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This work is not made by me and I do not know the name of the person who made this one.

Description of the work: A rough 700 photo's of dead US soldiers are used (often twice, the
total work combines to 1400 small photo's or so) to build the face of the commander in chief.

The reason I place a work not made by me: I like the way it is done, it is technical ok. About 
four years ago I wanted to make a similar work but my plans were a 800 x 600 pixel work and
if you clicked a pixel you would get the entire photo in a pop up.
Needless to say after some time I skipped that one because you would need 800 x 600 = 480
thousand (different) photo's and add 480 thousand hyperlinks to a spot the size of a pixel.

That was too much work to do by hand, it is a pity that the maker of the work below did not
include hyperlinks to get more info around the soldier involved.
When this work was made only a rough 700 US fatalities were there now we are running towards
1,700 US fatalities and it looks like the US military is getting exhausted by now (April 2005).

The artist made also a large version of this work where you can see the individual faces, it is a 3002 kB
download. At last we can see the point the creator of this work wants to make: It is such a pity to spoil
700 good American lives with this ugly war.
Of course the creator must be American, all 100 thousand Iraqis shot to death at the end of the previous
Gulf War are just forgotten. Forgotten too are the many hundreds of thousands dead from the economical
sanction against Iraq, forgotten is the fact that even water pumps were not allowed because there could be
so called 'dual use' in that.

We simply see again: All Americans are slime.  


Title to this war art: Bush well done.     

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