Just some war art 24.


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Evil Bert has been everywhere, he has been at Hitler's, observed at the side of Stalin and at the side of a whole lot of other bad people. Evil Bert first popped up at the side of the evil al Qaida folks in the first weeks after the 9/11 attacks from 2001.
And a whole lot of so called terror ' experts'  were utterly amazed and nobody understood what Evil Bert was doing there,
Evil Bert is some icon of Western civilization so what was Evil Bert doing hanging out with Evil Muslims? 

And when you ask the stupid terror 'experts'  who has replaced Mohammed Atef they say "We don' t know, we don' t know". That is what they say, we don' t know. 



Title to this war art: Mohammed Atef in the role of Evil Bert or vice versa?     

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