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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(21 Feb 2015) According to the theory of quantum physics, for a short time nature can borrow a bit of energy and create a particle with that. The heavier the particle, the more energy has to be borrowed and the shorter the particle will live.   

Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors. 

   Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors. 

That process of particles jumping in and out of existence bears a great similarity with how the brains of math professors work; but instead of borrowing energy the brains of math professors borrow consciousness and they use that to craft mathematical ideas. 

So inside the brain of math professors, all the time mathematical ideas pop in and out of existence. If a mathematical idea is relatively complicated, it will survive only a very short time. 
Sometimes, and this is a very seldom thing, the mathematical idea get stored into the memory of the brain of a math professor; although the original idea has popped out of existence, a copy of that idea is stored in the memory. 

A lot is known about the brains of math professors; for example it is flat and squared and very small; just a few millimeters across. Biologists have a theory that says the brain of math professors is flat because of the use of 2D complex numbers and that the use of 2D complex numbers also explains as why the brains of math professors have stopped evolving so very long ago. 

If you cut the skull of a math professor open with an axe, precisely in the middle of the head you can find that tiny tiny brain. Under the microscope it looks something like this:     


The white parts is where a math idea has popped out of existence and the shadowy parts is where with the help of borrowed conscience a mathematical idea has popped into existence. 

Sometimes an idea gets stored in the memory of the brains of that particular math professor; for example the idea that you can take the cross product of a scalar and a 3D vector could, in theory anyway, get stored into the memory. 

If that happens, the brain of the math professor will look like this:      

It is well known that math professors always write publications but why they do that is less well understood. Ok, we can infer from this activity that math professors can actually read and write, but why they write stuff nobody else wants to read is unknown. 

Biologists think that writing so called publications has to do with territorial instincts and that writing publications is a way of marking off the particular territory. 
But the problem with that is just like dogs that when they take a shit, they align themselves with the earth magnetic field. From that we can infer that dogs have a biological compass but we do not know why dogs align to the earth magnetic field while taking a shit...   

Anyway to make a long story short: If a professional professor in math publishes something that was stored in the memory, it looks something like this:


Now serious: What is the punishment for the Nottingham math professors?  

In a few days time I will update about 10 new pages with more or less the net content: 

1) The cross product in 3D and 4D. 

2) In 3D and 5D we form pairs of imaginary numbers that imitate the number i from the complex plane. 

The punishment is as next:
The Nottingham professors must investigate if in 3D there are non-trivial zero's of the famous Riemann zeta function. 


End of this update. Till updates. 


(13 Feb 2015) Today I finished updating the electricity update and because it is now the year 2015 I opened page 3 from the primer on three dimensional complex numbers. 

Item 1) Three phase electricity and three dimensional circular numbers. 

  Item 1) Three phase electricity and three dimensional circular numbers. 

This update contains no new math, on the contrary: the goal is to illustrate that you can use higher dimensional complex & circular in any way you like. 

For example the most difficult math I used was only this: 


In another development today when I rode my bicycle a bit around the local landscape, I suddenly realized that these math professors from Nottingham are completely wrong. 

Look in the previous update from yesterday for the details, but you can easily in three dimensions cross a scalar with a vector. 

Once more we observe how dumb all those math professors become when they year in year out refuse to study higher dimensional complex numbers. In a few months time I have published about the stuff for 3 full years. 

From that relatively long timespan you can deduce how smart those people from the universities really are..... 

Till updates.  


(12 Feb 2015) The UK based university of Nottingham has a nice channel named Numberphile on Youtube; on a regular basis they post videos for a wider audience. \\

In general it is very nice but lately I came across a horrible video where these evil monsters poked fun at my 3D number systems...
This cannot be, I will protect my little baby numbers with all my cognitive powers!  

Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors.

  Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors.

First look at the root source of all evil in this world: 

Math Jokes Explained 

The accumulation of pure evil is at about 5 mins into the video.
Ok ok, may be it is not pure evil but total ignorance. 
And we must never forget what Jesus said: 
Blessed are those with the simple minds. 

So the Nottingham university professors are, just like the professors here in Groningen, extremely blessed! What more could they wish for?  


Ok ok, let me give the Nottingham people a hint:
In the first problem, one of the factors is (x + y + z) so if you factor that out from
x^3 + y^3 + z^3 - 3xyz you can prove it is zero. 

For the second problem I do not know any method that does not use 3D numbers... 
Or, may be it is just the same as (x + y + z)^3.
(Yes, that is true but the expression itself comes from the third power of a 3D number.)

That's it for this update, till updates.  


(09 Feb 2015) Today I finished a small 6 to 7 page long piece on 3 phase electricity using 3D complex or circular numbers. And I am considering publishing it because:
1) It contains no new math &
2) It is important to show you can use these higher dimensional numbers in all sciences that use advanced mathematics.  

There is absolutely no reason to stick to the complex plane only (like the weird behaving professional math professors do). 

Yet today's update is the smallest advertisement possible for 3D complex numbers: 

Item 1) A math model for black holes.

  Item 1) A math model for black holes.

The 'math model' is as simple as possible:
Take the 3D complex or the circular numbers, use the set of non-invertible numbers to mimic the accreditation disk and the beams going out.  

It looks like this: 


End of the advertisement. 


Yeah yeah, there will be no mercy for the incompetent so called 'professional' professors from the science of mathematics.  

The way black holes are structured is exactly the same as non-invertible numbers in three dimensions... 

The similarities are striking: mass that gets sucked in to the accreditation disk is indeed 'no longer invertible' and the other way around:
Once you are on the main axis of invertible numbers (the multiples of the number alpha), you will never leave that axis. 

(The last statement is not true when you can use addition, for example 1 + alpha is perfectly invertible. But let me spare you the technical side of stuff; all in all these black holes look just like the space of non-invertibles...) 

End of this update, till updates. 


(08 Feb 2015) A small update on quantum mechanics because after all those people from the overpaid math professors at the universities can only add up two quantum states into a so called superposition of independent quantum states.  

Once more I say that for three quantum states you need 3D complex numbers... 

Item 1) Roger Penrose on Schrödingers cat and stuff like that.

 Item 1) Roger Penrose on Schrödingers cat and stuff like that.

In a relatively old Youtube vid from the year 2003 I found Roger Penrose using a so called overhead projector. Teens very likely have not seen much overhead projectors but the origin goes back to the cave people who sitting in their cave at night used the light from the wood fire to project shadows on the wall. 


Ok, when it comes to the so called superposition of quantum states, the math is hard.
With 2D numbers from the complex plane you can only add two of such quantum states. 

And there is that stuff known as 'phase shift' that says you can in a continuous way shift from one state into the other (as long as there is no observer from the macroscopic world watching). 

But Roger knows his stuff, here is a screenshot from that 2003 video, at about 11 min 36 seconds Roger shows this overhead projection to the audience: 


Do you see the w and z? 

You see Roger has put them perpendicular because the two quantum states are independent. And that is where the present day science of quantum mechanics run into serious trouble: 

They cannot superposition more than two quantum states because they only use 2D complex numbers... 

Roger Penrose on Quantum Mechanics and Schrodinger's cat  


End of this update, till updates. 


(04 Feb 2015) A small food update that might explain a little bit why the brains of humans are so large compared to the other apes.  

Item 1) What happened to gene MYH16? 

 Item 1) What happened to gene MYH16? 

Often it is stated that chimpanzees are our closest relative in the animal kingdom; and indeed we share a very large pool of identical genes. But why are the brains of chimps so small compared to the apes named humans? 

Is that because our jaw muscles are so weak that for example your brain can grow and grow until you are an adult? (The weak jaw muscles allow your skull to be much more loose, this in contrast to chimps that do not have this benefit.) 

Brain size of a chimp is at most something like half a liter while human brains are about three times as large. That's a big time difference... 
(But sperm whales seem to have the largest brains, about 8 kg or five times the human brain. Beside actual brain size you also have to take into account the ratio between brain size and body size because a large body needs more brain to control it.) 

Now a long long time ago people started cooking their food to the extent that at present day people can no longer eat raw meat like the meat from cows or so. 

And that seems to be related to gene MYH16. 

Nice quote: 

In addition, the scientists discovered that mutations deactivated the gene MYH16, which is linked to jaw muscles, after the ancestors of chimpanzees and hominins diverged, but before the ancestors of modern humans split from those of Neanderthals and Denisovans. This may explain why modern and extinct human lineages have relatively weak jaw muscles compared with ape relatives such as chimpanzees. The researchers suggested that this gene loss may have occurred after the development of cooking, which can make food easier to eat, lessening the need for stronger jaw muscles. 

Comment: If true, cooking food allows for the gene MYH16 to get razed from the gene pool allowing for bigger brains while at the same time you need some brains to get the fire going... If you look at humanity today, I think it is all true. 

Source: Different Tastes: How Our Human Ancestors' Diets Evolved   


So that explains a little bit why we eat the food we do, only that bread keeps on going to be a strange thing. But all animal species will have their own blind spot when it comes to food, after all nature wants you to die as soon as possible so nature can proceed with her experiments on evolution... 

End of this update. 


 (30 Jan 2015) Yesterday I hang a short pdf file in this website about so called Clifford algebras. Clifford algebras are famous because of their role in the science of quantum mechanics. 

Embargo considerations: I have done a lot of work lately, so you can be assured that these new Clifford algebras fall deep behind the 10% threshold of new stuff found.   

Item 1) A teaser picture for some cheap math with two fingers in the nose written. 

 Item 1) A teaser picture for some cheap math with two fingers in the nose written. 

Yes, let's not do difficult: Any mathematical lightweight human could write cheap stuff like this. So for me it was important to show that I can be just a non-performer of math just like the professional math professors are. 

All these precious professional professors do is producing pseudo science, and miracle miracle they get boatloads of money for that pseudo science. 

Now, I can make pseudo science too... 

Don't believe me? 

Just click on the next picture and you will know that whatever the future of humans will bring, it is worthless knowledge.  


End of this update, but once more I am glad I can write useless knowledge too... 

Till updates. 


(23 Jan 2015) A short update on the European Central Bank new policy of buying 60 billion € a month in government bonds. 

Item 1) Has the ECB gone bonkers?

  Item 1) Has the ECB gone bonkers?

I did not see the press conference today but in the intro ECB prez Mario Draghi clearly stated that as far as the ECB is concerned, they will lay the foundation for future economical growth. 

Mario clearly stated that without political help like transforming your economy this massive bond buying program will not work. 

Furthermore, and that is very important, if government bonds are bought, 80% of the risk goes to the local Central Bank of that country and 20% will rest on the shoulders of the ECB. 


What can I say? 

Not much; I think that this all is not going to work because the problem countries like France and Italy will never ever make the changes needed. 

Politics in countries is never driven by economical or mathematical insights, most of it is only local emotional stuff. 

As we observe on inspection; an unemployment rate of 25% in Spain does not trigger any political reform at all. 


But as a mathematical dynamic system it will be funny to observe local Central Bank pump up their balances with local government bonds.... What will happen to future losses on those local Central Bank balances? 
The USA & the Japs are already in dire straits...

When will debt huggers learn the math? 


End of this update, till updates. 


(17 Jan 2015) A small math update with one of those 'numerical proofs'.
Of course these are not real proofs, but anyway.
I respect the embargo because time in and again I have stated the determinants of exponential circles & curves is 1. So there is nothing new under the sun...   

Item 1) Don't worry; there is nothing new under the sun.

 Item 1) Don't worry; there is nothing new under the sun.

One picture with some words in it: 


The 'animated drawing' applet can be found here:   

End of this update, till updates. 


(14 Jan 2015) Finally I printed it all out; 225 pages printed while on this website only about 140 pages of math around higher dimensional complex numbers are found... 

So the embargo is gathering some beef; a lot of stuff will never get published. 

Item 1) The publication embargo is gathering beef.

 Item 1) The publication embargo is gathering beef.

Finally on the last day of the year 2014 I went to the printing shop and printed it all out.
And for only 12 € I had the very first version in my hands, although I had written it all myself even for me it was more or less impressing what is inside it. 

The 225 page long pdf print contains only one picture, in the 140 pages on this website a whole lot of pictures from outside sources are included. So I am very satisfied with how the boycott of new results is going. 

This is how it looks in print, just 12 € and it will be the only copy forever. 


Yeah, only one copy forever. 

After all the professional math professors do their thing and I know from experience that if you want to find better math you avoid these people like they have the pest. 

And they have the pest, they can only do 2D complex numbers... 


End of this update, till updates.   


(12 Jan 2015) This is a small math update in the Dutch language; the accountancy firm Deloitte is arguing for more investments into the math departments of the Dutch universities. Needless to say I am against giving more money to people that have a solid track record of being incompetent to the bone. 

Even if you give them boatloads of math for free, they do not respond.
So will giving them much more money be good for the Dutch economy in the long run? 

Here is the item in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Volgens Deloitte is wiskunde goed voor 160 miljard per jaar. 

 Item 1) Volgens Deloitte is wiskunde goed voor 160 miljard per jaar. 

Om de gedachten even scherp te zetten is het verstandig om eerst de advertentie van Deloitte lezen want alle details die erin zitten lijken op het eerste gezicht logisch. 

Dus hier is de link naar de advertentie van Deloitte: 

Wiskunde nodig om arbeidsmarkt te redden
Wiskunde verdient jaarlijks 160 miljard voor Nederland BV

Ik zal niet ontkennen dat met het juiste gebruik van wiskund de economishe groei voor vele decennia gewaarbgorgd is, maar dan moet je wel een zootje competente wiskundigen klaar hebben staan natuurlijk.

Vergelijk het met een pan perfecte soep: Als in die pan soep ongeveer 10 gram zout nodig is om de smaak en voedingswaarde perfect te krijgen, kun je dan zeggen

"Tien gram zout geeft een pan gezonde soep!"  

Dat is onzin omdat behalve het zout je allerlei andere grondstoffen nodig hebt. 


Laat ik een ander voorbeeld geven: 

Een belangrijk deel van de huidige wiskunde is gebaseerd op het gebruik van complexe getallen uit het complexe vlak. En een belangrijk deel van onze economie is gebaseerd op inzichten daaruit, bijv electriciteit.

Nou komt er een wiskunde student voorbij die vertelt hoe je vanuit dat complexe vlak naar de hogere dimensies kunt gaan en wat denk je dat die professor mafketels doen? 

Nul komma niks. 

En deze wiskunde is op termijn veel meer waard dan 160 miljard per jaar.  


Conclusie: Omdat in de jaren 1990 - 1992 de wiskunde professoren al veel te veel geld kregen voor hun prestaties waren ze veel te veel met geld bezig. 

Laat je ze wiskunde zien dat echt een beetje helpt, dan zien ze de lange termijn waarde niet want ze zijn bezig met hun geldje enzo. 

Daarom is mijn advies veel minder geld naar die mafketels van die belastinggeld betaalde wiskunde professoren... 

End of this update & till updates.  


(09 Jan 2015) Ha ha, do you think I would comment on the terror attack in Paris? 

Come on, only twelve people dead. No time will be wasted on that. 

This is a food update and I would like to give my well meant compliments to the USA based Food & Drug Agency.

Item 1) The FDA bans all use of trans fats in food products.

 Item 1) The FDA bans all use of trans fats in food products.

Now what are trans fats? That is very simple: to normal fats there are extra hydrogen added in the 'trans way'. That makes these fats much more stable and prolongs the shelf life of food products where trans fats are added to.

But very likely, because the shelf live is larger, your body has all kinds of troubles with digesting it.  

Just a few examples: Doritos potato chips or the halverine spread for your bread contains a lot of trans fats. Therefore after five years if you open your healthy halverine spread or after 50 years you open your healthy Dorito potato chips, it is still perfectly edible.  

Since it is my opinion that you should avoid eating stuff your body cannot digest, it is not unwise to avoid processed food that contains trans fats. 


So I was flabbergasted to observe the USA based FDA banning all use of trans fats anyway. 


In the meantime we have about 30 million Americans that have diabetes type two, that is about 10% of the entire population. And that relates to hundreds of extra amputees for the lower of the patients legs day in day out. 

If you compare that to the weird stuff related to the Paris attack, who is the crazy one?

Day in day out the food kills, it starts at young ages: 



End of this update.  


07 Jan 2015) A short food update upon havermout or as it is known in the English language, the oatmeal.   

Item 1) Feed the kids oatmeal, not bread, and they will live longer.

 Item 1) Feed the kids oatmeal, not bread, and they will live longer.

This is a very simplistic title because our bodies have thousands of genes containing the information for producing specific proteins to build your body. So in theory there can be many food allergies because of your genetic constellation but in practice a lot of food allergies and/or food intolerances are related to dangerous grains like wheat. 

Oatmeal does not fall in the category that shortens your lifespan without reason. 

The other grains always interfere with your blood sugar levels in a way that only makes your body gain more and more fat while you cannot burn your fat away even if you exercise...
The grains are unwise food, but when you are young you don't drop dead from it. 


For myself speaking I classify oatmeal as a fast food because I consume it with milk and a little bit of sugar. And indeed since it is a fast food you can run faster or get a higher average speed on your bicycle.
But oatmeal is much more safe because you do not gain weight from eating it, contrary to bread, wheat, corn & the likes, the fast food dimension is much more related to the milk and the five grams of refined sugar that comes with it. 


What about milk?
My body processes milk perfectly, but for most of humanity this is not the case. 

Now why should oatmeal be an allowed food?
Make up your own mind, I did not read the fine details but the abcnews says: 

Bowl of Oatmeal a Day May Be Key to a Longer Life, Major Study Finds 

In case you want to know why oatmeal is not a bad grain?
Very simple: It does not break down into sugars within a few minutes after passing your stomach & entering your intestines. 

Till updates. 


(28 Dec 2014) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

Item 1) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

 Item 1) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

After Euler the Gauss guy is definitely on my shortlist of good guys. 
A major reason for this is that it is estimated that because Gauss never published a lot of work the whole of science was set back by something like 50 years. 

I think that is a rubbish estimate, would Gauss have published in time because of the sheer incompetence of other professional math professors, science would also be set back for 50 years. 

So Gauss was completely in the right with his 'few but ripe' policy of publicizing things.  


After having said that, there are also strong differences between me and Gauss. For example I usually think that transparency is very important and that costs me an awful lot of time to get it right.

For example the proof that in 3D the exponential circles are indeed flat circles; outlining the proof was about 25 to 30 seconds. Writing it all down and hitting the button named 'publish website' is like 6 to 8 hours of work. 

People often complained that Gauss lacked transparency, he just stated results.
Gauss compared it to for example the restoration of a building; all the time there is all that scaffolding around and when it is finished the scaffolding is removed. 

So today, with a little smile on my face, the embargo forces me to not publish the 100% transparent pages and only the end result.

It is a bit like going 'Gauss style'. Here is the end result:   


So my dear professional professors, can you prove with your own theories if this is true or not? 

Let's leave it with this, till updates. Updated on 05 Jan 2015: 

Ok, let's hope that at least a few amongst you have wondered what the hell the 'A' is in 
A = B and A = C implies B = C.
Well that is in the picture below: It is the first coordinate function from the exponential circle, but it is run at 3 times the normal speed. 

You can break down the formulae with the sin(9x)/(3sin(3x)) using the de Moivre formulae in the complex plane, that gives the B. 
You can also do this in the three dimensional complex numbers, that gives the C.  


Because it does not matter what kind of complex numbers you use (the 2D complex plane or the 3D complex space) this indicates that my way of generalizing the complex plane to all higher dimensions is indeed valid. 

Not that the mathematical 'professionals' are interested, those people are so incompetent they cannot even distinguish between a left and a right shoe or so...
But for me this is important because the higher dimensional number systems are not some freak show but the only way to generalize the complex plane. 

And what the professional professors think or say is 100% irrelevant. 


By the way; I wish you a happy new year & till updates. 


(26 Dec 2014) This is a short food update in the Dutch language. 

Item 1) Daar zijn die imbicielen weer van het Voedingscentrum.

 Item 1) Daar zijn die imbicielen weer van het Voedingscentrum.

Ach tja 'eerlijk over voedsel' en dan zo'n dike laag aan nonsense gaat mij te ver.
Het kan dus wel tweede kerstdag zijn maar ik wil even kort ageren tegen die idioten genaamd Eddy Zoëy en een snol genaamd Jenneke Heising. 

Zij geven voorlichting over het gluten in brood op de website van het Voedingscentrum. 

Nou ik wil kort zijn maar ze hebben in hun update bij het voedingscentrum maar één detail echt goed: 

Als er meer gluten in het brooddeeg zit dan is het soepeler en meer elastisch. 

Al het andere, daar klopt nul komma niets van. 

Lees die rotzooi eerst maar eens door: 

Gluten zijn slecht voor me denk ik

Niks maar dan ook niks klopt van deze vreemde bizarre denkwereld; hooguit 1% gaat extra vroeg dood als ze brood blijven eten vanwege koeliakki? 

Snapt snol Jenneke & pooier Eddy wel waarom zoveel mensen rugklachten hebben? 

Ok ok, van een auto ongeluk kan je ook rugklachten krijgen. 

Maar alleen als je dat gezonde brood eet dag in dag uit blijven die rugklachten bij je voor de rest van je leven. 


En al die omatjes die een nieuwe heup moeten hebben? Allemaal broodeters. 

Ga je naar de dokter met gewrichts klachten en je vraagt: Heb ik misschien reuma?
Dokter zegt: Nee hoor, reuma begint bij je handen en polsen.
Maar waarom kan ik mijn teen niet meer bewegen dokter? Het gewricht is stuk! 
Dokter zegt: Geen idee. 

Laten we het daarbij houden, maar heb je regelmatig last van je gewrichten dan zal alleen een wiskunde professor niet proberen om gewoon eens een tijdje te stoppen met brood en al die andere tarwe producten... 

Tot opdatums, till updates.  


(21 Dec 2014) Because in a few days time I will have a new computer I thought why not upgrade my math type setting stuff to the present Miktex2.9?  

Of course I had to prove it once more:
On my computer it is impossible to include pictures in your math texts. 

To my surprise a true miracle happened: Not only after a few faults I was able to get one picture on a correct spot, on top of that even after making a pdf from it the output still looked the same! 

That sure was a miracle & that is item number one for today: 

Item 1) The Christmas miracle is there!

 Item 1) The Christmas miracle is there!

It is unbelievable but all those years in the past it was always the so called 'encapsulated postscript' or the eps extension that never worked. Jpg pictures worked better but also too unreliable. 

And now suddenly at least one picture is in the correct place, in the meantime I also discovered a new species of math professors: 


It is a true miracle; not only is the picture placed there where it is supposed to be (at the top of my 222 page long main article). But also this new species of math professors are looking very high IQ compared to the human variant that is only wasting tax payer money.

I am humming with satisfaction... 


Now why did I go to that website 

That is because I was looking at one of those video's that try to popularize quantum mechanics and I stumbled on a nice vid from the Imperial College London where they use alcohol to visualize muons in public places. And that too is a miracle.  

Quantum theory: it's unreal  


Many aspect of quantum physics look unreal, for example that entanglement stuff where is there is large spatial separation between entangled particles a measurement of the one rams the other particle into the same quantum state. 

Anyway, that is what they claim that happens over and over again but I have never done such experiments myself. 

End of this update.  


(16 Dec 2014) What did Hamilton do wrong when crafting the four dimensional quaternion numbers?  

After all he tried to find 3D complex numbers... 
Hamilton did about everything fault in trying to find 3D complex numbers, in this short update of 3 pages we analyze from what wrong assumptions he reasoned. 

Click on the next picture to land on those 3 pages: 



Source:  Liberation_Of_Algebra_part1.avi 

Further reading: Quaternion  

End of this update. 


(15 Dec 2014) This is a food update, we are pondering the question if all calories are born equal. So the zero hypothesis is that all calories are equal and it does not matter what food you eat against the alternative that some kinds of food are so that you will overeat & that you will die far to early...      

Item 1) Are all food calories born equal? 

 Item 1) Are all food calories born equal? 

Of course not all food calories are born equal, after all my own father died when he was only 67 years of age and with what I know now it was the bread and the wheat that killed him prematurely. 

I will not repeat the faults my parents made so for me it is simple: If I die beyond the age of about 72 years, in that case I stopped eating bread in time. 

And compared to my previous generation, I will have lived about five years longer. 


Now are all food calories born equal? 

Suppose there is food out that if you eat it, your body will refuse to burn fat but you are not aware of it. 

Does such food exist? 

Yes, your puffy fluffy bread is such a food. 
If you eat bread (or other food with all that high sugar index stuff), after getting satisfaction for your calorie need, your body refuses to burn fat.  

Don't believe me? 

Here is a simple graph of my own body weight, all the time when I was eating bread I could not go below 88 kilo of body mass. Even if on my bicycle I ride 500 kilometers week in week out, my body refused to go below 88 kilo of body mass...  


Are all food calories born equal? 

No they are not; in the next picture you see my own body weight and you must know I came down from weighing an amazing 109 kilo. 

But I was not able to go below 88 kilo, still staying in dangerous BMI index ranges. 

Only with simply skipping bread I was able to make it to what my goals actually were. 


And now, every week again and again I have to buy a few bags of nuts and overeat on my own terms. 

And not on the terms of the food industry. 


End of this update, till updates.  


(09 Dec 2014) A few updates back I joked a bit like the entire of humanity need at least 265 years to find only one exponential circle while I, Reinko, now publishes 10 more.
So on my own I did about 2600 years of average mathematical progress...  

Now can I improve on those 2600 years?
Yes I can; there is a formulae from Abraham de Moivre that even predates the first exponential circle as found by Leonhard Euler. But during the last centuries professional math professors have found two more, so until now they had only 3 of them. 

Well, with every exponential circle/curve you also have these Moivre formulaes.
I won't write them all out.
It is reasonable to add about 900 years improvement to the 2600 years, that gives a total of about 3500 years... ;) 

Item 1) Abraham de Moivre formulae, 3D version.

 Item 1) Abraham de Moivre formulae, 3D version.

In case you do not know what the Moivre formulae is, please study the next page first: 

De Moivre's formula

From the historical point of view this Moivre formulae is very important, for us living in the century number 21 it is hard to judge if Euler would have found the very first exponential circle if he would have no knowledge at all about the Moivre thing... 

But history is not a repeatable process, we can only guess and that's it. 


In three dimensions I took the circular multiplication and looked for the most simple Abraham de Moivre formulae I could think of. Of course that would be the square of the three coordinate functions of the exponential circle in 3D.

I made two versions of it, this is not an official publication or so nor are they 'teaser pictures' for impending publications. One way or the other; I have to obey the embargo years until the university people finally start acting normally. 

And that my dear reader, could take a long long time... 


The two versions are precisely the same in mathematical content, only the background is different. The first one is named kitsch & the second has the name normal. 

Here they are, this is the kitsch version with parquet: 


And precisely the same without any kitsch parquet in it: 



Don't forget: This is the most simple version of de Moivre formulas it you leave the two dimensional complex numbers.   

Let's leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(05 Dec 2014) Another detail of the Direchlet kernel in five dimensions, a small numerical proof from a detail of the sphere-cone equation in 5D.

Item 1) Diving in 5D with help of the Dirichlet kernel.

 Item 1) Diving in 5D with help of the Dirichlet kernel.

Ha ha, never in my life I would have thought this Dirichlet kernel would carry so much importance, but for the time being I am humming with satisfaction because it looks like this particular kernel fits a lot of exponential circles & curves. 

To be a bit more precise: They give me the actual coordinate functions & and together with a little bit of Floris Takens time delay musings it looks like I have found a very good yet partial description of  at least my theory until dimension number five...

Today only a small numerical detail, of course the math embargo is still out and until those weirdo's from the local university here in Groningen act starting doing normal the math embargo will be lifted. 

Anyway, here is the numerical detail: 


Never ever in my life I wrote an expression so long that only says it is zero all of the time. All that sinus stuff is only implementing the time delay from Floris while Reinko says it should be zero. 

Here is the numerical expression: 

f_0 * f_1 + f_1 * f_2 + f_2 *  f_3 + f_3 * f_4 + f_4 * f_0 =

((1/5)*sin(5*x)/sin(x)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-0.62832))/sin(x-0.62832)) + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-0.62832))/sin(x-0.62832)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.256637))/sin(x-1.256637)) + 
((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.256637))/sin(x-1.256637)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.8849556))/sin(x-1.8849556)) + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.8849556))/sin(x-1.8849556)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-2.513274))/sin(x-2.513274)) + 


Ha ha, anybody sees instantly this has to be zero... Or not? 

Till updates. 


(03 Dec 2014) Correction: I wrote Diriclet in the previous update where it should have been Dirichlet... Sorry for that.  

Now we have only one day of lifting the math publication embargo with this Dirichlet stuff, why not dive in a bit deeper? 

Item 1) Diving in 5D with the Dirichlet kernel. 

 Item 1) Diving in 5D with the Dirichlet kernel. 

To put it simple:  

Now I understand the usage of the modified Dirichlet kernel a little bit, computer proof that the sum of squares of the coordinate functions equals 1 is easy crafted. 
Just like the fact that the sum of the coordinates is also 1. 

Ha ha ha, this time around there is no mercy for the weird behavior of the local math professors here in Groningen: I applied just a little bit of Florens Takens time delay & as usual year in year out you will act like the weirdo's you are. 

But let's skip the emotional parts of my brain & dive into the good cognitive parts. 

The numerical parts of  my insights are easy to harvest, this picture clearly says the sum of squares of the coordinates equals 1, just like the sum of the coordinates does.

How to turn this into good math? So not that stupid computer proof math?


End of this update, till updates. 


(29 Nov 2014) Ok ok, today I am in a good mood so for one day the  math embargo & boycott is neglected. But it is only for one day...  

Item 1) Holy shit; are coordinate functions actually Dirichlet kernels? Why?

 Item 1) Holy shit; are coordinate functions actually Dirichlet kernels? Why?

Today I am in a good mood so I throw in an open problem I cannot solve myself.
I do not have any kind of proof for it, but lots of times the coordinate functions of exponential curves and stuff are a simple transformation of the so called Diriclet kernel from Fourier analysis. 

Why this is, I do not know. 


Useful links:  

Takens' theorem in action for the Lorenz chaotic attractor


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(26 Nov 2014) I finished turning the math text into 19 jpg pictures, so today the stuff can be published. Take your time, do not try to understand all 19 pages in one go...  

Item 1) Ten exponential circles and curves.

 Item 1) Ten exponential circles and curves.


Again, do absolutely not try to grasp everything directly. 
After all, it took me about one and a half year...  

Till updates. 


(25 Nov 2014) Today I finished turning the impending update on exponential circles & curves into internet-digestible jpg pictures; 19 of them. 

So before I hang these 19 pictures in this website, the last teaser picture is there.
And that is the only item of today: 

Item 1) The last teaser picture. 

  Item 1) The last teaser picture. 

This is the last teaser picture and in it I challenge all those dumb so called 'professional math professors' that think higher dimensional complex numbers do not exist.  

How much more fundamental proof do you need to understand humans are only a branch of primates, always having a bad brain day and never ever we are echo's of God. 

By the way, that goes for me too... 


But here is the last teaser before the hard math will strike in a few days of time. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(22 Nov 2014) The last years I always have problems with the telephone; people who are supposed to contact me cannot get through.   

I have accepted that as a fact of life; you might know I am not satisfied with math professors, but believe me: compared to math professors the real utter slime is police forces and stuff. Lately there are also more and more internet connection problems, for example I cannot even download a small 3,1 MB file from a company named Microsoft. 

And that is where I draw a line in the sand, the rest of this update is in the Dutch language. 

Item 1) Waarom doet dat internet zo gek?

 Item 1) Waarom doet dat internet zo gek?

Kijk dat mijn telefoon afgetapt wordt door die achterlijke politie, dat is iets waar ik al vele jaren mee weet te leven. Bovendien is er ook nog zoiets als fiets en met fiets kan je gewoon een handgeschrven briefje ergens heen brengen als dat nodig is zonder telefoon te gebruiken. 

Telefoon aftap is altijd makkelijk te begrijpen; er zijn altijd veel te veel van die enorm rare fouten. 

Bijv: Familielid maakt telefoontje, gesprek is afgelopen en familielid hangt op.
Daarna gaat de telefoon dan 1 keer over.  

Maak ik zelf telefoon gesprek en ik hang op, dan nooit gaat ie nog 1 keer over. 

En dat gaat dan rustig een maand of drie door totdat ik er iets van zeg op deze webpagina... En verhelpen ze de fout.  

Conclusie: Achterlijke politie die op 21 oktober 2001 begon met mij te stalken is mijn telefoonlijn aan het aftappen. 

Recent in het jaar 2014 zijn er weer allerlei telefoon problemen en omdat de laatste jaren onze minister Ronald Plasterk constant staat te beweren in het parlement dat zoiets altijd gaat met een ministeriële handtekening, heb ik een probleem met Ronald.
Maar ook met Opstelten want die gaat over de politie enzo. 

Kan dit soort van onzin eindelijk eens stoppen? 

Als je wat wilt weten gebruik dan de methode genaamd 'deurbel' ipv altijd dat laffe gedoe als telefoon taps en aanverwant laf gedrag... 


Geloof je me niet dat het internet enorm raar doet?
Hier is een eenvoudig screenshot bewijs dat ik niet eens 3 MB van Microsoft kan downloaden: 


Omdat onze mooie Ronald altijd van die mooie kletspraatjes heeft in het parlement en omdat de AIVD onder zijn bevoegdheid valt kan ik maar één ding zeggen tegen deze incompetente imbiciel: 

Sterf Ronald Plasterk, STERF!!! 

Maar goed, het kan ook een Opstelten probleem zijn. 


Laten we het daarbij houden. Tot opdatums. 

Till updates.  


(19 Nov 2014) Today I finally finished my oversight of exponential circles and curves. I restricted it to 10 because otherwise I would clearly break my own embargo that says:   

Only 10 to 20% of new results will be published until those crazy math professors finally will act in an adult way and not like inside the sandpit where small children play.  

Item 1) The last teaser picture for the exponential circles & curves.

 Item 1) The last teaser picture for the exponential circles & curves.


End of this update, till updates. 


(16 Nov 2014) About one year ago on 08 Nov 2013 I wrote an update on 17-dimensional exponential circles. Now ha ha ha , they do not exist at all. 

So I crafted a small correction on that particular update from about one year ago & that is the item for today. 

Item 1) Naming and shaming incompetent math professors.

 Item 1) Naming and shaming incompetent math professors.

Yeah yeah Marius, you said it yourself: 

Equations of Diophantus are more important. 

So bye bye professor number one... 



End of the start of the slaughter of math professors reputations... 

Till updates. 


(12 Nov 2014) From the previous update we had an open problem; the solution to that open problem will be given and a new open problem emerges. 
Ha ha ha, that new problem is not easy to solve in six days or so...  

Item 1) Leonhard Euler saves the day. 

  Item 1) Leonhard Euler saves the day. 

Ok, I did not set this up because when writing an oversight of all inns and outs of exponential circles and curves in low dimensions I finally had to tackle this problem.  

Let's not do difficult, the solution to the open math problem lies in understanding projections & also understanding as why in quantum mechanics all measurements are basically projections. 

So here is my solution to my open problem from six days ago: 


The last question is very philosophical.  

Till updates.  


 (06 Nov 2014) One item with a mathematical challenge to the entire global math community. I want a brain proof done by a human brain without the use of a machine...   

Item 1) Musings on an open problem.

  Item 1) Musings on an open problem.

It has to be true because if not all my other math work on higher dimensional complex numbers will come crashing down hard and after that I would feel the need to commit suicide or start eating bread again. 

But leaving jokes aside, why is the next problem that you see in the jpg picture below so hard to crack? My brain cannot prove it with just my brain & a bit of old fashioned paper & pencil. 

An internet applet for the exponential matrix gives (of course) the correct answer, but I refuse to bow for the wisdom of machines. I just want to understand the math with my own few pounds of human brain tissue...  

The number 1.047198 you see is of course pi divided by 3. 

So this is the open problem:

How do you, as a human with only paper & pencil, go from the 'entered square matrix' to the result? 


Ok, every day I am making a little bit of progress into my oversight of exponential curves and exponential circles. 

But this detail is still not solved in full order for a human mind... 


End of this update, till updates. 


(04 Nov 2014) A small food item that has some statistical clues that it is indeed the wrong food that makes you fat, food like bread that prevents your body from burning fat later on.  

Item 1) A trap door function named bread.

 Item 1) A trap door function named bread.

First a small anti bread rant; Why does bread score so enormously high on the sugar index (the glycemic index)? Where glucose is indexed at 100 whole wheat bread often scores ranges like 71 to 74. After all starch is starch isn't it? 

Modern bread as baked by the food industry not only contains elevated levels of gluten that ensures also whole wheat bread are those puffy sponge like things; the added amino acid L cystine acts as a gluten enhancer making the gluten properties even more dominant. 

Your bread contains all kinds of small bubbles, that is the gluten, the starch is (mostly) on the outside of all these miniscule small bubbles. That means the starch is smeared out over a large area. Just like your lungs and intestines have a large area, bread has the same. 

So there is also a down to earth simple mathematical reason why bread is so dangerous for the fluctuations in blood sugar; a slice of bread has a very large area of chemical interactions. On top of that the starch in bread breaks very easily down into sugars. 

That's why if you want to eat bread you better not eat bread at your breakfast but also bake your own bread. Add some onions and garlic (mix them with a blender with the water or the milk) and your bread will be much more compact and the glycemic load will be the same but it's glycemic index value will be much lower. 


To put it simple: bread is a crazy food that you should not be eating on a daily basis... 


Ok, now for those obese females. In an article in National Geographic they claim obese females have a lower income compared to thin females and obese males. Now I don't want to go into any sex oriented discussion, but only quote a very interesting statistical observation, quote (Nat Geo link): 

Shinall’s analysis found, somewhat counter-intuitively, that obese women are more likely to work in physical jobs than other jobs. In fact, the heavier a woman is, the more likely it is that she’ll work in a physical job. (Obese men are also more likely to have physical jobs, but that’s not true for morbidly obese men.)

Comment: There is absolutely nothing 'counter intuitively' about this; if you eat the wrong kinds of food like bread or you are even that stupid to drink the Coca Cola, after that your body refuses to burn fat. 

So if you eat the wrong kind of food, this is how you will look with all those fat rolls that no animal in nature has. This is the appearance of a typical bread eating person: 


Yet in practice there are huge differences, my sister grew bigger when she was in her teenage years. I started gaining weight when I was about 43 or 44 years of age. 

The principle of your body not capable of burning fat is just so important, if you can't burn fat you get all that hunger and all that hunger makes you eat more, collect more fat etc etc. 

In mathematics we call that a trap door function; it is easy to proceed but extremely hard to get back where you started from...

Let's leave it with that. 


(02 Nov 2014) One math item about a possible oversight of all exponential circles & exponential curves found until now.  

Item) This oversight might, or might not, be published here.

 Item) This oversight might, or might not, be published here.

Of course I have to take into account these are the embargo years so only a tiny fraction of valuable results can be published because of lack of interest from the academia's and universities. 

One can honestly say: The more money they have, the more stupid they are. 

Let's leave those non-performing people with that and let's look at a long teaser picture I crafted yesterday.
The only new result is the second five-dimensional exponential curve that you find at the end of the teaser picture. That is the only detail from the previous 15 pages that fall under the embargo. 

Once the university people finally after 23 or 24 years will start behaving normally, the embargo could be lifted. But say for yourself: If it is incompetent 23 years on a row, how likely is it they will do something about it? 

It is also important to emphasize that it is irritating the people from the universities act so cowardly but the other side of that coin is rather pleasant:
The university people only have their two dimensional complex numbers & all the higher dimensions are for me.

That is not a situation one should have fundamental complaints about... 


So my dear math professors from the local university in Groningen, why don't you eat a bit more of that healthy whole wheat bread? It's good for the brain isn't it? 

Till updates. Updated 03 Nov with an example that the sixth exponential curve indeed produces the basis vectors in five dimensional space, this was done with the circular multiplication so j^5 = 1 and basically the basis vectors are also the roots of unity with respect to five dimensions...

The applet we use is for calculating the exponential matrix, you can find it on


Ok, let's hope this brings some clarity inside the strange and weird heads of all those incompetent math professors that absolutely understand nothing about the higher dimensional complex numbers... 

End of this update within an update. 


 (31 Oct 2014) Food awareness is still on the climb here in my home country and that is logical because we want to avoid all those fatbags rolling around like we have in the USA. And although it is pretty common knowledge, I want to talk about the sugar index.

So this is today's food item: The glycemic index for your blood sugar level.  

Item 1) The glycemic index or the sugar index.

 Item 1) The glycemic index or the sugar index.

The problem with a food named bread is that your blood sugar index gets so high that if you eat bread your body cannot burn fat later on. If you are hungry and you beat your hunger via eating bread, your blood sugar goes from very low to very high. 

And your body simply decides to stop burning fat. 

Look at all these fat people; even if they do hard work like a farmer or a brick layer in house building, how come they are fat while they have all that hard labor going on? 

Very simple: Look at what they eat, they always eat bread. 

And after eating bread and going from hungry to saturated from bread, your body refuses to burn fat. And if you cannot burn fat you have to eat more and guess what they eat? More bread and wheat related products.  


If your body cannot burn fat, you might end up with all kinds of problems.
Like I had for about 30 years: In the middle of the night you wake up and you have to eat because you are so hungry. 

Ok ok, now I have stopped eating bread sometimes I wake up because I need something to eat. But it is no longer almost every night...
When I stopped eating bread my nightly eating disorder fades away. 


The glycemic index tries to compare food to the most sugary stuff around. 

The most sugary is of course a difficult concept because there are so many sugars chemically speaking, but as far as I known it is measured against the effect of glucose. 

I do not know if it is actually true, but if your blood measures one 100 that means one hundred mircrograms of sugar in 100 ml of blood. Well that is very interesting and it shows that medical doctors are math non-performers too because that would amount to 1 gram of glucose for every liter of blood you have. 

Again, I do not know if it is true because if I taste my own blood out of a wound or a cut, it always tastes much sweeter...  


In a reasonable world it might be expected that bread producing industries try to protect their stuff and launch propaganda affords. 

Indeed this is observed, here in my home country we have  and indeed at they explain why such measured of blood sugar reactions on bread are completely useless and not do-able.

They say: You have to eat four slices of bread without anything else. 

So they cannot perform the test. 


This is a lie, but ha ha ha it comes from the bread industry. 

Eggs and butter score extremely low on the sugar index, so with just some eggs and butter you could get a reliable score. But my home country bread industry does not want to know it. 


The above link is in the Dutch language, I love it that the bread industry does not like the sugar index. 

Just like those filthy math professors do not like my math stuff. 

Idiots run the place until they no longer run... 

Till updates. 


(30 Oct 2014) This day I stumbled on a French music composer under the name Yann Tiersen. If beside music sung by sexy chicks every now and then you are also into classical music, I strongly advise you to Youtube the Yann Tiersen name. 

For the remainder of this update, a small anti math-establishment rant.
Here we go with just one item: 

Item 1) After 23 years we still do not have the 3D version of the Mandelbrot fractal.

 Item 1) After 23 years we still do not have the 3D version of the Mandelbrot fractal.

Yes, how come that after 23 years there still is no three dimensional version of the Mandelbrot fractal? 

Well that is very simple to understand: when 23 or 24 years ago I discovered the three dimensional complex numbers all of the math professors here in Groningen were just too fucking stupid to understand just one iota from that. 

Now it is well known that stupidity is a choice of nature: 

If with your level of stupidity you can survive, nature ensures that you will stay on that level of stupidity. So the Groninger math professors cannot help it: nature rules. 

But as time goes by, for example over two decades, you might think the professional math professors might think twice and declare we made some faults back then but higher dimensional complex numbers are here to stay now they have been found for real. 


Nothing is far more from the present reality: Sheer incompetence still rules at the math department of the university here in Groningen. Always that bla bla bla as 'Working on the borders of human knowledge' but when push comes to shove the academic society here in Groningen is just another bunch of parasites.  


Now why do we still not have a 3D Mandelbrot set? 

Do not blame me but put the blame on the math department of the University of Groningen; They are the ones to blame.  

Let's leave it with that. 

Source of this update is a person wondering why we do not have a 3D Mandelbrot set: 

Till updates. 


(25 Oct 2014) Is our whole-wheat bread illegal according to our Dutch laws? 

This update is in the Dutch language because the local law is written in Dutch. 

Item 1) Voldoet volkorenbrood wel aan de wettelijke eisen mbt gluten?

 Item 1) Voldoet volkorenbrood wel aan de wettelijke eisen mbt gluten?

Kijk iedereen die wel eens een broodje bakt weet uit ervaring dat als je er allerlei extra spul in gooit zoals bijv tomaten en ui dat het brood dan slechter rijst.
Om toch veel extra ingredienten in je brood te krijgen zodat het iewat gezonder is moet je toch echt je hersens gebruiken om het brood goed te laten rijzen.
Bijv tikkeltje minder zout, beetje meer suiker, iets langer laten rijzen etc etc.

Nou hoe zit dat nu met ons volkorenbrood dat volgens de advertenties zo ontzettend gezond is?

Nou ja, een naief persoon zoals ik gaat gewoon het deeg eens uitwassen om te kijken wat je zoal aan dat gezonde gluten verkrijgt.

En, ha ha ha, er zit veel meer gluten in volkoren deeg.

Waarom is dat? Nou ja, als je wel eens een brood bakt dan weet je dat al die extra dingen in je brood ervoor zorgen dat het slechter rijst.

Maar met meer gluten erin kan je dat compenseren. Het is verboden maar de voedsel inspecteurs in ons land zijn onderdeel van het Ministerie van Landbouw. Dus de voedsel inspecteurs gaan echt niet moeilijk doen over wat gluten gezeik.

In wezen is het probleem veel breder; Geen enkele overheids organisatie controleerd of de ingredienten op de verpakking daadwerkelijk terug gevonden kunnen worden in het voedsel.
En of er missende vermeldingen zijn? Niemand weet het, alleen de fabrikant.


Nou waarom is al ons volkorenbrood illegaal?
Dat staat eenvoudigweg in het Warenwetbesluit Meel en Brood, artikel 16 om precies te zijn, quote:

Het woord 'volkoren' mag onderdeel uitmaken van de aanduiding van een in dit besluit bedoelde waar, voor zover in de aldus aangeduide waar [lees bijvoorbeeld volkorenmeel of volkorenbrood] alle van nature voorkomende bestanddelen van de desbetreffende graansoort in hun natuurlijke verhouding, al dan niet na een bewerking te hebben ondergaan, aanwezig zijn.

Commentaar: Als er echt meer gluten in volkoren brood zit dan in wit brood, dan is dat illegaal. En tja, jaar in jaar uit is volkoren meel altijd veel duurder dan gewone bloem dus de economisch wetten zeggen dat er iets aan het volkoren meel is toegevoegd dat het zoveel duurder maakt...

Bron van het citaat: 

Wat staat er over volkoren in de wet?


For the English speaking community: 

Rather likely the Dutch whole wheat bread is illegal by definition of our own Dutch laws. I do not have any problem with that. 

It is like Charles Darwin said: 

Nature will separate the idiots from the slightly less idiots & the slightly less idiots might eat less bread but will die anyway... 

Till updates.  


(23 Oct 2014) A small math item and a small food item. 

Item 1) 15 pages of five-dimensional complex numbers that do not get out. 
Item 2) The scientific journal Nature believes in 'beer bellies'.

 Item 1) 15 pages of five-dimensional complex numbers that do not get out. 

There is good news & there is bad news on the higher dimensional complex numbers. 

The good news is that if for example you make a Google search on 'three dimensional complex numbers' inside the 'picture search',  a picture + a link show up on page number one of the search results. 

That is good news because the bad news is that at all universities on a global scale they still stay numb. Ok ok, it is not very surprising all those universities stay numb. Like I said so often: all these professional math professors are incompetent.  

A very important characteristic of  an incompetent person doing a job above his or her capabilities is that when confronted with the setbacks of their incompetence, they always blame outside forces for the problems.


In the last 2 to 3 weeks I went on with the five dimensional complex numbers, I have to say I solved a problem that I thought would take years and years and years. 
But I cannot publish it because that would break my embargo rules. 

So unless the math professors change their weird weird attitude, there will be only void void void & more void. 


On 30 Jan of this year I published the first stuff on 5D complex numbers, if the incompetent professional math professors keep on with their routine it will also be the last...  Here is page 2 where the 30 Jan update is found.   

 Item 2) The scientific journal Nature believes in 'beer bellies'.

On the food front it is amazing how little people understand about food.
It has to be remarked however that understanding food is the same as understanding all proteins and all the possible interactions and compared to higher dimensional stuff of math, the latter is the cakewalk. 

But beer bellies do not exist. 

If a bread eater also consumes beer, most people contribute the body fat to the beer while it is the bread that causes all these fatty problems. 
Every day you can do the simple statistic testing for yourself in your local supermarket:  

What do fat people buy in your local supermarket? 

On statistical inspection, it is always those sugar stuff included the wheat sugars.
Let's leave it with that. says in an article: 

Fossils reveal 'beer-bellied dinosaur 


In general, when a beer is brewed properly, your body cannot get fat from it. 

But if you also eat bread, the story is very different. 

Till updates. 


(12 Oct 2014) Two food items: 
The first item in Dutch about food; the scientific council for long term government policy has written a piece about food. As you might know we the Dutch produce and export enormous amounts of food and as such the food industry is a large part of the economy.
The scientific council proposes that beside production of food it should also be safe to eat... I agree with that. 
The second item about the tremendous amount of food additives in the USA.

Item 1) Van landbouw naar voedselbeleid. 
Item 2) PEW on the 10.000+ food additives in the USA.

 Item 1) Van landbouw naar voedselbeleid.

Historisch gezien is landbouw natuurlijk een belangrijke pijler van onze economie, maar de laatste 50 jaar heeft de rest van de voedsel industrie steeds meer terrein gewonnen.
Met als resultaat dat bijv in bijna alle bouillion blokjes van die vreemde smaakversterkers zitten die absoluut niet in het originele bouillion zaten...
Het is maar een voorbeeld, maar in een verbazing wekkende hoeveelheid 'levensmiddelen' zitten allerlei stoffen die je lichaam niet kan verteren.
Mijn inschatting is dat we minstens vijf jaar te vroeg sterven, gemiddeld genomen natuurlijk, alleen omdat we al die rare voedsel producten hebben.

In wezen is het vrij eenvoudig om op termijn de voedsel situatie weer normaal te laten zijn. We moeten dan, net als bijv bij de BTW, onderscheid maken tussen het dagelijks voedsel en de luxe producten.
In het dagelijks voedsel mogen gewoon geen producten zitten die je lichaam niet kan verteren. In luxe eten mag alle rare spullen zitten die je niet direct dood doen vallen. 
Natuurlijk zijn daar direct al weer allerlei uitzonderingen op; groente en fruit is gezond omdat er oa vezels in zitten, die vezels zijn niet verteerbaar maar dat is juist één van de gezonde aspecten. En bijv dat conserverende spul dat botulisme voorkomt is niet echt gezond te noemen, maar dat botulisme gif is het sterkste gif dat bekend is. Met een kilotje kan je de hele mensheid uitroeien... Nou ok, dat E nummer mag er dus in.
Dus de regel is er mogen geen spullen in die je niet kunt verteren en daarna ga je kijken wat er dan toch aan niet verteerbaar spul in moet.

Voor de luxe spullen, zoals bijv brood met al dat onverteerbare gluten erin, kan de situatie min of meer blijven zoals zij is; wil je dat soort rotzooi eten, ga dan vooral je gang.


Maar goed even een quote uit het WRR rapport:

Van landbouw- naar voedselbeleid.
Een voedselbeleid houdt rekening met de uiteenlopende waarden rond voedsel,
met de samenhang tussen productie en consumptie en met de veranderde machtsverhoudingen.
Het overgaan van landbouw- naar voedselbeleid betekent niet dat aan de landbouw minder waarde moet worden gehecht: de primaire sector blijft een cruciaal onderdeel van het voedselnet. Het betekent wel dat de huidige en toekomstige maatschappelijke opgaven op het gebied van ecologie, volksgezondheid en robuustheid beleid vergen dat zich behalve op de landbouw ook op andere belangrijke spelers en vergen in het voedselnet richt.

Commentaar: Geen commentaar. 

Bron: Naar een voedselbeleid


In wezen is het dus extreem simpel:
Maak onderscheid tussen het dagelijks voedsel en de luxe producten.

Filosofische vraag: Zal dat gebeuren?

Praktisch antwoord: Natuurlijk niet, politici zijn achterlijk en dat zal niet veranderen.

Tegenvoorbeeld: Additieven in tabak.
Het is allang bekend dat er in tabak allerlei additieven zitten die er op lange termijn voor zorgen dat je meer en meer gaat roken.
Nou vele landen hebben een rookbeleid, maar de laatste 50 jaar heeft nul komma nul procent van al die politici en beleidsmakers ook maar iets gedaan aan de additieven in tabak.

En al die jaren was het zo simpel: Je mag in mijn land alleen tabak verkopen als er geen additieven in zitten. Echter in een halve eeuw tijd heeft geen land dit gedaan.

Mijn inschatting is dat het met voedsel net zo zal gaan... 

Meer over additieven in tabak: 

Tobacco additives 


Slotopmerking: Door de basis voedsel producten 'dagelijks voedsel' te noemen suggereer je meteen dat je die luxe producten niet dagelijks moet eten...

 Item 2) PEW on  the 10000+ food additives in the USA.

The best argument against a totally united Europe is not only the financial situation with a Federal Reserve that in fact is broken to the bone (try to sell 2 trillion of garbage bonds on the free markets) but also the food situation over there. 

The weirdo's over there have over 10 thousand strange food additives in their food chain. Needless to say when you have come to the point there are over 10 thousand weird things in you food chain that nobody understands, you will run into severe problems.  

How stupid can you be?
Thousands and thousands of poison in your food & not expect trouble.

We close this update with a picture of tobacco plants: 


Till updates. 


 (08 Oct 2014) After 50 days I close the second gluten experiment. 

So only one item: 

Item 1) After 50 days we close the second gluten experiment.  

 Item 1) After 50 days we close the second gluten experiment.  

After about 50 days I close the second gluten experiment because there are constantly those small white worms coming out and I think they are from the eggs of those metallic looking flies. 

And after all, the most important goal of the gluten experiments are to give solid prove that your body simply cannot digest the gluten that is in the wheat and the wheat related products like bread, pizza & all those other wheat products. 

The last four weeks the gluten experiment stuff was standing outside in the garden and guess what: Even nature cannot break the gluten down if it is in a fermentation state... 

But if nature cannot break it down, why do we eat stuff like this? 

Gluten is in all bread, pasta, pizza & a whole lot of other things. 

Why do you eat that stuff because it is more or less like rubber & as we all know if you eat rubber you will die prematurely from horrible illnesses.  


The food industry, they have their big big marketing budgets. 

I do not have big marketing money, but I have my brain and that is what I usually like to protect. Therefore just a picture of the second gluten experiment after 50 days of fermenting it with Camembert and beer yeast. 

Click on the picture for a larger version of 50 days waiting: 


After 50 days the gluten still does not rot and the food industry is using this in your daily bread. So take a nice bite tomorrow when you have your breakfast... 

Till updates. 


(02 Oct 2014) Correction and addendum. 
Yesterday I made a terrible mistake: 

I wrote 'specis' where it should have been 'species'. 

I don't know why I made that typo, it might be my mind was a bit more busy about completely destroying that Islamic state.  

Or it was something else that drove me towards self destruction via stupid mistakes. 


So that is the item for today: Correction & addendum. 

Item 1) Correction & addendum.

 Item 1) Correction & addendum.

Correction: It should have been 'species' and not specis. 


Again I am so sorry for making a typo, so I felt the heart strong desire to make the next addendum:  


Till updates.  


(01 Oct 2014) Let's keep on bombing that 'Islamic state' for a few decades my dear readers, only a few decades more will bring the lessons to those weirdo's that always say 'We love death while the enemy loves life'.  


After having said that, just a small food item about the strange prices of whole wheat flower for you whole wheat bread. 

Item 1) Why is whole wheat flower always so expensive? 

 Item 1) Why is whole wheat flower always so expensive? 

Ok, the wheat is milled layer by layer.
The outer parts are sold as cattle feed, the inner core is for the humans. 

Economics say: Human food is more expensive compared to the food for the cattle. 

Observation says: Over the years one kilo of white wheat flower is 35 cents while whole wheat flower is always 85 cents, so whole wheat is about 2.5 times more expensive compared to white wheat... 

Since I did buy my first bread machine over five years ago, I never understood why whole wheat was so expensive. It looked like the normal laws of capitalism did break down; why is it so much more expensive? 

A naive person might argue: since cattle feed is cheaper and since the milling of the 'whole grain' is cheaper compared to white wheat flower, all in all whole wheat flower should be the cheaper thing. 


Yes, in theory whole wheat should be cheaper, so what explains the extreme price differences over all the wheat brands over all the different supermarkets? 

The answer is found when you wash out the dough of a whole wheat bread; it contains much more gluten. 

And gluten is much more expensive. 

Why do they add more gluten to whole wheat? 

Very simple: Without the extra added gluten the whole wheat bread will not rise as nicely as your white wheat bread does. And if you buy that marketing trick that whole bread is more healthy compared to white bread, the food industry has you in the corner where they want you to be: 

Paying more for things that you think are healthy but in fact make you overeat. 


If you have a better explanation as why whole wheat is 2.5 times more expensive compared to standard white wheat over all these years, be my guest... 


Till updates.  


(27 Sept 2014) Two food items today, the first about the third gluten experiment and the second item is in the Dutch language about the lies of the government subsidized food center. 

Item 1) How to make cheese pizza without that expensive cheese.
Item 2) Een paar leugens van het voedingscentrum.

 Item 1) How to make cheese pizza without that expensive cheese.

Some time ago it was suddenly in the news that the food industry on a large scale made pizza's without actually using cheese. So you might wonder; how do they do that? 

Three weeks ago I started the third gluten experiment with the gluten from 1.1 kilo of whole wheat bread dough. I put it in a fertilizer bottle and put a piece of camembert on top of it plus a little bit of water. 

After some time it starts smelling strongly to cheese, actually it is very pleasant to smell. Anyway, below the gluten something started to grow and now after waiting three weeks I decided to turn it over. 

The stuff that has grown is now on top, the gluten is below that.
Click on the picture if you want to see a larger version: 


If you mix this strongly tasting stuff with hardened fat, color it yellow and grind it down into what looks like grinded cheese, you have an ultra cheap replacement for that expensive cheese. 

By the way, did you know that they make those stable food colorings and dyes from coal and petroleum? And did you know those food colorings are ultra-mega-über-safe because the governments allow them in the food...  

 Item 2) Een paar leugens van het voedingscentrum.

Kijk iedereen heeft recht op het spuiten van zijn of haar mening, maar het voedingscentrum zegt zelf uitsluitend wetenschappelijk bewezen feiten te gebruiken.  

Doen ze dat echt?  

Welnee, ze zijn echt achterlijk daar.
Bijv over gluten denken ze dat gluten normaal verteerd worden in je darmstelsel.
Nou ja, ik laat toch al weken en maanden lang zien dat dit niet zo is? 

Je lichaam maakt zelf ook allerlei stoffen die biologisch niet afbreekbaar zijn, bijv je gewrichten, je haar, je tanden en je huid om maar een paar to noemen.
Het is namelijk reuze handig als je huid niet elke week wegrot... 

Die voedingscentrum gasten snappen echt niets van voedsel, kijk maar naar de volgende quote: 

Niet waar. Gluten zijn eiwitten die normaal gesproken gewoon worden verteerd in je maagdarmstelsel. Een klein deel van de mensen is overgevoelig voor gluten. 
Zij moeten producten met gluten, zoals tarwebrood of speltbrood vermijden.

Commentaar: Veel meer bewijs dat ze bij het voedingscentrum echt helemaal niets over gluten weten is niet nodig. Maar, ik moet wel opmerking dat er in je darmflora wel degelijk afbraak van gluten plaatsvind. Echter dat is minimaal en ha ha ha, dat geeft juist die gluten morfines die er ook voor zorgen dat je elke dag brood wilt eten... 

Bron van bovenstaande quote: Gluten zijn slecht voor me denk ik


Ook interessant is hun gezwets en gezwam over jodium in het brood.    

Bron: Ik denk dat ik veel gezonder eet als ik helemaal geen brood eet

Kijk, dit is toch achterlijk? In zes sneetjes volkorenbood zit hooguit een kwart theelepel zout, in Nederland is al het zout allang gejodeerd. Je grbuikt toch ook zout bij het koken van aardappelen of op je eitje? 
Zie je hoe totaal achterlijk ze daar zijn bij dat voedingscentrum? Quote:  

Hoe krijg je genoeg jodium binnen als je geen brood eet?
6 sneetjes volkorenbrood bevatten 145 microgram jodium. Dat is bijna de dagelijkse aanbeveling. Dat kun je ook zo binnenkrijgen:

220 gram vette vis
of 5 kilo runderlappen
of 11 glazen halfvolle melk
of 7 kilo groenten
of 8 gekookte eieren
Dat bovenop de dagelijkse aanbevolen hoeveelheden die er al zijn. 

Commentaar: Dit is zo stom dat ik er gewoon geen commentaar op kan geven. 


Ik noem het voedingscentrum alleen maar omdat die met overheidsgeld overeind gehouden worden. Als al hun financiering van de voedsel industrie zou komen had ik ze nooit genoemd natuurlijk. 

Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(26 Sept 2014) Oh oh, everybody is nervous about the Islamic state but they forget our own food industry like the shitholes from Unilever kill much more people compared to what those weirdo's can cough up... 

So we neglect the weirdo's and dive in the third gluten experiment. 

Item 1) How whole is our whole wheat flower?

 Item 1) How whole is our whole wheat flower?

On 08 September I washed out 1.1 kilo dough made with whole wheat in order to check about the gluten in it.
Why whole wheat?
That is because most people think that whole bread is a healthy choice compared to white bread.  

After baking 1.1 kilo dough gives more or less one kilo bread. 

How much wet gluten is in it? 

The results are very sobering, after washing out the dough I was left with 170 grams of wet gluten. That means whole bread even has more gluten in it that white bread.  

Now what about fibers and bran? 
The food industry always advertises about the extreme high amount of fibers and bran in whole grain products. 

Well that is also very sobering; yes there is bran in it but it is all extremely short in length. Fibers need to have some length in order to help the stuff passing your intestines, this whole wheat bran is more like dust.  

Ok ok, if it is not digestible it is not unhealthy. But if you would ask me I would think a small bowl of pumpkin soup contains far more fibers and most of these fibers are much longer compared to the bran as found in the Albert Heijn whole wheat flower. 


If you know a big more about milling wheat you know that all ingredients from the wheat get separated because if you simply mill the whole grains the shelf life is a disaster.  

And if you check a lot of Youtube video's about milling whole flower you always see the same:
They separate the ingredients and for making 'whole flower' they add a bit of bran back into it. 

To put it simple: They fool you and you are not even aware that they fool you. 

If the whole flower would truly be whole flower the shelf life would be different, so what do I have in my kitchen and what is the maturity date? 

I have Albert Heijn Basic wheat flour (white) that expires on 5 Oct 2015 &
I have Albert Heijn Whole wheat flour that expires on 2 July 2015. 

Not that I eat that shit any longer, but you see the whole wheat also has a long long shelf life... (That means it isn't whole wheat flower, it is just another product that makes you overeat.) 

Here is how the first day of the third gluten experiment looks, this time I tried to prevent all kinds of infection via using my standard beer brewing & wine crafting knowledge. So the gluten was sterilized before the Camembert cheese was added... 


I heated the 170 grams of gluten in the magnetron, that made it less stiff and that is why you see that layer of brown gluten below the white Camembert. 


Now how 'whole' is our whole wheat flower? 

It is garbage just like the white wheat flower, some stuff is added back but that what is known as 'whole bread' is not a healthy food choice over white bread.
It is all garbage. 

Till updates. 


(25 Sept 2014) We love death and we seek martyrship... 

Item 1) The problem with ISIS, ISIL and Is stuff; lunatics to the bone.

 Item 1) The problem with ISIS, ISIL and Is stuff; lunatics to the bone.

The problem of a lot of those ISIS, ISIL & other Islamic state weirdo's is very simple to understand: 

Year in year out they say that they love death while the enemy loves life and year in year out they declare that they are actively seeking for being a martyr... 

And now, after only a tiny bit of air power done in Syria and Iraq, they complain that they do get killed... 

My dear mujahedin; Why do you complain about what you were seeking in the first place? 


End of this update, till updates.  


 (24 Sept 2014) Oh oh those ISIS people, they want an Islamic state but at the same time they are scrapping math from the things children should learn...
So there will be no Islamic state related to ISIS or ISIL.  
Anyway not in 500 years or so... 

Those lunatics will never understand it; memorizing the Koran is only for idiots with empty lives.  


Therefore in this update we only look at a nice gluten picture because the food of future generations is far more important compared to the ISIS stuff... 

Item 1) The gluten experiment as it looked on 15 September.

 Item 1) The gluten experiment as it looked on 15 September.

If you are young you can eat bread as a source of energy. The bread gives you an enormous amount of energy, look for example at those Tour the France bicycle runners that eat a lot of pasta made from wheat for breakfast.   

If you get older the disadvantages of industrial bread become more prevalent, and when the gluten comes leaking through your skin you might think it is about time to stop eating bread.  

The second gluten experiment was made from gluten as you can buy it in the bakery industry, the next photo once more explains that your body just cannot digest it. 


Your body, just like the rest of nature, cannot digest this.
So why do you eat bread? 


But what about fibers in vegetables? 

You cannot digest the fibers in fruits & vegetables.... 

That is true, but the fibers in fruits & vegetables do not come out leaking through your skin. 

End of this update.     


(18 Sept 2014) Only a food item; what food is the most dangerous? 

Item 1) What do obese people buy? What is the most dangerous food?
Item 2) What happens to your blood if you eat American & European food? 

 Item 1) What do obese people buy? What is the most dangerous food?

A long time ago my maximum weight was 109 kilo. So for me now I have lost all that weird fat and understanding a little bit more about the food we eat, it is always great to observe what those ultra fat people like 150+ kilo buy... 

A few weeks back I observed one of the ultra fat throwing his stuff on the cash conveyer belt in the supermarket and it went like this: 

1) Four bottles of Coca Cola or six liters of that stuff.
2) Three loaves of white bread, about 2.5 kilo around here.
3) Two pounds of diet margarine. 

What are the dangers lurking within these food choices? 

1) Coca Cola; six liters of Coca Cola contain over 3 grams of Phosphoric acid, anyway that is what the Coca Cola company claims but there is no way of checking if indeed that level is there.
Phosphoric acid is great stuff, it can easily get as low as 1.5 on the pH scale of acid thingelings... So what is 3 grams?

2) Bread, it is loaded with that nice stuff named gluten and if you are young and have healthy intestines, you can retrieve a lot of energy from it. The energy you get is a huge amount  because bread is basically sugars & water. 
All that talk of vitamins & minerals is nonsense.
Well gluten is discussed enough around here; if eating bread can give you Alzheimer, why not eat a bit more of that because every body is seeking Alzheimer... 

3) The diet margarine is a so called 'health product' as crafted by the food industry. Nobody checks if what is on the list of ingredients is actually inside the product. (Anyway in my country never ever it is the government agencies that discover the crimes done, in my country the food inspectors work for the Agriculture ministry.)   


My dear reader, please use your own brain: 

What food is the most dangerous? 

I would go for number 3, for about 50 years I knew what to eat but when I chanced diet and used a so called 'health product' crafted by Becel (from the Unilever conglomerate) I developed much deeper health problems related to the gluten from number 2.

So I would say the so called 'health food' from weirdo's like Becel are just as dangerous as Coca Cola or the bread. 

 Item 2) What happens to your blood if you eat American & European food? 

For myself speaking, I stopped using all refined sugar decades ago.
But decades ago I did not understand that bread is just pure sugar and a bit of water. 

At present day we can observe what the sugar does to our blood, it is fascinating how our bodies easily can withstand such attacks.  

Your red blood cells should be separated in order to transport as much oxygen as needed, so what happens if you eat your ordinary American or European meal???


Till updates. 


 (15 Sept 2014) A math update and lately these have to obey the embargo:
Only 10 to at most 20% of new results will be published.  

Item 1) Using 3D numbers to describe the superposition of 3 quantum states.

 Item 1) Using 3D numbers to describe the superposition of 3 quantum states.

I will not deny it is a bit weird to publish only about 10% of new results, but the present day universities are filled with people that are not capable of finding higher dimension complex numbers for themselves. 
And at the same time, they think their research is important & they publish 80 to 90% of new results found. 

Publish or perish they say. 

It is just like all those bread eaters that guess what, after eating bread just a few hours later they are hungry again. Those bread eaters cannot go without a meal for 18 hours and still feel no hunger, those people are the lunatics of understanding food... 


After having said that, the superposition stuff is found in the link if you click on the next picture: 


Till updates.  


(14 Sept 2014) Today an item on flight number 17.    

Item 1) Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov wonders why this and why that.

 Item 1) Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov wonders why this and why that.

With interest I did read the comments of Sergei about our Dutch folks having lack of interest to aggressively do research on the site where flight number 17 ended.  

Well those comments are all very interesting, but what more can be found over there? 

The stuff is spread over a 9 kilometer range, we have good pictures of penetrated skin of the aircraft. Also nice; inside the bodies of the pilots metal pieces have been found. 

So if Russia would like to be helpful, please share the technical details of the metals the BUK system spreads out.  

If the Russians are not willing to share those important details, please Sergei, can you shut up your mouth? 


Russian Times reporting Sergei wondering the lack of Dutch enthusiasm: 

Lavrov: No haste in MH17 tragedy probe, despite media hype  


Let's leave it with that, till updates.   


(11 Sept 2014) Ha ha, originally I planned an extremely insulting update for New York Pizza on this lovely day; for example the promotion of a food additive made from air plane fuselage in order to make people even eat more more and more...  

But since it looks like the Ukrainians can act like adults I decided to change course.
Hard to say how the Ukrainian equation will evolve, but I want to stress an extremely important point:
Until now we only have a few thousands of deaths, given the start of this all with the ouster of prez Viktor this is a miracle. Normally spoken we would have at least 20 to 30 thousands of deaths. 

So whatever happens and whatever the emotions are, do not forget that my dear Ukrainians... 


Ok, since the Ukrainians behave a bit like they are adults, why not a tiny bit of math flown in?  

Item 1) Teaser picture for the update on superposition of quantum states.

 Item 1) Teaser picture for the update on superposition of quantum states.

Later this week I will finish the stuff.
I already crafted a teaser picture in order to draw a bit of attention from the math community, not that the professional math professors will understand it, but anyway here is the teaser picture: 


Later this week I will finish the details. 

Till updates. 


(10 Sept 2014) There is an old love of mine where I compare total financial debt growth to real economical growth, before the so called 'credit crises' broke out I understood it would be there. 

So after the credit crisis has waned and the USA is showing strong economical growth while Europe still licks it's wounds, have we learned anything? 

Item 1) Credit crises update; have we learned anything?

 Item 1) Credit crises update; have we learned anything?

If inside any economy the debt levels are always rising faster than the underlying economy, at one point in time there will be problems observed when it comes to paying back the debt owned.  

You can argue that one dollar of debt is one dollar of ownership for another party, but that is just a dumb as stating one calorie in = one calorie out. 

To put it simple; a fish hook in = a fish hook out? You cannot eat fish hooks because they have a strong capacity of never leaving your body. 


One of the best internet links that still lives today is from the USA Federal Reserve, for me it took some time to understand the dimensions of the information that is offered within.
But basically if debt growth gets to large some shaving will be done, so how is the USA doing from the year 1979 until 2014 when it comes to total debt of only  42.5582 trillion US$?

Understanding long term growth is simple; back in 1979 the same statistic was 3.5965 trillion so over the decades total debt levels are about 12 times as high. 

Now 2014 - 1979 = 35 years of timespan, so average debt growth would be about 12^(1/35) = 7.35% of debt growth a year. 

Needless to say, USA economic growth is not 7% year on year. 

So the USA is still living in fantasy land when it comes to debt and credit stuff. 

Source file:  D.3 Credit Market Debt Outstanding by Sector 


Let's leave it with that because the folks will only learn stuff via crashes that 'nobody has ever foreseen'. 

Till updates.    


(08 Sept 2014) Will the cease fire in the Ukrainian landscape last? 
Or is there a strong emotional reason for longer war activities?
So that is what we ponder today;  

Item 1) Will the Ukrainian cease fire last?

  Item 1) Will the Ukrainian cease fire last?

Let's not do difficult; the last time I gave some advice to Kiev about a new 10 day cease fire it was not followed up and in that 10 day time frame some Dutch plane was shot from the skies... 

From Kiev came sounds like 'never ever a new temporary cease fire'. 
So let it be. 

Well now a few weeks later, a new cease fire is in place.
Will it work? 

That depends on the nice thing known as 'rigid battlefield discipline', are the Ukrainian military forces just another bunch of Vodka drinkers or do they use their brain also for other activities? 

Until now, as the weeks pass and pass, it looks like the separatists have more of that vague stuff known as the rigid battlefield discipline.  


Let's leave it with that. 


But the flag looks nice, it symbolizes blue skies over yellow wheat fields...
Till updates.  


(07 Sept 2014) Gluten fermentation update. 

Item 1) After 20 days the gluten is still going strong.

 Item 1) After 20 days the gluten is still going strong.

Although the gluten has been compromised by flies that have laid their eggs in it, the gluten still refuses to rot. On the contrary, there is a lovely smell coming off with lots of cheesy flavors in the air. 

This second gluten experiment is a success because even when flies have laid their eggs in it, the gluten still refuses to surrender it's molecular buildup. It still does not rot, on the contrary it is definitely weakening but it still smells good. 

So I can understand why the food industry makes all those taste multipliers with this stuff, yet the human body cannot digest this so it is the same as eating plastic or synthetic rubber... 

This is how it looks after 20 days: 


On the left you see the Camembert version and on the right the beer yeast version. 

A standard bread contains about 10% of it's weight in gluten, furthermore a standard bread as baked by the food industry also contains food additives that enforce the properties of the gluten. 

These people from the food industry, they are crazy beyond belief.
Why do they do this? And you, why do you eat this? 

Till updates. 


(06 Sept 2014) Musings on human suicides; we compare global figures against USA military veterans.  

Item 1) US military suicides versus the global population.

 Item 1) US military suicides versus the global population.

According to some United Nations outlet there are about 800.000 suicides a year globally speaking. To be honest, I do not have a clue if this figure is a good estimation of total global suicides. 

If for simplicity we take total humanity as 7 billion people, that would amount to 1 in every 8750 persons that kill themselves each year.  

From the US military veterans we know that about 22 military vets kill themselves on a daily basis, that would be about 8000 a year. 

If all figures are correct (once more: I know absolutely nothing about suicide statistics) the US military vets are about 1% of global human suicides. 


Is this an elevated number? 

That depends on how large the pool of US military veterans is, if the suicide rate among US military vets is the same as for the whole human population, the size of the military vets would be about 70 million. 

(70 million = 1% of 7 billion.) 

Of course there are no 70 million US military veterans, how much have served over the decades I do not know but any fool can see that indeed suicide rates are very high. 

So we wonder as why the US military veterans are so depressed that the only way out they see is killing themselves because that is the only thing that will make the suffering less... 


Two very different explanations: 

Explanation 1: USA military veterans are extremely highly standing humans and once they understand that the War on Terror is not precisely what Fox News tells them, they feel remorse for what they have done and the only way out is to kill yourself. 

Explanation 2: They all eat weird food, right now there are about 10.000 different food additives in the USA food chain so there is no avoiding it. So their brains got literally sick from the weird food they eat, and that explains the high level of not only military veteran suicides but also overall murder rates in the USA.  


For me it is clear; if you eat the wrong food and it passes the brain-blood barrier, not much of a miracle that both murder rates and suicide rates will be elevated big time. 

If you think otherwise, go visit the USA and eat their food for just a few weeks... 


Source of the picture: A CNN file about daily average suicide of vets; 

Why suicide rate among military vets may be more than 22 a day 

And the ridiculous number of weird food additives is found on the Washington Post; 

Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes  


End of this update. Till updates.  


(05 Sept 2014) A short update on why antibiotics are used in cattle food. 

Item 1) A strong paradox observed, grass fed versus grain fed cattle. 

Item 1) A strong paradox observed, grass fed versus grain fed cattle.  

Most people are aware of the fact that antibiotics are mixed with the feed that is given to the cattle. Of course that is a reason for concern because once a new superbug is there, it cannot be killed by existing antibiotics. 

But what I did not know was the little fact that antibiotics are mixed in when the animals start eating grains... Most of the time the rationale that is given goes like:
Well these animals are kept in crowed conditions and if one animal gets sick the entire herd goes to death and since we love our cattle we give them a tiny bit antibiotics. 

That might all be true, but I was unaware that it was so strong related with dietary changes towards being grain fed cattle... 

And if you think about it, do cows eat grains in the wild?
No, they eat grass, grass and more grass. 
And what about pigs and chickens?
In the wild, do they eat grains at all?  

And if you compare fruits to grains; for a lot of fruits the seeds can only shoot root if they have passed the digestive system of an animal. For example wild apples cannot shoot root if they have not been eaten.
Yet grains do not need animals, hence there is no evolutionary reason as why grains should be healthy. All grains have their form of gluten and that is their stockpile of energy to grow a new generation of that particular grain.  


So the paradox is simple: 

If cattle goes on a grain based diet, they need antibiotics.
If we humans eat grains, it is always supposed to be healthy. 


Yet not all grains are pure poison of course, I cannot stand rye but I love rice. 
Not that it has much nutrition value, but I like it a lot. 

By the way; Why do they feed cattle grain?
Answer: It makes them gain weight fast. 

But in humans, the bread does not make you overweight. 
Anyway, that is what those weirdo's from the food industry claim. 
Just a dumb as Coca Cola stating you should drink the phosphoric acid in their product because phosphor plays an important role in the energy transport inside all living stuff... Idiots is what they are. 

Food for thought: 


Till updates. 


(03 Sept 2014) Another fantastic food product observed: Meat glue. 
In item 3 the latest pictures of the second gluten experiment.

Item 1) Transglutaminase: Safe to use food product for gluing meat and fish... 
Item 2) Transglutaminase: When it comes out through your skin. 
Item 3) Finally after 16 days the gluten starts to rot... 

 Item 1) Transglutaminate: Safe to use food product for gluing meat and fish...

The 'trans' in transglutaminase is not so important; it is a chemical thing.
It means that in the Lewis representation of a molecule all hydrogen atoms are also found on the other side; the lewis representation is symmetrical. 

You can buy this stuff for use in the kitchen, you can use it to glue together different kinds of meat. For example an expensive thin slice of beef on the outside and on the inside cheap pork, and voila there is a brand new meat product. 

You also use it to glue fish to bones from land animals or the other way around. 


In the USA the stuff is approved by the Food & Drug Agency.
In the history of humanity the FDA is surely one of the most retarded health agencies, just look at the average street view in the USA with all those one yard wide people; they all eat healthy food approved by the FDA... 

This is how the products look that you can make of it, it might look cute but all gluten related products are pure poison so you better not eat this kind of stuff. 


So far for this weird gluten products that once more states where the name gluten comes from: it comes from glue. 

  Item 2) Transglutaminate: When it comes out through your skin.

A few times I have told you that when I had that nasty skin condition related to health products from a company named Unilever, the gluten came out of my skin. 

But that was based on only one observation when I put one of the last gluten grains that came out of my skin under the microscope. So I was a bit unsure as to write it down because I could not repeat the experiment. 

For me, since the gluten is not bio degradable by our bodies, those skin diseases are only a manner of the body to get rid of the excess gluten that enters you bloodstream.
But it is hard to find confirmation of that in medical related literature...

Yet it has been found before, just a small quote: 

Anti-transglutaminase antibodies are found in celiac disease and may play a role in the small bowel damage in response to dietary gliadin that characterises this condition.[3] In the related conditiondermatitis herpetiformis, in which small bowel changes are often found and which responds to dietary exclusion of gliadin-containing wheat products, epidermal transglutaminase is the predominant autoantigen.[5] 

Source: Transglutaminase  

Comment: The words 'epidermal transglutaminase' means the stuff coming out through your skin. Why does it come out through your skin?
Well your body cannot process all that is in the wheat and bread, so if you live long enough the damage will accumulate so that finally the food industry can kill you. 

 Item 3) Finally after 16 days the gluten starts to rot... 

In the first gluten rot experiment after about 10 days the rot did set in.
In the second gluten experiment where I try to ferment it with beer yeast and Camembert fungus it takes a lot longer for the rot to set in. 

Now if you are a bread eater, about 10% of the weight of the bread is the gluten.
After 16 days the Camembert version looks like this (click on the picture for a larger version):   


So the next time you are eating bread or pasta, try to use your brain and do not forget the food industry is just another gigantic dynamical system that is controlled by nobody and only expands and expands and expands... 

Till updates. 


(01 Sept 2014) It would be easy to craft another anti food industry update, but you cannot live on food alone. So a tiny tiny math update about whole numbers. 
And, ok ok, a small update on another Fields winner. 

Item 1) The Tuthola of a natural number. 
Item 2) How far can you break down computer programs?  

  Item 1) The Tuthola of a natural number.

What gluten is in the bakery industry (a product you cannot digest) is the Tuthola for natural numbers. A very important mathematical fact is that all numbers have a unique prime factor representation, for example 15 = 3*5 and no other set of prime numbers can make up 15. 

Now what is the Tuthola of a number? 

For that we need a minor change what a prime number is, as you all know the first prime numbers are given by 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and so on.
So in that language 5 is the third prime numbers. 

Now for the Tuthola to be meaningful, 1 should also be counted as a prime number and if you do not like that you have to take a different technical path. 

1 = prime number 1
2 = prime number 2
3 = prime number 3
5 = prime number 4
7 = prime number 5
11 = prime number 6
13 = prime number 7 and so on and so on. 

We place all prime numbers on a long long list and we number that list... 


Let us calculate, as an example, the Tuthola of the number 2310.
Why 2310?
Well the product of the first six primes is 1*2*3*5*7*11 = 2310. 

The first Tuthola layer is therefore given by 1*2*3*4*5*6 = 720.  

Now 720 also has a prime factorization and that is easy to find if you have the first Tuthola layer: 

720 = 2*2*2*2*3*3*5. 

From this prime factorization we make a new Tuthola layer, that is the second Tuthola layer. Now the factors 2 and 3 are Tuthola 2 and 3 but 5 is Tuthola 4. 

So the Tuthola of 720 becomes 576 because 

576 = 2*2*2*2*2*2*3*3.

Therefore the Tuthola of 2310 is 576 and the Tuthola process is two layers deep.  


All other layers of Tuthola for 576 stay at 576 because for all the factors we have 

Tut (2) = 2 and
Tut (3) = 3 

And inevitably whatever big prime factorization you start with, all natural numbers have their Tuthola decomposition.  

 Item 2) How far can you break down computer programs?   

Oops, that is a difficult question because present day computer programs do not allow for prime decomposition of building factors. 

But beside that Iranian chick that received a Fields medal did a guy named Subhash Knot also get one? 

If so, congratulations, but do not think you are anything special. 

A grand vision for the impossible 


End of this update.  


(31 Aug 2014) Two items, the second one is in Dutch:  

Item 1) Gluten fermentation after 14 days; it smells strong. 
Item 2) Goedkope leugens van het Voorlichtingsbureau Brood.

  Item 1) Gluten fermentation after 14 days; it smells strong.

You know there are all those websites and all those articles about the gluten from wheat, but nobody does conduct any kind of experiment with it anyway. 

My dear reader, if you are a bread eater you should at least once in your lifetime wash out the dough until you have a nice ball of pure gluten.
The washing out is a very primitive way of how your body processes bread, and since we live in a free world, after that you can decide for yourself if you want to eat that stuff. 


The food industry is making the five gluten salts (they are all taste multipliers, or taste enhancers as they say) from fermented gluten.
So I decided to ferment a bit of gluten for myself and in the picture below you can see how 125 gram of gluten looks after 14 days.  


Needless to say; your body cannot digest it but I still have to carry out the gluten experiment with dipping it in battery acid for more ridged validation of this. 

The reason I have not carried out the battery acid experiment is simple: 
Almost all companies that sell car parts do not sell battery acid and those that do do not sell it to consumers.  


The smell of the fermenting gluten is strong, but it is not so strong I have to remove it from the kitchen. After 14 days the Camembert gluten is even a little bit pleasant, of course you cannot eat it but from a distance of about one meter it is not a bad smell.  

 Item 2) Goedkope leugens van het Voorlichtingsbureau Brood.

Die vieze vuile kaffers van het Voorlichtingsbureau Brood spuiten hun vieze vuile leugens weer eens rond.

Zo zou brood je bijvoorbeeld niet dik maken.

Die vieze vuile namaak Joden weten het weer leuk te brengen:

Gebruik niet meer dan de Dagelijks Aanbevolen Hoeveelheid & je zult lang en gelukkig leven.

Dat vieze gore ongedierte gaat toch eventjes voorbij aan mijn persoonlijke ervaringen;
wat ik ook deed mijn zogenaamde Body Mass Index bleef hangen in gevaarlijke hoogtes en alleen radicaal stoppen met al dat tarwe gedoe bracht verlichting. 

En in het laatste jaar van mijn brood etende leven at ik maar 2 sneetjes zelfgebakken brood per dag; ongeveer 180 gram per dag. Nou zelfs 180 gram kan al forse schade toebrengen weet ik nu. 

Ronduit walgelijk is hun stom gezwets, beneden is een link naar de vieze vuile kaffers van het Voorlichtingsbureau Brood en daarin kun je een plaatje vinden van een graankorrel.

Nou, denk jij dat je die hele graankorrel in je brood krijgt?

Vergeet het maar, alleen het zetmeel deel krijg je in je brood en van de rest maken ze veevoer.

Nou dan ga je toch samen met je kindertjes een gezond bruinbrood kopen?
Ach tja, doe maar eens een Google search op 'kleinbrood verbeteringsmiddel' en dan blijkt dat het verschil tussen witbrood en bruinbrood alleen de gebruikte kleurmiddelen zijn...

Achterlijk en verraderlijk tot op het bot zijn ze bij instanties als het Voorlichtingsbureau Brood.


Is brood een dikmaker?


End of this update, till updates. 


(30Aug 2014) More on the pig hair that is used in bread; why is it not on the list of ingredients of our beloved bread that is given to us by The Lord? 

Item 1) Another safe to use food number observed: E 920. 
Item 2) When it comes to bread, people will never learn it. 

  Item 1) Another safe to use food number observed: E 920.

Ok ok, E 920 is an amino acid (those amino acids are the building blocks for the larger proteins) and it is found in animal hairs and also in bird feathers. 

It is also found in grains, but the scary thing is they say it is made via fermentation... 

So very likely E 920 is another fantastic fermentation product made from gluten. 

Those food industry engineers; stupid without borders. 


Anyway, to make a long story short: Why Do They Use That Stuff? 

Simple answer: It makes the bread even more fluffy and lightweight. 

So adding E 920 makes the elastic properties of the gluten even more prevalent, and I wonder how stupid you can be. 

Because even the food engineers visit the funerals of their parents and their grand parents when they have died from lovely diseases like dementia.  

And those food engineers, they do not understand they did not only kill their own parents prematurely but also their own children will die before their time. 

Don't forget, animals never ever develop Alzheimer or dementia, it has to be a food problem... 

Link (in Dutch) 
Nederlandse fabrikanten gebruiken plantaardige L-cysteïne


Why is E 920 not on the list of 'used ingredients'? 
That is because the food industry succeeded in convincing the European food authorities that it is not found back in the final product and as such it 'only helps' in the baking process.
Well, go to the supermarket and buy some of that bread.
Go home and cut a bit of your own hair, put it on fire and smell the smell.
Now you put a leave of your supermarket bread in a toaster, turn it on and enjoy the smell. 

You clearly smell the smell of burned hair, it is subtle but it is there...    

 Item 2) When it comes to bread, people will never learn it. 

I already linked to part II of an anti-gluten tirade from that USA medical doctor Auer, but in part I of that anti gluten tirade the next hilarious quote is found (source): 

In 1843, a physician named Stanislas Tanchou spoke at the Paris Medical Society Conference. He claimed that he could predict the cancer rates in major European cities over the next 50 years. He based his predictions on the percentage of grains being consumed in each major city. What is astonishing is that, over time, his predictions turned out to be correct. In the cities that had the highest grain consumption, cancer rates were the highest. This is in stark contrast to the fact that in populations who did not consume grains, cancer did not exist.

Comment: This is amazing and I was shaking from laughter when you see that year 1843. For so long the dangers of grain must be known but nothing happens of course. 

Predicting cancer rates accurately over 150 years ago and today the bakers of the bread still do not understand what they are baking... 

Once more; I am shaking from laughter, but I am now free of that weird stuff the laughter comes easily.  


It is not for nothing I am accusing the food industry of taking down the average lifespan of the population by at at least five years.  

So for my home country where we have about 16 to 17 million citizens, that would amount to about 80 to 85 million stolen years of life. 

And that my dear reader, influences a whole lot of people. 


End of this update, if I count it correctly this was update number 32 on our beloved food industry. Till updates. 


 (29 Aug 2014) More on gluten; a nice picture from under the microscope.  

Item 1) What is so special about the wheat gluten?

 Item 1) What is so special about the wheat gluten?

Now don't get me wrong, I do not hate the wheat or even the gluten in it.
For the wheat the gluten is a perfect way to story protein, just like all other grains have their form of storage of proteins.  

There is nothing wrong with that. 

Yet when I had that skin disease named Lupus, I had those weird stuff coming out of my skin. And I should have done it earlier, but at the end stages I finally put it under the microscope.   

The evening I put it under the microscope was also the evening I washed out one kilo of bread dough and I swear what I saw under the microscope looked a lot like that washing out of the wheat dough... 


My skin got healthier and I was not able to reproduce what in a great hurry I only observed for a few seconds. 

Of course I will not return to my old ways of eating bread now I have recovered from that weird kind of food. 

And I cannot prove it but for me it was clear; that gluten that cannot be processed by my body is trying to get out via my skin.  

Don't forget that the human body is far more complicated than the higher dimensional complex numbers & we all know how popular the higher complex numbers are: 

Zero point zero popularity in academic circles... 


From a screenshot from a previous Youtubber, gluten looks like this under a more advanced microscope: 


Just look at it; if you know your body cannot break this down, guess three times what will happen if it gets into your bloodstream? 


Source file of the picture is that Youtubber at about the 25-th minute: 

Spectrum of gluten related disorders  


The relation with stuff like Alzheimer's disease is not obvious, but one very interesting thing about that brain sickness that there is a whole lot of stickiness observed. 

So from the statistical point of view it is very simple:  

Have all patients with Alzheimer been eating wheat bread all of their lives yes or no?  

My guess is that you can only get the lovely Alzheimer disease if you are eating bread... 

More on the sources of Alzheimer in another Youtubber: 

Unraveling the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease 


Understanding gluten is a fine art.  

End of this update, till updates. 


(28 Aug 2014) Holy cow; there seems to be a book with the title: 
Complex Numbers The Higher Dimensional Forms. 

So that is the item of today. 

Item 1) This is weird; is it an American that found them too?

 Item 1) This is weird; is it an American that found them too?

By sheer coincidence I found that guy named Dennis Morris that wrote a book with the title above and I was curious about the content. 

So I went to the bookstore, but even with the ISBN numbers it was not available. 
So I looked up the publisher, but the publisher published only one book. 
And that book is about the higher dimensional complex numbers.   


It is not hard to guess what has happened: 
Because without doubt that publisher has gone broke because even on the academic level like the universities and other forms of higher education, nobody is waiting for higher dimensional complex numbers.  

I know that from experience for about 23 years, the book from Dennis was published in the year 2007.  

Dennis, I can tell you these university professors are a disaster just like the food engineers in your country and on my continent: 
Only when disaster strikes they will change course. 

In the meantime Dennis, all the average professional math professor can handle is the two dimensional complex plane. 

They are the people that live in the flat land & are capable of getting a fairly overpaid salary from it and boatloads of social standing. Because if you are a professional professor in mathematics, all other people think you are actually a very smart person... 


This is how the cover of the book looks: 


Poor Dennis, the average professional math professor is just too fucking stupid to understand higher dimensional complex numbers in the first place. 


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


 (27 Aug 2014) Update number 30 on the food stuff already... 
Two items, an update on the gluten fermentation and a 70 minutes long Youtubber on why we get fat. 

Item 1) The Camembert version after 8.5 days. 
Item 2) Wise remarks from a guy named Gary Taubes; why we get fat. 

  Item 1) The Camembert version after 8.5 days. 

This is day number nine in fermenting the wheat gluten, in the first experiment where I only tried to make the gluten rot it was already much more liquid compared to the more controlled versions with Camembert and a home brew beer yeast depot.   

The smell is also much less, but it is definitely a strong smell and I understand much better why the food industry is using dangerous stuff like this. 

Dangerous? Well, to my body it is.
How far this is dangerous to the general public, I don't know. 

This is how the Camembert version looks after 8.5 days, the gluten gets softer and softer but it is still extremely sticky. May be it is the sticky property that damages the inside of your intestines; it simply rips off the follicles that are in your intestines.
(Until now I have no proof for that, so it is speculation but it is not unfounded.)
Here is the picture: 


You still see the cheese in the middle, the fungus is spreading out more and more and it smells hefty like cheese... 

But seriously; you cannot eat this. 

 Item 2) Wise remarks from a guy named Gary Taubes; why we get fat. 

The Gary guy has a physics study done at Harvard so I have to say that makes the information he is sharing a bit more reliable compared to weird people like here who are working for a semi-governmental institute like the Food Center where you have all those lunatics promoting eating bread. 

The Youtube video is 70 minutes long and likely that is above the attention span of a lot of readers, but it is not unwise that somewhere in your life you look at all those 70 minutes. 

Why We Get Fat 

I also would like to point towards a society where obesity it not much of a general problem; that society is Japan. 

Japanese folks are known to be huge consumers of green tea, but in the Western society green tea is associated with tree huggers and other forms of peacenic behavior.

Yet I know from personal experience that even if you are a bread eater, if you are severely overweight green tea helps you to burn fat. 
How it works I don't know, remark that chemistry is a difficult science especially when you talk about the large molecules that run bio stuff. 

But from the Gary video I would like to capture the next screenshot on how our fat cells regulate themselves; stuff goes in stuff goes out & indeed every fat cell is also a complicated dynamical system... 


To put it simple: 

If you eat the wrong foods, you body cannot retrieve energy from it's basin of body fat and you end up feeling hungry. So you eat another slice of bread...  


End of update number 30 on the wonderful food industry.
Till updates. 


 (26 Aug 2014) Humming with pleasure we have update number 29 on the food industry. Why am I humming with pleasure?
Well the more I learn about our daily bread that is given to us by The Lord, the more I hate it. 

The funny thing about food is that for every opinion that is out there, you can also find completely contradicting opinions. Even on something like olive oil the opinions vary widely from all fat is dangerous to embracement of non saturated fats... 

Two items today: 

 Item 1) Wow man, that is a hefty weight loss overnight. 
 Item 2) History talking; UK 1930 or so with a picture of celiac kids. 

 Item 1) Wow man, that is a hefty weight loss overnight.

Since I am off the bread every morning I weigh my own body.
In statistical terms that gives a so called time series. 

From experience I know that if you eat bread it is hard work to shed weight, but I am not like those lazy Americans and I am willing to work hard. But hard work only got me from 109 kilo to 88 and I could not dive below that... 

Ok, about 80 days ago I decided to cut more crap and that crap has the name bread on it. 

The last five data entries from my time series are: 


Needless to say that the morning weight of 82.3 to one day later 81.1 is huge. 

Losing 1.2 kilo overnight cannot be explained by a bit of food more or less or going to the toilet a bit more or less. 

It's as simple as it is; once you are off that fucking bread your body becomes the self regulating dynamical system that The Lord has given to you. 

 Item 2) History talking; UK 1930 or so with a picture of celiac kids. 

Here in the Western world we take care of ourselves, we only eat healthy foods and under the eye of government institutions that say 'unhealthy foods simply do not exist' we are getting older and happier and wiser by the year. 

Only in weird places like Africa you have all that famine and those kids with swollen stomachs... 

Now here is an old picture from the UK dating back to the 1930-ties or so. 

Don't they look just like those African malnutrition kids? 


Now if you go out and just ride a bit around, don't you observe an amazing lot of adults that have those disproportional big bellies?  

These people are obese by the standard of Body Mass Index, but they are just as malnutritioned as the kids as shown above.  


Source of the picture:
Spectrum of gluten related disorders (by Alessio Fasano)

Let's leave it with that & say hello to Unilever and all her wise food engineers. 

Till updates. 


 (25 Aug 2014) Two items today, ok when attacking the food industry you can easily cough up 20 items a day for a year long.  

The items of today is the shortest possible anti-wheat or anti-bread rap possible plus the Unilever problem. 

I am skipping the fact that the Russians are cracking down on McDonnalds, just beat the shit out of that weird food company my dear Russians... 

Item 1) In the three languages that I can speak: Bread rhymes on ... 
Item 2) Unilever brand Becel and that stream of lies.

 Item 1) In the three languages that I can speak: Bread rhymes on ...

In a conversation I can speak more or less three languages, namely my home language Dutch, furthermore I can speak English and the language of our neighbors the Germans. 

So in these three languages we ponder what bread rhymes on... 

English Bread rhymes on dead
Dutch Brood rijmt op dood
German Brot hört wie tot.

It makes me wonder; are our forefathers trying to tell us something or is this just a sheer coincidence? 

End of the shortest anti-bread rap possible. 

Item 2) Unilever brand Becel and that stream of lies. 

If here in the Dutch landscape you do a Google search for 'broodbuik', in the English language that is a bread belly, still the first advertisement link is from Becel. 

Becel is a brand from Unilever and lately I decided to do to Unilever what other organizations like the Pentagon have endured for a couple of years... 

Let's not do difficult about this; Unilever represents the power of the food industry so if I can take those weirdo's out of power guess what will happen?
You will live longer by at least five years. 

So before the slaughter is done to Unilever, the moral justification is not only the joy my brain will have but also making the population live at least five years longer... 

Now you Unilever fuckheads still promote the stuff that gave me the first serious skin sickness known as Lupus. And you still talk your dumb stuff when it comes to eating fat while in the products you promote we have all those funny E number ranging from E 621 through E 625 also known as the gluten salts. 

Why the fuck should you put gluten salts inside a so called 'healthy product'? 


Did you know that Becel Kitchen contains more omega 3 compared to the same amount of olive oil? 

It might be true, but it also contains a gigantic amount of gluten salts. 

Therefore my dear Unilever, you are the one that has to be slaughtered. Seeking dialog is not a viable option. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(24 Aug 2014) A picture of day six of the gluten fermentation experiment.  

Item 1) Day six; it starts to smell but it can stay in the kitchen until now.

 Item 1) Day six; it starts to smell but it can stay in the kitchen until now.

This is how the gluten with the beer yeast is looking after six days, it has clearly lost it's rubber like structure but it is still extremely sticky.
It is getting softer and softer but it is very obvious you absolutely cannot eat this stuff. 

Yet in all wheat based bread about 10% of the weight is this weird stuff that is not bio-degradable for the human body.  


From stuff like this they make the food taste multipliers that are based on fermented gluten; here in Europe these taste multipliers have the E numbers 621 through 625.  

And from the food industry you get all that bla bla bla that it makes tasting salt stronger, as such suggesting they can add less salt so that is good for you.
Yet in practice, most processed food simply contains too much salt so once more they talk bullshit. 

The two batches, one with the beer yeast and the other with the Camembert smell very different; so with fermentations like this you can make a wide variety of smells & tastes and as such these are not 'taste multipliers' at all. 

It is artificially making taste and after that it is added as a taste additive, not a multiplier on existing taste... 

And it is dirt cheap to make; this stuff must be a good cash cow for the food industry. 


Yet how come that with using only one product from the food industry, to be precise a 'health product' from the branch Becel from the food multinational Unilever I developed that funny skin sickness known as Lupus? 

Can only one percent of fermented gluten give you Lupus? 

Yes it can, furthermore the food industry and the food engineers simply do not give a shit if some additive is bio-degradable or not in your body.
Never ever in the history of 20-th century food that has been a consideration. 

These people, these food engineers, they are fucked up crazy. 

We must kill them before they kill us... 


End of this update, till updates. 


(23 Aug 2014) Oh oh my dear Ukrainian authorities, thanks for not attacking that humanitarian aid convoy, but please I beg you: Can You Stop Being Childish All Of The Time??? 

We constantly have this and that, for example the black box of flight 17 would definitely be tampered with. Of course it was not... 

Ok, from my side the stuff stays the same:
Swift in & swift out for the white trucks from Russia.  


We proceed with the food updates, this is update number 26 on that giant dynamical system known as the food industry. 

Item 1) A picture on the gluten fermentation experiment, day six. 
Item 2) More reasons why obese people always eat bread.  

 Item 1) A picture on the gluten fermentation experiment, day six.

The gluten experiment goes fine, after six days the stuff starts to break down a little bit in the sense it is not a hard rubber ball but slowly it gets softer and more stickier.  

I only have one problem:
My daughter has the memory card of my camera, and now I can not retrieve photo's from my camera.  

So let's replace the photo with a nice pic from our beloved internet: 


After six days of fermentation it starts to smell, but I can still let it be in the kitchen because the smell is not awful enough. 

It is hard to describe, but I understand as why gluten fermented taste multipliers are important to the food industry: It is a dirt cheap way to make strong smells.  

All that garbage that using taste multipliers makes using extra salt not needed, it is garbage... It is garbage because we all know that in processed food most of the time it is also loaded with too much salt. 

Fuck you my dear food industry; gluten based taste multipliers are a cheap way to produce smell & taste to the weird products you sell to us. 


 Item 2) More reasons why obese people always eat bread.  

This process of overeating does not fall from the sky but is deeply rooted into how the food industry works. It is important to emphasize that most workers in the food industry are not evil by definition; only the food engineers are all crazy as hell and should be confronted harsh & rough. 

The food engineers have the knowledge, but they use it only to suck in the profits by adding all those weird and strange food additives. 


Ok, why do we overeat? 

Difficult problems like overeating have many root sources, the damage done to the indigestive system is one of the greatest. Because that skews your capability to suck in what you need on a large scale. 

Our human bodies are rather complicated dynamical systems themselves, so could there be more reasons as why bread and all other wheat products make you obese? 

Yes there is, eating bread and pasta is very simple to understand because it is just like the heroin cycle. Heroin lives shortly in the body, after that the junkie needs another shot. You can fight a heroin addiction with methadone because methadone lasts about 48 hours in the human body.  

So a heroin addict, if he or she wants it, can fight the addiction by making it controllable using methadone. Because methadone stays so long in the body, you can use that to downsize your daily intake without the sickness from the withdrawal.   

You might think what heroin junkies have to do with the bread that is given to us by The Lord?  

It is the same cycle; bread eaters never eat bread only once a week.
No daily intake is the least and preferably a few times every day. 


Look at video number five where that USA medical doctor explains a bit more on how sugar blood levels influence your behavior... 

Key fundamentals of health

Basically eating bread ensures that you cannot burn fat, that is why we have all these fat people walking around and why the food industry promotes eating bread because of the fibers that are in it. 

Ok ok, the food industry is the food industry, so most fibers in bread simply are pig hairs, but that is another story...  

End of this update, till updates. 


 (22 Aug 2014) Two corrections, one small and one big.   

Item 1) Small stuff; this math Fields medal looks ok. 
Item 2) The leaking gut syndrome test does not look ok. 

 Item 1) Small stuff; this Fields medal looks ok.

Lately a chick named Maryam Mirzakhani won the Fields medal. 
Most of the time they go to Jews and stuff and very often it is completely incomprehensible as why this math should be important anyway.  

Think for example at the Langlands program; weird stuff from the beginning because many years later I do not have one clue at what it is about. 

Yesterday and today I read a few lines from Maryan, and I have to say I do not understand it either, but it looks a whole lot better compared to vague stuff like the Langlands program. 


Furthermore the Fields medal only goes to youngsters, so my advice to 
Maryam would be: 

Never feed your children American bread. 


 Item 2) The leaking gut syndrome test does not look ok. 

Oh oh a few days back I thought there was indeed a test that showed if you had leaky guts that make all that shit from the food industry leaking into your bloodstream. 

Such a test does not exist.  

The test only measures if you have anti-bodies against gluten in your blood. 

But you only have anti-bodies in your white blood cells if you just like me have the wrong genes for your white blood cells... 

All those people that have the 'good genes' will still have leaky gut syndrome from eating bread or other wheat related products. 

The gluten is so sticky, you should not eat that stuff. 

All those other grains have not the wide health related problems that wheat has, for example I am extremely allergic to rye since I was child. So I avoid rye automatically since I was child. But with wheat there is no escaping it; it is everywhere... 

A nice breakdown of what actually is inside our beloved wheat is like this: 


Ha ha ha, the 'gluten breakdown' is very interesting to talk about hours and hours but we are not going to that.  

We will hit the button named 'publish website' and pop another gluten free beer as I make them myself... 

Source of the picture: Understanding gluten - Part II

Till updates. 


 (21 Aug 2014) Lately the Fields medal has been rewarded again and since the Fields medal is the highest possible prize in mathematics it is needless to say that 'The empire strikes back'. 
But I also have these boundary conditions in place:
At most 10% of new results will be published... 

So I decided to write a nice thingeling about quantum states where the superposition of quantum states is written with three dimensional complex numbers. 

There is nothing new in that, it is just a simple application of the ocean of math that could be found in the higher dimensional complex numbers. 

So the embargo will still be in place while the empire strikes back...  


After having said that, weren't we on some food thing? 

Yes we are, today we have one item: 

Item 1) More on the gluten from wheat.

 Item 1) More on the gluten from wheat.

The second gluten experiment goes fine until now, after a few days all those fruit flies got interested in the fermenting gluten so I put it in a pan so the fruit flies could not release their air power... 

After four days the stuff starts to swell, another clear indication that for the human body the present day gluten is not bio-degradable... 

Ok ok there might be some bacteria inside your intestines that actually live on gluten, but only if you have done the washing out the dough you will understand these bacteria can only scratch the surface of the gluten that is formed in your intestines.   

So take your time, make that wheat dough & wash it out. 

Only when you have done the washing yourself you understand you should not eat that stuff, in particular you should not eat present day bread as sold in the supermarkets. 


The food industry is also making food additives from gluten. 

So I decided to make my own E numbers. 

After four days into the second experiment it starts to break down the gluten for the purpose of that particular fungus: Camembert fungus against my own beer yeast. 

This is how it looks, it is swelling nicely suggesting fermentation is taking hold:


Yeah yeah, we all love the food industry. 


But what has been done to the wheat is exactly the same as has been done the the bees: 

Hollowing out the genetic diversity makes it weak in the long run.  

End of this update.  


(19 Aug 2014) And constantly those people from  the food industry say that research has shown these food additives are safe to eat.
But if I look into the details, it is 50 year old worse executed research.  

Item 1) Let the science to the talking.

 Item 1) Let the science to the talking.

The five taste multipliers made from fermenting gluten are here in Europe known as E 621 through E 625, they are all different salts made with fermented gluten. 

My own experiment with fermenting gluten looks like this after two days (remark that two days in your body the gluten still is intact, it is not bio degradable for the human body). 

The Camanbert fungus is already spreading out a little bit while the beer yeast at first sight does not do much: 


Here in the Dutch landscape you have some agency named Voedingscentrum (the Feed Center) and they advice the public about food. 

They also have an encyclopedia with more information, so I looked up what they said about those taste multipliers. And on all those pro-food industry websites it is constantly the same: 

They all say it is made from natural products.
Why that should be important I don't know, the thing that counts is if your bady can digest it yes or no.
Mineral oil and iron ore are also natural products, yet we do not eat that... 

Another characteristic is that these five gluten salts are 'carefully investigated' on health effects. But when I try to find something all they cough up is sheer horror: 

Some lousy investigation only talks about 150 persons with asthma who were given a gluten salt versus a placebo. 


From the statistical point of view this is garbage science; for a binomial variable to measure effect sharp enough you need over a 1000 people.
Just like in the election polls; 150 people is just far to small to be reliable... 

This is pure & plain garbage science. 


So let me try to explain how you should put up a statistical reliable test that measures if these gluten salts have negative health effects: 

With what I know now, I would factor it against the gluten intake.
So I would randomly put each individual from a 1500 size group into six different groups like this. Let's call that factor I, that is the food intake before the experiment: 

Factor I:
Group 1) Three weeks long gluten in every meal, so bread & pasta. 
Group 2) Two weeks long gluten in every meal, so bread & pasta. 
Group 3) One weeks long gluten in every meal, so bread & pasta. 
Group 4) Three weeks long totally gluten free, so no bread & pasta. 
Group 5) Three weeks long totally gluten free, so no bread & pasta. 
Group 6) Three weeks long totally gluten free, so no bread & pasta.   

After that randomly having a strong gluten salt exposure yes or no. 


But it can easily done in another way because these days there seems to be a test for having the so called 'leaky gut syndrome'. This name is a bit misleading because your intestines do not leak into your stomach but into your bloodstream. 

It is a blood test as far as I know; they can see if there is garbage into your bloodstream.  

Well all 1500 volunteers for the experiment undergo this test but they are not told what the outcome is. 

So that is factor II: Separate the 1500 in two groups based upon that blood test. 

After that again randomly exposure to a lot of gluten salts yes or no. 


The two factors can even be combined... 


Now my dear assholes of the Voedingsinstituut; that is the way it should be done and not your stupid ways of coughing up some 50 year old garbage study into only 150 asthma patients. If you have only 150 people, no wonder the results will be inconclusive.  

But my criticism goes much deeper:
If it is inconclusive, that does not say it is safe to eat.  

Years and years ago I already explained how to conduct your statistical tests when measuring poison. In the years thereafter, just as an example, testing the poison dioxine here in the Dutch landscape was finally done the way it should have been done all those years.  

I published it here on 17 Oct 2008 in relation with the Chinese baby milk scandal, but years before that I was able to make that info more widespread. 

Hypothesis testing 


The locals might recognize a few of the Food Lunatics in the next picture: 


The guy in the middle is the CEO of the Food Center and he will be replaced by a shithole from the Unilever company. 

I mention him because he has weird things to say all the time, like 'There is no dangerous food'.
My response would be: Just go out in the city and look at all those people. 

The name of this worthless CEO is Felix Cohen, and he also says:
'All we are saying is let science do the talking'. 

Well ok you shithead Felix, that is why today's item has it's title:
It is your science versus mine. 


The chick in the picture is also extremely dangerous, but may I have to wait for her parents to develop that lovely thing known as the Alzheimers disease before she gets her act together. 


Links; in Dutch upon the gluten salts: 

Glutamaat / 

The second picture is from a food blog in the Dutch language: 

Felix Cohen is klaar bij het voedingscentrum / 

Till updates. 


 (17 Aug 2014) A short item on the Ukraine equation and the second item is that second experiment of fermentation of the gluten from wheat. 

 Item 1) The Ukrainian equation. 
 Item 2) Trying to ferment the gluten from wheat.


 Item 1) The Ukrainian equation.

Yesterday the Ukrainian prez came out stating a Russian military convoy has invaded the Ukraine and the the army had destroyed parts of the military convoy.
And I, with my dumb head, even believed it because I was operating from the point of view that Petro has his cognitive functions nicely on a straight line...
So I could not bake cake from that news and I was thinking that may be the humanitarian convoy was already in the Ukraine and that may be because it could get attacked some Russian military stuff was there.

But today again the almost 300 trucks were still not in the Ukraine so this all got a bit more weird. 

Well, as far as stuff is standing now, it was all a pipe dream; there simply was no Russian military convoy in the Ukraine... 


Well to make a long story short; 

It would be nice if on a very short notice at least 50 to 80 trucks could go there and deliver the help goods. The Ukrainian government and military forces have the right to respond when they come under attack.
Furthermore, things should go swift; 
Trucks in, deliver goods, trucks out. 

It is reasonable that if needed, some refugees can come back with those trucks, but again delivery should go swift and all in all this is Ukrainian territory so there is only one boss & that is the Ukrainian government... 


That was it, but as a last remark I would like to compliment the Ukrainian military that from an army on paper they have managed to be some real army in a relatively short time. 

That means my dear Ukrainians, that by far not all hope is lost. 

End of this item. 

 Item 2) Trying to ferment the gluten from wheat.

About two weeks ago I washed out the gluten from one kilo of standard bread dough and it was strange to hold into my hands the sticky rubber like stuff that likely killed my father. 

I tried to make the stuff rot and after 3 full days it's structure got weaker and after five days it smelled so foul I had to replace it from the kitchen to the back of my house. 

Two days later the foul smell, with a lot of cheese tones in it, came through all doors so I had to place it outside the house into the garden. 

Now it is very fluid like and still smells very strong, it constantly attracts the attention of flies...  

One thing is clear; if you get gluten in your body, it just does not dissolve fast enough. So it should not be in the food chain at all, but ha ha ha it is the skeleton of the bread and if you are young you do not drop dead from it but it gives you plenty of energy. 


Ok, I have not bought some battery acid but now I have a full kilo of pure gluten I can experiment on it as why we have all those weird taste multipliers that here in Europe go under the E number system as E 621 through E625.  

These are made from gluten but since the wheat gluten are simply not bio-degradable enough, they might actually be poison. 


Now I have a kilo of that stuff, here is the start of the second experiment: 

Now I am not trying desperately to make it rot, but I put a bit of French cheese with it and a depot of beer yeast.  

It is important to remark that I suspect the French cheese named Camembert to have successfully made it to gluten experiment number 1 because that has all that cheese tones in it's smell. 

Weird detail: If on the internet you search for 'fermenting gluten' it is hard to find anything meaningful. Oh oh my dear food industry, are you hiding some information? 

The start of the second gluten experiment looks like this: 


And if asphalt was an E number, without doubt the food industry would use it because it causes enough damage that if you put it in diluted, people will overeat without knowing why. 

It is time to hit the button named 'publish website' so till updates my dear reader. 


(16 Aug 2014) One item about the evolution of the food industry.  
This is attack/update number 21 on the food industry & the joys those shitholes bring... 

Item 1) The lifespan / foodintake equation.

 Item 1) The lifespan / foodintake equation.

Don't worry, we are not going to solve difficult equations but we will only be looking at a very simple example with a few easy numbers in it. 

As said many times, the food industry will constantly put all kinds of additives in food products in order to make you overeat. You might think that this defies logic because if you constantly overeat you will live shorter and as such the food industry will make less money from you. 

Over your entire lifespan you will have used a particular amount of money to buy food, ok ok we have always inflation so a dollar or a euro from when you were young should be recalculated to when you die. But that is standard financial calculations and for us it is not important exactly how much money the average person spends on food during his or her lifespan. 

Let's give it the letter F, so F = all money spend on food during your life. 

Suppose all my life I would have been healthy and always have a normal weight below all definitions of overweight/obesitas and so. For my length about 80 kilo would be considered a healthy weight. 

So for me, F is the standard money spend in my life when I would be healthy and normal weight all the time. 

In the USA there are plenty of folks with a body mass index of 35 or higher, for my length that would be something like 120 kilo, so that is about 50% above a healthy body weight.

In order to stay that fat you need to intake more calories, for simplicity lets assume you also need 50% calories more and that you actually spend 50% more on food than I do. 



If a person is 50% too heavy compared to healthy weight the situation is actually a bit more difficult because: 

1) If you are that fat you are also much more lazy and less active so you need lower than 50% extra calories to have stable overweight.
2) If you are that fat your body is much less efficient in using the food, therefore you need even higher than 50% extra calories to have stable weight. 

I assume these two things cancel each other out... 

End intermezzo. 


Furthermore, being so fat shortens your lifespan.
I have no idea about average premature death related to obesity, but for simplicity assume you live 10% shorter. 


Now we have two money spenders: 

1) Me being healthy all the time and I spend F money on food and stuff, versus 

2) The fat person from 120 kilo, spending 50% more but 10% shorter lifespan. 

How much will the food industry earn on the fat person? 


Spending 50% more over your lifespan means multiplying by 1.50
Living 10% shorter of your lifespan means multiplying by 0.90 

The result over your lifespan is F * 1.50 * 0.90 = 1.35 

The number 1.35 means the food industry will take in 35% extra turnover & profits from people that are about 50% overweight. 


You see on the scale of things the food industry has no interest at all in having you a healthy life with maximum lifespan. On the contrary, their interests are best served when everybody eats to much... 

Now take in your mind the average American street view: 

All these fat & dumb people do indeed their stinking best to make the food industry a good investment for guy like Warren Buffet who, as you might have noticed, is not obese when it comes to body fat... 

End of this update, till updates.  


(15 Aug 2014) Two items today, the first item is about teenagers that supposedly are reading this website. One would think have they no games to play or facebook pages to visit or so?   

The second item is not an attack on the food industry, but an advertisement for Mulder Pot in Kropswolde near Zuidlaren. There you can buy 100% wheat gluten... 

Item 1) Teenagers reading this website? 
Item 2) Advertisement for Mulder Pot in the village of Kropswolde.

 Item 1) Teenagers reading this website?

I absolutely do not track any website visitors in any way, but clearly when I am in the city the way folks react makes it clear to me that a whole lot of teenagers are also visiting this website. 

That is a compliment because the last time I looked young was from before the invention of the stone age... 

But I considered it cute so I mixed a bit of science in a blender; a bit of math, a bit of chemical thingelings, a bit of planet shaped things.
And the end result is a 3 page long pdf file under the title 

Water Planet 

The basic idea is very simple: 

Water molecules are very small, so we calculate how much water molecules go into 1 liter of water.
Let's name that number X.
After that we are going to calculate how much volume X liters is. 

So we compare X liter against X molecules that make up one liter of water. 

That's all, no hard core higher dimensional stuff. Just some large numbers. 

As usual, click on the pic for a download of the pdf file: 



 Item 2) Advertisement for Mulder Pot in the village of Kropswolde.

If you are one of those people that want to bake their own bread because the food industry is putting stuff like modified pig hair into the bread usually sold in the supermarkets, you need good ingredients. 

And if you are one of those people that like to experiment with the pure gluten that is inside the grain named wheat, locally you can buy pure gluten locally at Mulder Pot. 


Now suppose all those horror stories about wheat gluten are actually true, so that we now have a theoretical model that explains a lot of the obesity stuff but also a lot of the brain sickness of depression and even the elderly sickness of Alzheimer, it is important to emphasize that folks like Mulder Pot are not the enemy. 

The enemy is the gluten and all those weirdo's that refuse to take it out of the food chain. 

Is it that hard to change the food chain? 

Yes it is because every body in the food chain is sitting on a small island and what can they do? They can do only their best using their local knowledge. 

That is all they can do. 


But there is a lot that sticks to that gluten hypothesis, for myself speaking I do not know if indeed gluten can pass the blood-brain barrier in our elderly. 

Yet if stuff like that is confirmed, we would have a down to earth model for a wide range of weird things. For example why do people commit suicide while animals living in natural conditions almost never choose that path? 

If there is fucking gluten inside your brain, what can you do? 


In the next picture you see the yellow bag that has about 100% of pure gluten, it costs 5 € per kilo. In the back you see a 25 kilo bag of barley.
The axe is added for reasons of fun only. 


End of this update, but hey now we are approaching another 911 anniversary of the 2001 attacks in New York, once more I like to ask the Americans: 

Still going strong and getting fatter & more stupid by the day? 


Till updates.  


(14 Aug 2014) Update number 19 on those food industry shitholes; two items:  

Item 1) There is pighair in the bread. 
Item 2) When does Coca Cola fall apart? 

 Item 1) There is pighair in the bread.

On a local news channel today (RTL7 to be precise) there was the news that there is hair in the bread. 

Well I know this for many years because I did not buy a bread machine for nothing; the fact there is modified pig hair in the bread is known to me for a couple of years.
So I decided to make my own bread because that pighair detail is not on the list of ingredients. 

If you put a slice of bread from the supermarket in your bread toaster, you can smell there is something in it made of hair. 

The RTL7 news reporter, dumb and naive as she is, asked why all ingredients should be on the package because 'may be you need 3 or 4 A4 size of information'. 
But that is precise what we want and what we need; may be now almost nobody is allergic for pig hair but if the food industry goes on as she does decade in decade out, unavoidable food allergies will only rise more and more.  

Just like in our children allergic reactions on nuts like peanuts are rising year in year out; if we do not talk the language of the coffins against the food industry, they will talk that language to our kids... 

It is as simple as it is; let's kill and slaughter those weirdo's. 

 Item 2) When does Coca Cola fall apart? 

It seems that if you add a little bit of milk to a bottle of cola, after some time it falls apart into separate stuff like in the picture below. 

If on the website Youtube you search of cola and milk, the first two clips that pop up have an amazingly different time frame.
In the one clip it takes just one hour, in the other an amazing 6 hour time lapse is reported. 

I did not understand why the times were so different, but yesterday we observed that in the USA the cola also contains brominated vegetable oil. And that brome stuff is an additive that prevents the cola from falling apart... 

If the time lapses are indeed that different (I did not do the experiment myself) likely it is the brominated vegetable oil that explains the difference.  


The two Youtube clips with the different time lapses: 

Coke mixed with milk experiment /
Coke mixed with milk experiment /


At the end of this days update we ponder a philosophical question:  

How can we get the Americans towards a healthy lifestyle using vegetable oil? 


All you have to do is add brominated vegetable oil to the cola. 


End of this update on pighair and a metal named brome.  


(13 Aug 2014) In update number 18 on the shitholes from the food industry we take another look at the most worthless company in the world: Coca Cola.

Item 1) From phosphoric acid to brominated oil, it is all safe says Coca Cola...

Item 1) From phosphoric acid to brominated oil, it is all safe says Coca Cola...

On 10 Aug we looked at two engineered food products, bread and Coca Cola, and we observed how for example consuming the phosphoric acid in cola can lead to higher intake of other foods like bread that bring their own poison with them. 
The phosphoric acid washes out the calcium in your bones so one or two days later you suddenly have an appetite for food with calcium like bread and milk. After all you have to replenish your calcium stockpile otherwise your bones get too weak. 

Therefore it is so stupid that the food industry say that it is the responsibility of the consumer to fulfill the equation 

A calorie in = a calorie out 

because the consumer has just consumed some poison and the consumer has to overeat to repair the damage done. And the Coca Cola shitholes put the poison into their beverages themselves, so they are not only stupid but also utter hypocrites.  

All those different foods multiply on each other but one characteristic is very important: All these engineered foods are always more or less healthy apart for a few details. Like the gluten in bread, you can eat that for decades before your intestines are just too damaged that you have to stop eating bread... 

Here is that screenshot from the Dutch website from Coca Cola once more: 


So they put in phosphoric acid and after that tell stupid nonsense like it is in fish, meat and cheese... Holy Moses, there is no phosphoric acid in fish, meat or cheese. 

All living animals and plants have phosphor in their cells, that is the fundamental way cells transport energy and that is known as the ATP ADP cycle.
But that has nothing to do with phosphoric acid... 


But, as usual with the American food industry, there is also more. They use stuff that goes under the name brominated vegetable oil. Needless to say that brome is a metal that you should not consume at all.  

So why is it in American cola? (In Europe it is not allowed to add it in)
That is to prevent the cola from falling apart...   

Quote (source is theverge dot com): Coca-Cola and PepsiCo will both remove from all of their beverages a controversial ingredient that includes an element also found in flame retardants. Coca-Cola intends to have the ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (BVO), removed from its drinks by the end of the year; PepsiCo removed BVO from Gatorade last year and said yesterday— apparently following Coca-Cola's announcement — that the rest of its products would also be dropping it, though no timeframe was given.

Comment: If you look at the average American street view you have all those fat and extremely fat people. Therefore it is 100% obvious they have a lot of poison into their food chain. You cannot deny that because healthy people in general do not overeat even if there is an abundance of food supply.
People overeat because they have shortages or are slightly but substantially poisoned. 

It is as simple as it is. 


In order to understand how fucking stupid the Coca Cola people are with stating that 'phosphor is at the root of all life' and therefore you should drink phosphoric acid, lets first look at the 2-dimensional Lewis structure of phosphoric acid: 


Although 2-dimensional Lewis structures are important, they are only a projection of the real thing that lives in a 3-dimensional world. 

More on phosphoric acid

It is well known that phosphoric acid is great for rust removal for rusted iron, as such it is obvious that it should not be in the human food chain at all.
So the argument that in a diluted form it is non-toxic is nonsense: anything if diluted enough is non-toxic...

But if you consume enough of that supposedly 'non-toxic' anything, one day you will prematurely drop dead before you time.


After all that cognitive garbage that the food engineers from the food industry are feeding us, we need an antidote against all that nonsense. 

And that is the miracle of energy transport inside our cells, it is known at the ATP ADP cycle. 
ATP has 3 phosphor thingelings while
ADP has 2 phosphor thingelings. 

It is amazing to the bone, even vegetables and all other plants run on that energy cycle.
It is amazing and the cell biologists have done a far better job in finding the fundamental things compared to my fellow math folks... 

How cells obtain energy


End of this relatively long update, if you can help me slaughter the present food industry so that you and I can live a few more years longer, I would like that... 

Till updates. 


(12 Aug 2014) We proceed with update number 17 on our fantastic food industry.  

Item 1) Why do lions not get obese when there is plenty of prey to hunt?

 Item 1) Why do lions not get obese when there is plenty of prey to hunt?

When it comes to understanding the root causes of obesity a lot of people say that the constant stream of available food is the culprit.  

Suggesting that if you cut down on food availability simply will bring down obesity. 

Yet from nature we know that wild animals only very seldom get obese, as a matter of fact wild animals only get obese when they have access to the calories of the food as engineered by our lovely food engineers.  

Even if there is plenty of food around, wild animals do not have that tendency to eat themselves to premature death, yet when I am outside I constantly observe all those people with that unhealthy appearance. And they are fucking fat. 


The answer to the lion equation is very simple: 

Our food contains all kind of strange additives, like the phosphoric acid in Coca Cola or the weird forms of gluten in a standard Dutch bread. 


Russia & life expectancy. 

The latest rout of tit for tat economical sanctions indicate that about 40% of imported food is banned for about a year. 

That is a good idea to start with, after all if you look at the USA with all that weird stuff when it comes to food you better skip that path. 

When it comes to food imports from Europe I can say: 

As a rule of thumb: If a particular food engineered product has a long list of  E numbers on it, rather likely it is not a safe food product.


After all, if phosphoric acid is 'just another E number' and not something to avoid drinking, the population should be protected from that poisoned engineered food. 

All in all now we look at the scale of stuff; 

Russia can easily in the long run lift life expectancy of the population by at least five years. But they can only do that if the food thing is executed wisely. 

End of this update. Till updates. 


(10 Aug 2014) Today update number 16 on the utterly worthless food industry.

We have two items: 

(Item1) The results of the gluten rot experiment. 
Item 2) Why do we overeat? A thought experiment with bread & Coca Cola. 

  Item 1) The results of the gluten rot experiment.

About five days ago I washed out the dough of what is here a standard bread of 800 gram. The result was about 90 to 100 gram of wet gluten. 

A lot of people say that the human body cannot digest gluten and that is the reason why we have all those health problems related to bread and all things wheat related. 

I agree with that but I am well aware of the shit the food industry tells us, so I want to see a bit of rigid proof that indeed the human body cannot digest over 10% of the stuff that is in a standard bread. 

The gluten I washed out was constantly kept in a plastic sack, it was wet all the time so it could rot and constantly there was a small opening to the air because in the Summer time we have all those bacteria / yeast / fungus etc in the air.  
So the conditions for maximum exposure to rot were met... 

After three full days the gluten began to smell nasty and only after three days the structure had weakened significantly but I could still wash it out with water. 

On day four it lost it's internal coherence and now on day five it is more and more becoming a liquid so we can conclude that indeed there are severe digestion problems to be expected if you eat that gluten stuff. 

Since all our food leaves our bodies within that timeframe of four days it cannot be expected our digestive system is capable of handling this stuff. So from the health point of view, gluten is in the same category as natural rubber / synthetic rubber / asphalt / etc etc. We do not eat asphalt so why do we eat gluten?

Here is a picture of the rot experiment after five days: 


So that is a big difference from when you have just washed out your dough, the smell that comes off from this has some weird cheesy tones to it. 

But the food industry is the food industry so I will repeat this experiment a few times more while I first put the freshly made gluten in battery acid. Battery acid has a ph value of something like 2 while our stomach runs at an unbelievable ph acid value of about 1...   

So I hope that over about one week I can update of the battery acid gluten rot experiment. 

 Item 2) Why do we overeat? A thought experiment with bread & Coca Cola. 

Until now in these 16 updates on our worthless food industry we mainly focused on bread, for me that was a logical thing to do because my own father died from holes in his intestines. 

So for me it is rather sobering to know that my father died from that fucking bread we eat.  

Yet in order to understand why in the USA they also have those super-obese people, you know that condition that makes you one yard wide and so, it is not only one food source that can do that. 


Now why do we overeat after eating bread? 

Very simple: bread contains a biological non-reactive material named gluten and this gluten damages you intestines. 

And once your intestines are damaged you will enter a long array of health problems, you get leaking into your body of stuff that does not belong there while at the same time you do not get all of the nutriciants you need. 

The important detail is the damage; it is the damage that makes you overeat. 


Now what has this to do with the noble brand of Coca Cola (and Pepsi and Dr. Pepper etc etc)? 

These brands are all patriotic American brands, they would never want to poison their own home population...  

Well the website of Coca Cola says that Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid.
It is not much, on every 100 ml of Coca Cola it is about 55 mg of phosphoric acid. 

For the average person this is a weird detail; why should a reasonable food engineer put phosphoric acid into a food? After all phosphoric acid does not sound like 'citron acid' or the acid you can taste in oranges. 

As far as I know they use the phosphoric acid as a taste multiplier.  

Needless to say, drinking phosphoric acid is not a healthy habit. 
Just like drinking sulphuric acid is not a good idea.   


Here goes our thought experiment: 

You drink a lot of Coca Cola so you drink a lot of phosphoric acid.
Now this acid washes out your bones and stuff, so you need to replenish your calcium. 

So you get hungry for calcium and stuff of you eat a few slices more bread. 

The bread damages your intestines, more and more shortages of important stuff is observed by your body. 

So you eat more and more of the lovely stuff the food industry has baked for you. 

And in the end your body mass index is above 35. 


It is all so fucking simple; yet the food industry is a giant dynamical system that is not rules by only one person. So all these companies are only doing their best in making food that feeds the planet, but in the end they are only poisoning us with weird stuff like the gluten and the phosphoric acid... 


End of this update, till updates. 


(09 Aug 2014) We simply proceed with attack number 15 on the shit holes of our present food industry. We wonder why bread has that special status.   

Item 1) Why has bread this special status in society?

 Item 1) Why has bread this special status in society?

Let's start with a very simple thought experiment with city traffic: 

Suppose a person wants to go from place A to place B via car, bicycle or on foot. 

And I tell this person: You cannot go via the Tuthola street because of maintenance it is blocked.  

Well, nobody would ask me how the hell to get from place A to place B because they understand you only have to avoid the Tuthola street in order to make it to your destination named place B. 


How different it is with stopping eating bread. 

Until now 100% of people ask me how it is possible you can stop eating bread, they ask 'how can you do this'? 

Ok ok, I know a bit more about dangerous addictions compared to the average person I talk to. But I do not want to talk about difficult to prove facts about bread addiction. 

I want to highlight the sheer simplicity as why bread is that handy: 

It forms a perfect layer you can add other food to it.
Think for example a perfect pizza. 


But you do not need bread for a perfect layer. 

Let's not do difficult, at present time this is more or less what I eat.
You can make perfect layers from a whole lot of stuff... 


So zero people ask how to get from A to B if a particular street is blocked. 

Yet 100% of folks are doing difficult when I say you should not eat bread. 
By the way, the box cutter in the picture is added for fun reasons only. 
Hey New York Pizza: Still going strong and fatter by the day?  

End of attack number 15 on the food industry... Till updates.


(08 Aug 2014) As usual a lot has happened but to the USA I can say I completely support bombing the shit out of ISIS. Although given the special qualities of folks like Malawi & Assad it is logical something as ISIS comes into existence, all in all the ISIS folks are just too much on the apartheids site. Just like the Israelis are btw...    

Today a short list of bodyweight numbers & again we make chopped meat of the food industry that tells us obesity is simply the equation 

A calorie in = a calorie out 

Item 1) Weekly bodyweight measurements.

 Item 1) Weekly bodyweight measurements.

Three years ago I was 109 kilo and I decided to cut the crap.
Two years ago my minimum weight was 88 kilo and that was just after a 110 kilometer bicycle ride in the summer.
And no matter what I did, I just could go lower.
But my Body Mass Index, or the BMI, was still elevated.
I needed to go to something like 84 kilo to be on the safe side.

Whatever I did I just could not go below 88 kilo, everything I tried failed and I more or less accepted it as some natural barrier. 

Until this year when I decided to stop eating bread, now I know a little bit more of the content of bread I understand why all my life I had these weird things going round.
Like all that hunger in the middle of the night. 

Anyway, a long time ago I started keeping track of my daily weight because I did not understand why I could not go below 88 kilo.
From that list we select the Thursday weights. 

Here we go: 

88.0 (that was on the 29-th of May)

And this is with two fingers in my nose, there are even lots of days when I actively decide to eat more because weight loss has to go as slowly as possible... 

Now my intestines are more or less healed again, the body is far better in regulating it's own weight around that what is a healthy weight for your body. 


Why is the next equation often used by the food industry nonsense? 

 A calorie in = a calorie out

It is nonsense because your body is not a container of calories but a dynamical system that given normal food will perfectly regulate itself. 

For example it happens when I take all variables equal, like food intake and body exercise, day in day out I weigh the same.
And suddenly from one day to the next, I am half a kilo lighter... 

What has happened? 

Very simple: During sleep some deep repair work was done and that takes apparently a few hundred grams of body fat to do so.    


And if you go around and you see all those males with those big bellies, why are they so fucking fat and why do they often look not very healthy? 

Also simple to answer: They eat too much bread and the bread contains something that is completely biologically inactive. That is this stuff, it is called gluten from some ancient name for glue. The picture shows what is in a standard bread of 800 gram: 


So why do we overeat? 

If you eat bread you also eat the stuff shown in the picture.
That stuff kills your intestines slowly but surely. 
That skews your intake of the stuff you need and you have shortages of some things.
That creates all that hunger obese people routinely report. 

And what do obese people eat when they are hungry? 

Often something with bread or pasta & that keeps the food industry cycle round and rounder and rounder. Fat profits derived from fat people... 

Till updates. 


(07 Aug 2014) Oh oh my dear Russians, I still have some problem flying around with a number 17 on it. Or may be it is not flying around anymore and that is the problem.
Anyway, whoever did it, likely it was an accident.
A stupid accident, but for the majority of accidents later one says it was a stupid accident...  

Let's leave it with that for the time being. 

I welcome the Russian moves when it comes to economical sanctions against European and American food stuff. It is a great help and I hope more powers will jump in to kick ass at the food industry because there is actually no reason why those people poison us on such a deep basis... 


After having said that, this is one of the updates I feel a little bit unease about because it is about my skin sickness named Lupus, but now I have stopped eating bread that fucking Lupus is gone.  

So that is what this update is about: Lupus. 

And this is attack number 13 on the food industry; if they can make an extra buck by giving you the skin sickness named Lupus, they will not hesitate to do so. 

Item 1) Attack number 13; Lupus why did I have it, why is it gone?

 Item 1) Attack number 13; Lupus why did I have it, why is it gone?

Some time ago when I started that engineered food product from Unilever, Becel brand, named Meat & Jus (good for your heart and blood veins is the sub title) I got those skin problems and all that horrible itching.    

Since I lead an extremely steady life, I was able to trace my skin problems directly back to the use of that small change in my food intake: I stopped using Becel. 

Within 24 hours the itching became less and less, but weeks or months later I developed serious Lupus stuff on my legs. 


With my present knowledge I know that the Becel stuff destroyed my intestines locally and that part of my intestines are giving the blood to my legs. 

An important characteristic is the next: When you rub your skin there are these small sharp sandgrains that come out. 
You can best compare it to a sand particle, now sand comes in thousands of shades but I am talking about big sand grains and sharp sand grains.
What comes out of the skin is somewhat bigger that the largest of sand grains and it feels much sharper. 


Never heard of Lupus?
So did I, but it looks like this: 


Basically it is very simple: 

You eat bread.
The gluten in the bread destroys your intestines locally.
At the locally damaged intestines the gluten enters your bloodstream.
But gluten cannot be broken down, so it accumulates in for example your joints.
Your immune system understands it has to take away the gluten.
And your white bloodcells transport it to your skin.
Via the symptoms known as Lupus, the gluten is taken out of the body...


I had Lupus for a few months until I understood what could be happening. 

So I stopped eating bread. 

Of course I now no longer have any Lupus, about 10 days ago the last weird stuff came out of my skin. And the last grains of the stuff that came out of my skin did I place under the microscope. 

It had only one view on it, but under the microscope the stuff that came through my skin looked a lot like washing out the dough in the last minutes (see previous update about washing out the bread dough and again: DO IT YOURSELF).   

The Unilever shitholes even make taste multipliers like E 623 from gluten, these people need to be killed. The food engineers are so stupid only the language of the coffins will reign them in... 

A picture is not enough, but gluten looks like this: 


The above ball of rubber like substance is from the amount of one standard bread of 800 gram. (800 gram is the locally standard bread.) 

Till updates.  


(06 Aug 2014) This update is attack number 12 on the shitholes of the food industry.

We proceed with taking a closer look at pure gluten. 

Item 1) Separating the gluten from the dough.

 Item 1) Separating the gluten from the dough.

In the first link of the previous update I showed you a vid that in a simple way explained how you can separate the gluten from the dough of your bread.  

In the period I was still eating bread and having all those health issues I already made my own bread instead of buying pre-processed bread because a long time ago I already understood how the food industry works: 

If they succeed into making you fat and obese they have you in the corner where the fat profits are. 

It is important to remark that I do not view them all as evil people, ok ok the food engineers with all their knowledge about how food influences your body are in my view criminals. But most people only do their best in 'feeding the planet'. 

I view the food industry as a giant dynamical system that is trapped into a set of equilibrium points and it cannot get out of that equilibrium state. 
The fact they cannot get out of this present weird equilibrium state has a simple cause: there is not one person that had enough power to do that.
Everybody is sitting on their small island in food-industry-land and they all do their best to make locally the best decisions...  

As such the food industry hangs together from short comings, just like the financial industry was back in 2007. 


Yet my problem with the food industry is that I estimate that the entire European population will die prematurely at least five years on average. 
Beside shaving off of average lifespan, there is a wide array of health problems that go unsolved but for the population they cause a whole lot of suffering.
It is just not funny to see your parents die from stuff like Alzheimer (but that is for future updates).  


Now we are going to separate the gluten from the dough, and if you have a few hours spare the next weekend or so I strongly advice you to do it yourself. 

Because if you are holding the finished product in your own hands and you realize this stuff is from only one standard 800 gram bread, you understand the health issues related with it... 

So with my bread machine I made a dough, if you do not have a bread machine you will have to do the old fashioned kneading by hand. You let the dough rise, kneading for a second time, let it rise again for a full hour at least. 
And after that you wash it out. 

The washing takes about 50 minutes or so, I did not keep records exactly.
But one thing is very important:
About 5 minutes before the water comes out flushing clear, this gluten stuff has all kinds of holes in it. So that a good look at that detail because if gluten gets into the body in small clusters it will look more or less like that. 


I made it yesterday and I constantly keep the gluten in a wet environment inside a plastic bag. . 
But it does not rot at all and very likely week in week out it will not rot.  


From the viewpoint of natural selection, the wheat has hit the jackpot big time because a long long time ago wheat has found out how to store proteins in a safe way so that no bacteria / fungus / yeast or whatever what, could eat the gluten... 

And the wheat and for example the barley has enzymes that can break down all that energy that is stored inside the gluten, so that when summer comes the gluten ensures the grain can live another year... 

Let's leave it with that, till updates & don't forget to kill you average run of the mill food engineer... 


 (04 Aug 2014) We simply proceed with attack number 11 on the food industry because in my view it is not only they ensure the general population dies at least five years too  early, but somewhere in the back of my mind I know that a lot of food engineers know this for a long long time.  

So it is just like Goldman Sachs that went short of the very stuff they sold their own clients. And what did Goldman Sachs say?
They said there was a demand for that particular product, so they had to sell it... 

Item 1) More on gluten, how to isolate it from the dough?

 Item 1) More on gluten, how to isolate it from the dough?

Weirdly enough it is amazingly simple to isolate the gluten from the dough so you can see what it is. Remark that gluten cannot be digested by our bodies, so our bodies will do all kinds of weird stuff when it takes in too much gluten. 

In the next Youtubber you can observe how easy it is to separate the gluten from the dough:  

Science: A closer look at gluten

So pure gluten is much like rubber or so, do you feel a strong desire to eat rubber? 

And in this Youtubber you can see how gluten can enter your bloodstream:

Against the grain, why gluten is bad

Those modern grains are a disaster, just look around in the population where you live:
why are most of  all these fat people looking very unhealthy? 

That is because our food industry is basically poisoning them, but the people from the food industry are only doing their best to 'feed the planet'. 


End of this update, till updates.  


(03 Aug 2014) Because the food industry worked so hard to earn my ire, today we place attack number 10 on those weirdo's.  

Item 1) This Unilever product is what triggered a hefty skin decease in me.

 Item 1) This Unilever product is what triggered a hefty skin decease in me.

I still have the last unemptied bottle so I could have made a photograph of the stuff that triggered a severe skin decease in me, but instead I used the picture that is from the Becel website that is a part of the Unilever concern.  


This product shows perfectly all that is wrong with the present day food industry. 

For example the label says it contains a lot of so called 'omega 3' and indeed that is good for your heart and blood veins... I will not deny that because that was more or less the reason I decided to use this instead of my standard olive oil.  

So I used Becel meat & jus and guess what? 

I got that horrible eczema and all that terrible itching that makes you scratching your legs so hard it almost starts bleeding. The pain from the scratching is preferable to the intense itching...  


So I had a problem, but if you click on the picture above you land on the website of the Becel food engineers and you see: no grain gluten is used to make it. 

Yet if you dig deeper, you see it has those taste multipliers in it and that is the first clue as why this is a strange food product: If this is really better than olive oil, why are there taste multipliers in it?  

And if we check for the taste multipliers itself, what are they? 

Guess three times; it is a taste multiplier that is made from gluten.
In the Dutch language it is calciumglutamaat.  


Now why should a food company like Unilever advertise healthy food that supposedly is good for your heart and add a taste multiplier to it? 

Very simple: you will overeat if the taste multiplier is in that food... 

End of attack number 10 on our food industry. Till updates. 


(02 Aug 2014) Two small items today; a small attack on the weird food industry and a small math update that contains almost nothing new because I now operate from the restraint that at most 10 to 20% of new results will get published. 

If the math departments on the universities can do dumb & childish, so can I. 

 Item 1) A thought experiment on bread,
Item 2) The outer product on 3D complex numbers.

 Item 1) A thought experiment on bread.

My parents married in the year 1962 and one of the gifts on their marriage day was a Krups coffee bean chopper machine. Back in the year 1962 it was much more normal to buy whole beans and use a machine to chop them in order to make your daily coffee. 

The machine is still functioning, after all Krups is a German brand and in those long lost days industrial production was not outsourced to countries with lousy environmental laws like China..  

Now here is our thought experiment: 

I will put about 20 grams of glass into the Krups chopper and I will chop the glass until it is extremely small. If you want I will let run the machine for half a hour or even longer so that in the end we will have glass dust. 

After that I will put this glass dust into the dough of a fresh bread, we throw it into the bread machine and 3 hours later when the 'made in China' machine rings the bell we have a fresh lovely smelling bread. 

And I want you to eat a few slices of that lovely bread.
The fresh bread it smell so good and so fine. 

What will you do? 

Well most people, if they know there would be glass in the bread, they would not eat it because it is obvious eating glass is very unwise. 

End of the thought experiment. 


But if you eat the present day standard bread, your intestines get shaved by that lovely stuff named gluten. It works just like glass dust will do. 

By the way: Welcome to the world of our wonderful food industry... 

Item 2) The outer product on 3D complex numbers.

Ok ok, the first math update since 28 May of this year. 

I made sure it contains almost nothing new, all new results will not get published at all or may be in the future. Why should I go through all that work & labor, getting no pay at all and it is obvious the people of the math departments will do nothing nothing & more nothing nothing.

I have no business with a bunch of incompetents... 

Click on the picture for the math update: 



The 4D determinant is just one example of things that will not be clarified. 

The university people, useless crap just as the food industry, they can shove it. 

Till updates. 


(01 Aug 2014) It might be tempting to comment on why the Jews behave the way they do, or on access to the flight 17 site in the Ukraine.     

But I resist temptation and we place attack number 8 on the food industry. 

Item 1) The chocolate bar test.

 Item 1) The chocolate bar test.

Lately a family member of mine was in the USA and this family member tried at one point in time to buy a chocolate bar in some supermarket over there. 

His observations were truly astonishing: 

There was only one brand where the content of the chocolate was only chocolate.
All other 'chocolate bars' had all kinds of weird additives. 


What more can I say? 

Well I will repeat that the food industry wants to do the same thing in Europe so we have to kill the food industry before the food industry kills us. 

And if we do not reign in the food industry, it is only waiting before all those one meter wide super obesity Europeans pop up on our streets.  


Who knows my dear food industry. 

For the time being I would like to slaughter those idiots form Unilever, so all kinds of attacks are allowed for people that want to help me preventing Unilever poisoning our population... 

End of this update. 


(31 July 2014 ) Ok ok, it might be a little bit frustrating that our Dutch cannot reach the crash site of flight number 17 in the Ukraine. 
But why concentrate on frustration if I can also have the joy of beating the shit out of our beloved food industry?  

So we simply proceed with attack number seven that says the food industry is responsible for a tremendous amount of food allergies that would not be there in case the food industry would take her job serious...  

I say: Kill those shitholes, kill those food engineers from Unilever & all those other food engineers that make us overeat and die far to young. 

Item 1) Musings on obesity part 7; why do we overeat?

  Item 1) Musings on obesity part 6; why do we overeat?

Some time ago I fell into one of the traps of our food industry; I replaced my standard olive oil with an engineered food product from Unilever. To be precise; it was from the Unilever brand Becel and they advertise their stuff via stating:  

3 times more OMEGA 3. 

Therefore suggesting it is more healthy than olive oil. 

I have to admit: I fell into all this advertising of the food industry being your friend and so. That they try to make you healthy because if you are healthy you will live longer and you will longer make use of the fine stuff of the food industry. 


So I started to use Becel Meat & Jus but in no time I had this severe eczema skin sickness and all that itching whole day around.  

At one point in time my entire right knee got entirely red the itching was so horrible that I just scratched it and scratched it because the pain of the scratching brought relief to the itching... 

At that point in time I understood I had to replace Becel Meat & Jus for my old trusted olive oil but what was wrong with the Becel Unilever stuff?

If you look at the list of ingredients, Becel contains those taste multipliers and from experience I know I should not eat to much of stuff that contains taste multipliers.  

Here in Europe that taste multiplier stuff is one of the categories of E numbers, it was about E number E 623 if I memorize it correctly. That is calcium diglumanate, the food industry makes taste multipliers from gluten. Further reading
Calcium diglutamate /
Glutamic acid / 

These people are crazy: 

Why all that marketing budget for advertising weird stuff that actually does more killing to the intestines of your consumers? 


The answer to that is also extremely simple: 

If they add E 621 or and other E600  they know you will eat a little bit more of that particular food product. 

And that is all the Unilever food engineers want; they are not after your health but they only want their industry to survive and to grow. 


Yet the similarities to the financial sector are strong: the roots of the food sector lie in the past where we had an expanding population. Now they have to cough up the real deal in the survival of our species and they under perform on a dramatic scale.  

The link is in Dutch, but see how the Unilever shitholes view themselves as doing God's work... Oh, just by be way, isn't the investment bank Goldman Sachs thinking the same, doing God's work... 

Yeah yeah, and the bread is the body of Christ. 

Verantwoord leven voor het hart


End of update number seven on our beloved food industry. 

Ok, I did not explain the biological mechanism of food intolerance, but since the Unilever food engineers do not either why should I? 
Till updates.  


(30 July 2014) Today I want a bit more looking at that silly equation that says    

A calorie in = a calorie out 

because believe it or not, in the USA all those cola companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi use such dumb stuff as a rationale to proceed selling their poison to 'the consumer' that always 'has a right on a free choice'... 

Yeah yeah, now I understand those one yard wide USA folks:
It is their own choice, from childhood on they dreamed about living in a free land and being one yard wide & over 300 pounds of bodyweight.  

Item 1) Musings on obesity part 6; why do we overeat?

  Item 1) Musings on obesity part 6; why do we overeat?

Ok, now I have stopped eating bread and all wheat based things, let's look at what all those high paid lawyers that defend the soda companies cough up. 

Mostly the reasoning is about free consumer choice, the individual responsibility the consumers have for their own lives and bla bla this and bla bla that. 

And as so often you hear those weird people talking about the law of conservation of energy that says 

A calorie in = a calorie out 

and if you do not do that, it is your own fault. 


This is so fucking stupid because who wants to be one yard wide voluntarily? 

But I have to remark this is typical and standard USA behavior:
Remember all those efforts they took in the War on Drugs? 

Well with drugs it was never 'consumer choice' or 'individual responsibility' but it was chasing evil drug lords. As a result of that dumb War on Drugs stuff we now still have overcrowded USA prisons, all those mass graves in Mexico. And because food is not a drug, about 30+ millions of Americans with that nice illness named type 2 diabetes. 

I mean how stupid can you be? 

It is important to remark that when the USA food industry decided to poison her own population, you will not hear much complaints from me.  

But when Dutch based companies like Unilever try to do the same with my country, those food engineers will find me on their way 

And they will not like that. 


Back in the year 2007, in the month of November, I finally decided to attack the financial industry. The goal was to bring down the DOW from 14.000 to 7.000 points. 

It was hard labor for me, bun in the end I succeeded because the conditions were ripe to the extend that just one guy who understood the financial system could bring it down. 

Now it is the year 2014 and I know more or less enough of how the food industry kills my own population. 

So let's do it and kill those bastards that are only after profits and do not give a shit about our lifespan... 


Don't believe me that the food industry does not care about our lifespan? 

Come on, take a look at all those one-yard-wide Americans; better cash cows as those consumers are hard to find.   


Till updates my dear reader. 


(28 July 2014) We proceed with the musings on obesity because I freaked when I found out I had an official eating disorder almost whole my life...   

Item 1) Musings on obesity part 5; why do we overeat?

  Item 1) Musings on obesity part 5; why do we overeat?

Today was again one of those days; 18 hours without food and 60+ kilometer on the bicycle, coming home I was a bit tired but again; Where is the hunger?  

Where is that fucking hunger gone? 

And now when I think about it, what was the last time I woke up in the middle of the night having so much hunger I could not go to sleep anymore? 

Oh yes, now I remember it; that was over five weeks ago when I was eating bread every day... 

Obesity is a complex problem but in my view the bread we eat is one of the major dimensions for overeating. Basically it is very simple:
The gluten and similar stuff in the wheat shave your intestines and that skews your nutrition intake. If your intestines are damaged on a daily basis this will skew your intake in all kinds of ways:
Your body will not get some stuff it really needs while you get also stuff that with healthy intestines would not be taken in. 

Furthermore, this intestine damage perfectly explains why you get all that hunger; it is not the calories you miss but all that stuff you need for good health and good skin and stuff like that. 


Ok, in America you also have that super obesity thing and that are those one yard wide people. They say it is the sugar and the corn syrup and the fat and this and that. 

I cannot judge on that because I skipped all sweet things over 20 years ago. 

I use about one teaspoon of sugar a day, that goes in the green tea... 

But I remember, I was 28 years of age or so, I tried to stop smoking tobacco and I ended up eating lot's of sweet stuff and in about one month I gained 4 kilo.
So I gave up on non smoking and in no time I got rid of the extra 4 kilo... 


If you go around in the city, you see all those fat people.
The overwhelming majority of them are not bright and shining healthy people with only 10 to 20 kilo overweight. Almost all of them have this unhealthy appearance.  

The skin does not look healthy, their eyes are not white, they have this and they have that.  

I think they all have their intestine problems, your bread or wheat sensitivity has strong genetic components; only about 1% of the population has that total destruction of the intestines named celiac disease. 
But before celiac, for decades you can have other severe problems you do not understand. 


And now I know a bit more about the wonders of our daily bread that is given to us by The Lord, I also understand how my own father has died:
He died from holes in his intestines. 

And you understand, when you get holes into your intestines you get shit inside your stomach and you will die in a horrible way. 

But it was a feast for the doctors, one operation after the other and they made boatloads of money from the illness of my father.
They did not say to me: Very likely it was the bread that killed your father and since there are strong genetic relations you should be careful about your daily bread too. 

No, those shitty doctors operated on my father until he was dead and there was nothing I could do about it. 


In popular culture you have the saying 'He has a beer belly'.
But it is not the beer (ok if you drink over 5 liters a day may be) but it is the bread.
So it is not a beer belly but a bread belly... 


So what happens if you do a Google search on 'bread belly'?
Here in the Dutch landscape it would be a broodbuik search.

The first commercial result you get is from those Unilever food industry shitholes, just like the doctors they want money and they will protect their interests. 

The Unilever shitholes cough up this wonderful dumb shit from Becel: 

No Unilever/Becel shitholes; bread contains a tremendous amount of energy but it is not a long-term healthy food. Just like cigarettes; one cigarette does not kill you but the daily habit will bring you into the grave too early with a long list of horrible illnesses. 

Just like I will do to you my dear Unilever shitheads. 


So you filthy Unilever rats; I am accusing you of withholding about 5 years of lifespan into the general public. To put it simple: on average the average Dutch citizen could easily life 5 years long if only you would use your brain.  

But you do not use your brain, you only use your Marketing budgets... 

So we have to slaughter you, or to put it mildly; transform it a little bit.  


End of this update, till updates. 



(27 July 2014) In my life I have done a lot of bad things.      
For example for years on a row I made my own Vodka.
But I found out having access to unlimited amounts of Vodka is not necessary a good thing. So I stopped making Vodka...   

Later I got other setbacks because it was difficult to walk, oh oh dumb me; I had oversmoked tobacco. So I stopped smoking tobacco...
That was not easy because I stole my first cigarettes when I was only seven years of age; I was a heavy user of the tobacco stuff. 

Ok, everybody knows what alcohol and nicotine can do... 

But bread?  

Another obesity musing is today's item: 

Item 1) Musings on obesity part 4; why do we overeat?

 Item 1) Musings on obesity part 4; why do we overeat?

It was one of those days; about once a week I simply skip a meal so I did not have any food for about 18 hours. At the end four hours of walking and bicycle stuff. 

Coming home; where is the usual hunger? 

Ok ok, I did not have had any food and I have a small appetite, but why am I not hungry? 

Back in time when I was fatter then today, I always had much more hunger. 


It is 18 hours local time and about 17 hours of no food, hey now I remember it;
Why do I not have white cold fingers? 

Since a teenager I am getting cold fingers before the evening meal is there, that means I am running on empty.  

Oh yeah, now I remember it; the last time was when I was still eating bread... 


And when I am outside, what has happened to the colors?
How is it possible there is more contrast between colors 
and therefore I can see small details from more kilometers 
of distance? 

My dear bread, have you been stabbing me in the back for all those years? 


Yes my dear bread you have, so into the grave with you. 



After having said that, there is no reason to panic. 
If you are young you can eat bread into more or less unlimited amounts.  

But bread shaves your intestines, so it is not unwise to eat bread at least once a year. 

Let's leave it with that... 



(26 July 2014) We proceed with the obesity musings:   

Item 1) Obesity musings part 3; why do we overeat?

 Item 1) Obesity musings part 3; why do we overeat?

A whole lot of people have given a whole lot of reasons as why our Western populations got so fat that it is a serious threat to medical budgets and even life expectancy. 

Why are so many people so fucking fat? 

Some people say it is just a matter of the calorie equation that says

One calorie in = One calorie out 

And if you do not do that, you will get fat. 

This is rubbish because even among the folks that have heavy duty jobs like farmers or construction workers, there are plenty of people that are far to fat. 

These people have plenty of calories going out; at present in 2014 a whole lot of farmer work is done by machines but operating all those machines is still laborsome. 

Yet even a lot of farmers are fucking fat, how come this?  

The calorie equation is a garbage equation, there must be something else that explains the calorie intake. Remark that only a small fraction of extra calorie intake explains a lot of obesity; just overeating by 1% makes you horribly fat in the long run. 


It has to be something in the food, but what is it? 

If we go back in history: In my home country they have digged up few ancient graveyards dating back to the Roman empire and it turned out that an amazing large part of those ancient Romans died of lead poisoning. 

This is amazing, after all the Romans conquered all of Europe & a bit more and after that they killed themselves with a heavy metal named lead. 

Of course inside those old civilizations there must have been people that understood how they killed themselves. But if a society has decided they are a 'lead based society' of course all those voices were neglected skillfully. 

Exactly the same mechanics as why present day universities just do not want the higher complex number systems: it falls outside standard paradigms... 

But what is the bad stuff in our food my dear reader? 

What do you think it is? 


Poking fun at the USA. 

In the USA everything is different, not only have they an amazingly high Gross Domestical Product far exceeding that of Europe even on a par capita citizen basis. 

Also they are much more fat, and just like the GDP you simply change the way obesity is defined. Here in Europe you are classified as obese when you pass number 30 on the Body Mass Scale index or the BMI. 

In the USA you do not have such problems, over there you are obese when your BMI is over 35. 

For my own body I can say; once I was 109 kilo with a body height of 184 centimeters. 
That gave rise to a BMI of about 30. 

If you compare that to standard USA standards, for me a BMI of 35 would be 118 kilo... 

Poking fun at the USA. 

There is a nice CNN file saying the about 70% of all fire workers nation wide in the USA are obese. For my length of 184 centimeters that would be over 118 kilo... 


We can safely conclude that indeed the USA has committed suicide on the level of society. CNN link:

Firefighter obesity a big problem  

End of this update. 


(25 July 2014) Two items:    

Item 1) Ukraine rebel commander says they had BUK anti-aircraft missiles.
Item 2) A forgotten screenshot about magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Ukraine rebel commander says they had BUK anti-aircraft missiles.

More or less like expected, there is more validation that indeed the Ukrainian rebels had at least a small part of this BUK anti-aircraft system. 

I am glad a bit of truth is coming out. 

Also I would like to remark that having anti-aircraft weapons is not an evil thing, in the first 10 years of the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq there was only little efficient anti-aircraft weaponry and that had resulted into thousands of so called 'collateral damage'. 

One way or the other, on average having anti-aircraft weapons reduces the civil death toll. 

But it is hard that my home country pays the piper... 


After having said that, quote (Reuters source): 

"I knew that a BUK came from Luhansk. At the time I was told that a BUK from Luhansk was coming under the flag of the LNR," he said, referring to the Luhansk People’s Republic, the main rebel group operating in Luhansk, one of two rebel provinces along with Donetsk, the province where the crash took place. 

"That BUK I know about. I heard about it. I think they sent it back. Because I found out about it at exactly the moment that I found out that this tragedy had taken place. They probably sent it back in order to remove proof of its presence," Khodakovsky told Reuters on Tuesday.  

Comment: For the time being I operate from the hypothesis the used BUK simply originated from within the Ukraine but if in the future it is validated it came indeed from Russia, a bit more economical sanctions might not be unwise. 


At the end of this item I want to stress that the killing of so much Dutch civilians was in most likelihood an accident, just some dumbass having to much weaponry at hand & too little brains to do efficient target selection. 

Let's leave it with that.  

 Item 2) A forgotten screenshot about magnetic monopoles.

Some months ago I floated the idea that electrons do not have spin at all but that electrons act like magnetic monopoles and that they are either north pole or south pole monopoles. 

In our macroscopic world we observe that electrons are always negatively charged when it comes to the electrical charge, therefore we can enjoy giant accumulations of electrical charge that gets unleashed via lightning during storms. 

There is no macroscopic equivalent for that with magnetism; in our macroscopic world magnetism always comes as dipoles. The earth itself is a giant magnet, all steady metal magnets come as dipoles and all forms of electric magnets are bipolar too. 


But if electrons are magnetic monopoles, one way or the other we should be able to find traces of that in present scientific knowledge... 

So that is what this forgotten screenshot is about; it is about an unpaired electron and the so called 'hyperfine spectral structure' it creates. 

And of course the table is shouting 'binomial distribution' all over the place and as most people know the binomial distribution has a bit to do with tossing coins. 


Source of the sreenshot:
EPR: Theory   

End of this update. 

Till updates. 


(24 July 2014) Wow man what a day; a stream of 40 bodies from flight number 17 came in today and it was good to observe that indeed my home nation can unite. 

So even for me it was a little bit emotional because if the Ukrainians would have done what I said when it comes to a temporary truce, this would not have happened. 

But we have to avoid dictatorship and all persons are always allowed to fulfill their responsibilities the way they see fit... 


Therefore we proceed with the obesity thing because now in these decades when we have the internet thing, I finally found out why and how my own father died so early. 

That is our item of this day, on obesity: 

Item 1) Obesity musings part 2. 

 Item 1) Obesity musings part 2. 

Very often when people talk about things that are complex in nature they rely on simple generalizations, when it comes to the obesity thing people often say that  

 A calorie in = a calorie out

and if you are lazy or so, you get fat. 

So the fat people are basically to blame themselves for that. 

In many ways this is true because a whole lot of people that are not fat but have aged to my own age have used their brain to get where they are today...
I will not deny that. 

But I am the guy that more or less successfully slaughtered the financial industry because they were only weirdo's and may be now it is the time for the Unilever's of this world to receive a severe beating. 

Because one way or the other, companies like Unilever do not understand that they are also killing our population big time and as such I feel a strong urge to beat the shit out of those stupid people. 

The shitholes from companies like Unilever perfectly understand what their role is into the obesity thing, but ha ha ha, profits come before people or stuff like population life span. 

I say: Kill these shit holes before they kill us. 

This is what they do: 


And all the time they defend their position that wheat is not a problem at all. 

Come on the modern grains are a disaster, but indeed they bring in profits big time so the food industry will act exactly like the financial sector did in the past and reward the employees that bring more turnover & more profits.  


Let me tell you a simple story: 

At one point in my life I weighted about 109 kilo.
So I decided to cut the crap and going back to normal. 

After some labor I was 88 kilo, so I succeeded into shredding over 20 kilo. 

But my goal was 84 or 83 kilo because that would optimize long health and the last two years whatever I did I could not go below 88 kilo of bodyweight... 

Until about 4 weeks ago I decided to stop using all wheat and wheat related products. 

Guess what?  

Without any trouble (ok it took about 14 days to transform my intestines into a better shape, but that was all) I am now 84 kilo.  

End of a simple story. 


So if the Unilever folks think they can avoid my wrath, better think twice because Reinko thinks that our average lifespan of the population can be many years more if we would not have parasites like you hanging around... 

Till updates. 


 (23 July 2014) More musings on obesity; why do we overeat?  

Item 1) Why do we overeat?

 Item 1) Why do we overeat?

Lately I decided I had to do something about my weight because I was bordering the obese thing. At first it is very simple: one hour of exercise leads to 100 grams less fat. 

That is the 'easy fat'.  

But if you extrapolate this, by now I should have lost at least 200 kilo and that did not happen.  

Ok ok, there is that equilibrium equation that says:

Calorie intake = calorie outtake & that ensures not gaining weight. 


Well that is very interesting but on a dramatic scale as a population we are getting fatter and fatter by the year. 

And if you do the math, if you overeat only 1% every day you will get obese after a few decades of eating your daily stuff. 


Yes, if you do the math, just a tiny increase of daily intake of your food makes your fat and obese in the long run. 

So why are we doing this? 


That is the question you have to answer yourself: 

Why are we getting so fat and why do we kill ourselves in such dumb ways? 



Till updates.  


(22 July 2014) Before the blame game starts when it comes to the shooting down of commercial flight MH17 I would like to thank some people.   

So that is the item of today (although to be honest, I do not expect much Russian speaking Ukrainians to read this). 

Item 1) Ok my Russian speaking Ukrainians; thanks for your efforts. 

 Item 1) Ok my Russian speaking Ukrainians; thanks for your efforts. 

I would like to thank the military wing of the separatists for allowing the flow of bodies going back to my home country. But, for me much more important, I would like to say thanks to those coal miners that helped rescue a lot of the bodies.  

I think that is important because once you realize the size of the monthly paycheck these coal miners get, you feel ashamed. And I know that amongst the coal miners there will also be a lot of folks that simply looted nothing at all. 

Well, those kind of guys are my kind of guys; so thanks for your help! 


One of the debris pictures shows a demolished laptop computer, of course after a fall of 10 kilometer from the skies it does not work properly anymore... 

Here a new reasonably good  laptop goes around for about 600 to 700 €, the high end things are about 1500 € and believe me: 

The average Ukrainian coal mine worker can only dream of stuff like that. 

So I feel a bit ashamed of locals saying 'they are looting'; these locals are just dumb overpaid idiots. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(21 July 2014) In the beginning of the War on Terror the Ukraine military shot a civilian plane from the skies during a military exercise.
The plane had a lot of Jews on board and on 04 Oct 2001 that got a whole lot of people exited, but not me.  

It was only later when I realized my fucking stupid government would never ever investigate my so called 'trigger hypothesis' to the 9/11 attacks that I got mad as hell...  

Item 1) Siberia Airlines Flight 1812. 

 Item 1) Siberia Airlines Flight 1812. 

The young people do not know this very much but back in Oct 2001 the world was still in a shock about the 9/11 thingeling.
And suddenly a civilian airplane was shot down and who did it? 

For my mindset it was simple, in those long lost days you could go to websites like Janes dot com and find information about particular anti-aircraft rockets like used by the Ukrainian army. 

And guess what, the Ukrainian army was conducting exercises and indeed they have fired one (or more) of those anti-aircraft missiles. If memory serves, that missile had a maximum range of about 75 km where the present Buk thing that is now in the attention is has a much smaller maximum range.  

Political leaders are political leaders and of course the Ukrainian officials at first denied that it was their fault... 

But for me it was clear what the most likely scenario was, and indeed that plane with Jews did indeed not fall from the sky spontaniously. 


Item 1) Siberia Airlines Flight 1812.


Where I live there are also those commercial aircraft routes over our ground, all day long you see them fly over. 

In the Ukraine it should be no different. 

So that makes we wonder; is it true that those Buk anti missile system came from Russia and was not looted from inside the Ukraine by the pro-Russian separatists?   

After all there are all those Youtube video clips with all these Buk systems riding around; what idiot is responsible for the downing of flight number 17? 

How fucking stupid can you be? 


For the time being, let's leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(20 July 2014) It would be tempting to comment on the shot down air plane with number 17 in it's flight name, but at usual we resist temptation because we want to live in freedom.  

Therefore some musings on obesity: Why on a large scale are so many people getting so fat and die prematurely? That is today's item: 

Item 1) What explains the general traits in obesity?

 Item 1) What explains the general traits in obesity?

My theory is very simple: 

Your body is a biological identity and as such it needs all kinds of stuff in order to get old. Let's name that stuff A, B, C and D.  

So your body tries to get enough of the stuff A,  B, C and D on a daily basis.

That is your food intake: the body wants food until all A, B, C and D are satisfied. 


The food outtake is also simple: in Western societies people are getting very fat.  

So the problem is within our food; what is wrong with our food? 


Are it the gluten that destroy the intestines?
Is it this or is it that? 

Is it the beer consumers drink? 


For myself speaking, it is bread and all products related to it. 

But now I am only speaking for my own individual genetic markup, and I do not know if we can expand average human life expectancy if we cut out the cheap wheats...  


Let's leave it with that because this week I can enjoy a full week of mourning inside my my home country & over the years of this WarOnTerror they had it coming.

Let's leave it with that. 



(19 July 2014, temporary update) About the shot down Malaysian airliner:  

About 190 of my fellow Dutch citizens died, so for my home country this is a big shock.
As usual most people and political parties are looking for pure evil that did this and of course there are plenty of ingenious lines of reasoning observed that actually the Russians are to blame for this. 

For myself speaking, I think this was done by some dumb asses. 

Dumb asses because now everybody wants to kill the separatists and if people even want to go and 'kill kill kill' from the War Tribunal point of view I even allow advanced weaponry from NATO countries to the Ukraine military forces.


After having said that, there is also lot's of propaganda going round but as usual with propaganda it is hard to say when it is carefully crafted lies or that it has a robust kernel of truth in it. 

The most interesting propaganda thing might be that photo of a small piece of the Buk anti aircraft system that was reportedly smuggled back into Russia. 

It is very hard to validate such stuff, but for myself speaking with the info that is now in, it could very well be that this kind of Buk apparatus was used. Although rather likely the thing was from Ukraine soil because since the 1970-ties they are produced... 

But if this Buk detail is indeed smuggled to Russia, I would like to ask the Russians to do the honorable thing and if they find it; just tell the truth... 


Ok ok, if indeed the Buk detail is on Russian soil and they tell the truth about it, all those emotionally charged Western people will put more and more sanctions on Russia. Well may be the Russians have to weather it out I just guess. 

And believe me: If you want to find the planet of the apes, just look around. 

It is not in outer space, it is here. 


For example the emotional stuff goes like this: 

Russia may have trained Ukraine separatists to use missiles, US says

End of this temporary update. 


(17 July 2014) Once more it would be tempting to comment on the Israeli-Palestine equation, but I am not going to do that.  

All I would like is to remark is that given how this stuff started, the Israelis still have provided 0.0% of validation that the 3 kidnapped Israeli teens were kidnapped & killed on the orders of Hamas.   

Now remember some years back when an Israeli death squad was caught using all kinds of European passports, the very first reaction of the Israelis was:

You cannot prove that. 


Let's leave it with that. 

Item 1) Do it yourself.

 Item 1) Do it yourself.

This a is food item; remember some of those stories about the power of the old Roman empire and how that giant empire got lost to corruption and all those metal lead stuff they used? 

It is weird but the heavy use of a poisonous metal named lead is an important root cause of the decline of the ancient Roman empire. 

The rise and decline of a giant empire is always a feast to study, and I have wondered often as why the Romans were not capable of understanding that the use of lead was a source of poisoning yourself. 


After having said that, do it yourself: 

1) Wake up in the morning, only a cup of coffee or so.
2) Do your daily stuff, but eat only a few leaves of salad, may be 6 to 10 olives, some cheese or whatever what but the daily intake of calories is at most 10% of what all those official theories of daily calorie intake stuff say.  

Grab a bicycle and go for about 50 kilometers or equivalently 30 miles. 
If you do not like the bicycle, walk for about 3 to 4 hours.

Go back home feeling no hunger al at all. 


So this is how we kill ourselves: If you eat bread you cannot perform the task of bicycling 50 kilometers and after that feel no hunger. 

The Western society kills itself slowly via the method of bread, it is even within our religion because with the evening prayer upon our meal we ask the Lord to 'Give us our daily bread'.  

End of this update.   


( 08 July 2014) Ha ha ha, it would be tempting to comment on the Israelis that claim that the Hamas leadership ordered for those teenager kidnapping & killing.    

But I know for many years what scum the Israelis are, so why should I comment on scum while far less annoying is commenting on the lack of math response from all universities around the world? 

That is the item for today; Why do mathematical departments around the world completely not respond on the detail of higher dimensional complex numbers? 

Item 1) Why do the not react?

 Item 1) Why do the not react?

It is well known from the history of human beings that complex problems have multiple roots feeding in this problem and those roots act independently from each other. 

For example the creation of the state of Israel is rooted into the Holocaust while the Muslim people living on the ground had no idea of what was happening. 

As such, the state of Israel is not much of a success. 


In my own life I have much of such similarities; on the university level all employees do their stinking best as if I was some kind of terrorist Arab.  

And so I wonder day in day out; why do the professional math people behave the way they do? 

Ok ok, I know it is very hard for just one individual to get a response from a broad based institution like the local university here in the city of Groningen. 

And that is fine by me, because if they would react so easily the whole of humanity would be much more prone to dictator folks and of course we cannot have that. 

But still I would like to beat the shit out of these relatively dumb people and how to do that? 


A few weeks back I talked a bit with one of the locals and he more or less complained like the next: 

It looks like humans have all those cognitive functions in their brain but all they do is using these cognitive functions for estimating how their own behavior would go inside a group of let's say 50 individuals. 

Never in my life I observed a better explanation of how democratically parliaments work, but it also explains why the universities do not want higher dimensional complex numbers inside their math faculties: 

I am not am member of let's say 50 locals. 


End of this update. 


(02 July 2014) This is very good: Israel is in a highly emotional state and now we can do some social experiments that are important to observe.
Why are they important?
Because they measure why Israel is fundamentally incapable of making peace.
So that is today's item: 

Item 1) Musings on addiction.

 Item 1) Musings on addiction.

Addiction in humans has a few fundamental aspects, one of them is that when you are confronted with something very emotional you have an extra need or desire for that what you are addicted to. 

The addiction can be to some substance or to some kind of behavior, this goes for individuals but also for groups or in the case of Israel; for the combined Jews inside Israel. 

The important thing is that a strong emotional impulse triggers the desire to consume more of that what you or your group is addicted to. 

This is a very universal model: It fit's all kinds of addictions, from cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, gambling, pedophile fucking or whatever what. Addiction inside social groups is manifest in group behavior like gun addiction or food addiction as we have in the USA for example.   

Addiction sets foot if you cannot control the use of what you are addicted to via the normal cognitive functions of your brain; to put it simple the stuff is just 'too fucking good' and you need more in order to maintain your emotional system. 


So now it has turned out that the 3 kidnapped Israeli teenagers were killed a short time after abduction and given the apartheids thing inside the Israeli mindset, they are in a highly emotional agitated state and as such we can derive what they are addicted to as a society. 

And, like I argued year in year out: 

1) More settlements &
2) Application of military power. 

That is indeed what we observe.  

We also observed lately the breakdown of the USA negotiated so called 'peace negotiations' but as long as the USA folks do not understand the nature of the Israelis all such peace efforts will fail big time.  


Before ending this update I would like to give a big compliment to the Israelis! 

What is the case? 

Well before it was known that the 3 teens were killed, the Israelis killed only 11 Palestinians!!!!! 

This is a remarkable progress because the killing ratio is below 4.
To say it in math:  11/3 = 3.666 

So that is a strong progress because in the past the Israelis would never settle for such stupid low ratio's because after all: They are only Arabs. 


End of this update. Live well and kill well my dear reader. 

Till updates. 




-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

Chained dollars are from a time chain and so you have to filter out inflation so you have a better estimate of price and quality and so. 

Therefore chained dollars are easy to understand. Hard to understand is what exactly a Gross Domestic Product, or a GDP is.

One way or the other; all nations will have their own flavor of GDP. 

Lately I just got so confused my dear reader. The Americans were able to spike up GDP growth by almost 0.5% because some stuff was now 'investment related' instead of the old thing.

Now that is very interesting because a dollar is a dollar, let it be a consumer good like bread or coffee or green tea or whatever what. Or a business invested dollar, GDP statistics should be like the temperature of the air outside the building and not inside the building. 

Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2    


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...













Title: A 2010 condolences card to the US dollar.