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Dear readers and art viewers, below you see the result of MBD number nine. That is Military Bloody Day 
number nine. All in all this series of MBD's stretches over many months and daily coalition fatalities in Iraq
were a nice manifold of the long running daily average (about 3 to 4 times as high).

In case my dear reader hangs on to the opinion this is only art and the so called MBD's have been selected
afterwards, I can tell you that is not true. At least two to three weeks before they are announced while longer
announcing time
often gives a better result.

Now the dear reader understands this, likely the dear reader asks him or herself the following question: How
come that a person living in a Western society and not hiding can come away with this?

There are, just like in politics, a lot of answers possible to that question but facts are that the dear reader can
ponder those possible answers for him or herself. Good luck with it.

(By the way: On 30 Jan the British had their biggest daily loss in the entire Iraqi war until now... And until now
nine weeks later we still do non know what altitude the Hercules shot down was flying on.)


Title to this war art: The result of Military Bloody Day number nine, it was a great day on 30 Jan 2005.     

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