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At this particular point in time (November 2003) the United States Army must slowly start to realize that indeed the 'gloves are off'. Please folks I know exactly what I am doing and I also know perfectly well that in the Summer of 2002 I had to inform your highest political boss that I would like to beat the shit out of him.

Look at the timescale of happenings since then and does this 'beating shit out of the US army' go good or not? To my humble opinion stuff goes very good so my dear US army why don't we just 'Lets roll'? You know what I want from you and in the end you will give it to me, you will give me good battles outside civil areas too. You will, you must not worry upon this.

So my dear army of one, let me inform you that I asked from the Iraqis to make stuff into some kind of 'military Vietnam' and let me inform you that you are not allowed to do the same...



Title to this war art: No shouting at the US army like 'you are just like Germany before World War II'. Oh no, below you see a good cell....     

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