Just some war art 23.


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The war in Iraq with it' s constantly shifting excuses, it started with the Weapons of Mass Destruction and the constant non-compliance
with the United Nations resolutions. No WMD found at all? Let us blame former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein once more and neglect
our own hysterical behavior over the years towards Iraq.
Now it is bringing democracy and stabilizing the mid-east & the oil reason is often not mentioned.

But wars have their costs and oil has it's value, from the economical point of view the war in Iraq is a true disaster. Costs just one billion US$
a week (over 200 dollar / Iraqi citizen every month). And when will there be price equilibrium? When will the profits pass the costs?
That will be a long time I just guess, that will be a long long time...   


Title to this war art: Results of the BulletsForOil program in Iraq are still mixed; the occupation still costs more than it delivers.      

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