zoveel Turkse doden en gewonden is het nogal arrogant van het CIDI om op de gierige toer te gaan.

Helemaal komisch zijn die CIDI gasten als ze de rijkdom van Turkije schatten, quote: 

Met een bruto nationaal product van ruim $700 miljoen doneerde het in totaal $1,08 miloen, plus $318,413 van NGO's in voedsel en medicijnen. 

Commentaar: Er zijn een kleine 70 miljoen Turken, dus volgens de verweekte hersens bij het CIDI zou dat neer komen op 10 dollar aan bruto nationaal product per capita Turk per jaar. Zelden zie je het zo stom... Met zo'n bnp zou Turkije ongeveer op de 160-ste plaats staan: 

Tot slot wilde ik nog opmerken dat het vrij normaal is dat Moslims liever hulp buiten de Verenigde Naties om houden, per slot van rekening zou Israel nooit bestaan hebben zonder de VN... 

Oh oh, die CIDI mafketels moeten maar eens een lekkere pizza gaan bakken, in de vorige update staat hoe je een Jodenpizza moet maken. 

Till updates. 

[Update from 17 June 2010, in Dutch: 

Ha ha, een dagje later hebben die CIDI intellectuelen die 700 miljoen maar gewijzigd in 700 miljard. Hoewel de fout nogal dom was komt dit soort van fouten erg vaak voor, de oorzaak is eenvoudig: het zijn grote getallen en dan haken de meeste hersenen af. En het is ook verwarrend: 

million = miljoen (da's met zes nullen, heel makkelijk te onthouden...)
billion = miljard
trillion = biljoen

En om je de waarheid te zeggen: vanaf 15 nullen lang haak ik ook af en zeg gewoon '1000 biljoen' of iets dergelijks.

End of the update from 17 June.]

Till updates.   


(13 June 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Mark Regev on Israeli humor & how to bake an Israeli pizza.
Item 2) Is an investigation in the Gaza flotilla raid still needed? 

 Item 1) Mark Regev on Israeli humor & how to bake an Israeli pizza.

As you might know Mark Regev is a spokesperson for the Israeli government, with about every other question asked at Mark he will remark that Israel has the right to self defense and that all other democracies would do exactly the same as Israel... 

So it took me by a bit of surprise he exposed what he considers funny, it is a video named 'we con the world' from Quote: 

Government spokesman Mark Regev said the video reflected how Israelis felt about the incident. "I called my kids in to watch it because I thought it was funny," he said. "It is what Israelis feel. But the government has nothing to do with it." 

Source: Israel forced to apologise for YouTube spoof of Gaza flotilla 

Comment: It is always handy to know what people consider 'funny', from the Israeli point of view it is of course a big hit to portray Jews dressed as Arabs singing 'we con the world'. Those Jews surely will shake from laughter... 

The video is removed from Youtube but on it still is there: 

We con the world (with captain stabbin) 

So far the things Mark considers funny, in order to keep it funny I would like to write down a recipe for baking Israeli (or Jewish) pizza:

Baking a Jewish pizza:

Tools needed:

---An oven, preferably a gas oven.
---Machetes like those used on the aid flotilla.
---Ear plugs to protect yourself from those whining sounds. 

Ingredients needed: 


---Steal vegetables from Palestinians, or alternatively steal some land and grow your own vegetables. Kill a few Palestinian kids because you have the right to self defense.

---Meat: see vegetables only now steal cattle and butcher it kosher. 

---Herbs: Kill Palestinians, steal herbs. Alternatively: confiscate herbs destined for the Gaza strip. That's self defense too.   

---Of course flower, yeast and water for the dough. Steal it & don't forget: kill kill kill & a few white phosphorous grenades just for fun & self defense.   


Because all ingredients are stolen and come from Israeli hands, they will whine and scream just like those plants in the Harry Potter movies. So before you chop the vegetables, put in your ear plugs!

Knead the dough, ignore all the whining you still will hear through your ear plugs. Let it rise until it has doubled in size.
Place the dough on a table and shout very hard at the Jewish dough: I will slam you and smash you like you deserve you Jewish dough!

After that you only have to point with your finger and the dough will automatically flatten out (if not: shout harder or buy a bullhorn).

Let the pizza bottom rise in a warm place.

Chop your favorite (&stolen) vegetables, ignore the whining noises.
Same with your meat, slice it nicely in thin layers and neglect all the whining sounds.

Tip: Israeli meat has a reputation for long long whining. To make it stop whining, bend over it and rub two fingers vertically under your nose as if you had a little moustache there.
Most of the time the whining will stop, if not: use a sledgehammer.

Oil the dough with a bit of olive oil, make sure the olive oil is stolen or confiscated. Kill more Arab kids because what is life without a bit of self defense?

Dress the dough with the chopped vegetables, meat and herbs. Try to get two triangles so it resembles the Israeli flag.

Put it in the oven at about 180 degrees Celsius. 
For at least 20 minutes aus witzen.

Ok ok, even for my very low moral standards the above is a little bit crude: should I use the gasoven so explicitly? To be honest: I am not sure myself.

If you feel offended, I will offer you an apology. (Especially if you are a true survivor of the holocaust shit, I am not after offending you. On the contrary: I need your help...) 

Item 2) Is an investigation in the Gaza flotilla raid still needed? 

Ok there is still all that difficult doing about investigations and who is in the lead and who is the observer and so on & so on. 

As far as I am concerned, it is not needed all that much anymore. Of course the IDF is withholding simple stuff like the Israelis killed already before the commando entry, but if that is true it won't be concluded into that Israeli investigation. 

May be more vids or other proof will emerge so for the time being I simply skip the Israel/USA circus of investigation and only look at boring stuff like found at the NYT: 

Unedited Video of Israeli Raid Posted Online 

The Youtubber itself is at:   

As I said before, from the IDF we will only see video releases that are not that relevant and even if they are not relevant they are/will be heavy edited.
For example: The 'Go back to Auschwitz' video from the IDF was edited it seems:

IDF clarifies: 'Go back to Auschwitz' recording edited, but authentic  

My dear reader: It is utterly irrelevant if the 'Go back to Auschwitz' is edited or not, facts are the IDF could tell the simple truth as it is: who started killing my dear IDF? 

Was it before or after the Israeli commando's landed on top of the ship?
(It's as simple as it is, I don't need another Israel/USA circus.) 

Till updates. 


(11 June 2010) Two items: 

Item 1) Total US debt levels and the ugly deflation scenario.
Item 2) Israel & her severe übermensch complex, one more for the road. 

 Item 1) Total US debt levels and the ugly deflation scenario. 

Before you read this item it is important to understand where it's all about; it's about all USA debt excluded the financial sector and how it grows regardless of economical growth. It is found in the first column of this Federal Reserve file:  

We trace this stuff for about a year right now and every Z1 release we do exactly the same kind of analysis. So let me explain it for the fourth time or so: 

The dots in the picture below are the numbers from the first column of the above link. These are 'total debt' levels excluded financial industry, so it is Federal debt, State debt, municipal debt, consumer debt like credit cards and mortgages & so on.

For the stat colleagues: Of course method of least squares used, otherwise picture number two would be a bit stupid to publish...

To all other folks: The linear debt growth model is still valid, regardless of GDP growth in the USA the average debt that is needed every three months is 526 billion US$. Yes you read that alright: the non-financial parts of the USA still need over two trillion in fresh debt each year... 


The statistical program says (as might be expected from the straight line above) that the linear growth model has serious significance. 

You can also plot the differences between the dots and the line; these are the residues.
In the picture above you can see how you calculate the residues, they are named difft04. 
For about one year now these residues follow a cubic model that points to future shrinking of total debt levels. 

For me it is still a big surprise the cubic model is still very valid from the viewpoint of statistical significance, see my one year old baby:


It is funny to see the cubic is still alive, all that difficult doing about Greece and the likes is only a storm in a glass of water. If my cubic baby survives a bit longer we will see more action on so called financial markets...

And if the cubic baby grows mature, one of the symptoms will be deflation.
Severe deflation is a symptom, not a cause my dear USA Federal Reserve. 

Lets leave it with that for the time being. 

 Item 2) Israel & her severe übermensch complex, one more for the road. 

Ok it is not very scientific, at best it is just a little clue that might or might not give rise to the validation of Israel's severe übermensch complex.  

They still have to recover from the holocaust and they still spread their nightmares upon the Palestinians. Why the international community doesn't curb all that Israeli nonsense is unknown to me. 

But what is known to me is the weird quote as found on haaretz dot com: 

Following Israel’s bloody interdiction of the Gaza Flotilla, I called a life-long friend in Israel to inquire about the mood of the country. My friend, an intellectual and a kind and generous man, has nevertheless long sided with Israeli hardliners. Still, I was entirely unprepared for his response. He told me—in a voice trembling with emotion—that the world’s outpouring of condemnation of Israel is reminiscent of the dark period of the Hitler era. 

He told me most everyone in Israel felt that way, with the exception of Meretz, a small Israeli pro-peace party. “But for all practical purposes,” he said, “they are Arabs.” 

Source: Israel’s Greatest Loss: Its Moral Imagination 

Comment: Again stay cool, it is not real proof that Israel is in principle an apartheid regime. But you know the old saying: If it flaps like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, it's very likely a duck! And it doesn't look good for the Israelis, with everything they do they only proof more and more they are an apartheid state.

So why is the USA siding with them?
Very simple: the USA folks have similar fantasies about themselves like 'high tech superiority' while they can only produce computer chips if they import the machines for producing computer chips from abroad...  


The denial inside Israel about her true self wasn't born on the day of the Gaza flotilla raid. It goes on for so many years and on so many levels, just hear this weird audio file where a retired Israeli general named Rothschield denies the use of white phosphorous grenades: 

Hear this NOS audio link (the questions are in Dutch & the answers in English)

Till updates.


(09 June 2010) Three items:

Item 1) Gaza strip: The cookie, chips and shaving foam blockade is lifted...
Item 2) Afghanistan update: Now 1100+ killed US military slime. 
Item 3) A few links.

 Item 1) Gaza strip: The cookie, chips and shaving foam blockade is lifted...

Today it came a bit to light how the Israelis manage the flow of goods to the Gaza strip. Almost every other day we had Israeli officials stating that all necessary items are always allowed to go into Gaza and that there is absolutely no shortcoming whatsoever.  

Before we proceed I would like to remind my dear reader of the concept of 'dual use'. The easiest way to understand this is by looking at Iraq during the decade of economical sanctions. The Iraqis could not import things like water pumps because in theory you could also use them to pump poison liquids.
In those long lost years the hysterical USA folks always assured that these kind of water pump jokes were rammed through. (With the wisdom of hindsight we all know the hysterical USA folks were completely wrong for over a decade long.)  

The whining Israelis are also very good at stuff like that, quote: 

Palestinian liaison official Raed Fattouh says Israel has lifted the ban on soda, juice, jam, spices, shaving cream, chips, cookies and sweets. He said Wednesday some products have already entered Gaza. 


Israeli officials, speaking on condition of anonymity pending a formal announcement, say the move is meant to defuse pressure for an international investigation of the raid. 

Source: Israel allows some once-banned products into Gaza 

Comment: Just compare that to the official reasons Israel always gave us; preventing rockets and military stuff going to the Hamas. Do you see what Israel is doing year in year out: These Jews try to fool you.
And if you always believed the Israelis, you are a motherfucking idiot.


My dear reader, you might know I am also a scientist. That means I like to operate only from facts that have been proven. The next quote is no 'proof' that the Israelis as a whole have a severe übermensch complex, it is just one of those small clues and if you bundle a lot of those small clues you have validated the übermensch thing. 

What is the case? Artists and music bands like Elvis Costelo, the Gorillaz stated they won't perform in Israel. How did the Israeli organizer react?
Ahum, it was 'cultural terrorism' and the arts were under attack on a world wide scale... Here is the quote:

After the announcement of the Pixies’ cancellation, Shuki Weiss, the promoter of the Pic.Nic festival, said in a statement, “I am full of both sorrow and pain in light of the fact that our repeated attempts to present quality acts and festivals in Israel have increasingly been falling victim to what I can only describe as a form of cultural terrorism which is targeting Israel and the arts worldwide.” 

Source: More Musicians Cancel Shows In Israel 

Comment: After my humble opinion you can only say such a thing if you think Israel is superior to all other nations in the world. I mean, if a few music bands stay away because all that apartheid is shining through, how can that be an attack on the arts worldwide?

The Jews are simply just as disgusting as the Americans...

Item 2) Afghanistan update: Now 1100+ killed US military slime. 

This week is already a rough week for the coalition forces in Afghanistan, on Monday alone there were 10 Western casualties. 

We also broke the 1100 US slime threshold a few days back, I saved a screenshot: 


This month is running pretty good with already 29 reported dead soldiers in just 9 days. From two days back, CNN reporting: 

10 killed in Afghanistan, training center attacked 

The Americans (and the other coalition nations too) still haven't figured out how to make the Afghanis love them. All they have to do is let the 'real you shine through' and instantly all Afghanis will hug and kiss them... 

It's now more or less the longest war for the USA in it's present military form.
Yet some Americans rightfully reject this notion of 'the longest war', for example:

No, Afghanistan is not our longest war 

But CNN tells it better because it is a bit weird to compare the present US military to those who killed all those native Americans: 

Afghanistan war = America's longest. Worth it?  

Item 3) A few links. 

A few updates ago we looked at the USA internal Federal debt in all those trust funds (like Medicare and the likes). I think the internal debt represents real (public traded) debt because if it wasn't in those trust funds it would be public debt.

Even the honorable Alan Greenspan gave the green light to such a form of accounting because 'that makes the deficit smaller'. 

At the business insider I found a mental nitwit who argues the opposite and thinks the 4000+ billion US$ have nothing to do with real debt... 

The article is so stupid that it gets funny, link: 

Here's Why You Can't Count Money Owed To Social Security As Federal Debt  

So from the above link we have the financial joke of the day, quote: 

This is mathematics. When a husband borrows money from his wife, the family as whole doesn't increase its debt. 

Comment: Well my mathematics say that if you borrow a whole lot from your unborn grandchildren and you hide that in Federal trust funds, you can be 100% sure there will be one day when a whole lot of shit hits a whole lot of fans.


It has been a long time since I mentioned fundamental debt hugger Paul Krugman, I have to say he hasn't changed a bit. This time he points to the dangers of austerity measures spreading to the USA. Only a debt hugger would reason like this: 

The Global Transmission of European Austerity  

Poor Paul, he still does not understand the dangers of a too high debt growth for too long: it will always smolder or destroy future growth. I advice Paul some elementary math study in exponential growth. 
By the way, we Europeans are masochists... Quote from Paul: 

Folks, this is getting ugly. And the US needs to be thinking about how to insulate itself from European masochism. 

Comment: No comment, lets wait for rates to rise on US Federal debt to observe an even bigger masochist... 

Till updates.


(08 June 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Gaza flotilla raid: What should the UN do and what the IDF?
Item 2) Should we feel pity for the Mexico Gulf residents?  

 Item 1) Gaza flotilla raid: What should the UN do and what the IDF?

There still is that huzzle & fuzzle about who where and when will investigate the Israeli commando raid on the Gaza aid ships. 

My point of view is clear: In a case like this it is obvious the UN needs to do her work and start an investigation. So on that detail I completely agree with the UN SecGen Ban Ki-Moon. See for example:

Ban Ki-Moon demands Israel reconsider rejected probe 

In the meantime Israel plays hardball like usual and confirms the 'unshakable bonds' between the USA and Israel, quote:

Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was more explicit: "We are rejecting an international commission. We are discussing with the Obama administration a way in which our inquiry will take place," he said.  

Source (Guardian): Israel rejects multinational inquiry into flotilla attack 

Of course the Israelis, skilled whiners as they are, try to portray this as 'are we not allowed to investigate our own military?'. 

Well yes you IDF assholes, you are always allowed to investigate yourself. Why do you spin the stuff away? Of course the IDF should do her internal stuff. What the IDF does when it comes to investigation should not be tied to other investigations like those from the UN. 

Why always the smokescreens my dear Israeli whiners? We all know that Israel just like the USA will never allow her own military members before international courts/investigations/whateverwhat. Quote:

Israel also refuses to let its soldiers be subject to foreign interrogation. 

Israel consulting U.S. on probe of Gaza ship raid 

Weighing all in all it looks best if the IDF does her own thing when it comes to preventing this while the UN also should investigate and we simply skip all USA contributions to this detail.  

After all, the USA wouldn't allow such hardships like testifying for international stuff for her own trailer park soldiers too.  

Item 2) Should we feel pity for the Mexico Gulf residents?  

It is now day 50 of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And even to me the damage to wildlife is devastating, frustrating and emotional. 

And when I try to imagine how it would be to have so much oil in the North Sea & it's surroundings, it just drives me mad. 

There is even that internet feed with live streaming video from the oil spill 5000 feet below the ocean surface: we sure live in magical times... 

So should we feel pity? 

I have to admit that on day 50 I felt the first signs of pity, yet tomorrow it will be day 51 and since it one of the little goals of my life to destroy the US military might all pity will be drained out fast. 

This could be a 1% nail in the Pentagon coffin, so can anyone explain why I should feel a pity on the coast residents?

Sorry, my emotional system is not capable to such a thing. 

Till updates my dear reader & by the way: how is your emotional system running right now? Now? 


(07 June 2010) One item, sorry for the international readers but it's in Dutch once more:

Item 1) In Dutch: Oh nee, daar zijn de kankerjoden van het CIDI weer!

 Item 1) In Dutch: Oh nee, daar zijn de kankerjoden van het CIDI weer!

Oops, de CIDI luitjes hebben een Turkse link gevonden waaruit wijze mensen het 'bewijs' kunnen halen dat die zielige Israelische commando's wel minutenlang op beestachtige en brute wijze kapot en verrot geslagen werden.

Als je op de geluiden van die zeurende Joden af moest gaan dan was het minstens een re-run van de Blackwater employees die ooit op kookles gingen in Fallujah.


Ja ja, dat waren nog eens tijden; de eerste en tweede raid op Fallujah in het kader van promotie van democratische waarden moest nog beginnen, maar er was al wel kookles.  

Maar terug naar het heden: vooral de eerste dag(en) na de 'gerechtvaardigde zelfverdediging' hadden de Israelische autoriteiten het steeds over 'machette and iron bar yielding attackers'. Nu, een weekje later, moet het eerste oerwoud kapmes nog gevonden worden en de ijzeren staven zijn ook geen koevoet of breekijzers maar metalen buisjes van 300 gram voor de parasol... 

Nou ok, misschien 600 grams reling houders, die kunnen flink aankomen als je met volle kracht slaat maar het is zeker geen 'iron bar': 


Het is belangrijk op te merken dat de hypothese dat het Israelisch leger al met scherp schoot voor de landing vd commando's nog steeds niet ontkracht is en nog steeds een vrij logische verklaring vd gebeurtenissen is.

Bron vd CIDI file en de gevonden foto's: 

Turkse krant toont bloedende soldaten  

Hier een stukje van dat CIDI gezeur:

Volgens de IDF tonen de foto's duidelijk dat de actievoerders minutenlang konden inslaan op de soldaten. De bloedige actie, waarbij 9 doden te betreuren waren, was zondag onderwerp van gesprek in het Israelische kabinet.

De schokkende beelden zijn hier te bekijken. Volgens premier Netanyahu was de groep die de soldaten aanviel apart van de andere passagiers aan boord gegaan met als enig doel Israelische soldaten aan te vallen. Over een onderzoek liepen de meningen ver uiteen, varierend van een onderzoek door de Knesset, een Israelisch onderzoek, een onderzoek samen met andere landen tot medewerken met het door de VN voorgestelde onderzoek. 

Commentaar: Veel meer bewijs dat het CIDI alleen maar een verzameling zeurende Joden is hebben we niet nodig, de beelden zijn helemaal niet schokkend. Die Israelische commando's hebben wel wat meer dan een klein schaafwondje maar dit heeft niets met 'machette & iron bar yielding' barbaren te maken.
Merk op dat het IDF geen filmpjes vrijgeeft van het neerschieten van de actie voerders. 
Merk verder op dat überwhiner Netanyahu over superieure kennis beschikt, alleen de rasechte übermensch kan zonder lachen dit soort onzin verkondigen. Wat wil Netanyahu dan? Een bosje bloemen en een vriendelijke omhelzing?
Dan wat betreft het onderzoek: als ze het in de Knesset hebben over een onderzoek onder leiding van en door de VN dan zal het voornamelijk gaan over hoe zoiets te voorkomen...

De USA en Israel zijn natuurlijk voor de promotie van democratie, maar een onderzoek naar dit incident, dat in internationale wateren plaatsvond, kan veel beter zonder die andere 6 miljard mensen. Het moet wel gezellig en vooral kosher blijven.


Ik wou deze update beëindigen met het beantwoorden van een belangrijke vraag. De vraag is belangrijk omdat ik al jaren op zoek ben naar goed statistisch bewijs van apartheid binnen het Israelisch justitiëel system.
Want als een land echt een apartheidsstaat is dan zijn de bewijzen daarvoor het makkelijkste te vinden binnen de gevangenissen en de jurisprudentie. 

Vraag: Waarom werden zovele honderden actievoerders zo snel weer vrijgelaten? 

Antwoord: Anders zou uitkomen hoe het er toegaat in Israelische gevangenissen. 

Ja ja, wat is er over van de Volke Kanaän? Helaas het is niets meer dan een verzameling tot de tanden gewapende zeurkousen. Altijd dat gezeur en gemekker, nooit eens iets constructiefs en dat al 60 jaar lang...  

Waarom gaan we hiermee door? Hef dat hele Israel gewoon op, klein probleem is wat je dan met al die Joden moet. Dus mijn lezer, dat is mijn slotvraag:
Wat moet de internationale gemeenschap met Israel doen? 

Tot opdatums.

Till updates.  


(05 June 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) Autopsy report in from the 9 Gaza flotilla death, it looks like self defense... 

 Item 1) Autopsy report in from the 9 Gaza flotilla death, it looks like self defense... 

Today a bit of details from the autopsy report came out and to be honest it looks very good: about 30 bullets fired, five were shot in the back, at least five headshots with one headshot from a very close range. 

So from the Israeli point of view it is reasonable and logical it is self defense, each and all killing is always viewed that way by the Israelis. After all they are the world champion in whining and hanging out the poor poor victim is not only the first nature of these Jews but also their second and third nature.
They are always so full of pity over themselves; it is whining 24/7.
(Right now they probably whine over the fact they have a bad press lately.) 

We already know that the USA fully supports Israel in this and the US envoy to the UN pushed hard for Israel having the lead into the investigation. So the autopsy report from today will never make it to the USA pushed investigation because Israel considers itself at war with the Hamas and autopsy reports from supporters of the enemy will never make it to that investigation...

The USA, we will never deny they are full of slime. 


But back to the autopsy stuff, quoting: 

Turkish autopsy results showed that all of the 9 activists shot died of gunshot wounds, 5 of them from gunshot wounds to the head.[16] The British newspaper The Guardian reported that the activists were shot 30 times in total, with many of them fired at close range, according to Yalcin Buyuk, vice-chairman of the Turkish council of forensic medicine which carried out the autopsies.[200] Buyuk said that five of the victims were shot either in the back of the head or in the back.[201] "From the analysis of the bullet distance on one of the bodies," Dr. Haluk Ince, the director of Istanbul's Medical Examination Institute, said, "the gun was fired between 2 and 14 centimeters' distance from the victim's head."[16] Yalcin Buyuk said that 48 others suffered gunshot wounds and six activists were still missing.[200] 


Comment: Highly interesting and probably true but these results will never make it to the 'final investigation' as pushed for by the USA.
In the Israeli report we will see only more of that whining stuff and all that whining stuff is already unfolding right now:
All these youtube movies the IDF is bringing out is only whining, they also must have footage of the shootings but ha ha ha they will never post stuff like that... 


Also very interesting for explaining the initial outburst of violence when the Israeli commando's landed (but this detail will never make it to the USA push for investigation) is that Israel opened fire before the commando landing... 

The idea that Israel opened fire makes a lot of sense (when it's self defense anything goes over there). Quote: 

As soon as this attack started, I was on the top deck and within just a few minutes there were live shots being fired from above the ship, from above, from where the helicopters were. [...]

The first shots that were fired were either some sort of sound grenades, there was some tear gas that was fired as well as rubber-coated bullets. They were fired initially and the live bullets came roughly about five minutes after that. 

Source: Reporters Dispute Israeli Account of Raid (NY Times.)

So far this update, the news of today was good but again this all will never make it to the investigations as pushed for by the USA and Israel. No way, the USA and Israel will be in the same boat on this detail. 

Till updates. 


(04 June 2010) Five items:

Item 1) USA non-farm payroll numbers just out, look at the positive side! 
Item 2) Wow: Hungary defaulting?
Item 3) I shouted 'why do you force me to beat you' at the bound female; I struck her!
Item 4) In Dutch: CIDI is beetje stil maar heeft toch een update.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) USA non-farm payroll numbers just out, look at the positive side!

Before the NFP numbers there was a seismic shift in the currency markets, the € fell from 1.22 to just above 1.20. We might wonder why, the employment situation is not that much better.  

Yet the USA must view it from the positive side; British Petroleum will offer more and more oil cleaning jobs. These highly specialized jobs come with high pay; about 10 dollars the hour!
Once more we see that destroying things is good for the economy; BP wouldn't hire if there was no oil disaster... 

The NFP numbers were far from impressing, quote: 

Total nonfarm payroll employment grew by 431,000 in May, reflecting
the hiring of 411,000 temporary employees to work on Census 2010, the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. 

Comment: Ha ha, without the census only 20 thousand jobs added and if you look at the household survey you see that those outside the labor force grew with almost 500 thousand...
And what about the census itself? Beside developing countries I don't know of any country doing that ancient census counting. We usually do a few computer clicks and that's it. 

Luckily with all that oil around there are countless business opportunities: canned fish in oil. Shredded oil birds to grease engines. The promotion of disaster tourism. And what about sand with tar to be used for building roads, so even in the USA the roads can have that asphalt look and smell... ;)  

Source, NFP numbers & household survey:  

Item 2) Wow: Hungary defaulting? 

Ah I finally had some time and the shake up in the currency markets might also be explained via the news from Hungary. 

The new government is saying the previous cooked the books.
Here is a Bloomberg file: 

Sovereign Credit-Default Swaps Surge on Hungarian Debt Crisis 

The panic generating detail is a rough one, quote:

Hungary’s bonds fell after a spokesman for Prime Minister Viktor Orban said talk of a default is “not an exaggeration” because a previous administration “manipulated” figures.  

Comment: I don't have a clue about how large the likelihood of a Hungarian default is but lying on your debt is an important phase of the debt hugging cycle. There are more debt hugging nations, Hungary won't be the last I guess.
In the USA hiding of Federal debt is more or less institutionalized with the 4000+ billion in the Federal trust funds. The money that was supposed to be in those trust funds is needed to pay for things like future medical care for the elderly and poor.
Yet US based debt huggers will tell you that you can't compare these forms of debt and you don't need to add it to the 'official debt'.
I wonder if the trust fund debt is not for real, in such a case we would see millions of grandpa's and grandma's before death panels deciding if their lives are worthy of fulfilling medical promises made in the past...
I don't think that's gonna happen and as such the Federal debt is at least 4000 billion higher...  

Another Bloomberg file on Hungary: 

Hungary Bonds Sink, Forint at 12-Month Low on Default Comments 

 Item 3) I shouted 'why do you force me to beat you' at the bound female; I struck her!

Suppose I would do such a thing, is that normal behavior? Or is it abuse in a rather pure form? Abusive parents sometimes also behave that way and shout to small kids why the kid forces them to beat the shit out of them. 

In reality this is what the Israeli commando's did, I am not doing Google searches but a Dutch female had some serious bruises and she has stated that the Israelis asked her why she forced them to rough her up.

Of course the Israelis will deny in all possible forms that abuse has taken place, in fact that is correct: Israelis don't view behavior like this as abusive but standard practice. 

That is how they are, the Israelis in the role of the übermensch (that also gives them the right to whine day in day out about the evil outside world) and the rest is viewed as untermenschen. The Israelis are very easy to understand... 


The next quote is from a UK female who says Israeli police did it, quote:

She said she was later kicked and abused by two Israeli policemen. "They were kicking my legs to make me fall and mocking me in Hebrew," she said. "They were trying to take trophy pictures with me and they liked laughing in my face.
"They also searched me but I won't go into that. They took pleasure in humiliating us." 

Comment: It takes a long long time but I hope more and more people will realize the international community must simply stop the right of Israel as a state to exist.
And we have the right to do so because Israel was also created that way.
Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. 

Item 4) In Dutch: CIDI is beetje stil maar heeft toch een update.

Het is verbazingwekkend stil de laatste dagen maar vandaag heeft het CIDI weer zo'n standaard moreel hoogdraved stukje gepubliceerd: 

Gazavloot 2 vaart ondanks instructies toch naar nieuwe confrontatie 

Het is komisch om te zien dat Joden klagen over het feit dat de scheepsbemanningen klagen over Joden. Quote:

Opvarenden klaagden weer over 'Israelische sabotage'. 

Commentaar: Dit is een tactiek die het CIDI relatief vaak gebruikt; men projecteerd paranoia en achterdocht op de opponent en zodoende zaait men twijfel over de geestelijke capaciteiten van de opponent.
In de praktijk is het vaak zeer verstandig om je te wapenen tegen allerlei verborgen sabotage, kijk gewoon maar naar het grote aantal Palestijnen die in de loop der jaren al dan niet gedwongen als spion fungeerden.
(Terzijde; in Irak is het de Amerikaantjes nooit gelukt om een adequaat spionnen netwerk op te zetten, drie keer raden wie hier vaak genoeg voor waarschuwde...) 

Item 5) The empty item. 

Highly interesting and completely unknown to me was the fact there was also a giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979. At that point in time I was a teenager so very likely I had very important teenage stuff to do... ABCNews: 

'79 Gulf Oil Spill Leaves Sobering Lessons for BP 

When will this well be empty? Hard to say... 

And it doesn't belong to the empty item but Barry reported on a British Petroleum logo redesign contest. It's funny indeed: 



Till updates.


(01 June 2010) Two items:

Item 1) I can't find the official report on the North Korean 'torpedo thing'.
Item 2) USA is backing Israel: Israel can lead the investigation... Not the UN. 

 Item 1) I can't find the official report on the North Korean 'torpedo thing'.

I tried and tried but nowhere I can find a link to the report (about 400 pages) that says the South Korean warship was shot by a North Korean torpedo.

In total I wasted over 45 minutes but nowhere anything found to validate the torpedo claims. No useful pictures no texts no logic and so on and so on. 

I am sorry but I have to classify (for the time being) this torpedo thing as a 100% bogus thing. 

(Not that the writers of the report are lying, it looks more like emotion taking over elementary logic. Some armies I know are very good at that you know...) 

So until there is more information this subject is more or less closed & for the last time I repeat it is not allowed for the NK and SK to tunnel into war.

Up to the next item... 

Item 2) USA is backing Israel: Israel can lead the investigation... Not the UN. 

On the television it was so beautiful to see the Israelis arguing in the Security Council meeting: 

These peace activists were armed with sticks, iron bars and so on.
What kind of peace activists are they? 

Comment: One of the tactics Israel uses is hanging out the victim, when it's Jews in general or geographical bounded Jews like Israelis they always reason from the role of a victim. This time Israel came under attack from an aid flottilje...
Israel tried tactically to portray this as a standard police operation, so lets bounce the rethoric back:  

What kind of police force is this?


By the way, there are only a few Israeli soldiers in hospital. If indeed iron bars have been used the IDF heroes are amazingly strong: they can withstand a beating with iron bars and simply skip the hospital visit...


Now to the kernel of this item: the USA backing Israel in the UN. 

Israel is allowed to do the investigation on the aid fleet deaths... 

Israel should lead investigation into attack on Gaza flotilla, says US  

From the nation that sold us all those AAA rated mortgage backed securities we have the next, quote:

Ankara wanted the investigation into the raid on the Mavi Marmara to result in the prosecution of officials responsible for the assault and the payment of compensation to the victims.

But in hours of diplomatic wrangling, the US blocked the move and instead forced a statement that called for "a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards". 

Comment: Seldom you see it as stupid as this; with the torpedo thing from Korea suddenly an 'international team of experts' arrived at the torpedo theory while for Israel all international expertise on boring stuff like international law is utterly irrelevant. 

I have to admit: The Israelis are good at their stuff. But I am too my dear reader.  

Till updates. 


(31 May 2010) One item:

Item 1) In Dutch: Reactie van het CIDI op de doden van de Gaza 'vloot'. 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Reactie van het CIDI op de doden van de Gaza 'vloot'. 

Het kon natuurlijk niet uitblijven maar die kankerjoden van het CIDI doen weer hun stinkende best om alles en iedereen de schuld te geven en het arme Israel in haar gebruikelijke slachtofferrol te duwen. 

Hoe kan het ook anders dan dat de vredes activisten van het IDF totaal onverwacht en gluiperig aangevallen werden? Waarom accepteren die terroristen op die schepen niet de wijsheid en vredelievede gevoelens van de IDF heldhaftige soldaten?
Waarom begrijpt niemand dat het IDF juist de bevolking in de Gaza strook wil helpen? 

Nou ja, voor wat het waard is, hier is een quote waaruit toch weer duidelijk blijkt dat de Israelis slachtoffer zijn van de fanatieke opvarenden: 

Volgens een ooggetuigeverslag van een Israelische verslaggever die aan boord was van de marineschepen, waren de eerste soldaten die aan boord gingen van de schepen slechts bewapend met paint guns en hadden zij instructies de actievoerders met woorden te overtuigen. 

Bron: Doden bij overname 'Gazavloot'

Commentaar: Ach gut, wilde het IDF alleen maar een spelletje paint ball spelen? En met de wijsheid van het gesproken woord de hoeveelheid vrede in de wereld vermenigvuldigen?
Maar wat opvalt is het enorme aantal Israelische gewonden, wel een stuk of 10 terwijl normaal gesproken er minstens 100 doden zijn voor elke gewonde of gedode Israeliër. 
Wat dat betreft is het toch wel een verrassing...

Meer als 100 Palestijnse kinderen dood?
De kankerjoden van het CIDI zullen uitleggen dat dit toch echt de schuld van de Hamas is.
IDF die illegale witte fosfor granaten gebruikt?
Het CIDI zal wijzen op het feit dat zoiets pas illegaal is als de veiligheidsraad van de Verenigde Naties zoiets verklaren zal.
Waarom mogen de Palestijnen trouwens geen bouwmateriaal importeren om al die kapot gebombardeerde huizen te repareren?
Het CIDI zal opmerken dat duivelse terroristen daar alleen maar 'baksteen & cement' raketten van zal maken... 

En zo zal het nog jaren en jaren doorgaan, de Israelieliten willen gewoon doorgaan met de uitbreiding van de nederzettingen en het CIDI zal altijd lipservice geven... 


Update van later op de dag: 

Het CIDI publiceerde vandaag ook nog twee youtubbers waarin je hartelijk kunt lachen om Israelische commando's die eventjes goed afgerost worden.
Natuurlijk probeert het CIDI het zielige slachtofferbeeld uit te dragen maar laten we even een aantal jaren terug gaan: 

Vele jaren is het een standaard politiek van het IDF geweest om Palestijnse vaders voor de ogen van hun kinderen in elkaar te slaan. De theorie hierachter was dat met zoveel vernedering deze huisvaders wel wat gedweeër zouden worden.
Ik heb geen idee van de aantallen maar het moeten duizenden geweest zijn.
Even in perspectief: In de youtube filmpjes gaat het om enkele soldaten die in internationaal water een schip bestormen... 

Het neerzetten van het IDF in een slachtofferrol is duidelijk een jodenstreek van het CIDI, link: 

Ooggetuige: Mariniers hadden eerst alleen paintball guns 

Till updates.


(30 May 2010) One item:

Item 1) Was it really a North Korean torpedo? 

 Item 1) Was it really a North Korean torpedo? 

Again I didn't have had much time, for example I haven't found or read the 400 page publication pointing the blame to North Korea. So only a few details as they have surfaced in the Media files (and as such it's sometimes not that reliable).

But if you think about it, why should North Korea go into South Korean waters and fire precisely 1 torpedo? I mean that has been the weird thing all along...

Lets leave all emotion out, set your brain in the military mode and as such judge the words from North Korean Major General Pak Rim Su, quoting: 

But Pak said: "It does not make any sense militarily that a 130-tonne submersible carrying a heavy 1.7-tonne torpedo traveled through the open sea into the South, sank the ship and returned home." 

AFP source: N. Korea rejects evidence over sinking of S. Korean ship  

Comment: Indeed if we look at it with the military eye only, the whole torpedo thing doesn't make much sense. It's only reasoning inside the military mindset, other agitators cannot be excluded, but from a pure military point of view this doesn't make sense. 


So in theory it doesn't make much sense, as usual in practice life is much more complicated. A cute explanation could also be found via 'rising mines', I never heard of them before and I haven't seen any pictures in detail of the destroyed South Korean warship. But it's worth quoting:

A rising mine, which is effective only in shallow waters, rests atop a small platform on the sea floor under a camouflage of sand and gravel. Its detection system uses acoustics and magnetic readings to pick up enemy ships and submarines. When activated, jets of compressed air or solid-fuel rockets lift the bomb, which self-guides toward the magnetic center of the target. The blast rips the keel, splitting the ship or submarine into two neat pieces, just as was done to the RKOS Cheonan. 

Source: Did an American Mine Sink South Korean Ship? 

Comment: Without doubt torpedos and mines always use shaped explosives in these decades. Simply delivering a high explosive on target is fine tuned by long... The fact torpedos and mines work underwater does not make a difference when it comes to shaped explosives (of course the technical details will be a bit different).

With that in the back of your mind, look again at this part of a ship. Can this be done by a North Korean torpedo? Now? 


Picture source: China holds the key to Korean peace 

If it is really a North Korean torpedo they get my compliments... ;) 

A link of interest might be understanding the basics of shaped explosives: 

Shaped charge 


At the end of this item a serious request (a military order if you have a military mindset for yourself) repeated: 

It's simply forbidden for the Korean brothers to go to war while at the same time preparing for war is always allowed.  

End of this update, live well and work well. 

Till updates. 


(28 May 2010) One item: 

Item 1) Is the USA really that high tech? Lets look at the Gulf oil spill... 

 Item 1) Is the USA really that high tech? Lets look at the Gulf oil spill... 

What do you get when you have a serious environmental disaster combined with a country that thinks they are the most high tech nation in the world? 

And what if the average opinion in that country is that the universe starts and ends in the USA and as such every in between can only be viewed in the context of what is happening in the USA. (That's the old doctrine: If the USA sneezes every one gets a cold.) 

It was only this week that finally some Dutch oil cleaning ships go direction USA Gulf spill, if the Americans see them in action they might wonder why they don't have stuff like that them themselves? 

Why is that, why does the USA not have those basics oil sweepers themselves? Because those ships aren't so very high tech, it's basically the idea that oil floats on water... 


Yet, as we all have seen, in the USA there basically is only weird tech to clean the oil spill up. Putting it on fire, spreading chemicals and those long and silly floating tubes in the ocean...
I guess this is what you get when you think you are the beginning & the end of the universe. Good luck with your high tech fantasies my dear USA! 

(The picture I used looks a bit outdated, here is a nice pdf from the Dutch government agency named rijkswaterstaat with that shiny 2010 look.) 

Update from 29 May: 

As a comparison to the above oil sweeping arm from the Dutch shores, lets look at the USA version (remark that after the spraying of all those chemicals that dissolve oil and thus guarantees maximal damage in the long run, the left over surface oil is 'removed' like this:

The poor Americans, now they will pay a fine fine price for their tax fixation on military ships. Yet, mark my words, via the US military civil engineering corps the US military budget can expand on the Mexico Gulf oil spill.
After all, we are dealing with Americans...  

Till updates. 


(27 May 2010) One item:

Item 1) Just some links, five links.  

 Item 1) Just some links, five links. 

Link 1)

On the sudden Korean equation towards war I haven't spend a lot of time. Lets say 20 minutes of time, for the time being I am completely not convinced that the explosion of the South Korean war vessel was done by a North Korean torpedo.

The main point for that I am not convinced that much is that there was no specific upbeat in North Korean marine activities. I don't know if it's true, but the BBC told us, quote: 

But the torpedo theory is called into question by at least one aspect of the incident - there were no unusual military movements picked up from North Korean forces prior to the sinking. 

Source: Seoul's dilemma over sunken warship 

Comment: So for the time being it is not allowed for the Korean brother nations to start war, of course I can never forbid to prepare for war...
If I find a bit more time I will update on this item but for the time being and given the reaction of North Korea I am not convinced about the torpedo theory.
And it wouldn't be the first Gulf of Tonkin joke around, so stay cool please... 

Link 2)

In this link I cannot stay cool because once more the Israeli whiners were very good at taking my irritation thresholds. All the time the Israeli whiners tell us they want to live in peace so why do they block those ships with aid for the Gaza Strip?

Lets observe once more that the Israelis only want to proceed with the slow landgrab that will go on decade in decade out and really are not interested in peace that much.
Ok they hang out the 'democratic nature of Israel' via the diplomatic channels and media outlets but in normal democracies we don't do stuff like marine blocking of aid my dear Israel.  

Irritation threshold source (from the Voice of America): 

Turkish Ships With Aid Sailing to Gaza Despite Israeli Warnings 

Link 3) 

To compensate for my irritation I would like to inform the Israeli government that I can write pieces like the Learned Elders of Zion too.
Of course it would be handy to modify such a piece to the 2010 present, but the outlines are not that difficult to understand. It only needs transfer to the present set of emotions hanging around Israel... 

In case you have never heard of the Learned Elders of Zion, do a Google thing or read a more or less original version:


Link 4) 

Afghanistan needs a link too, the news is from a few days back but if it's true it is nice to know four colonels were killed with one bomb. (That would be 3 USA colonels and one Canadian).   

Afghanistan Arrests Seven in Deaths of NATO Troops 

Link 5) 

The empty link:  

Till updates my dear reader. 


(21 May 2010) Five items: 

Item 1) The more volatility the better it is...
Item 2) In Dutch: Eindelijk vrijheid na 8,5 jaar?
Item 3) Strange road signs.
Item 4) The Animated Music Machine.
Item 5) The empty item. 

Item 1) The more volatility the better it is...

I have one of those trading on margin accounts, the one I have is a currency trading account with a leverage of 1000... 

Normally I place one or two orders a month, this week with all that volatility I tried to trade the chaos and placed lots of orders most days. All in all I only had a return of about 2% this week, with a bit more luck this could have been 6 to 10% and with only small downturn risk.
All in all I am very satisfied with my strategy, only a few details need adjustment and the whole machinery itself is a nice idea. 

Please überlords of the financial universe: Gimmie more of that stuff known as volatility! 


In case you think you can get rich fast by trading currencies with a leverage of 1000, here are some tips: 

1) Study the financial markets until you understand how they work, this might take a few years.
2) The diverse companies that offer these accounts also let you practice for about one month, try them all out. Ask friends or family if you can use their name to practice longer.
3) Every little fault you make will usually lead to a dramatic erosion of your trading capital, so apply the same rules as when driving your car: don't drink alcohol and don't use drugs.
4) Smile if you have a profit and also smile if you have losses, don't forget it is basically a casino and if you win in a casino that doesn't mean you are particular smart or so.
5) Be aware of the ever changing nature of the currency markets, in the past central bank meetings were always a big thing, now they are utter non events.
6) Even if you are that smart you will find that markets are most of the time out of equilibrium and like to stay out of equilibrium... 

And so on and so on, remember trading currencies is basically just a way to pass the time, it adds no real value to your life or the life of other people. 

But it's exiting, you hang into the markets a big thousand times and it's a good thrill. Just like in a roller coaster... 

Item 2) In Dutch: Eindelijk vrijheid na 8,5 jaar? 

Nou nou, na acht en een half jaar is er dan eindelijk een einde aan al die aandacht die ik altijd heb (of had) van de Groninger politie? Het begon allemaal in oktober 2001, toen werkte ik in Duitsland en ging de marechaussee van dat soort rare dingen doen als controleren of ik 's nachts wel in mijn hotel was.
(Volgens mij was dat illegaal: marechaussee gaat in principe over militair personeel en zo ver weg van de grens tussen Nederland en Duitsland moet alles in principe gedaan worden door Duitse agenten.)  

Terug in Groningen vanaf okt 2001 had de Groninger politie ook constant al die aandacht voor mij, de eerste jaren waren het irritantste want toen kwamen ze steeds langszij en maakten oogcontact. 

Het probleem is dat als autoriteiten eenmaal de illegale weg ingeslagen hebben, ze die wel moeten voortzetten. Zo was ik bijv verdachte in een strafzaak maar mijn advocaat kwam helemaal niet opdagen... Ik ben geen expert in de juridische materie maar volgens mij is dat ook niet 100% volgens het boekje.

Niet dat die zeikstralen van de Groninger politie daar een probleem mee hadden, waarschijnlijk vonden ze het wel een goede grap en jaar in jaar uit ging dat ongedierte maar door met mij op de huid zitten. 

Soms als ik bijv op vakantie was geweest hadden de Groninger schurftekopjes niet door dat ik alweer terug was maar na hooguit een weekje begon het achtervolgings circus weer. Je kunt niet beweren dat de Groninger politie lui is, eerder een beetje te fanantiek. Wat zou jij ervan vinden als je bijv gewoon naar de Vismarkt loopt en al die tijd zwermen er vier politie auto's om je heen?  

Iets wat ik al die jaren nooit heb begrepen is waarom het zo lang moet duren, hopelijk ben ik nu van die politie aandacht af maar we zijn nu acht en een half jaar verder! Dat is toch bizar? Waarom zo lang?

Ongetwijfeld zijn er onder mijn lezers een heleboel die denken van ach die Reinko die beeld zich maar wat in, dat is nonsense want met elementaire statistiek kan je eenvoudig aantonen dat ik de waarheid spreek. 

Zelf heb ik de indruk dat de Groninger politie begin maart stopte met het achtervolgen van mijn persoon, niet dat er een causale relatie is maar dat is ongeveer het moment dat die pedofiele lustmoordenaar genaamd Sander Vreeswijk tegen de lamp liep. Ik hou een aantal slagen om de arm, maar kan het zijn dat de Groninger politie mij verdacht van het spul dat de hooggeachte politie agent Sander Vreeswijk heeft gedaan?
Ik bedoel acht en een half jaar lang, dat is toch absurd en buiten elke proportie?

Wel het lokale ongedierte genaamd de Groninger politie mag mij even in de ogen kijken en de volgende vraag beantwoorden:

Kunen jullie hier nu eindelijk en voorgoed eens mee ophouden?
Wat het ook was, jullie zaten fout en kap er gewoon mee! 


En dan terzijde: 

Ikzelf heb een rechtszaak meegemaakt zonder advocaat, dat bewijst dat zodra ze het konden de Groninger politie en met hun in het verlengde de rechterlijke macht direct de corrupte route gebruikten zodra ze dat maar konden.
Wedden om 1000 of 2000 € dat de geachte politie agent S. Vreeswijk een proces volgens het boekje zal krijgen? 

Ik denk namelijk niet dat als Sander naar zijn zitting gaat hij dan zijn advocaat buiten de zaal ziet staan die daar lachend met wat anderen staat te keuvelen terwijl even later Sander zonder advocaat in de rechtszaal zit...

(Zo is het bij mij namelijk gegaan, ook dat was bizar maar eigenlijk ook wel logisch: dat krijg je gewoon nadat de illegale weg werd ingeslagen in okt 2001 door de mareschaussee.) 

Goed, genoeg gezeurt over dit item. Op naar het volgende item: 

 Item 3) Strange road signs.

The New York Times has a funny collection of foreign and local road signs and message boards. Here is a link:

Strange Signs From Abroad 

As an example we have at number six: 


The above road sign is from South Africa, but what does it mean? 

Does it mean be careful when going downhill in a wheelchair?
Or does it mean watch out for people who feed grandpa and grandma to the crocodiles? 

Item 4) The Animated Music Machine.

Only a short time ago I came across a work from the so called Animated Music Machine, the organ thing from Bach was the first, here is a youtubber: 

Bach, Organ Trio Sonata III (BWV 527), 3rd movement 
Bach, Organ Trio Sonata III (BWV 527), 3rd movement 

After a bit of searching there was a main page to the music machine: 

The Music Animation Machine 

The latest work added is: 

Debussy, First Arabesque #1, Piano Solo (animation ver. 2) 

Also very interesting is the time line of the music machine, it dates back to 1970: 

Time-line of the Music Animation Machine (and related experiments) 

Item 5) The empty item. 

Empty people have empty lives and empty regulation, some people blame the US Gulf oil spill at the deregulation thing. As the empty guy named Alan Greenspan noted a long long time ago: A business man will do everything to prevent damage to his reputation... 

Who knows the size of this oil well, when will it be empty?
Or can they stop this disaster? For the time being it doesn't look good. 

Here is a picture from the gas that is sucked off, it's beautiful and horrific at the same time:


The poor Americans; they still think every body envies their economy...
(Talking about empty empires...) 

Till updates. 


(14 May 2010) One item:

Item 1) The most bizarre financial news from this week. 

 Item 1) The most bizarre financial news from this week. 

The bizarre news did not come from nitwits this week; weird news came from US economist James Galbraith, Paul Volcker and Paul Krugman.
The views expressed by these three US citizens have a common flaw: They view the € as a cat copy of the US$. This is and will not be the case, why model Europe as was it the USA? 


Before we proceed with the bizarre views from the USA lets think again why do we have a common currency named the Euro?

Well if you drove your car a few hundred kilometers in Europe you often needed local money because for example you crossed the border between France and Belgium. Believe me: it was always bad for your wallet to buy local currency.
Companies had even bigger problems: If a company was located in lets say 6 or 7 European nations it had to track a 6 by 6 or 7 by 7 matrix of currency rates.
Combined for all nations: the total costs for having so much local currencies was very huge, it might easily be one percent of GDP although the banks made boatloads of money with all that swapping from one local currency into another.  

And since water usually streams downhill most folks included me thought it was a good idea to have some common currency to get rid of all those local currencies...


So that's why we have a €, it also helps a bit preventing World War III starting on European ground... 

But serious, the most bizarre views came from James Galbraith. Here is the source thing (WP, Ezra Klein interviewing):

Galbraith: The danger posed by the deficit ‘is zero’  

The weird quote is this:

What people worry about is that the federal government won't be able to sell bonds. But there can never be a problem for the federal government selling bonds. It goes the other way. The government's spending creates the bank's demand for bonds, because they want a higher return on the money that the government is putting into the economy. My father said this process is so simple that the mind recoils from it.  

Comment: Of course there is a structural demand for government debt by, for example, pension funds who need safe investments for the long haul with a reasonable return.
The stuff the USA offers has lousy return and if it's safe is for 'investors' to judge.


Ok, now James explained why the USA has absolutely zero problems with running a tiny deficit of only 10+% of the GDP, lets turn to Paul V who sees a potential disintegration of the €. Weirdly enough the disintegration is related to some government deficits like for example in Greece or Italy or whatever comical Central Bank country.  

If by 'disintegration' Paul means you kick some debt hugger nations out of the Euro zone, his insights are accepted. I really don't see it as a serious problem, this 'crises' only separates the debt huggers from those with normal brains.

Euro risks ‘disintegration’: Volcker 


The other Paul, that's Paul Krugman, is explaining why the USA is not Greece and is thinking along his usual debt hugging lines. Paul K doesn't understand that size matters when it comes to debt hugging attitudes. The Greece could afford it for many years to retire at age 53 or so, the USA workers never could.
The USA workers could only grow more obese decade in decade out, every country does the debt hugging thing in their own ways Paul...

What I don't understand Paul is the stuff you bring upon that the future US economical growth can pay for the US Federal deficit. This is contradicting so much of my own analysis that I simply reject it. This is your quote:

Basically, the United States can expect economic recovery to bring the deficit down substantially; Greece, which has a larger structural deficit and also faces a grinding adjustment to overvaluation with the eurozone, can’t. 

Comment: Come on Paul, size matters when it comes to the sucking power of a mountain of debt. Size (of the economy) matters.....


Are We Greece? 


The above three guys are part of the US economy, commercial ratings company Moody's is also USA based and do you want to know how they arrive at their top level rating for the USA?

Moody's does not look at total debt levels or boring stuff like Federal deficits as a percent of the Gross Domestic Product. No, when it comes to the USA Moody's only looks at 'affordability levels'.... 

Only when you are standing on the shoulders of weirdo's like James G, Paul V and Paul K you can produce weird stuff like this: 

In the wake of the financial crisis and recession, Moody's Investors Service has brought new transparency to its sovereign ratings analysis — so much so that 2018 lights up as the year the U.S. could be in line for a downgrade if Congressional Budget Office projections hold.

The key data point in Moody's view is the size of federal interest payments on the public debt as a percentage of tax revenue. For the U.S., debt service of 18%-20% of federal revenue is the outer limit of AAA-territory, Moody's managing director Pierre Cailleteau confirmed in an e-mail. 

Comment: Like said before; kick the USA commercial rating companies out of Europe. We don't need fools that sell ratings...
Furthermore, why should the European Central Bank be bounded by some commercial USA rating selling company?
We all have a brain, it is behind your eyes and between your ears. 

Source of the quote: 

U.S. Debt Shock May Hit In 2018, Maybe As Soon As 2013: Moody's 


End of this update on all that weird financial news.

Till updates.  


(12 May 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Short Iraqi update.
Item 2) USA market plunge updater. 

 Item 1) Short Iraqi update.

In the 24 April update (scroll to below to read that entry) I told my readers a bit around the troubles we could expect (or might expect) after the killing of al Qaida leadership in Iraq. 

Last Monday, two days ago, finally some wave of violence was observed. Contrary to the popular view expressed by Western media, attacks were not random acts without internal logic. 

For example no stupid mosque bombings or food market bombings, so those kind of statistics don't run negative and for that I have to thank some Iraqis.

Although right now I am updating on Iraq, it is important to emphasize again that I would like to refrain from all kinds of interference with Iraq. It's now 2010 and not 2001 or 2002 for that matter...  

Yet my dear Iraqis, there is still some asshole USA general named Odierno in Iraq (for those who don't know it: Odierno replaced Petraus and as such is the USA military leader in Iraq) and how did Odierno react to the complete and utter victory they had over al Qaida in Iraq? 

A nice quote says it all (source file from the Guardian): 

General Odierno has kept a low profile since announcing the deaths of al-Qaida's two leaders in Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayub al-Masri, who were killed in a combined Iraqi-US raid on 18 April. The operation was hailed then as a near fatal blow against al-Qaida, but violence has intensified ever since. 

Comment: Ah my dear opponent Odierno have you grown wiser? I think you do but since you are an American we can never be sure about such things as growing wisdom.
For example one in every 11 Iraqi females is a widow, it's an interesting statistic Odierno and it weighs much more on your shoulders and not on mine.

So far for this Iraqi update. 

Item 2) USA market plunge updater. 

Last weeks market plunge of over one thousand points in the DOW is still far from understood by most parties involved. Some think this while others think that. 

Lets not zoom in on what others think but the obvious simplicity that was published a long time ago on this very website:
I once complained that robots (or computer programs) take it over now so much trading activity is done by computers.

More simple, didn't I write (more or less): 

These programs (robots) can only trade on technical details and not on fundamentals. 

The robots can only trade on price and volume & that's it. Therefore the robot behavior makes the markets vulnerable to downswings because all upswings are dealt with by human traders. The shares of Procter & Gamble (what's in a name?) can trade for one cent during the crash but never for 10000 US$. 

Barry had a glimpse of it, nice file:

A Closer Look at the 1,000 Point Dow Plunge  

And although Barry is sometimes a bit over the top, he is not a fool with remarking the next funny selection of stocks: 

The Dow Was Actually Down 1250 on May 6th 

The Americans, now in 2010 they still don't understand their own economy.  

Till updates. 


(06 May 2010) Two items: 

Item 1) Wow man, DOW almost down a 1000 points intraday today.
Item 2) Correction on the 04 May update. 

 Item 1) Wow man, DOW almost down a 1000 points intraday today.

Man oh man this afternoon I was thinking of setting up a few 'complicated' trades on the currency markets (I have one of those 'trading on margin' accounts with a leverage of thousand, so if I sell or buy a 100 units this hangs in the market as 100 thousand).

To be honest I wanted to place buy and sell orders so if there would be an explosion in either direction there would be a nice profit. All you have to do is carefully craft your 'stop loss' and 'take profit' thresholds. 

But I decided not to and instead I wasted my time with rubbing sand paper over an old chair. (The restoration of old or ancient furniture is a very time consuming process by the way.) 

And just before market closure I took a look to see this beauty: 


Man oh man, such a chart is a collectors item for sure.
Rumors say the strange 'V shape' is an error made by a large player...
But lets get real, the DOW hanging out at 11 thousand was (or will be) nonsense in the first place. At this point in time something in the 8000 to 8500 range would be better priced for the long run.

But all that cheap borrowed money chases the same profits resulting in days like this...  

 Item 2) Correction on the 04 May update. 

Why, 2 days ago, did I make that dumb mistake again?
Why did I not check the details? 

Now I look like one of those American idiots that only repeat information without checking it. I think I did it all to myself... 

What is the case? Blindly without checking the calculation myself I quoted Henry Blodget stating the costs for the USA in the Greece bailout (costs via the IMF) were 8 billion US$. 

At this point in time I am in a hurry so I can't look for more info, but Barry has a rather confusing file stating it is in the neighborhood of 3 billion US dollars.

US Greek Bailout Costs? Tiny 

But that same file from Barry says the USA pays about 17.1% of total IMF funding, the IMF is supposed to cough up 39 billion related to Greece while a simple sum says:

17.1% of 39 billion = 0.171*39 = 6.669 billion US$.

So can the real answer stand up please?
Is it 8, is it 3, or is it 6.669 billion US$?   

Till updates. 


(04 May 2010) Sorry but only one item! 

Item 1) Will the € collapse in 2010? 

 Item 1) Will the € collapse in 2010?

It is lovely to see all that weird stuff from over the ocean when it comes to Greece and the eventual help Greece will get. 

For example this strange file on The Street: 

Will the Euro Collapse in 2010? 

The author of the above article thinks that the longer help stays out the worse it is for the €. That is not correct, the longer it takes the better it is because large parts of the Greek society will resist.
To be honest, might be it would be better to let the Greeks out drying in the sun for the entire Summer & see if they would be more willing to change their ways...
(Ok ok, now we have the 100+ billion rescue package in monthly or 3 monthly payments, lets see how it works.) 

Once more the Americans view the € as a cat copy of the $ and so you hear of a 'lack of fiscal coherency'. That is nonsense, it is a fact of life taxes are done by the governments of the countries. You can also argue this will make the total European economy more flexible because it raises taxes there where it is needed the most; for example in Greece.  

No, all in all I don't see a collapse in the €. Just like my tapwater, there will be no collapse in my household tapwater. Here in the Dutch landscape we have high quality tapwater for about 1.20 € for every cubic meter. And just like my water delivery will not collapse, the fiat currency known as the € will flow for some more years. 


USA based Henry Blodget also had a funny piece: 

Guess Who's Paying For The Greece Bailout? That's Right -- YOU 

The funny detail is the facts the Americans don't have any kind of shame (and that is also the best way to deal with them: have no shame, have no mercy). Quote:

The US supplies almost 20% of the IMF's funding (per quotas). So that means US taxpayers are providing ~$8 billion of the $145 billion going to kick the Greek can down the road.

That's the first outrage. (Why is this our problem?) 

Comment: For a guy like Henry Blodget this is a strange remark because the USA folks sold all that fraudulent mortgage crap in the first place. (Henry B comes from the country that has commercial ratings companies like Standard & Poors, Moody's, Fitch & the likes who are all USA based.)
No no Henry, with this you kick the USA can down the road too. Is 8 billion too much given the damage the USA has done?

Hey Henry, all is going fine: 

USA bank Failures  

End of the item & till updates! 


(26 April 2010) Only one item (although the Hamas cartoon was very funny too).

Item 1) Al Qaida in Iraq leaders killed.

 Item 1) Al Qaida in Iraq leaders killed.

With mixed feelings I received the reports of Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi being killed in an airstrike. I have mixed feelings because things like that always have the potential for undisciplined and chaotic violence, like food market and mosque bombings. But if al Qaida in Iraq has followed my long ago given advice, the new leaders will even be better. 

Here is a BBC file with al Qaida confirming the news:

Al-Qaeda confirms leaders' deaths in Iraq   


Lets end this item with an anecdote from about 3 years ago:

Three years ago I was busy with the zero-one project, goal of the project was to see if it was possible that in Iraq on given future days more US soldiers died on average (the 'one' days) and below average killings of US military slime on the 'zero' days.

Usually this was done, for example, by declaring 15 'one' days followed by 7 'zero' days. All I had to do was a daily count of dead US military, feed the count in my statistics program. The project continued for over 100 days to have enough data to see if there was any statistical significance to be found.

Let me spare you the technical statistics, how to formulate your zero hypothesis and so on. (I wrote a very simple non technical small paper on statistical testing: Here is a pdf.)  

Anyway, suddenly Abu Ayyub al-Masri comes out via the media stating:
From tomorrow until the next 15 days try to kill as much Americans as possible by all possible means.

The very first second I did read that news from brother Masri I became a bit angry because brother Masri did shoot apart the fabric of my pattern of 'zero' and 'one' days. (That could have a negative impact on the statistics.)

In the second second after I read that news it was clear that al Qaida in Iraq tried to mimic my particular kind of leadership and I felt like nobody takes away the way I work.

In the third second after the news I felt like a stupid child because of my emotions in the first and second second. When it comes to war, the ego's are not important, only the goal counts and for reaching the goal you need good working policies and not big ego's.

In the fourth second after understanding the news I scratched my head and thought 'Why not bring it on?'

May be you already guessed it, but after 15 or more days it came apparent that my stretch of 15 days as close possible to the 15 days of brother Masri had a clear cut winner:

In my 15 day period of 'one' days more US military slime died...   

You can also make a joke of it:  

What is the meaning of the zero-one project?

That is 1 for Reinko and 0 for al Qaida... ')


But serious: 

The main reason I don't write much about Iraq is of course the fact I am a foreigner, I feel like I have interfered more than enough. All I hope for is that al Qaida in Iraq can keep it a bit cool and please not all that weird violence that doesn't help much. 

For the rest, I wish the Iraqis luck & of course good brains! 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(20 April 2010) Five items:

Item 1) A gene that makes you both fat and dumb?
Item 2) Afghanistan: 2 Dutch soldiers dead.
Item 3) Afghanistan: Fighting the Taliban with hard rock music.
Item 4) How much GDP growth do you need for a 10% government deficit?
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) A gene that makes you both fat and dumb?

When it comes to fat people there are always so many theories about why obesity is on the climb; is it the food or the lack of body movement?
Is it in the genes and obese people simply can't help it? 

Reuters reports that up to one third of Americans have a gene doing this:

A variant of an obesity gene carried by more than a third of the U.S. population also reduces brain volume, raising carriers' risk of Alzheimer's disease, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

People with a specific variant of the fat mass and obesity gene, or FTO gene, have brain deficits that could make them more vulnerable to the mind-robbing disease.

"The basic result is that this very prevalent gene not only adds an inch to your waistline, but makes your brain look 16 years older," said Paul Thompson, a professor of neurology at the University of California Los Angeles, who worked on the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Comment: Now we have a better understanding of why Americans are both that fat and that stupid. May be the Americans are evolving away from standard humanity and in a few centuries we have a new underspecies of humanity: on average one thousand pound and an IQ of 50... 

Source: Gene makes people fat, raises Alzheimer's risk 

Item 2) Afghanistan: 2 Dutch soldiers dead.

A few days ago two Dutch marines died in Afghanistan and that was rather precise 2 years after the son of the commander of the Dutch armed forces died in Afghanistan.

Until the present day most people here think the killing of the commanders son was just coincidental (one day after his son died general van Uhm became commander, it was like a real Greece tragedy).

I never believed in the 'just coincidental' story, if you look at Afghanistan culture and habits it might very well be timed because of the appointment of general van Uhm. But with that the Dutch would also have to recognize that they are (were) infiltrated by Afghan freedom fighters. Of course that could not be done so everybody says it is a sheer coincident...   

Here is how the two dead marines looked when they were alive, I don't know why but if I look into their eyes I see only emptiness. Only mountains of emptiness... 


Further reading (in Dutch): 

Twee Nederlandse mariniers omgekomen in Uruzgan 

Zoon nieuwe bevelhebber Van Uhm omgekomen in Uruzgan 

Item 3) Afghanistan: Fighting the Taliban with hard rock music.

A few weeks ago the US military in Afghanistan decided once more to make fools of themselves by playing loud hard rock music. (Music has in the past also been used to 'soften up' prisoners by playing hard rock like this 24 hours a day, of course that wasn't torture...)

Quoting a bit of the nonsense:

When insurgents open fire in Marjah, an armoured vehicle wired up to powerful speakers blasts out country, heavy metal and rock music so loudly it can be heard up to two kilometres (one mile) away.

The playlist has been hand-selected to annoy the Taliban, according to one US special forces officer.

"Taliban hate that music," said the sergeant involved in covert psychological operations, or "psy ops", in the area in Helmand province.

"Some locals complain but it's a way to push them to choose. It's motivating Marines as well," he added after one deafening round of several hours including tracks from The Offspring, Metallica and Thin Lizzy.

The officer said they also broadcast messages from the Afghan government, as well as threats to the Taliban -- there are no obscenities, "but we tell them they're gonna die", he smiled.   

Comment: I don't think stuff like this helps much, the Taliban only see further conviction that the Americans are lunatics. And those Afghanis that might be willing to help the Americans see the same: a bunch of lunatics.


US fight Taliban with heavy metal and rock music   


But I liked the idea of Western music as use as a weapon (in psyops so to say).
So I selected a bit of music for myself to use it as a suggestion for the Americans:

Kid Rock: American Bad Ass
Eminem & 2 Pac: Murder Murder
Bloodhound Gang: The Vagina Song
Bloodhound Gang: Burn Motherfucker Burn
Anti Flag: Die For Your Government
Dope: Die Motherfucker Die
Bomb Factory: US Bombs
Rage Against The Machine: Bombs Over Baghdad
Rage Against The Machine: Pistol Grip Pump
Rage Against The Machine: Pocket Full Of Shells
Rage Against The Machine: Bullet In Your Head
Stone Sour: Kill Everybody
Simon Patterson: F16
Limp Biskit: Eat You Alive 
Scars Of Life: Bullet With Your Name 

If music like that does not help winning the war one should try a completely different approach, for example:

J.S. Bach - Air on the G String, Sarah Chang 

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ 

And if even Bach is of no help in Afghanistan, the Americans should turn to a multi layered infinite dimensional approach: 

Put up large television screens in the Afghan villages and show US made porn movies... 

Item 4) How much GDP growth do you need for a 10% government deficit?

With all those large government deficits around and given the fact no country wants to raise taxes, the future payments of all that borrowed money has to come from economical growth. 

The USA runs a 10+% deficit in terms of their gross domestic product, the average maturity of this debt is only 5 to 7 years on average. 

About 16% in GDP terms is taxed in the USA, on top of that they borrow about 10% of GDP to fund the deficit.

How much needs the US economy to grow so the borrowed money can be paid back?

That's simple: The US economy needs to grow 10/16 or about 62.5% in lets say 7 years (the maturity time). That would be 7.1% a year...

If you use the 5 year maturity the US economy needs to grow about 10.3% year over year...   

So suppose you invest in that AAA rated US Federal debt: do you expect to get the same value (or more) back in the future? If so, you must have that gene mentioned in item 1 above...

(Remark this is without the interest on the borrowed money so with interest on new and old debt the US economy should even grow faster. Further it is good to remark there are a whole lot of countries more that are overborrowed and will not be capable of making good on their debt obligations.) 

Item 5) The empty item. 

In order to fill my empty life I lately did some wood cutting.
After a bit of trial and error, the last wood was shaped as this: 


May be it is a nice experiment for the US military in Afghanistan to print this piece of wood on posters and hang these posters in all Afghan villages... 

If music and porn doesn't work, why not try posters with wood? 

Till updates. 


(15 April 2010) Only one item update, sorry but it's in Dutch:

Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch, wat voor onzin publiceerden zij de laatste week? 

 Item 1) In Dutch: CIDI watch, wat voor onzin publiceerden zij de laatste week?

Lieve lezers, wat is 'logica'? Wat is logisch denken en waarom vinden we het belangrijk om logisch te kunnen denken? 

In de meest pure vorm is logisch denken min of meer gevrijwaard van emotie, bijv een simpele wiskundige stelling met een eenvoudig en overdonderend bewijs daarbij. Het logisch denken zoals dat meestal plaatsvind is in het algemeen de eerste afgeleide van emotie. Politiek en de 'logica' van politieke partijen is een vrij geavanceerde variant van deze basale 'eerste afgeleide van emotie'.

Veel mensen hebben een verzameling aan overtuigingen (set of beliefs) en redeneren van daaruit verder. Dat redeneren proberen zij dan in het maatschappelijk verkeer zo logisch mogelijk te doen omdat anders opponenten hun 'logische fouten' zullen aanwijzen. (Als je dat snapt dan snap je de basis van het politeke debat in bijv de tweede kamer.)

In hoeverre is het denken van de medewerkers van het CIDI (Centrum Informatie & Documentatie Israel) nu echt 'logisch', zijn zij in staat om zichzelf los te zingen van al die emotie en wat zinnigs te berde brengen?

Helaas helaas, die kankerjoden van het CIDI kunnen het weer niet laten met bijv, link:

Strijd Fatah-Hamas grootste struikelblok voor vrede  

Nu, hierboven staat het woord 'kankerjoden' en ongetwijfeld roept dat wat emotie op in uw hoofd. Dat is goed want deze emotie zal uw logisch denken aantasten terwijl u dit leest.

Misschien voelt u nu de neiging tot rationalisatie, misschien raakt u kwaad of geirriteerd en klikt snel door naar een andere website. 

Hoe het ook zij, nergens is op logische wijze uitgelegd waarom de strijd tussen Hamas en Fatah zo'n struikelblok is. Hoewel het vele jaren terug is adviseerde ik de Hamas toentertijd nadrukkelijk om 'democratisch te gaan'. 
(Later gebeurde dat en ze wonnen de verkiezingen ook nog eens en toendertijd was het offciële USA politiek om democratie naar het Midden Oosten te brengen. Wat kreeg ik zoals gebruikelijk? Stank voor dank want nu plotseling was de Hamas nog steeds een terroristische organisatie, democratisch gekozen of niet.)

Waarom plaatsen die kankerjoden van het CIDI dit soort van eenzijdige onzin, waarom is er never nooit niet eens sprake van de 'military imbalance' en de invloed daarvan op zogenaamde 'terreur aanvallen' anderzijds? 

Waarom altijd zo eenzijdig mijn geliefde Nederlandsche kankerjoden? 

Jewish settlers suspected in West Bank mosque attack 

En wat is nu precies de 'logica' van het plaatsen van absurde artikelen als dit:

SGP-Kamerlid stelt vragen over PA-verheerlijking terrorist 

Of bijv dit (vergeet niet het CIDI streeft vrede na):

PA vereert opnieuw topterrorist  

Echt randdebiel komt het CIDI uit de hoek met: 

Sterke stijging Europees antisemitisme in 2009 

In die laatste link staat toch letterlijk, quote:

In Europa werden Engeland en Frankrijk het sterkst getroffen. 

Commentaar: Het is echt geen aardbeving of stormvloed ofzo. Da's logisch toch? 

Tot opdatums.  

Till updates. 


(09 April 2010) Two items:

Item 1) A few links.
Item 2) Israeli Central Bank on Plestinians. 

 Item 1) A few links.

Lately we have been calculating that total debt growth in the non-financial parts of the USA are rather precise 15% of GDP year on year.
Since that debt growth is beyond all possible GDP growth or total profit grows, you might expect Central Bankers to as responsible fathers and warn the public on that detail.

But no, this week we had the usual nonsense, WP reports:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sounds a warning on growing deficit  

Funny was to observe the CITI exuse, what CITI excs didn't see years ago the present bond markets still don't understand the significance of the above mentioned 15% of debt growth... But it was funny to see the past making excuses:

Ex-Citigroup leaders defensive on crisis 

In case you need a financial joke (given the fact the non financial sectors of the USA still need 15% of GDP as fresh debt for this year), Barry is hanging out an amazing good clown when he reports:

Retail, Jobs Suggest Stronger Recovery 

Today it was reported that there will be no change in the USA mideast policy regarding to Israel. That is in line with my expectations that at the end of the Obama precidency there will be zero progress in 'making peace'.

The Israelis simply don't want it, if you think otherwise you should floss your brain please.

White House: "No decision" on new Mideast plan   

Why should the Israeli whiners give up their nuke arsenal? Just like they don't want peace (because in such a case you must abide to normal laws like in most other democracies, such like labor laws or signing the non proliferation treaty).
One more detail why the Israelis simply need the present situation and longing for peace is not an option. The CSMonitor:

Why Israel's Netanyahu will skip Obama's nuclear security summit 

You see once more: To understand international diplomacy you only need the emotional spectrum of a 3 year old child...  

Item 2) Israeli Central Bank on Plestinians. 

Yes only the emotional spectrum of a 3 year old child is needed to understand Israel. 

Don't believe me?

With amazement in one of my browser tabs it says for many days in the Israeli Bank press releases that Plestinian employment is recovering in Israel, here is a part of a screenshot:



At the Central Bank of Israel this file is hanging out there since 31 March so exactly 10 days long today before I finally made the screenshot.   

Suppose instead of the typo Plestians they typed Asrael or Ashrael instead of Israel, would such a typo also hang out there for 10 days? 

Conclusion: On all levels of society, let if be the religious settlement zealots to scientists that work on the Israeli nuclear stuff or Central Bank wizzards, they just don't want peace. 

Together with the fact Israel has nukes, the United Nations should simply outban Israel as a state to exist. What the USA thinks is not that much relevant or significant, they allowed this mess to happen for six decades on a row.

The USA nonsense can't be taken serious any longer, the Israelis are a bunch of whiners exploiting the holocaust and the US government is best pictured as a bunch of chickens...  

Till updates. 


(03 April 2010) Sorry, only one item: 

Item 1) Is Israel a true Democracy or an Apartheid State? Judge for yourself... 

 Item 1) Is Israel a true Democracy or an Apartheid State? Judge for yourself... 

With interest I did read some article from the pen of Marc Goldberg explaining why he goes to Israel living in lower conditions compared to his UK nest: 

Israel's pull, or your push?  

There are also folks that only see the sunny side of life, for example this weird stuff:

Apartheid label doesn't fit Israel   

Ok, is Israel a true Democracy and does she treat all her inhabitants alike? Or is it basically an Apartheid State? 

Judge for yourself, in what democracy go arrests like this? Picture: 


The picture doesn't say it, but rather likely these Muslim arrests were forced to have their heads away from the direction of Mecca (pointing their ass towards Mecca, the Israelis they are good at their stuff...) 

Source of the picture:  

Lets call it a day, till updates my dear reader! Till updates.


Update from 04 April: Lets compare labor laws between Israel and lets say Europe; Is it allowed in any country to have foreigners working far below the minimum wages?
No, on the contrary, if is forbidden in all normal democracies.  

In the apartheids state Israel it works a bit different, over there the Central Bank (the Israeli Bank) complains that too much Palestinian workers put price pressure on Jewish workers...

Make up your own mind again: Israel is just another 'normal democracy' as the whiners from the Israeli cabinet always tell us?

Media link:

Bank of Israel: Palestinian labor hurts Israeli workers,7340,L-3870321,00.html 

The original file can be found at the Bank of Israel website: 

The Recovery of Palestinian Employment in Israel  


Till updates.  


(31 March 2010) Two items:

Item 1) The most boring links I could find. 
Item 2) Israel again.

 Item 1) The most boring links I could find. 

Yesterday I visited a lecture with the title 'Esher and the Droste effect', the visuals (graphics) were very good. A far more dressed down version of those visuals can be found at:

Escher and the Droste effect  

Bloomberg reported about 10 days ago:

Obama Pays More Than Buffett as U.S. Risks AAA Rating 

Remember the Iraqi tubes that were supposed to enrich uranium while in fact you could not even centrifuge your laundry in it? If not, check it out at 
Iraqi aluminum tubes (
The inner diameter of the tubes was..... 74.4 mm! Good luck in doing your laundry! 

But with that in the back of your mind you should read the second paragraph of this article from the WP:

CIA: Iran capable of producing nukes  

Link number five is in Dutch: Als je nog lachen wil dan moet je deze link lezen. Daarin staat hoe slechts één kogel de laatste 2 Israelische zeurkous soldaten doodde. Je blijft lachen! CIDI link: 

Israel rouwt om gedode soldaten 

 Item 2) Israel again. 

Lately when US vice prez Joe Biden visited Israel and out of anger over the announcement about the 1600 new homes, Joe showed his tremendous anger by arriving 90 minutes late for diner with Israeli pm Netanyahu... 

I remarked this is about how a chicken would behave and I gave Joe the honorable name of 'unter chicken'. Now is the time for looking at some of the 'über chicken' stuff (that would be Obama in the role of úber chicken).
Hold on tight, fasten your seatbelts because it looks like úber chicken Obama is calling for a freeze of 4 months in the Jerusalem building...
Yes, 4 months! Unbelievable, even if the Israelis stop for four months it does not change the basic problem and the basic problem is that the Israelis simply don't want peace.

All those who think the Israelis want peace should carefully ask themselves why that would be a true proposition... 

Article, the WP reporting:

U.S. seeks 4-month Jerusalem building freeze: report 

To simply show the Israelis don't want peace, quote: 

Lieberman called the demand "completely unreasonable" and said it had not been accepted by any senior cabinet ministers. 

Weirdly enough the Israeli defense guy Ehud Barak came very close to the truth, as the Economist reported on 15 Feb, quote:

If, and as long as between the Jordan and the sea, there is only one political entity, named Israel, it will end up being either non-Jewish or non-democratic... If the Palestinians vote in elections, it is a binational state, and if they don't, it is an apartheid state.

Comment: With that Barak hits the nail on the head, but the Israelis themselves don't want peace because they want to continue the slow landgrab as going on over the last 42 years.

Ehud Barak breaks the apartheid barrier  

And I don't know if it's true, but on a blog it is claimed that, quote:

Netanyahu earned this rebuke by insisting that Israel go ahead and build 1600 — which has been raised to 50,000 — new housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem, a traditional Palestinian neighborhood which Palestinians had hoped — still hope — would serve as the capitol of their new state. 

Comment: No comment needed, if it's true it speaks for itself: they don't want peace. 

Will Israel Face Facts? 

The French prez Zarkozy has decided to jump on the bandwagon too: 

Nicolas Sarkozy joins Barack Obama in condemning Israel’s settlement policy  

And at last a guy named Abraham Foxman (what's in a name?) is shining his superior light on former US prez Jimmie Carter:  

Jewish leader doubts Carter apology on Israel 

So now the über chicken has been named (that's Obama) the next part of this comedy, the proceedings, can take part. How will this comedy evolve and how much longer will Israel exist as a state? Who knows?
Therefore it's time to hit the 'publish website' button, it's time to split.

Till updates.  


(29 March 2010) Only one Israeli whiner item (but I have to remark I also would like to comment on the Russian blasts from today, lets save those comments for another day):

Item 1) Only one Israeli whiner detail upon long lasting peace... 

 Item 1) Only one Israeli whiner detail upon long lasting peace... 

The folks that turned whining into perfection now come up with stuff like this, quote:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Obama administration's pressure on Israel to curb settlement activity will bolster Palestinian hardliners and hinder peace efforts, a senior Israeli cabinet minister said on Monday.

Source: Israeli minister says U.S. boosts Arab hardliners 

Comment: It has been stated more than once the Israelis don't want peace, they only want to proceed with the slow landgrab. All of their behavior is revolving around that easy to understand detail. 

The Israelis, they don't want peace. They want the slow thing... 

Till updates.  


(25 March 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Only one new house for every 1000 USA citizens this year.
Item 2) In Dutch: The CIDI and international law. 

 Item 1) Only one new house for every 1000 USA citizens this year.

For I don't know how many months you always had those strange ducks stating that housing was on the edge of recovery or was already recovering.

I have written more than once that I expect housing prices to bottom out in the USA at the end of 2011. So that's in more or less 18 months. 

Now all that US government interference has stopped and/or failed, the statistics take their natural course again, look at the perfect graphs from calculated risk: 

New Home Sales at Record Low in February 

There were only 308 thousand (annualized of course) in February, that is only 1 new house for every 1000 US citizens... And for February alone only one new house sold for every 12 thousand US citizens...

But the weather was very bad in February, that must also have had a negative impact. The size of that negative impact is hard to estimate, I don't have a clue either.  

Item 2) In Dutch: The CIDI and international law. 

Op 11 maart plaatste ik een link en een quote van het CIDI (of beter: een quote uit een brief die mede ondertekend is door het CIDI) omtrent het al dan niet illegaal zijn van de afscheidings muren in Israel. 

Volgens de arrogante en hautaine Joodse zeurkousen zijn dat soort afscheidingsmuren niet illegaal omdat de veiligheids raad van de VN zoiets zou moeten bekrachtigen. 

Dus toen de Secretaris Generaal Ban Ki-moon afgelopen zaterdag toch vrij duidelijk stelde dat al het bouwen in de bezette gebieden illegaal is, was ik benieuwd naar de reactie van het CIDI aangezien zij 'experts' zijn in het internationaal recht. 

Als je het gemist hebt, hier is bijv een quote van de Washington Post (WP bron): 

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said Saturday during a visit to Ramallah that Israeli settlement building anywhere on occupied land is illegal. 

Commentaar: Ach gut, toen de Joodse vuilbekken in hun brief aan de PKN kerken de werking van het internationaal recht uitlegden hadden zo nooit gedacht dat wie A zegt ook B moet zeggen.
Maar nu Ban Ki-moon al het bouwen eenvoudigweg illegaal acht is er vijf volle dagen later nog geen enkele reactie van onze bijzonder geachte Joodse medeburgers...

Zoals verwacht doen ze bij het CIDI hun dagelijks werk, ipv ingaan op Ban Ki-moon plaatsen ze bijv artikelen als: 

Jongens spuiten hartjes over hakenkruizen heen 

Verhagens Midden-Oostenbeleid bekroond 

Ministers: Uitlatingen Gretta Duisenberg “verwerpelijk” 

Tja de dag dat het Midden Oosten ingericht is via de staatkundige inzichten van dhr. Maxime Verhagen zal wel een paar duizend jaar in de toekomst liggen. Want zo randdebiel als Maxime het verkoopt zie je niet vaak:
De Hamas moet geweld afzweren en Israel niet... 

Dat soort van gasten als Maxime Verhagen, wat heb je er eigenlijk aan?


Maar goed, terug naar de kern van de zaak: 

Als de VN SecGen te kennen geeft dat al het bouwen in bezette gebieden in Israel simpelweg illegaal is, dan heeft dat natuurlijk niet de status van een door de VN aangenomen resolutie.  

Maar het feit dat er vijf dagen na dato nog steeds geen enkele reactie is van pro Israel lobbies als het CIDI geeft redenen tot zorg aangaande de diepgang van hun denken.  

Eenvoudig geformuleerd: Kom eens met wat beters dan bijv dat Gretta Duisenberg gedoe en laat eens zien dat er echt valide redenen zijn om Israel niet op te heffen.

Stop met dat gemekker & give me some realpolitik that works over the decades...  

Till updates. 


(23 March 2010) One item:

Item 1) Boring for a long time already: The Israeli whiner stuff. 

 Item 1) Boring for a long time already: The Israeli whiner stuff. 

In short Israel goes like this:

Israel is the biggest mistake the United Nations has made in it's existence, it's creation was a huge mistake and now a full six decades later it is still an ongoing problem.  

My view is simple: The UN should ban Israel as a state to exist, after my humble opinion this Israel problem should be fixed there where the international law is and that is at least at the UN level. 

And not the cozy talk that Israeli pm Netanyahu right now is doing with Obama today in the White House. 


After having said that I would like to close a few tabs in my browser, so here a few links: 

Five strange 'funny' video's are in this old 11 March file (from the New York Times): 

Israeli Ad Riffs on Dubai Assassination 

USA foreign minister Hillary Clinton still don't get is that all the Israelis want is the thing known as 'natural growth' (for all or most settlements). That is the main issue, not the little detail as if Israel wants peace. (Israel does not want peace my dear Hillary). Washington Post: 

Clinton accuses Israel of hurting US credibility 

On the funny side of life (Voice of America): 

Israel Disappointed at Britain's Expulsion of Diplomat 

And the perfect whiner Netanyahu will whine in a perfect way today:

Binyamin Netanyahu defiant ahead of meeting with Barack Obama 

May be a better name for Benjamin would be Whineyamin, but anyway doesn't Whineyamin ask for the UN stuff? Quoting Whineyamin:

"Israel should be judged by the same standards applied to all nations, and allegations against Israel must be grounded in fact. 

Comment: They say that all the time but if you judge Israel it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to figure out it is basically an apartheid regime.
On the smoldering ruins of Europe six decades ago it was decided the Jews could have their country, At that point in time may be it was a wise decision, but six decades later we are basically looking at some kind of apartheid regime doing it's democratic dance.


The last link is in Dutch and therefore I also change language, sorry! In Dutch:

Het CIDI namens Joodse zeurkous Ronny Naftaniel kwam ook uit met een 'analyse' over het 'Bouwen in Jeruzalem'. Hier zijn de gedachten spinsels van de geachte heer Naftaniel, link:

CIDI-commentaar: Bouwen in Jeruzalem  

Ronny slaat de plank een klein beetje mis: toen we laatst dat media circus hadden van een 'bouwstop' afgekondigd door dhr Netanyahu werd er toch duidelijk bij vertelt:

Dat is zonder de natuurlijke groei. 

(Natuurlijke groei is de aanwas aan Joodse babies en alle infrastructuur daarvoor nodig in de bezette gebieden.) 

Al met al is Ronny Naftaniel een 100% zeurkous:

Hij wil vrede voor Israel (maar die economie leeft van oorlog en apartheid), natuurlijke groei voor Israel is volslagen normaal en die terroristen van de Hamas moeten ophouden met zo vervelend te doen. 

Kortom: Ronny Naftaniel is een lunatic. 

Tot slot nog een quote van onze Dutch Ronnie boy waarin hij Netanyahu aanhaald:

“Ons beleid voor Jeruzalem is hetzelfde als dat van alle Israelishe regeringen de afgelopen jaren. Voor ons is het bouwen in Jeruzalem hetzelfde als bouwen in Tel Aviv”. Daarmee legde de Israelische premier een claim op heel Jeruzalem, anders dan op de Westelijke Jordaanoever, waarvoor hij eerder een gedeeltelijke bouwstop afkondigde. 

Commentaar: Ja Ronny, waarom leg je niet gewoon uit dat die 'gedeeltelijk bouwstop' eigenlijk 'natuurlijke aangroei' is.
Ik bedoel, dat is toch wat er gebeurt jaar in jaar uit?
Dat vredes gemekker van jou helpt echt niet veel... 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(18 March 2010) Today only one relative technical item:

Item 1) Trying to estimate the next total debt levels in the FED Z1 release. 

 Item 1) Trying to estimate the next total debt levels in the FED Z1 release. 

Today I would like to estimate the future outcomes of the total non-financial debt levels in the USA, more particular I try to estimate Q1 for this year 2010 that will be published in about 3 months. 

To get an idea of the stuff, look at the bottom of the first column in this Federal Reserve file:  

Look at the two graphs in the 16 March update below, the line will be denoted as l(Q) and the cubic residues as c(Q).
And td(Q) stands of course for total debt levels in Quarter number Q. 

The model is the most basic linear model you can think of: 


Basically it is the same as with seasonal models and future estimates: in that case you calculate the future trend and apply the seasonal correction. In our case the trend is linear and there is no seasonal correction but a credit crisis cubic correction c(Q).

First we calculate the future trend without credit crisis, all in billions of dollars of course: 


So the linear trend would be just over 36 trillion (and still growing about 15% of GDP a year). The cubic correction (the credit crisis effect until now) would be: 


So that means the effect on total debt levels due to the credit crisis is about minus 1100 billion, there are all kinds of other effects too like small bubbles coming together only to form bigger bubbles. The overall addiction to debt is still 15% of GDP (again this is without the US financial sector). 

We fill in the numbers to get: 


Of course this is only a point estimation where in science we often prefer a confidence interval. But I am not interested in the 95 or 99% confidence thresholds but try to understand the coefficients in the cubic c(Q).  

The dog fight is between the third and second power of Q (the Quarter number, now we are in the 21th Quarter of this model). Since 21*0.759 = 15.939 > 14.559 it is trivial the cubic has entered the domain of domination. 

All in all: Since non financial sector debt still rises about 15% a year, way beyond all profit growth rates in the real economy, all the Federal Reserve can do is monetize the USA government debt. It will be politically sold as 'helping the poor' but in fact it will serve the rich. Americans, dumb as they are, will do as they are told.


As usual they will loose themselves in not relevant details, like in funny cartoons like this: 


You never see cartoons like Bernanke worshipping the Muslim 0% interest rate on loans, nor do you see funny cartoons about debt rates running above profit rates.  

Source of the cartoon:  

Déjà vu 

Till updates.


(17 March 2010) Only one item today, it is in Dutch because this update is also a judicial experiment: I crafted a joke containing the word 'cancerjew' and in this country on a rather seldom basis you get prosecuted for that.

Item 1) In Dutch: Grapjes maken over Joden, mag dat? 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Grapjes maken over Joden, mag dat? 

Vandaag probeerde ik een grap te bedenken waarin het woord 'kankerjood' voorkomt. Maar, zoals jullie wel weten, dan zijn er altijd van die zeurkousen (zoals bij het CIDI) die gaan procederen. 

Behalve dat procederen heel erg duur is kost het naast het geld vaak ook veel moeite om een goede advocaat te vinden. Daarnaast loop je het risico dat die randdebiele journalisten over je gaan schrijven en dat is een situatie die vermeden moet worden... 

Na ongeveer een half uurtje werken was de mop af, Met gepaste trots presenteer ik u de mop waar het woord 'kankerjood' in voorkomt terwijl ik geen enkel juridisch gezeik verwacht waar te nemen.

Twee Joden liggen op dezelfde zaal op de afdeling oncologie in het 
lokale hospitaal. Zegt de ene kankerjood tegen de andere:

Weet jij hoe de Israelieten de Palestijnen leren barbecuen?  

Zegt die andere kankerjood: 

Ik heb geen flauw idee hoe ze die Palestijnse geiteneuker goy leren barbecuen.

Zegt de ene: 

Ze gooien er net zo lang van die nieuwe witte forfor cluster bommen op 
tot het lekker gaat ruiken. 

Nou, ik ben benieuwd: zal hier een juridisch staartje aan hangen? Lijkt me stug... 

Tot opdatums. 


Till updates. 


(16 March 2010) Five items today:

Item 1) The latest Federal Reserve Z1 release; some debt analysis.
Item 2) Comedy: Israeli whiners keep on building.
Item 3) In Dutch: Een vraag aan die Joodse zeurkousen van het CIDI.
Item 4) Estimating US government debt as % of gross domestic product.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) The latest Federal Reserve Z1 release; some debt analysis.

Every time the Z1 release comes out we make the same analysis of total debt levels, this is the third time we take a look at this detail.

We combine government and private debt but leave out the financial sector debt (so we have most debt covered: mortgages, credit card & HELOC, business, municipal, state and federal debt).  

This debt can be found in the very first column of this source file:  

As a graph this looks like:


As you see over the last five years the total debt levels climb very much like a straight line. Based on the last five years, this total debt grows about 540 billion every Quarter or roughly 2.2 trillion a year. 

The differences between the actual number (the dots in the graph above) and the line are the residues. As long as we do this kind of simple analysis, every time we see a cubic graph fits the residu data very well.

The fact that credit is contracting (with 'contracting' the Americans mean it grows more slowly) is visible at the end:

Residu number 20 is minus 828 billion, that means that without the credit 'crisis' debt levels would be about 800 billion higher. 

Since the cubic model still stays valid in the last 9 months, it looks more and more like a valid description of what is happening over there when it comes to total debt levels.
(Of course you will never ever find graphs like this in the US financial press, I have stated before it would be better if all those financial 'journalists' would be replaced by pornstars. In that case you still have the same nonsense but at least it is a bit more pleasant to look at.) 


Just like the previous time I 'curve estimated' the residues with a linear model: that is the horizontal line. Because it runs horizontal you see that indeed all linear stuff is filtered out. 

Very likely most US economists simply don't understand what I am doing in the above two graphs. At best those folks draw some straight lines, the fact you can also look at the residues is unknown to these smart asses... 

Item 2) Comedy: Israeli whiners keep on building.

With amazement I have been watching at the USA-Israel thing in the last five days. 

Without posting any links, most of the USA reaction towards Israel boils simply down to this: 

The USA folks expect that Israel wants peace. 

This is a fundamental mistake, the Israelis only want to go on with the slow landgrab that is going on since 1967. 

I mean the Israeli pm Netanyahu simply stated in the Knesset that they were building for the last 42 years on occupied territories and that as such this will not change.

Ok ok, one link from FOX news (FOX news because most Americans understand that level of reporting):

Netanyahu: Jerusalem Building Doesn't Hurt Arabs   

Item 3) In Dutch: Een vraag aan die Joodse zeurkousen van het CIDI.

Eerst wilde ik een paar links plaatsen naar artikelen van het CIDI (= Centrum Informatie & Documentatie Israel) om de interne inconsistenties aan te wijzen.

Maar omdat dat zo makkelijk is stel ik maar een vraag aan de Joodse zeurkousen van het CIDI:


Oeps! Dat is toch wel een beetje grof grapje van mij!
Waarom zou ik zulke groffe grapjes maken mijn geachte CIDI medewerkers?
Nou, kijk mij maar in de ogen: Ik denk dat ik er wel mee weg kan komen en dat
jullie te laf zijn om te gaan procederen... 


Natuurlijk gaan jullie dat zelf anders rationaliseren, bijv niet procederen omdat dit duidelijk een gestoorde gast is. Of dat jullie zo moreel hoogstaand zijn dat jullie er niet eens op ingaan... 

Die rationalisaties boeien mij allemaal niet: er zal geen vervolging plaatsvinden.
(En dat terwijl het CIDI toch een heleboel zakken geld heeft liggen om juridische procedures te kunnen voeren.) 

Item 4) Estimating US government debt as % of gross domestic product.

A detail we sincerely miss in the USA financial press are good estimates of her government debt as compared to GDP size. 

Again we use the source file from item 1) and an estimated 4000+ billion in 'internal debt' (the stuff in the US Federal trust funds). Source:  

We see that:

Federal debt + State and local debt + Internal debt =
7805.4 + 2362.2 + 4000 = 14186 billion US$  

The latest check of the US GDP is 14,461.7 (source, if the link does not work click table 1.1.5 in this link)).  

Since I don't know the exact size of the internal debt (it's over 4000 but how much over 4000?) all we can conclude is that this year total US government debt surpasses 100% of GDP.

So by all means this will be a good year, the year of no return...  

Item 5) The empty item. 

Very boring and very empty is this long video of a CIDI conference: 

Symposium: Een veilig Israel in een vreedzaam Midden-Oosten 

More empty as this I cannot make it. 




Till updates. 


(11 March 2010) Five items:

Item 1) Comedy: 1600 new Israeli houses in Jerusalem + the sound of chickens.
Item 2) In Dutch: Maar wij hebben ook Joodse zeurkousen!
Item 3) Six years ago today: The Madrid bombings.
Item 4) Strategy shift for Europe.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) Comedy: 1600 new Israeli houses in Jerusalem + the sound of chickens. 

Yesterday a nice round of comedy came out: During a visit of the US vice president Biden some Iraeli interior minister came out with a statement saying 1600 new houses will be build in Jerusalem.

The statement is in line with what we observed earlier: The Israelis simply don't want peace because in the absence of peace treaties and the likes the slow landgrab can continue. And the ongoing landgrab is simply priority number one for the Israeli whiners...

Israeli pm Netanyahu gave a comical proof that indeed the Israelis are the best whiners on the globe (Voice of America):

Netanyahu Expresses 'Regret' About Timing of Housing Plan  

Instead of instantly firing this interrior minister, Netanyahu proved with his 'regret' that he is a highly skilled whiner (because the 1600 houses announcement were done for 'political reasons' to embarrass Netanyahu).  

After that vice prez Joe Biden did his comical act, it sounded much like a disturbed chicken (msnbc source) quote:

"Biden showed his anger by arriving 90 minutes late for dinner at the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 'I condemn the decision' by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai to build in the area of the West Bank annexed to Jerusalem by Israel, Biden said in an unusually undiplomatic statement. 

Comment: Well that is about how a chicken would behave, is unter chicken Joe Biden trying to make us believe the Israelis want peace? Come on unter chicken Joe: floss your brain and leave those bed time fairy tale stories at home... 

The next title of this Belfast Telegraph article is also funny: 

US in rare show of anger at Israeli settlements 

The USA in a show of anger at Israel? It could also be the title of a comedy on Broadway.

And in case you want to sing along with the Iraeli whiners, here is a youtube video where they sing praise to doctor Goldstein (Baruch Goldstein killed dozens of Palestinians back in 1994): 

Item 2) In Dutch: Maar wij hebben ook Joodse zeurkousen!

Maar wij hebben ook Joodse zeurkousen, één van de bekendste Joodse zeurkousen is Ronny Naftaniel. Zeurkous Ronny is directeur van het Centrum Informatie & Documentatie Israel.

Hier is hun homepage (misschien is zeurpage een betere benaming):  

En je hoeft echt geen doctoraal in de quantum mechanica te hebben om snel wat fundamenteel gezeur van die zeurkousen op te diepen.
De zeurkousen hebben een zeurbrief geschreven: 

Centraal Joods Overleg: scherpe kritiek op brief PKN-kerken aan de Israelische regering 

Man man, wat zijn die gasten goed in zeuren zeg! Hier is een quote: 

U zegt dat de ‘afscheidingsbarrière’ strijdig is met het internationaal recht en roept Israel op zich te houden aan de verschillende uitspraken van internationale gerechtshoven. Er bestaat inderdaad een advies van het Internationale Hof van Justitie die de loop van de muur illegaal acht, maar dit is, zoals u die het internationaal recht aanroept moet weten, nimmer bevestigd door de VN-Veiligheidsraad. Pas als dit gebeurt, is het advies van het Internationaal Hof bindend en is de muur formeel illegaal. Wie overigens de andere internationale gerechtshoven zijn, is ons volstrekt onbekend. 

Commentaar: Ach gut, de zeurkousen zijn van mening dat iets pas 'illegaal' als de veiligheidsraad van de Verenigde Naties dat zegt...
En ach, aangezien de USA altijd een veto erin gooit zijn dat soort afscheidings muren gewoon legaal. Zeurkousen vinden dat 'logisch'.
Nu ik mij over mijn hoofd krab; waren die concentratie kampen ook niet gewoon 'legaal' een paar deccenia terug? Ja, pas na de tweede wereld oorlog werd het illegaal verklaard...


Item 3) Six years ago today: The Madrid bombings.

Already six years ago, those Madrid bombings before the elections.

It is a pity I have lost that letter I wrote to al Qaida International a few months before the Madrid bombings. Following the rules for perfect marketing, I announced about one week before publication a letter would be there.

In the letter I discussed a number of items related to attacks in Europe, in particular I expressed lack of insight in what exactly would happen if attacks would be there just before an election.

A few days after publication of the letter, in the USA terror threat levels were raised because of a rise in so called 'chatter'. (In those days it was possible to make the USA on high alert with only some chatter increases, these days this is no long possible.)    

Anyway a few months later, on 11 March 2004, there were the Madrid bombings and huge shifts in voter patterns were observed. The opposition won the elections and they withdrew from Iraq (that was not bowing for terror but simple what the Spanish opposition had promised already to do, the significant detail is that without the bombings the opposition would likely have lost the elections).

Wikipedia file on the Madrid bombings:

2004 Madrid train bombings  

Item 4) Strategy shift for Europe.

Ok, I have done my thinking and decided it is reasonable to withdraw this Dutch nation from the top of the list of allowed countries to attack.

The original reason for posting my own home country so high was that Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (the previous political NATO leader was a Dutch guy) did next to nothing when it came to air power use in Iraq & Afghanistan.
Don't forget the casualties done by Western air forces is a huge multiple of the 191 killed in the Madrid attack.  

Now the Dutch government has fallen over the continuation of the mission in Afghanistan. De facto this means the Dutch armed forces will come back from Afghanistan. 

So this does not resolve my original reason (air power use) but at the same time it is not reasonable to strike here in the Dutch landscape when they will withdraw from Afghanistan. 

So the Dutch have a lucky day today... 

Item 5) The empty item. 

Empty wallets & empty government coffers: US monthly Feb deficit only 221 billion US$ (that is over 700 $ for every US citizen for Feb 2010 only): 

Record monthly deficit for U.S.: $221 billion 





Till updates. 


(07 March 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) Links and some bla bla from me. 

 Item 1) Links and some bla bla from me. 

If you are desperate in understanding how the heat flows, you should check out the next link (I think it is a good file for understanding the math of heat flow).   

Heat equation 

Another math link around the minimal number of (linear) observations you need is found in (it does not look important but it is a nice read):  

Near Optimal Signal Recovery From Random Projections And Universal Encoding Strategies 

If you mix math with the present economical situation you often can't stop laughing.
The highly praised Robert J. Shiller has a brilliant solution: Turning debt into equity! (That means if you can't pay the debt on, lets say, you house. In that case you can live in the house while the bank owns it (the equity part is transferred to the bank...)

Don't stop laughing when you carry 50+ trillion in debt:

Engineering Financial Stability  

In Iceland was a referendum about paying back the UK and my home country. About 90+ % of Icelanders rejected the stuff. We are talking about a payment per month of about 100$ (I did not check the calculations!!!) a month.
Complain is also the 5.5 % interest rate is too high... (Sky News reporting): 

Iceland Rejects Icesave Bank Payback Plan  

Present USA Federal deficit now stands at about 1.5 trillion US$ for this year, since there are about 300 million Americans this is 

1.500.000.000.000 / 300.000.000 = 5000 dollars a year per capita citizen. 

Or about 5000 / 12 = 400+ bucks a month. These 400 bucks are there for every month for every US citizen. Who says they don't suck?

WP says: 

National debt to be higher than White House forecast, CBO says 

Is the American spokesman to al Qaida international really arrested? Who knows?
CNN link: 

American al Qaeda spokesman arrested in Pakistan, official says 

Not often I agree with US military grassroot folks, but I simply hate stupid stuff like that 'Hurt Locker' movie. WP reports:

Some Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans criticize movie 'Hurt Locker' as inaccurate  

The Red Cross condemns the use of improvised explosives in Afghanistan, what master does the Red Cross serve?
Do they want precision artillery also on the Taliban side so they can make better strikes?
Or does the Red Cross call make more sense in an environment where daily air power kilo's are shifting.

Who knows? (Look at the perfect propaganda photo in the next link.)

Red Cross Condemns Use of Improvised Mines in Southern Afghanistan 

Today we also had elections in Iraq. Since this is only the second major election where I don't ask beforehand to stage no attacks, it was an interesting day. 

On the television some US generals compared it to the 2005 elections with over 200+ registered attacks. My brain simply refused to go back to 2005, doesn't that may be have anything to do with the Fallujah Raidings? 

Obama keeps troop withdrawal plan after Iraq poll 

Oh oh, the Fallujah raidings... It is now the year 2010 and on YouTube you can find stuff like:

Raid of Fallujah Gameplay (Part 1 of 4) 

Gameplay... What a world we live in. 

Till updates. 


(05 March 2010) Two items today:

Item 1) Am I that smart or is the financial press that stupid?
Item 2) The things Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell left out. 

 Item 1) Am I that smart or is the financial press that stupid?

The Dutch football trainer Louis van Gaal once famously asked at a press conference:

Am I that smart or is it that you journalists are that stupid?  

Of course the combined sport journalists, weasels as they are, did not answer the question.  

Today I feel the same about the financial press: The whole week they are telling us that 'very important' information about the US labor market will come out and what do they do? Without any criticism they hug the latest fantasies out there, may be it is better if all those 'professional' financial journalists are replaced by pornstars...
If replaced you get the same kind of nonsense (my anal caves are unemployed) but at least you have something pleasant to watch.

What is the case?

Last month the revisions for 2009 came out, here is a link:  

The revisions have a lot to do with the so called 'Birth/Death model' that simply says that lost jobs are often replaced at other companies, in a normal economical environment this makes a lot of sense. (If one American cookie company closes, labor at other cookie companies increases because cookie demand stays the same.) 

On average for 2009, nonfarm payrolls are too rosy by about 50 thousand a month.
Here is a screenshot of the revisions:


And what did the financial press do today? 

They were dancing on the table because of the 'positive news' of only 36 thousand job losses in the NFP numbers! 

Beside this also this week it was reported that US labor productivity has increased by 6%. So it is almost inevitable job losses will continue to mount for a long time.

Sometimes I wonder how these financial journo's get their jobs, rather likely they have to make some IQ test and only if the IQ test falls below 100 they get hired. 

Again: Am I that smart or are they that stupid? 


Further reading:  

(The Birth/Death model for Feb 2010 reads + 97 thousand so rather likely in Feb 2011 our 'positive news' of today (the 36 thousand jobs lost) will be revised downwards.)

Item 2) The things Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell left out. 

One of the best things to understand how a shitty nation the USA is, you should study and laugh and laugh and laugh their healthcare system.

A few days US prez Barack Obama succesfully mada a fool of himself with those 'doctors' behind him when he was delivering one of his wonderful bla bla things.
(I don't know if these are real doctors or that they are hired from a model agency.)   


(The US healthcare is like their economy: Far too expensive and lousy quality!
It is pretty normal you have to pay 1400 dollar a month for health insurance for a family of four, if you need the hospital it is often found out a lot of things are not covered...) 

The leader of the Grand Old Party had this to say, quote:

The Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is rebutting the assertions President Obama made in his remarks.
“In discussing where he is, he left out a few things,” Mr. McConnell began.

And he offered a list of omissions: tax increases; cuts in Medicare; a huge increase in government spending.  

Obama’s Remarks on Health Care  

Comment: Now this Mitch McConnel thingeling is also leaving a lot of stuff out; the Medicare trust fund is filled with something like 2000 billion dollar in debt.
Last year, ha ha ha, this trust fund received about 120 billion in interest on the money they borrowed the US Treasury. 

Ha ha ha; the interest only should normally give rise to an extra % of deficit (in GDP percent of course).

You keep on laughing with those American idiots: it is fantasy land all over the place & their financial 'journalists' portray it like it is not a fantasy but rock hard reality...  

Till updates.


(02 March 2010) Today I felt like hefty attacking a local website from the CIDI (= Center of Information and Documents on Israel, the CIDI folks are pro Israel whiners).

But I did not do that because later I found art files at the US Air Force home page...

And because I could learn something from my dearest of enemies I decided not to go into a rant on the local level but only observe and look at some USAF art...

Therefore we have only one item today: 

Item 1) The art of the US Air Force! 

 Item 1) The art of the US Air Force! 

First the judicial details for courthouses & the likes:

The US Air Force makes it abundantly clear in their art files that the art works are copyright protected. The images are only available to members of the armed forces and military organizations.  

Luckily I am an entire 'military organization' on my own so as far as the 'availability information' of the USAF is correct, there is nothing in international law that forbids me to use a few screenshots. 

(And, after all, the USA does not want a nice presentation of the Iraqi zero-one project via a Power Point presentation in a Western courthouse.)  

But lets not hang into the beauty of the zero-one thing, today it is 2010 and we can study the things that the USA air forces consider to be 'art' (because that exposes a lot of internal thinking and ideals of thinking). 




Most stuff used came from:  

Well, lets call it a day. Till updates. 


(28 Feb 2010, updated 01 March) Only one funny item: 

Item 1) Right now: Amanpour asking questions to Ehud Barak. 

 Item 1) Right now: Amanpour asking questions to Ehud Barak. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not 'pro CNN' or 'anti Barak' or 'anti Netanyahu'. 

Yet on my television there is right now an interview with CNN reporter Amanpour with the Israeli Barak. 

Right now I am looking and hearing the response of mister Barak to the so called Goldstone report, I get bored and I pull the plug so I don't hear the Barak guy any longer.  

Yet Barak was also rather funny: Barak refused to answer some simple questions about the killing of some (top) Hamas operative. That made me scratch my head: Didn't we observe in the past guys like Donald Rumsfeld stating:

'Absence of proof does not mean proof of absence'?

Well lets not dwell in the past and look at the clean cut future:   


A few hours after I published my second army to chase (that's the IDF), they started war against Palestines resulting in stuff like the Goldstone report.

I am not doing difficult: The IDF selected herself with those deeds.

I am not doing difficult: What part in the next quote don't guys like Netanyahu & Barak not understand:

After I am through with the Pentagon, I will turn to you. 

Please tell me where my math eye is wrong. (While in the meantime I would like one of those Israeli hit teams on my ass very much, yeah I would like that!) 


Oh oh oh, lets stop this update before the Israeli whiners have their usual threshold taken... And start bombing another country for no reason at all...

Till updates.

Update from 01 March:

From CNN we have this file:

Dubai police chief: Mossad should be 'ashamed' over Hamas killing  

The Dubai police top is now convinced that the killing emerged from Israel, here are the 26 suspects until now: 


From that I made a nice flag for the Israeli whiners, lets hope the whiners don't sue me because of copyright infringement... 


Man oh man, whining as your fundamental attitude; Israel is a strange nation.
The six small flags represent (of course) the six million killed in the holocaust (actually 5 million is a more accurate number but lets not repeat that old discussion). 

Lets compare Israel to Russia; the Russians had about 20 million dead because of World War II. Have you ever heard the Russians whining about that?
No, you never hear the Russians whine. 

So why are the Israelis whining 24/7? 

I don't know, may be it is in their genes or something in their religion. Who knows?


In an unrelated thing, the Haaretz is reporting the Israeli war crimes as reported in the Goldstone report will never make it to the International Criminal Court at the Hague (the USA slime bags will likely prevent that):

'Goldstone Gaza claims will not reach war crimes court' 

Till updates. 


(26 Feb 2010) A boring financial item about USA bank reserves:

Item 1) Really true: The real reserves of USA banks are 966.726 billion US$. 

 Item 1) Really true: The real reserves of USA banks are 966.726 billion US$. 

It has to be admitted; I didn't check the US Federal Reserve so called H3 release for a long time. The H3 release is highly interesting because it shows a column under the strange name 'Nonborrowed reserves'. 

Beside borrowed reserves, banks also have 'Nonborrowed reserves', is it strange to jump to the conclusion these are (or were) the real reserves of a bank? 

In Oct 2001 all combined nonborrowed reserves of the USA depository institutions (read banks) were 45.278 billion.

Before the credit crises it was 42.815 billion in Nov 2007. After that the nonborrowed reserves became negative (lots of people became worried so the Federal Reserve responded that this was only a elementary accountancy thing). 

The last reading is a healthy 966.726 billion in real reserves, that is over 20 times the average over 2001 through 2007... 

May be you need to scroll around in the source file a little bit, in the second column you can find the nonborrowed reserves:   

The implications are stunning (even to me):

--This means that most of the stuff that was accepted as 'collateral' is indeed garbage and will never ever leave the balance sheets of the Federal Reserve.  

--If via the needed 'elementary accountancy things' you observe a staggering 966.726 billion in real reserves while (see the fifth column in the above link) only 62.856 as 'required' is needed, there is some 'accountancy mismatch'. (Why hold 15 times the required reserves?)

--And so on and so on. 

Why the UK & USA financial press are so obsessed with Greece is unknown to me, just repost this boring looking link once more: 

And my dear UK & USA financial press corpse: Why don't you answer the question:   

Why do US depository institutions hold up 15 times the required amount of reserves? 

End of this boring financial item, till updates.

Update: Here you see the tail of the nonborrowed reserves since Oct 2001:


Till updates. 


(22 Feb 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) The beauty of one thousand... (This in the Afghan equation.) 

 Item 1) The beauty of one thousand... (This in the Afghan equation.)

Ok since I am still on a course of downsizing the application of air power I would like the USAF to give my compliments. Good job you did lately! 

On this update of the beauty of one thousand, lets keep it simple: 


Lets keep it simple: I never expected to make nice screenshots like the below... 

Wow wow wow, wanna bet the 1000 threshold will be very weak when it comes to rigid US readings?

Till updates.


(20 Feb 2010) Two items:

Item 1) For Israel, some jokes come and some jokes go.
Item 2) The Americans still poking fun at Greece, why do they do this?  

 Item 1) For Israel, some jokes come and some jokes go.

This is funny: the Israeli embassy in the UK withdraws the 'Dubai tennis hit' joke!

See Israeli Embassy Deletes Joke About Dubai ‘Hit’ From Twitter for more of the fun. 

And now there is one joke less in the world, I decided to make 3 jokes myself in order to make sure this world will not run out of jokes!

So here we go:

Joke 1: 

Question: How do you get 50 of those whining Israelis on the backseat of your car? 

Answer: You lay a 50 cent coin on the backseat. 


Joke 2: 

Question: How can you ensure the Israelis will win all gold medals in athletics during the Olympic games in London? 

Answer: You chase them while you wear one of those Adolf Hitler carnaval masks. 


Joke 3:

Question: How can you easily shock the entire nation of Israeli whiners? 

Answer: You put up an advertisement in the Jerusalem Post stating 'One free violin for every ton of Zyclon B you buy'.


Ok lets stop printing jokes before I get a hit team like that after my own holy ass...;) 


Item 2) The Americans still poking fun at Greece, why do they do this?  

It keeps on weird how the Americans view the Greece crisis, constantly they view this as if it was organized like the US dollar. Ok, we in Europe don't have some Euro wide rigid tax policy. That fine by me; local tax needs need to be paid locally.

And what good has that 'uniform & nation wide' policies brought the USA?  

They have Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae that bring 'cheap mortgages' nationwide to 'qualified loaners'. 

They have Medicare and those other weird Federal trust funds, only 4000+ billion in not public traded debt. The interest alone on the internal debt gives a few % extra at the official Federal deficit rate compared to the GDP... (The USA runs very similar to Greece when it comes to Federal deficits compared to GDP.)

Why are the Americans doing so difficult upon Greece?

I don't get it.

Judge for yourself in for example the next Bloomberg file:

Euro’s Unity Bid Hits Fine Print in Greek Debt Drama    

Till updates. 


(19 Feb 2010) Five items:

Item 1) USA student loans: only 40% of loans are paid back properly.
Item 2) Don't make me laugh: USA raising overnight rates too?
Item 3) The strange case of the Hamas member Mahmud al-Mabhuh killed.
Item 4) IAEA says Iran is making nuclear detonators...
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) USA student loans: only 40% of loans are paid back properly.

A nice statistical detail was found: only 40% of student loans are paid properly. I don't know if it's true, but if it is true it shines a nice light on the problems the debt huggers have. Quoting the fun:

There is an estimated $730 billion in outstanding federal and private student-loan debt, says Mark Kantrowitz of, a Web site that tracks financial-aid issues -- and only 40% of that debt is actively being repaid. The rest is in default, or in deferment, which means that payments and interest are halted, or in "forbearance," which means payments are halted while interest accrues.  


The $555,000 Student-Loan Burden 

(The story is from the Wall Street Journal featuring a medical chick with only 555 thousand in student loan debt.) 

 Item 2) Don't make me laugh: USA raising overnight rates too?

Yesterday the American Federal Reserve surprised friend and foe with a 25 basis points hike. On inspection it is only a hike at the discount window (or so called emergency loans). 

Suppose what would happen if they would raise the overnight loan rates (remark overnight loan rates are the lowest in the world, all other rates are higher)?

Well remember that fool Alan Greenspan? He raised 25 basis points a month from 1% to 5.25%. A short time later the whole debt hugging thing came crushing down.  

That has been some expensive 5.25% level...

If the link also works on your computer, you can see the last 10 years of 'effective federal funds rate':   


Item 3) The strange case of the Hamas member Mahmud al-Mabhuh killed.

This story stands with head and shoulders above all other news because it is so utterly strange:

A group of 18 Israeli whiners killed a Hamas member in Dubai, they used European passports (may be fake passports or identity theft crafted passports). Among the group were also two female Israeli whiners...  

There was even video footage of some of the whiners while they were in the hotel where the Hamas member was killed. By all means this is a weird story, most of all it is strange that the whiners thought this would not make the news. (May be in Western nations killings like that don't make the news, but this was in Dubai.)

With bizarre things you fast observe bizarre theories, for example a guy named Tom Gross is looking into the possibility that the poor Israeli whiners are the victim of a set up:

Tom Gross: A death in Dubai. Quoting his outlandish theory:

* There seems a very real possibility that Israel is being set up. Airlines keep detailed passenger records these days and anyone could have got the flight manifestos of British and other passport holders who have flown to Israel in the past and then used these names in a deliberate attempt to point the finger of blame at Israel.

Comment: Only for folks with a strong pro Israel bias the above quote is 'logical'.   

The Independent reports:
Foreign Office denies knowing about Hamas plot 

The Guardian reports along the same lines:
Britain denies advance knowledge of Dubai killing  

Most viewed (in the last 24 hours) on the Guardian was: 
The truth about the Mossad 

One India reports that Dubai police is asking help from Interpol:
Dubai police call on Interpol to help arrest Mossad head for Hamas commander murder 

One Register more on Interpol:
Interpol issues arrest warrant for fake passport hit team 

From down under the Sidney Morning Herald throws in a coin:
A Mossad hit backfires on Netanyahu … again 

Of course the Israelis, natural born whiners as they are, think it's ridiculous their Mossad heroic leader is arrested. Agency France Press:
Israel shrugs off calls for arrest of top spy 

More weird news from Ynet:
Twitter account of Israel's UK Embassy says tennis player hit Dubai target  

And if you haven't read enough bizarre stuff, here is link number 10 from The Australian:
My life as a very secret agent for Mossad  

As a local saying goes: this mouse will have a tail... (That means of course: this story will have some follow up.)

And, mark my words, the fundamental whiners from the Israeli landscape now have something new to whine about:
Why are European nations suddenly anti Semites?
The art of whining about all & everything is something the Israelis have turned into pure perfection...

Item 4) IAEA says Iran is making nuclear detonators...

On the television there is constantly that news that Iran is trying to make nuclear detonators and/or weapons grade uranium. The television folks say it comes from a report from yesterday from the new IAEA director Yukiya Amano.

May be it is some confidential 10 page report, on the home page of the IAEA there is nothing found (try to find it for yourself):  

Of course instantly you have all these agitators spinning their stuff around, for example, quote:

Now that Mr ElBaradei is no longer with the IAEA, we are receiving a more sober assessment of what the Iranians are really up to. Its new report on Iran unequivocally accuses of Iran of carrying out work to build a nuclear bomb. Specifically it says that Tehran has now processed enough enriched uranium to make a bomb. 

Source: With Mohamed ElBaradei out of the way, the truth can now be revealed about Iran's nuclear weapon programme

Comment: The author of the article offers no link to the IAEA source, only jumps instantly to weird conclusions. In my view this is just another piece of shitty journalism like we observed so often. (Remember the centrifuge pipes from Iraq? If you cannot centrifuge your laundry in it, you cannot use it for making enriched uranium. Yet year in year out you had that hysterical stuff that Iraq was on the edge of a nuclear bomb.) Stupidity rules! 


Reuters reports it is indeed a classified report, quote:

The IAEA on Thursday made public its concerns over a classified analysis which concludes that Iran already has explosives expertise relevant to a workable nuclear weapon. 

Source: Russia "very alarmed" at Iranian nuclear stance 

Years ago I arrived at the conclusion that it was highly unlikely the Iranians would try to build a nuclear bomb, so it would be strange if I would be wrong so many years. (Not that I can't be wrong but for the time being I consider stuff like this to be crap.)


This is what the Israeli whiners make of it (of course they too have not seen the classified analysis but they pop up some Ali who has seen it), Jerusalem Post:

Khamenei: Iran not seeking bomb 


CNN seems to have a draft version of the report, it still does not have the approval of the IAEA board of governors so may be that explains the classification problems.
See the second paragraph of this CNN link:

Contain Iran, don't attack it  

Item 5) The empty item. 




Till updates. 


(18 Feb 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) Where has the biological sniper bullet gone? 

 Item 1) Where has the biological sniper bullet gone?

Ok ok I will admit the title of this item is a bit over the top...

And I feel like writing a few thousand words or post a few hundred links...  

But I won't do that, I will only post a funny New York Times file with the title:

Snipers Imperil U.S.-Led Forces in Afghan Offensive 

That's it, only one link & where the biological sniper bullet has gone is just everybody's guess I just guess.    

Till updates my beloved reader. 


(15 Feb 2010) Only one item:

Item 1) CENTAF daily airpower summary. 

Item 1) CENTAF daily airpower summary.  

Wow wow wow, a few times I heard that this Operation 'together' in Afghanistan is without the use of air power... 

Since I would like that for a couple of years, you won't hear me complain about small artillery faults like the 12 killed civilians from yesterday.

So after a few years since the last time I hang out over there, I started at the Central Air Force home page:

U. S. Air Forces Central 

And just a few clicks later you have the latest so called 'daily air power summary'.
The latest I could find was from four days back: 

Airpower Summary: Feb. 11 

Just a quote from the latest summary:

U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator operators provided armed overwatch for friendly forces. The operators observed enemy forces behind a wall firing on friendly forces. Operators eliminated the threat to friendly forces with a missile.   

Comment: No comment, it is from four days ago and why comment on old things that don't work anyway? 

Till updates. 


(13 Feb 2010) Five items:

Item 1) Afghanistan: Operation 'together' has started.
Item 2) The debt huggers from Greece: It is getting boring.
Item 3) Ok, now I've seen it too: Avatar, the movie.
Item 4) Links + the usual bla bla.
Item 5) The empty item.

 Item 1) Afghanistan: Operation 'together' has started.

Finally, after all that marketing, the first large scale attacks have been observed. I don't know where I read it but the name of the latest offenses seems to be the unlikely name 'Operation Together' where 'together' was in the word in some Afghan language... 

Where have names like Operation Rat Trap gone? (Afterwards a party in Camp Victory of course.) 

Lets see how the operation in Marjah & surroundings evolve and if indeed this will make clear to all Afghanis that the Americans are only your best friends... 

Further reading (Reuters):

NATO launches major Afghanistan offensive

Luckily the Washington Post has more news, good news this time (because it is unrelated to the Marjah operations): 

Bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, NATO says  

Item 2) The debt huggers from Greece: It is getting boring.

With amazement I am watching these UK and USA based intellectuals explaining the € will fade away into insignificance.

So much weird stuff has been observed, like there is no common fiscal policy in Europe and that now we have that Greece stuff it is 'logical' the € will blow up...  

Wow man, all these years I pay with a coin that I thought was good simply because local economies can have different tax regimes. And so local economies can de the tax thing that is best for that local economy... (California would scream for such a local tax power thing.)

What the UK and USA debt huggers miss is that the € was never created to get some fiscal uniformity, the main goal is and was to bring good cost cutting to companies (who now don't need to worry about a 16 by 16 matrix of local currencies) and consumers (for example cheaper holidays now you don't pay the rates on money swaps going from the one country to the next).

And what this all makes so boring: 

When you look at the numbers, all info I have is that the USA debt fun is very similar to the Greece debt fun. (Ok it could be the total debt in the sense of public + private debt relative to GDP is higher in Greece compared to the USA, yet for the USA it is only waiting until total debt levels have reached 750% of GDP.)

What most people in those debt hugging countries forget:

The interest you have to pay on debt = The only gravity you have.  

Item 3) Ok, now I've seen it too: Avatar, the movie.

Ok ok, today I too did see the Avatar movie in three dimensions. Ok it is not real 3D because you have to wear those glasses for the 3D thing. (You cannot click on a pixel and view the movie from that pixel.) 

Of course when viewing a scific movie (or read a book) you have to abide and agree with the internal logic of that particular movie or book. 

From that point of view the movie was perfect, just hear those helicopter sounds: it has per engine two blades running against each other giving us just the good 'Vietnam sound' but they are running them from helicopters with at least four engines...  

The only problem: When two different interstellar biotopes meet, most of the time the MAD doctrine is found: MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction.

Long before the end of the movie, the very first entrance of humans would have destroyed the entire planet biosphere, leaving no room for a war between good and evil. 

Item 4) Links + the usual bla bla.

From a few days back an old link stating the US dollar has won 3% since 1975 when you look it at a 'trade weighted' basis.

Weak Dollar Illusory as Correlated Trade Shows Gain  

Very funny is to know that the USA so called NFP (that's the Non Farm Payrolls) had a nice yearlong correction. On average every month NFP job loss numbers are reported 51 thousand too low, this year it looks like the same. Just look at those nice numbers in table A:

Employment Situation Summary 


Updated Sunday 14 Feb:

Do you know what the USA Federal 'pay as you go' programs are?
That means whatever your future financial obligations are, you will never park any reserves for it now. The weirdo's think it lowers the deficit (that is true; it is pumped from the public traded debt to the internal debt).

Obama Touts Return of 'Paygo' 

Wiki has a handy file about the latest operations in Afghanistan, that Operation 'together' seems to be Operation Moshtarak: 

Operation Moshtarak

And the Palestinians have seen the Avatar movie too (contains interesting YouTube video):

WEST BANK: Palestinian activists take 'Avatar' analogy to heart  

That's it, till updates beside the empty item. 

Item 5) The empty item.

I am so sorry this item is like the vacuum of space, but it stays empty because you have a brain of yourselves... 

Ok, one empty link more for the road:   


Till updates. 


(08 Feb 2010) Two items:

Item 1) The Goldstone report on the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip to the UN.
Item 2) Still all that fuzz on European debt, I still don't know why... 

 Item 1) The Goldstone report on the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip to the UN.

This week or, if memory serves, tomorrow the Goldstone report will be presented to the United Nations. To be honest I did not read the 400+ pages report nor did I track it via the media.
I didn't feel like getting frustrated again and again, as you might know I am in favor of closing the Israeli experiment down because it has failed in all ways possible.
You simply can't have a nation that needs war every two or three years with one of it's neighbors. In practice this would mean the United Nations bans Israel as a state to exist.

Lots of people argue that the brave Israelis only fight terror, they forget there is plenty of scientific stuff on terror. The most important causes are:

1) Military imbalance (standard example is Israel) and/or
2) Political change (for example Iraq).   

So with her behavior and with her military superiority Israel first breeds terror, after that 'fights terror' for a few decades while in the meantime they whine and whine about the evil outside world. 

That's not much of a viable state if you ask me.

Anyway here is the entire Goldstone report (a pdf of course):  

Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict 

A long list of links related to it:

United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict   

Needless to say the Israeli whiners consider this report a piece of crap (from the Jerusalem Post):

'Goldstone report is deceitful' 

And to understand the nature or the thoughts of the Americans, the US Rep. Gary Ackerman has the sheer übermensch insight, quote:

"I would contend that on any given month during the war in Iraq and the war in Afgahnistan and Pakistan, in one month probably more innocent civilians are killed by American troops - unintended consequences - than in the whole Gaza incursion. 

Comment: That is distasteful talk, nobody forced the USA to enter military in Iraq without having any kind of plan after what to do next. I don't think that the damage done by that are only 'unintended consequences', so if it's not unintended, what is it?
You can choose from:

1) Horribly stupid, or
2) Pure evil, or
3) A CIA scenario for crippling Iraq for a few decades. 

The source of the above quote and a video of US Rep. Gary Ackerman are in the next link (from The Observer):

Ackerman: Goldstone Standard Could be Trouble for U.S.  

Item 2) Still all that fuzz on European debt, I still don't know why... 

Ok I will not batagalize it, some Southern European countries have some debt troubles on the government level. Why all the fuzz, easily one or more years it could be foreseen the debt huggers will meet the man with the hammer.  

So why all this weird and crazy stuff about a strong dollar and the USA not loosing her Aaa rating? (Such ratings are done by commercial US rating companies.) 

In the last weeks I observed that total direct debt levels in the USA are 400% of GDP, contradicting the McKinsy report of 'just under 300%'.
Furthermore the giant bond fund Pimco came out with other nonsense: in their Ring of Fire report they just 'forgot' the internal USA debt. So in the 'Ring of Fire' the USA nicely runs along with Greece. 

All you see is nonsense like in: 

Geithner on Defense Of U.S. Bond Rating 

And this while we also observed the USA needs about 60 more borrowed dollars to generate on average about one more dollar in profits. (That means about 6 more borrowed dollars for every extra GDP dollar). 

Only a fool can't understand the simple math behind debt growth; a lot of those 6 dollars go to consumption while future tax returns can't pay for it.

Till updates.  


(03 Feb 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Are the US marines in Afghanistan getting frustrated?
Item 2) Boring links on financial stuff and so. 

 Item 1) Are the US marines in Afghanistan getting frustrated?

We are now only 3 days in the month of February and there are already 11 military coalition slime killed! And that's a good thing.

Even in Pakistan US slime got killed via the method of roadside bomb, that's a good thing too but it came with the prize of schoolkids killed and that was not good.

I did not keep extensive statistics but all in all it looks like terror attacks in Pakistan are down. Of course I don't have a clue why suddenly there are only zero attacks on food market places & the likes.
All I know this is a big blow to those US war agitators that simply need a high level of terror attacks in order to keep on top with their weapon programs. 

But lets get to the kernel of this item: Are the US marines getting frustrated?
A media file says it could be so:

US casualties in Afghanistan sow seeds of anger 

Quoting the stuff of interest:

He too is frustrated, accusing the Taliban of manipulating the rules of engagement by using women and children as shields and shooting from hidden positions before dropping their weapons and standing out in the open.

"They know we can't shoot them if they don't carry guns or without positive identification. They are fighting us at another level now," MacLean said. 

Comment: Wow the Afghanis are manipulating the rules of engagement while the US military is manipulating the rules of the original Geneva convention for making war for about a year or 8...
And we all know that the hidden use of drones is not some kind of treacherous attack, manned air power is also of the highest degree in bravery while precision long distance artillery has always been a hallmark of brave fighters...   

After my humble opinion all those frustrated US marines should apply for an Israeli citizenship; they will feel a home welcome like never before:

Being along other whiners 24/7!

Wouldn't that be the perfect match? Whiners from the US military going to Israel to whine among those who made perfection from whining? 

 Item 2) Boring links on financial stuff and so. 

In the previous update I explained that on the Federal level, the USA needs to borrow about 60 dollars now to get only only dollar in profits on the GDP measure.
That was based on a 300+ billion in Federal borrowed money.
Last joke says they need 400 billion a quarter:  

Treasury Dept. projects $392B in 1Q borrowing 

Lately the USA came out with a projected deficit of only 1.6 trillion for this fiscal year, the most stupid reaction as I found it has to be from the New York based Bank of Mellon, quoting:


"A projected budget deficit of around one and a half trillion was around what was expected, maybe a little higher, but the market is not reacting to this. In terms of the dollar reaction, given risk aversion is on the table anyway, this counteracts what Obama is saying because risk aversion makes ownership of U.S. government paper more attractive."  

Comment: Seldom you see it as stupid as this. Announcing a 1.6 trillion in shortcomings makes it only more attractive... 

If you need a good laugh, look at the 'Projected Federal deficits' in the next link:

Wealthy Face Tax Increase   

In case you still don't understand that now we have this fiat money system, where is all that positive news coming from? It streams from our fiat money printers, even the IMF thinks commodities rebounded a little bit weird:

IMF says commodity prices buoyant in year of crisis and recovery   

Not have enough? Why not enjoy the insight of Garry Kasparov upon chess computing:

The Chess Master and the Computer 

For the fifth link the internet behaved as expected, empty = empty:  

Till updates. 


(29 Jan 2010) Two items:

Item 1) USA gross domestic product at +5.7%! Lets check the numbers.
Item 2) A small correction on the Bill Gross Ring of Fire. 

 Item 1) USA gross domestic product at +5.7%! Lets check the numbers.

As usual lots of people are dancing on the table because of super strong economical growth in the USA! 

Well I cannot get to the tables I mostly use (they are being updated right now) so lets quote a bit from the news release from the Bureau of Economical Analysis:

Current-dollar GDP

Current-dollar GDP -- the market value of the nation's output of goods and services -- increased 6.4 percent, or $221.3 billion, in the fourth quarter to a level of $14,463.4 billion. In the third quarter, current-dollar GDP increased 2.6 percent, or $90.9 billion.  


You observe a $221.3 billion growth, but this is an annualized number and going from the third to the fourth quarter it is only one fourth of that. Say 55 billion.
The average profits in the USA economy are just under 10% of GDP so this leads to the conclusion that profits climbed about 5.5 billion US bucks...

In the meantime the Federal government needs to borrow far over 300 billion every quarter to make this miracle happening... 

All this borrowed money needs to be paid back via taxes on these profits, we can jump to the conclusion that every extra dollar in profits needs about 60 dollars in extra borrowing... 

(Ok the 55 billion in extra GDP also gives some tax return, but the marginal borrowing costs of 1 extra profit dollar from the GDP are a huge 60.) 

You really don't need a university degree in math to understand the Federal debt cannot be paid via taxes. 

Item 2) A small correction on the Bill Gross Ring of Fire. 

Exactly 10 days ago in the 19 Jan update we calculated that according to the Federal Reserve Z1 release the USA has 355% of GDP in total debt levels.

That is without the so called 'internal debt' the US government has upon herself in all those weird Federal trust funds, lets say for simplicity the internal debt is 4 trillion or 4000 billion US$.

Ten days ago I informed you that the McKinsey report was a crap report because it estimates total debt levels in the USA as just under 300% of GDP.

Today I want to look at that giant bond fund named Pimco, at Pimco they always try to give a cleaver impression. A guy named Bill Gross is one of the leading folks at Pimco, in his latest Investment Outlook he also neglects the internal debt of the USA government.  

So I felt the freedom to correct a graphic he used, as you see in the correction the USA debt levels are very similar to those of Greece... 

Wow, Greece? But Greece was recently downgraded by those commercial ratings companies from the USA! And the commercial rating companies did nothing about that fake AAA rating from the USA.

What a miracle world we live in... 



Pimco's Bill Gross Investment Outlook (The Ring of Fire) 

As far as I know reality, Greece does not have 'internal debt'. So in the media you can have all that nonsense about Greece and a weak Euro because of that, in reality the USA is very similar to Greece.

There is only one difference: Greece is only about 3% of European output while, ha ha ha, the USA is about 100% of USA output.

Till updates.


(26 Jan 2010) Two items today:

Item 1) The Hammer & Anvil strategy for Afghanistan gone?
Item 2) Oh Wall Street, we are so sorry... 

 Item 1) The Hammer & Anvil strategy for Afghanistan gone?

May be you remember that the Obama surge in US military (and other NATO forces) was sold via some 'Hammer & Anvil' comparison.
The US military surge was (as usual) the hammering part, Pakistan was supposed the be the Anvil for the evil hammered out by the US military. 

Ok, how is the stuff going?

In the next quote I have placed some emphasis myself (capital letters in red), quote:

WASHINGTON — The Pakistani Army’s announcement last week that it planned no new offensive against militants for as long as a year has DEEPLY FRUSTRATED senior American military officers, and chipped away at one of the cornerstones of President Obama’s strategy to reverse the Taliban’s gains in Afghanistan and Pakistan.   


Pakistan’s Rebuff Over New Offensives Rankles U.S.   

Comment: How comes I am not deeply frustrated but smiling ear to ear? 

Item 2) Oh Wall Street, we are so sorry... 

Most of the time they are a bit boring at Yahoo finance, but the next is a funny read: 

Dear Wall Street: We're Sorry 

That's it. 

Till updates. 


(24 Jan 2010) Only one item.

Item 1) Robert Gates: Honorable US SecDef or strange creature? 

 Item 1) Robert Gates: Honorable US SecDef or strange creature?

Last week the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Pakistan & India and one of the first things that popped up in the media is that according to Robert Gates it is the intention of al Qaida to lure India and Pakistan into a war... 

At first, when I read it last week, I didn't feel like commenting on stuff like that (luring two nuclear armed nations into war). But day in day out it kept annoying me because this smells just like one of those weird CIA scenario's that we so often observed in the past. 

May be it's better if you first read a media file on this (from the Wall Street Journal):

Gates Warns of Militants in South Asia  

As the WSJ reports in the first paragraph: 

NEW DELHI—U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said al Qaeda is working with an array of local militant groups to destabilize South Asia and trigger a war between India and Pakistan, an indication of growing U.S. fears about new terror attacks throughout the volatile region. 

Comment: This is weird stuff, you cannot trigger war on like you switch the light on my dear Robert. As a former CIA member you should know this; it takes more than a light switch...
You need war agitators on both sides of the equation and lots of unexplained violence like bombed foodmarket places. 

So suppose Robert Gates thinks al Qaida is capable of triggering war between the two nuclear armed nations named India and Pakistan, suppose or assume the old MAD doctrine upon the use of nuclear arms is still valid.

How would the outcome of such a war look like?
The scenario's are simple:
1) In the end, India wins.
2) In the end, Pakistan wins.
3) In the end, stalemate is there for years and years.   

And if the goodie goodie old nuclear MAD doctrine still works (MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction, or 'If I have nukes I won't get attacked by nukes') we won't see scenario number four:

4) The whole thing goes nuclear. 

In all of these four cases al Qaida must win some long term strategic benefit, I don't have a clue what they are but if the CIA inspired words from Robert Gates bear some truth it must be something like this:

1) India wins, I don't have a clue about the benefit to al Qaida.
2) Pakistan wins, I don't have a clue about the benefit to al Qaida.
3) Stalemate has arrived, I don't have a clue about the benefit to al Qaida.
4) Nukes win, I don't have a clue about the benefit to al Qaida. (Ok ok, after the nukes al Qaida can say they have nothing to do with it because the nukes didn't explode in the USA) 

Lets stop this weird CIA inspired weird stuff from SecDef Robert Gates...
And go to a more pleasant to read thing from the New York Times.

Read the 'are you with us or against us' stuff first:

Gates Sees Fallout From Troubled Ties With Pakistan 

I don't know how far the Pakistan army is in understanding war, the Pakistani army should be aware of the fact the USA has about 50% of global defense spending and as such it is deeply woven into their economy.
You can ask for the same kind of drones, yet you only get deaf ears...  

Quote the 'with us or against us' fun:

“Are you with us or against us?” a senior military officer demanded of Mr. Gates at Pakistan’s National Defense University, according to a Pentagon official who recounted the remark made during a closed-door session after Mr. Gates gave a speech at the school on Friday.  

Comment: Lets hope the Pak army start building their own drones because making your own army purely depended on these USA born CIA weirdo's is not the smartest thing to do...   

Again we wonder if Robert Gates is a honorable SecDef or a strange creature... 

I am so sorry but CIA drone attacks are very much up in Afghanistan, the SecDef is no longer a honorable person but a strange creature.
The New York Times is reporting: 

C.I.A. Deaths Prompt Surge in U.S. Drone Strikes 

I am very sorry but if the present SecDef cannot keep up with applying rigid battlefield discipline and allows for more civilians to get killed...

It is so stupid: from day one on the CIA attack the CIA vowed revenge. Vukhead Robert Gates visited India and Pakistan, in the meantime drone killings are up... 

Hurray the world we live in! 

Till updates. 


(19 Jan 2010) Only one and very boring item:

Item 1) McKinsey report: deliberate lies or accidental nonsense? 

 Item 1) McKinsey report: deliberate lies or accidental nonsense?

In the previous update I linked to Could England Be the Next Iceland? and in relation with that I mentioned a 449% of total debt levels in terms of GDP in the UK.  

Today I found that the same McKinsey report states that the USA has just under 300% of GDP in total debt levels (private and public sector together).
Since that McKinsey team looks at total debt levels, I have studied the same statistic for some time and I think this report is a piece of crap.

Let me very easy with only a few minutes of work proof that the 300% reported for the USA is sheer nonsense:  

Go to the next file, use the first and one-before-last column for total USA debt levels:   

Doesn't it say:

Domestic nonfinancial sectors = 34551.9
Domestic financial sectors = 16065.3 (billions of US$)

So together that's 50617.2 billion or 50+ trillion. 

The USA gross domestic product is found in:

Table 1.1.5. Gross Domestic Product  

And the USA GDP = 14,242.1 billion a year. 

Lets hope you can find about 355% and not like McKinsey 'just under 300%'.
Beside this the debt as reported in the Federal Reserve Z1 release does not cover all debt, the internal debt in the USA government simply is real debt because it measures past taxes needed for future outlays but, ha ha ha, spend on other stuff.

The internal debt are the so called 'funded future obligations' (because it is parked in Federal Funds), beside this there are the 'unfunded future obligations' that we also know is ridiculously high.  

Anyway, an estimate of 400% fits a whole lot better compared to the McKinsey claim of just under 300%.

For myself speaking I don't understand why the McKinsey team comes up with nonsense like this. If they did this deliberately, their reputation is blown out of the sky. If they did this 'par accidante' it exposes them as rather ignorant 'Greenspan like people' who don't understand their own macro economical environment...
(But hey, did I ever claim Americans are good at math?)  

My dear reader answer the question for yourself:

Is the McKinsey report a batch of deliberate lies or accidental nonsense?

Link to the report:

Debt and deleveraging: The global credit bubble and it's economic consequences 

In order to defend the McKinsey efforts a little bit, the report also says that deleveraging is a painful and long term proces: they claim on average it costs about 6 to 7 years of below average economical growth for every 25% deleveragain.  

So it will take 24 to 28 years to get from reality to the dreamworks of the McKinsey report: USA debt is 'just below 300% of GDP'...

Further reading:

Rich countries face years of belt-tightening to reduce high debt levels; Deleveraging following crises lasts six to seven years on average  

Till updates.  


(16 Jan 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Haiti aid distribution problems.
Item 2) Links. 

Item 1) Haiti aid distribution problems. 

Oh oh poor Haiti, that was some earthquake!

People are so desperate they even made road blockades from dead corpses...
As usual the aid has problems reaching those who need it, to be honest you need a lot of soldiers to protect hospitals and food/water handouts.
May be even up to one platoon for every medical and food/water ration outlet... 

Is is that hard to get a few platoons in place so the dumping of goods can begin? 

Get your asses at work holy Moses! 

 Item 2) Links.

A lot of people find it strange there is about 140+ billion US$ in bonuses on Wall Street, these complaining people even include folks like Obama.
This is funny to see because weren't it the USA authorities that scrapped accountancy rule 157 so it was no longer needed to valuate a lot of stuff at present unforeseen and ridiculous market prices? 

These bank profits are mostly fake, at best these are future profits activated today and at worst present losses turned into profits. As far as I can see it, all in all it is only small debt bubbles that burst to combine larger bubbles higher in the picking order of a fiat currency.

Barry observed more or less the same:

Record Bank Bonuses Based On Record Bank Fraud 

In the statistics from the US Federal Bank from St. Louis it seems that the recession has ended in the half of the last year. In the hundreds of graphs they have over there all recession bars are removed from the official statistics. 

Dude, Where’s My Recession Bar?  

Jesse also had a funny read on the Wall Street bonus stuff: 

Wall Street Thinks You Are a Jealous Little Malcontent 

The lady Yves hangs out her classy style when she quotes that according to some McKinsey consultants, the UK has a combined public and private level of only 449% of the gross domestic product.
Yes, four and a half times the GDP looks a bit over debted.
From the USA similar statistics say 375% (but that is without the so called 'internal debt' of the US government).

The title is sure funny:

Could England Be the Next Iceland?    

My statistical compliments go to econompic:

Instead of an unemployment rate, an employment rate was calculated.  

An Alternative Unemployment Rate.... at 11.7% 

Some time ago I explained that monthly NFP losses in job losses could rise if the ratio of people looking for a job compared to the number of jobs there are would rise.
Most of the time the econompicdata has the stuff on order:

Unemployment to Job Opening Ratio Jumps Again  

At last a simple thought on the so called P/E ratio for stocks. During the stock market rally from March 2009 till now the price to earnings ratio's just kept on climbing...
So more and more rationalization of the brain was needed and more and more people explained that you should view P/E ratio's in the long run. 
Like for example a ten year equally weighted period... 

Stuff like Intel inside still says P/E ratio's above 50...

Intel Corporation (INTC)  

Till updates. 

(12 Jan 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Afghanistan and Mexico update.
Item 2) Links.  

 Item 1) Afghanistan and Mexico update.

On 09 Jan I changed the above words in the upper right corner of this page (the small talk between me and a hypothetical figure named Arty, the first appearance of Arty was in a 2001 small story named Into the Void).

In Afghanistan just two days later there was a nice wave of attacks in Afghanistan, some sources say six Western coalition slime dead, others say five:

Six NATO soldiers die in Afghan violence 

So far it is all pretty normal, I ram some stuff on my computer keyboard, I hit the button 'publish website' and with a bit of luck I can harvest later the good things of life (the 5 or 6 killed in the above).  

That's pretty normal; the law of cause and effect is there.

It gets creepy bordering on pure religion that when it comes to Mexico, it must have been about 16.20 local time 09 Jan 2010 when I did hit the 'publish website' button.

To my surprise it was also a record day for Mexico (a record for the present President Felipe Calderón since he took office), reported were 69 death related to the war on drugs...

Not a bad lesson for the Mexican authorities, the religious parts of my brain are very satisfied while the scientific parts of that same brain simply observe a lack of 'cause and effect'. It's a lovely read:   

Mexico: 24 hours of death  

Yes my dear Mexican authorities:
That is what you get but also what you deserve when you follow the Americans with their views on fighting the war on drugs.  

You just fully deserve it! 

Having a 'corruption problem'? Hey, just look at all those other nations that have US military help also... 

Item 2) Links. 

The US marines will never loose the capability of making a fool of themselves:

Chicago Alderman Declares War On 'Avatar'  

Much more disturbing (because my gut feeling says this could be true): 

UK troops 'tortured and executed' Iraqi grandmother 

From Israel, with love:

Rattling the Cage: A taboo question for Israelis 

From the Israeli whiners we also have, with love:

U.S. suggestion of sanctions causes stir in Israel 

Today even the Turks don't any longer understand why they should support Israel as a viable living state. Quote:

A photo-op was held at the start of the meeting, during which Ayalon told the photographers in Hebrew: "Pay attention that he is sitting in a 
lower chair and we are in the higher ones, that there is only an Israeli flag on the table and that we are not smiling."  

Comment: No comment beside the fact the Israeli whiners think they are 'God's chosen people'. Source of the quote:

Netanyahu: Turkey drift toward Iran is worrying 

Is the CIA revenge vow delivered? Who knows: 

2 drone strikes kill 16 insurgents in Afghanistan 

And the last link is forbidden for Afghanis, but if you want to upgrade your beer to 30+ alcohol content you should watch the next video (in case of beers the freezing way is better for distillation): 

Tactical Nuclear Penguin 

Lets call it a day, science meets religion but what have tactical nuclear penguins to do with that? Till updates. 


(09 Jan 2010) One item:

Item 1) The USA jobs report from yesterday. 

 Item 1) The USA jobs report from yesterday. 

With utter amazement the entire week I have been watching folks on the financial news channels expressing hope for the job situation to show improvement. 

This was utterly weird because a lot of financial news channel folks have done some 'academic study' like economy. Why would the idiots from CNN, CNBC, the local RTL7 think that jobs can improve? I don't have a clue!

All in all, if you throw the economy in a big blender, it is more or less like this:  

GDP growth minus labor productivity growth = Employment growth.

This is only a rule of thumb because not all sectors of the economy are born equal.

Suppose the economy expands only via barber shops, tattoo shops and whorehouse services, there are a lot of jobs created because there labor costs are a huge fraction of the turnover in that part of the economy.
In economies like those in Europe and the USA, expansion of jobs in the industry always needs a few millions in expansion of the GDP (because in the industry job costs are small compared to turnover and added value). 

As the idiots from the financial news channels can see for themselves: my easy to understand rule of thumb holds on nice:


Picture source (I modified the picture a little bit):

Employment Charts   

Since real USA GDP growth over the last decade has been below 2% a year (that's also unknown for these financial news weirdo's) it is not that hard to understand why job numbers don't grow.

Ok ok financial news outlets are also mass media things and as such they cannot make it 'too difficult', why not include a five minute item every hour with "What did Paris Hilton do the last 60 minutes?"  

Further reading (from Econompic):  

Hours Worked per Civilian (per Week) 

ADP Jobs Down 84,000; Services Jobs Grow  

The overpaid bankers and financial news folks doing their homework? Come on, since when do these easy going folks read simple to understand stuff like this:   

Of course the usual 'Table A' from the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics is a must see (where dumb financial news folks always think the Non Farm Payrolls is the hot thing, table A is always much more funny):

Employment Situation Summary 

And in case you are interested:
One year ago weekly US unemployment (seasonally not adjusted) stood at 768,858.
This week it was 645,571.    



Lets end the update once more with this very easy to understand macro economical stuff:

GDP growth minus labor productivity growth = Employment growth.

Till updates.


(06 Jan 2010) Two items:

Item 1) Pakistan: the number of attacks needs to go down.
Item 2) Having fun with the Americans part III + a few links. 

 Item 1) Pakistan: the number of attacks needs to go down.

I know I almost write nothing about Pakistan, but beside other folks I too have been looking with amazement to all those bombings on weird places like markets or lately at some volleyball match. 

The reason I almost never mention Pakistan is very simple: I don't understand Pakistan enough. Pakistan is a horrible difficult country to understand; a huge and very diverse population.
Pakistan is also an artificial product from the colonial times, I can only make meaningful contributions if I would understand all the ins & outs on the colonial detail only... (Something I lack!)

About a month ago al Qaida International came out with a video message stating more or less that so much attacks were completely un-Islamic.

After having giving it a few weeks of thought, I have decided to side with aQI in this detail for the full 100%.
After all, that is the old al Qaida I know. May be you have some other mental construct in your head my dear reader, in that case the propaganda has worked.

I didn't save the links, but here is a simple and short description of the video (from 13 Dec 2009, Daily Times dot pk, source):

CAIRO: Al Qaeda issued a new English-language video on Saturday denying it was behind a series of bombings in Pakistan that have killed hundreds of civilians, calling such attacks un-Islamic.

US-born Al Qaeda operative Adam Gadahn, who commonly delivers the organisation’s English messages, said the network was being framed for the bloodshed by the US and Pakistani intelligence services.

Real culprits: “The mercenaries of the Inter-Services Intelligence, Research and Analysis Wing, Central Intelligence Agency or Blackwater are the real culprits behind these senseless and un-Islamic bombings,” he said. In a transcript of the video released by the SITE Intelligence Group, Gadahn told Pakistanis their real enemies were secular regimes, corrupt police, judges and tribal nationalists. 

Comment: Nice to read this back one month later after the CIA & Blackwater fun from Afghanistan...
But serious: This interpretation of 'real culprits' is correct. To understand that you only need to skip your usual view from a fight between 'good and evil' but to the distribution of military power in the population.
The CIA folks don't actually pay for bombings at Pakistan food markets, they do the 'avalanche rocket' that multiplies national internal instability.
Standard example: Colombia (with very high killing rates year in year out.)
Another example: Russia invading Afghanistan.
Present example: Pakistan?  


But free speech has many entries, if you write the best stuff it will propagate and as such it is propaganda (propaganda = that what propagates). 

Here is a guy that has a different take on al Qaida:   

Azzam the American explains that Al Qaeda are NICE people. Ha ha ha ha! 

Have mercy on Chris W, the writer of the above NICE words. 

Item 2) Having fun with the Americans part III + a few links. 

Having fun with the Americans has far larger impact than I would have thought after only one or two minutes of work! 

Lets not do difficult: Americans are there for the killing (until they seek dialog) and in the meantime I am only sunbathing with a fresh 1000+ growth of Americans that hate me day in day out.




And a few links:  

After the war stuff a highly interesting article that tries to put a bit of blame to the use of math in the global financial crises. The author argues that economists don't understand math if indeed their matrices are of the wrong kind: 

Was the Global Financial Crises a mathematical error? 

Also funny, from the Telegraph:

US military chief brands Afghan intelligence mission 'clueless' 

When it comes to future US healthcare, suddenly the USA folks understand what is ahead. If only the weirdo's from the financial markets would understood the value of fresh USA AAA rated government debt. (It's trash already, why buy fresh trash?) 

Healthcare Spending Growth Slows, but Not as Much for Physician Services 

Till updates.  


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-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

After some investigation it is found out these are 'USA dollars without inflation'... (As if such dollars could exist.)

Ok since we are talking chained dollars, lets look at the USA gross domestic growth for the last 10 years.

The inflation peg is in 2005, this year it will be adjusted but lets use the old stuff:

Table 1.1.6 from this collection of tables for the USA GDP says clearly:

2000 Q2 = 11,258.5
2010 Q2 = 13,216.5

(billions of USA bucks of course.) 

That is 17.4% over the decade or just 1.174^0.1 = 1.6% a year. 

Yes my dear reader, if you leave inflation out at best the USA economy will grow at most at something like 1.6% a year...  

You never hear stuff like that on Fox News or the White House Channel of Reality.  

Yet it's true: Over the last decade USA GDP dived hefty below 2% a year... 

In the last decade the US economy only grew about 1.6% a year. 

Dated 11 Aug 2010   


Update from 11 Aug 2011:

Lets repeat the same calculation exactly one year later: 

Table 1.1.6 from this collection of tables for the USA GDP says clearly:

2001 Q2 = 11,361.7
2011 Q2 = 13,270.1

(billions of USA bucks of course.) 

That is 16.8% over the decade or just 1.168^0.1 = 1.56% a year. 

Yet in the USA those retards still think they can go back to a GDP growth of 3% a year...

Dated 11 Aug 2011 



Here is nice pdf file for my fellow scientists stating we had hundreds of thousands so called 'excess death toll' inside Iraq compared to a non invasion model. (The so called Lancet file that says that on average we likely have 650 thousand excess civil death toll.) 


This is funny: on one of those lefty antiwar US websites I found a very small Java Script and from now on I can check my own website upon the number of dead US slime inside Iraq. Here's the counter: 



Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A very old (25 years old) booklet transformed to the pdf format about home made shaped explosives. I don't think it is of very much use to the Iraqis but it is fun reading. They even used a Martini glass to penetrate 3 inches of steel! And all home made... Have fun reading it (it has lousy graphics).


I found a very nice booklet named 'Explosives from common materials', it is field study from the Americans. It covers a lot:
How to make improvised detonators, high explosives, primary and secondary explosives. It is very good only the procedure for making alcohol is not handy in Iraq; if the Iraqis need pure alcohol they should use the wine method for making pre distillation alcohol and use sugar, some kilo's fruit (about 10% of total batch produced), yeast and a lot of water.  


Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...



























Title: A 2010 condolences card to the US dollar.