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This war art was made from a picture from Fallujah the second time around. In short the story goes like this:

There was an 'embedded camera man'  with a bunch of marines, the day before they have left five wounded insurgents
in a mosque. They go to the mosque again but just before they arrive another group of marines has entered that mosque, shots are heard.
A marine comes out and a lieutenant asks "Did you shoot em?" The shooter confirms.

After that the marines and the embedded camera man enter the mosque, one of the wounded is still alive it seems and
suddenly one of the marines shouts "He is fucking faking to be dead!" The marine doesn't hesitate, he pulls the trigger
and the embedded camera man takes it all on video.

Now my dear reader may be now you understand that it is important that future wars will be fought in front of the camera
so we the tax payers know what they do with our tax money...

(The original picture is at the bottom of this page.)



Title to this war art: He is fucking faking to be dead!     

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