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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Long time yo see man! Hey I need some hot coffee because it is damn cold in your country and what do we have to do with this surge in USA born soldiers?

-Reinko: I don't know, the surge in Afghanistan is very weird because only next year in 2011 these USA born soldiers are supposed to get back to their trailer parks.

We must also take into account that even the throwing of dumb bombs is good for the US economy because of the replacement demand. 

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: For Afghanistan it is important to keep attacks up, after all Afghanistan is not for nothing the graveyard of empires.

On the other hand the Pakistanis should put their act together and avoid being the next Colombia or Mexico.

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to Afghanistan so bye bye 




(06 Feb 2014) A small update in Dutch about the troublesome efficiency of the Dutch secret services.  

Item 1) Is de AIVD gewoon een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus? 

 Item 1) Is de AIVD gewoon een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus?

Het is wel een beetje goedkoop maar onze geachte minister Ronalds Plasterk komt weer eens prachtig naar buiten met de laatste nieuwtjes over onze AIVD/MIVD. 

Op 22 juni vorig jaar schreef ik een klein stukje over onze Ronald met de titel:
Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk.

En daar hoorde dan dit plaatje bij: 


Nou ja, nu blijkt dat we het toch echt allemaal wel zelf doen...
Het probleem van Ronald is niet zijn IQ, dat is duidelijk hoog zat. 
Het probleem van Ronald is dat hij niet begrijpt hoe geheime diensten werken op het niet-cognitieve nivo, dus op het emotionele nivo. 


Maar goed, ik wil het niet over Ronald hebben maar over dat zootje idioten dat door het leven gaat onder de naam AIVD. 

Nu denken jullie waarschijnlijk: Oh oh daar komt Reinko weer met zijn trigger hypothese omtrent de 911 attack uit het jaar onzes Heren 2001. 

Maar nee, waarom zou ik?
Ik heb dat 10 jaar lang geprobeerd en ik kan u mededelen dat niemand aan de trigger hypothese wil. Dus dat laten we lekker in het verleden liggen... 

Nee, ik wil het hebben over Cyber Blast en dan niet die saaie DDOS aanvallen maar het echte spul. 

Het zal nu ongeveer 10 jaar geleden zijn dat ik de eerste echte Cyber Blast tegen mijn eigen lieve computer had:
Binnen 1 a 2 seconden alle harde schijven gewist exact 5 directory layers diep. 

De directory structuur (mappen structuur) was nog intact, maar alle directories waren leeg precies 5 lagen diep. Vanaf laag 6 en dieper was alles netjes intact.
(Daarom bestaan de alleroudste files in deze website nog want deze website was niet gewist... Die stond 6 of 7 lagen diep.)

Over de loop der jaren heb ik deze Cyber Blasts vaak genoeg beschreven. 

Om te bewijzen dat onze AIVD niets anders is dan een binnenstebuiten gekeerde anus is wil ik graag een paar vragen aan onze veiligheidsanus stellen: 

1) Waarom doet de AIVD nul komma niets aan het veiliger maken van onze computer infra structuur? 

2) Wilt u ook melk en suiker in de koffie? 


Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums. Till updates.  


(04 Feb 2014, temporary update)     

Item 1) Trouble in paradise. 

 Item 1) Trouble in paradise. 

Trouble nr 01: Oops, what I classified as 'exponential circles' in five dimensional space the last update might not be circles at all. 
They do not pass the test of 'opposite point' calculations so it is highly likely these are more complex structures than just circles. 
So may be I have to replace the words 'exponential circle' for 'exponential curve' but that would be like anti-dating your updates and I do not like that... 

Trouble nr 02: Ha, who thought I would side with the USA, but it is a fact of life that the cleansing of chemical weapons in Syria goes far to slow. Ok the original timetable was very enthusiastic and from the start it was clear the timetable goals would not be met, but the present stuff looks like the 'opposite point' so if Assad does nothing to speed things up he has to go the Gadaffi way...  

Trouble nr 03: For some strange reason there is a lot of Media attention to some third degree Hollywood actor named Seymour Hoffman that supposedly died of a heroin overdose. I have to say I never ever viewed one of his movies, but in my world that goes for almost all the crap Hollywood produces.
Anyway the things that do not add up are very simple: Police say they found about 50 bags of supposedly heroin related stuff in his home while at the same time we are told the Hoffman guy had an overdose.
That just does not add up: a regular user almost never dies from overdose but from chronic illnesses related to the drug use.

Let's leave it with that, see yah around & till updates.


(30 Jan 2014) Ok, I cracked the 5-dimensional case for the higher dimensional complex numbers. So that is the only item: 

Item 1) Two exponential circles in five dimensions. 

 Item 1) Two exponential circles in five dimensions. 

This week I tried to puzzle out what the precious professional professors as a collective have made from higher dimensional stuff. They give it weird names like 'hyper complex numbers' and stuff like that. 

It is all rather disappointing, like I said before: 
This math is too important to leave it to the professional professors in the science of mathematics...  

That might sound a little bit strange, after all those folks get paid to hang out the smart asses. But as a matter of fact they are just another bunch of non-performers. 

Click on the picture for 10 fresh pages of five dimensional stuff:  


Till updates. 


(24 Jan 2014) Disturbing news of this week:    

Item 1) Disturbing news of this week. 

 Item 1) Disturbing news of this week.

CNN had a very weird file upon torture in Syria; it was claimed they had tens of thousands of photo's of tortured corpses. About four photo's per capita dead corpse. 

All in all about 11000 starved and tortured dead bodies... (And that from only one government photographer.)

It is bewildering why the Syrian government would document her own stuff in such strange detail, but as the story says all corpses go to military hospitals and are documented in such a way it looks like they died from other things.  

I do not know what to think of it because at a first glimpse it looks pretty convincing. 

Here is a CNN link: 

Gruesome Syria photo's may prove torture by Assad regime


Also highly disturbing is being called some Nazi anti-Semite by the Canadian pm. 

My dear Canadians, let it be clear I hold you in the highest esteem because for me, one way or the other, it were the Canadians that liberated the parts of the Dutch landscape where I live. Ok that was in 1945, but for me stuff like that counts. 

Yet after having said that, I would also say that the Harper guy is a piece of shit. 

Ok, it was from a speech Mr. Harper gave before the Knesset, so ok ok it might be expected the speech is a little bit pro-Israel. But I refuse to be painted as some old ghost from the Nazi era that has suddenly piled up an unexplainable hatred against Jews. 

Here is a youtubber of the Knesset speech, look for example at 11.26 min and 13.50 min: 

Stephen Harper vows loyalty to Israel in speech to Knesset

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(18 Jan 2014) Ok , like I wrote yesterday a long math update.
(It is double size compared to the maximum size of a standard update).  

Click on the picture: 


The math update contains a lot of stuff, it is pretty normal that it is almost impossible to grasp each detail of the entire update. Have fun reading it and hopefully you learn a bit from it... 

Till updates. 


(17 Jan 2014) Two items:  

Item 1) Announcement of a long math update (Cauchy integrals).
Item 2) Funny remarks by the Israeli SecDef on Mr. Kerry. 

 Item 1) Announcement of a long math update (Cauchy integrals).

So that was some long work for a hobby math guy: about 10 pages long! 

In a few days I will hang it into this website. 

In the meantime I again would like to express my bewilderment as why the scientific math community stays silent: 

For centuries these guys lamentate that if only they had complex numbers in three dimensions, they would be in paradise or so. 

And now you have the 3D stuff in all it's beautiful details and these people stay silent month in month out. Why is that?  


 Item 2) Funny remarks by the Israeli SecDef on Mr. Kerry. 

Suddenly there was a small diplomatic rift between the USA and Israel because the Israeli SecDef made all kinds of comments like Mr. Kerry needed a Nobel prize for peace and after that please leave us alone.

It was also funny to observe that the Israeli SecDef stated that he had learned absolutely nothing about Palestinians from Mr. Kerry (as such suggesting Kerry was some messianic imbecile). 

I have to admit: I had to laugh hard.
For me this was funny because it validates what I have been saying for about 8 years now: The Israelis they do not want peace.  


You must not view this update as some cheap update on a fault of some Israeli SecDef, on the contrary: I want you to think about the Holocaust and as such arrive at the conclusion that the Israelis are never ever capable of making peace. 

A lot of Israelis don't understand their own nation either; they think that as a nation they are seeking peace. Well there is nothing new under the sun, for example our nice financial crises was not foreseen by our beloved Central Bankers.
And Israelis that think their nation can make peace are naive, dumb and know nothing about human psychology. 


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


05 Jan 2014)   

Item 1) Does Israel want peace?
Item 2) The three dimensional roots of unity; the complex version. 

Item 1) Does Israel want peace? 

At present dat the US Secretary of Foreign affairs is once more traveling the Mid-East region and we are told that 'there is progress'. 

Well that is nice, but why not ponder the question if Israel really wants peace or only does her usual blah blah blah and after that all Christians once more fall in the trap of their own religion. 

So suppose there is peace (just a hypothetical situation of course), what would that mean for Israel? 

In the first place, since settlement expansion simple means the stealing of more and more land that not belongs to the Israeli thieves, they would have to stop settlement expansion. 

Do you believe the Israelis will stop the expansions?
If you say 'yes' keep on dreaming your silly stupid and naive dreams. 

In the second place, it is just another detail, if there would be peace no longer the IFD could strike with huge force at the moment Israel likes it once more. 

Believe me; the Israelis cannot stand such a nightmare scenario: the IDF not allowed to strike for no reason at all? 
No, that all is not going to happen. 

The psychology involved is very simple to understand: it has a name and the name is holocaust. Of the present political leaders in the West, after my humble opinion none of our political leaders understand why the Israelis behave like they do.   

Why our political leaders are that stupid I do not know... 

Item 2) The three dimensional roots of unity; the complex version. 

I opened a second page in the complex numbers files, old and new page: 

Page 1
Page 2  

The update for today is about three dimensional roots of unity; they behave very different from the usual ones from the complex plane. Here is the stuff: 

05 Jan 2014, the song of omega reloaded   

Till updates my dear reader. 


(24 Dec 2013) Just the usual load of math, in this update two items:  

Item 1) The most general two dimensional case and
Item 2) In three dimensions, circular stuff, we write the inverse in terms of the

Here is the stuff. 

Till updates. 


(13 Dec 2013) Just a few days ago after decades of weird stuff it looked like finally some kind of normalcy was setting in with regard to the Iranian nuclear program.   

But once more the Jewish hysteria is winning...  

Item 1) Are the Iranian nuclear talks already falling apart because of the USA?

 Item 1) Are the Iranian nuclear talks already falling apart because of the USA?

Only yesterday we had stuff like this, quote: 

"We should not do anything counterproductive that might shatter Western unity on this issue," Johnson said at a hearing.


So at a first glimpse everything looked alright, were it not from the Jews running the Treasury department. Also from yesterday: 

Additional Treasury and State Designations Targeting Networks Linked to Iranian WMD Proliferation and Sanctions Evasion


The Jewish problem observed, quote: 

“The Joint Plan of Action reached in Geneva does not, and will not, interfere with our continued efforts to expose and disrupt those supporting Iran’s nuclear program or seeking to evade our sanctions.  These sanctions have isolated Iran from the international financial system, imposed enormous pressure on the Iranian economy, and motivated the Iranian leadership to make the first meaningful concessions on its nuclear program in over a decade,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen.

Comment: Let me be very short towards that piece of Jewish shit David Cohen:
Give me some serious proof that indeed the Iranians are after a nuclear bomb. 

Likely you do not have such a proof, only your Jewish slime talk and insights, but if you have some proof the rest of the Western nations would be delighted to hear from it. 


Well once more we observe that humanity in general has no shortage on idiots and imbeciles, and in particular the USA is riddled with it. 

End of this update. 


08 Dec 2013) Oh oh this week Mandela passed away at the age of 95. Everybody misses him already and it made me wonder what the most worthless leader alive is. 

In mind come those pieces of shit from Iraq and Mozambique... 

What is the most worthless piece of shit?
Robert Mugabe from Mozambique or Maliki from Iraq??? 

(Who wants to bet with me that after Robert Mugabe dies civil war will break out in Zimbabwe?)


Ok in this update, as usual lately, more math.
I was a little bit unsatisfied with the way I talked about the Fourier transforms (the continuous and the discrete one), so this update we dive a little bit deeper in that branch of mathematics: 

Correction (continuous version) & addendum (discrete version).


And from the department of 'naughty naughty stuff' I found a simple and efficient solution to the ever expanding Israeli settlements: 

If we kill one Israeli Jew for every square meter of land they steal, after about 8 square kilometer the whole problem is finally solved... 

By the way my dear Israel, how is your Iranian stuff going??? 

Till updates. 


(28 Nov 2013) Only a small math update where we look at a few relations between linear control theory and our differential algebra' s. 

Don't forget to look at the two vids at the end of the update. 

Here it is: 

Relations with control theory

Till updates. 


 (20 Nov 2013) The American Federal Reserve gets a new chairman, to be more precise it is a chair woman named Janet Yellen. 

Years and years ago the Federal Reserve started the programs of so called 'Quantitative Easing' and on the evening of the first day they said they would do this I already understood they would never ever be able to stop with it. 

At present day the balance sheet of the FED is above 2 trillion and only idiot imbeciles do not understand that in fact the FED is bankrupt because try to throw 2 trillion of garbage on the free markets and see what happens... 

Therefore we will look at the QE programs as they were dynamical systems (but we leave out all math). 

Item 1) QE as a dynamical system. 

 Item 1) QE as a dynamical system.

First I want to look at 3 examples of simple dynamical systems that share a common trait: Once they have left the standard equilibrium they are never able to return to it. 

We will look at:
-- Being ultra rich, say a billionaire or more;
-- Being overdebted, say you need to borrow money for the interest payments only;
-- Obese people, say 300 lbs or more. 

EXAMPLE 1: Being ultra rich, say you have over one billion Euro and you are a risk avoiding person so you settle for just a few percent above inflation in profits every year. Suppose for simplicity you gain about 3% on average year in year out.
Well 3% of one billion amounts to 30 million a year and it is sheer impossible to consume 30 million a year.
The only way to consume 30 million or more a year is by behaving very strange, only weird stuff like demolishing a Ferrari car every days slams a serious dent in your 30 million a year income.
So unavoidable you will get richer year in year out...  

EXAMPLE 2: You are a skilled debt hugger and you pile up more debt year in year out. Inside financial theory a so called Ponzi financial unit is in it end stages when even all interest payments need to be borrowed.
For example in my own country the government has about 11 billion Euro of interest obligations each year, they cannot cough up 11 billion a year from raising taxes and the only way to pay for it is via refi, refi and more refi. 
If you need to borrow more and more to only pay the interest one thing is clear:
Your debt will grow year in year out... 

EXAMPLE 3: Obese people.
If you are a person of normal body weight and you catch a flu or so, you might loose 2 or 3 kilo but in just a few weeks you are back to your standard body weight.
If you gain a few kilo because your normal pattern of body movement is restricted for a few weeks, may be you are on a holiday, after you can return to your normal pattern of body movement in just a few weeks time you are back on your standard body weight.
Once your body gets obese your body changes in all kinds of ways that enforce the path to 300+ lbs. Obese people often report severe hunger and they need a tremendous amount of calories just to feel 'normal'.
Furthermore the body gets utterly lazy, for a 300+ lbs person it is very difficult to have enough body movement to compensate the calorie intake.
Obesity is a self enforcing process.
So unavoidable your will get heavier year in year out... 


So far for these 3 examples, when central banks start expanding their balance sheets they need to think twice before they spend one cent about the exit strategy and how to shrink the balance sheet later in time. 

One thing is clear: The US Federal Reserve under the leadership of Ben Bernanke have never ever done such things. Just like a 300+ lbs person cannot do a little bit of body exercise to get rid of the extra pounds, the 2+ trillion balance sheet cannot be emptied. 

You might wonder why the Federal Reserve is so stupid, but think back to the ridiculous credit expansion under Alan Greenspan in for example the years 2004 to 2007:
If you would ask Alan about the dangers in that credit expansion you only would get dumb bla bla bla that the credit expansion is only a reflection of strong underlying economical growth... 


Yeah yeah it will be funny to observe what will happen if the FED shrinks the monthly and daily intake of garbage debt... 


End of this update. Till updates.  


 (08 Nov 2013) No no Reinko, no reason to be upset. Do not bite the bait Reinko, if the Israelis keep on striking inside Syria they need to feel a fist so big they will think twice a second time.  

So I am not upset my dear Israel: Want some more holocaust in the next centuries? 

I am not upset, but if you vote with your own feet, please let's not forget every step done.  


But I can make bait myself! 

The Israelis will laugh about it's simplicity, so keep on laughing my dear Israelis...  



More in the primer files.       

Till updates.  


(01 Nov 2013) Two items:   

Item 1) News from the Syrian landscape.
Item 2) A long math update upon eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 

 Item 1) News from the Syrian landscape. 

The news emerged that an important deadline was taken: all chemical weapon delivery and production stuff is destroyed or dismantled or otherwise not functioning any longer. 

That is great news, you just cannot believe how negative and sarcastic I have grown during this fucking War on Terror over humanity. And this was just what I needed; at least a little bit of hope is restored...

Today I realized I never thanked anybody for their labor, so of course in the first place I would like to praise the actual OPCW workers that do the actual dismantling. 

I would also like that thank the Russians, without them this all would have failed.
My dear Russians, all these years I carefully concealed it, but I like the Russians much more than you think...  But I won't tell you why because if you figure out how my emotional system works you can easily fool me. (And I do not like that.)


Of course the Syrian regime needs a 'thank you' too. 
May be the Syrians should drink a bit more Vodka and the Russians a little bit less, and the Syrian problems are far from over of course.
But still I wish you folks luck.  

Even the USA folks get some praise, of course in the future when needed I will cripple your military capacities further. But of course one should not push the envelope too far too fast because if weirdo's like China jump in the military vacuum we might regret the loss of USA military power... 


Enough of the 'thank you' stuff, lets go to the next boring item: 


Item 2) A long math update upon eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 

Later this day I will finish the stuff, but we start with a simple to understand 'Poking fun at Algebra people'.  

For myself speaking, as far as I can see it, the Algebra people have come closest to the 3-dimensional complex numbers as compared to other branches of math. 

So since I invented the higher dimensional complex numbers, the flatlanders from the complex plane are allowed to say 'thank you' for the content as described in the next picture: 


In the primer files an update about eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Till updates. 


(29 Oct 2013) Ah, the phone rings. And I walk to the phone, I pick it up and it always takes a few seconds more because I have to stick in the cable for the mouthpiece so I can speak to the person that is calling me. 

So if your phone is tapped for many years, if you find out the details it will change your behavior...    

 Item 1) Poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped...

 Item 1) Poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped...

Oh oh, poor poor Angela Merkel got the phone tapped and it was not done by some evil teenage hacker. No it was done by the NSA for a period of about 10 years. 

USA prez no drama Bama did not know they tapped the phone of Angela.

Anyway, the NSA has stated they never informed the USA prez with such stuff because that was not good for his speeches and so. 

For myself speaking, it makes me wonder if Obama understands the deeper working of the wonderful USA government yes or no.
After all 10 years of phone taps of Angela is simply what it is:
10 years of phone taps done by USA government employees. 


Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(18 Oct 2013) It would be tempting to comment a little bit on the tit for tat burglaries in the diverse diplomatic houses in Russia and the Dutch landscape, but today I feel the need to act just like I was an adult....

Therefore only a long update in the primer files on 3-dimensional multiplication and this day it is not that much 'primer files'. 

There is a glimpse of how a more general theory might look like... 

Here is the stuff: 

This is a long update, we start and end with some graphs upon the determinant in three dimensions while in between a little bit of the general theory. 

Till updates. 


(10 Oct 2013)   

Item 1) Applied psychology Russian style.

  Item 1) Applied psychology Russian style.

The last days there is a diplomatic row between the Dutch and the Vodka drinkers from the Russian landscape. And a lot of people here are looking in bewilderment as why the Russians react so very fanatic on something that by all standards is just a minor thing. 

To understand that just look again at that picture from Syria, Damascus: 


The delivery systems for the sarin had those Russian alphabet lettering on it, so even the Russians vaguely feel what could have happened and they cannot deal with that. 

After all Russians do not view themselves as child killers on a massive scale, that gives a lot of denial but also a strong need for an emotional distraction. 

From the denial we have seen a lot of weird stuff, like Vladimir Puting explaining that the rebels did it in order to trigger an international military action against Syria. 
Remark that until the present day the Russians have given zero point zero proof for their outlandish version of events...

We also observed weird weird stuff where Putin was explaining that USA Sec of foreign affairs Mr. Kerry has said there was no al Qaida presence in Syria, Kerry has never said such stuff and Putin skillfully made a fool of himself. 


And the last few days we have this strange distraction: The wife of a Russian diplomat was so drunk that she damaged 3 or 4 cars while parking a car registered to the Russian embassy. 
Neighbors of that Russian diplomat warned police that the diplomat was dragging his children by their hair through his house.
The diplomat was also drunk...  

And so on and so on, the guy got arrested and a diplomatic row was born. 

All in all it is nothing: some drunk fuckmeat that cannot park her car properly... 

So why are the Russians acting so fanatic?
That is because they need the distraction because at the present time they cannot deal with their own role in the chemical massacre. 


Till updates. 


(06 Oct 2013) Only a math update upon so called exponential circles.
Since it is rather technical in nature I placed it only into the primer files on multi dimensional complex multiplication.

Here it is: 

Exponential circles

Till updates. 


(01 Oct 2013, temporary update on Syria). This temporary update replaces the previous 3 temporary updates on Syria.  

Ok, now we have a United Nations Security Council decision to destroy the chemical stockpiles in Syria without a military option in case the whole thing goes into the void. 

So why did I keep my mouth shut? 

That is because Mr. Assad was more or less a medical figure in his pre-presidential life. And if he still has some identification with the medical profession, it is not without logic that he really wants to get rid of all the chemical shit over there. 

It is a big gamble, but for the time being I think the present Syrian government is serious on this detail...  


Later today the first implementations of the destruction will start, I have to admit that even this old guy is emotional and I wish everybody the best of luck!   


And at times the Syrian equation can he very funny: 

Lately Vladimir Putin started lecturing the USA like you have to abide by the law, you may not like the law but all military action without lawful legislative backup by the United Nations is illegal in nature. 
Vladimir Putin said so in some articles in the USA media.

Well, just a few days later we had that United Nations report, here is the link once more: 

UN report on CW in Syria

And suddenly the UN report was extremely biased, one sided, it was this and it was that. 

For me this was very funny my dear Vladimir. 

But beside the fun, for the time being I also trust the Russians will do their stinking best... 



Let's not do difficult; the Israelis are not known for being trustworthy 'partners of peace'. On the contrary, they will do all and everything in order to keep the military imbalance in their favor... 

So if the Israelis are trying in the future to exploit the present developments, they will feel my fist so hard as I have never ever slammed it before on a nation. 

So do not say that I did not warn you my beloved Israelis. 


End of this temporary update. Till updates. 


(23 Sept 2013) 

Item 1) Without comment: more math. 

 Item 1) Without comment: more math. 

Without comment on, for example, Syrian developments.
Here it is: Without comment

Till updates. 


(08 Sept 2013) Only a math update, it is not that difficult as the last time.
It is more a bit of easy reading.

Ten properties of the exponential tau

Till updates. 


(27 Aug 2013, temporary update upon Syria)     

Item 1) I too agree with military action in Syria. 

 Item 1) I too agree with military action in Syria. 

Since all those death related to chemical stuff from last week, finally things are moving in the international scene.
With regard to the chemical atrocity, for simplicity let's look at 3 possible scenario's how this could have happened: 

I --- Chemical shelling done on the command of the highest in ranks of the Syrian regime. (Meaning the orders came directly from Assad and his pals.)

II --- A loose act done by the Syrian army on a far lower hierarchical level. 

III --- An accident; a bomb or some grenades did by accident hit a stockpile of chemical stuff. 

And as usual there are the more outlandish scenario's like:

IV --- The Mossad did it to further destabilize Syria. 

V --- The Syrian rebels did it so the Syrian regime would get the blame. 

For myself speaking, the accident scenario can not be ruled out. But whatever it was, something has to be done. 


Legal considerations. 

Since it is hard to get the UN Security Council on one line, there are some legal problems. Therefore as founder of the War Tribunal I give permission for military action outside the framework of the United Nations. 

The military action itself should last at most something like a week or 10 days long. And after that it should be halted again. 

On the number of targets inside Syria I do not have much insight; something like 50 to 60 different targets must make a significant difference. 

I wish the military planners good luck with preparing for the strikes... 


Without indulging into cheap propaganda, below you see a few reasons as why I ever founded the War Tribunal:  


Let's leave it with that, good luck to all that need it! 

Till updates. 


(31 July 2013) Just a little bit of math as an antidote to all that stuff that our 'precious professional math professors' produce with tax money. 

Item 1) More on the log for the number j. 

Item 1) More on the log for the number j.  

First the basics, here we go: 




Ok, the title of this item said something about a possible matrix representation for log j. Since that falls into the category 'slightly more technical math' it is placed in the primer files:

31 July 2013, a 6 by 6 matrix for log j  

That's it for this update.
See ya around. 

Till updates. 


(16 July 2013) Since it finally can be said 'Now it is summer' and we can forget a little bit about that boring long winter, why not cool down with a bit of laughable math?   

Yes, why not? 

After all, for me it is very funny to read all those attempts to craft 3-dimensional complex numbers and from all those attempts I have chosen that one that was the most charming... (Anyway, for me it was the most charming attempt). 

Two items: 

Item 1) Poking fun at other people.
Item 2) Poking fun at myself. 

  Item 1) Poking fun at other people. 

Yes, why not? 

Now some people think that you can use the next map as a multiplication: 


This is of course a disaster course for making multiplications, but on the other hand it is very charming.   


Item 2) Poking fun at myself. 

Without comment: 





Yeah yeah, Kilroy was here. 

Let's close this update with the next nice details: 


Till updates. 


(29 June 2013) Sorry for the international folks, but again a non-math update in the Dutch language. This update is about the production of natural gas in the part of the country where I live. There are some minor earthquakes observed, so what is the big fuss??    

Item 1) Ach tja, het is maar 3000 kubieke kilometer... 

 Item 1) Ach tja, het is maar 3000 kubieke kilometer... 


Over de aardbevingen alhier die veroorzaakt worden door de aardgaswinning doen allerlei vreemde verhalen de ronde, daarom een paar zeer eenvoudige berekeningen die de NAM of de Gasunie nooit zullen gebruiken in hun advertenties. 

Totale gasproductie zal ongeveer 3000 miljard kubieke meter zijn, dan is het op.
Nou 3000 miljard kubieke meter is exact 3000 kubieke kilometer, maar dat is het volume van het gas aan de oppervlakte. 

Hoeveel ruimte neemt die 3000 kubieke kilometer in op bijv vijf kilometer diepte? 

Voor het gemak gaan we uit van een dichtheid van 2500 kilo per kuub grond, op 1 vierkante centimeter geeft gewone grond dan zo'n 250 gram druk per meter diepte.
Dat is 250 kg per kilometer diepte, dus 5 km diep zou een druk geven van ongeveer 1250 kilo per vierkante centimeter. 

Aan de oppervlakte is de druk ongeveer 1 kg per vierkante centimeter, dus 5 km diep is de druk ongeveer 1250 keer zo groot. 

Simpelweg kun je stellen dat die 3000 kubieke kilometer aan de oppervlakte samengedrukt is tot ongeveer 3000/1250 = 2,5 kubieke kilometer. 

Het Groninger aardgasveld is ongeveer 900 vierkante kilometer groot (van bovenaf gezien natuurlijk) en dus zal de bodemdaling op termijn tussen de 2 en de 3 meter liggen. 


Als de gemiddelde gasdiepte minder dan 5 km is dan zal de bodemdaling nog groter uitvallen... (Ik heb geen idee wat de gemiddelde gasdiepte eigenlijk is voor het Groninger aardgasveld.) 


Vreemde verhalen: Laatst was het ineens in het nieuws dat de NAM uitgaat van het gegeven dat zodra je stopt met de aardgaswinning dat dan de bodemdaling ook stopt. 

Dat is natuurlijk onzin, zoiets is alleen maar waar aan het begin van de exploitatie zolang je nog lineaire modellen kunt gebruiken voor de bodemdaling.
Zodra de aardbevingen inzetten is er sprake van 'uitgestelde bodemdaling' die dan ineens vrijkomt. 

Maar er zijn ook rasechte idioten, vandaag kreeg ik een periodiek in de brievenbus genaamd Broerstraat 5 (dat is van de Groninger universiteit) en daarin beweerd ene Rien Herber het volgende, quote: 

Laten we eerst de onderzoeken afwachten voordat we zomaar aan de gaskraan gaan draaien. Het zou namelijk kunnen dat het plots terugbrengen van de gasproductie juist tot meer bevingen leidt, omdat je extra drukverschillen in de ondergrond creëert. 

Commentaar van Reinko: Zelden zie je het zo volslagen bizar, zelfs na een paar uurtjes nadenken heb ik echt geen enkel idee hoe de ondergrond eruit zou moeten zien zo dat stoppen met gas aftappen juist extra drukverschillen geeft... 

Dat is totale nonsense, maar ja die Rien Herber heeft gewerkt als adjunct-directeur bij de NAM en als hoofd exploratie van Europa bij Shell en zoals zo vaak:
De gebruikte logica is een afgeleide van de onderliggende emotie.
En het is vrij duidelijk waar ze bij de NAM/Shell etc bang voor zijn; onredelijke inperking van de gasproductie. 


Nou ja, zelf ben ik ook tegen onredelijke inperking van de gasproductie.
Maar ik ben ook tegen slap gelul van bestuurders en 3000 kubieke kilometer gas is gewoon 3000 kubieke kilometer gas en de bodemdaling zal gemeten worden in meters en niet in slap gelul. 


Waarvan acte, tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(22 June 2013) Update in Dutch related to some strange remarks made by our minister of internal affairs dhr. Ronald Plasterk.  

Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk. 

 Item 1) De vreemde fantasiewereld van Ronald Plasterk. 

Met stijgende verbazing hoor ik de geluiden van onze minister van BiZa die denkt dat ze het bij de AIVD en MIVD allemaal volgens het boekje doen.

Dat is enorm naief en wij moeten ons serieus vragen stellen omtrent de cognitieve capaciteiten van Ronald Plasterk. Nou de opmerkingen van Ronald staan nog steeds op teletekst dus ik quote zijn onmeetbare wijsheid maar eens:

Nederlandse inlichtingendiensten gebruiken het afluisterprogramma Prism niet om informatie over personen te verkrijgen. De Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD) en de Militaire Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (MIVD) vragen ook de Amerikaanse inlichtingendiensten niet om het aftapprogramma te gebruiken voor informatie.

Bron (NRC Handelsblad): geen-gebruik-van-prism/ 

Commentaar: Dit is waanzinnig naïef, dit soort van diensten gaat altijd tot het randje van de technische mogelijkheden en pas later, als er bijv een rechtszaak van gebakken moet worden, dan presenteerd men de informatie alsof al die tijd netjes volgens de regels gewerkt is.

Neem bijv een soortgelijke dienst: de Groninger gemeente politie.
Die zou toch ook volgens het boekje moeten werken? Of niet Ronald?

Jaren en jaren heeft dat ongedierte de geluiden uit mijn huiskamer afgeluisterd, maar denkt Ronald nu echt dat één of andere minister daar zijn handtekening voor gezet heeft? Dat kan ik mij maar moeilijk voorstellen, dat ongedierte van de politie doet gewoon dat wat ze technisch kunnen en hoe dat allemaal met de regeltjes zit dat zien ze later wel.

En dan al dat stalken van de politie sinds oktober 2001 dan?
Lijkt me stug dat zoiets legaal is; je kunt iemand toch niet zomaar meer dan 10 jaar gaan zitten stalken?
Nee Ronald: Je moet er altijd van uitgaan dat politie/justitie maar ook AIVD enzo in principe vieze vuile ratten en andere vormen van ongedierte zijn, pas als dat je basis van logica is dan snap je hoe ze werken...

Veel succes ermee Ronald.  


Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(13 June 2013) It would be tempting to comment on the ways the NSA snoops all email and internet traffic from millions and millions of people but that reminds me of all those years the local police have listened to the sounds in my own living room. 

Those memories bring back a bad bad mood, if it is up to me you can kill a few of those police scumbags... 


Therefore only a fresh load of mathematics: 

Item 1) Tau for the original Euler identity. 
Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem. 

 Item 1) Tau for the original Euler identity. 


 Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem. 

Inside math there is a rather 'famous' theorem that says that beside the real number system we only have the complex plane, the 4-dimensional quaternions and the 8-dimensional octonions. 

After my humble opinion, if Hurwitz knew how future generations would use his theorem as some kind of golden calf, he likely never would have published it. 

So that is more or less the main dish for today: 

Item 2) Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem.  

The title of this item sounds a bit negative, but anyway...
Because this update is a little bit more technical in nature it is placed the the primer files on the 3-dimensional complex multiplication: 

Making chopped meat of the 1, 2, 4, 8 theorem.  


In the long math update from 30 May 2013 we came across a difficult looking integral. That nasty integral can easily be solved if you use some modified massive madness. 

So you are looking at history in the making because never ever before integrals were solved using massive madness modification...;) 

Here is the stuff: 

Solving integrals using massive madness modification. 


Till updates. 


(30 May 2013) Two items for today:  

Item 1) An Euler identity for the 3D complex numbers. 
Item 2) Austerity replacement for the new JSF warplanes. 

 Item 1) An Euler identity for the 3D complex numbers. 

Ha ha, last week I was complaining about 'professional professors' in the science of mathematics that completely ignore my work on the 3-dimensional complex numbers. 

Why they keep silent is unknown to me, may be they are waiting until I would make a formal publication in a respected scientific journal. But I will never ever publish into one of those expensive journals: 
Why would I pay for a publication into a journal I cannot afford myself? 

No way, that is not going to happen... 


But it is weird and strange the professors keep so silent, it is so weird and so strange that instead of naming them 'professional professors' it will be:

Precious professional professors. 

And in my fantasy world they look all like this: 


Now what does this ring represent my dear reader? Choose from: 

A) The Euler identity.
B) All that tax money we waste on precious professional professors.
C) The closed world of precious professional professors.
D) The ring is not real, but imaginary, because it is from a movie. 


But serious: This week I finally made some calculations that should have been made much earlier. Anyway, here is the 3-dimensional version of the Euler identity: 

The log for j squared

(It is a long update so take your time.) 

Item 2) Austerity replacement for the new JSF warplanes.  

The USA folks are making a brand new fighter jet, it's name is the Joint Strike Fighter. And just like all other Pentagon programs the final development costs are double or triple compared to the original planning. 

Now that would not be a problem if not a whole lot of other NATO members have participated into the JSF program. And given all that austerity stuff from the last years nobody is waiting for double or triple costs... 

Since this all was easily to foresee, years and years ago I designed a warplane that was cheap and could be manufactured very fast. 

Since today I am in a good mood, I would like to give away for free 20 of those new fighter jets for all NATO members. If the Taliban also want a bunch of these new fighter jets, it is fine by me! 

All you have to do is print the next picture 20 times on a standard printer and ready is your air force for the heftiest of combat! 


That's it for this update; till updates. 


(21 May 2013) Last week I bundled all 3-dimensional complex number stuff together into one html file.  

It is obvious that thousands and thousands of 'professional mathematical people' must at least once in their lifetime tried to find a 3D analog of the ordinary complex plane. 

They have all failed, century in century out they have not found it (anyway I am not aware of anybody else finding it). 

So you might have expected a little bit more enthusiasm, but it stays remarkable silent; very likely it is exactly the same as 20 years ago when I was a student:   

Those 'professional professors' do not understand the math of the 3D complex numbers... 


Anyway, lets not waste time on a bunch of losers, here is the html file: 

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.  

The latest entry is about differential 2-forms: 21 May 2013.


Till updates! 


(12 May 2013) Sorry for not updating for so long but there are times when it is better to keep my big mouth shut.   


Item 1) Only boring math: The existence of impossibility. 

 Item 1) Only boring math: The existence of impossibility. 

Does the number zero exist? After all it represents nothing so can it exist? 

And what about that number i where the complex plane is build upon? 


That's it, till updates. 


(09 April 2013, finished & updated on 10 April.) Ok this is a bit weird update because I never talk about prime numbers and so... So I too wonder why the hell after so many years I write that prime numbers stuff once more...      

Item 1) More math: The modulo vector of a natural number. 

 Item 1) More math: The modulo vector of a natural number. 

Is the present technology of a public key in encryption standards really that safe? Ok ok those keys are easily 600 digits long in our decimal notation of natural numbers, but is it really that safe? 

Never heard of those public key encryption stuff? A rather technical starter is for example in the next wiki:  

I dusted off some old math from about 15 years back, in the past I named that math detail the 'modulo rows' but a better wording would be 'modulo vectors'.  




It is obvious that cracking for example a 600 digit number composed of two large prime numbers cannot be done in this way. We need at least a fast test that says when one of our mod values is a zero in that particular modulo class and most of all:

We need a way to converge towards the prime divisors of our giant 600 digit number.

And those modulo vectors, although fancy math, do not solve those problems... 


Lets leave it with that my dear reader. 

Till updates. 


(04 April 2013) A short message from the War Tribunal: What about North Korea?   

Item1) What about North Korea? 

 Item1) What about North Korea?

My dear North Koreans, a few years back when we had the case of that SK marine boat that was split in half, I did not hesitate and jumped to your defense. And I jumped to the defense of the Nation of North Korea because I was not convinced that you attacked that South Korean marine vessel.


This time it could be different: It looks like the new NK boy is really steering towards a real war and not some expanded military exercises. 


Whatever the wise leadership of North Korea wishes, there is a nuclear component involved, so that arouses the attention of the War Tribunal. 

The nuclear verdict is simple: 

Allied forces are allowed to strike back with tactical nuclear arms, but that goes only when North Korea successfully launches a nuclear warhead first.   

A reasonable boundary condition for the allied forces would be to keep direct civilian death toll below half a million citizens.  

End of the verdict. 



Till updates. 


(16 March 2013) Ha yes indeed the first one decade anniversary of the start of the Iraqi was is impending...    

Oh oh it brings back so much memories... 


But this is the second decade of the WarOnTerror, so I am wasting my time with annoying bugs like the USA based National Rifle Association. 


Item 1) Tips and tricks for the NRA. 

 Item 1) Tips and tricks for the NRA.

Hey NRA folks how is your project of armed guards for every school going?
I hope your fantastic plan is going perfectly... 

It is a very funny plan: but where do you get those thousands and thousands of  'mentally stable' guards from? Would that really make the school scene safer?

And, just as an example, would the son of your prez David Keene qualify as a 'mentally stable person'? (After all David his son got 10 years prison for a road rage case, so it is clear David cannot raise a son to be mentally stable. How come that David?)

Tip 1: Follow your own logic and go on with the school guard plan... 


And for David Keene, the NRA prez: A bit more coherence over the diverse interviews is strongly advised. Now you only expose yourself as some 'bla bla bla' kind of guy; good in talking but bad in understanding the foundation of your own work. 

For example: In an interview with a nigger journalist from Denver I observe you stating that 'most murders are done via hammers and so'. Therefore more or less suggesting that gun control is the same as hammer control. 

I have to admit: You are good in selling your stuff. 

But in another interview you talked a bit of receiving death threats via the mail and you poked fun at those people. You said words like: 'They cannot kill me because they do not have guns'. 

Oh oh David, at that point in time you lost all coherence: a dedicated killer does not need a gun, see for example the 9 Sept attacks from 2001 and the importance of just some box cutter knifes. 

Tip 2: Do not annoy dedicated killers David, a fast knife beats the gun when it comes to silence and dedication...  


And than that stupid web shop of the NRA: Very weird items like a clock that is far too expensive but you can hide a gun in it...

Therefore my suggestion and help for the NRA is:  

Go sell inflatable butt plugs in the shape of popular gun models. 

Technical detail: Most inflatable butt plugs come with a rubber tube and an egg shaped rubber handpump. Of course the NRA should modify this as butt plugs with a 'pistol grip pump'. 

And that would be the last tip: 

Tip 3: More coherence over the NRA as a whole, if faggots rule the place they should also sell the items that gun toting faggots like. 


Lets leave it with that my dear reader. Till updates. 


 (08 March 2013) On the stock markets we observe new all time high's day in day out!

The previous time the DOW Jones index was so high, I activated the second so called 'NightmareOnWallStreet'. So what will I do this time around?

Activate a third round of stock market panic? 
Or shall I let our free markets alone and let market forces do their efficient job? 

Oh oh, what will happen?  

 Item 1) DOW DOW down?

 Item 1) DOW DOW down?

No you must not worry, I will not activate another round of the purest of raw stock market panic. 

I will only, and this is a very seldom thing, quote some words from myself. 

If memory serves it was about 3 weeks after the previous DOW Jones all time high that I felt the deep wish of guiding the DOW from 14000 to 7000 index points.

Of course, back in the year 2007, you must have thought: That idiot will never ever succeed in chopping the DOW in half.  


But I did, I succeeded in chopping the DOW in half... 

The opening words were, quote: 

Yes my dear and beloved readers and you my slimy DOW/Nasdaq/S&P500 folks; it is time for a new decline towards the 7000 level on the DOW...

Do you think I am bluffing? No no, it is not a habit of me to bluff.

Comment: No comment. 

Source: Today 12 Nov 2007 the so called 


Again it has to be remarked that it is a bit strange to quote yourself: but on the other hand it was fucking hard work to chop that DOW in half... 

Let's leave it with that. 


(22 Feb 2013) Just a bit of weird math and it's antidote:    

The weird math is around some hypothetical form of 'kinetic energy', I don't think it is that important because why should the real world behave like some fancy looking math? 

The antidote is much more serious: one-forms. So finally we enter the realm of integration instead of only differentiation?   

So only math & only one item: 

Item 1) Weird math + an antidote. 

 Item 1) Weird math + an antidote. 

A tiny bit of weird math: 


Oh oh, what will happen?

Now that is all is easy to understand: after a full year of only talking about differentiation it might be time to sing the inverse song named 'integration'. 

Therefore we take a look at so called 'one-forms' that can easily be integrated: 



(20 Feb 2013, temporary math update.)   

This is unfinished work because as an antidote against so much crazy math as shown below we need a severe antidote... 

So without any kind of antidote, here is the weird math: 


Oh oh, what will happen? 

Till updates and so. 



(13 Feb 2013) Two items, the first in Dutch and the second in English:  

Item 1) Zijn ze nu helemaal gek geworden bij het CDA?
Item 2) What is a good & sloppy enough definition of IQ? 

 Item 1) Zijn ze nu helemaal gek geworden bij het CDA?

Is dan eindelijk de VVD, na zovele jaren, tot het inzicht gekomen dat onze huizenmarkt al vele jaren van de knotsgekke is met al die bizarre hypotheek vormen, gaan die debielen van het CDA middels de Eerste Kamer de boel weer bederven. 

Eindelijk zijn we dan zover en inplaats van top hypotheken spaar variant (met natuurlijk de nodige bank garanties in commercials: bij ons is uw spaarrente precies de hypotheek rente want wij bij ING houden van duidelijkheid) is men eindelijk tot het inzicht gekomen dat als je niets aflost je altijd een 'schulden problematiek' zal houden. 

Geachte mafketels van het CDA: 

Wat heeft tientallen jaren van het bruto aflossen van je hypotheekschuld ons gebracht?

Met 'bruto aflossen' bedoel ik natuurlijk dat je de uitgaven voor hypotheek van je bruto inkomen mag aftrekken... Dit in tegenstelling tot 'netto aflossen' oftewel 'after taxes money'. 

Oorspronkelijk was het idee om de participatiegraad van het eigen woningbezit te verhogen, en in de eerste jaren zal dat inderdaad het geval zijn geweest. 

Maar dat geestesgestoorde idee van 'bruto aflossen' werkt alleen als het een tijdelijke maatregel zou zijn. Bijv 5 of 7 jaar en dan daarna gewoon aflossen met 'after tax money'. 

Mijn beste CDA mafketels, er is niet veel wijsheid in geavanceerdes modellen van meer en meer schuld te vinden. Helemaal als je ziet dat totale schuldnivo's harder groeien dan de onderliggende capaciteit om het spul af te lossen. 


Daarom zult gij niet begeren uw's naastens huis noch via debiele truukjes proberen een nog duurder huis te kopen. 


Waarvan acte, het is trouwens ook helemaal geen slecht idee om vanaf nu elk jaar ongeveer 7% van het salaris van Eerste Kamerleden af te halen. 

Nu die bankemployees nog... 


Item 2) What is a good & sloppy enough definition of IQ? 

In children IQ measurements are easy to understand: IQ means intelligence quotient and the 'quotient' is related to the age.

For example if a five year old has IQ of 120 that only means the kid reasons and thinks like the average of a six year old kid. 


For adult people this does not work very handy: I am now almost 50 years of age and if I score 80 points on some dumb IQ test, does that make me think like I am 40 years old? 


For adults a better way of measurement of IQ would be a simple approach like: 

1) On the dumb level there are atoms or chunks. 
2) There are relations between the diverse atoms or chunks.  

And on the highest level of IQ we do talk: 

3) We talk about relationships between sets of atoms. 


So basically the elementary things (atoms), the relations between them and some language to describe the relations between sets of atoms.
A healthy person can move around between those levels; if you learn something new from the atoms you already understand how the language will be and from a new language you already have some insights into the building block atoms.  

Some people are very good at talking because they speak so nice and it all looks logic what they say, but if you think a bit longer about what they say you see they do not understand the basics like the atoms and so. 

For example that faggot David Keene (the NRA prez) looks very smart if you listen to him for the first time, only later you realize he must be a fucking faggotic retard if you understand his bizarre use of statistics... 


But beside dumb talk between atoms for themselves, where is that dumb thing known as 'publish website'?  

Ah, there it is... 

Till updates. 


(04 Feb 2013, temporary update. Updated on 08 Feb.) Les deux items: 

Item 1) Is the NRA under faggot control?
Item 2) Weird math, but is it also real physics? I doubt it... 

 Item 1) Is the NRA under faggot control? 

A few weeks back we came across the NRA in relation with the Newtown killing of a bunch of toddlers on some elementary school. (See the updates from 16 and 21 Dec below.) 

Some NRA guy named Wayne LaPierre gave some testimony and I was annoyed and irritated by the high level of fear mongering he did spread around. 

Stupid fear spreading like 'If you call the police because you hear an intruder, wouldn't you like to be the officer there in 5 minutes instead of 15?'. 

Or even more crazy like 'Gun free zone's only attract murderers and killers'.   


I was truly annoyed by the 'faggot tone' in it all, but I laid it to rest because after all, on the scale of things, the NRA is at best a very small detail. 

Most people if they hear strange noises at night they go out of bed and ask what the problem is. Sometimes you also need to raise your voice a lot and/or use an axe, a stick or in extreme cases even a gun. 

In my world only faggots care so much about fast police response to their emotional needs. People living in the majority of sexual enterprise are in general a little bit less panicked...  


But hey, just like Lance Armstrong is the best and finest example of USA hetero sportsmanship, the NRA is the finest of gay stuff. 

Or am I wrong, and these two guys are not a homosexual couple? 


Update from 08 Feb 2013: Again on the scale of things the NRA is not that important, but NRA President David Keene has fought in the past for gay rights. See this wiki:  

Quote from the wiki: While Keene was Chairman of the American Conservative Union he fought to allow the right-leaning gay rights organization GOProud to participate in the Conservative Political Action Conference. 


From the logic a person speaks you can derive, at least partially, how his or her emotional systems works. 

Now lets go back to the completely idiot proposal of putting armed guards in front of every school... 
Let me ask you a simple question: Would a hetero guy come up with such a weird idea? 

Also a bit strange is the detail that on the official NRA website there is no simple list of Board Members, that is weird. (Oops: One always has to do the fact checking for yourself, but they have a list of board members:


For myself speaking: I think the NRA is run by a club of faggots.
And if you think otherwise, it is fine by me... 


Item 2) Weird math, but is it also real physics? I doubt it... 

Bah, it is too late to craft it in pictures. 

It is bedtime and after two full decades I still don't understand what it means that the spatial derivate of the kinetic energy equals the force field. 

May be another day... 

Till updates. 


(02 Feb 2013) A few years back when the credit crisis just has broken out I pondered the question if Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman would be the next Alan Greenspan. 

Since at that old point in time it suddenly became clear that USA Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan did not understand his own economy (to put it mildly: Alan is just another inbred retard as so many over there in the USA), so how would Paul Krugman fare over the years? 

After all, still at this point in time there are boatloads of folks that thing Paul is actually a smart guy and not one of those inbred retards. 

Therefore we have another Paul Krugman watch: 

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul on USA Federal debt levels. 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul on USA Federal debt levels. 

Let's use some easy round numbers: USA Federal outlays are about 2.5 trillion US$ a year and deficit's run routinely at about 1 trillion a year. 

To put it simple: For every $ the US government spends, 40 cents is borrowed. 

And because such huge chunks of government spending is borrowed, tax revenues are also artificially high: the present tax base of 1.5 trillion would need to expand by two thirds to 2.5 trillion in order to keep the spending level constant. 


So what makes Paul out of these horrific numbers?  

According to Paul Krugman, Timothy Geigner & more of those weirdo's they only need to cut spending by 1% of GDP or 150 billion a year... 

And that, believe it or not, would stabilize the Federal debt as part of the GDP. 

Let's quote a bit from the PK fun: 

That’s basically consistent with the CBPP analysis: 3/4 of a percent over the next decade is around $1.5 trillion. It’s important to note that this same analysis suggests that it’s not a disaster if we don’t take any more deficit-reduction steps: instead of stabilizing the debt at around 73 percent of GDP, it rises to around 80 percent, which isn’t great but isn’t cause for panic. 

Comment: For some strange reason I just cannot believe that with only 150 billion a year in savings, the debt will stabilize over a full decade.
I will not even try to explain why this is nonsense...   

Source (the Paul Krugman blog at the NYT): 

Tim Geithner Is Wrong 


At the end of this item I would like to remark that from the emotional point I actually like Paul Krugman a lot, as a matter of fact I often agree with him on details. 
But all in all he always far to rosy when it comes to more debt and too afraid for a good old round chopping of dumb spending.

So may be he is not an inbred retard after all... ;) 


End of this update.  


(08 Jan 2013) Let's shove a bit of math around. 

Item 1) Let's shove math around in all measurable dimensions. 

Item 1) Let's shove math around in all measurable dimensions. 

Yes, why not shove it all? 

New CIA chief? I cannot care less.

New Pentagon chief? Sorry folks, but I have other things to do. 



And that is the end of this update. 

(04 Jan 2013) Bah, for the very first time in my life I found some beautiful math to share with you, and for rather strange reasons the dumb computer says I am not allowed to do math 'Wirtinger style'. 

Ok, if the computer refuses to work properly, some skilled math readers have to use their own brain... 

Item 1) Dance your 3D dance my dear number j. 

Item 1) Dance your 3D dance my dear number j.  

If the fucking computer does not work, let's fire up some real brains!  


And sorry, although every day I spend some time on it, I do not understand why my own computer rams hefty sabotage on me. 

Anyway, both Wirtinger style devivates are there so I have done my duties. 

Let's leave it with that, till updates. (Updated later: 

Not much progress has been made but I changed the above picture with the operators a little bit: Now the Wirtinger derivates are a bit more like stand alone operators. 

And of course: If you have never ever heard of Wirtinger derivates but you already know 2D complex numbers, there is plenty of info going round. For example:  

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 

(28 Dec 2012) Lately a few USA based folks talked stuff like the Europeans were 'laughing at America' because of the voluntary retreat of their CIA director. 

Ok, it was funny, I will not deny the details of that CIA story, but it was pretty much a '13 in a dozen' kind of story. For myself speaking, the most funny detail in the David Petraeus story is the fact he now more or less lives under the same telephone and email rules as I live under myself.  

But the idea of 'laughing at America' did not leave my mind, and after a little bit of recycling all emotions involved, why not poke a bit of fun at those gun huggers? 

Item 1) Poking fun at the USA.

Item 1) Poking fun at the USA. 

In no particular order: just some things that could be viewed as poking fun at the USA. 

The statements from the Federal Reserve:
Instead of simply stating debt levels are so high in some parts of the economy, we just have to take the garbage out, they say 'lowering interest rates' is the goal. 

For myself speaking, I consider the Federal Reserve a very important comical institution: as if lowering interest rates will help that much... 


Did you know that Americans can have very deep existential and philosophical questions themselves? 

Now what is the deepest of such questions most Americans have? 

Answer: Where is the most nearby fast-food restaurant? 


Last Christmas in the USA some old guy did set about seven houses on fire and shot the impending fire fighters with his Bushmaster. So how will the NRA react? 

They will say: All USA fire fighter crews should be covered by helicopter gunships. 


It is not only the news from over there, you can also make jokes like:

Two USA newly weds, with both a lifelong NRA membership, enter into their first sexual encounter. How does the NRA chick fire up her man? 

Answer: She lubricates herself with weapon oil so she smells like a gun. 


Oh oh, I could go on for hours and hours, but why waste so much time on such a dumb nation? 

No way we waste time, anyway not on the USA. 

Till updates.  


(16 Dec 2012, temporary update status lifted on 21 Dec + added two updates.) 
I just loved the USA elementary school shootout, is it really true all killed children had multiple shotwounds? That would be great and exactly what the wise USA gun traders need. 

Item 1) Is the USA a gun addict? That can be statistically measured. 

Item 1) Is the USA a gun addict? That can be statistically measured. 

Are the USA folks a bunch of gun addicts and as such it was only waiting until we observed the shootout at Sandy Hook elementary school? 

Or are the USA folks the most highly disciplined people on earth and they never overeat, never overdebt and never overshoot? 


The biology of addiction. 

Addiction to whatever what is strongly related to your brain functions, most of the time it works the same way independent from what your addiction is: 

Nicotine, heroine, guns & marihuana, gambling, addiction to whores, etc etc it always has the same bundle of characteristics: 

1) Fear of shortage (this encourages stockpiling guns & ammo).
2) Fear of discovery (stockpile your guns & ammo where nobody else can find it).
3) Be a good coward, strong hero's never need a handgun to make their point clear, cowards do need a lot of guns. 
4) Respect the females: they will always encourage more guns. 

Etc etc, the addiction theory is very universal, but could we actually measure if the entire USA behaves just like a bunch of gun addicts? 


Yes we can statically measure if the USA is a bunch of gun huggers yes or no, addiction in individuals and groups always relates to emotion.

At present date the last four USA prez elections look like: 

Dubya Dubya Obama Obama. 

Very important is USA gun sales just after elections because the outcome of USA elections maximizes panic over there... You could also add the week or weeks after bin Laden was killed. 

You can use USA gun sales as a proxy measurement of gun addiction: if in all five periods gun sales are significantly higher, that gives a clue that indeed gun addiction is strongly embedded inside USA society.

There is only a tiny problem: I never collect gun sales data, so I cannot do the statistical testing myself... 


Are the USA as a whole just a bunch of gun addicts? 

Let me share with you the giant wisdom of a USA guy under the name of Alex Jones.

What is more beautiful? Alex Jones or those killed kids?  

What is more beautiful? I would say: Killing Alex is also beautiful... 


Lets leave it with that, till updates my beloved reader... 

Update from 21 Dec: Ok ok, it is a bit cheap, but after all the shootout at Sandy Hook is also an 'emotional moment' we could add that as time period nr 6:

Guns Out of Stock at Wal-Mart as Magazine Prices Surge on (Bloomberg lefty press.)

Later this day the USA based NRA (some hobbyclub of gun enthusiasts) will come out with some statement... I will be looking at the NRA statement with interest. 

Now if I would be some responsible NRA member, I would advise a marketing strategy and advertisements via a spectrum of social media outlets that say: 

Become a member of the NRA and get a free lifelong membership of the  

I will look with interest later today at the NRA statements, by the way my dear so called 'responsible NRA members' the next gun toting chick looks like a good fuckhole!  

More guns = more fuckholes safety my dear NRA members. 


End of this chaotic update, I forgot the Israelis but they behave very predictable too: More settlements and so, so that is not much of a problem to understand... 

Till updates. 


Second update from 21 Dec: 

Item 1) Is the NRA fighting evil? 

Item 1) Is the NRA fighting evil? 

It is generally known that the USA based National Rifle Association has relatively much political power, today they gave a press conference related to the Sandy Hook elementary school shootout. 

Now I have to say this press conference was highly sobering: I expected some smart folks who deserved their political power with their brains. 

What I got was some retarded analysis of the problem combined with total outlandish solutions to the gun violence problems... 

There is a transcript from the press conference, it is 13 pages long so it is a short read:  

For example from page 2 of the transcript, quote: 

The truth is that our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters — people so deranged, so evil, so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can possibly ever comprehend them.

Comment: This sounds just like Dubya talking about the great evils in this world... After my humble opinion the Americans should not complain about the high percentage of weirdo's they have over there: it is a simple consequence of the weak social fabric they have and want to have. 

And the solutions the NRA comes up with: 

--There should come national lists of weirdo's (how you should organize such lists is unknown to me, who will put you on such a list and how do you get off such a list). 
--Guards at every school. 

This all is a joke from a bunch of gun huggers: Suppose Adam Lanza was on such a list, would that stop him taking his mother's guns?
And armed guards everywhere? Does the NRA want a full fledged police state? 

Of course not... 

The NRA is so stupid that I stop commenting on them, and it could have been a cakewalk today for the NRA: Just look in the murder rates as found for example in this United Nations file:  

If the NRA just hammered it out and again: murder rates are declining overall because of gun availability. And just repeat that message again and again, it would be much harder for the opponents of the NRA to attack them. 

Now they have exposed themselves as a bunch of gun huggers talking dumb stuff... 

Till updates.  


(03 Dec 2012) Politics, politics, politics... A lot has happened and the evolution of the bunch of screaming monkeys on a rock is as good as it can be. 

Yet, although intriguingly interesting, I will not comment on the Mid-East equation. 

On the contrary, now we are into the second decade of the WarOnTerror, more and more we simply kill the enemy with math. 

Item 1) More math: Information preservation. 

Item 1) More math: Information preservation.  

What I mean with info preservation is only a math thing; it only says that in whatever direction you calculate your derivate, from that you can also calculate the value of all other directions in n-dimensional space. 

For people that know a bit more about math: it is the directional derivate.  


Of course one would like the behavior of higher derivates exactly the same.
A number of properties are instantly clear:  


Ok may be the third property is a bit vague, but in a future update we will look at the stuff in more detail. So far for the first babystep towards a more general theory on differentiation in n-dimensional real number spaces. 

Till updates.  


(18 Nov 2012) Two items: 

Item 1) What about Petraeus? (Part 2 & final part).
Item 2) What will Israel do and why? Answer: Building more houses... 

 Item 1) What about Petraeus? (Part 2 & final part). 

Ok, in the previous update from 05 Nov I mentioned Petraeus and just a few days later the guy is totally finished... Even for me this was strange, I never thought Peet would fuck stuff with names like 'KelleyPatrol' 

One of the funny things is that David Petraeus is now exactly in the corner I am in too:
You cannot use your phone or email properly because there is always somebody listening to your phone calls and somebody that will go through your email... 

Now lets set aside all that nonsense of the sex scandal, in the previous update from 05 Nov I was more or less sympathic towards David because I was running from the assumption that by now he understood the zero-one project in Iraq from the year 2007. 

And since it is now over 5 years later and he was now running the CIA, never ever I got a well deserved hit team on my ass... 

Ok ok, it is not really USA style to send death squads to foreign countries to kill only one person, that is much much more the 'Mossad style' kind of things. But the zero-one project was so big that even some USA folks could be tempted to do naughty naughty things. 


But now we have all this weird kind of news coming out, I am reconsidering:

Does David Petraeus understand the zero-one project?

Just a few weeks back I thought he had gained wisdom and he understood it, now after all that news I am not so sure any longer...

Lets leave it with that.

Item 2) What will Israel do and why? Answer: Building more houses... 

At present about 75 thousand reservists and active soldiers are called into duty, so will there be a ground offensive against the Gaza strip? 

And at what point in time will this ground offensive start and what kind of circus we will observe this time?

My estimation says it could be at 06.00 this day local Israeli time, that would be the most fast execution of the reservist round up. 

If they need more time, so be it.  


Whatever happens, one thing is sure: the Israelis will build more and more houses and grab more and more land whatever happens. 

Lets leave it with that (but for myself speaking: I am highly interested into the speed Israel can turn up a reservist call into real ground war, from the military point of view this is very important information).


So I will look with interest at the unfolding stuff: 


End of this update, till updates my dear reader. 


(05 Nov 2012) Wow wow wow, it is about high time for a fresh update! 

We had some superstorm named Sandy refreshing the parts of NY city other terrorists cannot reach & of course we have the US prez election in a few days time. 

Since so much happened in just 3 weeks of time, just a few remarks: 

 Item 1) Just a few remarks.

 Item 1) Just a few remarks.

Remark 1: Superstorm Sandy. 

A strange and rare phenomenon, this combination of a hurricane with other meteorological things from the North. Of course such things give lots of damage, even if you were more or less prepared for storms like this.

It is just a detail; but isn't the NY subway (the metro) system a bit watery right now? 

All those years we only observed idiots trying to prevent terror attacks while all those years nothing was done to make the place more safe from extreme weather. 


Remark 2: Bengazi. 

For myself speaking I am looking in utter bewilderment at the US presidential debates as was Bengazi, Lybia, a terrorist attack yes or no? 

Only 4 were killed (the US ambassador, two marines and a vague person) and what is all the fuzz about? 

I scratch my old bold head; didn't the zero-one project from Iraq in the year 2007 kill dozens and dozens of extra US military service men? Yes or no? 

But later it dawned on me that Mitt Romney does not have access to huge parts of that what is known as 'classified information', so that makes it logical why a footcracker like Bengazi is such a big deal for the USA Republicans. 


Remark 3: What about Petraeus? 

At present date he head's the CIA but in 2007 Peet was the architect of the Iraqi surge during the zero-one project. 

Since it is now the year 2012 it is more or less inevitable he has gained wisdom.  

Over the years I like him more and more, he is not evil, but I will destroy the ways of the Pentagon anyway...')  


Remark 4: Am I a anti Semite? 

No not really, but after the Hamas won democratic elections years and years ago (wasn't that 2005 or so?) the Israelis skillfully killed all hope there was. 

So if the IDF gets a bit of shit in return, please do not complain that a reasonable guy like me pumps up that anti-Semitism until the desired levels are there. 


Remark 5: Chris Christie.

The New Jersey governor Chris Christie is an American as pure as can be: terribly fat and stupid at the same time. I don't understand why he is not running for US president: lots of USA citizens can relate to somebody that is so fat and so dumb.  

But you can use Chris Christie as a new type bunker buster: You simply put him a helmet made from depleted uranium on, put a thermobaric bomb in his ass and you throw him out of a plane from lets say, 10 kilometer high.

The Iranians will be scared as hell when you apply new bunker busters like that! 


Remark 6: Who will win the USA presidential election this week? 

I don't care, why should I care because they are both imbeciles?  


So I don't care; let the strongest horse win the race! 

End of this update. Till updates. 


(20 Oct 2012) For me the news of the day is the highly interesting Beirut car bombing that killed about 8 people, wounded scores more and ha ha ha some investigator into the Hariri bombing was killed. 

So that is today's item: 

Item 1) Lessons from the holocaust: never again. 

 Item 1) Lessons from the holocaust: never again. 

A lot of Mideast Muslims totally do not understand the impact of that nice thingeling known as World War II. Ok they had their share of that old war too, but they never understood the impact the holocaust had on the average IQ levels of the surviving Jews. 

Most Muslims do not see how clever the Israeli's can be, in order to understand the Israelis your starting point of study has to include the holocaust because if you only reason along your own religious insights, you will loose it. 


Ok, a few years back a Lebanese guy named Hariri was killed via the method of car bombs and a very important detail is still the next: 

Some short time before the Hariri killing about 8 mobile phones were bought, of course paid in cash, and those 8 phones cq phone numbers only called each other and guess what: 

After the Lebanese pm Hariri was killed they never phoned each other again. 

Once you know that small detail you also know that it just had to be the Mossad because Muslims in general are to stupid to behave like such... And in those long lost years it did not make much sense to think Syria did it either. 

So the only candidate with a high enough IQ level were the Israelis. 


Understanding the Israeli's is an art in itself, for example here in my own home town we had about 3000 Jews before World War II and about 200 came back to this town after the war. As a percentage, that is not very high... 


Today we have another one of those car bomb jokes in Lebanon, for my mindset it is obvious another Israeli joke but if you think otherwise it's fine by me.

Lets not do difficult, the car bomb had only 8 deaths and that pales to the six million problem of the last holocaust. In the meantime the Israelis have the benefit of more chaos in the neighboring countries while USA prez hopeful Mitt Romney knows he is pro Israel.


And I am pro Israel too: They have mastered the use of terror attacks far better than I would ever dream of...


Profile: Wissam al-Hassan 

Iran FM condemns Ashrafieh explosion, says he might visit Lebanon Saturday 

Analysis: Bomb could bring Syria strife to Lebanon  


Didn't a guy named Osama bin Laden once say:

People only look at the strongest horse? 

Now did he or did he not? That was a cute insight but for today's item I only compliment the Israelis with the latest attempt of provoking war. 

Lets leave it with that. till updates. 


(09 Oct 2012) I am completely through with all those people advertising so called austerity measures! Why should people eat sour grapes while while others only eat candy? 

So I decided to put in place some very simple austerity inside the branch of math science: From now on double derivates at high costs are no longer allowed!    

Item 1) Austerity measures inside math.

 Item 1) Austerity measures inside math.

All those weirdo's that only use computing power for only the first derivate, and after that repeat lots and lots more computing power to only calculate the second derivate...

I feel disgusted, is that all humans can prop up? 

So the empire strikes back: universities should cut spending on dumb math.
If you feed dumb math to even more dumb people the result is a disaster and your country gets filled with dumb and obese people. 


Ok ok, this might not be my most brilliant math update, to be honest: any idiot could write this down. 

Lets leave it with that, till updates.  

(02 Oct 2012, update in Dutch) Lately at the other side of town in a village named Haren there were some riots related to some weird facebook party.  

On the 'rape, pillage & plunder' scale of potential social unrest the riots did not amount to much, but sheer horror, the local youth smashed the windows of a local supermarket and did indeed a little bit of plunder. 

So that is the temporary item of today: 

Item 1) De veldslag te Haren. 

Item 1) De veldslag te Haren.  

Tja, als je als eenvoudig facebooker zoveel schade kan maken met zo weinig moeite, denk ik als naïef persoon gewoon van: 

Zal ik eens een twitter account openen? Als je met facebook een rel kan maken, wat kan je dan wel niet doen met die relnichten van twitter...


Maar even serieus, wat ging er zoal fout in Haren? 

Nou dat weet ik natuurlijk ook niet precies & in detail, maar het ging min of meer als volgt: 

1) Er kwamen meer mensen dan verwacht. 
2) Er was niet genoeg feest capaciteit. 
3) Daarna was er niet genoeg politie capaciteit. 


Van tevoren. 

Zelf heb ik ook een inschattingsfout gemaakt van tevoren: ik heb hooguit een 5-tal seconden nagedacht over hoeveel mensen zouden komen.

De facebook statistieken gaven aan ongeveer 25 tot 30 duizend en mijn inschatting was dat ongeveer 4 hooguit 5% van die facebookers ook op komt dagen. 

Waarom het zoveel meer was weet ik niet goed, ok ok je kunt wat schuld geven aan bepaalde radio stations die oproepen deden uitgaan om naar Haren te gaan. 


Niet klagen. 

Nee we moeten niet klagen, er is bijna niemand dood, de jeugd heeft een perfecte les in het ontstaan van echte oorlog en Reinko is blij omdat de locale politie nu wat minder telefoon afluister capaciteit heeft omdat blijkbaar 'andere dingen' meer belangrijk zijn.


Wel lachen. 

Ja we moeten wel blijven lachen, maar soms heeft een mens gewoon een steuntje in de rug nodig. En geheel toevallig, mocht je zulk één steuntje in de rug nodig hebben omdat je anders niet meer kunt lachen, lees dan bijv: 

Gemeenteraad Haren steunt commissie-Cohen


En daar houden we het maar bij, tot opdatums.

Till updates. 


(25 Sept 2012) Two items on the Syrian equation:   

Item 1) A short message from the War Tribunal. 
Item 2) Ok ok, as an individual I support Brahimi. 

 Item 1) A short message from the War Tribunal. 

On the detail of killed children, once more I give my compliments to the Syrian army; most of the time bombed children are related to the application of air power. And, as NATO knows rather well, very often when you apply air power it can have those nasty side effects. 

So that detail of the war goes relatively smooth, so from the viewpoint of being a referee to how wars are fought, one way or the other, the Syrian army gets my compliments. 

Item 2) Ok ok, as an individual I support Brahimi. 

Oh oh, I just forgot to do my homework last month: checking out the backgrounds of some UN envoy named Brahimi to the Syrian equation. 

Basically I know nothing about that Brahimi guy beside that he is from Algeria and he is older than me. 

I take the gamble; if former UN Security Chief Kofi Annan has a weight of exactly 1, Brahimi gets an estimated weight 3.

So as an antidote, my democratic vote goes to Brahimi.   


Assad wants to return to ‘the old Syria,’ says U.N. envoy Brahimi  


Till updates my dear reader. 


(15 Sept 2012) For me the present attacks against the USA & her partner Israel (because of that weird anti Muhammad amateur movie) are a sideshow. 

It is of course funny to see that 'unrest spreads to 20 countries' but we have to take into account this is mostly the 'bunch of monkeys on a rock' kind of behavior that we observe. 

Viewing the entire anti Muhammad movie is for example in the next Youtubber: 

Innocence of Muslims - Muhammad Movie - FULL HD 

The movie is blatantly simple, just like old Hollywood movies from let's say the 1950 kind of years.


Far more important in destroying the US military might in the long run over poor poor Muslim countries where poor Muslims day in day out only try to memorize the Holy Kuran and forget the rest, lays in the fact we now finally have QE3 in the USA! 


But it is funny to see some USA embassy's burned down, hey lets get to our item: 

Item 1) Is Ben Bernanke a 'weak person' now we finally have QE3? 

 Item 1) Is Ben Bernanke a 'weak person' now we finally have QE3? 

Yes he is, he already has over 2000 billion of crap on the USA Federal Reserve balance sheets that he cannot pump back into the free markets and now our garbage collector will collect more garbage at a rate of 40 billion mortgage backed securities a month.

Operation Twist runs at similar amounts and, as far as I can see it, it is just not enough:

What is 40 billion US$ a month given the USA population size of 300 million dumb and obese people? Well that is over one hundred US$ every month for every citizen. 

It will not help the US economy because the average USA citizen loves it far more to get more obese & stupid year in year out. 

So Ben Bernanke is definitely a weak person, but on the other hand; who is not? 

Till updates. 


(07 Sept 2012) No, I am not going to vote in the next parliament elections here in the Dutch landscape. Therefore this item is in the Dutch writing:    

Item 1) Genoeg van die onzin, ik ga niet stemmen. 

Item 1) Genoeg van die onzin, ik ga niet stemmen 

Nee, ik ga niet stemmen de komende verkiezingen.

Dat besluit had ik al een poos terug genomen en ik moet zeggen dat dit besluit veel rust brengt: Niks geen irritaties meer over politieke leiders die onzin uitkramen. 

Nee, tegenwoordig krijg ik zelfs een kleine glimlach om mijn lippen als politieke leiders de wijsheid roemen van het kopen van staats-obligaties door gelduitgevende instituties als bijv de ECB. 

Ach tja, de ECB zou dat eigenlijk niet moeten doen maar gelukkig zijn ze bij de ECB nog steeds niet zo gek als dhr Alan Greenspan was een aantal jaartjes terug. 


Maar goed, waarom ga ik niet stemmen? 

De partij met de meeste bezuinigings voorstellen (de VVD) heeft ook alleen 'balanced budgets' ergens in een verre toekomst. 

En dat terwijl er zoveel rijp fruit ligt: in onze lieve zorgsector zijn er zoveel medisch speicalisten die zoveel harder zouden kunnen werken voor hun geldje.
En die lieve advocatuur dan: Ik zal nooit de dag vergeten dat ik mijn strafzaak had in het jaar onzes Heren 2003 en mijn advocaat stond gewoon een kopje koffie te drinken buiten de rechtszaal. 

Dat moet toch veel goedkoper kunnen? 


Maar al met al is het best veel geld per dag dat we moeten bezuinigen, dat is wel 3 of 4 hele Euro's per dag per persoon binnen Nederland. 

De politiek kan dat blijkbaar niet ophoesten, dus ik ga echt niet stemmen op dat soort van mafketels...

No way. Till updates.


(22 Aug 2012, temporary update.) Wow man, this is a mighty year when it comes to military developments, for example for me it would be easy to explain to countries like Iran how to counter the latest Pentagon bunker buster.        


For me it would be a piece of cake to explain to the Iranians how to render a weapon like that into only 8 or 10% of her supposed range: blasting through 100 yards of concrete.  

But I am not going to do that because I am not perfectly happy with the Iranian support for the Syrian Assad. 


Lebanon is also highly interesting: I like the Hezbollah because you know they can put up a good fight but I also like Lebanese Sunni's because after all the Sunni's gave me the so called 'zero-one project'. 

And in the war on terror since 2001, the zero/one project is about as statistical significant as the Higgs boson in high energy physics is.   

It is again very interesting to observe how fragile Lebanon is; they are still a bright and shining example of the old colonial thingeling as 'divide & rule'. 


Inside the Syrian equation I observed a relatively sharp decline in children bombed to death, so I decided to say 'thank you' to the Syrian army. 

And I mean that from my heart my dear Syrian army: Thanks! 


And after having said all those military words, the Turkish terror bombing is also highly interesting. So that is our item for today: 

Item 1) Did the PKK execute this Turkish car bomb?   

 Item 1) Did the PKK execute this Turkish car bomb?

Ok ok today's car bomb in Turkey could also be a lousy executed PKK bomb but as I observe the eagerness why so many hundred's of Turks demonstrated against the Kurds, I just scrap my old bold face and say: 

Turkish people are dumb people because Israeli involvement is far more logical, please remark that only every now and than I tell you stuff like this: 

My dear Turks, is it really the PKK?
Don't get lost in emotion, by the way, what is your fucking problem with the Kurds? 

In case you never heard about the Turkish car bomb at a police station, the Haaretz says: 

Death toll in Turkey car bomb attack raised to nine  

Lets leave it with that, till updates!  


(12 Aug 2012) This one-item update replaces the temporary math update from 08 June this year. It is about how to calculate the Laplacian for functions over our 3D complex numbers.  

Item 1) The Laplacian, the 3D curl you have to do yourself (homework). 

 Item 1) The Laplacian, the 3D curl you have to do yourself (homework). 

Lets recall what we are doing: 

We copy the goodies of the 2D complex plane to the higher dimensions, but we look mostly to the 3 dimensional example. Just like the complex plane is generated by the simple statement that the square of some 'imaginary unit' i equals minus 1, we look in 3 dimensions to some strange number j and the third power of our creation j also equals minus 1.  

In the two-dimensional complex plane, complex numbers are usually written as z and functions from complex numbers are usually denoted as f (z).  

For dimensions above 2 it is far more handy to use the goody good old X as the variable.
Since we talk 3D stuff, today X = (x, y, z) in rectangular coordinates. 


The Laplacian plays a rather fundamental role in boring partial differential equations like the heat equation or the Schrödinger equation from quantum mechanics. 

Quantum mechanics is loaded up to her nose with two-dimensional complex numbers, just open any book on that branch of science and the 2D complex calculations spatter from about every page in the book. 

Will 3D complex number bring any kind of relief? 

To be honest: I do not have any kind of clue...


End of the bla bla bla, here is the Laplacian for functions as defined on the space of 3D complex numbers into herself. So f (X) is a 3D complex number for every X and not some funny injection into linear operators or so. 


And the curl? 

That is your homework my dear colleagues in math: just like the Laplacian express it in differentiation into the direction of the real axis.  

Good luck with it & till updates. 


 (03 Aug 2012, temporary update on Syria)  

As usual in the heat of summer a lot happens day in day out, but it was funny that Kofi Annan gave up his 'peace bringing role' when it comes to the Syrian equation. 

Needless to remark again that I decided to skip that Russian military navy base in Syria, so whatever the outcome of this crisis, the Russians will no longer have a military base over there.  

We must take into account that the Russians might be very good at drinking Vodka, but I want Assad dead because he made a weird kind of brew with all those vague semi-military-security forces. The Assad guy simply doesn't cough up enough battlefield discipline, so he is dead meat.   

So drink some more Vodka my dear Russians...


BBC version of the latest developments of a detail inside the Syrian equation: 

Russia says UN vote undermines peace efforts in Syria 


Lets leave it with that, good luck my dear Syrians! 

Till updates.  


(25 July 2012) Two items:  

Item 1) A War Tribunal message on the Syrian equation.
Item 2) Clyde Davenport on hyper-complex numbers & the impending rapture... 

 Item 1) A War Tribunal message on the Syrian equation. 

After a long wait I have decided that Russia will loose her only significant foreign navy base in Syria. It was a long wait because ending the Russian naval base harms global equilibrium of military power.

And that, my dear reader, is always a dangerous thing to do. 

Sorry my dear Russia; it is over and you have just lost your Syrian naval base. 


It was a long wait because I need now more fire power to cage in the other military powers pulling at Syria. And I don't like that because may be I have other things to do... 

The sudden rapture of possible chemical warfare is a sideshow until now, but if indeed the Syrian army has that capability, any fool could see against what nation such weird chemo stuff has to be deployed. 


Lets leave it with that, but I wish both the Syrian army as the rebel fighters good luck. 

If you want to make war, so be it, I wish you good luck. 


End of the War Tribunal message.  

Item 2) Clyde Davenport on hyper-complex numbers & the impending rapture... 

I found an American guy that is extremely good in expanding complex function theory into more dimensions. Ok ok, it is only a four dimensional kind of theory, but I liked it a lot.

Check it out at: 

Commutative Hypercomplex Mathematics 

But Clyde is also an American, and although Americans can be smart every now and then, on average, they have a severe 'rapture problem' deeply rooted in their society. 

If you need a joke you can get one: 

Clyde on the possibility of time travel; it could cause a rapture. 

Apocalyptic Visions of the Past 

But serious: all those rapture fantasies that vividly live inside the USA could also partially explain why the Americans behave so weird every now and then: 

1) Selling mortgages on over priced homes to people that can never ever afford these kind of homes in the first place? This generation the rapture will be there, so who cares? 

2) Laziness & obesity on the rise? No problem, the rapture is right around the corner, so lets sit on the couch waiting for the rapture. 

3) Crazy levels of debt growth? Don't worry, the impending rapture will take care of it! 

Oh oh Americans and their rapture, more in for example a wiki:  


That's it, after all biology is the study of things that stay alive so let me be careful with demolishing the last foreign Russian naval base... 

Till updates. 


(18 July 2012, temporary update on the LIBOR interest rates)  

Item 1) Is the LIBOR scandal a true scandal or just a symptom? 

 Item 1) Is the LIBOR scandal a true scandal or just a symptom?

My dear reader, in a real world where financial authorities know how to run a fiat money system of course such things as LIBOR or Euribor or whatever free market rates between banks are, would be very important. 

Now in these last years since our beloved 'credit crisis' broke out, did I ever dive into details on how LIBOR behaved? Because after all, inside our beloved fiat money system debt growth has the amazing property of always being above the capability of paying back your debt obligations. 
No, all those years I never felt such a desire as to comment on LIBOR rates.

On the large scale of things, the debt monsters need lower and lower interest rates. 

And that is more or less what happened in many places, let it be Central Banks or places like Barclays, it is all irrelevant: 

The debt huggers need their low interest rates... 


No it is not a scandal, it is now the year 2012 and if by now you think it is scandal, you are one of those imbeciles not understanding how our fiat money system has derailed. 

It is not that hard to run a fiat money system, but if fresh credit is always too cheap in the end you just cannot fulfill your 'pay the money back' obligations and you start complaining about too high interest rates. 

That is what we are observing, the rest is irrelevant. 

Even the folks that think the LIBOR scandal is a 'scandal' are irrelevant, just like those same people were years ago. 


Lets leave it with that & let the financial circus continue.  

Till updates. 


(07 July 2012) Since this week a possible proof of existence of the Higgs boson was announced, one way or the other it just had to be a good week.  

So I decided to throw in my 50 cents too and I tried to repair the computer a little bit and tried to squeeze some math text out of it... And after just a few hours the computer  worked a bit more properly! That was great.

Item 1) More math: more generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations. 

 Item 1) More math: more generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations. 

One way or the other this just has to be a good week. So since I wanted to throw in my 50 cents during all this "God's  particle" is found kind of stuff, why not throw in a representation of the generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations that shed more light on the general theory in finite dimensions? 

Why not? 

As you see on inspection: This is how the generalized CR-equations look when you write it down with the chain rule for differentiation in mind. 

Basically it is fucking simple: all you need to do is copy the relevant idea's from the complex plane to the higher dimensions. And, for example, if you want to differentiate a complex function f(z) all you have to do is taking the derivate into the real direction... 


Ok, lets leave it with that. Till updates. 

Update from later: ok ok now it is two days later and may be I drunk too much beer or just not enough, but anyway, what is life without taking a good old fashioned limit? 

It would be worthless, a life without the possibility of taking it to the limit would be without any kind of value. So ensure all your basis vectors are invertible! 


Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(02 July 2012) Just a small item about how hacked telephones work in daily life in my native Dutch country. I am sorry but it is in the Dutch language, so it is more a local update about hacked phones... 

Item 1) Too much echo on the line, even after the phone call... 

Item 1) Too much echo on the line, even after the phone call... 

Het is al laat in de avond, even na half twaalf gaat de deurbel. Ik verwacht eigenlijk niemand meer maar ach laten we maar eens kijken wie er nu weer voor de deur staat.

Ik open de deur en het is Youri! 

Jawel, Youri is één van de straatkinderen alhier en hij heeft zelfs twee vrienden mee.
Hallo Youri, zeg ik, ik wist niet dat je van gewoon slachtafval uit het slachthuis gewoon twee tieners kan maken. 

Dat kan ook niet zei Youri, dit zijn Hobbel en Bobbel en hun beltegoed is op en anders is hun batterij van de telefoon wel leeg of in een omgekeerde volgorde.

Ik kijk Bobbel en Hobbel eens diep in de ogen en inderdaad Youri heeft gelijk: ze zijn niet gemaakt van slachtafval maar ze zien er wel uit als met een lege batterij en misschien is hun beltegoed ook wel op. 


Om een lang verhaal kort te maken, de heren willen graag één telefoontje plegen. 

Nou ja, dat mag wel. Per slot van rekening lijkt het mijzelf ook wel leuk om het 'input/outout' gedrag van mijn huistelefoon weer eens te bevestigen... 

Laten we zeggen dat Hobbel ging telefoneren, hij doet wat bla bla bla dat waarschijnlijk belangrijk is en tegen het eind van het telefoon gesprek zeg ik nog tegen de andere heren: hou er wel rekening mee dat ze dit afluisteren. 

Hobbel convergeert naar het einde van zijn telefoon gesprek en legt de hoorn op de haak van de telefoon. Binnen een tweetal seconden gaat de telefoon exact één maal over. 


Jawel lieve lezertjes: gedurende meerdere maanden was het altijd hetzelfde:

1) Bel ik zelf via mijn huistelefoon, nooit gaat de telefoon 1 x over na afloop van mijn gesprek.
2) Iemand anders bellen? Altijd gaat de telefoon 1 x over na afloop van het gesprek.


Maar goed lieve lezers, ik klaag niet. 

Waarom klagen, het is maar een telefoon... 

Tot opdatums, till updates. 

(17 June 2012) The space thingeling that just doesn't go away. Is it possible, just for example, to turn electricity into kinetic energy? Who knows? 

Item 1) Unmanned space vehicle lands after 469 days... 

 Item 1) Unmanned space vehicle lands after 469 days...   

Oh oh, it is still there on the Google news files and indeed this little detail has aroused a strong attention in myself. 

And I wonder what they have been testing, to put your mind a bit more focused lets quote a bit of those strange strange details: 

Quote 1: 

An unmanned Air Force space plane dropped out of orbit and glided to a computer-controlled California landing early Saturday to close out a classified 469-day military mission. 

Quote 2: 

The spacecraft was originally developed by Boeing for NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, but it eventually was turned over to the Orbital Test Vehicle program operated by the Rapid Capabilities Office of the Air Force. 

And quote 3: 

The X-37B features a scaled-down 4-foot by 7-foot payload bay. But unlike NASA's manned orbiter, which relied on fuel cells for electrical power, the Air Force space plane is equipped with a deployable solar array that permits it to remain in orbit for long-duration missions. 


Unmanned Air Force space plane lands after secret mission

Comment: Of course I have to craft my words carefully, but if this is done via something known as the Orbital Test Vehicle program you understand the goal was not to send some vehicle into some stationary orbit for 469 days. 

And after 469 days try to let it safely land again... 

No, stuff like 'controllability of orbit' would make much more sense. 

So I just scratch my old bold head and I wonder: Have they found it?
Have they found the way to turn electricity into kinetic energy or, if you want, give some acceleration to your space vehicle... 

And that with only solar power? 

With a little smile on my face I wonder how far they are, but on the other hand may be they still use propellants to change course in space and the solar power is only used to heat up the propellant to be more efficient. Who knows, it's all secret they say.

Let's leave it with that. 

Till updates. 

(08 June 2012, temporary math update) This evening for the third time I tried once more to get my math typo system up and running again.

But within five minutes I decided to throw in the towel; I know how to 'repair' the problem but the vulnerability stays the same after such 'repairs'. 

So no more math pictures for the time being, may be this autumn or so we could proceed. 


Therefore without the Latex math type setting system I would like to place a few remarks to some fellow math folks: 

Remark 1) Calculate the curl and the Laplacian for 3D functions using the generalized 3D Cauchy-Riemann equations. Express both curl and Laplacian into differentiation into the real-axis direction, so with regard to x. 

If you do it properly, you will find it both boils down to a multiplication with (1, -1, 1). 

So for a function f from 3 variables (x, y, z) and f = (u, v, w) while  


calculate Curl(f) and the Laplacian. 

Remark 2) See below for a definition of the 3D version of 'complex conjugate', prove that the main non-invertible element (1, -1, 1) is it's own conjugate.
Find all other X that satisfy X = \overline{X}. 

Remark 3) The first reaction of a lot of people familiar with the complex plane is given by that 'these are only complex numbers represented in some weird 3D form'. 

For those strong believers I challenge them: Find the number i please... 

And if you have found it, what is the inverse of your number i? 


Bah, I don't like it that I have to throw in the towel but that is the way it is. 

Till updates. 


(05 June 2012) Ok, since life is boring anyway let's try to make it even more boring...

When it comes to phone tapping/hacking it looks like I can no longer study the concept of the 'asymmetric echo' in my private phone calls.

One of the small but important details in understanding when your phone is tapped comes with the fact there is often too much echo while the person you are speaking with does not observe an echo in the sounds. 

Of course in practice asymmetry in echo has a lot of other contributions too, but most of the time our beloved telecom companies try to minimize echo.

Lets go to even far more boring stuff: Boring math stuff.

Item 1) Is it so hard to create some 3D complex numbers? 

Item 1) Is it so hard to create some 3D complex numbers? 

No that is not that hard, the hard part is convincing other people that you have some weirdo 3D multiplication scheme that satisfies the good parts of math life. 

With amazement I looked at other proposals upon 3D multiplication in the last 20 years (it was before the internet did sink I crafted my own version of it) and this is about as good as it gets:  

Ok, the above link is actually some 4D multiplication thingeling, but what to think about some 'Search of the Holy Grail' as found here: 

Distance Estimated 3D Fractals (IV): The Holy Grail 

For example a quote from the above link: 

The question is how to extend this to three dimensions. The Mandelbrot set fits two dimensions, because complex numbers have two components. Can we find a similar number system for three dimensions? 

Comment: Yes we can, actually in the complex plane you use a square number i while in three dimensions a cubic starting point is far more handy. Same stuff, only some other dimensions... And it has the benefit of expanding all those standard functions like exp, sin, cos etc etc to all dimensions you want. 

Beside the complex plane the most easy 3D example is given by the generalized Cauchy-Riemann equations as next: 


For the time being, lets leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(23 May 2012) Ok ok, I am still very annoyed by the phone hacking because after all this was not the usual 'inbox hacking' kind of thing. Anyway, this is not the time to activate the 'coffin industry' but I won't forget this phone joke my dear reader.

Ha, years back I poked fun at the US military like: "In the end your strength always turns into your weakness", and now so many years later with every phone call I make my own ears are washed with the same kind of fun.

But hey phone hacking is irrelevant compared to the wreck and havoc Euro bonds could bring! So that is the item of today: 

Item 1) Are Euro bonds really a good idea? 

 Item 1) Are Euro bonds really a good idea? 

Today I observed once more a lot of weirdo's that for reasons unknown to me think that it is a 'good idea' to introduce Euro bonds instead of local issued government debt that is a little problematic lately... 

The idea is that the so called 'problem nations' will have a lower yield on their issued debt needs and other nations have a slightly higher yield. 

In France we have a new prez, the old bling bling Zarkozy is out and Hollande is in. I have to admit that I think I like Hollande. Where bling bling doubled his salary to stress the importance of his job, Hollande looks a bit more down to earth. 

So I like that a lot, and I wish Hollande a bit of luck with the new job. 


But Euro bonds will not save the day, it is nonsense to hammer out such stuff. 

The underlying problem is and stays that debt levels grow faster compared to the underlying capability to pay back those levels of debt. 

How can Euro bonds solve this tiny problem? They can't.


But from the marketing point of view Euro bonds will be a big hit, where all those dumb and stupid nations face problems like '60% of GDP' or '115% of local GDP' suddenly there is a new kid on the block: EURO BONDS.

In the bond market, it always starts as 0% of local GDP.

Further reading (who thought at the OECD they were that blatantly dumb?): 

OECD joins call for eurozone bonds 

The Guardian tells us: 
Hollande pushes case for eurobonds  

Old music from before the Euro bonds: 
elo-telephone line 

Lets leave it with that. Till updates. 


(01 May 2012) It is labor day and the Paul Krugman has done a lot of labor and has a new book out... Among the spectrum of weird USA economists that have won a Nobel prize in the science of economy, Paul has always been my favorite idiot.

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul has a new book out... 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul has a new book out... 

As you might know I am not the biggest fan of economist Paul Krugman's insights when it comes to debt level growth in economies. 

Lately I estimated that in the next decade the non-financial parts of the US economy need about 37 trillion US$ in higher debt levels only to produce a moderate GDP growth of at most 2% a year. 

According to the last 30 years, that part of the debt (non financial institutions) grew about 7% a year or a doubling every decade. That simply means that the USA needs about 37 thousand billions higher debt levels for the next decade.

Paul talks only nonsense like 'Foreigners are still willing to borrow us money'. But hey this is not the first and likely not the last time I will tell you that Paul is horribly bad at elementary math. My dear Paul, the debt grows exponentially and time grows only linear. Debt will beat time my dear Paul...

What kind of shithead is going to give 37 trillion to the USA and expecting to get it back? 

Paul is also very good as a comedian: He remarks that you 'need to stimulate the economy' so that 'people can pay off their debt'. 

Yeah yeah, as if the average USA citizen will 'pay off debt' at the moment they can...
Come on Paul, the average USA citizen has more important things to do, like getting fatter & dumber year in year out. 

Check Paul out at the Daily Ticker (the video links don't have a very long lifespan, but anyway, have a good laugh):

Krugman: How To Fix The Economy? Do The Exact Opposite Of What We’re Doing 

Lovely to see such a video, please remark Paul never says a number... 

That's how he got it's Nobel prize in the first place; only dumb logic that sounds good but has only limited merit. 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(28 April 2012) Two items:  

Item 1) In Dutch: Zelf selectie van idioten: PVV, SP en PvdA. 
Item 2) A tiny bit more 3D complex multiplication. 


 Item 1) In Dutch: Zelf selectie van idioten: PVV, SP en PvdA. 

Zo zeg, dat ging even snel van de week; in maar een paar dagen een accoord op hoofdlijnen en gelukkig eindelijk wat meer serieuze bezuinigingen. 

Laten we eventjes de fundamentele losers langslopen: 

Loser 1) PVV / Geert Wilders. 

Het uitgekotst stuk semi-kosher vlees genaamd Geert Wilders had al enorm veel last van een veel te laag IQ. Daarom is de PVV ook zo populair bij al degenen die moeite hebben met het begrijpen van onze nogal ingewikkelde wereld: idioten voelen zich thuis bij andere soortgelijke idioten.

Loser 2) SP / Emile Roemer. 

In tegenstelling tot de PVV is de SP een waardevol element van het politieke landschap, onder het electoraat zijn nu eenmaal veel personen met een sterk en woest doorleefd sociaal rechtvaardigheids gevoel terwijl die personen niet zo erg goed zijn in rekenen.
Nou ja, die gaan dan SP stemmen. Moet kunnen...
Dat is het belang van de SP: het kanaliseren van woest doorleefde rechtvaardigheids gevoelens... 
Hij is een loser omdat hij niet echt zijn schaapjes beschermd op de lange termijn, maar ja iedereen heeft wel een neef die niet kan rekenen. 

Loser 3) PvdA / Diederick Samsom. 

De verse PvdA leider Diederick deed deze week nog steeds enorm luchtig over zogenaamde 3% eisen, dus ik dacht van die zal wel één of andere flut studie als Middeleeuwse Scandinavische talen gedaan hebben. (Nou ja, ik wil dat soort studies niet afkraken, het is leuk dat er dat soort spul en specialisaties zijn.)
Maar nee, deze wiki zegt TU Delft kern fysica... Check it out: 

Dus waarom doet Diederick zo luchtig over die 3%?
Want het is niet 3% van alle belastingelden in een jaar terwijl we ook nog eens 3% groeien met de hele economie... Nee het is 3% van het bbp. 

Dus ik denk van 'laten we de bewijslast maar eens omdraaien' en Diederick kan ons haarfijn uitleggen dat idioot hoge niveau's van extra schuld echt geen enkel probleem zijn... 

Normaal gesproken geef ik nooit stemadviezen, maar omdat het nu duidelijk is dat in de hoogste regionen van de PvdA zware cognitive stoornissen welig tieren moet je echt twee of drie keer nadenken voordat je op die mafketels gaat stemmen. 

Maar, wie weet heeft Diederick nog een mooi lapje wiskunde liggen dat zijn gelijk bewijst. Wie weet hoe een koe een haas vangt... 


Over de bezuinigingen kan ik niet veel zeggen maar ik was blij dat de politie weer een jaartje geen salaris verhoging krijgt. Met een beetje geluk krijgen ze in totaal 9 jaar geen salaris evbij, dat zou dan evenlang zijn als dat ze mij hebben zitten stalken...

Weten ze dan ook eens hoe lang dat wel niet is: negen jaar...
Is zoiets eigenlijk wel legaal? Geen flauw idee. 

 Item 2) A tiny bit more 3D complex multiplication. 

Ok, lets proceed where we left unfinished in the previous math update. 

Today the inverse of a point X = (x, y, z) and the 3D analog of the complex conjugate come along. But before that we look at the 'shape' our matrix representation has: with 'shape' I simply mean the position of the x, y and z and the + and - sign. 

1) M(X) once more, look at her shape. 
2) The inverse of X via the inverse of M(X), look at her shape.
3) The 3D analog of the complex conjugate z = x - yi, again look at her shape. 

The stuff looks as follows: 


So that was it for today, I hope you haven't fallen asleep by now because math it is just so boring to most people... 

Just so boring... 

Lets leave it with that for the time being, see yah around my dear reader! 

Till updates. 


(23 April 2012) One item; I am leaving the democratic system for the next years.

Item 1) No way I am going to vote in the next Dutch elections... 

 Item 1) No way I am going to vote in the next Dutch elections... 

Just two days ago the Dutch government fell over some hard needed austerity measures and when viewing the political landscape today I decided not to vote in the coming elections. 

The main reason for me not voting is given by the fact there are far to many debt huggers in the Dutch parliament, if I would vote I would give more or less implicit some signal of trust in the next Dutch government.

But I don't trust them any longer, it is not only the imbecile named Geert Wilders. Basically along the entire political spectrum they have learned zero point zero from the financial crisis. 

From the emotional point of view I don't want have anything to do with the Dutch parliament, so I will not vote for a few years. 

One way or the other there will be debt huggers in the next government, that simply has to run it's course and that will take a few years... 

Imbeciles, we are ruled by imbeciles. 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(12 April 2012, temporary update) Oh shit, 3 hours of work down the drain...

This is no fun: They started to look so beautiful, those funny thingelings that also paint generalized Cauchy Riemann equations but once more the computer breaks down...

Repairing the stuff will take too much time, so I am sorry to give you this very handicapped & temporary update.    

Item 1) Correction & addendum to the 24 March update on fractals. 

Oh oh, at the end of the previous update I wrote that you could even take Cauchy integrals... I am sorry for the eventual inconvenience but that was plain stupid wrong.  

To my excuse I can say that over two decades I did not look at this old 3D complex multiplication math and as far as I can see it was the only fault...


So far for the correction, now what fresh stuff to add? 

(1) Lets look at our exercise: solve det(M(X)) = 0
(2) A few remarks on differentiation. 
(3) Calculating the inverse of a point X = (x, y, z). 



Yes well I totally flip but the above is all that remains from 3 hours of work... 



(25 March 2012) It was a long wait but finally I have decided that the Syrian prez Basher Assad not only has written his own death certificate, but with this update I will validate it:  

My dear Assad, you are dead meat because you perform poorly when it comes to stuff like the battlefield discipline. May be as a dentist you can perform good, but as a ruler of the Syrian army you perform very bad. 
Therefore my dear Assad, with regret in my heart I have to inform you that in the year 2012 you have to die, if you survive this calendar year 2012 I might reconsider.


Lets do a tiny bit of math in order to honor those that get killed for nothing at all:

Item 1) More math: The Mandelbrot fractal in 3 dimensions. 
Item 2) What if the Rick Santorum was a European?

 Item 1) More math: The Mandelbrot fractal in 3 dimensions. 

To be honest I never wrote down the programming code for this (because I am not very good at programming) so there is no guarantee in the sense of an eye witness or a few pictures of such a 3D Mandelbrot fractal.

Yet it would be weird if nothing would pop up...
Lets start today's tiny bunch of math: 


An important distinction with the complex plane is given by the singular points. In the complex plane only division by zero gives a simple singularity, with the above method of multiplication an entire line is made of non-invertible 'numbers'. 

(Exercise: Find all non-invertible points by solving det(M(X)) = 0, why is it enough to find only one non-zero (x, y, z) point?.) 

Ok a lot more could be said on this small detail of math, for example you can define the log and even look at Cauchy integral like formulas...   

Item 2) What if the Rick Santorum was a European? 

In the USA the Rick Santorum is still trying to get God's help in becoming the new & fresh Republican nominee for the presidential elections. 

Lately the Rick Santorum drew the attention of the Dutch because according to the Rick Santorum our elderly wear bracelets in hospitals that say 'Please do not commit euthanasia on me'. 

With his remarks the Rick Santorum truly made himself immortal in our Dutch landscape as the standard example of USA retardism; most facts as delivered by the Rick Santorum were wrong and if correct always completely misunderstood. 

So I decided to write some stuff as was the Rick Santorum a European commenting on the USA health care system. 

In this regard it might be of interest to know that Rick had a dead born baby or a child that died young, I don't know the particular details but USA tongues said he brought the corpse home so the other children could play with it... (Yes I am in a nasty mood.) 

The European Rick Santorum.  

Interviewer: Good evening Mr. The Rick Santorum, now you are running for European president can you comment on the child mortality rates in the USA? 

TERS: In the USA every year about six million babies and small children are euthanised in private hospitals that always strive for maximum profits. 

In the USA desperate parents often tie a small bracelet around the ankle of their child, and the bracelet says: 'Please do not boil me alive'. 

Because in the USA they embrace a culture of death, very often USA doctors and nurses take home babies and boil them alive so that when Halloween comes they hang the skeletons in the garden. 

But because so many children are killed in private run institutions, sometimes the parents are allowed to bring home their own dead kid so the other children in the family can play with it. 

Interviewer: That is shocking to hear! But what about all those USA elderly buying medicine from Canada? 

TERS: The elderly are scared from USA made medicine, they know they live inside a culture that embraces and rejoices death. So they do not trust pills that says it is 'Made in the USA' because one in every 100 pills is replaced by an euthanasia pill. 

So the USA elderly buy Canadian medicine because at least that is safe. 

Interviewer: Ok Rick we must leave it with that because we are now going to the commercials and our next item is fashion tips from Rhianna. 

TERS: Ok, thanks for having me on your show.   


End of this update. Till updates. 


(05 March 2012) Only one item, it is so boring to read that you better get to more exiting activities right now. So leave this website and never return! 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Debt hugger Paul explains why austerity is bad.

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Debt hugger Paul explains why austerity is bad.

Lately we have done some calculations upon fresh debt needed in the USA in order to let the US economy grow modestly and as a point estimation we observed that for at most 2% GDP growth a hefty 37 trillion US$ was needed for the next 10 years. 

By all standards this is a truly astronomical figure, but given USA debt growth over the last 30 years that is what they need for just a modest GDP growth of at most 2%. 

Consumer economy. 

In the holy financial Media they always say that the USA is a 'consumer economy' because about 70% of her gross domestic products is done by consumers. 

That is a highly interesting phenomenon: how can you consume so much while producing so little? 

Please remark that in Greece, after all, obesity in the worker population was never as high as in the USA. Greece folks were dumb, but they were not lazy...


Let's go to the 'We Need Always More Stimulus' guy Paul Krugman. 
In my world Paul is a sizzie; if we need 37 trillion in fresh debt for the next standard operating decade, a stimulus would be even more.  

It is not the first time I am saying this, but Paul Krugman is very bad at math... 

But he hides it very well, look for example when Paul explains the evils of austerity: 

A number of people have asked me for a quick, easy explanation of the difference between a government and a family — basically, what’s wrong with the argument that when times are tough the government should tighten its belt. 

Until this far, Paul does not look like a weirdo. More quotes: 

That’s the key point, of course. When a family tightens its belt it doesn’t put itself out of a job. When a government tightens its belt in a depressed economy, it puts lots of people out of jobs; and this is a negative even from the government’s own, narrowly fiscal point of view, since a shrinking economy means less revenue. 

Comment: Paul is right when he remarks that the USA economy is not a family, no normal family would need such a huge yearly debt growth. But my dear Paul, suppose that the US economy is not a family living in harmony, where do these fresh 37 trillions for the next decade come from? 

Boring (extremely boring) source file:  

Losing the belt? Only obesity folks loose the belt on a regular basis my dear Paul... 


End of this update so see you around. 

Till updates. 


(01 March 2012) Not much news from Syria in the sense that the madness continues. Lets hope for the best but I have to remark I only have little hope.
By the way, the evolution of suicide bombers in Syria suggests strongly that my hypothesis around the twin car bombings in Syria wins in strength: it gets more and more likely some Israeli involvement was there, but for valuation of such an accusation we need more proof...  

So let time float by & lets wait and see. 


Today's two items are about the gigantic strength and resilience of the USA economy; anyway they reported a 3% GDP growth while just in my previous update I told you folks that high growth is not expected for a long time. 

The other item is in Dutch and we poke a bit of fun at the Dutch government that has, miracle miracle, a budget deficit of 4.5% as measured in local GDP numbers... 

Item 1) Oh deflator on the wall, who grows the fastest of them all?
Item 2) In Dutch: Au zeg! Wel 9 miljard bezuinigen? 

 Item 1) Oh deflator on the wall, who grows the fastest of them all? 

Last week I estimated for you that the USA needs about 37 trillion US$ in fresh debt for the non-financial parts of her economy. It is highly questionable that such an amount of money is there to borrow it out or that borrowers want to take on such high levels of debt. 

Then the news came out the USA GDP grew a hefty 3% year on year, but I neglected it because sometimes I am so horribly bored with the USA financial/sector/press coverage/etc etc. 

Yet by coincidence I heard someone complaining that the deflator was only 1% and I was thinking 'That can't be true'. So I looked it up in the relevant files from the US Bureau of Economical Analysis. 

This link confirms the 3% growth: 

Table 1.1.1. Percent Change From Preceding Period in Real Gross Domestic Product 

And this one the ridiculous 1% for the deflator (in case you don't know what a deflator is: it is the price inflation for the entire economy, so it measures a little bit more than price changes in for example grocery stuff):

Table 1.1.7. Percent Change From Preceding Period in Prices for Gross Domestic Product 

Please remark I am not saying the USA BEA is cheating or so, but I don't understand what is happening. After all the USA population is still getting more obese, lazy & dumb year in year out so what explains this huge reported USA GDP number? 

I don't know. 


Screaming faggots... 

Where are the usual USA screaming faggots always so afraid for deflation?
After all according to USA based screaming faggots deflation could lead to a deflationary trap bringing down the entire economy with it...

As we see, the Durable goods prices are completely smashed with 2.5%.
But the usual screaming faggots stay silent...

Item 2) In Dutch: Au zeg! Wel 9 miljard bezuinigen? 

An sich was het uitermate komisch om te zien: steeds in het buitenland roepen dat 3% toch echt de limit is en onder hun eigen kont en natuurlijk volslagen onverwacht zitten we zelf ineens met een tekort van 4.5%. 

Om het helemaal hilarisch te maken: vandaag zeiden ze in het nieuws dat na de vorming van ons nieuwe kabinet Rutte ze zelfs vergadering(en) hebben gehouden over 'wat te doen met eventuele overschotten?' 

En nu, min of meer plotseling, moet het geld daar gehaald worden waar het is: woningmarkt en pensioen leeftijd... Dus sowieso afbouwen van de hypotheekrente aftrek en een paar jaar later de huurtoeslagen. 

Het zou creatief zijn om gewoon de huren in sociale woningbouw eens een jaar of 5 te bevriezen, of pak em beet, hooguit 0,5% per jaar verhogen. Dat heeft een leuk drukkend effect op de inflatie terwijl tegelijkertijd de woningbouw corporaties als het ware uitgenodigd worden om terug te gaan naar hun kerntaak:
Goedkope huurhuizen bouwen... En niet al dat bankje spelen, kijk maar uit want het is statistisch bewezen dat bankje spelers meer kans hebben op lawines dan anderen... ;) 


En je kunt bezuinigen ook heel leuk maken, zo klaagt de politie over hun salarissen enzo. Nou dan laat je elke diender gewoon een standaard IQ test maken, als bijv voor een willekeurige diender daar een IQ van 65 uit komt rollen dan krijgt ie voortaan nog maar 65% van zijn oude salaris. 

Ja nu ik er zo over nadenk: met die standaard IQ testjes kun je enorm veel bezuinigingen doorvoeren bij de politie. 
Oh oh, als ik eens een weekje minister Opstelten mocht vervangen, wat zou dat toch mooi zijn... 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 

(26 Feb 2012.) This is a short update on a simple extrapolation of future USA total debt levels, the European debt growth is neglected although I have to remark the second round of a possible fresh half a trillion  € joke from the ECB does come a little bit swift if you would ask me ask me.   

Just a short time ago we had those 500 billion Howitzer for 3 year long bank loans, so I am scratching my old bold head. For the time being I support the ECB policy but this all should not get too crazy... 

Item 1) Future USA debt growth; a fresh 37 trillion needed in 10 years of time... 

 Item 1) Future USA debt growth; a fresh 37 trillion needed in 10 years of time...

Yes you read this correctly: if the present ways of USA economical growth continue they need at least 37 trillion in fresh debt in the non-financial sectors of the USA economy. 

I don't have a clue about estimates of total world yearly gross domestic product, but it might very well be that in the next 10 years total debt levels in the USA in the non-fin parts will exceed the economical output of the entire planet. 

Why do I look only at the non-financial sector of the USA economy? That is because in the financial sector they are deleveraging at the expense of expanding US Federal Reserve so called 'balance sheets'. So in the long run over the decades that is not relevant, the FED has become just like the average USA citizen: dumb, lazy & obese. 


Enough of the rhetoric! 

Please take a good long look at my easy to understand source file from the US FED, here is the source file:  

In the very first column in the above link you see stuff like 'Total nonfin debt' or so.
I picked the last data from 2011 the third quarter, 10 years ago and 30 years ago. 

The results upon yearly debt growth are not very promising, since it is clearly a nail in the Pentagon death coffin I was delighted to make a little graphic from the data: 


With a little bit of rudimentary math you see yearly debt growth is always above 7% totally outstripping the growth of economical output let alone the profits needed to pay back this debt growth. 

Ok ok very often debt growth also induces inflation but in order to tame the 37.8 trillion debt beast you need about 5% inflation a year for at least 10 more years... 

So in a hand basket the next 10 years for the USA from the macro viewpoint will be:

-- At most 2% economical growth when it comes to reported real GDP. 
-- Inflation will stay high in the USA for at least 10 years. 


Now crisis in crisis out the USA has arrived at a 37.8 trillion in 30 years of time, that is over 7% of debt growth a year. Given her military arsenal she will proceed with that kind of debt growth, so what will happen?

Very simple: at least 7% a year simply means that in 10 years of time we are looking at:   

37844 * 1.07^10 = ha ha ha 74 trillion US bucks...

End of this update. 


(21 Feb 2012, temporary update.)  

In the USA the presidential race is going on and the Republicans offer a wide range of utterly strange people that try to win the Republican nomination for being the Republican candidate.

As such we have Rick Santorum, he is a true Christian & he likes to show it. I kind of like this guy, he is definitely not a Dubya clone but he has the same deeply rooted fundamental smell of utter retardation. 

Why in the USA there still are so many retards doing their thing is unknown to me, may be in the USA the 50 cents of wisdom always fall 10 years too late. 

Ok the other guys in the race like Newt G and that rich stinker Romney are also highly interesting, but if you want to enjoy the weird insights of Rick upon the killing of Dutch elderly people in state run hospitals, you should definitely look at the video as found in the next link: 

Rick Santorum on the monstrous ways the Dutch kill the elderly.  

You know Rick is just like Dubya a 'nice fellow' but guys like that should not run 50% of the world defense budget...  

Till updates. 


(15 Feb 2012, temporary update in Dutch.)    

Guttegut, zitten we zomaar in een recessie... 

Volgens het CBS is de economie in het vierde kwartaal 0,7% gekrompen ten opzichte van één jaar eerder (dus geen kwartaal op kwartaal gedoe met al die seizoens invloeden). 

Hoewel verrassend qua omvang zie ik de krimp als een uitermate positief gegeven, het is toch prima dat er minder gas verkocht is? Elke kuub die we nu niet verkopen kan je in de toekomst tegen veel hogere prijzen verkopen. 

En dan dat gezeur over 'de consument' die 'de hand op de knip' zal houden? 

Ach ach, pure paniek natuurlijk... Kom nou, het is toch een goed ding dat allerlei personen eindelijk eens wat gaan aflossen op hun idioot hoge hypotheek?

Vergeet niet dat de Nederlandse huizenmarkt er tot nu toe waanzinnig goed is afgekomen; vrijwel nul komma niks aan 'USA housing collapse effect'. Die paar procentjes in waardeverlies tot nu toe stelt niet veel voor, het had veel en veel erger kunnen zijn.

Maar het is nooit in mijn belang geweest om de lokale huizenmarkt een dreun te geven. In tegendeel, nu de huiseigenaren om de één of andere reden graag wat meer willen aflossen wil ik de banken vragen om dit geld te gebruiken voor het verstrekken van nieuwe hypotheken... 


Grap van de dag:

Denk je nu echt dat de banken de extra aflossingen op hypotheken gaan gebruiken voor verse hypotheken? In dat geval ben je waarschijnlijk een huis bezitter die net een extra betaling op de hypotheek gedaan heeft... 


CBS link: 

CBS link 

Tot opdatums. 


(08 Feb 2012) One short item: 

Item 1) On the Syrian equation. 

 Item 1) On the Syrian equation. 

From the level of international diplomacy the UN Security Council resolution was vetoed by Russia & China. (I did not read the details of the resolution since it was clear from the beginning stuff would not make it. And, by the way, where has my UNSC vote on Palestine statehood gone? Have I missed something?) 

Ok, China is not important since it is hard to phantom they could cough up some serious help. China is only relevant since it has veto power...  

I have more trust in the Russians since at least they try something although I fear that the Russian efforts are not enough given the present escalation problems. My dear Russians, it is clear that the Syrian Assad is not a full blown idiot. Likely Assad is doing his best.  

But stuff like 'restoring dialogue' or 'transforming politics' has a high degree of failure my dear Russians. So it is nice the Russians try to do something, but is it enough? For example: 

UN resolution would bring no peace to Syria – Medvedev 

In order to keep this update short: 

The Russians are allowed to go on with their efforts for lets say 7 days, so that would be until 08 Feb + 07 days= 15 Feb.  

After that the Russians retreat and the Turkish people are invited to take the lead... 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(04 Feb 2012) Only one item around math.

Item 1) Syria is boring, lets do some math that calms the nerves even more. 

 Item 1) Syria is boring, lets do some math that calms the nerves even more. 

Ok ok the title of this item is a little bit overdone, of course Syria is not boring but there is also that vast ocean of that science known as math. 

So instead of commenting on the Syrian equation I would like to update with a little bit of elementary math known as the Cauchy-Riemann equations that rule a lot of math in the complex plane. 

I sincerely hope understanding the next math is good for your nerves, it is good stuff although it is only a small detail. 


Till updates. 


(27 Jan 2012) One item:  

 Item 1) Leadership and the brain.

 Item 1) Leadership and the brain.

What is leadership? Because leadership in humans is a very wide thing lets only look at, for example, political leadership. What makes the populace follow leaders and why do leaders 'lead' in the first place? 

Stuff like that is embedded into our biology, a well known Dutch biologist named Midas Dekker once explained leadership among schools of fish that swim into the ocean: 

Most fish that swim in schools just follow their instinct and try to swim behind other fish in the school. But weirdly enough there is at least one lonely fish swimming in front the entire school. What does this fish set apart from the other fish?
So they did catch a lot of those leading fish and put them under the knife in order to study the brains of those leading fish.

It turned out all those leading fish had a little bit of brain damage and as such were not capable of following other fish... 


I had to laugh very hard when I understood the implications of the contribution Midas Dekker made. Of course our human brain is far bigger per kilo bodymass and as such our brain operates a little bit more complicated, but I had to laugh anyway. 

It is a pity we cannot operate on the Dubya brain in order to find that spot where it all has gone so horribly wrong... 

But serious: political leaders that create the most lethal chaos are never of the conformist type, in that sense they have indeed some brain damage. 


For myself speaking, when I employ projects like bringing the DOW in half from 14 to 7 thousand, of course I use my insights in leadership. 

If I would not follow elementary insights, the whole process might have stopped at, lets say, 9500 on the DOW and those folks would party like a bunch of debt huggers inside a Central Bank. 


Now why do some brain damaged people get so many followers? 
Why do political leaders get their followers?  

I don't have a clue, may be my mind does not want to go there... 

Till updates. 


(21 Jan 2012) Two items:  

Item 1) On the Syrian equation. 
Item 2) In Dutch: En ineens zomaar en volkomen is je dag verpest...  

 Item 1) On the Syrian equation.

Ok, on 04 Jan I asked for withholding sniper fire done by the Syrian army for at least 7 to 10 days ending on the 14-th of Jan. 

That was all I asked for and without posting all kinds of links it more or less looks like that is what I got. So that is a good thing although it has to be remarked that it was only on a limited timescale on a limited detail of war (the marksman or the sniper). 

But hey my dear Syrians, where do we go from here? 

For myself speaking I would like it to write a little bit about Syria every now and then, it is not for nothing I am already writing 'Syrian equation' instead of simply Syria. 


Just like the international community, I too don't have a clue about Syria. A lot of forces are pulling at it; most want stability and other forces like higher instability. 


So lets wait and see how the Syrian equation will evolve over time. 


 Item 2) In Dutch: En ineens zomaar en volkomen is je dag verpest...  

Zit ik gewoon op de bank naar die saaie tv te kijken en bah: de tv zegt dat Netanyahu op bezoek is in Nederland! Ik dacht van die eikel heeft toch wel wat anders te doen nu zijn hoom kountrie een fizit heeft van deze kwast:

US military chief holds talks in Israel on Iran 

Maar nee, de Israelische Netanyahu zit gewoon een kopje koffie te drinken met Mark Rutte en aanverwante materie.  

Nou man, mijn dag was gewoon verpest weet je. 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates.  


(11 Jan 2012) One item:  

Item 1) The Syrian equation versus my oath of non-interference. 

 Item 1) The Syrian equation versus my oath of non-interference. 

Where is my oath of non interference gone? You know, that old promise of me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to uprisings in so called 'Arab nations'. 

Ok ok, a bit of Libya came along, but for the rest most of the time I kept my promise of a more or less rigid non interference policy... 

And now there is Syria, it is screaming for attention because the levels of internal violence are relatively high. Oath or not, rising levels of rough violence always arouse my attention. 


My dear reader the Syrian equation is packed with a gigantic load of dimensions, as such most people have enough reasons to more-or-less explain the higher levels of violence. 

I will not loose myself in such generally accepted nonsense, on the contrary: My compliments go to the Israeli IDF for the help into the Syrian equation. It's so fucking good my dear IDF; you can even look me in the eyes for a few seconds, my compliments!


Religious dimensions. 

A lot of people are blinded by religion when it comes to Israel. 
That is not forbidden of course, but is our beloved Israel truly so perfect? 

After all the IDF guy Gantz is telling us, quote: 

The chief of staff also explained that the current situation in Syria makes it difficult for Assad to attack Israel. 

Comment: Only a fool needs more comment! 

Jerusalem Post source: 
Gantz: Israel prepared to absorb Alawite refugees 


It is actually past midnight right now but I forgot to comment on the content of the Syrian prez Assad speech from yesterday. The line of reasoning is more or less that foreign involvement causes the violence and the response will be with an iron fist... 

In this regard it is highly interesting why exactly the Syrian security forces act so very violent... The most logical answer is that indeed they had some rough attacks, and they respond by killing back.

Suppose the line of reasoning from Assad is correct and indeed foreign stuff is trying to trigger higher and higher levels of violence inside Syria, why do you let your iron fist hammer the own Syrian population? 

That does not make sense because it is very logical from the viewpoint of state survival that Israel dearly wants and needs maximum amounts of violence in Syria. So that our Israeli pals can say once more: We are a beacon of stability...

To put it more simply: If a burglar attacks my house, why should I attack my own family members? Wouldn't it be far more logical to find out what attacks you instead of doing weird stuff without brains?

There is something strange with the Assad regime although it is a far cry from that imbecile formerly known as colonel Kadhaffi.  

Till updates my dear reader. 


 (04 Jan 2012) A happy new year by the way...

I have decided to make the previous temporary update a permanent one, so if I am wrong with my idea's that our beloved Israel is indeed jacking violence a bit up inside Syria, I would like to fall flat on my face. 

Since the temporary status is now lifted we can proceed to the items of this update: 

Item 1) A simple marching order for the Syrian army: no sniper fire for 7 days. 
Item 2) Boring but funny links. 

 Item 1) A simple marching order for the Syrian army: no sniper fire for 7 days. 

Ok, lets try to see if it is possible to control average violence levels in Syria... 

That is all I would like to do my dear Syrian army, don't worry it is not like the zero-one project from Iraq that lasted over one hundred days. It's only a 7 to 10 day timespan kind of thing. 

I could write thousands of words and lay down all kinds of nuances and hang out the diplomat. I am not going to do that, no lets grab some small axe and simply tell the Syrian army it is simply forbidden to use sniper fire for a period of lets say 7 to 10 days. 


It goes in right now, so that implies that from the 14-th January higher levels of sniper fire from all parties inside the Syrian equation are allowed. 

Lets leave it with that. 

Item 2) Boring but funny links. 

Did you know the Palestinians are an 'invented people'? I never knew that, but USA prez hopeful Newt Gingrich explains: 

Gingrich Describes Palestinian People as 'Invented'  

After so much sniper power every body needs a good laugh, from the Fox business channel they are telling us: 

Why America's Financial Future is Far Better Than Europe's  

After all that laughing it gets truly hilarious when USA Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman complains:

Nobody Understands Debt  

Lets not try to explain to Paul Krugman when debt levels grow too fast, let time do it's miracle thing. 


End of this update, the financial parts follow their predictable path but how will the Syrian army react? And what about the fucking Israelis? 

Till updates. 


(25 Dec 2011, temporary update) These Damascus bombings look very strange, it has all the looks and feels of another 'Hariri bombing';  therefore this temporary update on the Syrian equation.    

Item 1) Musings on weird & unexplained bombings... 

 Item 1) Musings on weird & unexplained bombings... 

Weird & unexplained bombings and who to blame for them? 

For myself speaking the recent Damascus bombs have all that gut & feel like the Lebanon Hariri pm killing. 

I know that inside Syria everybody is blaming everybody & I am 100% sure that I will put all my credibility on the line, but at the moment I am thinking the Damascus bombings are some advanced Israeli joke. 

After all, at the state level, the Israelis are very much interested into hefty instability inside the neighboring countries.  


But hey my dear reader, did I not put 100% of my credibility up? 

If you want to destroy my line of reasoning, lets look at:  

1) Lebanon Hariri still unexplained, while 
2) Damascus today. 


From the statistical point the future is very easy to measure: 

More bombings like these on a rather sparse timescale...


At last it is remarked that against Israeli involvement the detail of suicide bombers was observed, hard to say if Israel has such capabilities.

Till updates. 


(21 Dec 2011) Two items, the last item is in Dutch: 

Item 1) The ECB bazooka. 
Item 2) Van Dale woord van het jaar: Tuigdorp... 

Item 1) The ECB bazooka.

Item 1) The ECB bazooka.  

Wow man, today the European Central Bank borrowed out almost 500 billion in 3 year loans at 1% of yearly interest...
That is indeed some bazooka... May be the name 'Howitzer' applies a bit more.

I have to admit that I needed some time too in order to swallow the possible implications and/or future ramifications of such a big thing. After a few hours of thinking I give it the green light: a priori there is no reason to expect future inflation danger from this if this giant half a trillion borrowing scheme is executed properly included the exit path... 

Furthermore I am not going to check all kinds of details because for the time being I still trust the ECB more than other Central Banks from not named nations.

Lets leave it with that.  

Item 2) Van Dale woord van het jaar: Tuigdorp... 

 Item 1) Van Dale woord van het jaar: Tuigdorp... 


Wat is dat nou weer? Één of ander mislukt concentratiekamp zonder ovens?
Want zeg nu zelf: wat zou een tuigdorp zijn zonder ovens? Dat is niet goed voor de doorstroming zou een naief persoon als mijzelf opmerken. 

Maar volgens een enquête van Van Dale is tuigdorp het woord van het jaar geworden: 

'Tuigdorp' Van Dale Woord van het Jaar 2011 

En, vreemd genoeg, schijnt dat woord uit de koker van dhr Geert Wilders te komen; je weet wel, die mafketel Geert van de PVV die min of meer een heel moderne versie van Boer Koekoek is. 

Vroeger, mijn lieve lezertjes, hadden we Boer Koekoek in ons parlement. Als je eens een halve gare in actie wilde zien dan kon je nog altijd naar Boer Koekoek kijken.
Tegenwoordig hebben we Geert Wilders... 

Nou, Boer Koekoek kan er nog een puntje aan zuigen maar Geert is tegenwoordig zelfs een beschermd handelsmerk! Kijk maar: 

Geert Wilders® is (nu ook) een merk 

Nee dat tuigdorp gaat het echt niet worden en of Geert succes zal hebben als Trade Mark is ook disputabel... 

Laten we hat daarbij houden. Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(09 Dec 2011) Two items, no links. 
Yesterday both the EBC and the EU political leaders had a meeting:   

Item 1) Mario Braghi, the new ECB prez has won the seal of approval. 
Item 2) What will the EU politicians decide?  

 Item 1) Mario Braghi, the new ECB prez has won the seal of approval. 

Today the new European Central Bank had her latest policy meeting and as such Mario was invited to the usual press conference afterwards. 

For myself speaking (don't forget Mario is Italian...) I think we can trust Mario, so he gets my seal of approval. 

Ok ok me myself & I might differ on details with the ECB central bankers; I don't see the inflation going away in the food & energy parts of the real economy. So I would have raised 25 points instead of lowering 25 basis points.
It has to be remarked however that I don't have any kind of data to back up my EU inflation expectations for, lets say, the next five years, so if indeed future inflation will sink below 2% again it will be a clear case of: I was wrong...  

Lets not loose ourselves in all kinds of sideways concerning today's ECB policy decision, why does Mario get my thumbs up? 

Because he nicely pointed out that in the European treaty it said that monetization of sovereign debt was not allowed and as such a bypass via the IMF was completely out of the question...


Tip for the ECB folks upon monetization of future sovereign debt: 

Until now, as far as I understand reality, for every € sovereign debt bought at some other point in our beloved financial system one € is sucked out again... 

I don't know if that is true, but at least over there at the ECB at least they try to get the place nice and tidy. And that cannot be said by the US Federal Reserve who, by now, can only expand further their wonderful balance sheet. 

So without much problems, in the future, for every € of sovereign debt sucked up, you can also put a leverage on it and drain above it: why not 2 or 3 in liquidity withdrawn for every sovereign debt €? 

Item 2) What will the EU politicians decide?  

No idea because we need 'balanced budgets' at the nation state level and for some strange reason a lot of European political leaders think that if your own economy expands 3% a year, you can also reap up 3% fresh debt in GDP every year. 

This is so breathtaking stupid, only people with a background in law studies could believe such a retarded thing. 


My dear European political leaders, if you can only tax about 25% in money numbers as compared to your GDP and your economy expands 3% a year, your own government layouts can only grow 3% of GDP too... (Anyway, that is the math stupidity in it.)

For example: If a government taxes away 25% from her economy while that wonderful economy grows 3% a year, at best the government outlays can grown is 0.25 times 3% = 0.75% of the reported GDP. 

Yeah yeah my dear European leaders, the war against the debt huggers is far from won...  


But what will they decide now they have their own meeting too?
Lets hope a more solid stability pact... 

So good luck with it. Till updates. 


(01 Dec 2011) I want Italy to sing the song of debt for me and for that I need the help of the bond markets that rule sovereign debt.  

Item 1) Italy thou are so beautiful, please sing the song of debt for me... 

 Item 1) Italy thou are so beautiful, please sing the song of debt for me... 

I can't say how much I enjoy the present European so called credit crisis: Lovely to see all those weirdo's that think the end of the earth is there because it is such a giant mess in Europe... 

All of that because the European political leaders just cannot hammer out some progress and the European Central Bank for some strange reason has weak knees when it comes to sucking up trillions of € in sovereign debt for the next years.


Tourist stuff. 

May be you have traveled a little around in Europe and very very may be you have visited some famous tourist attractions in Europe. While doing so you might have encountered Italians; especially as a group they always stand out because they talk so much. 

Where normal people would only need about five words to say something, the Italians easily need 25+ words & a whole lot of gestures to say exactly the same thing... 

That's how they are on average; talk a lot but not saying anything. 

If you have observed a few of those groups of Italians abroad you understand instantly that it would be very hard to change the way they behave in public. The Italians are a kind of their own: in Italy things go differently. 

End of the tourist stuff. 


And if you have about 60 million of those talkative debt huggers inside a nation called Italy, again instantly you understand that warning against the dangers of debt hugging will be met with a lot of words but zero substance... 


Luckily there is also a guy named 'Mr. Market', I have never met him and I have never seen any photo of Mister Market but lately this guy wants 7% interest rates of freshly issued Italian government debt. 

I am shaking with laughter; that Mr. Market person has far more muscle than I will ever have! 


But lets get serious: for the time being bond markets should focus sharply on the 7% rates for fresh Italian debt. Whatever the timespan of Italian fresh debt offered, let it be 3 months or 3 years, 7% for fresh debt is always the answer of the bond markets... 

In case there are some weirdo's inside the international bond markets that think they can skip my 7% advice when it comes to Italy; you can give it a try but if you annoy me or you irritate me you will find me on your path and rather likely you will not enjoy that... 

Lets leave it with that. Till updates. 


(22 Nov 2011) One item: 

Item 1) From the debt huggers to the toilet economy... 

Item 1) From the debt huggers to the toilet economy...

Years and years ago I combined the words 'debt' and 'hugger' into debt huggers as some kind of funny antidote to tree huggers. 

Today more and more people, even the smart asses inside the financial parts of our economies, are beginning to understand what debt huggers are: for every tiny problem they have, more debt is always the answer... 

Most classical example: the USA, for some strange reason she needs more and more debt. 


Ok, that was all years ago and when I wrote down the two words 'debt hugger' for the very first time I knew it would take some years before we could observe the fun at the nation state level. 

In these days we have indeed some fun at the level of state funding, a lot of weirdo's have complained for example that if for example Italy needs a bit of refi at for example 7%+ rates, the whole Euro system is crashing down like hell. 

Ok, those weirdo's are always allowed to enjoy the fruits of their own brains. 

For example the USA nuthead & Nobel economy prize winner Joseph Stiglitz says: 

Joseph Stiglitz: Austerity not the way to go for Europe 

It is so breathtaking stupid, guys like Joseph wants Europe to go the debt hugging ways of the USA... Oh oh oh my dear and old Joseph, at what point in time does the concept of a 'toilet economy' set in? 

And in case you don't understand it: a toilet economy can, by definition, only finance it selves via stuff like this:  


Monetization of Federal debt is all the USA can do, just like your obesity rates why don't you just have fun with it my dear USA?

Till updates. 


(18 Nov 2011) Two items: 

Item 1) On the IAEA report on Iranian nuclear activities. 
Item 2) Boring links. 

Item 1) On the IAEA report on Iranian nuclear activities.  

Ok, there is a steady drumbeat over there in the media about the likelihood of Iran trying to make a nuclear bomb. Since many years ago I arrived at the conclusion that Iran did not try to make a nuclear bomb it might be wise to check for myself if old old insights are still valid today.

Without posting links, for me it was very funny to observe that some US lawmakers think that Iran tries to create a nuclear EMP blast against our beloved USA... 

I will not repeat my own old arguments upon my old conclusion, I would only like to highlight the extreme desire of some IAEA so called 'member states' to turn attention away from the little Palestine problem they have towards big evil like a nuclear armed Iran. 

My dear reader, I have only read a few parts of the IAEA recent report on Iran and I am sorry to inform you that rather likely this report is just another bucket of shit. 

My dear reader, the IAEA report is about 26 pages long, so it's a long read. But if you do not have the time, save the file so you can later read it when you have time enough... Link:  


Chairman stuff. 

Simply for myself speaking, from the moment he was appointed I considered the new IAEA chairman a so called 'weak person'. I never wrote about it, why not let time do it's miracles? 

In the report there is just too much weird stuff coming from 'member states' so in mind comes Israel & the USA. Sorry folks, the above report might be more or less a little bit true, for the time being I simply operate from the viewpoint that Iran is not actually making nuclear bombs. 

In case you might be interested about why I think the new IAEA chairman is a 'weak person'? Try to read this:

Statement to World Association of Nuclear Operators Biennial General Meeting 


Item 2) Boring links. 

I love it, all those doomsayers about the €. It will break up, it will destroy us too, it will this and it will that... In practice it is very very good we finally have some action against the ridiculous debt super cycle where year in year out debt growth always outstrips total profit growth.
So my dear doomsayers, will the € breakup truly get us into WWIII? Have fun with:

The Rise of a Euro Doomsayer (from the NYT) 


Rather often the USA folks complain about China having an artificially cheap currency and as such generating gigantic trade deficits with the poor poor USA folks. But, as Stephen Roach points out, the USA runs more or less a trade deficit against every nation it trades with... 

America's Other 87 Deficits 


No time was found to check the factual details on the official USA Federal Reserve website, but somewhere it was claimed that the FED was now the largest holder of US Treasuries thereby surpassing China. 
So all goes down it's predictable path... What else can they do beside monetising debt? After all the USA folks are the debt huggers pur sang! 

Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov’t Debt—Surpassing China  


Bloomberg is reporting that, sheer horror & pure evil, that holy USA banks risk contagion from Euro risks! Wow man, it is no longer Mortgage Backed Securities that could be a trouble for USA banks, this time the poor poor USA banks have to skip the 'mark to market' rule even for European sovereign debt! 

U.S. Banks Face Contagion Risk From Europe Debt 


The most boring links are the last two: they are about using the axe properly.
I just love that kind of stuff although I haven't done much axing lately. 

For you it will be boring, but I like Youtubbers like that:  

And a German version, also nice:  

Till updates. 


(09 Nov 2011) Two items:

Item 1) Will the Italian debt huggers run into problems? 
Item 2) Oh oh Israel; are thou a bunch of liars? 

 Item 1) Will the Italian debt huggers run into problems? 

In the previous update I neglected the side show named Greece because all in all that takes away all attention of much larger underlying issues. (May be that explains why the US financial media pay so much attention at the European problems...) 

Anyway today Italy her ten year interest rates on fresh debt rose above 7%.
Since Italy has about 1900 billion € in outstanding debt that would amount to only 130 billion a year in interest payments.
Of course the 130 billion is some theoretical future ceiling and you have to compare that to the average interest rate on already outstanding debt. I don't have a clue about what the present average interest rates are, suppose they are only 3.5%.
That means yearly interest payments would rise only 65 billion €. 

Italy has a population of about 60 million so the extra interest payments would amount to about 1000 € a year per capita citizen. Although that is a lot of money it rather likely will not be the end of Italy. 


The problem for Italy is of course that they can only pay old debt via refinance and so you have to trust them you constantly hear because financial markets are build on trust.
Trust? Often financial markets are also based on irrationality; any fool can see the US Federal bond markets only act as a 'safe haven' because there is nothing else. 

With only a small piece of paper and a pencil you can calculate that this safe haven is not for real; what else can the USA do in the long run than monetizing more and more debt? 


Now for trust in Italy; do you trust Italy? 

For myself speaking I think it will be very hard for Italy to change in a meaningful way, just look for example at the garbage problems in Napels and so. For an amazingly long time people have constantly trash and garbage on the streets.

So do you trust a nation that cannot even clean up it's own citizens garbage? 

Item 2) Oh oh Israel; are thou a bunch of liars? 

Yesterday it was very funny that emerged, quote: 

Microphones accidently left on after G20 meeting pick up private conversation between US, French presidents. Sarkozy admits he 'can't stand' Israeli premier. Obama: You're fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day! 

Source (Ynet): Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar',7340,L-4145266,00.html 

Of course it is very funny that it is phrased in words like 'liar' but lets put all fun aside and analyze Israel's very weird words once more: 

For months and years we are hearing from the Israelis that the Palestinians need to come to the negotiating table without pre-conditions (with that the fucking Israelis mean the Palestinians must not complain about settlement expansions).
But for themselves they say (quoting Netanyahu in the Haaretz):

Netanyahu at UN: Palestinians can get state only after peace with Israel 

Of course in the meantime Israel just cannot give up her right to 'self defense' because they are surrounded by evil terrorists & more of that bla bla bla. 


My dear reader, the creation of the state of Israel was a massive blunder from our recent forefathers. It has been a disaster from the very beginning and since Israel was created by the international community, that very same community should also end the existence of the state of Israel. 

One way or the other: the creation of Israel was one of the last big colonial decisions.  

It was wrong from day one, we should end Israel as soon as possible. As far as I am concerned; the state of Israel has lost her right to exist somewhere in the last 60 years. 

That's my view on the fucking liars from Israel; they don't want peace, they only want settlement expansions and go on with the military imbalance that prevents a meaningful peace anyway. 

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(01 Nov 2011) Today we take a fine look at the UNESCO vote for allowing Palestine to be a member while we neglect a funny side show like the Greek debt hugging problems.

Item 1) It looks like the Israeli circus is continuing: more landgrabs. 

 Item 1) It looks like the Israeli circus is continuing: more landgrabs. 

For some strange reason the USA has some law that forbids all funding to UN agencies that would recognize some kind of Palestine state. 

One way or the other; this is a very strange law. It looks like inside USA laws there are all kinds of things that truly hinder the recognition of a Palestine state. 
That is weird beyond belief, this law in particular even doesn't allow for a presidential waiver... 

So, by law, the USA stopped funding UNESCO. 

Who says the USA is not the perfect Israeli poodle?  


My dear reader for years and years I have argued that the present situation is more or less the perfect situation for our beloved Israel: day in day out the slow landgrab will go on one square meter of new ground at a time. 

Therefore it was funny to observe a very fresh reaction from the strong Israeli leader monseigneur Netanyahu (Jerusalem Post): 

PM calls for increased W. Bank settlement after UNESCO vote 

As an example, quoting: 

In a series of retaliatory moves against the Palestinian Authority, Israel on Tuesday night agreed to accelerate Jewish construction over the pre-1967 line and to temporarily suspend the transfer of tax funds to the PA. 

Comment: No comment needed, a long long time ago I understood the luxury position of Israel. Israel will always do anything to prevent peace, therefore she shall be destroyed... (Or will she only break a finger nail, who knows...) 


My dear reader, with sadness in my heart I have to inform you that there is a new SecDef. You might think 'So what'? 

But for me those kind of details are very important, the previous SecDef was Robert Gates and he was so smart that his sheer presence kept me from activating sheer & rough violence against the US army. 

By now the US military has a new SecDef and although I did not study the guy I simply smell a fresh Donald Rumsfeld clone.  

Don't forget my dear reader, guys wearing the title of 'SecDef' usually run about 50% of global military spending. It is only the 50% threshold that arouses my attention of course... 

And oh yeah, why me might look at another Rumsfeld clone? The new guy on the block has stated a few weeks ago that Israel and Palestine: 

Both parties should go back to the negotiating table because they have nothing to loose.  

Comment: No comment, if the SecDef wants to believe such nonsense for himself just let it be. 


Till updates. 


(25 Oct 2011) Ok ok, I am annoyed by all those 'human rights' weirdo's that want to investigate the Gadhaffi killing as some kind of criminal war act...
My dear NY based human rights weirdo's: isn't it one 100% clear that a military bullet was used? A clean entry wound and rather likely a clean wound when the bullet exited the body. 

My dear human right weirdo's; compare that to the bullets used by the US Navy Seal team when they killed bin Laden. After my humble opinion that was illegal ammo, of course with stuff like that the human right weirdo's keep their mouth shut. 


After having said that, let have fun with the European debt crisis! 

Item 1) Will the EU rescue fund work? Will it 'rescue'? 

 Item 1) Will the EU rescue fund work? Will it 'rescue'? 

The rescue fund is a very strange thing, in many ways it resembles something of a flying elephant. There is no real money in the 440 billion € rescue fund; it is borrowed money that is AAA rated and the money could be borrowed because the European countries guaranteed for the shortcomings of the rescue fund... 

In practice countries contribute with a pledge of guarantee and this adds nothing to their running daily deficits. So it's a huge bag of borrowed money, but until now not much of this bag of borrowed money has been spend.  

Since the rescue fund doesn't show up on the deficits of the diverse EU countries we might wonder if this will be a total disaster.
For the time being there is no reason for a total broad based panic: It is not as horrible as the 4+ trillion US Federal Trust Funds. Because in the US Trust Funds there is only sheer debt and all contributions to the Trust Funds have been spend years and years ago. 

Will it work? 

I don't know because I don't have any kind of sharp insight into total debt level growth inside Europe. In the previous update I calculated for you that in the USA debt levels in the last 30 years in the real economy grew over 7% every year thus outstripping all possible underlying profit growth. 

By the way, in case you are interested about exactly why the USA population got so horribly fat & obese these last decades: look no further as their total debt growth...

So I know a lot of statistics and I have to admit that have no insight in European total debt levels, the rescue fund can work if and only if total EU debt growth is far beyond the USA 7% problem. 

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(20 Oct 2011, temporary update)  

Item 1) Wow man, what a day in Libya! 

 Item 1) Wow man, what a day in Libya!

Of course in the first place I would like to congratulate the Libyans too with the killing of our bucket of shit named colonel Gadhafi; congratulations! 

A few updates back I pondered the detail of a killed Gadhafi buried under some square in Tripoli inside the sewage system and build an urinoir above it...
Ok that was a bit rough, but I also mentioned that highly likely Muslim religion will forbid such things, so as an idea it was nice but it would be weird to actually do that.  

To my surprise today it emerged in the end he was hiding in some sewage pipes and I felt the need to make some graphical art from it, but nowhere I could find some good footage; if I find it may be I'll make some art from that in the future. 


In the West a lot of observers are afraid for civil war inside Libya because there are so many factions and the place is awash with lots and lots of weapons...

Ok ok I admit things could run out of hand, but for the time being I totally don't expect it. After 42 years of the colonel most Libyans understand what it means to have some fair share of freedom. 


Ha my dear Libyans, may be already 1% of your total workload is done these last months. From the bottom of my heart I wish you luck with the next 99%.

Make Libya a beautiful place to live! 

Lets leave it with that, it was a good day today. 

Till updates.

Updated 21 Oct at 00.19 hours: 

Luckily the Guardian had a photo, so after about 10 minutes of work some graphic art could look like this (it's only a sketch of course):  



Ok, end of this temporary item, till updates my dear reader. 

(07 Oct 2011) One item:  

Item 1) Musings on debt level growth; a boring approach. 

 Item 1) Musings on debt level growth; a boring approach. 

Suppose you live in an economy where it is more or less supposed that if you take on debt you will also repay it, for example if you take a mortgage it is supposed by the bank that you will actually pay your mortgage back in the long run. 

Lately the US FED issued a new so called Z1 release and one of my favorite short files is the next link:  

It is such a cute short file that gives so much insight on the larger scale of things, for example all the stuff of 2008 and so could be easily foreseen if you knew where to look... It was so fucking simple to foresee the collapse of the financial system. 

Today I only want to look at the total debt levels in the USA as found in the first column of the file above: that contains all USA debt without the financial sector debt. 

Of course now the last few years there is all that talk of so called 'tax money' needed to transfer it to the so called 'financial sector' it might be interesting to observe how fast private and government debt as a total grows. (Or shrinks...) 

So for example; how fast did this total of private and government debt grow over the last five years in the USA? On inspection you see: 

2011 Q2 = 36516.8 and
2006 Q2 = 28089.0 

The growth factor over a five year timespan is 36516.8 / 28089.0 = 1.30 so the yearly factor would be 1.30^0.2 = 1.0539
That means 5.39% of total debt growth a year. 

Is that high given the 36 trillion we are talking about? Are the years 2006 through 2011 some kind of anomaly?  

Lets look at the last 30 years in order to see if the last five years might be some strange anomaly: in the year 1981 total debt was: 

1981 Q4 =  4361.7 while we still have 
2011 Q2 = 36516.8 of 'total debt' 

That gives a 30 year growth factor of 36516.8 / 4361.7 = 8.37 

So the yearly growth factor would be 8.37^(1/30) = 1.073 or a totally staggering 7.3% on an annualized basis. 

May be now you understand why the US FED is so afraid of deflation; the US economy is finetuned to be afraid for stuff like the real economy ruling the waves. All we have is ridiculous debt growth but little real performance...  

In order to make this update as boring as possible, a bit of graphics:  




Ok, it's time to hit the 'publish website'. See ya around my dear reader. 

Till updates. 


(22 Sept 2011, temporary update. Updated in Dutch on 30 Sept.) 

Item 1) The Israeli circus will continue, or not?

 Item 1) The Israeli circus will continue, or not?

Numerous times I told you that the Israelis are basically only interested in ongoing slow expansions, they do it slowly and it goes on by the square meter and day by day year in year out.

That is the only thing that counts in the long run for Israel, the rest is only a circus and when the Israelis feel the need to play the violin they play the violin. The only difference is that this time it is the Israeli finger behind the (military) trigger so you observe a very different kind of violin music. 

This week it emerged that the Palestinians want a reasonable response from the United Nations in general & the upper echelons of the UN in particular. The request is simple to understand: Give us some kind of state so we can live.


For myself speaking I would like to see the application of the USA veto in the UN Security Council so that we will have clearity on that detail. Please no weasel stuff from the other UN folks please... 

Lets leave this temporary update with that, as mostly when I am seething with anger better I keep updates as short as possible.

So see you on some lost Friday afternoon. Till updates. 


Update (in Dutch from Friday 30 Sept 2011):

Zo zeg eigenlijk wilde ik vorige week op vrijdag de 23-ste wat updaten maar ik was een beetje moe of had geen zin of weet ik veel wat. 

Gelukkig was er in Zeeland een interessante giga grote knal; een compleet caisson totaal aan gruzelementen! En weet je, ik krabe mij een beetje over mijn oude kale kop en dacht van dat soort dingen als 'Wow man, zouden de lui die dit explosief gemaakt en geplaatst hebben soms ook af en toe deze website lezen?' 

Geen idee of zij ook kinkytshirts punt nl lezen, maar er waren wel een aantal gave details gevonden: 

1) Giga grote knal te horen over grote delen van Zeeland, geen doden of gewonden.
2) Onderzoek door politie en EOD kan alleen gedurende laag water.
3) Geen enkele verantwoording is opgëeist.
4) Politie heeft, zoals gebruikelijk, geen flauw idee.
5) Etc etc, al met al was het erg komisch maar bovenal uitstekend uitgevoerd! 

Voor als je het nieuws gemist had, bijv op nu punt nl:  

Nou ja de Zeeland knal was het positieve nieuws van de week maar het negatieve nieuws was toch wel de Jodenstreek die onze minister van buitenlandse zaken Uri Rosental ons brave belastingbetalers flikte. 

Ik had eerst zoiets van ik scheld Uri gewoon uit voor Blöde Scheiss Jude maar later dacht ik van dat dat misschien toch iets te ver gaat... 

Wat is het geval? Uri blokkeerde eigenhandig een Europese resolutie omdat die 'te negatief' voor Israel zou zijn. Ik moet zeggen dat ik de oorspronkelijke tekst van die resolutie niet gelezen heb, maar voor zover ik weet is dhr Uri Rosental een lid van de Nederlandse regering en niet in dienst van Israel. 

Kijk wat mij betreft mogen Joden gewoon Nederlanders zijn en ook alle gangbare maatschappelijke functies vervullen, maar een minister van buitenlandse zaken die zo éénzijdig pro Israel is dat kan natuurlijk niet. 

Dus ik adviseer geen sniper schot tegen Uri (zoals ik lang geleden wel eens adviseerde in het gevalletje Maxime Verhagen) maar ik zie liever een minister van buitenlandse zaken die de Nederlandse belangen behartigd en niet die van Israel. 
In de praktijk zou dat betekenen dat we deze minister snel moeten afvoeren op de één of andere manier... 

NRC bericht bijv: 

D66 en PvdA eisen uitleg over Nederlandse blokkade EU-standpunt Israël  

En dan bijv dat weekbald Elsevier, eigenlijk is Elsevier altijd een pro Israel club geweest: 

Rosenthal: EU-tekst over Israël was niet evenwichtig 

Dus mijn geachte Rosental: wil je een evenwichtig sniper schot ja of nee? 

Einde van deze update. 


Update van 09 Nov 2011 (in Dutch): 

Er blijft geen enkel nieuw nieuws komen in de arrestatie van die 20 jarige jonge man die deze caisson explosie op zijn geweten zou hebben. 

Zijn ouders waren ook gearresteerd maar die zijn al weer vrij en zijn voorarrest was verlengd met een dag of 30...

Ik moet opmerken dat de kans dat een 20 jarige zoiets kan doen als een heel caisson opblazen toch wel uitermate klein is, het kan wel maar dan moet je toch als klein kind af aan al veel met explosieven te maken hebben. 

Zelf had ik een soort van dader profiel als iemand, waarschijnlijk mannelijk, van 28 tot zo'n 35 jaar. Nou ja, ouder dan 35 jaar zou natuurlijk best kunnen, in dat geval en als ie nog op vrije voeten is zullen toekomstige bommen spaarzaam zijn. Maar bij activatie wel spectaculair... (Tenminste dat is mijn inschatting tot nu toe.) 

Verder is er natuurlijk gerede kans dat de Zeeuwse politie in dezelfde IQ equivalentie klasse zitten als de lokale politie hier te Groningen en tja laat mij diplomatiek blijven en deze IQ klasse maar niet omschrijven...

Ik blijf (als een soort van strontvlieg) deze interessante caisson zaak natuurlijk volgen... Tot kijks. 


Till updates. 


(09 Sept 2011)  Sorry for not updating for so long but I was doing other stuff. Other stuff like loosing weight (15 kilogram until now so only 5000 gram to go), loosing weight is actually very simple. Eat less, exercise a bit more and, in my individual case, drink green tea... 
Basically it is so simple that I don't understand why there are so many commercial shitty diet programs around, the losers that buy those shitty products can only be classified as lazy folks; loosing weight is not something you can buy but is mostly a state of mind. 

Hey, I crafted two very boring items, here they are: 

Item 1) Boring links.
Item 2) On the nonsense of Euro bonds. 

 Item 1) Boring links. 

Somewhere it was claimed some monkeys made photo's of themselves with a camera that was left behind... Don't know if it's true but the photo's don't seem to be some trick. 


Source (from techdirt): Monkey Business: Can A Monkey License Its Copyrights To A News Agency?  

A six page read about the emerge of the US dollar, very interesting: 

When money brought us together 

From just before the recent market turmoil, from the Black Swan: 

S&P 500 Priced in Gold---The Economic Recovery Illusion  

A movie festival with 911 conspiracy theory movies? Those folks are very persistent, I have given up highlighting my version of events because of the sheer lack of interest... (Although even today after so many years it is still funny to be able to say: They had to die so I could live...;)  

Bay Area to Host 9/11 Conspiracy Movie Festival 

For the fine-tasters, in Europe money measurement M3 grew 2% in July (annualized 2% of course): 


In the next video a guy named Chris Whalen is talking reasonable stuff about farces like Federal US Trust Funds... 

He even mentions stuff like the 
Federal Uniform Core Kernel Inflation Neglecter Gauge: 

Is Social Security a ‘Ponzi Scheme’? Chris Whalen “Salutes Perry for Raising the Issue” 

Item 2) On the nonsense of Euro bonds. 

In Europe the situation is very simple: Debt Hugging nations think it is a good idea to issue Euro bonds because that will shrink their interest rates on freshly issued debt while normal countries don't think it is a good idea. 

In this country we, the Dutch, pay very low interest rates on more or less modest amounts of debt. But it is not as a simple one dimensional mindset I am very much against the idea of Euro bonds.

Let me name just a few counter arguments: 

1) One thing we have learned from the financial crisis is that it would be better to have risk locally contained. If local risk can swarm too easy around you run the risk of blowing the whole place up. 

2) Too low rates were very much the beginning of the problems for debt hugger nations, going on with that is of course the best way to blow up the value of the €. 

3) There will always be nations confronted with huge internal problems that will over borrow if rates are too low. Look for example at Spain; they are not rigid debt huggers but their unemployment levels are just so high that they might be tempted to do weird things. 

4) Euro bonds will hollow out the national parliaments, it is simply better to let the locals collect taxes and issue debt and avoid too much centralization.
Remember Greenspan: Too much centralization can kill you. 

5) And so on, and so on. 

No I cannot think of only one tiny long term benefit, the European countries are far to diverse that a uniform tax code and Euro bonds will always be a negative in the long run. 

While the € has only brought positives for the real economy, every day from every year we have large cost cutters at work: Try to imagine how 17 different currencies would work... 


My dear reader, it is time to hit the button known as 'publish website'.
So till updates & have a happy 911 anniversary. 


(12 Aug 2011) One item:

Item 1) Ratio between US Federal debt growth & GDP growth. 

 Item 1) Ratio between US Federal debt growth & GDP growth. 

Going further from yesterdays update where we observed the annualized USA GDP grew about 50 billion from the first to the second quarter of 2011, we observed also that this means that the GDP grew only 12.5 billion on a quarterly basis.

Lets further assume the USA Federal deficit is about 1.5 trillion a year, so on average per 3 months, that is about 375 billion. 

That gives a ratio between GDP and debt growth of 375 / 12.5 = 30. 

So one extra GDP dollar costs at this moment 30 more dollars in borrowing... 


The reason for this update is that I am a little bit worried upon the reaction of the Standard & Poors downgrade of the USA Federal debt from AAA to AA+. 

My worries are that until the present day there still are a lot of pension funds worldwide that still have US treasuries in their holdings, that is horribly stupid because it is utterly clear how the USA story will end. 

I know that I am a little bit better at math than the average person, but is the above ratio so difficult to understand? And why have a lot of pension funds no employees that craft such easy ratio's themselves and rely hefty on commercial rating companies like S&P? 


Lets leave it with that, till updates & for the pension funds: use your fucking brain! 


(11 Aug 2011) Only one boring item, lets hope it is boring enough...  

Item 1) Is the USA economy already contracting for some time? 

 Item 1) Is the USA economy already contracting for some time?

Lets not do difficult, according to the next link the US economy might be shrinking already when it comes to GDP numbers chained to 2005 US$ values. 

Here is the link, in the upper row you see the USA economy shrinking although as usual the USA financial press has other 'more important' things to do... You know, all those things that people 'can understand' or 'lets not get too technical' kind of stuff.

Table 1.1.6. Real Gross Domestic Product, Chained Dollars  

If the link does not work, try table 1.1.6 from the next collection of tables:  

So all in all life looks ok; the USA economy is shrinking right in the face of so much   stimulus...  



The USA Bureau of Economical Analysis says so...  If you need so much more Federal debt and on an annualized basis the GDP only grows 50 billion (or only 12.5 billion going from Q1 to Q2) you can also argue that in fact the economy is shrinking.

Poor poor equity markets around the world: the USA cannot suck up more debt propping up her wonderful GDP even further. 

Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


(06 Aug 2011) What a lovely weekend; I am almost half a century old now and for years I have waited for the very first downgrade of US Federal debt.
Therefore only two items both about the S&P USA Federal debt downgrade:

Item 1) Two dumb reactions on the US Federal debt downgrade. 
Item 2) Possible stuff that could happen because of the US debt downgrade. 

 Item 1) Two dumb reactions on the US Federal debt downgrade. 

Albeit at least one full year late, because you can do all calculations on the backside of a cigar box, the first commercial rating company has downgraded the US Federal debt by only one notch to AA+. 

The fiscal details are easy to understand, only when you have a severe mental handicap you cannot understand what will happen in the future when in the present you have: 

(Sorry if I am a rough 100 billion wrong here and there, 100 billion more or less is utterly irrelevant now.) 
---Federal outlays about 3.7 trillion US$ this fiscal year.
---Deficit is about 1.5 trillion US$ this fiscal year.
---No possibility to raise any kind of taxes. 


Any fool can understand that, you really do not need a commercial debt ratings company for that. 

The Australian prime minister is nothing but a cheap chick when she remarks; quote, source

"At the same time, the other two major ratings agencies, Moody's and Fitch, continue to have the American economy rated at AAA. So I think people just need to look at all of the facts." 

Comment: Yes stupid chick, people should look at the facts, you can find these facts above. I am glad this dumb chick is the Australian pm and not one from Europe... 

Paul Krugman. 

It is well known Paul Krugman is a fundamentalist when it comes to debt hugging, every time Paul finds a teenager that is without a job for over two weeks, in utter agony Paul screams for more and more stimulus. 

Why Paul ever got that Nobel prize in economics will forever be one of the mysteries of the Nobel prize committees that select the candidates... 

Ha, years back when the dumb dumb policies of the former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan came falling apart, I very much pondered the question if Paul Krugman would follow the same way. 
Paul is a one dimensional debt hugger without an eye for the value of savings in your economical system, beside that he is very lousy in math.  

So how did our Nobel prize winner react on the US debt downgrade?

Only a bit of dumb emotion, see this:  

The Best Summary of the S&P Downgrade 

Paul and his followers seem to think that given the wrongdoings of Standard & Poors in the past, suddenly 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 any longer in the present because S&P says that one and one is two. 

Come on Paul & Australian pm chick: it is only one notch down while in practice everybody can do the math... (Unless you are utterly stupid of course.)

Item 2) Possible stuff that could happen because of the US debt downgrade. 

Ha, this is tricky stuff because to be honest I don't have much sharp clue either. That is because the downgrade is only one notch.

But it will have it's stuff on the Federal bond markets, that is clear. But in the USA there are also piles of borrowed money every now and than fleeing 'into safety'. 

All that cash, be it real money or leveraged up borrowed money in the US financial system still needs it safe haven. Look for example at the behavior of the bond markets last week: Spain & Italy got a nice beating around the ears while USA stuff dropped...

Therefore elementary logic says that the US$ will weaken further, so that bond markets will have less volatility and or panic.

That's in a nutshell as I look at it now: the bond markets don't want all kinds of shit, an orderly rewind will go via currency depreciation. 
(Of course there still is that strange correlation between stock market values and the US$ value; if stocks fall the dollar gets stronger and vice versa, that blurs the picture of course but all in all I expect the dollar to weaken further.)

Lets leave it with that, see ya around! 

Till updates. 


(03 Aug 2011) Two items:

Item 1) UK phone hacking fun continues.
Item 2) USA obesity rates keep on rising and rising. 

 Item 1) UK phone hacking fun continues.

Just as you thought it could not go any lower than this, now it is rumored that the News of the World editor gave a mother an already hacked phone while her eight year old daughter was kidnapped & killed... 

In that case the phone could have software like this on it: 

Some of the tasty details: 

Did Rebekah Brooks Hack It? 

Just so disgusting I won't comment on it, as an antidote an old anecdote from my own experience with hacked phones: 

This dates back to the end of 2001, I don't recall the exact month but lets say it would be in the Oct-Nov 2001 range of dates. 

On this website I published a short story or some update that clearly had attached a number to it. I don't recall the exact number so lets say the number was 12344321. 

To my amazement a few days later a good friend of mine with who I had often some short telephone talks a day came up with a new telephone number: 06 12344321. 

You understand I was totally surprised but I decided to keep my mouth shut. 
Even my pal did not know that he had a very weird telephone number. 

So I few months later, on this very website again, I mentioned the strange telephone number I received. That same evening the phone of my pal stopped working... 

A few days later after the phone stopped working I explained the thing to my pal and I asked him how he got that phone. He said he got it very cheap from a very 'vague person' in some café after his previous phone was lost or stolen. 

(End of the anecdote.) 

That's one of the reasons I still don't like mobile phones today, they might be handy but for myself speaking I don't like them. 

Item 2) USA obesity rates keep on rising and rising. 

One of the miracle things of the USA is they keep on getting fatter and fatter in an amazing high rate. Ok ok also over there a lot of new pensioners are in the making given the old baby boom from after World War II and the older you get on average the heavier you get, but the USA obesity madness goes far beyond that.

Why, as a nation, do they keep on deteriorating like this? 

It is the speed that amazes me so much: how fucking lazy as a nation you must be to arrive at body fat growth like this? 

Is the USA really the nation of retards as I portray them them for years?
Please make up you own mind, that's all I ask. 

Boring links: 

From Boston dot com: 
Obesity rates rise at least 90% in 17 states since ’95, study says 

A funny graphic can be found at: 

U.S. Obesity Trends 

Lets leave it with that, till updates.


(18 July 2011) Only one update:

Item 1) The UK phone hacking scandal gets better and better. 

 Item 1) The UK phone hacking scandal gets better and better. 

It all started with a bit of emotion: the mobile phone of a kidnapped and killed UK teenager was hacked while months later her inbox was changed giving her parents and 'the police' false hope on her survival... 

Now a bit of dust is beginning to settle it becomes more and more obvious that the UK newspapers are using police software in order to track and get access to mobile phones. 

It was obvious the police would be involved since the hacking goes over many years over all telecom operators and for many years no UK based telecom operator is advertising with stuff like: You cannot hack our phones because we love the privacy of our customers.

Of course the UK tabloids have some money to invest and very likely they have better hacking software today compared to the London police... 

Lets not do difficult, it looks like the London police is at least as corrupted as the local police here in Groningen and it is a pity I cannot use a mobile phone myself for over five years now...

That is very shit because I simply cannot use a reliable phone that will keep away the local police, I want a phone that only traces me when I need to make a call... 

Lets leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(16 July 2011) Sorry for not updating so long but it's Summertime so why spend too much time behind your fucking computer?     

That does not mean I don't have nothing to write about, for example (without placing links) it is rumored that in the bin Laden so called treasure trove there was some prior knowledge to the 7/7/05 London bombings. 

If they have stuff like that, may be (but far from sure) the bin Laden treasure trove also has some info on my individual insights on the success of the original 9/11/01 attacks in New York... 

But hey, the 'treasure trove' is in the hands of the Americans so by all standards it will be highly unlikely I will get the stuff that I need...  

So I skip all kinds of stuff like that & there will be only one update in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Smilde en Lopik zendtorens branden op dezelfde dag... 

 Item 1) Smilde en Lopik zendtorens branden op dezelfde dag... 

Als statisticus is het voor mij heel leuk om te zien hoe jullie reageren op twee branden waarvan één onder controle en de ander aanleiding gaf tot een leuke instorting. 

Laten we het simpel houden:

Stel dat er eens in de 10 jaar een serieuze brand is in een zendtoren vergelijkbaar met Smilde of Lopik. Laten we gewoon eens zeggen dat de kans op brand per dag 1 op de 3000 is.

Nou, als de kansen op brand in zendtorens ongeveer één op de drieduizend is, dan is de kans op twee branden op dezelfde dag ongeveer één op de negen miljoen!   

(Ok ok, mijn collega statistici en kansrekenaars weten dat je ook de zendmasten die niet in de brand zijn gegaan erin moet betrekken, en je moet ook niet alleen kijken naar de kans van precies twee zendtorens in de fik maar naar de kans op twee of meer op dezelfde dag...) 

Volgens mijn bescheiden mening, als het waar is dat de Lopik brand ontstaan is door een overbelaste electriciteits toevoer kabel, is er in Smilde precies hetzelfde gebeurt.  

Hier is een youtubber met het Smilde gevalletje: 
Val radio- tv-toren smilde 

Laten we het daarbij houden, tot opdatums.

Till updates.


(30 June 2011)  Five items:

Item 1) USA zombie spending at 3.5 trillion $???
Item 2) The staggering price of abortions; 163 million girls gone...
Item 3) A short one on Libya.
Item 4) In Dutch: Een tweeter die gevangenisstraf krijgt.
Item 5) The empty item. 

 Item 1) USA zombie spending at 3.5 trillion $??? 

The Christian Science Monitor had a nice article lately stating that about 3.5 trillion is paid in interest only every year in the USA. 

Source: Zombie spending and US debt 


How about this? Porter Stansberry told us that together, public and private sectors in the US now spend $3.5 trillion just on interest. Since almost all the borrowed money was spent on consumption rather than capital investment, this expense is just one big drag on the economy. It produces no growth, no real jobs, and no real wealth.

And here’s another big drag: taxes. Porter says the total tax take is about $2.5 trillion. Again, this is money almost 100% consumed…eaten up…used up, with nothing to show for it but people eager to consume even more next year. 

Comment: The 3.5 trillion looks a bit over the top, suppose the average interest rate is 5%, in that case you would need 70 trillion in outstanding debt in order to get 3.5 trillion of paid interest a year... 
For myself speaking I often use something like 50 trillion in total USA debt but that is not included all the trillions in the USA Federal Trust Funds.

Item 2) The staggering price of abortions; 163 million girls gone... 

A female named Mara Hvistendahl gets a big compliment because she has done what I wanted to calculate for years but since it is hard to get the statistics right I never have done it.

Mara calculates back from the male to female ratio in a given population like China and India and as such calculates how much girls extra have been aborted.
In normal societies the male to female ratio is 105 boys for every 100 girls, in for example China this is 121 boys for every 100 girls.

Mara comes with a staggering number, but her methods look solid so this could very well be true, quote: 

Yet today in India there are 112 boys born for every 100 girls. In China, the number is 121—though plenty of Chinese towns are over the 150 mark. China's and India's populations are mammoth enough that their outlying sex ratios have skewed the global average to a biologically impossible 107. But the imbalance is not only in Asia. Azerbaijan stands at 115, Georgia at 118 and Armenia at 120. 

Comment: These are truly staggering numbers. This is sad stuff, sad statistics... 

Item 3) A short one on Libya. 

It is a pity that Gadhaffi is still alive, a few weeks back I pondered the question if there might be more to this guy because he still has some followers but a few days later it was clear again Gadhaffi is just a bucket of shit and it would be better for Libya to get rid of that inverted asshole. 

Lately some generals swapped wiser sides and to my fun we also had some soccer players doing the same. In order to understand why Gadhaffi is very much some inverted asshole (beside his weird uniforms, dresses and his disgusting ugly face) lets enjoy a quote from the soccer team guys: 

“I am telling Colonel Gaddafi to leave us alone and allow us to create a free Libya,” said Juma Gtat, 33, who has played as goalkeeper in the national team. “In fact I wish he would leave this life altogether.”


Gaddafi had “done nothing for Libya since he took over; there’s no proper infrastructure, no good education, no health care,” he told the BBC. 

“The young people are not well educated. This is because of the last 42 years.” 

Comment: The dear leader (aka inverted asshole) should be killed of course, that is easy to understand but why not burry his body somewhere in Tripoli and build a large public toilet over it?

In that case you can take a pee or a shit for decades to come on the right place.

It's not a bad idea, likely it's forbidden under Islamic law, but as an idea it is very much ok.  

Item 4) In Dutch: Een tweeter die gevangenisstraf krijgt.

Er zijn van die dagen en dan zakt je onderbroek haast spontaan af omder je van dat vreemde en gestoorde nieuws te horen krijgt.

Nou ik wil het echt niet goedpraten, laast was er een gevalletje van 'USA shootout" in een winkelcentrum in Alphen aan de Rein. En dan heb je ook nog van die mafkeketels die gaan dreigen dat ze het nog wel eens dunnetjes zullen overdoen. 

Natuurlijk moeten dat soort gasten een leuke schop onder de kont,  

Bekijk eens de volgende video: 

Twitterdreigers voor de rechter 

Kommentaar: Tja wat moet ik hiermee? Natuurlijk moet wat jeugd een schop onder de kont als ze verklaren de boel nog eens dunnetjes over te zullen doen.
Maar als ikzelf als 40+ persoon aan het 'internationaal terrorisme' adviseer om de getallen 5 en 7 te gebruiken is er alleen stilte.

En dan heb je bijv, tja ik noem maar een UK zijstraat, van:  

Kommentaar: Ok ik geef toe dat ik graag het internationaal terrorisme wat meer controllable wilde maken... Nou ja, dat lukte wel maar een beetje help?   

Vergeet het maar...  

Item 5) The empty item.  

Empty empty empty, sorry please use your own brain to construct this fifth item... 



Tot opdatums, till updates. 


(21 June 2011) Only one item about boring military developments on the techno gadget level:

Item 1) A pack of wolves versus the hive mind. 

 Item 1) A pack of wolves versus the hive mind. 

No clue, no I have no clue whatsoever when a few times I jokingly proposed that instead of using so called 'smart bombs' they should make bombs & rockets that work together like a pack of wolves. 

To my surprise a few years later Pentagons darling DARPA floated the idea of making unmanned fighter jets that work together...
I scratched my head and wondered if it would have been better if years before I kept those jokes to myself. On the other hand I still had fun because floating the idea or joking about it is very easy, actually writing the software to make this work would be a few years work. 

Now in 2011 it looks like the USA folks have made some progression, again I am scratching my old bold head but what is life without a few jokes? 

That's true, without fun life is miserable. A 2011 joke: 

Shit man, if DARPA got enthusiastic from some boring jokes they also understand the zero-one project! So say an extra goodbye to all those extra filled coffins... 

But lets not hang out the stand up comedian and lets get back to the future of modern warfare. Here is a funny quote: 

The Hive Mind

Building the robot planes themselves was relatively easy. Much tougher was writing the software needed to fly the drones. “The operating system is the part that’s hardest to deal with,” Michael Francis, Leahy’s successor, said later. Ideally, killer drones would fly in a choreographed “swarm,” swooping down to overwhelm an enemy’s defenses. But swarm behavior required a fast-reacting blend of navigation, communication, targeting and formation-flying that had never been demonstrated before. 

Comment: I don't have a clue how far this is developed right now, it is very difficult to get a good representation of 'swarm behavior' into the software that rules the unmanned aircraft. 


The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone 


Ok lets end the day with a more simple joke that most people can understand more easily: 

Question: Have you heard about the Iraqi oil pumped up for the USA? 

Answer: There still isn't any! 

May be it's time to hit the 'publish website' button. 
See ya around & till updates.


(09 June 2010) Oops, I didn't update for about two weeks! I am sorry for the regular readers but I just didn't feel like it because this old guy succeeded into getting a very unpleasant pain in the lower parts of the human backbone.  

Therefore only a few boring links, as usual I always do my utter best to make them as boring as possible. 

Item 1) Boring links. 

 Item 1) Boring links.

A guy named Steve Keen has similar insights as me on the sustainability of the USA to suck up more and more debt. Steve has a good approach and is luckily much wider in his reasoning compared to all those stock market analysts. 

From Steve Keen's debt watch: 

Prof Steve Keen YouTube Channel in business again  

A few days back I stumbled upon a kind of 3 dimensional fractal that is very lovely, it is named the Mandelbox although it has nothing to do with the original Mandelbrot fractal in 2 dimensions. 

And instantly it started itching in my head the hard way: there are so many ways to bring the complex multiplication into all other dimensions and infinite huge oceans of beautiful fractals are only waiting to be found... 

But I have to admit I never published that math; it lies on the shelf for lets say 20 years but I still did not write it down into some modern pfd file that you can read all over the world... Sorry for being lazy. 

Here is a youtubber on the Mandelbox: 

Mandelbox variations 

Also nice: 

Mandelbox trip 

Of course all regular readers know the original Mandelbrot fractal is based on iterations of the complex parabola f(z) = z^2 + c.
So how is this done in 3D with the Mandelbox?
A very short answer describing what is happening when it comes to iterations is the next link (remark the upper half of the algorithm goes par coordinate so in 3D it works on the three (x, y, z) coordinates

From wikipedia: Mandelbox 


At the end of this update a few words to the NATO generals & the likes upon Libya: 

I am very satisfied with the results until now, the air power weapon has it's limitations and all in all this is a small scale study of those limitations.
So my dear NATO generals, may be I will regret it in the future, but for now you get my official compliments. 

And why there are still supporters of the lunatic named Gadhaffi is still not understood by me, ok Gadhaffi might be smart in the science of survival but now I want him dead too for a couple of months. 

So lets wait and see how the Libyan equation will pan out.

Till updates. 


(27 May 2011) Two items: 

Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul hits again!
Item 2) In Dutch: Spionage in Zweden door USA ongedierte. 

 Item 1) Paul Krugman watch: Paul hits again!  

It still amazes me that so much Americans keep on hanging out the debt hugger and apply all kind of weird logic to ridicule the well needed austerity measures here in Europe. 

Why would some European nations need a severe bout of austerity? Only that will help making the economy more efficient, it is a very painful process but if you use debt for consumption on all scales of the economy, at some point you simply have to do the thingeling known as austerity. 

It is rather painful, for example Greece needs to cut about 3% a year (as compared to the entire economy) for something like three years on a row. (Plus all those other things that in the long run will make the Greeks more efficient workers.) 

Lets turn to that weirdo Paul Krugman, the more years go by the more it beats me why this guy ever got a Nobel prize in economics. From his latest ramblings we have for example, quote:

In Europe, by contrast, the pain caucus has been in control for more than a year, insisting that sound money and balanced budgets are the answer to all problems. Underlying this insistence have been economic fantasies, in particular belief in the confidence fairy — that is, belief that slashing spending will actually create jobs, because fiscal austerity will improve private-sector confidence. 

Unfortunately, the confidence fairy keeps refusing to make an appearance. And a dispute over how to handle inconvenient reality threatens to make Europe the flashpoint of a new financial crisis. 

Comment: After my humble opinion the problems in for example Greece have been building up for lets say a full decade. So how can that be solved in lets say 10 months? No, on the contrary, if for a full decade too much debt has been sucked up, on average it might cost another decade to get rid of it.

Why those people like Paul Krugman/Joseph Stiglitz want 'solutions' that keep the economy growing (growth in the sense of GDP growth) is beyond all logic I can think of.  

And why the hell did people like that get a Nobel prize in the first place? 

Item 2) In Dutch: Spionage in Zweden door USA ongedierte. 

Een maandje terug (23 april om precies te zijn, zie beneden) vertelde ik jullie wat over auto's die mij achtervolgd zouden hebben terwijl ik gewoon mijn eerzame werk voor defensie deed in Deutschland.  

En ik zie jullie al denken: allerlei achtervolgingen door rare types met vreemd gedrag en ha ha ha dat zouden we dan ook in Groningen gehad hebben? Ja ja, die Reinko kan mij nog meer vertellen maar dat gaat er bij mij toch niet in. 

Nou ja, iedereen heeft natuurlijk recht op de vruchten van de eigen hersenen, maar dat soort van spion gedoe is veel meer schering en inslag dan je als brave belastingbetaler zou denken. 

Dat is gewoon van alle tijden. 

Maar het was toch wel leuk om al zo snel een ander 'vreemd gevalletje' te vinden, 
Deze is uit Zweden: 

US ran 'secret terror hunt' in Sweden: report 

Nou ja, even terug naar de maanden okt/nov/dec 2001:
De Groninger politie hield mij in de gaten omdat zij van mening waren dat ze Maaike's kut moesten beschermen, maar er waren ook veel te veel van die andere types. 

Ik heb geen enkel hard bewijs dat er Amerikanen rondliepen in Groningen in die lang vervlogen maanden maar ik heb nog wel steeds een naam op de plank liggen, het is niet uit 2001 maar uit 2007: 

Kevin Thomas McGann (dat is een chiropraker gevestigd in Zaandam, misschien heeft hij de postcode 1506 DB). 

Heel misschien en met de nodige slagen om de arm kan het zijn dat K T McGann een zogenaamde 'person of interest' is voor bijv organisaties als de AIVD... 

Niet teveel aandacht aan besteden maar als AIVD-ers eens 10 duizend € belastinggeld stukslaan op deze McGann dan weet ik na 10 jaar weer waarom ik eigenlijk belasting betaal. 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(16 May 2011) One item on this day's financial news: 

Item 1) What is the most bizarre financial news of the day? Choose from... 

 Item 1) What is the most bizarre financial news of the day? Choose from... 

Today I observed two equally bizarre news items, the first is bizarre because of it's sexual content, the second because of the weird languages used by Timothy Geithner (the present USA Treasury Secretary).

What is the most bizarre? Choose from: 

1) IMF Chief Denied Bail in Sex Assault Case 

2) U.S. dipping into pensions as it hits debt limit 

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused today of a sodomy rape of a hotel room maid, by all standards this is one 100% bizarre news. We are all waiting on the juicy details of course, but suppose it's true Dominique raped that maid, could it be he had ordered for a whore but accidentally this maid enters his room?
It's just sheer speculation on my behalf or course, but until now the story is just so freaking bizarre that only stuff like ordering for a whore makes sense of this.
But we better wait for the juicy details to come out, so much could have happened...


On the second link: 

Today the USA Federal government hit her debt ceiling of 14+ trillion, this debt ceiling consists of all public traded Federal debt plus all the debt in the Federal Trust Funds. (And may be a little bit more like 'emergency money'.) 

Quote from the link above: 

Geithner said he would suspend investments in two government retirement funds, which will give the U.S. Treasury $147 billion in additional borrowing capacity.

"I will be unable to invest fully" in the civil service retirement and disability fund and the government securities investment fund, he said in a letter to congressional leaders.

The Treasury has said the suspension of the investments and other measures it could take would give the government until about August 2 before it will start defaulting on obligations, such as paying bond investors. 

Comment: Now you must not think that Tim Geithner actually withholds $147 billion investments in these funds, no on the contrary:
The $147 billion are already collected taxes from this fiscal year (or these taxes will be collected this year). In those funds there is only debt found...
No, all Tim does is not parking the debt in the Federal funds but instead sells it on the Treasury market. That's an extra 147 billion on top of the 147 billion in disablement taxes and so.

More interesting reading on this lovely financial detail can be found at: 

§ 8348. Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund 

The weird language from Tim Geithner is also embedded in texts like the above, let me quote part c) for you: 

(c) The Secretary shall immediately invest in interest-bearing securities of the United States such currently available portions of the Fund as are not immediately required for payments from the Fund. The income derived from these investments constitutes a part of the Fund. 

Comment: That is what you get if you run a country like it was a tiny and small company that cannot set aside enough reserves and only lives from one fiscal year to the next. Luckily in my home nation only once in my lifetime I observed someone in parliament suggesting similar weird stuff, that proposal was shot very fast out of the sky... After all, at the moment a government starts issuing debt to herself, the future will be rather fuzzy! 

That's it, till updates. 


(13 May 2011) One item, you need to know a little bit of math like the geometric series to understand why this is very retarded stuff from USA Nobel lauerates in the economical sciences.

Item 1) James K. Galbraith: It's the interest rate you stupid!

 Item 1) James K. Galbraith: It's the interest rate you stupid!

What happens if a nation is debt saturated on all levels of society and even the government uses a simple minded model where never ever one cent of money is reserved for future outlays? 

In that case they are a bunch of debt huggers and after they have a boatload of debt on all levels of society they will start screaming: 'The ridiculous high interest rates need to go down or otherwise we are not on a sustainable path to prosperity and happiness.' 

Sounds familiar? 

Yes indeed I am talking about the USA and James Galbraith is a USA citizen that for some strange reason indeed succeeded into getting a real Nobel prize for economical studies... Just like that other retard named Paul Krugman. 

For years I have argued that total debt levels in the USA always grow much faster compared to the underlying growth in profits in the real economy, just a tiny detail from this year 2011:
The Federal deficit is in the 10% range of the entire USA gross domestic product while this GDP doesn't grow that fast, after all the USA isn't a China kind of thing. 

Retarded mathematics.

James uses some highly retarded mathematics borrowed from Willem Buiter who now works for Citigroup. This kind of mathematics is rather retarded, if you try to catch the Amazone eco system in Brazil with a quadratic equation you end up with similar stupid stuff.

The basis of stupidity is that the variables involved are, for some strange reason, supposed to be stable over the years while running a Federal deficit in the range of 10% of GDP suggests otherwise.

Since it is so lovely retarded I decided to make a screen shot of the math involved:    


By now it is high time for you to look at the writing of James G: please neglect the 'math' and look at all the graphs he has put in to explain the difference between 'sustainable debt growth' versus the ones that are 'not sustainable': 


So dumb, so retarded, why don't the USA folks for only once in their lifetime try to bring down total debt levels? Now you are only on a path of bringing down interest rates and all international 'saving gluts' will think twice before investing in your super safe debt harbors.

Lets leave it with that while I only remark I expected better from my fellow country man named Willem Buiter. (Ok it is logical retarded USA folks will run away with the things Willem writes because on the mathematics level those USA folks are über retards but Willem: take your responsibilities instead of grabbing your big monthly salary!)

At the end of the article and after all those years finally James sees the light, quoting: 

Conclusion: It’s the Interest Rate, Stupid

The significant conclusion is that there is a devil in the interest rate assumption. If the real interest rate on the public debt is assumed to be greater than the real growth rate, unstable debt dynamics are likely.

Comment: For all international investors to the USA, mark this conclusion from James Galbraith, take care of your elderly and your youth and do not invest in inverted assholes like the USA.

Till updates while in the meantime we must never forget to attack the land stealers and land grabbers from the divine nation of God: That would be Israel...


(11 May 2011) Two items, for my international readers I am sorry but they are both in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? 
Item 2) Best een leuke column van Willem Middelkoop op 

 Item 1) Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? 

Vorige week op maandag was het vol in het nieuws: Osama bin Laden was een beetje verrot geschoten en daarom waren er plotseling allerlei extra beveiligings maatregelen. 

Nou, op die maandag zag ik ze voor het eerst op televisie; op RTLz om precies te zijn: gepantserde politie auto's die extra veel rond reden bij de Amerikaanse ambassade in Den Haag. 

Hee zeg, die dingen kende ik al. Vorig jaar maakte ik veel wandelingen en in de maand maart 2010 heb ik die dingen een aantal keren in Groningen gezien.
Gepantserde politie auto's in Groningen? Hoeveel gekker moet het worden??? 

Maar nee, ik heb ze zelf gezien en ik was in hoge mate verbaasd wat die dingen in Groningen deden... Echt geen idee. 

Vorig jaar na die vreselijk koude winter was ik eigenlijk van plan om te trainen voor een wandeltocht naar Assen (en dan met de trein weer terug) en dus oefende ik braaf dag in dag uit. Ik gebruikte meestal een vaste wandel route zodat eventuele vijanden dag in dag uit op mijn simpele wandel route konden anticiperen. 

Maar ja, ik ben ook niet 100% achterlijk en op zekere zondag wijzigde ik mijn route een piepklein beetje: Normaal ging ik al lopende door het Noorder Plantsoen en als ik bij de Plantsoenbrug aankwam dan sloeg ik rechtsaf om al lopende het Reitdiep enzo te volgen.
Die zondag ging het plotseling een klein beetje anders: ik liep door naar de Kraneweg en ging wandelend over de stoep langs de Kraneweg. 

Tot mijn verbazing kwam daar op deze frisse zondagochtend in maart 2010 twee politie vehicels aan rijden: een min of meer standaard politie bus met daarachter iets dat direct in mijn brein geschreven stond: WAT IS DAT???

Met een totale verbazing stond ik ernaar te kijken op deze verloren zondag ochtend: WAT IS DAT EN WAT DOET DAT HIER??? 

Dat was toch een kleine tactische fout van de lokale politie: als ik dat soort van spul zie rondrijden dan krijg ik verbazingwekkend snel een woedend schuim rond mijn mond. 

Waarom word ik daar zo kwaad over?

Nou ja dat is eenvoudig: I am the guy without body guards.
Dat is een langjarig principe en als ik het fout doe dan krijg ik een kogel door mijn kop. 

Tot nu toe, ongeveer 10 jaar in deze 'War on Terror' is het nooit echt gevaarlijk geweest. In tegendeel; de zomer van 2001 was veel en veel gevaarlijker, maar het lukte de Moslims toch niet om mij te doden. Maar ja het was evident super gevaarlijk in die oude maanden uit 2001, dat 9/11 stuff gebeurde en daarna was het ook wel gevaarlijk maar het ijzeren principe is en blijft:

Ik ben gewoon zonder lijfwachten, ik ben niet zoals mietjes als Geert Wilders en ik ben zeker niet zoals die gast genaamd Theo van Gogh. 

Om het eenvoudig te houden: Ik zou het in hoge mate waarderen als de Groninger politie zowel op korte termijn als lange termijn zou stoppen met al dat randdebiel gedoe. Wat is dat nou voor onzin om op zondag ochtenden allerlei agenten werk te verschaffen terwijl ikzelf 100% werkloos ben? 

Item 2) Best een leuke column van Willem Middelkoop op 

Willem heeft een leuke column vandaag.

Willem is wat betreft financieële inzichten ongeveer zo goed als ik; bijv toen ik dat maffe USA gedoe met betrekking tot Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac bestudeerde in het jaar 2004 bleek dat deze televisie beurs commentator dat ook deed.

Met soortgelijke conclusies als ik had!  

Nou ja, dit is echt een onderwerp dat zeer interssant is omdat inderdaad op bepaalde moment al die internationale poen markten inderdaad 100% rigged zijn. (Daarmee bedoel ik dat vele miljarden gebruikt worden om de dollar sterk to houden als dat nodig is, dat lijkt vreemd vooral als je bedenkt waar de verliezen op deze transacties wel niet heen moeten gaan.) 

Laat ik het hierbij houden, hier is de link naar Willem zijn schrijfsels: 

Column Willem Middelkoop: "The War on Gold" 

Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(10 May 2011) Two very boring items:

Item 1) Why do people react so weird on the gray beard of Osama?
item 2) A few and hopefully very boring links. 

 Item 1) Why do people react so weird on the gray beard of Osama?

In the first place I would like to compliment the Pentagon folks (and their political leaders) for acting normal and post a more or less funny video of Osama bin Laden watching Osama bin Laden on the television.

After having said that I think it is rather weird to observe all those media reports about a 'very frail man' who dyes his beard before making a video appearance... 

Any person with only one active brain cell still alive knows that Osama dyed his beard for example in the video with the title 'A message for the Americans'. Because in that video he had a black beard while from much older stuff we know he had some gray hairs in his beard. 

In the next link you can find perfect nonsense in so many ways, it is just like the local police talking about me... May be you should read the stupid dailymail article before proceeding: 

Mastermind of terror... or a doddery old fool? 

It is so perfectly stupid, I am obliged to quote a little bit: 

He is not watching a shopping channel on daytime TV, but old footage of his younger self – waving an AK-47 assault rifle in the Afghani hills, or acting with faux presidential grandeur in one of his jihadist broadcasts.

That the Pakistanis subsequently found ‘herbal Viagra’ in Bin Laden’s medicine cabinet sheds further light on the super terrorist’s vanity. The new footage reveals that before taping his broadcasts, he used dye on his beard and hair to achieve the impression of virility.

The unkempt figure hunched before the TV seems much older than his 54 years. Occasionally, he can be seen forgetting his lines in otherwise well-crafted propaganda broadcasts. 

Comment: For myself speaking, I use blankets too in wintertime. I have one blanket with an Avatar movie print on it and a larger one that is plain blue. Beside this I do not use a hat but a military shawl that says on it's label it is KL 1991. (My previous shawl was from the year 1986 but a few years back I had to buy a new one that was made in the year 1991. Let me spare you the NATO equipment number that is also printed on the shawl label.)

Why is Osama having a gray beard so important for all those zero brain folks? 

I mean, look at Hillary Clinton; she is aging very much but she never ever shows one gray hair in public. Is Hillary Clinton (the present USA foreign department secretary) a pure natural having perfect hair at her present age? 

And what about Tony Blair? That macho man uses facial creams all the time so he looks good before the television camera's.

Remember Dubya just before he announced a fresh war in Iraq? The BBC accidentally showed a camera feed back in 2003 where the supreme commander in chief had his hair combed so he looked perfect for the camera's and he could announce a fresh war in Iraq...

So why the fuss on the gray hears from Osama bin Laden?

Item 2) A few and hopefully very boring links. 

A few updates back I informed my dear reader that it was highly unlikely that Osama bin Laden had a kidney sickness. It's not really important because Osama is just only one soldier and compared to the value of one soldier it is far more important to get the right policies in place. But if the next link has some truth, ha ha ha all that so called kidney sickness is only a way the average USA brain works...
As you can see on inspection: not much of a kidney sickness observed:

What was in medicine chests at bin Laden compound? 

From another realm of this website: of course I am observing how the Americans act and react on their funny yearly Federal deficit of only 1600 billion US$ a year while remarking the USA military budget is only 700 to 800 billion a year.

It will take a few more years, but in the end they will bow for me and miracle miracle they will slash much more military spending. If not an amazing part of their elderly will die just like if the USA was nothing but some fifth degree developing nation... 

This fact may not sit well: Americans are under-taxed 

The next link is in the German language, but it is the best link of this update. It is about so called Totesmärsche (= death marching) and zum totes marschieren was one of the tricks the Nazis used. 

The good news is that the Israelis did those kind of tricks too shortly after the international community allowed them to have some kind of home country named Israel. 

There is nothing new under the sun, humans are humans and if there would be a nation on earth that should say no to death marches it would be the Israelis.

But no, they did stuff like that themselves...
So in the German language we have:


Zum aufspeichern.

Till updates.


(06 May 2011) Ok, may be not what you expected, but we have a green tea update...

Item 1) All those USA obesity folks never drink green tea, why is that? 

 Item 1) All those USA obesity folks never drink green tea, why is that? 

Ok drinking green tea every day is a subject far away from all the emotion in this week now the honorable bin Laden has been killed and I am still boiling with raw hatred against the Israelis with their stupid talk about a 'setback' in the peace process.

But for this update I simply set aside all my hatred and we take a short look at the obesity epidemic in the USA. 

Everybody who has visited the USA knows there are an amazing lot of very fat people over there, they are so fat and so obese it makes you wonder why they walk. Wouldn't it be much more easy to roll yourself instead trying to walk?

But no, if you have an obese body you are very weak and if you roll around every small stone you roll over will damage your skin and as such rolling around is not a good alternative to walking/biking/hiking or whatever what. 
Beside this rolling around only works when you are going downhill...

There are many factors to getting obese, it is not only your mindset but also the food and drinks you consume. For myself speaking now I am aging I far better understand the stuff involved: once you have gotten too heavy you are dead meat.
When you are young it is very easy to skip the extra kilo's, when you get older it is much harder to loose weight. And if you live inside a closed economy like the USA is, it is even much harder to loose weight; that is really not a part of USA culture...


So what about that green tea stuff, why is it not a part of USA culture? 

In the first place it costs only 20 cents a day, just like the Israelis will never give up on their ever growing settlements, for USA folks 20 cents a day is a repulsive thing while diet Coca cola is a thing they can understand. 

In the second place, most Americans are retarded to the bone. When you can do something with a cost of just 20 cents a day per capita citizen, they will reject that and go for the 20000 thousand US$ hospital operation to get their stomachs operated. 

In the third place beside drinking green tea you also have to get a little bit of body exercise, it is not much, 60 minutes a day of light exercise is enough, but try to get those obese USA wagons only walk for 30 minutes is a hell of a task...


Why does green tea work? Very simple: it has a combination of substances that indeed makes your body fat go away.

But it is 20 cents a day so the average USA mindset can't accept that.
They prefer to pay a 1000+ US$ medical insurance a month so they can get expensive treatments at their hospitals.

That's the way it works over there in the USA, long live the world leader...  


Ok end of the green tea update, now Osama is dead I would politely remind my dear reader of the importance of bringing death to Israel and the USA.

Till updates. 


(05 May 2011) Two items:

Item 1) Illegal ammo used by the Seal team in the Osama killing?
Item 2) Why it is important to keep on killing Israelis. 

 Item 1) Illegal ammo used by the Seal team in the Osama killing?

Flip flip flip I made a big mistake: I could have save those Reuters pictures while they were still online but I never thought they would be taken offline so fast... 

Reuters has bought some pictures of killed males at the bin Laden compound and they were highly interesting: blood was streaming from the nose and the ears from the guys shot by those heroic USA Navy seals... 

I admit that I was stupid as not saving those pictures instantly so I cannot show you the pictures right here and now. 

But by all standards this kind of damage can only be done by ammo that is illegal under the standard Geneva conventions that rule the use of handgun ammo in warfare. 

One of the lessons of World War II is that this kind of ammo is not allowed.

The USA does not give a shit about such details, but for me this is no surprise.
After all, in Iraq so much illegal ammo has been applied by our beloved freedom fighters and year in year out the entire world wide journalists never even looked into that.

(Later I found the pics again in other media files.)


Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house

Very funny is that these pictures were actually sold for money:

Photos show three dead men at bin Laden raid house

(Look at picture number 3, that more or less shows the use of illegal ammo. Legal ammo has both small entry and out wounds from the bullet used).  

This is how it looks; is this legal ammo or is it a forbidden kind of ammo for hand held guns? 


Item 2) Why it is important to keep on killing Israelis. 

In another development I observed the Israelis simply going on with their slow decade in decade out landgrab and land stealing. 

Therefore it is advised to kill more Jews and others in all nations supporting Israel.

What is the case?

I observed the Israeli pm Netanyahu being against a unified Palestinian people, he literally asked the West Bank folks not to unify with the Hamas.
On top the that the West Bankers were asked to choose between the Hamas and Israel...
Netanyahu demanded the West Bankers to choose between peace with Israel or peace with the Hamas. 

Seldom my insights in the Israeli behavior is more easily to understand. Over the last years I have written it over and over again:

The Israelis do not want peace, they only want to go on with more and more and more and more settlements. The rest is only a circus and this circus is only there to get more and more land.  

Therefore my carefully advice is to kill Israelis and supporters of Israelis wherever you can find them.

In my home nation where I live it would be good to kill the CDA political leader named Maxime Verhagen. That guy always supports Israel no matter what so why not activate his burial costs?

Lets not do difficult on small meat like the Maxime guy...

Till updates. 


(04 May 2011) And again only one item:

Item 1) Links & small thoughts on the Osama killing. 

 Item 1) Links & small thoughts on the Osama killing. 

I did not mention it in the previous update because I ran out of time, but I want this USA Brennan guy killed. With so much eager he told the world that Osama used females as a human shield that it is utterly clear he needs a bullet himself.
So disgusting, just so disgusting, the reason we need to kill Americans decade in decade out is this kind of childish thinking that Osama would use his own wife as a shield... The Americans still don't understand why they deserved the 911 fun in so many ways. 

In the next link you can find a vid of this disgusting guy named Brennan (by the way I never heard from him before but now I have seen him I want him dead): 

White House changes Osama bin Laden account  

After having said the above there is also funny news from the German media outlet named Der Spiegel; they ponder the question if it was legal...
No, of course it is never ever legal under international law to fly into another sovereign and kill a bit for home grown reasons.
I am not an expert in international law, but this was not legal. Any fool can understand that. 

Was Bin Laden's Killing Legal?,1518,760358,00.html 

It has been well documented on this website I consider the Americans as being nothing but a bunch of retards only interested in maintaining military power on the gadget level. But now they have confiscated a lot of computer hard disks and other materials from the Osama bin Laden compound that might prove that indeed al Qaida in Iraq imitated my methods of getting more US military coffins filled...
Now am I scared to the bone?
Of course not, by now I know how the weasels run... 

US trawls al-Qaida 'treasure trove' of seized hard drives 


All in all I am laughing; the local authorities have behaved illegal for so many years against me, for them it is very very hard to bring a solid judicial case against my holy ass. Even if the Osama hard drives contain some serious stuff, never ever I will have only the smallest kind of problems...

Live isn't hard if you know how the weasels run.

Lets leave it with that, till updates my beloved reader! 


(02 May 2011) Only one item:

Item 1) News of the day: The death of Osama bin Laden. 

 Item 1) News of the day: The death of Osama bin Laden. 

Well well well, after almost 10 years the USA has finally managed to kill bin Laden. That sure was some surprising news. 

As far as is known until now, no civilians died (except on the compound itself of course). Fair is fair, it is well known how I think about the Americans but they deserve a compliment for the execution of this operation; nothing of that weird bla bla bla of using overwhelming power and so. No massive bombardments, just going in with four helicopters... 

The seaman's grave for Osama does not win the beauty contest, but ok ok it would be hard to find a suitable place on land within 24 hours in order to get a more normal burial. The argument the Americans wanted to prevent a land grave becoming a shrine is rejected by me: if a true world military power could not carry the risk of a land grave it is not a true world military power. No, as far as I am looking at it this does not win a beauty contest... 

One thing is sure: all those cave dwellers who year in year out thought Osama was hiding in caves have luckily proved to be wrong. It was more or less like I expected it all those years: in a more or less large city.
What we still miss: you also had those thousands of USA based idiots believing Osama had a serious kidney sickness (because he once imported two blood cleaning medical machines to Afghanistan). Of course the US military medics must have checked on the kidney detail: wanna bet it is a 100% fantasy? The kidney sickness story is more a way the average American brain works and not a representation of what could be true... 

Pure evil.

It turns my stomach all day long when I hear Americans talking about the 'man of pure evil'. And that only because of the little number of 3000 Americans killed on 11 Sept 2001... That kind of stuff makes me sick: on average every day inside the USA there are about 50 killings so it takes about two months in the USA to arrive at 3000 killings.
In normal democracies like Germany or my home base country it takes not 2 but on average 10 months to arrive at similar numbers of killed people. And those retards talk about 'pure evil'... 

From the standpoint of social sciences it has to be remarked that the USA is highly selective in choosing her enemies; Osama bin Laden was by all means their dreamt up enemy. Very good for their military industry...
When I myself executed the so called zero-one project in Iraq in the spring of 2007 it is estimated that easily 100+ US military service folks died in so called 'excess death toll'.
To put it in perspective: That's easily 6 times a USS Cole event.
I never had any kind of complaints, how come that?
Now wow going after me does not bring any benefits to the US military budget, an alternative explanation would be that the USA military folks are far too retarded to understand the details of the zero-one project. 


Ok, it is past midnight so officially it is already 03 May of the present year while the date above says it is 02 May.

So I have to stop writing and hit the 'publish button'. Because already now the Americans would think I am a 100% liar because I am a few minutes late...

Being retarded is an easy thing you know, see ya around!


Till updates. 


(30 April 2011) Two small items: 

Item 1) I want Donald Trump as next USA prez!
Item 2) Those strange things known as Modern Money Theories... 

 Item 1) I want Donald Trump as next USA prez! 

More and more USA business 'tycoon' Donald Trump looks like the perfect candidate for the Republican nomination for the next US presidential elections.
The Trump guy is sheer perfection for what I see is an ideal candidate: You have the combined stupidity of Dubya, Rumsfled & Cheney combined in one person... 

So it's perfectly logical Trump is leading in the polls as held under the retarded US population; only when you are retarded enough you will view D. Trump as a good next prez for your country. 

The stuff this guy comes up with is unbelievable, lets quote a few of Mr. Trump's remarks: 

On the Iraqi oil: 

The real estate mogul and television producer continued his battle cry of taking oil from countries after we have defeated them in battle.

"In the old days, when you won the war, it was yours," Trump said, earning applause from the crowd. "When we win a war … we leave with nothing." 

And, for example, on South Korea: 

"I'd say to South Korea, 'All those televisions you sell us, all the billions you make — we're going to protect you and make sure you're in good shape, but you're going to pay for it,'" he proclaimed. "You know something, they would do it in two minutes." 

Say no to OPEC! This version of Donald Duck will say no to OPEC if he were the next USA president: 

Concerning oil prices, the New York businessman complained that there isn't anyone in power willing to say no to OPEC when they raise the price of gasoline. "We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that ****ing price," Trump said. 

Comment: This all is so weird and outlandish it is very hard to make meaningful comments on it, I mean stuff like invading other countries for stealing oil or literally asking South Korea protection money points to serious mental issues inside Mr Trump his head.

We have to take into account that Donald Trump can win the Republican nomination, don't forget they coughed up Dubya with their eyes open, we must never forget that my dear reader: 

They can also cough up somebody as dumb as Dubya, we must never forget that. 


Ok it's no secret I want the USA kicked out of NATO, that is one of my long term wishes. Lets talk real politik: With Donald Trump as the commander in chief over the US military & with some luck of course, I finally could axe the NATO in half. 

A bit more down to earth:

The combination Donald Trump / Charlie Sheen would be true perfection, these guys show similar mental deficiencies and will be a perfect tandem operating from the White House... 


Donald Trump in Vegas: 'Our leaders are stupid, they are stupid people' 

Donald Trump still wants Iraq's oil, calls Fox analyst a 'sad fool' for disagreeing 

(Both links are from the Los Angeles Times.) 

 Item 2) Those strange things known as Modern Money Theories... 

It is hard to define what exactly Modern Money Theories are so lets them simply view them as 'after the crisis hit' kind of theories. 

The most weird kind of those theories say it is utter nonsense to tax the real economy since the government already issues the local money. So a bit like the government already issues the money, why tax people after that? 

Of course already before the financial crisis started it was easily foreseen all kind of weird lines of reasoning would pop up, after all the psychological state as known as 'being in denial' activates all parts of the human brain and hence all  'logic' is just a derivate of emotion.

This week I came around another one of those modern thingelings and even I was impressed by the next logic, quote: 

Occasionally I have written in an article that Government deficits equals private savings "to the penny". That comment generates some heated rebuttals from readers, but from my analysis of the National Accounts, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), I can confirm that the statement is one of fact. 

Comment: Don't get fooled by stuff like this, it is just the outcome of one of those dumb & simple economical models.
Of course in all models of a closed economy, the debt issued by the government is by definition bought by the 'private sector'. And if you classify these private sector buys as 'savings' it might fit to the penny. I will not deny that. 

So if this were true, the USA is actually 'saving' this 1600 billion $ Federal yearly deficit and not consuming it? And they only lean back a little bit waiting for the time to activate those fantastic savings?

Source: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)  


Oh oh, modern money theories... Who needs it? 

Till updates. 


(23 April 2011) One update, sorry it's in Dutch...

Item 1) In Dutch: Lekker kletsen, lekker schelden. 

 Item 1) In Dutch: Lekker kletsen, lekker schelden. 

Wat went dat toch snel: lui die je achtervolgen... 

In oktober van het jaar 2001 onzes Heren werkte ik een poosje voor defensie in Duitsland (lokatie Seedorf, die lokatie is nu opgeheven). Tot mijn verbazing werd ik al rijdende in mijn automobiel meestal achtervolgd door rare types die constant een telefoon tegen hun oor gedrukt hielden.
Ze spraken nouwelijks in die telefoon en hadden constant zo'n agressieve trek om hun monden.
Het is vreemd maar dat soort van achtervolging went enorm snel, al na twee of drie dagen als ik bij mijn hotel aankwam dan wist ik: als ik nu mijn richting aanwijzer naar links doe dan gaat mijn achtervolger binnen een seconde naar rechts daar dat kleine straatje in. En zo gebeurde het...

Terug in Groningen: hoe filter je achtervolgers uit het publiek terwijl je te voet bent? 

Dat is lastig, met een auto kan je altijd veel makkelijker snel of extra langzaam gaan rijden en gewoon eens kijken welke auto's in de buurt blijven. Maar te voet wil ook best wel, gebruik bijv eens de volgende methode als je die nodig hebt: 

Ga wat heen en weer lopen in een niet al te drukke winkelstraat, hier in Groningen kan dat bijv in de Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. Banjer wat heen en weer en probeer alle relevante gezichten/personen te onthouden.
Het is belangrijk dat het niet al te druk is, dan is het veel makkelijker.
Dan sla je een rustig zijweggetje in, bijv die naar de Nieuwe Kerk. Loop rustig het straatje in, na een meter of 100 steek je over en keer je gewoon om.
Iedereen die je dan tegen komt en die je om de één of andere reden eerder ook al vond opvallen is natuurlijk verdacht... (Niet direct met je bijl gaan meppen trouwens, je kunt de rollen ook omdraaien en proberen zelf eens een verdacht persoon te volgen en kijken wat ie gaat doen.) 

De Groninger politie deed ook mee; de helden beschermden Maaike's kut. 

Ja, kom je terug in Groningen in okt 2001 en tot mijn verbazing gaat de Groninger politie mij ook in de gaten houden. En ook min of meer opzichtig maar steeds met een kort oogcontact, dus niet zoals die gasten in auto's in Duitsland die alleen maar hardnekkig achter je aan rijden. (Nou ja, dat was in okt 2001.)
Nou dat was een leuke combi: aan de ene kant van die buitenlanders in burger en aan de andere kant de Groninger polite met hun maffe zedenzaak.  

Je kunt het niet geloven: zelfs de Chinezen??? 

Dit is niet van okt 2001, ik weet niet meer precies wanneer het gebeurde maar het was ook ergens aan het begin van de War on Terror.
Ik kwam al een jaar of drie bij een lokale afhaal Chinees en dat waren meestal bijzonder plezierige economische transacties. En vaak ook grappig (voor zover dat mogelijk is bij een Chinees). 
Nou ja, stap ik op een goede dag weer eens binnen, ze herkennen mij en ze trekken echt wit weg als ze mij herkennen. En niet eentje maar het hele team hè.
Later op internet zoek ik maar eens op of ze eigenlijk wel Moslims hebben in China; ja inderdaad. Best veel eigenlijk en ach die arme lokale Chinees: moest ie spioneren voor het vaderland? Voor zover als ik die mensen kende zullen ze dat niet leuk gevonden hebben... 

Terug naar het heden: met korpseer begraven. 

Lokaal is het welbekend alhier dat recent een motor agent met korpseer is begraven. Ik kan er weinig medelijden mee hebben, per slot van rekening zijn de motor muizen altijd erg goed geweest in het in de gaten houden van onderhavig persoon. 
Maar het is natuurlijk altijd mooi om zo'n doodskist door de straten te zien gaan met al die saluerende agenten erlangs. 

Nou eigenlijk moet ik enorm gaan schelden maar ik hou mij nog even in & we kletsen nog wat door: 

Is Reinko Venema ook niet met korpseer in zijn graf geflikkerd in dec 1952?
Want mijn opa, waar ik naar vernoemd ben, stierf ook toen hij 48 jaar oud was... 


Maar ik heb toch zin in een klein beetje schelden: 

Herinneren jullie je die wandelende frikandel met mayo Theo van Gogh nog? 

Ja staat die wandelende frikandel nog op je netvlies? Zijn filmpjes waren best wel leuk, maar ja wie kijkt er tegenwoordig nog naar?
Behalve een wandelende frikandel was Theo ook een soort van gestolde pan frituurvet, het was zeker verbazingwekkend dat hij ook nog kon lopen...
Theo dacht dat hij wel kon doorgaan met zijn filmpjes gedoe en een beetje agiteren tegen Moslims, je moest eens lezen wat onze lieve frikandel wel niet geschreven heeft.

Maar als je het woord Moslim vervangt door Jood is het veel beter leesbaar...

Om met een komische noot te eindigen: Je kunt het woord Moslim in de geschriften van Theo van Gogh ook vervangen door 'Groninger politie agent'... ;)


Tot opdatums. 

Till updates. 


(16 April 2011) I am dead tired from some little physical exercise so lets try a small update:   

Item 1) Small Libya update.
Item 2) In Dutch: Met de groeten uit Baflo. 

 Item 1) Small Libya update.

Although most Libyans would not agree, the NATO operations are going very well considering the boundary restrictions an organization like NATO faces.  

Most folks on the individual level would like to see Gadhaffi gone, let it be no secret I am one of them. But never ever an organization like the NATO could hug that as an official goal. The NATO is simply created as a defense organization in order to prevent a perfect World War number III emerging from our soil.

As such it would be strange to observe NATO soldier boots on the ground or weird stuff like 'arming the rebels'. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the old and longlasting Afghan equation, arming the rebels... Is it wise?

Lets just wait and see, for myself speaking I try to understand why Gadhaffi still manages to trump up such a fight; if I were a fighter in his army I would hesitate a little bit: why bet on such a loser?

But may be there is more than meets the eye in this Gadhaffi detail. 

Item 2) in Dutch: Met de groeten uit Baflo. 

In Baflo werd drie dagen terug een politie agent met zijn eigen wapen verrot geschoten, geruchten zeggen dat hij wel drie kogels vlak voor zijn kanus had. 

Volgens de lokale burgermeester is heel Groningen in rouw...

Heel Groningen? 

Nee, in Groningen woont ook iemand die constant gestalk gezeur had van de Groninger politie. Bijv vanaf okt 2001 tot en met maart 2010.

Zo is het bijv voorgekomen dat ik gewoon wat groente wil gaan kopen op de Vismarkt, nou ja dat is toch heel normaal? 
Waarom zwermen er dan steeds vier politie auto's om mij heen? 

En ach ooit had ik een eigen bedrijfje, het was niet veel maar wel minstens de helft van mijn jaarinkomen. Waar is dat toch gegaan? Gone with the wind of hebben bepaalde gemeente politie klojo's de ventilatoren keihard aangezet? 

Who knows, maar als het echt eigen dienstwapen en drie kogeltjes close range is, dan ben ik niet in rouw...

Waarom zou ik? 

Nou nee, er is geen diep doorleefde behoefte om in de rouw te schieten... Sorry. 

Tot opdatums.

Till updates. 

(05 April 2011) Two items: 

Item 1) Killing the entire Kadhaffi family zenga zenga style.
Item 2) Boring links.

 Item 1) Killing the entire Kadhaffi family zenga zenga style.

At the beginning of the uprising in Libya a true miracle happened: for the very first time in the entire history of mankind the Israelis made a positive contribution to the lives of us ordinary people. It was the zenga zenga song inspired by dj colonel Kadhaffi: 

This is the version without the dancing chick: and with the dancing chick:  

A lot of people considered the original 'zenga zenga' speech by that worthless colonel guy a little bit over the top. So lets apply the zenga zenga logic to the entire Kadhaffi family: 

It is said the genius colonel has seven sons, the number of daughters is unknown but all in all he must have a lot of grandchildren. Lets throw all toddlers from a high building in Tripoli, there is nothing immoral to that; it is elementary zenga zenga logic. 

Toddler toddler, zenga zenga!

After that all other kids from the Kadhaffi family: Kids kids, zenga zenga!

Of course the rest of the entire family will go like: Aunt aunt, zenga zenga!
Uncle uncle, zenga zenga!
Son son, zenga zenga!
Daughter daughter, zenga zenga!

And so on & so on...   

Item 2) Boring links.

If a central bank uses a fundamentally flawed statistic to base important decisions on, all you have to do is wait for the disaster to happen.
It is well known that the 'rental equivalence' (for measuring housing costs) as used by the FED to measure core CPI is a rather dumb construction of CPI measurements.
At the business insider there is nice try to place a more realistic version of what a CPI should be, it is about halfway the article:

The Credit Bubble Must End In Severe Debt-Deflation 

The entire credit crisis is easy to understand: If, for example, debt levels always grow at 8% a year and the underlying economy only 3%, it is only waiting until you hit a wall very hard. That's all there is to know.
So the USA based FED has rather expanded balances because they were forced to take this 'totally unforeseen' garbage from the commercial bank balances.
At the Daily Ticker they said the the FED balances are also shrinking and I was flabbergasted: I thought like are the FED folks applying the mark-to-market rule on their own balances??? That would be weird... ;) 

(The video doesn't work by the way.)

QE2? More Like QE 1.5. The Fed’s Balance Shrinks Even As It Expands 

Do you like the mahjong games? At a Dutch website they also have 3 dimensional versions of it. They play nice although sometimes the program code goes astray.
Here is an example:

Mahjong dimensions 

Always had problems understanding Laurent series while you think Taylor series are a piece of cake? The next link contains a very simple way to create Laurent stuff from the Taylor series. So easy, even the FED folks could do it! Zenga zenga! 

Laurent series 

A lot of USA and UK based folks were screaming wolf and predicted an explosive end to the Euro because in Europe there is not a uniform tax code. Those retards simply don't know what they are talking about, as if the USA tax code is a recipe for happiness: 

United States Federal Tax Dollars 

Also funny: 

March Madness: U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue 

The first signs of a fresh new Egypt democracy are observed:

ElBaradei: We'll fight back if Israel attacks Gaza,7340,L-4051939,00.html  

Till updates. 


(24 March 2011) A short one: 

Item 1) On Libya: Resolution 1973 & the diplomatic henhouse. 

 Item 1) On Libya: Resolution 1973 & the diplomatic henhouse. 

Oh oh, what is happening here?
Exactly one week ago the UN 1973 resolution was passed, two days later while the European diplomatic henhouse came together in France two French fighter jets were inside Libyan airspace & the rest is history. 

Most diplomats and political leaders were doing other stuff at the time: they were all caught by surprise. For example the US prez Obama was in Brazil studying the samba dance and he must have been surprised by the original 110 Tomahawks fired on his behalf...  

The Europeans are also doing difficult, they think that before there is military power applied, there is consultation and stuff like that. Dream on my dear European diplomatic corpse: that only goes when it's related to NATO. 

For myself speaking, I am laughing because completely outside diplomatic channels suddenly a lot of air power is applied in order to prevent civilian death... 

So for the time being, one week long down this road, I wish the air lords luck...


Lets leave it with that. Till updates.  


(19 March 2011) A very short update:

Item 1) On Libya: how much air power is enough?
Item 2) On Japan: is the nuclear plant leaking water all the time? 

 Item 1) On Libya: how much air power is enough?

Yes my dear NATO generals, how much air power is enough?
We'll see in practice if once more you succeed in rallying the local population behind their leadership...

Too much doesn't work, right now the first photo's of the first 110 Tomahawks are in, for the time being I have no comment.
So my dear NATO generals, for the time being I wish you luck.   


Side remark: In the house of Gadaffi they don't understand how much the person of Mr. Gadaffi has become the problem. Everybody just want to get rid of that guy. 

Lets leave it with that. 

Item 2) On Japan: is the nuclear plant leaking water all the time? 

For days the Japanese throw in a lot of water over all that exploded stuff; almost no steam comes out any longer from the reactors. 

But the longer this water throwing continues, the more urgent the question of leakage of water becomes. 

My dear Japanese I would never pray for you because of the earth quake, neither for the tsunami. With your little nuclear problem I hold my heart & I might consider a little prayer. 

Oh oh, beside the global financial crisis this equals the importance of reasonable risk management. In the end all tail risks suddenly combine and leave you standing alone in a landscape of chaos. 

Yet I wish the Japs a lot of luck! 

Till updates. 


(18 March 2011) Ok I am not against it (although it is a bit weird after Iraq to observe logic like 'we need to rescue the civilians' from the USA) but we seems to have a no fly zone over Libya:  

U.N. approves no-fly zone over Libya; raids may begin Friday 

Lets wait and see, for the time being I have no comments. 

Till updates. 


(14 March 2011) Temporary update:   

Item 1) Why do those Japanese nuclear reactors explode? 

 Item 1) Why do those Japanese nuclear reactors explode? 

Shit shit shit, the last time I made calculations around nuclear reactions and the forming of isotopes is 30 years ago. That is very shit because I do not understand why so much hydrogen is created; what particular nuclear reaction gives so much hydrogen that makes the outer layers explode? 

And than there is that nonsense about using seawater to 'cool' the nuclear rods?
What nonsense is that?
It is really not that from above you can put a few buckets of seawater on it like it was some wood on fire.
The nuclear core is in a high pressure environment, you cannot pump water into it...

Or may be you can, may be enough water can be pumped in... Lets pray for that. 


And what about the design of the nuclear rods?
After all the trick of running a nuclear plant is to get enough radio active matter together to form a 'nice burn'. But if such a rod is not cooled, it should not burn down by itself. 

All in all it looks like a few very serious design flaws.

Lets leave it with that, till updates.

[ Update from 15 March:

Without posting links, the hydrogen comes from a chemical reaction, not a nuclear reaction. It is a kind of high temperature rusting of some of the metals used: the metal 'steals' the oxygen from water leaving the hydrogen as a gas.

It is not that important but yesterday at first I thought the hydrogen came from nuclear reactions so I had a hefty 'Holy Cow' erlebnis.
Luckily it is a chemical reaction, although this kind of chemical reaction never ever is supposed to be happening. 

End of the 15 March update.]


(09 March 2011) Sorry only one item, lets go: 

Item 1) The two year anniversary of the market bottom of 2009. 

 Item 1) The two year anniversary of the market bottom of 2009. 

Two years already? How time flies when you are collecting debt... 

But serious: On 12 Nov 2007 just a few weeks after the DOW Jones top of 14+ thousand I activated the so called NightmareOnWallStreet again.
Goal was to guide the DOW down to say 7000. 

In case you have never read it, here is the link again:

Second activation of the NightmareOnWallStreet  

With that activation I took a tremendous risk: If I failed to make it to the 7000 level my reputation would be wasted more or less for ever.
And if my reputation was wasted, all likelihood of the authorities finally investigating if the 9/11/2001 attacks were done slightly different than officially though would also be wasted.

Back in 2007 I still thought it would be possible but later I realized the authorities will never give up with their good versus evil version of it. So be it... 


So two years back was the first market bottom of the credit crisis, how are we standing today? 

--1-- A lot of stock markets are up 70 or 80% from two years back. That is a lot, especially when you take into account that debt levels are rising at a higher rate compared to the underlying profit growth.
This suggests a lot of debt is still used in a 'consumable way' (not contributing to growth only uphelding GDP).

--2-- Luckily in Europe the problem of lazy and debt ridden economies is a point of attention. In the USA we have the usual circus from those debt hugger clowns.
All in all the € is working very good: The monetary union sets rates via the ECB while the tax thingelings can be done locally on the country level.

--2a-- I hope that for a long long time to come, country parliaments run the local tax regime. Please don't make puppets from the local parliaments by imposing a fiscal union instead of a monetary union: It will fail.
You simply can't manage so much diversity with one tax code... 

--3-- If on 12 Nov 2007 you would have told me:
One day there will be a country that from one day to the next will report a (yearly) deficit of about 30% of local GDP.
I would have told you: No fucking way I can believe that. 

Ok, it is past midnight so it's time to hit the publish button, see ya around.

Till updates. 


(20 Feb 2011) Two items:  

Item 1) The Arab nations want to get rid of shitty leaders; success!!!
Item 2) Donald Trump thinks the USA has become a laughing stock, I agree... 

 Item 1) The Arab nations want to get rid of shitty leaders; success!!!

The last weeks the middle east has seen some sweeping changes that in potential could lead towards a very different political constellation. I think that the armies from Tunisia and Egypt deserve a compliment for making the right choice & avoiding all that nasty stuff known as civil war.

Lets hope the Egyptians won't forget who supported Mubarak for all those years; that was our beloved democracy bringing USA...  

And the poor Americans; officially they support a sweep towards more democracy but with a bit of luck they now have far less possibilities for the outsourcing of torture. 

For myself speaking I hope that the Gaddafi figure will be hanged in a public space, rather likely it won't happen but it would not be a bad thing if that fake Muslim will meet his maker...  

But lets leave it with that because the peoples of most countries made clear they don't like foreign comment and/or interference. Of course I respect that because after all that is the way it is supposed to be. 

Good luck my dear Arabs! 

Item 2) Donald Trump thinks the USA has become a laughing stock, I agree... 

Seldom you see television as funny as this: Donald Trump explaining that the USA has become a laughing stock. Yes yes, it was on CNN and it was lovely to see. 

Poor poor Donald, he seems to think the 'laughing stock' is caused by a lack of testosterone... No no Donald, too low hormone levels are never a problem in the USA, the problem is basically a lack of brains.

But my dear Donald, you and I agree on one thing: The USA is indeed a laughing stock.
From tap water infrastructure via the high speed railroads and the high speed internet, the USA is a laughing stock in many ways.

The Americans think that if they launch an IPad/Pod/Phone, they are a high tech nation. They have indeed become a laughing stock my dear Donald, they have. 

Ok Donald Trump, just between you and me: Might it be the US military is also a laughing stock, because, just for example, the zero-one project took place four years ago? I never had one complaint! 

Wow man, I could keep on talking but I won't do that.
Instead I will link to one of those funny 'laughing stock' things from Donald Trump: 

Trump says United States is disrespected 

The link is from UPI by the way, lets leave it with that. 

Till updates. 



-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

After some investigation it is found out these are 'USA dollars without inflation'... (As if such dollars could exist.)

Ok since we are talking chained dollars, lets look at the USA gross domestic growth for the last 10 years.

The inflation peg is in 2005, this year it will be adjusted but lets use the old stuff:

Table 1.1.6 from this collection of tables for the USA GDP says clearly:

2000 Q2 = 11,258.5
2010 Q2 = 13,216.5

(billions of USA bucks of course.) 

That is 17.4% over the decade or just 1.174^0.1 = 1.6% a year. 

Yes my dear reader, if you leave inflation out at best the USA economy will grow at most at something like 1.6% a year...  

You never hear stuff like that on Fox News or the White House Channel of Reality.  

Yet it's true: Over the last decade USA GDP dived hefty below 2% a year... 

In the last decade the US economy only grew about 1.6% a year. 

Dated 11 Aug 2010   


Update from 11 Aug 2011:

Lets repeat the same calculation exactly one year later: 

Table 1.1.6 from this collection of tables for the USA GDP says clearly:

2001 Q2 = 11,361.7
2011 Q2 = 13,270.1

(billions of USA bucks of course.) 

That is 16.8% over the decade or just 1.168^0.1 = 1.56% a year. 

Yet in the USA those retards still think they can go back to a GDP growth of 3% a year...

Dated 11 Aug 2011 



Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and this year is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...






























Title: A 2010 condolences card to the US dollar.