Just some war art 17.


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Sometimes life is so beautiful, like that Monday morning when I found out that the previous day a complete Chinook was fallen from strange skies.
A few weeks before that I declared a few so called Military Bloody Days and these days materialized with great perfection, to the cells who did this beautiful work I can say "Thank you! And again Thank you!"

From an artistic point of view the next can be told: Each cross represents a dead US soldier, at first there were a 16 reported dead. But later this figure was drawn back to 15 so that was shit.
But the story would not be the story in the sense that everything I write does have some nasty habit of coming out and just a few days later another soldier died in the military hospital in Ramstein Germany so it was 16 again. (Ramstein is a four hour drive from where I live... shall I visit them and bring one of my US soldier greeting cards to them?)


Title to this war art: Chinook shaking observed & who caught me a BlueFootedCrane?     

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