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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(14 May 2016) Yesterday may be many years to late I went to the local child protection agency here in my city. They are located at the Leonard Springer Laan. At first I only wanted to make an appointment for next week or so, but there was a female prepared to make notes so I told my story.  

So I am changing my seven uploads on Hanneke slightly because the female from the local child agency explained a bit to me how children behave when they come under severe deprivation of people that show normal affection. 

This is the item for today: 

Item 1) Because the smallest child behaves like the child protection female says...

 Item 1) Because the smallest child behaves like the child protection female says...

Ok the latest news on the smallest child of the female psychopath Hanneke is very simple: Together with his sister he moved to a new school but he has behavior problems that forced the school to expel him and he has to go to one of those special education schools. 

But on those schools there is no room so he has to wait at least 30 days. And ha ha ha most of those 30 days will be spend with his dearest of psychopath mommy's depriving him even more from contact with people that act normally when it comes to showing a bit of affection.  

When telling my small selection of observations around Hanneke the female from the child protection agency said: 

Such children when they are offered affection often are very claiming about that. 

As I understood from the biological father of the child this is the case: The small boy wants attention from his teacher but he is in a class with like say 25 other children.
He does not get his attention fast enough so he does things like pulling the cables from the computers or some other stuff that brings attention in a fast way... 

You see, everything I have told you points only in one direction: 

Hanneke is a psychopath and as such she is not capable of understanding in a deep way how emotions in other people work. 


Let me close this with story number 7 on Hanneke because for myself speaking I am deprived from talking about math and stuff:

Last year Hanneke her oldest son became homeless because for a few years he has lived with his biological father (he has a different father compared to the other kids) and that father moved to another town. 

So he became homeless sleeping on other addresses most of the days. I meet him in the street and he is explaining a bit how life goes and he cannot get enrolled in a new education because he is homeless. And those schools do not accept homeless people.  

I think about it for a day or two and decide 'You can live officially at my address but you can't be here seven days a week'. He agrees.  

In the same time I met Hanneke and we talked a bit about the homeless problems of her eldest son. And she is completely against the idea that he could use my address for example when he has to receive some mail or so. 

So this is the emotional system of the psychopath named Hanneke S: 

When her oldest son is homeless, she tries to make him homeless even longer. 

Ok, end of the 7 Hanneke files. Till updates.  


(12 May 2016) This is update number five on Hanneke. In this update I describe some stuff that happened in the year 2005 so that is when she only had one child. 

Item 1) After a few weeks suddenly Hanneke understands why...

 Item 1) After a few weeks suddenly Hanneke understands why...

Ok I learned the 10 year old boy to ride a bicycle and I slowly get more understanding of what is missing in his upbringing as a child. Now all my own children are a member of the local library; for kids up to 18 years it is totally free and that is one of the unpaid treasuries of our society. 

Needless to say I consider it very important that children have access to giant vaults of knowledge and also fun books to read. So I am consulting Hanneke if she knows it is free anyway and shall be make her son also a member of the local city library? 

I didn't know it was free she says so I take that as a token that we can go direction city library. 

So I take Hanneke her son there, show him how the book borrowing system works, we go through the membership administration stuff etc etc.  

The boy selects some books and we return home, likely at Hanneke her house I will drink some whisky and smoke a few joints because by now I understand that is her favorite way to kill the day time. 

I basically forget about the whole thing until a few weeks later Hanneke shows up at my doorstep in the evening. Her child is unsupervised at her home apparently. 

And Hanneke is really mad at me, that is clear so what is the problem I ask. 

Now I understand why you did all this library stuff! (She is really angry!)
That is to put my family in a bad spot light! (I have no clue what this is about.) 

Well it turns out the boy was late with returning the borrowed books, as most people know this is no a big deal like a fine of 10 cents a day.  

I try to explain that I never wanted a bad spot light on her family in any way but she keeps on being highly emotional and keeps on insisting that I did this library stuff only to put her family in a bad spot light. 

After two full hours of 'discussion' this detail it dawns on me the only way to stop this nonsense is to put up a fight in order to reset the brain of Hanneke. 

And I am shouting as hard as I can: Why do you have no teeth? You were a fucking heroin whore, you are a useless piece of shit. Your face is so ugly, who wants to fuck you now.  

After about 10 minutes of this stuff (in the meantime I am worrying what my neighbors will think of me tomorrow and the days after...) finally her brain breaks down and she starts to sob and cry.  

So after about 2.5 hours she stopped explaining that all this library stuff was done to put her family in a bad spotlight. All the time the kid was home so I send her back to her house and indeed she goes away. 


Now my dear reader take some time to think about it: There are far less female psychopath compared to the rate of male psychopaths in the population. 

But on that day in the year 2005 I more or less began to understand that Hanneke was a female psychopath. 


Yet on the wider range of things, every person is more or less a psychopath. For example if you step with you shoe on a few ants, do you instantly stat crying because you just killed a few of those very beautiful ants? 

No, normal people usual have little emotional attachment to a few bugs that might get killed yes or no. After all pest control is also important. 

Let me end with a nice old video of a neuroscientist who more or less discovers from his own brain scan he himself is in fact a psychopath also... 

But ha ha ha, there is a difference; Hanneke has a very low IQ while this guy is a higher IQ version of the psychopath thingeling.     

Discovering One's Hidden Psychopathy 


End of this update, till updates my dear reader.  


(11 May 2016) This is update number four on Hanneke. In this update we do bedtime stories Hanneke style while in the next update I will give you a rather fundamental proof of her being a female psychopath. 

Item 1) Bedtime stories Hanneke style.

 Item 1) Bedtime stories Hanneke style.

Ok, in the afternoon we have been smoking joints and drinking whisky for hours in a bad ventilated room with a baby present. 
We have had our food and that is a thing where Hanneke is very good at: cooking. 

After the meal I turn to beer because I cannot stand those huge amounts of whisky.
Somewhere between 7 and 8 'o clock in the evening Hanneke suddenly decides it it bedtime for the baby. 

So she grabs the kid form the floor, goes to the room next to the living room en returns in a few seconds. As soon as she closes the door the baby starts to cry. 

Hanneke walks to the dinner table in the corner of the living room and she does not say a thing. I can see she is angry because of all that crying from the sleeping room.
This goes on for over half an hour, all the time she keeps looking angry. 

At some point in time I try to explain why telling bedtimes stories and talking a bit of what happened that day is good for children and that most of the time they will not cry... 

Hanneke does not say a thing, I am pretty sure all three of her children have never heard one story from her in their entire life. They might have seen it on the television, parents that actually talk to their children instead of only giving commands and barking negative comments... 

Now why does Hanneke do this? Once more; a psychopath has no clue about how emotions in normal people work. For Hanneke reading bedtime stories is a fucking waste of effort and time. For her doing that there is no reward like more whisky, more cannabis or money. Beside that there is not a single childrens book in the house. (May be now there is but at the time it was not.)

Very likely this goes on every evening: without any announcement suddenly picking up the child put her in bed and leave the room as fast as possible...

Welcome in the wonderful world of Hanneke...
Next time we will do the library story; when that happened I understood she must have psychopath issues. So till updates my dear reader. 


(10 May 2016) A bit more of Hanneke stories but I promise you that this is update number 3 on Hanneke and I will stop after update number 7 just like last year when I tried to explain you can only get Alzheimers if you eat bread every day multiple times.  

So we pick up on the day when the daughter of Hanneke was able to walk using the table as a guide. 

Item 1) Late in the afternoon her oldest son walks into the house, what will happen?

 Item 1) Late in the afternoon her oldest son walks into the house, what will happen?

It is about five o'clock in the afternoon and we have been drinking whisky and smoking joints for a few hours in a badly ventilated room with a baby around. 

And her oldest kid enters the house. 

This is not on deaf ears on Hanneke her behalf and she commands the kid over here and with great interest I observe a long stream of problems that this kid creates.  

It is not like "Hey son what have you been doing today but this morning you left a few bread crust on my aanrecht while you were preparing your meal for school while I was sleeping in my bed. Can you clean this up now?"

No, minute after minute a stream of low accusations comes out. 
It is clear the boy is used to this, he simply swallows all this low stuff and even tries to make a reasonable comment but this makes mommy only more furious.  

For me it is clear that the usual bonding between a child and it's care giver simply is not there. It is just some psychopath female trying to bring control to the scene... 

End of this update & we will have precisely four more updates on Hanneke to go. 

Till updates.  


(09 May 2016) Oh oh now I opened the box of Pandora about a female named Hanneke S why not post a second update with some baby stuff from about 8 or 9 years ago?

If after reading this you think I was an asshole not going to the police or the child protection agencies it is very simple:

1) In those long lost years the local police always tapped the sounds in my home via my telephone. The technical details how they did this are not important but each and every day when I did my daily walk to the local supermarket it was always at the same space there was this police car with always 3 police officers in it.
It was always at a shop named Dik Race, they had fine-tuned me leaving my house against their readiness of preventing ruthless terror attacks... 

2) Child protection agencies? Give me a brake, I was under investigation myself.
And if you are under investigation yourself, there is little practical use of making them change their minds. 

Item 1) Hurray, Hanneke has a new baby and she is so cute!

 Item 1) Hurray, Hanneke has a new baby and she is so cute!

It's about 8 or 9 years back and I am over at Hanneke her house that is right behind the corner and her baby named S is just so cute! By now she can stand holding herself at the table and move a bit around by that.

Hanneke asks me: shall we smoke a joint? 

That was ok by me although even in those long lost years I never liked smoking weed during the day time. So Hanneke prepairs a joint and I say: 

Shall we go to the garden because all this smoke is not good for babies. 

Hanneke, skilled female psychopath as she is, she opens a tiny window so that fresh air can come in.

The baby S is trying to get to mommy and is going to use the table as a guide.

All of a sudden Hanneke places a carton box between her and the baby.

The baby clearly does not like it, but at looking at the scene she decides that if she moves all the other way around she would still make it to mommy...

So the baby goes all the way step by step and tries to make it to the other side. 

And guess three times what happens? 

Mommy replaces the carton box so the path of the baby is blocked & the whole scene repeats itself. And again mommy replaces the carton box so that fucking stupid baby would stay away from touching her.  


And as such what once was a perfect baby is at present day a child having all kinds of damage that was not needed in the first place. 

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(07 May 2016) Two items, one about a street kid I know for about 11 years and the second item is about a brand new coordinate system that is very beautiful if you understand it. 

Item 1) What about the boy now he is so psychotic?
Item 2) Teaser picture for the latest math update.

 Item 1) What about the boy now he is so psychotic?

It was in the year 2005 and there was that boy walking down the street with a bike in his hands. And always he was only walking, he never did ride his bicycle. 

So I asked him why he never rode his bike and he said: I would like to ride my bicycle but I do not know how to do this. 

A few days later I learned him how to ride a bicycle, it took a lot of running but within one hour he could ride his bike... 

Later I confronted his mother, her name is Hanneke and I asked her as why her 10 year old son was not able to ride a bicycle. All I got for an answer was some lousy explanation as that she herself never learned that and when she fell with her bike and came back in bruises she only got laughed at by her parents.

More later I confronted his mother: But you got pregnant so you had to stop smoking weed and stuff.
Answer from mommy dear: But I was so glad to give him that feeling of a high while he was still in my womb... 


Fast forward to today: Yesterday I visited the boy who is now in emergency care at the local shrink clinic know as Lentis in Groningen. He is totally psychotic like cutting his clothes, wearing sun glasses with only one dark glass & total chaos.

Now the psychopath scientist in me is glad to observe what 21 years of emotional neglect can do do a child. But my human part suffer a lot because the female under the name of Hanneke has two more children under her care. 
They will more or less go down the same route, that makes me sad. 

 Item 2) Teaser picture for the latest math update.

With great joy I announce a new coordinate system, it can only be used inside a 3D number system like circular or complex numbers. So during my life it will never take off because of the 'special smartness of the professional math professors'. But decades ago I understood how smart these people are, so why talk about shit when you can also discuss math beauty like a new coordinate system??? 

Come on, they are mostly imbeciles with that retarded stuff like 1 + 2 + 3 + ... = -1/12. 

And do those retards ever come up with a simple but fundamental new way of crafting new coordinate systems? Nope, njet, no, nee, nein und nimmer... 

They only recycle the known coordinate systems like the rectangular, spherical or cylindrical coordinate systems... 

Well talked enough about those people, here is the teaser picture and in this picture you can see that I myself can also be very stupid for decades on a row:
In the past I really tried to find metrics so that the length would be preserved, but the determinants always killed everything I threw at it. 

Yet in the upper part of the teaser picture is something I should have calculated a long long time ago. As usual click on the pic to land at the update. 


Till updates.  


(01 May 2016) A few days back I posted an extra update in my 'debunking Euler' update on page four of the higher dimensional complex numbers. That is the item for today: 

Item 1) More debunking Euler stuff...

 Item 1) More debunking Euler stuff...

Originally posted on 15 April, two days back I posted two more pictures there where I basically do two things: 

Thing 1) Calculation zeta at minus one using the analytical expansion and 
Thing 2) Make the same flawed mistakes as those five Nottingham professors do but now with the geometric series. 

Since everybody knows the geometric series I found wisdom in debunking the
next also: 

 1 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 16 + 32 + etc etc = -1.

But university people are university people and indeed it was simple to find a university weirdo easily explaining as why this should be minus one: 

Adding Past Infinity (WARNING: Math Ahead)

The above video is from MinutePhysics, it is only 47 seconds long and the calculation speaks for itself. Needless to say it is nonsense on a very deep level. 

But university people are university people and a pure intellectual under that name of Singing Banana was Nottingham professor number five that give the green light for nice summations like:

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12. 

Ramanujan Summation

All of this nonsense feeds upon itself: The math people think that because the physics people from string theory stuff use it, there must be some truth in it.
The physics professors think that because Euler and Ramanujan are never debunked properly it must have some value. 

And life, life will go on...
End of this update. 


(28 April 2016) Two more updates in the magnetic page, so that is our item:

Item 1) Reason number 27 and 28 are added in the magnetic page.

 Item 1) Reason number 27 and 28 are added in the magnetic page.

It is well know that a moving electrical charge like an electron produces a magnetic field and a moving magnetic charge produces an electrical field. 

So my teaser picture looks very weird: according to professional physics professors the electron is a magnetic dipole. We have used the scientific method they say.

That is very interesting, but in this teaser picture as far as I can see I do not see a magnetic dipole at work. If there is any truth to those pictures depicting how linear polarized light acts, it cannot be a magnetic dipole combined with an electrical monopole. 

I have spoken, here is the teaser picture: 


Have fun with thinking about the existence of linear polarized light.


It is well known that professional physics professors are very good at stating the next: 

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand it.

And they are in the right: If you think that an electron is a magnetic dipole it is extremely hard to understand quantum physics. 

Here is a nice Youtube video from a female that really tries to understand the stuff with electron spin but she just keeps on hanging to that dipole magnetic thing.
Once more we observe that 'modern science' is only a substitute for religion, but let me skip my usual stick horses: 

The video is from a female under the name 'looking glass universe' and she really tries to make sense of the concept of electron spin. 
She is cute but also a perfect example as why physics is the 'new religion' because dogma's are never doubted but used as basic thought ideas:


End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(20 April 2016) Just an item related to an email:

Item 1) I emailed daughter but she said she did not understand it...

  Item 1) I emailed daughter but she said she did not understand it...

Oh oh, I emailed Daughter with a short version of the debunking Euler proof and she said she did not understand. And since she is not particular crazy I decided to look for that video that is fool proof so that you can understand as why some professional math professors think that: 

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12.

This is all very basic math, no zeta function stuff or so... 
Only the fact you can add or subtract two rows of numbers and that you can multiply them by a constant number. Click on the picture for the Youtube video:


Video link:

And if you search for the 'sum of all numbers' on Youtube you get the next stuff:

Well I really hope I did not confuse to many people because that proof saying it is nonsense to valuate the natural numbers to -1/12 is just basic math. 

Till updates.  


(16 April 2016) Two new updates and that is the item of this update:  

Item 1) Debunking Euler & third post on the Schrödinger equation.

 Item 1) Debunking Euler & third post on the Schrödinger equation.

Debunking Euler: 

Five days ago I was at a public lecture at the local university here in Groningen and a guy named Frits Rammers (for Dutch folks that would be Frits Beukers) talked also a bit on a very bizarre result dating back to Euler himself: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12. 

Obviously this must be nonsense, only people why are bad at math will fall into this trap done by the high priest of math himself: Leonhard Euler.

Now does this change my views on Euler since this high priest is so easy to debunk?
Of course not, Euler gave the world the number e and if he would not have done that it would only be in this century that I could do the same... ;)

So as far as I am concerned, Euler will always be the number 1 guy when it comes to ranking math people in the long run. The debunking stuff is found in page 4 of the higher dimensional complex numbers, to be precise it is at entry 15 April 2016.


The third post on the Schrödinger wave equation is on the other website:

Both updates were fun to do: The Euler debunking stuff was fun because it was so easy while at the same time for example 26-dimensional bosonic string theory is based on that.  

And the Schrödinger update was fun because I succeeded into explaining how to use 3D complex numbers without ever solving the Schrödinger wave equation.
So from my point of view it was a great week:  

Debunking weirdo's like people who believe in string theory & at the same time giving the green light for usage of 3D complex numbers for constructing those very difficult atomic & molecular orbitals.

It truly was a geek week! Till updates. 


(10 April 2016) The last few days I have been writing stuff for the third post on the Schrödinger wave equation from quantum mechanics using higher dimensional complex numbers. 

This update is for posting the teaser picture. 

Item 1) Teaser picture for third post on the Schrödinger wave equation.

 Item 1) Teaser picture for third post on the Schrödinger wave equation.

More or less without thinking in the first post on the Schrödinger equation on the other website I said you should use complex numbers from the main cone in order to craft all those beautiful atomic & molecular electron orbitals... 

Later that week I was cleaning my living room and came across that old dirty piece of paper, and yes it was true: A long time ago I already decided you cannot solve the Schrödinger wave equation using 3D complex numbers. 

It was clear I had acted like a fool because you cannot say 'use the main cone' if in a wider sense it will never work. 

But now some time later I am almost ready with composing the third post.
The math itself was developed over two years back by me and for myself speaking it was very rewarding to do it once more.  

For example in the next teaser picture you see the plusses and minusses of the three basis vectors. My complicalted exponential curve goes through all these six end points.
That was a major math victory at the time leaving all those so called 'professional math professors' far behind in a cloud of murky dust... 


For myself speaking it was nice to read all that old stuff again; because there is more than 2 years between it I could also see how my own brain works... 


In a few days it all will be ready and posted on the new website:  

Till updates.  


(06 April 2016) Yesterday I came across that video with the nice title 'Magnets in the sky' and may be I could find a bit more reasoning as why electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

But what I found was the most utterly and totally stupid explanation of how permanent magnets work.  

Item 1) For whatever reason, iron does line up it's electrons at 11.34 min.

 Item 1) For whatever reason, iron does line up it's electrons at 11.34 min.

This guy physics professor Bryan Gaensler tells more or less the most retarted explanation that is out there. He is not the only one, I have seen MIT profs doing this too but the way Bryan puts it is just so mindbreaking stupid. 

If you think about it, Bryan thinks the electrons are glued into a fixed position and that is the way permanent magnets work. 

He compares wood to iron, observes in wood electrons have spins in all directions while in iron 'for whatever reason' (sic!!!!!) the electrons are aligned. 

I have to say I am more or less speechless as why this retard gets a government paid salary. As stupid as he pumps it up, he is classified as a 'creationist'. You know one of those people that think the earth is created in six day and the bible is in fact a scientific piece of work. 

It is just so utterly fucking stupid, I stop talking about this retard. 

Source of the screenshot picture: 
Magnets in the Sky, Prof Bryan Gaensler (aka the fundamental retard)  


This explanation is 100% retarded as only the people of the universities can come up with. 

Luckily as an antidote to this sheer 100% retardization process I posted reason number 25 and 26 into the magnetic page. 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(01 April 2016) The 3D complex numbers seem to be faring well in the diverse search engines but the fact that electrons are not magnetic dipoles is much more of an abandoned orphan.

So in this update I only repost a picture of me holding a bunch of those powerful new neodymium magnets against a 6 € old television. 

Item 1) The Lorentz force only goes that far...

 Item 1) The Lorentz force only goes that far...

It is just a repost of a picture from some time ago and at the same time I perfectly understand how deep the science of physics is married with the idea you cannot make magnetic monopoles. 

But each and every electron in our universe is a magnetic monopole, if you want this statement a bit less extreme you can say electrons carry a net magnetic charge. 

By now, if you are a professional physics professor you are already on the verge of vomiting, I am well aware of how you behave and why you behave.  

Let me not do difficult and just repost my old photo of holding this stack of strong magnets against a small television screen and trying to explain what I see using the ideas behind the Lorentz force:  


If you click on the picture you get a bigger version of it but in this small one you already see the Lorentz force at work: it is that rotating thing going round using the rigth hand rule. 

Unexplained is the circular spot where no electrons land on the television screen.  

Present day physics in the year 2016 cannot explain this empty electron spot. 

End of this update, till updates. 


(24 March 2016) Six days back I made a small advertisement for the woodshop Dikhout that sells countless fine woods from all over the world. But this does not mean all wood from regular shops like Hornbach is worthless.

Item 1) In defense of Hornbach wood.

 Item 1) In defense of Hornbach wood.

In the picture below you see a piece of a wooden beam, bought it about a year ago and it was only 8 € for about 3 meter of beam. That is dirt cheap, beside being cheap it is already flattened and shaved. 
The only disadvantage is that it is kinda pale, in the past it was easy with a finish containing petrol and stuff to get a far stronger contrast in the grain of the wood. But at present day most paint is water based and that does not improve the grain of the wood. 

On top you see an unfinished piece of wood and directly below I brought a bit of contrast in it. How to make this kind of wood a bit more beautiful? 


Very simple: You make you own water based paint with two pieces of steel wool (wash out the soap carefully) and some vinegar. I used cleaning vinegar because it is a bit stronger. You put it in a jar and put the lid loosely on it.
After about a day or five it is ready to use, filter it through a paper coffee filter or something like that. 
It is important you take enough experiments because this stuff acts different on different kinds of wood. After five days the paint is very strong, I had to dilute it to 25% of it's original strength. 
After painting you can sandpaper it unit you get what you wanted.

The piece of wood below is some plywood, you see a small gray spot, so you see it works very different going from one kind of wood to another. I do not like the gray color, but that is for every one themselves to decide.

Again dilute it enough, the first time I tried this the wood turned into pure black and that was a pity because without the paint it looked better and I could not sandpaper it.

So experiment on small pieces of wood that you do not need anyway... 

Till updates.  


(21 March 2016) Yesterday I finished reason number 24 as why spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles, or if you think such particles are always spinning very fast without any reason: they have a net magnetic value.
That is the item for today: 

Item 1) Reason 24: Energy distribution in cosmic rays.

 Item 1) Reason 24: Energy distribution in cosmic rays.

Where the spinning electron pair explaining dia-magnetism is the smallest thing based on the idea of electrons being magnetic monopoles, the behavior of charged particles in inter-galactic and galactic magnetic fields is, until now, the greatest structure found that drives the behavior of cosmic rays. 

In the next picture you se an impression of our Milky Way and a few years back the high energy satellite Fermi found two giant lobes perpendicular on the center of the Milky Way and there was significant more gamma rays coming from that part of space.

Gamma rays are the highest energy rays we know of, it is thought they are produced by cosmic rays and contrary to the name cosmic rays are not rays at all but very energetic charged particles.   

Cosmic rays (particles) is also a bucket name for a wide variety of particles, the lower energy ones come from our sun in those violent corona mass ejections and for those high energy stuff the professional physics professors have no good explanation.

That is understandable: If you think that electrons are magnetic dipoles it will never cross your mind they are accelerated by magnetic fields. In that case you will only think they are accelerated by electrical fields. 

Well that is a choice they made every day again in favor of the prophet Maxwell (may peace be upon the prophet Maxwell). Long before the electrons were discovered the prophet decided magnetic monopoles do not exist and until this day this is part of the Holy Scriptures of the religion named physics...

Let's leave it with that, here is the teaser picture for reason number 24: 

Of course the pink/purple stuff is only showing the space where the gamma rays are coming from. As usual click on the picture to land on the magnetic page.

Joke of the day: If you know a professional physics professor in person, just ask this person how to explain such giant lobes of 25.000 light years high... 

Till updates.   


(18 March 2016) About one week back I took a look at the amount of pictures I made since I started that new website Indeed fresh picture production was so high I thought 'let's take a little holiday from that'.  

Item 1) Let's take a holiday from all that math and stuff. 

 Item 1) Let's take a holiday from all that math and stuff.

Beside hobby's like brewing beer, riding the bicycle & tiny amounts of published math, every year I also make a few pieces of wood furniture. Here you see a picture of my latest piece of furniture; a new book shelf that replaces the old one. 

On the left of the picture you see two new woodworking projects: 


The thing on top of the barrel is supposed to be my very first table saw sled. With a sled like this you do not need to have your hands very close to the sawing blade, so this brings in a bit of safety.

Underneath the sled is a barrel, that was a woodworking project from about 8 years ago and now I am going to turn it into the Cauchy integral formula with the help of lots of epoxy resin and some prints of the new Cauchy integral formula.    


I would like to make a free advertisement for the guy where I mostly buy my wood. 
The locals here in the city of Groningen likely know the new bridge known as the Oslo bridge. If you come from the kernel of the city, after the bridge you go to the left and park your car at Dikhout fijnhout. 

The guy from Dikhout has wood that is very very hard to find at places like Hornbach, Praxis or whatever 'wood retailers' that are out there to serve the public need for fresh wood. 

End of this update, if I succeed with the Cauchy barrel may be some more photo's will be added. Till updates.  


(09 March 2016) Added to the page on magnetism are two more reasons as why electrons & other spin half particles are magnetic monopoles.
Since the very last reason involves also diamagnetism of DIY at home made plasma, I finally had a good reason the post that picture of the levitating frog...  

Item 1) The levitating frog.

 Item 1) The levitating frog.

Reason 22 is the so called Birkeland currents, I never heard of them but these currents stream from the sun outwards to the earth and stuff. I found a perfect very old photo, likely made by Birkeland himself, it shows a toy model of our earth bombarded by electrical currents.

At the end of reason 22 I post a link to a video that shows some guy making DIY plasma at home and he is doing experiments with strong permanent magnets. In reason 23 I discuss the results of that person in detail because the plasma particles that are diamagnetic behave perfectly as one should expect when electrons are magnetic monopoles.

But if you would ask a professional physics professor about how to explain diamagnetism, you get answers like:  

1) Diamagnetic materials contain no unpaired electrons, or; 
2) If atoms have only electron pairs, they become diamagnetic, or;
3) It atoms are stripped from the unpaired electrons, those ions are diamagnetic. 

Etc etc. 

Stuff like that is not an explanation, at best it is a correct observation or description about when you can expect diamagnetism. But it is not an explanation. 


Click on the picture to land at reason 22 as why electrons are magnetic monopoles: 


This frog was levitated at some Dutch university, you know one of those places where they are overpaid and think they understand electrons using advanced math... 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(03 March 2016) Weirdly enough my six dimensional complex numbers are a hot topic when it comes to Google picture searches. That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Why do the 6D complex numbers score so high?

 Item 1) Why do the 6D complex numbers score so high?

The six dimensional numbers combine the 2D complex plane and my own invention of 3D numbers in a very straightforward way, so why are they so successful?  

Likely it is the 'complex plane' because people from universities and stuff know what the complex plane is. 

Of course it is a great honor to arrive at search result number 3, but for me who has published vast amounts of math that has gone unnoticed, I don't give a shit.


After having said that, look at the screen shot & after that I will give you the link to what started it all.  


End of this update, click on the pic to land on the post outlining the 6D complex numbers using only 2D & 3D complex numbers. 

Till updates.  


 (25 Feb 2016) Added is reason number 21 as why spin half particles are magnetic monopoles, that is our item for today:

Item 1) The way magnetic mirrors work in plasma containment. 

 Item 1) The way magnetic mirrors work in plasma containment. 

Just go the magnetics page here and enjoy reading reason number 21 for spin half particles being the long long sought magnetic monopoles.

Till updates.    


(22 Feb 2016) Just finished a new math update under the title The Cone Theorem.
That is the item for this update: 

Item 1) The Cone Theorem.

 Item 1) The Cone Theorem.

I found a very beautiful way to classify all subspaces of the 3-dimensional complex number space such that if you multiply by an imaginary unit like j, all stuff gets rotated by a fixed amount.  

This also adds a new layer of geometric properties on the 3D complex and circular number systems. It has to be remarked that I found it because the preprint archive article from Slomi Jacobi gave me the idea to investigate this stuff a little bit. 

Here is a link to the preprint archive: 
On a novel 3D hypercomplex number system

The new update is 12 pages long and placed in page four of the higher dimensional complex numbers. If you click on the teaser picture you land directly on the new update: 


The applet I used for these pictures is the Polyray applet from the WIMS archive of applets. The next one is from the university of Leiden but there are more around the world. Likely you must search a little bit:  


Ok, that was it for today. Till updates.  


(17 Feb 2016) Another reason why electrons and protons are magnetic monopoles. This time it is from the geniussus of MIT, believe it or not but via simulations on giant super computers they found that there are two types of plasma instability.   

Item 1) One step closer to fusion power.

 Item 1) One step closer to fusion power.

The title of this item is the same as the video from MIT, for reasons of being very sarcastic I hold on to this title. This is now year three of me talking about electrons and stuff being the long sought magnetic monopoles and year in year out on a global scale all university people stay silent. 

That proves a lot of things, things like being stupid, being arrogant, not understanding your own profession, being a bunch of fucking cowards and so on and so on. 
The list of problems these people have is like an endless river. 

And always this bragging like 'we follow the scientific method', if for just once they did that instead of that endless river of nonsense about electrons that are spin half and magnetic dipoles at the same time. 

There is no proof for that, the scientific method is not used for about 106 years since electrons were first discovered... These people live in a fantasy world, a lot of the common knowledge is correct but a few important details stay wrong year in year out...

Click on the picture to land on reason number 20: 


Source: One step closer to nuclear fusion

Till updates.  Extra update from 19 Feb: 

It is also funny to read the news from the MIT source itself, for myself speaking I consider it also more or less funny when on 21 Dec I explained the root source of plasma instability via spin half particles being magnetic monopoles in at most two hours. It took the MIT weirdo's 37 days on a giant super computer to find similar results. The only problem is: the MIT weirdo's still think electrons are magnetic dipoles... 

Well, good luck with it. 

Here is the MIT news link:  New finding may explain heat loss in fusion reactors 

Till update my dear reader.  


(15 Feb 2016) Only added Reason number 19 as why spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles. This reason is the temperature of the corona of our beloved sun. And since this temperature is about 100 times as high as the outer layers of the sun, only a fool would hang on to stupid stuff like electrons are magnetic dipoles...


Click on the above picture to land on the 19-th reason as why spin half particles are all magnetic monopoles.  

Till updates.  


(12 Feb 2016) I was busy doing other things so only this evening I became aware of the announcement that gravity waves are discovered. Give or take it looks like a solid breakthrough, so why am I not dancing on the table? 

Very simple: I dance on the wooden floor because years back I had to repair the table and I know how weak it actually is. I am not going to dance on a weak structure like that. 

Item 1) China has also a record breaking new when it comes to nuclear fusion. 

 Item 1) China has also a record breaking new when it comes to nuclear fusion. 

On the fourth February of this month I poked fun at those German scientists from the Max Planck Institute about how their Stellarator nuclear fusion reactor will never ever work because they are in denial when it comes to the properties of the particles that make up the plasma. 

The Stellarator folks managed to get the plasma to about 80 million degrees Celcius for about 250 milliseconds. 

I informed them this project will blow up in their arrogant faces... 


Did I know that the Chinese were also hunting down nuclear fusion the wrong way?
No, until this day I was not aware of any Chinese stuff using the retarded Tokamak design to craft nuclear fusion. 

It makes me smile because after all the Chinese have a new endurance record:

102 seconds of stable plasma. 

Funny link from a website under the name 'popular science':


All those circular nuclear fusion reactor are self destructive by design because the scientists on a global scale refuse to understand how spin half particles behave inside magnetic fields. Let's leave it with that, till updates.  


(10 Feb 2016) I opened page 4 in the higher dimensional complex numbers on this website. But now I have that new website known as my estimation is that I will publish only the more hardcore stuff on page 4.
All soft stuff will go to the new website.   

Item 1) Teaser picture about the seven properties of the number alpha. 

 Item 1) Teaser picture about the seven properties of the number alpha. 

On the other website I said lately I would post a post on the more or less elementary properties of the number alpha. But while writing that it became a bit too long and at the same time I had not opened up page 4 on this website.

So combining the stuff, I posted 3 teaser pictures on the new website while publishing the real meat in page 4. For me it is a great honor to place my fist at the heads of all those incompetent math professors with writing down just another Euler identity... 

These incompetent shitholes known as 'professional math professors' often state that the most beautiful equation they know is the Euler identity.

And as such, if they did not react all these years upon similar identities, it is clear these people are incompetent to the bone. Let's leave it with that. 


End of this update, till updates.  


(07 Feb 2016) You know I have a so called 'smart tv', it is not really smart because for example you cannot disable cookies and as such a channel like Youtube always goes on where I left. So I am always rewarded with fresh attacks from scientists on creationist and vice versa. That is the short item for today: 

Item 1) A non-black crow, creationism and evolution. 

 Item 1) A non-black crow, creationism and evolution. 

Here in Europe it is completely absent but in the USA you have all these fights between people that think the bible is literally true in every point an comma versus the standard view that life always evolves if needed. 

For myself speaking, I think that religious thought is an important evolutionary trait that after a long long time gave rise to scientific institutions. 

Today I was riding my noble iron horse and I was in a village named Southhorn (that is Zuidhorn for the locals) and I passed that strange looking crow. The crow had clearly non-black feathers but it did not look ill or so. On the contrary, for a crow it observed standard behavior; these birds are always very alert.
But I could make this photo: 


I have no clue as why this bird has lost this amount of black stuff.
I have no idea if this is a genetic thing, so it is unknown if this is evolution under your nose at work. 

Creationalists see the work of the Almighty in each and every aspect of life; for example genetics explained via evolution?
Very simple: the Intelligent Designer simply uses the same sets of genes while creating different kinds of species with it. After that those species never evolve further... 

And if you would show them the nice new zika virus that wrecks havoc in the brains of babies, it is not a virus that evolves but surely must be a punishment by the Almighty because so many people believe in evolution. 


But on the science front you can find much of those examples too: 

Plenty of professional physics people think that if an electron circles a nucleus once, it has reversed the magnetic spin. So that only after two times going around it is in the same spin state again... 

They never say that the electrical charge of an electron oscillates in a similar fashion because even creationalists instantly see that this is nonsense. 


This is the end of my religious sermon discussing evil creationists and demon scientists while looking at a non-black crow flying around in Southhorn...
Till updates.  


(04 Feb 2016) Two days back in the magnetic html page I posted reason number 18 as why electrons must be magnetic monopoles. In it we look at why oxygen is para-magnetic and we observe it must be the unpaired electrons that are causing this para-magnetism. So here is Reason number 18

Today we poke fun at the Stellarator people from the Max Planck institute, Germany: 

Item 1) Poking fun at people that believe in electron spin.

 Item 1) Poking fun at people that believe in electron spin.

First a correction: In the previous update on the Stellarator fusion reactor I told you that it took 19 years to build. Now there is also a lot of info out there that says it was 9 years. 
It is not that relevant, likely the planning started 19 years ago and the actual building was started 9 year ago. 

What is relevant is that these people are building a fusion reactor where all particles in the plasma are supposed to follow the magnetic field lines, yet all those years these people never realize only magnetic monopoles follow magnetic field lines... 

I mean; how fucked up stupid can you be? 

I am not going to explain for a second time as why these ring shaped fusion reactors are all unstable by definition. If the Max Planck institute people are to fucked up stupid to understand my 18 reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles, it is their problem and not mine... 

Yesterday Angela Merkel pushed the button for the second experiment and the temperature was impressive: about 80 million degrees Celcius for about 0.25 seconds. 

But once more it was claimed that in the coming months they will try to let the thing run for 30 minutes or 1800 seconds. On top of that these strange people say that this is a preparation for a continuous operational fusion vessel. 

Well, for myself speaking I am very interested what happens if you accelerate your electrons and protons second in second out. My gut feeling says these fusion vessels are instable by definition.  

But let's wait a few more months and see if indeed the whole thing will blow up in their arrogant faces. 


In the long run, what is the lesson the profession of physics can learn from this? 

Now very simple; if from day one after the Stern-Gerlach experiment you put weird names on the observed behavior, weird names like 'intrinsic spin' you cannot make any significant progress because your mind does not grasp what is going on. 

Funny wiki link: Wendelstein 7-X 

Till updates my dear reader.  


(27 Jan 2016) Two more reasons as why electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles & that is today's item:

Item 1) Two more reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Two more reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles.

I arrived at reason number seventeen as why electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles, this time I selected the diamagnetic properties of things like wood or water that are always repelled by all magnetic fields. 

And I do not need to use fancy math that no professional math professor understands, it is basic stuff like nature is always seeking to minimize energy levels. 

And minimizing energy levels seems to be a perfect explanation as why those strong permanent magnets always repel stuff like wood and water... 

Just read it at the magnetic page

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. Till updates.   


(20 Jan 2016) Yesterday on the preprint archive I found a very interesting article: 
On a novel 3D hypercomplex number system 

Ok the name is a bit over the top, there is nothing to 'hyper' about 3D complex numbers. Anyway now for the first time I have some evidence I was not the first: it is claimed that the original author found the 3D numbers back in 1960.  

Once more this proves it is better to avoid all contacts with university people because university people are like one dimensional people only interested in getting more tax payer money and their rankings in their publication schemes... 


In this update I will dissect the weirdo's at CERN hunting for so called magnetic monopoles. That is our item for this update: 

Item 1) Trashing the torque hypothesis on electron spin.  

 Item 1) Trashing the torque hypothesis on electron spin. 

Long before the discovery of the electron scientists already concluded that magnetic monopoles could not exist. So when electrons were discovered about 110 years ago, despite them being electrical monopoles having an electrical charge, it was already forbidden to treat them the same. 

So even when the Stern-Gerlach experiment came along, electrons were still viewed as being magnetic dipoles. And they had a serious problem to explain:
Why did the beam of silver ions split into two? 

This was a serious problem because it was forbidden to say that it was magnetic monopole stuff that caused the whole thing, therefore the concept of 'intrinsic spin' was introduced. 

Furthermore this spin is always up or down, but why do they say this?
Now when it is up or down they talk about a vertical applied magnetic field.
When the spin is left or right they talk about a horizontal magnetic field applied. 

In that way you can always avoid talking about magnetic charge that can be measured in all kinds of magnetic fields. Because if electrons have a magnetic charge, the orientation of the magnetic field applied should not matter that very much. 


Experimental validation of electrons having magnetic charge: 

Click on the next picture: the 3 electron cannons of the old color television spit out electrons all the same. Yet my 3 strong neodymium magnets ensure there is a circular disk where all electrons are void void void & more void. 

Now you can come up with a very complicated theory using torque explaining this while the more down to earth explanation simply says: This proves electrons carry magnetic charge.  

Click on the picture for an enlargement: 


This is the most cheap experiment disproving all that torque stuff: It uses a second hand television for 6 € while I only needed 3 of those new neodymium magnets or about 25 €. So for only about 30 Euro you can poke fun at those thousands and thousands of overpaid CERN physics people hunting the magnetic monopole in their own way. 

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(17 Jan 2016) This update was not planned: while reaching high in the search engine count I discovered I made two terrible typo's! 

So instead of me poking fun at the physics professors like "hey how are your dipole electrons do today?", I find myself back in the corner where the beatings are. 

Item 1) Correction of my 07 Dec 2015 update.

 Item 1) Correction of my 07 Dec 2015 update.

Since I have my new website about once I week I do some internet search engine searches like '3D complex numbers' and just see what nonsense pops up. 

I am very satisfied because results from pop up high enough. Not on page 1 of course, there are all of those websites out there to serve the general public to answer all kinds of questions science related, ok ok I accept they hang out on page one of the search results... 

But on Google pictures, last week I was hanging out at picture number six.
And guess what? It was a teaser picture for the 6D complex numbers as constructed from 2D and 3D complex numbers... 

Not a bad result, but on inspection pure panic was on my behalf!!! 

There were two typo's in it, two minus signs that were supposed to be there were AWOL. Of course the people from the universities will say instantly:

See, just a bit more proof this guy hangs together from typo's and more weird stuff... 


So I corrected my teaser picture and now it looks like this:  


End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(11 Jan 2016) In the new page on magnetism I added two more reasons as why electrons rather likely are magnetic monopoles. This makes the item for this update:

Item 1) Superconductivity explained via magnetic monopoles. 

 Item 1) Superconductivity explained via magnetic monopoles. 

Just a teaser picture, you see the so called Meisner effect: If you place a permanent magnet above a superconducting piece of material (mostly metals) it starts to levitate. 

So it has a high Harry Potter content, it is just like in the background Harry Potter is waiving his magic wand whispering 'Leviosa at infinitum'.    


Till updates.  


(05 Jan 2016) The last week I have been studying superconductivity type 1 and a bit of type 2. Once more the idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles is once more the last idea standing... But this item is about poking fun at the professional physics professors & about wishing you a happy new year!

Item 1) Poking fun at the ppp.

 Item 1) Poking fun at the ppp.

In my house it is well known that ppp (professional physics professors) think that electrons are magnetic dipoles. 
In my house it is also well known that there is no experimental proof for that anyway; the thing that comes most close is the Stern-Gerlach thing and what do the ppp say when talking about this experiment??? 

They often say: For some strange reason nature does not allow us to measure electron spin in more than one direction. 
They often say: Electron pairing is a quantum thing.
They say this and they say that, if they use math they come only up with 2D complex numbers, so for me this is a bunch of toddlers playing in the sand pit wearing their diapers while carrying sand from one place to the other.  

These weirdo's with their vertical Sz measurement of electron spin, these people are crazy without borders. 

In the next photo you see 'spin measurement' around the circle, or to put it mildly: In an infinite amount of directions... And when measured in an infinite amount of directions, the electrons still behave the same...   


If you click on the picture you get a larger version. Anyway now we have these strong new neodymium magnets for just 30 €, we can do experiments that measure electron spin simultaneously in a 360 degree fashion. 


Till updates & have a happy life or try to get one.  


(30 Dec 2015) Happy celebrations tomorrow & do not forget to drink a gigantic amount of beer, a tiny amount of wine or a very tiny amount of Vodka! Cheers to everyone! 

I just finished the latest update on why electrons are magnetic monopoles, here it is or click on any of the 3 teaser pictures from the previous two updates.
Till updates & see ya next year! 

(29 Dec 2015) Bah, I did sprain my ankle so I do not feel like dancing or so. Since I stopped eating bread and the poisonous gluten I did not have any joint problems for over 1.5 years. And it is also my own fault; I should not have gone exercising yesterday because that only made it worse and now I have a nice swollen foot... 

But there is also good news; I can confirm that with these new neodymium magnets you can both attract and repel electrons. So a small update on that.  

Item 1) Confirmed by experiment: electrons are not magnetic dipoles.

 Item 1) Confirmed by experiment: electrons are not magnetic dipoles.

In the 26 update I showed you a teaser picture with a black ring where all electrons were missing. Now that was caused by south pole electrons attracted to the north pole of the neodymium bipolar magnet.

Below you see the opposite, the neodymium south pole is repelling electrons, to be precise: monopole magnetic south poles. The shape of the missing electrons is explained by the fact the electrons come in with an angle at the corner of the screen. 


You can also see a bit more light under the magnet tip, these are extra north pole monopole electrons. For me this is very important because this way everybody can check self for under 50 € that I am in the right. 

Because if we wait until the first university confirms results like this, after 500 years we will still be waiting... 


All in all these simple experiments with a small second hand television together form reason number 13 that electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

This week I will update the magnetic page with reason nr 13. 

Till updates. 


(26 Dec 2015) I bought myself a second hand particle accelerator a few days ago and combined with those new neodymium magnets I bought one month ago we can do some physical experiments. 

Item 1) For 6 € I bought that second hand particle accelerator.

  Item 1) For 6 € I bought that second hand particle accelerator.

This machine is perfect, it makes all my dreams about electrons being magnetic monopoles come out. Now the second hand particle accelerator that I bought for just 6 € is also known under the name 'color television' and mine is from the Dutch brand known as Phillips. 

But old fashioned televisions are also quantum stuff things because the old tube televisions had 3 electron cannons in them and a truly suburb copper wiring to guide the electrons to the right place in the right time. 

Anyway to make some long story short, the next teaser picture is also a teaser picture for all those overpaid physics professors. Please explain the circular disk where no electron at all reaches the screen... 

So my dear physics professors, explain in long and exhausting detail as why we have such strange black circular spots where one type of electrons is clearly missing in our very simple physics experiment.   


As you see on inspection: at the end of this magnet stuff some electrons are in, after that you get that circular band of no electrons hitting the screen and after that the whole screen if filled with electrons that hit the screen. 

A bit more detail:  


Where are the electrons gone? 
Why do they not hit the screen? 


Stuff like this only fits inside a theory of reality where all spin half particles are also magnetic monopoles.   

End of this update, till updates.  


(21 Dec 2015) In the page on magnetism I explain why those Stellarator fantasies from the Max Plank institute will never work. That is reason number 12 for electrons being magnetic monopoles and not magnetic dipoles by the way. Here is the stuff, only four A4 size pictures... Till updates.  


(17 Dec 2015, finished on 18 Dec) Bad news for the Max Planck institute from Germany: It might look fancy and it costs only 1.1 billion € and it took only 19 years to build it, but it will never work as expected. 

Item 1) Bad news for the Max Planck institute.

 Item 1) Bad news for the Max Planck institute.

The Max Planck institute has been trying to make some kind of fusion reactor for about two decades and although they have come a long long way they will simply fail. 

Problem is they did go all the way to ensure the elementary particles like electrons, protons and isotopes of hydrogen to follow the path of the magnetic field lines. 

While in the meantime stating that electrons are magnetic dipoles...

But magnetic dipoles will never follow magnetic field lines from other sources, point particles that are also magnetic dipoles have a life of their own and will never ever follow any magnetic field line... 

Only magnetic monopoles will follow magnetic field lines. 


End of this update on 17 Dec. Updated on 18 Dec 2015: 

This Stellarator from the Max Plank institute is still a torus shaped thing, this means that the particles inside are constantly accelerated by the magnetic field. Furthermore suppose all spin half particles are magnetic monopoles, in that case the plasma will stream in two directions.
Not to mention the problem of magnetic charge: it is inverse proportional to the mass so an electron has a 1800 times as much magnetic charge as a proton (the hydrogen nucleus). So the force on the electron is about 1800 times as high while at the same time the mass is 1800 times as small leading overall the an acceleration by the magnetic field that is about 1800^2 or approx 3 million times as high as the proton... 

So if protons are accelerated to about 300 meters per second, the electrons should already be running at the speed of light, that is not going to happen of course but the electrons will gain a significant amount of mass making the plasma in stable.

Remark that for decades the stability of the plasma has been a poorly understood problem; previous nuclear fusion reactors could only run about 7 minutes. 
This Stellarator should run into the same problems because of it's design.

Can the problem be solved? In the first place there should be state separation of the north monopoles and the south monopoles, that should bring some relief but you still have this problem of constant acceleration. how to solve that? 

Very simple: Not a torus shaped thing but a sphere (or some egg shaped thing) with only pointing one kind of magnetic field inside. For example north pole pointing in and only north pole magnetic plasma inside.
After heat the stuff up to one hundred million degrees and it should work more or less properly. (May be there are more reasons that plasma gets unstable, but this torus design look rather crazy at this point in time).  

Here is a picture made during the building of this 1.1 billion € machine: 


Now this Stellarator has cost about 1.1 billion €, the giant IFER thingeling in France is supposed to cost 100 billion € and of course they will use the same flawed torus design... Mark my words: They will burn one hundred billion of tax payer money for no reason at all. 

Till updates. 


(13 Dec 2015) Two new updates done. 

Item 1) Two new updates done.

 Item 1) Two new updates done.

On the new website I wrote a four page post about Cauchy-Riemann  equations in two & three dimensions. Of course since CR equations are basic stuff this was covered years ago over here but this new website is supposed to have a life on it's own in the future. 

In the next teaser picture you see on top the 'ant fucking style' as used by most professional math professors and at the bottom you see it the way I like it the most;
I name that 'chain rule style'.  Click on the picture to land on that post.



Ok, the other update was on the new magnetic page on this website where I try to make the case for electrons being magnetic monopoles. Of course in trying to do  that you will meet tremendous resistance from the professional physics professors.

So I decided to only add reason number 11 as why electrons could be magnetic monopoles. It is not a very convincing argument, it is not like the northern or southern lights where the tendency of solar wind particles to enter via the earth magnetic field via the North Pole or the South Pole, but anyway. 

The physics professors use so called 'Larmor frequency' in order to explain why magnetic resonance imagine works. And they use very advanced math because the torque stuff is not something you do in just five minutes or five hours.

But this torque stuff is one 100% based on the idea that electrons are magnetic dipoles, therefore I bring forward the idea that electrons and protons are magnetic dipoles and as such you can use string theory. 

String theory? 

Yes, string theory from music instruments like a violin; if you span the strings of a violin harder, the vibrating of the string goes to a higher frequency. 

So all in all this is not a divisive reason but only a serious alternative explanation against standard accepted physical theories. 




(10 Dec 2015) By sheer accident I stumbled upon hat TEDx lecture from the Johns Hopkins University finally delivered what I was waiting for: It is nonsense the brain only runs on glucose for it's energy. It can run on ketone bodies too... 

Item 1) Preventing dementia with food choices. 

 Item 1) Preventing dementia with food choices. 

This year I had a series of seven updates on dementia, more or less focused on Alzheimer the main dementia thing, but all the time I was unsure about it because you constantly had those medics stating the brain runs on glucose.  

Even to the extent medical professionals stating the brain is highly selective and can only run on glucose and nothing else. And who am I, as a math guy, to go against that pure wisdom? 

We have to take into account that the medical people are about 3 to 5 decades completely wrong about food and how this affects stuff like obesity and dementia.
For example recently in my home country we have a government agency advising on food, they are called the gezondheidsraad (that would be the health council) and they did some bla bla bla about eating 15 grams of unsalted nuts a day, drink more tea and more bla bla bla. 

And when asked about gluten that is in the wheat and cannot be digested by the body on the molecular level guess what? That was 'just a trend'.

Every 10 years this Dutch health council gives new advices that for other outlets of Dutch food to be used; I just witnessed a circus of missed opportunities. 

Here in the Dutch landscape we have a way of saying that goes as next: 

The one that laughs the last is the one that laughs the best. 
And on some days all those members of this health council will stand at the fresh grave of a dear family member that has died from Alzheimer or some other form of dementia.
And on those day I will laugh... 
And I will laugh because on such days the advisory people from the gezondheidsraad harvest what they have sown.  


Let's leave it with that; if you advise the population to eat stuff your body cannot digest on the molecule level it is not hard to see the population will get ill before her time. 

The TEDx lecture is in the next link: 

Why fasting bolsters brain power: Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity  

The ketone stuff is in at about 11 minutes of the video. 
End of this update. Eat well, pop some beers and skip enough meals to make you body burn fat instead of only storing it. Till updates.  


(06 Dec 2015) Ok the update on the six dimensional complex numbers is hung into this website. Click on the teaser picture from 02 Dec or simply click this

It is eight pages long and I tried to make it as transparent as possible but of course you must be able to grasp how those 6 by 6 matrices as shown in the teaser picture do their work and make the math life so much more simple...

At the end of the math update I am sharing some philosophical insight with you on the ass of Miley Cyrus. For example did you know Miley is famous for having an ass that is famous for being famous! It' s a miracle, but why does Miley lick sledge hammers in the first place???


Till updates.  


(02 Dec 2015) I finished an 8 page long update on inclusion versus extension of higher dimensional complex numbers. To be honest I did that because the guy named Dennis Morris in his book 'Complex numbers the higher dimensional forms' talked about inclusion.   

Item 1) Inclusion versus extension.

 Item 1) Inclusion versus extension.

I crafted six dimensional complex numbers because these are the lowest dimension that contains both the complex plane and my 3D complex numbers.
Jews and Christians should be happy about 6D complex numbers because Yahweh, also known as God, created the world in six days and Reinko created the 6D numbers in the blink of an eye... ;)  

At first I did not have much expectation from it, but under the hood there is much more math going on in strange detail than I ever expected. All in all the next update will not be very hard, only at the end when I find that weird expression for the first imaginary number in 6D space it is time to scratch oneself over the head a tiny bit... 

Later this week I will hang it in here, here is a small teaser picture: 


So if you are interested in 6D complex numbers you have to wait a few more days (or craft your own version of stuff of course). 


In another development I picked up the law known as Benford's law. 
Benford's says that if you look at day to day daily numbers, the leading digit in numbers used on a daily basis have a preference for the lower digits. 

So if you randomly pick numbers from new papers, the probability you find numbers with leading digits like 1 or 2 is far higher compared to finding numbers that start with an 8 or a 9.  

Benford's law states the exact probability distribution for the leading digits.
Long before I first read about Benford's law I had found that probability distribution myself and all mysteries surrounding this law evaporate if you understand basic probability distribution... 

More on Benford's law: Benford's law 

A bit more advanced is the next pdf file: 
Benford’s Law Strikes Back: No Simple Explanation in Sight for Mathematical Gem 

Ok, till updates.  


(26 Nov 2015) A short update on the troubled stuff between Turkey & Russia.  

Item 1) On a Russian bomber plane downed by the Turkish air force.

  Item 1) On a Russian bomber plane downed by the Turkish air force.

The stuff is very simple: The surviving Russian pilot claims they never entered Turkish territory while the Turks said they did. 

More stuff is very simple: When you have two guys like Erdogan and Putin with the ego's they have, stuff like this is unavoidable. 

But it seems that indeed the 'borders' between Syria and Turkey are in dispute and if the Russians used the borderlines as viewed from Damascus and at the same time bomb out the Turkmen inside Syria, this was a thing waiting to happen. 

So for the time being, from the viewpoint of being the founder to the WarTribunal and new (fresh) information could change my verdict, the verdict is very simple: 

The Russians should check the borderlines between Syria and Turkey as they use them. If they used the borderlines as defined by the Assad regime, the Russians themselves are mostly responsible for what has happened. 

End of the verdict.

Now you can look me in the eyes: 


In the meantime it would be smart if the Russians stop this stupid economical embargo thing against Turkey. If on the television I observe Russian talking heads stating that about 15% of all exports to Russia are not within the rules, why come into action right now? 

That is childish and this once more gives a solid proof to the fact the Russians are too stupid to grow their own vegetables and craft their own meat and fish. 
And that while the Russian federation is the largest nation in square miles on earth: how much more proof of stupidity & utter laziness do you need???  

End of this update, till updates. 


(21 Nov 2015) Six pages about integral calculus done with matrix diagonalization, that is our item for today: 

Item 1) Integral calculus done with matrix diagonalization.

  Item 1) Integral calculus done with matrix diagonalization.

Back in 2013 I already gave a proof about that nasty looking integral using the pullback principle. In 2013 when I found that strange principle that connects all kinds of exponential curves & circles in the diverse dimension, I named it at first: 

Massive modified madness. 

Later when I understood a bit more about the stuff I changed the name to the pullback principle where you simple pull back the higher dimensional curves to the complex plane unit circle. 

But there are still problems with the pullback principle; I am convinced it works always in all dimensions but I cannot prove that. So it is good I can update the old proof with a new one skipping the pullback principle and now using matrix diagonalization... 

Here is the latest math update.  


Ok, let me now try to upload the stuff with the ftp protocol; that is much more labor some because now I have to track all files that are changed and upload them file by file... 

Till updates.  


(19 Nov 2015) Shit man, without warning this website was moved to one of those modern SSD hard disk servers. And as such I was told I could no longer update this stuff... 

But with a bit of ancient technology known as the ftp protocol it looks like I can update both text and pictures. Two items for today's update: 

Item 1) I started a new website on math only.
Item 2) My condolences to the Russians and the French. 
Item 3) Google ranking of 3D complex numbers. 

  Item 1) I started a new website on math only.

Since there is still zero point zero reaction from all universities upon that nice stuff known as the 3D complex numbers and since I could no longer update this website I thought let's make a deep investment of 50 € and start a new website using a bit more modern technology: 

The benefits of this new website are that at least I can make categories with new updates so that brings a better structure to the story told. But there are also drawbacks, for example websites like this new one are more or less clear cut to be viewed on all kinds of devices like a standard desktop computer to mobile phones and everything in between. 
This causes pictures to be scaled into unreadable stuff... 

Well we'll see what comes to it because you can't keep on hanging in the past... 

 Item 2) My condolences to the Russians and the French. 

On 05 Nov I was a bit rude for the Russians, so I feel like making an apology for that; I should have formulated it a bit different but one day later on 06 Nov already I could no longer upload via the usual means. 

Ok, it is obvious that I was a little bit frustrated because of the remarks made by Russian officials as we the Dutch were to stupid to do investigations into our own air crash problem over the Ukraine. But that is no excuse, so sorry for being too rude.


In another development the French authorities raided a house that supposedly had the local ringleader who more or less was behind the terror attacks from last weekend. They used about 4000 rounds of ammo and lots of grenades. 

In the end identification of the remaining bodies had to be done via DNA sampling... 

That is very good my dear French; give that shit what it deserves. 


Now what Daesh or the islamic state concerns: Why do these people think they can win it from countries that have nukes? In the end when Daesh would become a serious security threat (I do not expect that because no Muslim country can make even good handguns or so) we simply will nuke it out. 

It will be the last option of course because by nuking it out you also kill all those children and females. But in the end my dear IS, I will make you look into the mirror of your own actions... 

 Item 3) Google ranking of 3D complex numbers. 

This item is very simple: If you make an internet search on the phrase '3D complex numbers do not exist' weirdly enough the website keeps on popping up with the five dimensional complex numbers. 

I think that this is  caused by the fact that the golden ratio is mentioned, so I do not think that people are enthusiastic about five dimensional complex numbers but that it gets a lot of clicks because of the mentioning of the golden ratio.  


Ok, in a future update I will hang in the answer to the math challenge as posted on 31 Oct below. We are going to use diagonalization of matrices to do integral calculus & as usual the professional math professors will see water burning one more time... 

Till updates.  


(05 Nov 2015) Oh oh, those poor Russians. This year they insulted us the Dutch via stating we were not capable of conducting a good investigation into the air plane crash above the Ukraine. A short time later they said an international investigation should do the thing instead of those dumb Dutch folks. 

A short time later the Dutch tried to get the United Nations involved, of course the Russians vetoed it, drank the Vodka all night long and laughed about us. 

It is good stuff turns around, a very good lesson for the Russians.
For example I would never say the Russians are to stupid to lead the investigation... 


Let's leave it with that because I only want to place a teaser picture for the next math update. So that is itme number one:  

Item 1) Teaser picture for a new way of integral calculus using diagonalization. 

  Item 1) Teaser picture for a new way of integral calculus using diagonalization. 

Two days ago I was mister Perfect; a new way of computing very difficult integrals very easy and what could harm me?

Well two day ago I just thought: What would happen if you do it along a straight line? 

And to be honest: my world crumbled. Some things are still alive, a whole lot of things are dead. If the outcome of your integral is path dependent, this changes everything... 

But let's not get emotional because for years and years I knew this would be coming. 

So only a teaser picture from paradise where they do not have to worry about imperfections.  


In a few days I will hang in this new method for calculating integrals like this using diagonalization. (Yet for the time being I do not understand why this is path dependent so only a few paths will get you to the correct answer.) 

Till updates. 


(31 Oct 2015) It would be tempting to comment a bit on the downing of that Russian civilian plane over the Sinai, but why speak when timing is in perfection? 

Therefore only a small math problem for the mathematical community out there: 

Item 1) Solve this integral with existing techniques.

 Item 1) Solve this integral with existing techniques.

The problem is very simple; there is a function and a domain of integration. 

So craft proofs that the next problem is solved without doubt: 


End of this update, till updates. 


(26 Oct 2015) It all went more smooth than expected, so the new html file on magnetism is ready one day before planning.

Item 1) Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles. 

 Item 1) Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles. 

Ha, this update will definitely meet a very silent reaction from the so called 'professional professors'. These pseudo scientist in the first place accept that electrons are magnetic dipoles without any experimental proof. 

And now the emperor is without clothing, the people from the universities will also have lost their voice. Or talk that stupid stuff like: 

Hey dude, electrons are magnetic dipoles. 

Shallow thinkers is what they are and for the time being this will not change.
Teaser picture, click on it to land at the new html file on magnetism: 


End of this update, till updates.  


(22 Oct 2015) Another update using quantum mechanics to prove that electrons are magnetic monopoles. Physics professors do not understand very good why the measurement of spin is so difficult to understand. They often say stuff like 'For some strange reason nature does not allow to measure it in two directions at the same time.

But I found a simple way to measure it in two and three directions demonstrating that these physics professors do not understand their own business... 

Item 1) For some strange reason nature does not allow for...

 Item 1) For some strange reason nature does not allow for...

Physics professors when giving lectures in quantum mechanics use a lot of higher math to make their point. Now of course that is not forbidden if this math is meaningful and to the point. 

In this wiki you can see for yourself what kind of math they use:
Spin, orbital, and total angular momentum 

But if electrons are magnetic monopoles as I am thinking, how can measuring via different axes lead to other results? It makes no sense that a measurement via the x-axis gives a different result compared to the y or z-axis.
Ok, with only a tiny amount of energy you can ram the electron into a higher magnetic state but likely there is also a conversation law at work that says total magnetic charge stays the same... 

This is the math where they use to torture the students for no reason at all: 


But in practice how do you measure the spin state of an electron?
The original Stern-Gerlach experiment used an inhomogeneous magnetic field but if electrons are magnetic monopoles you can also use any kind of bipolar magnetic field. 

The Stern-Gerlach magnetic field was vertical, but you can easily apply two magnetic fields at the same time. The quadruple magnets below are used in linear accelerators. 

The two north poles are opposite just like the two south poles (otherwise it would not be a quadruple magnet): 


Because the two equal magnets are placed opposite, elementary logic says that the electrons now should go in a straight line. 

You can even drive this idea further: Take a cube and place a magnetic pole in each of the 8 corners and ensure the opposite corners always have the same magnetic field pointing inwards. Also ensure that going from corner to corner you always alternate between magnetic fields. If a beam of electrons goes through the midpoint of the cube always entering the cube perpendicular, it should travel in a straight line... 

By the way my dear physics professors, why are these quadruple magnets used anyway in linear accelerators? That is to keep the electrons in sharp focused beams...

So every time one of you physics folks is telling the students:
For some strange reason nature does not allow us to measure spin in more than one direction, at that very moment in thousands of hospitals round the world constantly electrons are measured in two ways to keep the beams sharp. 

X-ray machines work with linear accelerators, so if you even had a broken bone and the doctors needed an X-ray photo, the machine uses the monopole properties of the electrons to keep them nicely in their sharp focused beam.


That is what I had to say, the quadruple picture is a part of a photo found here: 

Linear particle accelerator 
The phote was taken by John O'Neill. 

End of this update, till updates.  


(20 Oct 2015) In order to separate my insights in math to those related to magnetism I am planning to open a new html file on magnetism.  

So beside the three main pages on higher dimensional complex numbers, the new primer on magnetism will be there and it starts with an update that gives 10 reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles. 

Item 1) Reason number nine: The way masers work. 

 Item 1) Reason number nine: The way masers work. 

You might think like what the fuck is a maser but it is not for nothing this word rhymes like laser; the goal of a maser is to resonate hydrogen atoms into changing the so called 'spin' of the lone electron orbiting the lone proton in the hydrogen atom. 

Masers deliver the time in atomic clocks that for example are found in the GPS system and equivalent space programs from Europe. 

Masers can only work if electrons are magnetic monopoles, yet the folks of science have a bit of a problem with that because they worship the Maxwell equations that say magnetic monopoles do not exist. 

So instead of a clear road explaining why electrons are  magnetic monopoles, at CERN and stuff they burn taxpayer money to hunt stuff that validates the Maxwell equations... 


Just a short quote from a wiki about how masers work: 

A weak static magnetic field is applied parallel to the cavity axis by a solenoid to separate the magnetic Zeeman sublevels. 

Comment: The GPS system is loaded with atomic clocks and all of these atomic clocks use masers because it has this reliable frequency output. 

Yet what the engineers of those atomic clocks do not know; it is all based on electrons being magnetic monopoles. 


Relevant info: Hydrogen maser  

End of this update, till updates.  


(17 Oct 2015) Yesterday I was thinking why electricity in for example a copper wire transports so fast while the electrons themselves travel so slowly. The answer was extremely simple: it must be electro-magnetic radiation between the electrons...   

But this update is about a fresh experimental proof that electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

Item 1) Research presented by IBM proofs electrons are magnetic monopoles.

  Item 1) Research presented by IBM proves electrons are magnetic monopoles.

It is a relatively long Youtube video, about 70 minutes where I retrieve the screenshot from as shown below. The picture in the screenshot is about 20.45 minutes into the vid. 

The Spin on Electronics! -Spintronics- The Nanoscience and Nanotech of Spin Currents | Stuart Parkin 

This vid contains a lot of interesting stuff like wandering magnetic domains when you put a current though a nano wire but as a starter we look at the next picture where you see those stacked materials with conducting separating layers. 

Now the result is simple to understand: 

If all magnetic layers (just dipole macroscopic magnets) point in the same direction, electrical resistance is low. And if all magnets (the dipoles) are constantly placed into the other direction like that stack in the middle, the electrical resistance is much much higher.

This once more abundantly proves that electrons are magnetic monopoles because if they were magnetic dipoles no significant differences would be observed. 
Once more: if an electron was a tiny dipole magnet, in that case the forces on it's south and north pole would cancel out and large macroscopic magnetic fields would not influence it in a meaningful way. 
But all experiments in physics point not to a dipole magnetic electron, they all point to the opposite namely that electrons are magnetic monopoles... 


The experiment is a bit more advanced: in the middle stack if you apply strong magnetic fields, the electrical resistance also disappears! 

But ha ha ha, a strong outside magnetic field if strong enough will ensure the barrier magnetic layers are easily overcome. Simply said: the electrons that go through have a strong backwind that helps them to overcome the hard parts. 


The research shown in the vid looks a bit outdated like it is 10 years old or so.
Why is there no vibrant new spectrum of discoveries?
That is because at IBM and all other physics institutions like universities the people keep on thinking that electrons are magnetic dipoles... 


At the end of this update I would like to thank IBM with these results. Those wandering magnetic domains were truly an eye opener to me. 

Till updates my dear reader, live well and think well.  


(15 Oct 2015) Just a nice so called 'artistic interpretation' today of the Aurora Borealis & it's South Pole variant. In a normal world I would be beating the shit out of the Russians when it comes to the BUK stuff but we must never forget that the Russians despite the gigantic size of their nation are too stupid to even grow their own vegetables... (That is why we exported so much of that stuff in the first place.) 

Item 1) Why Mars died and Earth lived.

  Item 1) Why Mars died and Earth lived.

The solar wind is mostly made of loose particles like loose protons and electrons and the occasional helium nucleus. For a few years now I am investigating if these kind of particles are magnetic monopoles yes or no. 

All stuff found points to the simple statement that all spin half particles are in fact the long sought magnetic monopoles. Take for example a loose electron in the solar wind, if it were true this is a magnetic dipole in that case it would not be attracted by the earth North or South pole in any meaningful way. 

But if an electron is a magnetic monopole, the south pole version would be attracted to the earth North Pole. And the north pole variant of the electron would naturally be attracted to the earth South Pole. 

The professional physics professors think for some completely unfounded reason that electrons are magnetic dipoles, they have zero point zero proof for that so it is more or less like a religious dogma. 

A religious dogma is what an axiom is in mathematics or a so called postulate in quantum mechanics; it is something you take for granted to be true and on top of that you start building your theory. 

For example, in math it is an axiom that for two numbers a and b we have:

a + b = b + a 

and we do not try to prove that this is always true but we accept it as a basic fact of life: all numbers should behave this way and if not it are no numbers or it is not an addition. 

Now in the science of physics there is no experiment that validates the electrons have a north and a south pole from the magnetic point of view, it is just a dogma or a postulate but there is zero point zero experimental evidence... 


After having said that, think of the artistic mind. You must create a beautiful picture and the physics people do 'bla bla bla' but they have the money from the taxpayer. 

So what do you do? Well the artist will craft pictures like the next. Two different colors are used to paint the way to the earth North & South pole. The physics professors are glad because it looks good while the Maxwell equations are still valid (magnetic monopoles do not exist say the Maxwell equations). And this is how it looks, the artist uses two colors to differentiate between the earth magnetic dipoles... 


Source of this screenshot:  Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived 

Let's leave it with that because if so called professional physics professors are to stupid to do thought experiments on electrons being magnetic monopoles we should stop searching for intelligent life in the universe and instead try to find intelligent life on our own planet first. Till updates.   


(12 Oct 2015) A bit more on the CERN storing device for storing anti matter hydrogen, first I show you a faulty animation that could never work and after that I explain how I would design such a device. 

Item 1) All spin half particles are magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) All spin half particles are magnetic monopoles.

Ok, that British scientist known as Tara Shears did not explain at all how such a trapper of anti hydrogen would work in detail so I tried to look it up for myself. 

Like said before: professional physics people are highly schizophrenic when it comes to magnetic monopoles because the prophets Maxwell and Gauss do forbid that kind of religious thinking. 

Now because in practice you have to work with particles that are magnetic monopoles, the professional physics professors have found a way to stay inside the religion of 'official physics' why still tapping the properties of the magnetic monopoles.
They call it spin and they are always extremely vague explaining exactly what it is.
Often they start waiving their arms in the air stating 'quantum mechanics is just soo hard to understand'.  

With such statements they are right: If you use the concept of spin it is assured that quantum mechanics is hard to understand but if you use the magnetic monopole version of particle physics it is much more digestible...


After having said that, here is a link to a Youtubber explaining the technical details in trapping anti matter like anti hydrogen: 

ALPHA experiment animation 

Here is a picture with two screenshots from the Youtubber, it contains a gigantic fault because those circular electrical magnets should be both sending in the same magnetic stuff, let is be south pole or north pole magnetic stuff. 

So the two electrical currents should never run in the same direction, that would render the whole thing obsolete... 


Tech details: the octopole magnet uses about 700 Ampere currency and the two mirror coils about 700 Ampere. And that my dear reader is in a device only about 14 cm between the two mirror coils... 


Now how would I design such a magnetic monopole trapper? 

I would much much more use a spherical design where anti protons and anti electrons enter the sphere on opposite sides.
I would use magnetic fields only, except for the difference in magnetic monopole properties of protons and electrons (electrons have easily about one thousand times more magnetic monopole stuff compared to protons).
I would do stuff like releasing a thousand or a million particles at a given time.
I would cover the sphere with a lot of small circular, may be triangular shaped electrical magnets all pointing inwards the same magnetic charge like north or south pole. 

Etc etc, at CERN they are all overpaid so why not let them figure out crucial details for themselves. After all they are the ones that put a spin on it... 

End of this update, till updates. 


(08 Oct 2015) A scientist from the UK makes a gigantic blunder showing that my insights on electrons and all spin half particles are in fact the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

Item 1) Tara Shears: anti hydrogen is electrical neutral at 45.50 in the vid. 

 Item 1) Tara Shears: anti hydrogen is electrical neutral at 45.50 in the vid. 

These physics professors are truly schizophrenic: when they need the magnetic monopole properties of electrons and positrons they come up with that crazy concept as spin and when they explain the Maxwell equations suddenly magnetic monopoles cannot exist...  

They are crazy to the bone. 


What is the case? At CERN in the Swiss landscape they are trying to make anti-matter atoms like for example anti hydrogen. And they want to experiment on that. But if you want to experiment on that you need to be able to store it and that is the so called 'alpha experiment' where the anti hydrogen atoms are stored in a bottle like shaped thing. 

The entire documentary is almost 60 minutes and definitely worth watching but we only need the stuff at minute 45.50 and a few seconds more where Tara Shears says: 

Storing anti hydrogen is very difficult because it is electrically neutral so you cannot apply electrical fields to contain it. But the alpha experiment has some very clever magnetic bottle and they tap into the spin magnetic properties of the anti matter hydrogen... 

Stuff like that makes my pants fall down because Tare does not explain in any way how this bottle works, so I will do that but first you can check the stuff yourself: 

Tara Shears - Antimatter: Why the anti-world matters 


Now how does this bottle do it's job containing the mysterious anti hydrogen atoms in check while these atoms are electrically neutral?  

That is because magnetically speaking they are not neutral and bottle like structures like this are the same as a very old attempt to make a magnetic monopole from square shaped coils. 

The idea is as next: 

Coils producing bipolar magnetic fields are often circular but you can also making them like squares so you get square coils.
Take six of these square coils and put them into a cube shaped form with all magnetic south poles pointing into the cube. (Now you can trap a magnetic south pole in the middle of the cube, in order to trap a magnetic north pole just change the direction of the electrical current in the coils.) 

Basically now you have an electrical magnetic monopole because this configuration only sends out north pole magnetic field into the world and all south pole magnetic field is kept inside. 

This is basically how the CERN magnetic bottle must work, and it is not for nothing people like Tara Shears do not explain this kind of physics to a wider audience... 

You can make a bottle shaped thing like this with lots of tiny electrical magnets with all pointing the same magnetic charge inside the bottle, let it be the north pole magnetic charge or the south pole magnetic charge. 

End of this update, till updates. 


(07 Oct 2015) It would be tempting to discuss the Nobel prizes from today & yesterday but I refrain from that because in the previous update I estimated my own probability of ever getting such stuff as 0.0% for the rest of my life. 

That is not completely caused by the stupidity of the 'professional professors', it is also my own choice of avoiding all contacts with people who are overpaid in the first place. 

So we will be doing that what brings joy to the heart: Discussing a book with the title 'Complex Numbers the Higher Dimensional Forms' from the author Dennis Morris. 

Item 1) A wiki on split complex numbers.

 Item 1) A wiki on split complex numbers.

First let me bring praise to Dennis Morris who tried to explain higher dimensional complex numbers to a wider audience. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rank the contribution of Dennis about 8. 

That is a high ranking, what is the motivation for this level of ranking? 

1) Dennis is more or less from the physics side of science, he is clearly much much better than all these thousands and thousands of worthless math professors. 

2) The book is very transparent to read, for me this is very important because so much of the 'professional math professors' hide behind difficult schemes that are hard to penetrate.  

3) At my present age I could never write such a book, so it is good Dennis throws a second edition at it. (The first edition sold only 500 copies demonstrating abundantly how stupid professional math professors are when it comes to new stuff.) 


After having said that I strongly advice buying the book of Dennis because at Amazon it is only 20$ or so. Of course there is also the thing known as shipping fee and after 34€ and a few weeks of waiting I finally did have the book in my hands. 

This the Amazon link, if you are interested you should buy it: 

Complex Numbers The Higher Dimensional Forms - 2nd Edition: Spinor Algebra 2nd Edition 

Now without insulting Dennis, the book has the math depth of a bird bath; you will find nothing of the stuff I wrote down all those years. But for 'professional math professors' it is a very good starter. 


After having said that, on page 38 of the book that Dennis wrote we observe a nice historical overview of how generalizations of complex numbers evolved over the centuries. There has been not much progress, for example in something known as 'split complex numbers' from the year 1997 it is riddled with deep fundamental flaws.  

Here is the wiki on split complex numbers: 

Split-complex number  

One thing is clear: THE HUMAN MIND IS NOT CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING  higher dimensional complex numbers because for example in this wiki we have the next devastating stupid definition of a conjugate: 


So if humans produce weird math when it comes to two dimensional numbers, can we trust the Nobel committee for bringing forward those folks that drive science? 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(05 Oct 2015) In the last update I made a small mistake at the end; this update corrects this small mistake.

Item 1) A simple electron spin state separator.

 Item 1) A simple electron spin state separator.

The basis of this simple spin separator is the idea that electrons are the long sought monopoles, if an electrical current goes though a permanent magnet the magnetic electron monopoles easy more easy from the north pole than from the south. 

Therefore in the picture below S is the sender and is a permanent magnet (or an electrical one or it is the kernel of an electrical magnet), the red arrows represent a north pole and blue a south pole.
Small arrow represent the magnetic monopole electrons. 

I made a drawing mistake; D is the drain that attracts the electrons should be cut in half to separate the two kinds of electrons. The wires I and II now mostly contain monopole north electrons respectively monopole south electrons. 


In the picture from the previous update we observed a difference of 10 Ohm versus 100 Ohm depending on what kind of electrons were send out; therefore we must not expect 100% purity in our simple electron separator but more like a 90/10 ratio between the two magnetic states.   

Repeating the process a few times will jack up the purity. 

Now I combined the wires I and II again, yet in the science of spintronics this should not be done but the electrons with a desired state should be used in nano devices where a particular kind of electron spin (read magnetic monopole) is needed. 


Ok, tomorrow is the announcement of the Nobel prize in physics. Now in a normal unbiased world a paradigm change from electron being magnetic dipoles with 'intrinsic spin' to the more realistic view of electrons being magnetic monopoles could lead to a Noble prize. 

There is just one little problem: The people from the universities are the ones who do the pre-selection of possible candidates... 

So that is the end of the story; tomorrow I will have 0.0% chance just like all other years of my future life. 

I said it before: The university people are so full of shit that if you measure the content of shit before and after a toilet visit, no significant difference is measured. 


Yet I too will be watching with interest tomorrow because it is always good stuff.
I will not deny that. Till updates my dear reader. 


(02 Oct 2015) Two items; the first one is about insulin levels in the brains of people with a type of dementia known as Alzheimer (this is appendix 2 on the series of seven updates).

The second item is electron spin in nano-scale structures like and electron valve, we wonder how a magnetic dipole can make that work and as usual we arrive at the conclusion that electrons are magnetic monopoles. 

Item 1) What does an elevated insulin level do in the brain? 
Item 2) Nano devices like an electron valve & electron spin. 

 Item 1) What does an elevated insulin level do in the brain?

In this item I show you a graph of elevated insulin levels, but this graph is related to the insulin levels in stuff like muscle. I could never find a picture saying the same thing for the brains of people with dementia and that is not very surprising because such measurements are likely damaging to the brain... 

Now I think that the damage done to brains with dementia is simply the lack of energy they can put in from the sugar in the blood. Like said before; because of the high insulin levels the body of such people always is in sugar (glucose) burning mode and never in fat burning mode. And never switching between the modes makes the problems worse and worse.  

So a person with Alzheimer has elevated insulin in the brain, in the morning they wake up and the nurses or their family members will ensure they eat a few slices of bread and that is enough for another day without access to energy: 

The insulin resistance ensures insulin levels stay so high the fat burning mode never sets in during the day while at the time the insulin resistance ensures no glucose can be burned either. The food is killing the brain day by day...

Again; this is likely muscle insulin levels, you see on inspection that the lows of the high insulin levels are the highs of the normal insulin levels: 


Source of the picture: Why Are Fat People Hungry? 

By the way; the guy that maintains this butter & pants falling down website has lost 150 pounds. That is worth an applause, yet once you understand how your body reacts on weird foods like grain and sugar it is rather easy. 


Now if someone with dementia goes on a different diet it might be too late; the building up of plagues and stuff in Alzheimer can take up to two decades before the end phase is there. During these decades you should eat regularly such that the fat burning can take place (I think but have no proof for it that during the fat burning periods the insulin resistant cells shed their intracellular lipid and as such become normal again and energy intake is restored again). 

So far appendix two to the seven dementia updates. 

Item 2) Nano devices like an electron valve & electron spin. 

My list of things explaining that electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles is still growing. From the way the Aurora Borealis, the northern light, forms by the magnetic monopoles being sucked to the earth magnetic North Pole to the electron pairs in chemical bounds, all points to electrons as magnetic monopoles. 

Now people that work at universities and academia know that according to the rules of James Clerk Maxwell & Gauss no magnetic monopoles exist. Therefore they do all kinds of weird stuff to avoid the word 'monopoles' and now constantly the electrons have 'intrinsic spin' that is pointing up or down. 
Or they color the electrons red and blue.
But magnetic fields can go in any direction, it is nonsense to talk about spin up or down because that only relates to the application of a vertical magnetic field...

May be it is wise to look at the Youtubber first because there the electron valve is explained; it is a non-magnetic middle and there is a Send and Drain part and they are covered by either 2 north poles, 2 south poles or 1 north & 1 south pole.

And they start wondering why in some cases the electrical resistance is so low and in other cases it is so high. But understanding the magnetic monopole nature of electrons makes it so easy; a north magnetic monopole electron will get repelled by a north pole sender or north pole drain.
But a monopole south electron gets attracted by a north sender side, hence there will be much more electrical resistance or to put it otherways: you need a higher potential to send the electron from sender to drain.

nanoHUB-U Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics I: M4.1 The "Spinning" Electron - Spin Valve  

Here is a screen shot, it is a bit vague but the upper left shows that the red and blue path both have a resistance of 10 Ohm so the replacement resistance is 5 Ohm.  


The important thing to ask is: Can such a device work this way if electrons were in fact magnetic dipoles as the professional physics professors always claim? 

Of course not, if electrons were magnetic dipoles there would never be any difference in resistance. Because in such a small magnetic dipole like an electron, all magnetic forces would cancel out. We observe experiment in experiment out that these forces do not cancel out, hence electrons must be magnetic monopoles.

(By the way: do you notice with some minor modifications this small thing acts also as a state separator?) 


This nano device makes my pants fall down... ;) 
Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(28 Sept 2015) Why not put my math works into perspective?
After all, when for example we humans compare our body weight to the weight of our planet, we are humbled by the total mass of the earth.

In this small update we are doing the same with the complex numbers from the professional math professors over the last centuries.

Item 1) A bit of historical perspective.

 Item 1) A bit of historical perspective.

It is well known that sir Hamilton devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to find the three dimensional complex numbers. After many years of trying he found the so called quaternions and those are still in use today.  

Well actually Hamilton did a little bit more than this; it is not for nothing that the energy operator is called the Hamiltonian operator. The most fundamental equation in quantum physics contains this Hamilton energy operator. These form an integral part of the most basis stuff of quantum mechanics. 

Yet the Hamilton guy could not find the 3D complex numbers. 

I did find them on some Sunday afternoon back in the year 1990, but the math professors from the local university were just fucking stupid and never grasped what I found.  


More perspective: There are about 100 thousand math professionals out there. This is a rough estimate, likely it is much higher because what is a 'math professional' anyway?  

Now if you are a 'real pro' you like to attack the hard problems around. And as such all those professional people must have thought about the open problems out there. For example if they are true pro's they would like to try and find 3D complex numbers and study why they failed on their journey. 

Well non of the present math professors did find the 3D complex numbers and that also goes for the latest 150 years of non-performers after Hamilton arrived at the scene. 

My problem with all those universities is very simple at the bottom: 

A high IQ math professor would always try to find 3D complex numbers because it is important to understand where it all goes wrong... 

Yet century in century out there is zero point zero progress. 


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(25 Sept 2015) A small update on electron spin resonance and what this learns us for building quantum computers based on electron spin states.

Item 1) Electron spin resonance & quantum computing.

  Item 1) Electron spin resonance & quantum computing.

Electron spin resonance or ESP should not be confused with those medical MRI scans where the nucleus of the atom is brought into resonance. ESP focuses on resonating the unpaired electrons in an atom. 

Once more: unpaired electrons are the magnetic monopoles that the professional physics professors seek for so long and inside the framework of ESP this can be validated with are simple thought experiment: 

Begin thought experiment: 

Suppose the professional physics professors are correct and indeed electrons are magnetic dipoles and not magnetic monopoles. Now we stick two electrons on top of each other and that is known as an electron pair, this pair is the basic building block in sciences like the chemical sciences. 

Now if you put two magnetic dipoles on top of each other, you get another magnetic dipole and as such under the are of electron spin resonance you should get the same results if you resonate a loose electron or a pair of electrons. 

End of the thought experiment. 


In practice the electron pair is neutral to electron spin resonance while the loose or unpaired electron reacts wildly. Hence this behavior can only be explained by the simple fact that electrons are magnetic monopoles.


Ok, after my ritual ramming against standard stupid wisdom like 'magnetic monopoles do not exist' let's dive a bit deeper into the consequences as I see it for quantum computing: 

Professional physics professors instantly understand the next picture: 

A magnetic field is applied on loose electrons and perpendicular to that we have electro-magnetic fields that bring the resonating energy to the loose electrons: 


It is well known inside physics that the strength of the applied magnetic field is proportional to the difference in energy levels the electrons have when it comes to charging or discharging their magnetic monopole stuff. 

Source of this screenshot: 
Electron spin resonance 

You might wonder as what this has to do with quantum computing? 

After my humble opinion since in a quantum computer everything in the initial position has to be in some kind of superposition over the diverse quantum states, all admissible quantum states have to be of the same energy level. 

If not, measuring quantum states gives rise to different energy levels violating the principle of energy conservation.  

To put it simple: A quantum computer that works basically on electrons must have zero magnetic fields inside (and also zero electrical fields inside) because only the tiniest amount of pure magnetic field destroys the capability of forming superpositions... 

End of this small update, till updates.  


(21 Sept 2015) Oh oh, what happens if you do a Google search for the next phrase: 

3D complex numbers do not exist 

Although I was searching for lunatics explaining why they do not exist, to my amazement a link was there to my own website related to 5D complex numbers.
So that is our item of today: 

Item 1) Why is Google linking to a hardcore result from 30 Jan 2014???

 Item 1) Why is Google linking to a hardcore result from 30 Jan 2014???

I was only looking for idiot remarks from weird people explaining why complex numbers can only be two dimensional. Weirdly enough my own writings pop up on page 1 in a standard Google search if you search for: 

3D complex numbers do not exist 

This is strange because if you look for only '3D complex numbers' I am too lazy to click so far as to find this very webpage but with 'do not exist' I pop up on page 1... 

Anyway I do not waste much time upon my own rankings, the fact about 100% of math professionals cannot find higher dimensional complex numbers for themselves makes such rankings completely irrelevant. But a few times a year I conduct such experiments, it is always a waste of time.  

Yesterday when I performed the search for the first time I was on page 2, here is a screen shot of that: 


So I pondered the question why the hell Google relates to this math hardcore update and not to other more relevant stuff that is less hardcore??? 

Therefore I did read again my own math update from 30 Jan 2014 and may be the form of writing it triggered people to return much more because a lot of the basic things are now exercises. 

Furthermore the actual update might be only 10 pages, most other math profs needs about 20 to 50 pages to say the same content. 

On top of that, this update contains a big amount of math and once you understand it you are a different person forever. 


All in all this is a strange Google finding and all in all rankings are not important so I will not update on future rankings or so. Till updates.   


(18 Sept 2015) Two items: 

Item 1) A short overview of one decade of research into dementia. 
Item 2) Can a beam of electrons being split into three? 

 Item 1) A short overview of one decade of research into dementia.

This week I took the time and viewed a few long documentaries about the research into dementia the last decade. I did that because in the year 2005 it was found by that female researcher that her mice could develop Alzheimer when given a high fat diet (and of course the grains that mice are fond of). 

I have to say this was a sobering experience; no fundamental research whatspoever. A naive person might expect that if the brain has indeed insulin resistance you would focus on that because this is the basic mechanism that causes the lack of energy to the brain what causes all the rest. 

It is as simple as it is. 

Now do the people of the universities do this? The answer is no, no, no, no and much more no no no. As usual they complain about a lack of money and most of the stuff they do is concentrated on the deposits of amyloidal deposit between the neurons and that tau deposit inside the neurons. 

Although these deposits are of course highly damaging, they are only a symptom because in a healthy brain these deposits are absent... 

For example from the Stanford university: The Latest on Alzheimer's Disease Research   

From the University of California Television: Biology of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias  

Once more we observe how the universities do their business: They only wonder what the colleagues would think about it. In one of the documentaries it was even said there were two camps; the one camp thought it was the amyloid deposit and the other camp thought the tau stuff was the root cause of all evil...   


You see whatever science it is, if you have a deep problem to solve; 
These people are only preoccupied with their place in the rankings and deeper as that it will never ever go. Whatever branch of science it is, they are all pseudo scientists by definition. 

I mean, how hard can it be? The next link is a wiki on Insulin resistance and what is symptom number 1? It is brain fogginess: 

Insulin resistance 

 Item 2) Can a beam of electrons being split into three? 

Under the assumption that electrons are magnetic monopoles and as such electron pairs are the smallest possible magnetic dipoles, with a modified version of an old fashioned cyclotron it could be possible to split an electron beam into three separate beams. 

This is how an old fashioned cyclotron looks, the electrons go from the cathode to the anode and because they are in a magnetic field they go around in a circle: 


The magnetic field is perpendicular to the 'plane' where the electrons move and already you see the electrons separating away from the plane towards the magnetic poles...

Now my idea was to make two modifications: 

Mod 1) Make the electron receiving anode broader, say a beam of metal 20 cm wide. 

With a bit of luck this will give three different beams:
One beam of pure north magnetic monopoles;
A beam in the middle consisting of electron pairs &
Beam number three of only south magnetic monopoles. 

If there is no middle beam, it might be wise to take the cathode outside the homogenous magnetic field, so via a cylinder from outside feed them into the magnetic field, so the electrons could form pairs if they found the love of their lives... 


End of this update; so all dementia research is only into the symptoms while on the magnetic monopole front this nice experiment could give three electron beams.
Till updates. 


(15 Sept 2015) More incoherent ramblings on electron spin, this time I have selected a video from MIT. The reason I choose MIT is because they have a giant reputation. 

Item 1) Incoherent ramblings from MIT upon electron spin. 

 Item 1) Incoherent ramblings from MIT upon electron spin. 

Somewhere in the seventh minute this professional physics professor explains as why in the Stern Gerlach experiment a loose hydrogen atom gets separated into two beams and he explains this via precession of the electron going around the proton.  

At first this looks very convincing, tiny problem is that in the original S-G experiment they used ionized silver. Only later the experiment was done with atomic hyudrogen and the effects were there but very small. 

So how is it possible that Stern & Gerlach could separate a stream of silver ions while lots of electrons could go around the nucleus? 

It is just not possible, only if electrons are magnetic monopoles it can be explained that an entire silver ion moves against the direction of the stronger magnetic field.
It gets repelled, that is what you must think about when thinking about these kind of experiments... It's getting repelled, how to explain that away? 


Click on the picture for the 12.26 min Youtubber with the title: 
6-2 Spin and the multielectron atom: electron spin 

There is just so much completely wrong with this explanation; not only were silver ions used, this 'professional' professor uses the analogy of an electron spinning around a proton but ha ha ha in all atomic clocks they use the same system to separate electrons into those with 'spin up' and 'spin down'. 

But in the atomic clocks these electrons are not spinning around a proton, they just come from an electron cannon. In that case the 'professionals' are talking about the electron spinning around it's axis but in order to explain the observed data the electrons must be spinning much faster than the speed of light. 


One way or the other, all this nonsense from the universities cannot explain what we observe. But if you say; Hey dude the electron is an electric monopole and also a magnetic monopole and as such is capable of receiving and sending so called 'electro-magnetic' radiation, in that case you can explain all these observed phenomena.  

End of this update, till updates.  


(11 Sept 2015) A short update on electron spin because not only the professional professors from physics talk rambling incoherent stuff, the science known as chemistry is in the same state of mind.  

Item 1) Electrons are magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Electrons are magnetic monopoles.

There are many ways to find experimental evidence for this statement but the most important was done in the famous Stern-Gerlach experiment where ionized silver atoms went through an inhomogenous magnetic field and guess what? 

The beam was split in half. 

This is only logical if electrons are magnetic monopoles and if you use this idea to view all the diverse physical things out there it always makes sense.
Long before the discovery of the electron it was Gauss who declared that all magnetism must be dipole in nature. In the times of Gauss this was logical because every time they did split a magnet they were left with a dipole magnet and they simply could not divide the magnet down to one electron and a loose nucleus.  

Now professional physics professors always argue that they are a science and everything is founded in experimental proof. Yet for their pipedream as electrons being magnetic dipoles, no such experimental evidence has ever been given. 

You have all this bla bla bla from those professors but I am also listening to 23 years of bla bla bla from my own science math; these weirdo's think complex numbers are only there in the two dimensional form. These people clearly have mental issues like mild cognitive impairment or a leaky blood brain barrier... 

Anyway the reason for this update is to show you the next picture because it is very strange that the people from chemistry come up with models of atoms and molecules like this while at the same time they too think electrons are magnetic dipoles.
The red & blue things model the electron pairs in an atom:


The red an blue spots are, as far as I know reality, the same; the different colors are only there to bring more contrast in the picture. Every red and blue spot represents an electron pair, you see they never overlap and this is logical because each electron pair more or less consume their own magnetic stuff while the electrical charge prevents them from forming larger structures. 

Therefore electrons being magnetic monopoles is at the very heart of the science of chemistry; only the monopole nature of electrons explains the way molecules and atoms react the way they do.  

But there are so many ways to show that electrons are magnetic monopoles, take for example one of these pairs above. If such a pair was made of two magnetic dipoles there would be no reason to observe also electron triples or whatever number of magnetic dipoles attached to each other... 

It is safe to conclude that the triplet of sciences; math, physics and chemistry do not understand their own fundamentals at all.   


Source of the picture: Chemistry Lesson - 9 - Quantum Mechanical Model  

Till updates & do not forget to put a spin on your life.


(06 Sept 2015) Two days ago in the math files around higher dimensional complex numbers I did hang in a short update on the geometric series in 3D space. 

That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Teaser picture for the update on the geometric series.

  Item 1) Teaser picture for the update on the geometric series.

My goal was to write some short stuff that could be used in the second year of an academic study in math. So I had to keep it simple and I wanted it to be short. 

Therefore I selected the well known geometric series because everybody knows that thing. To be honest I was pleased I did make this choice because the geometric series also has a very simple so called functional equation coming with it. 

And functional equations are notoriously hard to understand, think for example the most famous open problem out there; the Riemann conjecture on the zero's of the zeta function. Now the zeta function also abides a functional equation but most people feel like they need to vomit in trying to understand that one. 


Luckily my functional equation is far more simple & easy to understand.
Read the latest update in the higher dimensional complex numbers by clicking on the picture below. 


Further reading: Geometric series 

(Remark: All my browsers return a https link, by now it looks like https works just as good as http but if it does not work on your computer try the http version of stuff.) 

Till updates. 


(03 Sept 2015) Correction: on 30 August I wrote that the Dutch government will spend about 100 million € on research into quantum computers, it seems to be a little bit more like 135 M€. 

In the meantime it was in the news that Intel pumps 50 M$ into a spin-off company of the Delft university over the next decade in order to help with making the first workable quantum computers.  

For myself speaking I am very much in favor of studying how computers can tap quantum effects much more, but I still have a giant doubt about that 'faster than light' communication stuff that is out there in the scientific community. 

Therefore I have decided to tell you what I do not understand at all about superposition of let's say electrons. Is it really true that a single electron can be in two quantum states at the same time? 

Item 1) Can a single electron be in more than one quantum stage at any given time?

 Item 1) Can a single electron be in more than one quantum stage at any given time?

You know that classical physics has those fundamental laws like the law of conservation of energy. Now if I understand the quantum stuff correctly, professional physics professors say that different spin states of the single electron has different energy levels related to them because of some 'exclusion principle' from a guy named Pauli. 

Well, that is very interesting. Because how can an electron be in a superposition of states when if you measure the spin state where does the energy go? 

How can a quantum particle be in a superposition of quantum states with all different energy levels? 


I have my own views on this kind of stuff, for the time being I stay on the Einstein side of things: information cannot travel faster than c. 

Link (added on 04 Sept): 
Intel invests $50m in the Delft University of Technology to advance quantum computing

If quantum computers will arise is another thing. End of this update.  


(30 Aug 2015) The Dutch government is planning to spend about 100 million € for the next decade to put together an university department for crafting quantum computers.

That is fine, after all 100 million is just a few Euro's per capita citizen, but quantum computers can only work if professional physics professors understand the nature of quantum particles like electrons. 

If stuff pans out right we could, for example, have faster than light communications... 

Item 1) The Delft folks do the Mr. Bell experiment at 1280 meter.

 Item 1) The Delft folks do the Mr. Bell experiment at 1280 meter.

In Delft they succeeded into separating quantum particles from a so called entangled state and bringing them 1280 meters apart. If the spin state of one of the electrons was measured, the spin state of the other electron was instantly known despite the distance of 1280 meters... 

For the average person interested in quantum stuff, source Scientific American: 

Quantum "Spookiness" Passes Toughest Test Yet

On the preprint archive we have a pdf file that is far more hard to swallow: 

Experimental loophole-free violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electron spins separated by 1.3 km  


This more of less validates that entangled wave functions stay entangled even after spatial separation. So was Einstein wrong? 

But what do we know about the electron pair? 

I think all spin half particles are magnetic monopoles but in a electron pair it could just be that the electrons are constantly exchanging the magnetic charge they have. 

If so, there must constantly be a photon hanging around with a wavelength of about 21 cm to transport the energy needed to do the exchange of magnetic charge.  

So if the Delft folks measure the stuff at place A, it is assured that in place B it will be opposite. No information has traveled in between because the loose electrons were still in their old resonating wave function... 


End of this update. 


(26 Aug 2015) Two items for today: I did forget in the last dementia update to point at all those amputations we have in obese people. That is also from dying nerves.

The second item is about electrons being magnetic monopoles and in a Youtubber you can see all the idiotic professional physics professors make from magnetic spin...   

 Item 1) Appendix 1 on the last dementia update number seven. 
 Item 2) A Nottingham professor on electron magnetic spin. 

 Item 1) Appendix 1 on the last dementia update number seven. 

All these obese people have elevated risks of amputation of the lower limbs like a foot or half of a leg. Now why is that? 

Very simple: the pain nerves do not work any longer.  

And if they step into something that wounds one of the feet, they do not feel it.
And if they do not feel it, they keep on walking and as such the original wound cannot heal, the problem spreads and all that can be done is an amputation of the lower limbs. 

But if you cannot feel pain from your feet any longer, what the fuck is happening? 

The pain registering nerve has died... 

And the nerve died because it was no longer able to retrieve energy from the glucose in the obese body... It is as simple as it is: constantly burning glucose and never ever burn body fat, it will kill you in ways you cannot imagine.  

 Item 2) A Nottingham professor on electron magnetic spin. 

In the UK city of Nottingham they have a university and they spread out lots of video's of their research. That is a good thing, in my home country all the universities do is suck in a gigantic boatload of money and perform like shit decade in decade out.

Now in my view electrons are magnetic monopoles because for example in the science of chemistry we only observe electron pairs. If electrons were magnetic dipoles this would not be observed...

Let's leave it with that, here is the weird reporting on how electrons are magnetic dipoles but have 'intrinsic spin' anyway according to Nottingham professional physics professors, at 3:49 seconds into the vid we have this nonsense:   


It was about 1.5 years ago in the winter season when I thought out that electrons were the basic magnetic monopole vehicle. Yet year in year out the people from the universities are burning tax payer money and deliver only shitty talks....  

(Although if you dive into the publishing detail, this video was done 3 years back.) 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(23 Aug 2015) This is update nr seven on dementia where we view dementia illnesses like Alzheimer as a problem with the energy intake of the human brain.
This energy deficit is probably caused by resistance against insulin so the brain cells cannot burn on glucose, they can also not burn on ketones that are made by the liver from all kinds of fat like body fat or dietary fat.  

So the sugar laden diet is such that we literally are eating ourselves dementia and Alzheimer and so... 

Item 1) For the time being is this the last update on dementia. 

  Item 1) For the time being is this the last update on dementia. 

Disclaimer: This stuff is no math, in the first place I have no education in medicine whatsoever not even in middle school biology. Yet at the end of my life as a bread eating person, via the vehicle of inflammation the gluten came out of the skin of my legs out;
It was always a small blub of white blood cells but there was always a small grain in it. 

I collected a few of these grains and put them under the microscope; I recognized the stuff as gluten. Gluten is an important ingredient of bread and all wheat based foods and the problem with gluten is that your body cannot digest it. 

Once inside the body, stuff that cannot be digested at all will cause problems for your body one way or the other. But it can take a long long time; at the end of my 50-th year I finally developed gluten allergy. 

All in all I am glad I developed it because this simply forced me to stop eating bread and after I stopped eating that shit a tremendous amount of positive things happened. 

Now always when there is talk about gluten you have these people writing and talking about celiac disease; and they say that only 1% of the population has it and that the remaining 99% can safely eat bread because they are not allergic & bla bla bla. 

If you read that you instantly know you are dealing with an idiot; bread causes a wide spectrum of illnesses. Let me give you a few examples from my life that those idiots will never understand: 

1) Better vision of the color blue at day outside. There is more contrast between blue and the other colors. Yet I easily passed all colorblind tests there are, but after stopping bread the vision became better. 

2) Better vision at night. In my garden shed I have two lights, one big light with a switch and a small light with a plug. Once or twice a night I try to use the small light, in the past I often needed to first put on the big light so I could push the plug in...
I never have to do that anymore because I have better night vision.

3) Tooth chalk. During my entire life I always had those deposits of tooth chalk. It is genetic said the dentist, use a good anti tooth chalk tooth paste and you will be fine.
My whole life I had deposits of tooth chalk on the skin in my mouth, I stop eating bread and guess what? It is completely gone. 


I can easily make a list of 10 such things but this is supposed to be about dementia in general and Alzheimer in particular. Now the best information comes from Susan de la Monte because about 10 years ago she was able to create Alzheimer like stuff in standard laboratory mice from a standard variety. 

Now I love Susan because she came up with the idea that Alzheimer is diabetes type 3 and that in can happen independent of diabetes type 1 & 2. Furthermore, an important eye opener is the new fact that the brain can make it's own insulin. 

So independent of the rest of the body, if your body is in sugar burning mode the human brain has it's own regulation thing of more insulin in the brain yes or no. 
This is important because brain tissue becomes insulin resistant when there is fat stored inside the body cell of the brain tissue and that only happens when insulin levels are too high.  

But the human body on this crazy food is always in sugar burning mode and never in fat burning mode, the brain cannot burn glucose because too much brain tissue is insulin resistant and it can not burn fat via the ketones because the body is always in sugar burning mode... 

It is as simple as it is. 

Insulin is the most powerful hormone there is:
In males it lowers even testosterone if insulin levels are too high and in females it lowers the estrogen hormone if insulin levels are too high.
There are hundreds and hundreds of hormones in the human body, but insulin is the most important hormone because if you do not understand it, insulin will kill you slowly. 


It is a difficult read for most people, if has all that medical jargon in it and all those abbreviations like AD or CNS but if you have some working brain left it is very wise to try a few hours and read the stuff from Susan: 

Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed 

At the end of the review there is a list of abbreviations, for example:
AD = Alzheimer's Disease and 
CNS = central nervous system.  

Why they use all these abbreviations I don't know, may be they want to keep the outsiders out and the insiders in. 

Anyway although I like Susan a lot because of her work, I completely disagree with the solution she arrives at. Let me quote: 

The findings that (1) pronounced insulin/IGF deficiency and resistance develop early in the course of AD; (2) insulin/IGF signaling abnormalities progress with severity of neurodegeneration;, and (3) an experimental animal model with features closely mimicking the molecular, biochemical, and neuroanatomical pathologies of AD could be generated by intracerebral delivery of a drug that causes T1DM or T2DM led us to test the hypothesis that AD-type neurodegeneration and cognitive could be reduced or prevented by early treatment with insulin-sensitizer antidiabetes agents such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) agonists. 

Comment: In my view the problems are caused by the fact the body is always in a sugar burning mode and never in a fat burning mode. Therefore the sugar eating people will only get more and more fat in the strangest of places like for example brain tissue. 
Medicine that make the body more sensitive to insulin is nonsense, if you give your body the opportunity for burn the fat rather likely the dementia problems will never arise in the first place.  


Also in this last update I want to repost the picture where you roughly can understand how insulin levels rise and fall in the human body:  


Once more: 

For every person this will be different &
If you age it will be different &
Inside each food group the different foods will act different. 

But grosso modo you can say that eating carbonhydrates raise the blood sugar levels so fast that after eating that stuff your body just cannot lower the insulin level. 

And so for a long time you cannot burn fat and if you eat three meals a day with that stuff you never ever burn any fat on any given day. 

And that my dear reader explains why there are so many people with so many unwanted fat rolls, fat bellies, fat this and fat that.  

Till updates.   


(16 Aug 2015) This is update nr 6 on dementia and it is one of the last updates.
I have arrived at the conclusion that seriously fighting dementia in, for example, the Dutch population, you also need the help of people from the universities. 

Well it is widely documented on this website how the people from universities behave: we the society are there to server them with boatloads of money and all they are is a bunch of suckers. Incompetent to the bone decade in decade out. 

Item 1) The ketogenic diet.

 Item 1) The ketogenic diet.

During the last half year I screwed together the way I need to eat in order to be healthy and have a stable body weight. No jojo stuff for me.  

By comparison; in the UK people that lost about the same amount of body weight as I did is about 1 in 210 persons. Think about it: only 1 in 210 can loose as much body weight as I did.
The other 209 all started to do the jojo thing...

But if only 1 in 200 males of my age group succeed in going back to a healthy weight, on a very deep level in our societies we understand next to nothing about food. 
So it is just like the math professors with their complex numbers and physics professors with their magnetic monopoles... They too do not understand the basics of their own profession.  

Now the way I screwed together how I must eat looks a lot like the so called ketogenic diet. I never heard of this way of eating, only a few weeks ago I found it when researching the ketone bodies. 

What we have in common is that there is a strong need to keep the levels of insulin low, that is why it is called the ketogenic diet because low insulin guarantees there is enough burning of fat.   


When a person is diagnosed with some form of dementia and after that this person goes on this keto diet, will it help? 

Compare that to being diagnosed as having lung cancer and only after that you stop smoking cigarettes. Most of the time it is too little too late.
Don't forget before people are diagnosed with dementia they first must show the change in behavior, but the change in behavior is the end station.  


The way I view it now is that lack of energy retrieved from glucose combined with far to high insulin levels in the brain cause most of the trouble. Old people should not eat food that jacks up the insulin... It is as simple as it is. 

End of this update, just two links: 

News You Can Use - Alzheimer's Disease and the Ketogenic Diet  

Remark that although the medical doctor is on the right track in the above video, he clearly has no clue about the role of energy not going to the brain. 

And from two years back: 

Blood Levels of Insulin and Hemoglobin A1c in Foundation Members

Ok this one of the last updates on dementia, so it is important to remark once more that as long as my Dutch government promotes eating bread the levels of dementia will only rise rise and rise given our demographic structure. 

Till updates.  


(14 Aug 2015) This is already update number 5 on dementia, the subset of Alzheimer within the dementia umbrella and today I would like to throw in that eating food is also a mathematical dynamical system. 

Don't be scared, there are zero difficult looking math formulas... 

Item 1) Burning sugar and burning fat as a dynamical system.

 Item 1) Burning sugar and burning fat as a dynamical system.

As today's medical knowledge stands in the year 2015 our human bodies have two ways of retrieving energy on the cellular level: 

1) Eat food, insulin levels rise and body cells are opened to take in glucose from the blood.  

2) Stop eating food, insulin levels decline and body cells more and more use fat burning in the form of ketone bodies.  

The dynamical system is very simple: 

Suppose you are in state 2) and you have stopped eating in order to let the fat burning process to do it's way.
After some time you get hungry so you prepare a meal and you eat it.
This meal forces the body to go into state 1) and glucose levels rise while fat is no longer burned but stored. 


Basically that is all there is to know about food; use it properly and ensure that within the 24 hour time span you visit both the sugar and fat burning side. 


You might wonder WTF has this to do with dementia or Alzheimer?
We are following the government advices and they say you must eat bread and stuff every day and never skip breakfast???

Well only eating a few slices of bread and your body cannot burn fat for many hours. How many hours is dependent of many factors like for example do you ride 150 kilometer on a bike this day yes or no.
Your age is also important, I have zero reliable information on it but the younger you are the faster your insulin levels decline. So if you are young you sooner start burning fat again... 

Elderly people that keep on eating bread and other forms of sugar food never enter the fat burning cycle anymore, more and more fat is also stored inside brain tissue and brain cells so the glucose burning simple does not work any longer. 

At the same time the brain cannot burn fat because insulin levels keep on being elevated. Hence your brain has no energy and as such it will develop a wide spectrum that is known as the dementia umbrella. 


The name of this picture as stored on my PC is 'Sugar burning does not work'. 

The same goes for my Dutch government that encourages eating bread on a daily basis, these people they are weido's and luckily enough inside the families of political leaders there is plenty of death related to dementia and or Alzheimer. 

Good luck with it my dear political leadership. 
End of this update, till updates.  


(11 Aug 2015) When I talk about elderly that should avoid all food that raises your levels of insulin hormone, there will always be lots of medical doctors that will sabotage this just like the math professors try to sabotage the higher dimensional complex number systems. In the next vid you can find the classical fault when it comes to interpreting statistical results.

Item 1) Cause or just a correlation? Is saturated fat bad?

 Item 1) Cause or just a correlation? Is saturated fat bad?

Your body can break down saturated fat so in principle it is not poisonous or so. 

Now a lot of medical doctors still think consuming too much saturated fat is the basic cause of health problems like Alzheimer, diabetes type 1 & 2 and cancer. 

In the next Youtube vid an American medical doctor talks about why saturated fat is causing Alzheimer. He is wrong on the causation versus correlation thing: 

It is the fact that most people are in glucose burning mode that causes them to not being able to burn fat. If you cannot burn fat you have to eat many meals a day.
If you cannot burn fat you only get fatter year in year out.
If you cannot burn fat you get insulin resistance that only makes you more hungry... 

And so on and so on; my hypothesis that Alzheimer is caused by the fact the brain cannot get energy from the food carves far more wood compared to this smooth talking guy: 


You can find the nonsense at 11.25 minutes, source: 
Avoiding Alzheimer's - Neal Barnard MD  

Now why are people eating so much saturated fat on a much more higher risk compared to those who eat 13 grams saturated fat? 

Well this way of using the amount of saturated fat consumed is only a difficult way to measure how obese a person is. Obese people eat a gigantic amount of food because their bodies cannot digest it properly and of course obese people are the ones destined for brain illnesses like Alzheimer. 

(But non obese people can get Alzheimer too, if they eat bread on a daily basis it is like bye bye brains forever. For example my grand mother was not obese but a daily bread eater and she died from Alzheimer...)


Let's forget crap like this from this Neal person and concentrate on Alzheimer being a sickness of the brain caused by the lack of energy it can take in via glucose... 

Till updates. 


(09 Aug 2015) More and more the puzzle pieces of dementia are falling into place: lately I found out that it was classified as diabetes type 3 and that the brain became incapable of retrieving energy from the glucose in your blood. 

So let's dive into that. 

Item 1) Strange places where fat is stored.

  Item 1) Strange places where fat is stored.

For reasons completely not understood, to high sugar levels in the blood are toxic to the human body. Now the medics have a very strange way to measure blood sugar levels; they do it in milligram per deciliter of blood. 

And the optimum is about 100 milligram per deciliter, actually that is a way of saying exactly 1 gram per liter of blood so at any given time you have about 5 gram of glucose in your blood to give your cells energy when you are in  a sugar burning mode as induced by the hormone insulin. 

Now if you eat weird food like bread or drink the coca cola thing, blood sugar rises and this is dangerous for unknown reasons but your body knows perfectly how to handle the danger: create more fat from the excess sugar. 

That is why you see such strange fat deposits in people who follow the official guidelines for food, like for example eating bread on a daily basis. 

Excess fat on a macroscopic level is for example the widening stomach, the rolls of fat over there, the double chin, in females the cone shape of the upper legs. 

There is also medium sized storage of smaller deposits of fat, for example when I was a teenager I could sit comfortably with my legs crossed over one another. When I was about 25 years of age I was no longer comfortable to sit as such longer then about 5 minutes. I was still slim but my legs had excess fat storage.  

By the way, that is the leg test: Can you sit completely comfortable with your legs crossed for about 10 minutes? If not you have medium sized extra fat deposits. 

The mini level of strange fat deposits are the deposits inside the blood veins; that is relatively hard fat that clogs the stream of blood. Remark this only happens if you are constant in a sugar burning mode where you cannot burn fat.  

Here is a picture of macroscopic extra fat deposits: 


Let's now look at some very strange fat deposits on the microscopic level. 

That is insulin resistance; your body is no longer reacting to insulin so you cannot burn sugar and you feel hungry all day long. 

Insulin resistance is fat stored inside that body cell, that fat blocks the hormone insulin and the result is that this particular body cell cannot burn glucose any longer. 

This happens also in the brain of the elderly; more and more the brain cannot burn glucose from the bloodstream. But because of weird government propaganda our elderly eat three meals a day and every meal has weird stuff like bread or those polymerized sugars known as starch. 

So because of the Dutch government propaganda the Dutch elderly never can burn the fat and as such it gets deposited everywhere on all kinds of weird places...

Thanks for your attention, till updates. 
Update from 10 Aug 2015: Here is a simplified picture of why I always skip 18 hours between food intakes; if you want to burn fat you must keep the insulin down.
But if I get hungry during these 18 hours I always eat something and since I am in the 'fat burning mode' I guess my body is telling me to eat some proteins like a baked egg or so... I estimate about 1 in every 10 days I eat some protein during the day. 

Anyway during the not eating period the insulin levels are named fasting insulin, here is how they look (again this is a simplification and for every person it might be a little bit different but grosso modo this is how it looks): 


Till updates. 

(07 Aug 2015) It is no secret I am in the anti sugar & anti wheat camp because that is best for my body. But I am also a scientist and as such I should reason not from my body only and draw conclusions for the entire population on that. 

Item 1) The low carb high fat diet versus the low fat high carb diet.

 Item 1) The low carb high fat diet versus the low fat high carb diet.

About one hundred days ago I stopped eating during the daytime, I lost no weight and most days I go for about 18 hours without food while I ride my bide every day about 40 to 50 kilometers during the summer time. 

You understand instantly: people that can go without food for 18 hours every day, these people burn fat and avoid carbon hydrates like bread, rice or potatoes. 

If you want, you can also be a vegan, you avoid all meat and animal fat and you eat lots of sweet fruit and vegetables.  

If you are a vegan you cannot go without food for 18 hours every day so you are just like a cow in the grass field eating all day long using your 3 or 5 different stomachs to digest the food you eat. 

Luckily there is some sugar in the fruit because humans have only one stomach...  

Anyway before we dive into the details of why people get illnesses like Alzheimer and all those other brain illnesses, it is important to understand the basics of food. 

So I want to show you this picture because if you are a fat burning person the hormone under the name insulin is your enemy while if you are a vegan the hormone insulin is your best friend forever... 

This picture is only the glucose level, insulin levels come down very slowly. 


Of course graphs like these are averages, everybody will react a little bit different to the food inputs they have.  

Basically it is very simple: If you are a sugar burning person you should avoid fat and if your body prefers burning fat you should avoid all sugars and on top of that most carbon hydrates.  

Only if you do not follow this basic insight you will develop long term illnesses like the Alzheimer brain that kills itself... 

Source of the picture: Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines 

And here you can see a food fanatic pushing his anti fat views on the entire population, it is obvious from his reasoning that he seeks a 'one size fits all' solution. 

Dr Michael Greger, MD discusses diabetes and the dangers of low carb diets 

Have a good time digesting this simple insight, till updates. 


(05 Aug 2015) It would be tempting to post more about the development of the spectrum of Alzheimer illnesses but given the fact my own Dutch government promotes eating bread every day, I refrain from that. 

It is important to lay the responsibility for all those Alzheimer death and suffering at the feet of those people that promote eating bread. 

After having said that, this update has the last teaser picture for the missing equations. It is appendix number three, it is nine pages long and it is math hardcore nine pages long. 

Item 1) I am missing equations so I went to the lost & found department. 

 Item 1) I am missing equations so I went to the lost & found department. 

Appendix number three contains only 2 small screen shots but it is math hardcore as hard as I can make it for a wider audience. 

I think that over 90% of those overpaid math professors are too stupid to understand it, after all we are still in year number four of complete silence when it comes to the higher dimensional complex numbers.  

And four years of silence is a strong indicator of stupidity.  

Anyway to make some story short, here is the last teaser picture and very likely the next math update is something much more easy to digest: 

The geometric series in higher dimensions...  Click on the picture to land at the third appendix, all in all this update was 37 pages long and as such the longest ever. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(02 Aug 2015) In this update I want to explain the main mechanisms behind the development and progression of dementia or the illness of Alzheimer.

I only miss the proof of a small detail; how is it possible that nitrates can cross the blood-brain barrier? I think it is gluten in the bread that makes this possible but once more: I do not have proof for that detail. 

But since stuff passes the brain-blood barrier we know it happens anyway... 

Item 1) Glucose, ketone bodies and dementia in the human brain.

 Item 1) Glucose, ketone bodies and dementia in the human brain.

The main cause for the progression of this illness is a shortage of energy available for the brain tissue. Now how does the human body get the energy from?  

1) Glucose, all food like hydro carbonates is turned into glucose. The body releases the hormone insulin and that makes you body cells open to the glucose.
If you develop tolerance to insulin your body starts producing more and more insulin, you will always feel hungry and overeat as such.

2) If levels of insulin are low enough you burn on body fat or the fats out of food and this is done via ketone bodies. You can smell your urine if that happens; when last year in July I stopped eating bread my urine started to smell foul. That is a sign that your body burns fat.

It is important to understand the role of insulin: if insulin levels are too high your body cannot burn body fat because it is in 'glucose mode' and as such it can only store fat.
If insulin levels get lower and lower the more easy it is to produce the ketone bodies. 

Now dementia is also known as diabetes type 3, this means that the brain has become tolerant for insulin so even elevated levels of insulin in the brain does not help for running on glucose from the food. 

But your body can also not produce ketone bodies during the day if for example in the morning you ate a few slices of bread. After eating bread for many many hours your insulin levels are just too high. 

In a nutshell this is how the development of dementia works: 

1) The brain does not react any longer on insulin.
2) Therefore the brain cannot retrieve energy from the glucose in your blood, but
3) Because insulin is elevated your body cannot produce the ketone bodies that otherwise would form an alternative for glucose. 

So simple is the main mechanism, it is a lack of energy for the brain and as such it starts malfunctioning in many ways. 


Now how do I know that after eating bread your body cannot burn fat? 

My entire life as an adult I always woke up in the middle of the night, usually about five hours after I had my last slice of bread and I woke up from the hunger.
I always had the alternative of not eating but in that case I could never go to sleep again and five hours of sleep is also unhealthy.
So I always ate some bread and went to sleep again...  


Lately the product known as coconut oil is rather trendy, I am using it myself and the supermarket Aldi has a biological version for only 3€ per pound. This stuff also contains ketones. Elderly with beginning symptoms of dementia often show improvement when they eat food prepared with coconut oil.  

Now coconut oil is not a bad thing, but it would be best if people avoid all sugar and all carbohydrates; eat like you have diabetes and avoid anything that can turn into glucose. 

In my home country the Netherlands about a quarter of a million people have dementia and that will rise to about 400 thousand in the future.
This is easy to prevent but the problem in my country is that the government sponsors and promotes the eating of bread on a daily basis. 

Once more: It is always stupidity that kills the most people... 


Useful links: 

Ketone bodies ( 

Dementia (

From the National intsitutes of health I have this next modified picture about what the energy shortage does with a human brain (don't forget a healthy brain consumes about 20% of all energy your body needs): 


Also nice about coconut oil: 
Coconut Oil As an Alzheimer's Treatment - Dr. Mary Newport 

Ok the next update is a math update because I have been working on a 'hardcore appendix' to the latest screenshot update.
Or it will be an electron = magnetic monopole update because I found that giant stupid mistake all those physics professors make; they do not understand you can add magnetic fields and instead of it they produce weird quantum mechanics bla bla bla. 

Keep tuned, till updates.  


(27 July 2015) Those pictures and movies from the Pluto mission are not only awesome, they are ultra awesome.   

Therefore I have decided to unveil a new class of new trigonometric identities and for one week this class of infinitely many identities will have the name of 'NASA identities'. 

After the next week the class of trigonometric identities, I am so sorry, but they must have their old name back and the old name is:  

Determinants of exponential circles & curves. 

Item 1) For seven days on a row they are named 'NASA equations'. 

 Item 1) For seven days on a row they are named 'NASA equations'. 

Now why only seven days on a row name it the NASA equations or the NASA identities?

That is because far to often equations are given the name of the human person that more or less discovered those equations for the very first time. 

That is a stupid way of labeling math equations, paramount should be what these particular set of equations do or try to describe. 

And as such 'determinant of exponential circles' is far more informing compared to 'NASA equations in three dimensions'.  

Let's leave it with that. Here is the teaser picture for the NASA 3D equations: 


Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 
Update from 29 July; Here is a screen shot from the above new goniometric identity:  


Let me also give you the code that you can cut and paste into that applet found on the university of Leiden and thereafter the link to that applet: 

(sin(3*x)/(3*sin(x)))^3 + (sin(3*(x - pi/3))/(3*sin(x - pi/3)))^3 + (sin(3*(x - 2*pi/3))/(3*sin(x - 2*pi/3)))^3 - 3*(sin(3*x)/(3*sin(x)))*(sin(3*(x - pi/3))/(3*sin(x - pi/3)))*(sin(3*(x - 2*pi/3))/(3*sin(x - 2*pi/3))) 

WWW Interactieve Multipurpose Server  

Once more: You must search a bit until you find that applet named Animated drawing. I cannot give you a direct link because this server has session bounded pages so the link that works for me might not work for you...  

But isn't it awesome? A third degree polynomial in three variables with the name determinant and it is always precisely one... 

Ok till updates, rather likely it is going to be a food update because I came across this terribly bad documentary under the name The War on Wheat - the fifth estate 

And this is such a horrible bad bad documentary, the so called 'scientists' in it absolutely have no idea about for example the role of bread and wheat when it comes to stuff like dementia. It is not only that eating bread is a necessary condition for developing dementia in the first place, in the second place if you keep on eating bread the illness only speeds up and up and up. 
And it is all so fucking simple to understand...  

Till updates.  


(21 July 2015) The last days I wrote two appendices to the 'screen shot update' on the higher dimensional complex numbers.
Appendix 1 is about how I found the modified Dirichlet kernels &
Appendix 2 shows six different ways to find the exponential circle in 3D space. 
Here is the link to the appendices.  

But today we are using so called 'angular momentum theory' for electrons to destroy once more the idea that electrons are magnetic dipoles on their own. 

Item 1) How to add magnetism.

 Item 1) How to add magnetism.

First we are going to do a thought experiment with bar magnets (square shaped bar magnets so all four of the long sided of the bar magnet have equal area).
But first you must know what magnetic dipole moment is. 

Magnetic dipole moment is easy to understand; it is the strength of the magnet multiplied by the height. Or, more precise: multiplied by the distance between the north and south pole. 

Now for a bar magnet this is easy to calculate if you know the strength of a particular metal you can make magnet from. For example iron; if the magnets are produced properly the strength is proportional to the amount of iron used. 

Magnets can have all kinds of shapes, for example sphere shaped or egg shaped.
We will not go into that. 

Now to the electron; here is the source file from wikipedia: 

Angular momentum operator  


Now we do our thought experiment: 

Take two bar magnets and put them together so that the length doubles, of course you must attach north to south in the middle. 

It is 100% obvious that because the distance between north and south is now double, the magnetic dipole moment is now double. You can code this as NSNS.

Now you put the magnets together in such a way that the thickness doubles, code it like


So you twist one magnet 180 degrees and put them together. 

What happens to the magnetic dipole moment? 

That has become less because where the magnets touch all magnetism stays indide.
You can argue that since two sides are now packed together there are only 6 remaining sides where with the long NSNS magnets you still had 8 sides. 

So total 'magnetic dipole moment' is roughly 1.5 times that of one bar magnet.

It is important to remark this construction is a magnetic quadrapole and not longer a dipole so 'dippole moment becomes a fuzzy notion...   

You see that if you put two dipole magnets together the way they are oriented in space becomes very important because sometimes the dipole moments enforce each other but if you turn one magnet total magnetism becomes less because they are eating each others magnetic field instead of making it only stronger... 


In this simple formulae the J stands for the total and L stands for orbital magnetism and S is the so called spin magnetism. 

But nowhere there is talk about the orientation of the magnetic dipole stuff L and S. 

Now since L is orbital magnetism related to the electrons going round the nucleus of the atom we can be 100% sure that L is related to a magnetic dipole. 

But if you can always add the S to it, the logical conclusion is that spin cannot be a magnetic dipole thing... 


Now this is a very general thing: always when there is talk about magnetic spin you can always add it up or subtract it and never the orientation in space is mentioned.  

Hence magnetic spin of electrons is not dipole in nature but monopole, exactly like the electrical charge of an electron... 


You know there are days that I wonder how the professors could get so retarded.
The math professors with their complex numbers, they have only the 2D version of it.
The physics professors with magnetic dipole electrons. 

I mean this whole universe could not be the way it is if the professional physics professors were telling the truth... 

Till updates my dear reader.  


 (14 July 2015) Ok 21 fresh pages on a subject known as the missing equations. 

It is on page 3 of the higher dimensional complex numbers although in this long update I only used circular numbers. 

Item 1) The missing equations.

  Item 1) The missing equations.

You can check all the given screen shots for yourself using an applet named Animated drawing that you can find here: 


On page 21 of the long update you find the sum of 11 coordinate functions in 11D space; look for the explicit function variant of Animated drawing and cut and past the next text into it and observe you get the constant value 1. 

((1/11)*sin(11*(x))/sin(x)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - pi/11))/sin(x - pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 2*pi/11))/sin(x - 2*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 3*pi/11))/sin(x - 3*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 4*pi/11))/sin(x - 4*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 5*pi/11))/sin(x - 5*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 6*pi/11))/sin(x - 6*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 7*pi/11))/sin(x - 7*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 8*pi/11))/sin(x - 8*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 9*pi/11))/sin(x - 9*pi/11)) +
((1/11)*sin(11*(x - 10*pi/11))/sin(x - 10*pi/11))

Click on the third teaser picture in order to land on the latest math update about the missing equations: 


Till updates my dear reader.  


(13 July 2015) In one or two days I will hang in the next math update; it is not really math but more like math done physics style. I have all these missing equations so a math approach is more or less impossible, so if a particular equation passes a test this validates my theory of modified Dirichlet kernels ruling the higher dimensional complex numbers... 

Item 1) The second teaser picture for the missing equations update.

 Item 1) The second teaser picture for the missing equations update.

The second teaser picture is a fragment from the biggest collection of equations I have ever solved in my life. 

Now it is not that I have to solve this problem and arrive at a solution, no it is the other way around: I have a perfect solution but I lack equations... 

And the higher the dimensions get, the more stuff that is missing but, ha ha ha, my solutions stays perfect. 


If you want to see the largest system of equations I ever solved, click on the above picture. 

End of this update, till updates.  


(10 July 2015) Since it is Greece week, why not post that Google talk about that ancient Greek computer?  

After all in this Google talk we observe how images can be modified to show deep detail and this is nicely in line with something like two decades ago when I found the perfect format for 3D imaging.  

Of course Dutch universities, skilled as they are, never picked up on the theory of geometric differentiation or on geometric integration. 

Once a retard, always a retard. 

Item 1) The most perfect Google talk ever observed....

 Item 1) The most perfect Google talk ever observed....

It is just a link to some good math perfection, decades ago I envisioned this kind of math with geometrical objects. And as usual nothing happened because the Dutch universities are so full of shit. 

It is very interesting to observe that the Dutch academic folks are very full of shit;
If you weigh the amount of shit before & and after a toilet visit, there is no significant difference.  

Lets leave it with that and post one of the most beautiful math insights on 3D imaging:  

Imaging the Antikythera Mechanism  

Till updates my dear reader.   


(09 July 2015) I thought I asked the people from the science of physics to 'make some noise' so I wonder why I do not hear anything... Why live like those math professor weasels and non-performers? Get a life, make some noise! 

Item 1) What if electrons were magnetic dipoles? Part 2.

 Item 1) What if electrons were magnetic dipoles? Part 2.

If electrons would be magnetic dipoles as the professional physics professors believe they are, how come that in all chemical bonds it is the electron pair that rules the thing? 

If electrons were magnetic dipoles, all kind of weird electron configurations would be observed to the degree the science of chemistry would be so different it makes we wonder if life could exist in the very first place... 

Now the idea of electrons being magnetic dipoles can be disproved in hundreds of ways, today I will show you that magnetic dipoles can be stacked together in all kinds of ways that electrons do not do.

In all chemical bonds it is the electron pair that spans up our planet, but if the professional physics professors were telling the truth we would also have electron triples, quadruples, etc etc. 

So the next picture with six magnetic dipole macro world magnets says its all:

The professional physics professors should do a little bit of rethinking:

As you see on inspection, magnetic dipoles can be stacked up into any kind of number...

The prevalence for electron pairs is nowhere observed, hence electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. Till updates my dear reader.  


(08 July 2015) Today I more or less enjoyed very much the sounds coming from the European parliament where the Greek pm Tsipras hold a speech and weirdly enough a lot of countries voiced precisely what they thought.   

Well my position is clear, but I was glad to see some democracy in action...
May be, very may be I will participate in future elections again... 

Anyway today we will be looking at electrons once more because it would be a true disaster if they really were magnetic dipoles as they are in the belief system of the professional physics professors on all universities around the world. 

Once more: If you organize your science as a substitute for religion you will run into the exact same problems as the Catholic church with Galileo...

Item 1) What if electrons were magnetic dipoles? 

 Item 1) What if electrons were magnetic dipoles? 

From the science of chemistry we know that electron pairs are more or less the driving force in all chemical bonds inside molecules. Only electron pairs have been observed, there is plenty of electron pair theory around. 

But if electrons were magnetic dipoles and not magnetic monopoles, how can it be they only come in pairs and not in more complicated structures??? 

Here is a wiki upon electron pair theory: 

Polyhedral skeletal electron pair theory  

As far as I understand reality, it has to be that the electron pair is the smallest magnetic dipole there is. The particles known as neutrinos are much smaller that the electron but neutrinos as so weak in interactions that I do not think they have a magnetic charge or an electric charge at all. 

Now the idea of electrons being magnetic monopoles makes a lot of sense compared to what those professional physics people talk, so we do a bit of 'though experiment' and we buy for 1.50€ six dipole magnets in a shop.

How can we arrange them and we wonder if electrons were magnetic dipoles how can it be we only observe electron pairs? 

Here are the six magnets for 25 cents each, I let them into the plastic shielding because that represents the repelling force electrons have from having the same electrical charge... 


These are disk shaped macroscopic magnets, I was lucky to buy a packet where the magnetic north or south was up or down in 3 magnets. That explains why this cluster of 6 magnetic dipoles sticks together... 

Another way of arrangement goes like this: 


Once more: the plastic layer represents the repelling forces from equal electrical charges. The 1€ + 50 cent coin represent the total costs of this physics experiment. 

Let's leave it with that, till updates my dear reader. 


(05 July 2015) A short update on the outcome of the Greece referendum; I will explain in very simple terms why I am in favor of a debt reduction to 15 thousand per Greek capita citizen. That would be a reduction of about 8 thousand € per Greek person. 

Item 1) One decade of economical havoc is enough for Greece.

 Item 1) One decade of economical havoc is enough for Greece.

From the beginning our political leaders constantly had other insights compared to me; for example when the credit crisis broke out (by the way the political talking heads of today did not see it coming, for me it was 100% it was coming) it was a feature that private debt collapsed, clustered together and taken over by the diverse governments. 

In the case of Greece this was a bit mistake; the private debt holders had some haircuts but the European leaders should never have taken over this debt. 

But they did because they were afraid that a bankrupt Greece would spread out... 

Anyway to make a long long story short; at present the Greeks are supposed to pay all the debt back in a time scale of 32 years, anyway that is what Jeroen Dijsselbloem said this week. 


The present deal with Greece is rooted in emotions from the time we had only golden and silver coins; yet modern money if fiat money and if handled carefully there is unlimited supply of that stuff...  

Why is one decade of misery for Greece enough? 

Ten years of misery is enough to burn it into the collective memory that debt hugging is very unwise. Now the Greek economy is in a state where fiat money cannot work...

For myself speaking, the Dutch government has borrowed about 1000 € per Dutch citizen, a write off to the 15 thousand per Greek citizen would leave me at a loss of like 300 to 400 €. 

Now in Greece about 30% of all children live under the so called poverty line and I have decided I don't need those 300 to 400 €. I consider it blood money so I don't want it. 


More fun stuff from Greece: 
The 2000 Year-Old Computer - Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism (2012)  

Till updates my dear reader & live well in our system of fiat currency.  


(02 July 2015) The last weeks I have been working an a math update known as 'the missing equations'. That is because those modified Dirichlet kernels might do a perfect job but if we raise the dimension above 3 you already have the very first missing equation.

I have tried to find the answer to this problem of missing equations for about 18 months and I did not make one millimeter of progress. 

Item 1) The first teaser picture to the update related to the missing equations. 

 Item 1) The first teaser picture to the update related to the missing equations. 

It is just a teaser picture although it contains rock hard math.  

It is just a teaser picture but it contains math that the general university math departments cannot explain at all. Might that be a source of their weird weird silence??       


It is just a teaser picture, do not worry that time lags rule the world. 


You can check for yourself that these five coordinate functions squared add up to 1 (so you can use them as probability amplitudes like they do in quantum physics). 
You must first search for a function graph plotter on this website from the Leiden university, I cannot link directly for you because it is an interactive server: 


Here are the five squares, just cut and paste it in the function graph plotter:

((1/5)*sin(5*x)/sin(x))^2 + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-pi/5))/sin(x-pi/5))^2 + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-2*pi/5))/sin(x-2*pi/5))^2 + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-3*pi/5))/sin(x-3*pi/5))^2 + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-4*pi/5))/sin(x-4*pi/5))^2  

If all goes well you get the constant function with value 1.  It must look like this: 


All these new trigonometric identities are awesome...     

Till updates.  


(27 June 2015) A short update on Greece since it is highly likely they will miss 
the IMF payment that supposedly had to be paid this week.
So Greece will go bankrupt and leave the Euro as her currency... Or not?    

Item 1) In the year 2009 I wrote: Let's kick Greece out and let Poland in. 
Item 2) A very short food update. 

 Item 1) In the year 2009 I wrote: Let's kick Greece out and let Poland in.

Of course all political leaders thought in the year 2009 that they could hang out the math professor and just ignore that weirdo from

Now my own home country has lend money to Greece in the order of about 1000 € per capita Dutch citizen. As a comparison every citizen from Greece is about 23,000 € in the red ink.  

Needless to say 23,000 € is just too high so for myself speaking I am glad we have this present situation. Europe should have lowered that amount far more to say something like 15,000 € per Greek citizen. 

But hey when I wrote that; guess three times what our political elite did? 

Once more the hang out the math professor; ignore the insight, look away, talk about teleportation with quantum computers & so on and so on.


Will there be market turmoil on the financial markets? 

I hope so because I have still about 5 to 10 thousand € to invest in my pension portfolio so with a bit of luck I can buy a bit on the dips...  

Item 2) A very short food update.  

On a website named science 2.0 I found a relative good article about weight loss.
It has a bit of a strange title namely 

Why Fat People Don't Lose Weight. The Diet Delusion 

Of course diet is not a delusion, after all a diet that works perfectly goes as this:

No sugar, no grains, plenty of exercise and you eat only when you are hungry. 

Basically it is that simple. Till updates my dear reader. 


(24 June 2015) An update on food because now in the USA the number of obese people have passed the number of overweight people.

In the meantime the average lifespan in the USA is still not declining but somewhere in the next years the average lifespan will start declining because of the strange food they eat over there. 

Item 1) The number of obese above the number of overweight US folks? Yeah yeah...

 Item 1) The number of obese above the number of overweight US folks? Yeah yeah...

It is no secret I was more or less slim my entire life until 2005 when I started gaining weight. At some point I was a staggering maximum of 108,9 kilo and I decided to cut the crap. 

At present day I am terribly stable at about 80 kilo, just as an example I still weigh myself in the morning although there is no reason for it any longer. 

The last 10 days, for example, say: 

80.1  80.4  80.4  80.4  80.4  80.7  80.5  80.1  80.1  80.0 

One of the problems is that people understand next to nothing about the food they eat, that goes from poverty stricken families to government institutions. 

For example in my home country the Netherlands the government still promotes the eating of bread. But after eating bread your body simply refuses to burn body fat and as such you grow hungry far too early and the process of overeating sets in just by eating bread on a daily basis... 

And if you eat bread on a daily basis you take up too much meals a day or you start snacking in between meals so you constantly have insulin running around in your body. 

Now guess what? You develop slowly but surely a nice nice nice insulin tolerance; your body cells do not react to insulin any longer and as such your body cells are starved while you load in food all the time... 

I mean this is no higher math, any body can understand how stuff works. 

But nothing happens, in my home country they will keep on promoting crazy food like bread and in the USA they will keep on using a poison named high fructose syrup (sponsored by the USA government). 

It will take some time but more and more the future will look like this: 


Yeah yeah, if you do not understand the food you eat rather likely your children will not understand that weird food either.  

Links that might be interesting: 

5 Shocking Facts About Obesity in America  

The basis of my thinking about food is that you should not eat stuff your body cannot digest, for example eating stones every day is not good for your health.
And beside the vegetables that contain the fibers that are non-digestible, is it wise for humans to eat wood on a daily basis? 

Actually the food industry uses plenty of wood, they think you are not human but a wood worm and they name it emulsifiers:   

Is common food additive to blame for rising rates of bowel disease?

So unless you have a strong desire to breed very fat babies, one should avoid the things your human body cannot digest. And eating wood is not a wise thing if you would ask me. 

End of this food update, till updates.  


(21 June 2015) Correction on my previous update from 15 June; I made an interpretation fault and that has to be corrected of course.

Item 1) Correction and addendum to the previous update.

 Item 1) Correction and addendum to the previous update.

It was only this weekend that I found the time to read the publication they talk about in the vids of the previous update and I was totally wrong. 

They were not trying to exploit the magnetic dipole stuff of an electron but weirdly enough the electric dipole stuff of an electron? 

Electrons as electric dipoles?????????? 

Yes, it is a bit strange but you need that for stuff like super symmetry to be true. 

Now super symmetry is one of those things I do not even try to understand because just like with string theory you have these people that say: 

But the math is so beautiful, it just has to be true...   

Always when I hear such words I run for cover; the people are not capable of understanding 3D complex numbers but their math is 'so beautiful it has to be true'. 

Of course an electron is an electric monopole and very very likely it is also a magnetic monopole. These physics people have been wrong for decades on a row so likely their condition of not understanding the electron will last a few decades more... 

Some links related to the spherical electron; 

Scientific American: 
Electron Appears Spherical, Squashing Hopes for New Physics Theories   

And, highly technical but only five pages long on the pre-print archive: 

Order of Magnitude Smaller Limit on the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron  

For me it is 100% weird to observe that there is a group of physics people that hunt down the electric dipole character of the electron while there is no experimental evidence for the electron being a magnetic dipole at all. 

Ok ok, when electrons truly go around the nucleus that gives some magnetic dipole stuff on their own they must be magnetic monopoles. You know I have two lists: 

List 1 contains reasons as why they are monopoles and
List 2 contains reasons as why they are magnetic dipoles. 

In over a year time list number 2 is still empty. 
The only time electrons create a dipole magnetic field is when they are in those s-orbitals going around the nucleus of an atom. (An s-orbital is a spherical orbit.) Bbut that is the same as an electrical current in the wires of a coil; it creates a magnetic field but this does not stick to the electron itself... So list 2 stays empty for the time being.


This is the end of this correction & addendum stuff. Let me close with that nice teaser picture once more since after my view this is the way math should be done; keep it simple like a fist in you face. 


Till updates.  


(15 June 2015) A short update with two links where it is explained UK physics people cannot find the dipole magnetic moment of an electron...

Of course they are not going to find that, after all there are no experiments that validate that electrons are magnetic dipoles. Anyway I have never seen them. 

Item 1) Two vids from Sixty Symbols.

 Item 1) Two vids from Sixty Symbols.

Spherical Electron - Sixty Symbols  

Spherical electron (extra footage) 

The actual experiment is explained a bit in minute 8.00 in the first vid; an electric field is reversed but the electrons refuse to show any dipole magnetic behavior. 

Well this all is nicely 100% in line with what I was thinking after the Stern-Gerlach experiment. But hey, this is strange: the S-G experiment was done in 1922, almost one century back. 

Why the hell was there never ever a physics guy stating it had to be done by magnetic monopoles? Well, physicists are university people and they only think 'What will the colleagues think of it'. And as such instead of hunting down big results, the emotional basis of their ways of thinking ensure they are only catching flies... 


But hey, much more important: don't forget the latest update of 15 pages on a very simple model for the strong interaction. After all the strong force is the strongest of the fundamental forces and if you have good math with that; that is the stuff that counts. And not like the local retards do with their flies catching behaviour... 

Till updates.  


(14 June 2015) Fifteen fresh pages on the strong interaction making a very simple model for how nuclear particles like the proton and the neutron are hold together. 

And, ha ha ha, yesterday I was viewing a historical oversight of string theory. Now guess what? Originally they tried to explain the strong interaction with it but they failed. Of course if you use the wrong math it all will fail completely, just like all those weirdo's that want to make quantum computers using only 2D complex numbers. 

The item for today: 

Item 1) Strong Interaction, a simple math model. 

 Item 1) Strong Interaction, a simple math model. 

For me it is a great honor to publish this update because what I consider myself as my greatest math findings, the exponential circle and exponential curves, are a one to one match when it comes down how protons and neutrons are bound. 

That goes for here on earth but also one billion light years from here and not only now but also a billion years in the future. 

So I am very satisfied with 'just another day at the office', now how will the people from the academic world react on this math? 

My guess is it will be the usual reaction: Neglect, look away, never mention that guy, we need more money, we need more money and we will build quantum computers for the future of humanity & so on and so on. 


The math professors here in Groningen will not like it I am publishing the math only here. Now they cannot do the plagiarism play like they did in the 1990-ties.  


But let's not nag at the local retards. Again for me it is a great honor to hit the button 'publish website' and here are the 15 pages of Strong Interaction. 

I also activated the three teaser pictures from previous updates to this homepage. 

End of this update, till updates. 



(10 June 2015) I will not deny this update is a small attack on the suckers that suck in tax payer money in order to study 'vibrating strings' from so called 'string theory'.   

If you give me only one working vibrating string, I will bow for your insights. 

This is not the case in the year 2015,  so we craft a bit of 'string theory' ourselves using modified Dirichclet kernels for ourselves. 

Item 1) Teaser picture number 3 using Dirichclet modified kernels.

 Item 1) Teaser picture number 3 using Dirichclet modified kernels.

Let me not do difficult on the math details because if you need to publish 3 teaser pictures before there is an good reaction you know: 

These people are dumb and stupid for a good reason. 


After having said that, here the third picture tease:  


Now for the time lag g(t). 

See you in about 300 years when finally the human universities wanted to act as humans... 

Till updates.  


08 June 2015) Why not a second teaser picture for that strange branch of physics known as 'string theory'. Call me old fashioned but if you cannot verify your theoretical results via experiment, why would you pursue a career as a string physics professional???  

Item 1) Second teaser picture for the impending math update.

 Item 1) Second teaser picture for the impending math update.

Yes why would people enter a career as a string theory professional when you never ever can check your stuff via experiment? 

That would be an odd thing to do. 

Now one can argue that since string theory is so beautiful when it comes to the math involved, it must have some kernel of truth... 

That all remains to be seen and that all is about what is 'beautiful math' anyway.  

Because retarded people if they find out that 3 + 7 = 10, they will say 'that is a beautiful result'.  

So here is the second teaser picture while the first teaser picture is found scrolling down only to 04 June below. 


Yes my dear physics professors; why is that? 

I could give you mathematical answers but in practice the coordinate function values are simply amplitudes of 11-dimensional probability distributions...  

Just like it is in the 2-dimensional complex plane. 


End of the second teaser update, till updates. 


(04 June 2015) I am working on a relatively long and detailed update on particle physics using 3D circular numbers for making models for the proton and the neutron.

But in the science of physics there is also that strange brand known as string theory. 
I am not a big fan of string theory because you cannot validate via experiment if the theoretical results are actually true.  

Now those string theory folks always talk about vibrating strings and that it is all 'mathematically perfect' so it must have some kernel of truth... 

And always you have that 11 dimensional space popping up; in order for string theory to make sense they need 11 dimensions where there are 3 dimensions for our space and 8 more that are bounded and very small... 

So I am making a challenge out out of it, that is the item of this update:   

Item 1) People of string theory: give me your 11 dimensional coordinate functions.

 Item 1) People of string theory: give me your 11 dimensional coordinate functions.

If indeed our universe is build from vibrating strings on an extremely small scale, one way or the other the concept of time also plays some role. So for example of the proton and the neutron; what is exactly vibrating in 11 dimensions and please give me the coordinate functions for all these 11 dimensions. 


In about one week my detailed update on particle physics related to the proton and the neutron will be ready and in a small appendix I will give you the details of crafting a curve that is periodic in 11 dimensions.  

That is the end of this update; show me the money, what is the math behind the vibrating strings anyway??? 


Till updates.  Update from 05 June; teaser picture for the string theory folks: 

This graph from a modified Dirichlet kernel is the very first coordinate function x(t), the other 10 coordinate functions are time delays of this very first coordinate function. 

If you put it together in an 11-dimensional space you end up with a periodic curve, the only problem is: it is not vibrating at all... 


So once more: show me the money.
Or better: show me the math.
Till updates.  


(02 June 2015) Very interesting is the BUK news of today; the Russian manufacturer Almaz Antey that produces the BUK systems claims it cannot be a Russian BUK but one from the Ukrainian forces because it was an older type that was used.  

That was what I was thinking in the very first place, the idea that lives in the Western world that the Russian government did send advanced weaponry to the Ukraine and shot our Dutch folks from the sky was a pipedream in the first place. 

A very important detail that is missing: Was the crew that operated the BUK system from Russia yes or no? From the very first beginning I always thought they were Russians. 

Can we blame the Russian government for that? No, they are not dictators like in that weird nation North Korea so when volunteers go to the Ukraine that is more or less allowed... 

That is today's item: 

Item 1) Almaz Antey is willing to explain technical details on filght MH17.

 Item 1) Almaz Antey is willing to explain technical details on filght MH17.

Almaz Antey is willing to detonate a modern version of the BUK system attack rockets, of course there is no reason to do this on high altitude. I hope my fellow Dutch folks react a little bit enthusiastic on this news. 

But once we have the warhead, we can also let it explode our selves. Basically what we need are a few old warheads and one of the more advanced versions from now. 

Like I wrote before: we need the metal shrapnel after the explosion of the warhead, fragments of that must be buried inside the wreckage of flight MH17.  


Now the company Almaz Antey also has proof that the BUK was actually fired from a position controlled by the Ukrainian government. 

That is a very interesting position to take but it raises questions about why the Ukrainians would like to down this particular flight. 

I am sorry but from day one the most likely scenario was a BUK system stolen from the Ukrainian forces operated by voluntary Russians with no knowledge of the air space being used by commercial flight. 

The war tribunal has spoken: I do not blame the Russian government for this.
It was all more or less a freak accident.


Picture source: 

Missile-maker could blow up passenger jet to ‘prove MH17 not downed by Russian weapon’

Let's leave it with that, till updates my dear reader. 


(31 May 2015) On 15 Sept 2014 I made a math update on how you could use 3D numbers to make a superposition of three quantum states.
Although I cannot find it back I also gave an example where you can rotate three quantum states into each other. 

Yesterday I found it turns out this is the way protons and neutrons work; that is what this small update is about. 

Item 1) Strong interaction.

 Item 1) Strong interaction.

Yesterday like an innocent lamb I was just Youtubbing around with a bit of weak force vids and a few strong force vids and I came along a vid with the title Strong interaction. 

I had absolutely no clue what strong interaction was; only some vague notion it could be related to the strong force that binds the quarks into protons and neutrons and holds the nucleus of atoms together.  

This is what I viewed: 

Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics #1a 

Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics #1b 

To my surprise what I did last September with rotating the three colors of quarks into each other, it happens all the time. With present day knowledge we understand it are the gluons that constantly transport the so called 'color charge' of the quarks around. 

It is truly amazing; this math of 3D complex and circular numbers have in their very heart the behavior of all protons and neutrons in our universe. 

So will the physics professors make some noise or will they do weasel stuff like all math departments do??? 

Let's hope for the best but we must never forget that physics people are university people too so they are basically only interested about what their colleagues will think of their contributions... (That is the way 21-th century science works by the way, all these scientists are only pre-occupied about what the colleagues will think of it.) 

This is a small screen shot from the #1b Youtubber: 


So I wish every body good luck in trying to understand the higher dimensional exponential circles and what you can do with them. 
Of course that does not go for the math professors of this world; as far as I am concerned they can get any cancer there is around there... 

Till updates 


(29 May 2015) A small thought experiment on electrical charges, in it I will make the same fault that physicists have made with magnetism (I mean they think that electrons are magnetic dipoles but they have no experimental proof whatsoever). 

Item 1) A small thought experiment on electrical charges. 

 Item 1) A small thought experiment on electrical charges.

Take any piece of matter that is electronically neutral, so to say it has no net charge. 

For example one kilo of iron. 

Now cut it in half, you will see that both half kilo's are electrically neutral; there is no charge in any of the two parts.

Keep on chopping the stuff into smaller and smaller parts. 

Every time you will observe no overall charge. 

Finally you come down to one atom of iron, if it is not ionized the iron atom is electrically speaking neutral.  

Now you separate the electrons from the iron atom; the collection of electrons is electrically neutral just as the nucleus of the iron atom. 


Here we stop our thought experiment because it has run off the rails of common knowledge: at present day we believe strongly that electrons are negative and protons positively charged particles. 


But with magnetism we are always told by professional physics professors that electrons are magnetic dipoles because of a vague property known as spin. 

And the professional professors speak words like:

In the Stern-Gerlach experiment the bipolar electron anti-aligns itself with the inhomogenous magnetic field. So half of them align and the other half anti-aligns itself.

After that they often wave their hands a bit and tell you that quantum mechanics is so weird and so different from our macroscopic world that it all behaves like no sane human could understand.... 


Well for myself speaking I have drawn my conclusion and I make the following statement: 

For the time being I consider the Stern-Gerlach experiment the fundamental proof of electrons being magnetic monopoles simply because a bipolar magnet of the size of an electron cannot go 'anti-align' itself. 

I have spoken, let's listen if their will be a response...
(Or will it be just like the faggots and cowards from the math departments? 
Silence year in year out? 
I hope it not but you never know with these people from the universities.
After all they are some kind of perfumed princes living in a world of luxury.)

In the next picture the words 'ga terug' mean like you have guessed go back. 
Of course that symbolizes physics should hunt down the magnetic monopole once more but now properly until you have it clear cut in your mind. 


End of this update. 


(26 May 2015) Stuff that goes under the name tetraneutron is a configuration of 4 neutrons and this configuration cannot be explained by the present theory on nuclear forces. So let's do it 'magnetic monopole style'. 

Item 1) Tetraneutron explained as four magnetic monopoles. 

 Item 1) Tetraneutron explained as four magnetic monopoles. 

There is only one observation of tetraneutron and even that one observation is disputed. From a distance I cannot judge if this disputing makes sense, we must also take into account since the standard model of particle physics cannot explain such stuff, automatically it will come under attack.

Or, what I am having with the higher dimensional complex numbers; the so called 'professional professors' are trying to silence me to death. But I have declared these people as pseudo scientists a long time ago and as such the universities are all ngelectable quantities... 

The next wiki gives the details: Tetraneutron 

The French team in Caen used a highly instable isotope where the nucleus has a so called halo of the four neutrons together. 


Under the hypothesis that all spin half particles are magnetic monopoles, we already understood that this gives rise to the existence of electron pairs. Because electrons are electrically charged they cannot form structures that are beyond the pair. 

A neutron is not charged, anyway the total charge is zero according to the standard accepted theory of quarks, so if neutrons are also magnetic monopoles they can also come in numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. As even numbers. 

But it could also come are a cube shape with 8 neutrons where on every corner a north pole magnetic monopole neutron is connected with 3 south pole neutrons (and vice versa; it has to be an alternating structure where no two equal magnetic monopoles touch each other). 

Recall there are also neutron stars; likely they are build in a similar fashion. 


It was over one year ago that I realized electrons could very well be magnetic monopoles and until now I have not found one detail that points into another direction. Ok ok, you have all those physics professors that say electrons are magnetic dipoles, but they have no theoretical or experimental proof for that. 

It is just an assumption they believe in, they have no proof whatsoever. 


A nuclear halo? Nature has amazing strange ways, but for this halo stuff there is indeed experimental confidence because such nuclear structures with a loose halo are far bigger compared to a nicely packed compact nucleus from a stable isotope.  

This is the wiki: Halo nucleus  

This is a screenshot from that very wiki suggesting strongly that neutrons and protons can indeed form pairs while neutrons can also come in a quadruplet.  


Ok, that's it for this update. Till updates.  



(22 May 2015) On a wiki on electrons I found a perfect photo that could show that electrons are magnetic monopoles. Wikipedia wants me to 'attribute the author'. 

Ok, but is the 'author' also the person that took the photo in the first place?
Anyway, the attribution goes to:
"Cyclotron motion wider view" by Marcin Białek - Own work. 

Ok, it says 'own work' so thanks for the wonderful photo Marcin! 

Item 1) From old television tubes to this cyclotron photo.

 Item 1) From old television tubes to this cyclotron photo.

Old black & white televisions needed about 10 to 12 thousand Volts in their electron canon to work properly, the color televisions (if memory serves) needed about 50 to 60 thousand Volt. Anyway the voltage is not important, the relevant fact is that although beam of electrons are intrinsically unstable because due to the equal electrical charge the beam will widen over time, it was possible to write about 600 lines with those electrical canons. 

These tubes were marvelous creations of electrical engineering, at the back of the television was a manual regulator and with that you could control the so called 'synchronization' that ensured the electron cannon was at the right point for every new batch of 600 fresh lines to be written on the screen.   

The fact sync worked in the first place is a true miracle; there is a small island of stability and the engineers were capable of hunting it down... 


Ok, lets return to our present year 2015 updates on electrons being magnetic monopoles, look at the picture below. 

The electrons make only one round but this is done in a homogeneous magnetic field. 
The electron cannon spits out electrons at the cathode and they are absorbed by the positive anode.  

As you see in inspection, halfway into the loop the electrons are widely dispersed. Ok ok, this could be related to having a lousy electron cannon but it could also be caused by electrons being magnetic monopoles.

After all these electrons are exposed to a magnetic field perpendicular toward the curve they are forced to take. And the magnetic monopole nature of the electrons make them spread around... 


Nice picture isn't it? 

Source: Electron 


Dutch learning's on the 'little donkey bridge' or as we say it: 

het ezelsbruggetje.  

A donkey bridge is a simple way to memorize stuff in such a way that minimizes future faults. 

An example is cnap. 

All you have to do is memorize the word cnap.
And after that for the rest of your life you will know that:

Cathode = negative while
Anode = positive. 


After this Dutch learning, please observe in the above picture that even applying a large anode, the electrons still have a strong tendency to spread out. 

Do not believe the bla bla talk of physics professors; they talk about 'align with the magnetic field' and 'anti-align with the magnetic field'. 

In the world physics professors live in, you are not allowed to say what it is:

Magnetic monopoles.


End of this update, till updates. 


(20 May 2015) A short update on the Gauss insights on magnetic monopoles, he thought magnetic monopoles do not exist. 

Yet our little though experiment as electrons being magnetic dipoles showed life on earth could not exist if electrons were magnetic dipoles.
And you cannot argue with that; after all life on land exists...

Item 1) How Gauss viewed the stuff.

 Item 1) How Gauss viewed the stuff.

During the time Gauss lived electrons were still not discovered so Gauss had no idea of their properties. The ideas of Gauss boil down to the simple insight that magnetic field lines are always closed, they are continuous loops contrary to electrical fields that can go from plus to minus. 

Now for a standard bar magnet or magnetism from electricity, the Gauss ideas are about one hundred percent correct. But if electrons are magnetic monopoles, in practice all our permanent magnets would not behave exactly like Gauss predicted. 

Since I like Gauss a lot, for me it is a great honor to put forward one of his formulations of the magnetical stuff. It is the version where all flux that goes in also should go out; and mark my words; the mathematical representation is perfect.  

(Only those pesky electrons spoil all this perfection in math...) 


Source: Gauss's law for magnetism  


Now if indeed electrons are magnetic monopoles, the picture changes dramatically and we have to rewrite the basic laws of magnetism in a way that looks very similar to electricity. 

I am not going to do that because I am a math guy. 

End of this short update, till updates. 
Added 21 May: The electron was discovered in 1897. The next link is about that discovery and these pages are definitely from the stone age of the internet but anyway; it is a perfect read and not too hard. 

The Electron, J J Thomson 1897 


End of the extra update. Till updates.  


(17 May 2015) Ha ha ha, the well known 21 cm wavelength from hydrogen explained via electrons being magnetic monopoles + the ultrafine spectrum ideas. 

Item 1) What causes the well known 21 cm wavelength radiation?

 Item 1) What causes the well known 21 cm wavelength radiation?

In the science of astronomy the electro-magnetic wavelength of 21 cm are studied because this is a very common wavelength observed throughout the universe and, for example, you can use it to validate the so called 'red shift' that says our universe is expanding everywhere.  

Except for black holes, according to the Einstein stuff black holes suck in space at the speed of light... So black holes more or less act as the vacuum cleaners of all that interstellar space that only produces more space.  

Anyway, as I view the stuff with electron spin there is nothing spinning at all since the observe magnetic forces are so high the electron would be spinning at speeds far beyond the speed of light. 

Since an electron still has a tiny mass, this cannot happen so why we are still talking about the spin of an electron in the year 2015 beats me. 

Electrons are basically magnetic monopoles, electrons have only two possible quantum states when it comes to magnetism: it is either north or south. 

In that regard electrons are very different from all macroscopic structures where there always are bipolar magnets observed.  

Now below you see a nice picture about the 21 cm wavelength radiation, this wavelength is not only a fingerprint of the expanding universe but also a fingerprint to the smallest possible magnetic monopoles. 


In the above picture you see the so called 'hyperfine structure' but what is ultrafine structure? Very simple: although the magnetic monopole of a proton is nothing compared to those of the electrons, nuclear spin of the proton could also point down and while the hyperfine structure gives two values for the hydrogen thing, the ultrafine spectrum would give four different jumps in energy levels when ionization takes place... 

Source of the picture: 

End of this update, till updates.  


(15 May 2015) A short update on the earth magnetic field and a giant breach of that magnetic field that reportedly by NASA was ten times as big as present day science could explain.  

Of course 'present day science' thinks that electrons are magnetic dipoles; of course this is not forbidden but if that leads to all kinds of completely bizarre results or theories you can also ponder the question as why electrons have to be magnetic dipoles. 

Item 1) NASA reports giant breach of the earth magnetic field (in 2008) 

 Item 1) NASA reports giant breach of the earth magnetic field (in 2008) 

If your mind is open to electrons being magnetic monopoles, in that case you would be able to understand what happens during solar storms. 

Yet if we believe the science of physics, for some strange reason that nobody can explain properly or in some transparent fashion, electrons have to be magnetic dipoles. 

Now why do all those physics professors tell you that electrons are magnetic dipoles while if that were true life on earth could not exist? 

That is because sciences like physics and math are crafted just like they are one of the main religions going round. When it comes to math & physics it looks mostly like the religion of Christianity and the Muslim faith. 

There are a few 'founders of that religion' like Jesus or Mohammed and after that believers think those prophets had 'eternal wisdom'. In science we also have prophets, they have names like Einstein or Dirac or whatever what. 


If you free yourself from the way your mind works, you can do so called 'thought experiments'. And if the thought experiment is solar wind or solar storm you have a better understanding of what is happening in the first place. 


Let me end the bla bla bla and post only one link to my bla bla bla: 

Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field Discovered 

End of this small update, till updates. 


(11 May 2015, updated with isospin on 12 May) Yesterday I added six links to the latest update in the math files that explores the possibility that all spin half particles are magnetic monopoles. 

And until yesterday I lived in a world where protons would always have spin +1/2 and neutrons always -1/2. Today I observed all kinds of weird information that shakes my simple view on the neutron; that is the small update for today. 

Item 1) Things I don't understand about neutrons. 

 Item 1) Things I don't understand about neutrons.

Inside the science of chemistry the basic view is the period table of elements, but elements like magnesium or whatever what can also have isotopes. These isotopes can be stable or radioactive and decay over time in other stuff. 

The only difference between isotopes is the number of neutrons.
So basically the picture should be very simple: one more neutron should lower the total spin of a nucleus while one less neutron would raise the total spin. 

Remark once more that I think there is nothing spinning, it's all magnetic monopoles. And the sole fact that neutrons can alter the magnetic spin of an atomic nucleus also says all those physics professors are totally wrong with relating the magnetic properties of small particles to rotation & spinning stuff.  

To make a long story short; adding or subtracting only one neutron can alter the magnetic properties of an atomic nucleus beyond belief. 

In the next picture you see a bunch of isotopes from magnesium and at the bottom you see a very weird picture that supposedly contains the present day insights in proton & neutron spin. 

I would like to remark that I have no means to check of this information is actually true, so for the time being we suppose it is all correct... 


Let me first give you the source files;
The table is from a website named webelements dot com, there for all atomic elements you can find lots of properties of them. The table is from the next page: 

Magnesium: the essentials 

And the mind blowing picture on the proton comes from the High Energy Physics information system.  If the https link does not work, try 


In the table you observe adding one neutron does weird things to the overall spin of a particular nucleus; are there more spin half particles that are changing sign and if so, WTF is going on??? 


Now I do not want to be left in all kinds of details, but the word 'spin' for talking about magnetic properties of small particles is a disaster in the first place. Ok, I will not deny that a spinning electrical charge creates a magnetic dipole. 

After all that is the way these very words are written down; via electricity I can download it to my website and those kinds of transports are always based on dipole magnetism. 

Let's leave it with that, but don't forget to check out a few of those six links I posted yesterday: The Aurora Borealis and magnetic monopoles  


Till updates.  One day later; problem solved! Quarks that form protons and neutrons are called up and down, but this does not mean their magnetic spin is also up or down!
The names up and down are related to something completely else: isospin.
I was thinking that magnetic spin in quarks was related to their electrical charge; so I am glad I figured out my fault...
So it is perfectly possible that adding one neutron to an isotope completely changes the magnetic properties of the nucleus in question.  
(Well I am not a particle physicists of course...)  


(09 May 2015) A few day back in the math files on higher dimensional complex numbers I posted an update about the polar lights being caused by the fact that spin half particles could be magnetic monopoles.    

So that is the item for this update: 

Item 1) Are all spin half particle actually magnetic monopoles?

 Item 1) Are all spin half particle actually magnetic monopoles?

Electrons, protons and neutrons are all so called spin half particles. But even the more basic building blocks of nuclear particles like proton and neutron are supposed to be of the spin half type of particles. 

For electrons it is very simple to create an experiment that will make the case for being magnetic monopoles. As a matter of fact it already has been done; it is the famous Stern Gerlach experiment. 

But the original Stern Gerlach experiment does not prove at all that electrons are magnetic monopoles; for that you need the present day techno known as the MRI scanning device as it is found in every big hospital in our Western world. 

If the results of the Stern Gernlach experiment can be done inside the working of a modern MRI scanning device, that will prove electrons are magnetic monopoles... 


But hey, I am spinning off from my direction of posting a so called 'teaser picture' for the latest math update. 

It has to be remarked that it is five pages long and from the onset I tried to prevent writing down any calculation whatsoever; but after a few days the blood creeps where it cannot go and without thinking I wrote down example number 2. 

So that explains the content of the teaser picture; Even if I try to write only in words, one way or the other the math will set in... 


Ha ha, I never thought I would write on random walks... 

Let me pop another beer to make the walk of my life a bit more random!  

Anyway, till updates. 


 (03 May 2015) This update is a small so called 'thought experiment' on electrons being magnetic dipoles. As a matter of fact it turns out that life on earth is not possible if electrons were not magnetic monopoles...

Item 1) Hello physics professors; what happens if electrons are magnetic dipoles?

  Item 1) Hello physics professors; what happens if electrons are magnetic dipoles?

Hello physics professors from the noble science of physics; since you are a strong believer in the evolution of theory via experimental results that speak for themselves, you are on the side of the reasonable sciences. 

So that is completely unlike my own science, in the science of math we only have lunatics and cowards; may be that is caused by the fact inside math you cannot do experiments in some kind of 'real world'. 


Anyway, this is a short update. The thought experiment is very simple: 

You are an electron going via solar wind or solar storm towards planet earth and we suppose you are a bipolar magnet because of supposed 'intrinsic spin' or other 'bla bla bla stuff'. 

You are an evil electron, you have magnetic bipolar disorder and you are approaching planet earth. What will happen?  

That is very simple: the bipolar electron has a magnetic north and a south. 

From the viewpoint of the impending electron, all forces cancel out: 

The earth has a magnetic North and a magnetic South; what forces will the earth North pole do on the electron? 

Again very simple: The earth North will repel the electron north and attract the electron south by the same amount. Hence the result is a zero force. 

The earth South pole will repel the electron south and attract the electron north by the same amount. Hence the result is zero force. 

Since both magnetic poles of the earth contribute to nothing at all on the impending electron, the only thing the impending electron has to do is to align itself with the earth magnetic field and after that it can penetrate the earth magnetic field perpendicular. 

That spells trouble, the electron will land in the ozone layer that protects the earth for billions of years... 

Now loose electrons and loose protons are highly ionizing particles, so they will destroy the ozone layer and life on this planet as we know it has never been there in the first place. 


End of this very simple to understand thought experiment, I would like to remark a more 'professional reaction' is expected by me from the physics professors and not act like those sleaze balls and douche bags that run the scene in the science of math... 

Till updates. (One day later on  04 May I corrected the word 'slease' into 'sleaze' and I corrected the start before item 1 and now it says life one earth can only exist because electrons are magnetic monopoles...) 



(27 April 2015) Polar light is a mysterious phenomenon, the theory says it is solar wind from the sun going to the North and South pole. The solar wind itself is plasma so loose electrons and protons and may be the occasional helium nucleus.  

But why do they go to the magnetic poles of our planet?
After all if the physicists are right and electrons are really magnetic dipoles, in that case they could not be attracted by either the North pole or the South pole.
After all in an electron the magnetic poles are so close that the attraction delivered on the one pole is compensated by the repelling of the other magnetic pole of the electron.  

That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Polar lights and the electron as magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Polar lights and the electron as magnetic monopoles.

I am still amazed that I just cannot succeed into finding just one example where electrons are truly dipoles (ok ok, one electron circling one proton must be one, but that is viewed as an electrical current). 

It explains why electrons come in pairs in the chemical sciences, that last fact explains as why molecule orbits can only be full with an even number of electrons. So the electrons being magnetic monopoles lies at the very heart of how chemical reactions take place and at the very heart of how molecules are build up.  

Now it has been found in the last century that the polar light is incoming solar wind along magnetic lines from the earth magnetic field. But my dear professional physicists; does a small magnetic dipole do such a thing? 

No that does not work, if you use a difficult line of reasoning like 'the one magnetic pole is a tiny closer to earth compared to the other, so the dipole closes to earth wins it and it gets attracted to earth' is rubbis:
If that were true the electrons (and protons) would come in at such a slow speed we would not see any light at all... 

That amazing thing that we see light is just one of the many reasons that electrons must be magnetic monopoles.  

Very likely the professional physics professors will react exactly the same as the cowards from mathematics; They will stay silent. 

So let's not waste time on a collection of cowards with severe cognitive malfunction. Let's look at a nice video of the polar light itself and in the meantime wonder if electrons could be magnetic dipoles via another line of reasoning... 


Title Youtuve video: Het Noorderlicht  (The Polar light).


From the social point of view I expect physics professors to react the same as the non reacting math professors on the higher dimensional complex numbers.  

But where my own kind of math folks are just too fucking stupid combined with cowardice, the physics professors will over time understand that electrons being magnetic monopoles is not the most crazy idea in the world. 

So only cowardice will be the main source of their non reacting, whereas with math professors you have this wall to wall & floor to ceiling stupidity. And there is no cure for stupidity... 


End of this update, till updates.   


(25 April 2015) On 08 Sept 2014 I started the third gluten experiment about how the gluten in your daily bread is completely non bio-degradable and as such eating bread gives a wide spectrum of health issues in humans.  

After over 6 months the final results are in and they are very interesting.
That is today's item, a food item about that poison named gluten. 

Item 1) Final photo result of the third gluten experiment.

 Item 1) Final photo result of the third gluten experiment.

Gluten is one of the set of molecules that are hard to digest, just like drinking mineral oil is bad for your health, eating gluten erodes your long term health.  

For the wheat gluten is God's gift to wheat; without the gluten all grains would rot away during the winter season and as such wheat has adapted itself to grow in places with greater seasonal changes. (Read spread out to the colder climates.) 

It is no secret that I am allergic to gluten, therefore it has my interest in the first place... 

If you do your daily shopping I always have a strong interest in what unhealthy looking people buy for their daily food. So often it is a bread that they are buying, it is amazing once you realize this that so often bread consumption is tied to bad health.

Young people have no problem with it, they are like a 'boss' in video games; they can eat all the bread they want until, ha ha ha, if you shoot long enough in a video game all bosses can be killed.  


For myself speaking; in the first 50 years of my life I was not allergic to the grain named wheat but when I started consuming a so called 'health product' from the company Unilever my health spiraled down rapidly. 

Checking the details, it was one of the food additives known as the 'taste enhancers' that changed my food intolerance towards a deadly allergy. 

Therefore in the future I will destroy the market value of the company named Unilever; do you think I am bluffing??? Better think twice.  

The third gluten experiment is also is way of understanding how the food industry makes consumers to overeat, and there are many legal ways to make consumers food addicts. 

In the third gluten experiment I added a lot of Camembert fungus to the gluten in order to observe how the gluten would bread down. How 'dio degradable' is it? 

After all, when I am brewing beer the gluten is killed in about 75 minutes during the mashing process, but for that you need the enzymes inside your malts and wheat just has none of those enzymes.  

To make a long story short: You should not eat stuff your body cannot digest. Just like you do not drink petroleum or gasoline or breath natural gas, you should not eat the biggest money maker in the food industry: Wheat & all things related to wheat. 

After 7 months of waiting, the latest non digestible parts of pure gluten are finally under the surface: 


It took a long time to degrade, but now it looks like a liquid. Yet just below the surface their are still blocks of gluten.  


In the next gluten experiment I will add the enzymes from barley. My expectation is that the enzymes from barley kill all the attitudes the wheat gluten has. 

End of this update, till updates. 


(18 April 2015) This day I hang the 16 pages on the curves of grace into this website. It is 3D stuff only, in higher dimensions like 5D or so you have much much more of them.  

Item 1) The curves of grace (3D version only)

 Item 1) The curves of grace (3D version only)

Ok, I will explain as why I breach my own embargo of publishing at most 10% of new results found. It is very simple: may be with cracking the Riemann hypothesis in dimensions above 2 (the complex plane) you need knowledge upon these curves of grace. 

I think that zero's of the Riemann zeta function are found in the direction of the tau number (just like in the complex plane where they are on the so called critical line inside the critical strip). 
Previously I said: Look in the direction of the 'imitators of i'.
The imitators of i and their time evolution are always factored by curves of grace. 


Well enough of the bla bla bla, I composed the 16 pages long update such that even so called 'professional professors' in math could understand it (if they wanted it).

But given their fundamental love for being incompetent, likely they even do not want it... 

Let it be, click on the teaser picture to land on the latest update:  


End of this update, till updates. 


(17 April 2015) Wow wow wow, I just finished the impending 16 page long math update upon the curves of grace. Therefore while drinking another home brew of beer, lets look at coffee:  

For a few weeks I am roasting coffee beans for myself and I have to say:
This is so much better compared to what you can buy as pre-roasted coffee that I will keep on roasting my unroasted coffee beans for a few more years... 

Roasting coffee is very simple; compared to roasting malts for beer brewing it is a plane cake walk. 

Only one item for today, I am a big fan of the company named SpaceX.
And today SpaceX delivered a coffee machine to the international space station. 

Item 1) Coffee in space. 

 Item 1) Coffee in space. 

I am completely unfamiliar with coffee in space, so the intellectuals from the British Telegraph will do the talking for me:   

SpaceX Dragon delivers espresso maker to International Space Station.

End of this important update upon coffee in space.  

Till updates. 


 (15 April 2015) Oh oh, how could I make a teaser picture riddled with so many faults?
The answer is simple: Never update math stuff while drinking too much home brew beer.  

So this small update is only showing the more or less correct teaser picture as it should have been in the first place. 

Item 1) Teaser picture without all those drunk from beer faults. 

 Item 1) Teaser picture without all those drunk from beer faults. 

Anyway to make a long story short: After thinking a few days upon the way black holes work using my simple math model of time evolution like e^jt, I think I have made good understanding in the geometry of a black hole sucking in all that matter from a so called accretion disk.  

Of course I cannot expose it in detail because that costs so many hours of work while the so called 'academic professionals' show 0.0 interest.  

Why should I waste my time on garbage people?
Why should I waste my time on pseudo scientists?  


After having said that, here is the teaser picture as it was supposed to be: 


Till updates.  


(12 April 2015) A small update on so called 'curves of grace'. 

Item 1) Impending math update: The curves of grace. 

 Item 1) Impending math update: The curves of grace. 

About 25 years ago I studied the properties of the 3 Taylor series as you see on the bottom of the teaser picture. These are extensions of the sin, cos, sinh and the hyperbolic cosine. 

But that was before I found the higher dimensional complex numbers and if you only have Taylor series in you mathematical toolbox, you will make some progress but not much... 

Yet let me not do negative on Taylor series, if you see them for the first time they are magical, or aren't they?  


Anyway, I just finished a relatively long investigation into the 3D curves of grace and like I expected they could be the perfect starting point of making a math model of how matter behaves around black holes. 

Ok ok, the model needs some perfection because with e^jt the matter goes from outside of the accretion disk to the outside of the alpha line. But it keeps accelerating exponentially. 

So I have to temper the speed of time a little bit...  

May be in the future I will try to temper time with the way time slows down using the ideas of the Einstein guy... 

But the extremely simple model e^jt works perfect in the sense that matter inside the accretion disk goes indeed into the black hole. 


Like said before: The way black holes behave is the shortest possible advertisement for 3D complex numbers. Of course that will fall on deaf ears because for the professional professors being incompetent is a choice they make day in day out again.  


Enough of the bla bla bla, here is a teaser picture and it is important to remark I did not use any theory of differential equations but only a mixture of 2D numbers from the complex plane together with my own 3D complex numbers.  


(Ha ha, yesterday I forgot the division by 3 in the coordinate functions; may be I should not update after a few liters of home brew...;)

The update will be rather long so in a week or so it will be published; in the meantime the professional math professors could prove they are actually worth all those boatloads of tax payer money by finding the solutions to the non-alternating Taylor series in the above picture. 

Till updates.  


(09 April 2015) A few days back I posted a short update on my views as electrons being magnetic monopoles. I think electrons are magnetic monopoles and that the transition from the north state to the south state can be calculated precisely.  

So in this update I show you one of those weirdo's that try to build quantum computers based upon the idea that electrons on their own are magnetic dipoles... 

Item 1) With scientists like that, when will the first quantum computer be there? 

 Item 1) With scientists like that, when will the first quantum computer be there? 

If you keep on thinking electrons are dipole magnets whatsoever, you will never be able to harness the power of a quantum computer. If you for vague emotional reasons keep on hanging to a belief system that just does not work, all your ideas about quantum computers will fade into insignificance. 

I have selected for you a moment in time where so called 'leading scientists' expose their emotional bounds to electrons being magnetic dipoles all of the time.

I think it is a bag of rubbish and because it is a bag of rubbish all those so called quantum computers that they build at for example the D-wave factories, they will not work... 

That's what I think; the 'moment of time' is one minute and ten seconds, or 1:10 in the next Youtubber: 

How Does a Quantum Computer Work 


Electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, if they were dipoles only a very small fraction would go against the inhomogenous magnetic field. But if about half of the electrons are capable of fighting the stronger part of the magnetic field, this can only mean they are magnetic monopoles...

About 3 days back I posted this monopole stuff on electrons.  

End of this update, till updates.  


  (02 April 2015) An update in Dutch because our minister of economical affairs made a few comments lately about stopping the gas production in a fundamental way.
For the first time I agree with him and I would like to explain why this is good over a long long time haul (centuries so to say).

Item 1) Voordelen van aardwarmte.

  Item 1) Voordelen van aardwarmte.

Meer restwarmte en aardwarmte gebruiken is een goed idee, men probeert nog veel meer zoals bijv biobrandstoffen. Maar bio brandstoffen lossen het probleem van te hoge concentraties broeikas gassen helemaal niet op; je ziet al die maffe auto's rondrijden met daarop 'Wij rijden duurzaam op aardgas'.

Nou nee dus, bio brandstoffen zijn misschien minder idioot dan zo snel mogelijk de voorraad aardolie & gas opmaken, maar het probleem van te hoge concentraties broeikas gassen blijft gewoon bestaan.

De planeet aarde is, net als de zon, een enorme zak warmte. Heel langzaam komt die warmte naar buiten, bijv de ijzeren kern van de aarde groeit elke 1000 jaar ongeveer 1 contimeter. Per miljoen jaar dus ongeveer 10 meter; dat komt omdat de radioactieve processen die de kern van de aarde warm houden natuurlijk ook eens opraken. Maar dat duurt enorm lang gelukkig.

Nou wat is het grote voordeel van aardwarmte gebruiken?

Eenvoudig: Je verstookt veel minder fossiele brandstoffen en het is de enigste manier om het overschot aan warmte hier op aarde simpelweg het heelal in te stralen.

Elke keer als het helder weer is dan straalt elke huis warmte het heelal in.


Technische kanttekeningen; Als je warmte oppomt dan is dat equivalent met het koelen van de bodem op grote diepte; echter transport van warmte gaat enorm langzaam. Ik weet niet hoe snel maar als je teveel warmte oppompt dan werkt zo'n plek na een aantal jaren niet meer.

Maar als wij voor hele stadswijken warmte gaan oppompen dan hebben we heel veel nodig want bijv in het jaar 2199 wil men ook graag elke dag een warme douce nemen.

Het is daarom waarschijnlijk verstandig om bij het boren direct drie of vier verschillende aftappunten te hebben. Als je dan één jaar zo'n aftappunt gebruikt hebt, dan ga je naar de volgende die bijv een aantal honderden meters dieper ligt. Na vier jaar kom je dan weer bij je eerste aftappunt uit.

En al dat boren in de grond dan?

Nou hebben we al niet een club die dat goed kan?

Dat is de NAM enzo...


Kijk dit is enorm duur natuurlijk; aan de andere kant de gewonnen warmte is gratis. En als het zo gemaakt kan worden dat één boorput makkelijk 50 jaar meegaat dan zullen de kosten op termijn best meevallen. 

Maar dit is echt zo'n geval van 'De kost gaet voor de baet uit'. 


Dat was het, tot opdatums. 

Till updates.  


(29 March 2015) A short food update upon the Alzheimer disease that is now declared diabetes type 3. For myself speaking I was more or less totally surprised by the fact our own brains also make insulin. So I was chewing on that a few weeks. 

Item 1) I think type 3 diabetes is for real, but lots of stuff is still unknown.

 Item 1) I think type 3 diabetes is for real, but lots of stuff is still unknown.

A relatively good starting link is the next:

Alzheimer's Is Type 3 Diabetes 

In the above link there are many good links to other pages.  

Another link contains the name of a chick named Suzanne de la Monte. I don't know much about her but it seems she can do animal experiments in such a way they develop Alzheimer. 

If true, Suzanne is at least worth her weight in gold... 

Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed 



Last December it came out the Unilever is separating her spread division from the core kernel of her other commercial activities. Investors applaud this for reasons of 'declining returns' and so. 

After my humble opnion; these investor folks do not understand what Unilever knows about food and future judicial stuff. If indeed the dangers of transfats are understood by Unilever food experts for decades, it is indeed very wise to separate the spread division... 

Here in one of the separated products: 


Let's leave it with that. 


(26 March 2015) Today I finished the nine page update on the Riemann zeta function in 3D complex number space. It is nine pages of what is supposed to look as numerical mathematics, I have to say it was a pleasure to write it.  

Item 1) Zeta on the critical strip (3D version only).

 Item 1) Zeta on the critical strip (3D version only).

Let me repeat the teaser picture, if you click on it you are supposed to land on the latest math update.  


End of this update, till updates. 


(23 March 2015) Because I am a very lousy computer programmer I wrote a 9 pages piece that might help skilled computer programmers to find the zero's of the most famous math problem that is standing open into higher dimensions. 

At the same time I am trying to learn one of those modern computer programming languages, namely C sharp. And that is the item of today: 

Item 1) C# or C sharp? For me it is C stupid. 

 Item 1) C# or C sharp? For me it is C stupid. 

Let me be clear: This is not an attack on the software company Microsoft because after all they have their customer base and as such it is highly logical that even modern computer programming languages do not suit the math mind. 

But I do not complain, yet it has to be in these files that when I execute the command

Xcoord[k] = Xcoord[k]/3 

I get the correct answers inside C sharp. 

But if I do 

Xcoord[k] = Xcoord[k]*(1/3)

the whole thing reacts very differently and I only get zero's... 


My dear Microsoft, how can this be?


Anyway, lately I am hunting down the zero's of the Riemann zeta function in higher dimensional number systems. And although there is some progress on my side of the story, for me it is frustrating that even modern computer languages are so bad at math. 

But the hunt itself is very beautiful; If the zero's of the Riemann zeta function fall outside any exponential circle or higher dimensional exponential curve; rather likely the universe will collapse instantly. 


End of the bla bla bla, here is a nice picture with the explicit formulas included for the Riemann zeta function zero's in 3D. 


In the picture you see that 14, 1347 etc. Well that is the first non-trivial zero of the Riemann thing. As far as I understand reality, this stuff can be used for all zero's as they are found inside the complex plane. 

I crafted these three coordinate functions in such a way you can fill in the values as they go around for the Riemann stuff in the complex plane...  

Updated on 24 March: With every update I forgot to correct what I said in previous updates; If there are zero's of the Riemann zeta function in 3D and you use the Dirichlet eta function, in that case you will not get a zero but a multiple of the number alpha. 

So a multiple of  a = (1, -1, 1)/3. 

The reason is the same as discussed in the 05 Jan 2014 update: 

Adding stuff up from the exponential circle gives an extra alpha, for example the geometric series for the roots of unity in 3D. 

See the old update: 

The Song of Omega Reloaded,
The 3-dimensional roots of  unity omega


Till updates.   


(19 March 2015) A food & celebrities update; Reinko goes show news gossip style...     

Item 1) Has Amy Macdonald stopped eating bread? 

 Item 1) Has Amy Macdonald stopped eating bread? 

Amy Macdonald is a Scottish singer and by sheer accident the Youtube channel started beaming the registration of a concert from 2014 to my flatsceen monitor. 

Anyway, I was struck by the change in appearance.
This is how a female like Amy is supposed to look when not eating all that weird food:  

Amy Macdonald - Baloise Session 2014 - Full Concert 

Now compare that to the way she looked during their first hit 'This is the life' 

Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life 

Here you see the striking difference; females that eat bread every day often have those weird deposits of fat that aren't supposed to be there. Bread is just one of those examples: after eating bread your body refuses to burn fat so you get that strange accumulation of fat while feeling hungry at the same time... 


Yeah yeah, it is not much of a miracle as why the food industry promotes bread: if you cannot burn your body fat you will get hungry much faster. 

And that my dear reader is the way it works in a capitalist system. Not that I am against the principle of capitalist economies, but people often think the food industry will never sell poison if they get an extra profit from that. 

These people are dumb & deserve to die before their time. 

By the way; the gossip is: Has Amy stopped eating bread?  


End of this update. 


(16 March 2015) Two items today; the first about a remark the Russian prez Vladimir Putin made & the second item is a teaser picture related to the most famous math problem around: the zeta function hypothesis.  

Item 1) Russia was willing to go nuclear over Crimea. 
Item 2) Teaser picture on the Riemann conjecture.

 Item 1) Russia was willing to go nuclear over Crimea.

The last days it was more or less in the media that Vladimir Putin had said that in the end the Russians would be willing to go nuclear over the Crimea thing. 

That looks a bit over the top, but now one year later what is the outcome of this all? 

Only 5000 to 6000 casualties while at present date we can hope the truce will stand. 

As a comparison, 5000 is only 2% of, for example, the Syrian equation. 


So can we learn a lesson from this? 

Yes we can; it shows that symmetric warfare is better compared to asymmetric warfare. My original estimations from the day the Ukrainian prez Viktor disappeared were about 100 times as high. 


From the War Tribunal point of view: I thank the Russians for their efforts.
Despite all that weird international sanction stuff, facts are that when push comes to shove, the Russians act clever. So thanks!       

 Item 2) Teaser picture on the Riemann conjecture.

A very different item compared to item number one; lately I have been working on stuff that could help computer programmers to find the zero's of the zeta function in higher dimensions.  

For the last 100+ years finding proof that the zero's of the Riemann zeta function are on some critical line seems to be the most famous math problem around. 

And I have to admit; it is very hard to crack. 

I too cannot do this; for example I have no clue whatsoever about how to give pure analytical expressions for those zero's. All we can do is the computer dance, but oh oh I am the most worse computer programmer in the world. 

Anyway, over the centuries this problem will be cracked further and with that in mind it would not be a bad thing if this problem would be looked upon in higher dimensions and not only the the two dimensions of the complex plane... 

Let's leave it with that, in this teaser picture I try to show the similarity between calculations inside the complex plane and the same calculation in 3D. 

Here is the teaser picture: 


The above calculation is only related to the alternating sums of Riemann zeta stuff, that is known as the Dirichlet eta function. More info on that via:   


Till updates. 


 (14 March 2015) I am humming with satisfaction because all the time I thought that you can only develop Alzheimer disease if you eat bread on a daily basis.  

Well now there are some folks that say Alzheimer disease, or dementia, is just another type of diabetes and now it has number 3. 

Item 1) Is Alzheimer disease really diabetes 3?

 Item 1) Is Alzheimer disease really diabetes 3?

Alzheimer disease is a horrible way to die. Only humans have it, in the animal kingdom no other species have this disease. Therefore it is logical that Alzheimer disease is related to food because animals don't eat processed foods and we humans do eat processed foods. 

Why do I think bread is the main culprit?  

Very simple: most of our elderly do not eat snickers or other forms of candy all day long, but they strongly believe in the health of bread. Preferably whole wheat bread is healthy is what the average elderly thinks... 

That is one 100% nonsense; bread kills in more ways than you can imagine. 

For example: 

Over twenty years back I had an accident in traffic and one of my arms got out of the armpit. It never healed, my arm always stayed weak year in year out. 

Only now when I stopped eating weird stuff like bread, the joints are finally as what they were supposed to be. 


Back to Alzheimers: 

I am to lazy to explain in detail why bread is the main culprit, but everybody can do the google thing and search for "diabetes type 3". 

End of this update, do the google thing or eat more bread. It is your life and not mine... 


For the Dutch: Op is wel een leuke documentaire te vinden van 35 minuten over dit onderwerp. Het is belangrijk op te merken dat de samenstellers van deze documentaire niet veel van voedsel begrijpen omdat ze steeds weer praten over 'suiker samen met vet'. Maar goed, geen gemopper meer, hier is de link

Diabetes type 3: Alzheimer

Till updates.  


(11 March 2015) Today I posted an appendix in both versions of the pdf file under the name 'Ten styles for product integration'.
After all that Raabe formulae is to good to be neglected; in a fundamental way the gamma function is all about multiplication and that is why it fits so perfectly into the theory of product integration. 

Item 1) The two versions of the 'Ten styles of product integration'. 

  Item 1) The two versions of the 'Ten styles of product integration'. 

The old version is Product_integrals.pdf and later when I finally could import additional packages for my math typing program I could use the curly product symbol as made by Richard Gill. 

That is Product_integrals_curly.pdf.  


For the reminder of this update I only would like to repeat the shortest possible advertisement for 3D complex numbers. One way or the other it is fantastic to observe the most weird things in our universe behave like the set of not-invertible numbers...

Professional math people always avoid such stuff and always instantly go to things they call 'fields'. In a finite dimensional field there is only one element (or number) that is not invertible and that is the zero. 

Why they do that is unknown to me, after all if you need some math for example for quantum physics, all that field stuff is rather weird math to apply.
It is like making a car with only square parts while everybody knows square wheels give a bad ride all of the time... 


This is amazing but the accretion disk is the tau calculus and those two beams that shoot our perpendicular is the number alpha. Furthermore with 3D complex numbers you can craft super-position of 3 independent quantum states.
So from the very small to the largest objects in the universe; the 3D numbers are a perfect fit. 

That also explains as why professional math professors do not talk about it; progress in science without big bucks is a taboo. Or am I now to negative on those sleaze balls?  

Till updates my dear reader. 


(10 March 2015) Ha, this is funny; yesterday a few political shuffles were done. The minister of justice lost his job because he had told untrue facts to the Dutch parliament and with that also the deputy of our minister of justice had to go.   

Both are from a political party under the local name of VVD; in our political landscape these are rightwing liberals. But I do not care one second about minister Opstelten that has lost his job; like a lion I will chase minister Kamp from the economical department because that guy is a total retard when it comes to our local gas mining problems.... 

After having said that, the positive news of today is that after about 175 years of wall to wall stupidity by math professors I can repair a bit of the damage done by worthless math professors. That is the item for today. 

Item 1) Finally after about 175 years the result is used as it should be.

 Item 1) Finally after about 175 years the result is used as it should be.

Oh oh, product integration once more but what is it? 

If you are a student of math or physics or chemistry or whatever exact science, you can always ask your math professor the next simple question: 

"Dear professor, you always talk about those integrals but these integrals only add stuff up. They only do addition.
Now is there a way to replace addition with multiplication my dear professor?" 

Of course the average math professor will deny in a loud voice that this is not possible except using math techniques that dumb students will not understand in a thousand years... 


But, ha ha ha, when I found the result of Mr. Raabe from about 175 years ago (Raabe was a math professor in those long lost years) I decided to honor his magnificent result. This 'honor' is the small formulae in the right-down corner of the next picture:     


Source of the Raabe formulae: 

Gamma function 


End of this update (but do not forget to slaughter the career of minister Kamp from the department of economical affairs, the story simply needs another kill.)     

Till updates. 


(05 March 2015) I finished the update on the gamma function in 3D. Here it is or click on the teaser picture from 27 Feb below. Till updates.  


(04 March 2015) A short update in Dutch about our weak and dumb minister of economical affairs Henk Kamp. Here we go:  

Item 1) Ja hoor, daar is meneertje slap gelul weer.

 Item 1) Ja hoor, daar is meneertje slap gelul weer.

Eeuwig en altijd moet meneertje slap gelul weer advies hebben van 'experts'.
Nou ja, eigenlijk ben ik blij dat Henk het zelf nog eens een keertje zegt want daarmee hebben we direct een fundamenteel bewijs dat meneertje slap gelul echt helemaal niets van de gaswinning snapt. 

Anderhalf jaar terug heb ik voorgerekend dat de Groninger bodem over de volle breedte van ongeveer 900 vierkante kilometer minstens 3 meter zal dalen. 

Echter, ik baseerde mijn berekenig op gas dat dan van 5 kilometer diep zou komen, in werkelijkheid komt het meeste gas van ongeveer 2600 meter diep en omdat de druk daar maar de helft is zal het gas veel meer volume innemen.
Dientengevolge zal de totale bodem daling uitkomen op ongeveer 6 meter, maar dat is een gemiddelde omdat het gasveld niet helemaal aaneengesloten is. 
Als we rekening houden met de hogere temperatuur op 2600 meter diepte dan is 6 meter nog te laag geschat...

Nou en als je dan bedenkt wat dat voor gevolgen heeft voor de dijken, de kanalen, de sluizen etc etc dan ben ik benieuwd wat de regering zal gaan doen.

Nou ja, helemaal niets; dit jaar nog steeds ongeveer 40 kubieke kilometer gas en Henk Kamp, randdebiel als hij blijkbaar is, heeft steeds meer adviezen nodig van steeds meer experts. 

Het beste zou zijn, en dat meen ik, dat iemand Henk gewoon een doodschop geeft zodat wij met een nieuwe minister van economisch zaken verder kunnen.
Zijn we ook eens van dat slap gelul af... 


Kijk in het landschap hier duiken er steeds meer huizen op die er zo uitzien. En dit is in wezen nog maar het begin. Maar er zijn meer minkukels dan Kamp; ook het KNMI dat altijd zegt hoeveel het deze keer weer was op de schaal van Richter zegt niets over schattingen over de totale bodemdaling. 

Waarom dat is weet ik niet; blijkbaar wil iedereen graag de wiskunde prof uithangen:
laf en zwijgzaam. 


Einde van deze update; till updates. 


(27 Feb 2015) Oh oh, why did I do that? 

Item 1) Oops I broke the math embargo!

 Item 1) Oops I broke the math embargo!

A few days back I finished a nine page long update under the title Punishment for funny math professors but on page 10 I more or less started bragging that I think that a particular set of zero's is also found in 3D. 

May be you have never heard of it; but it is more or less the most famous problem in mathematics. It is easy to understand and hopeless to prove.
It is called the Riemann conjecture (things that are unproven are often called conjectures). 

Well I did it myself, just like a few weeks back I accidentally broke the beer glass I have been using on a daily basis for over 35 years... 

Anyway one thing leads to another and I had to post even two appendices to comment on why I think that stuff on the Riemann hypothesis.  

But ok, I did it myself so I won't complain; I should have thought twice because of course I want to keep my advantage at the worldwide mathematical community as large as possible... 


This week I finished a short piece on the so called gamma function in 3D. 


Never heard of the gamma function? Here is a good starter (and take at least one week to let it sink in): 

Gamma Function 


And completely unrelated to the gamma function but more to math updates before that, a wiki upon Hermann Günther Grassmann who got his math work completely neglected for over two decades by incompetent so called 'professional math professors'. 

Sounds pretty familiar over here. The difference between Hermann and I is that Hermann lost all interest in math while I already 25 years back understood I was surrounded by incompetents. 

Hermann Günther Grassmann 

But once you have a good math idea, regardless of the incompetent math professors, these days we still have Hermann's optical law: 

Grassmann's law (Optics) 


Ok, end of this update & as usual: till updates. 


(21 Feb 2015) According to the theory of quantum physics, for a short time nature can borrow a bit of energy and create a particle with that. The heavier the particle, the more energy has to be borrowed and the shorter the particle will live.   

Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors. 

   Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors. 

That process of particles jumping in and out of existence bears a great similarity with how the brains of math professors work; but instead of borrowing energy the brains of math professors borrow consciousness and they use that to craft mathematical ideas. 

So inside the brain of math professors, all the time mathematical ideas pop in and out of existence. If a mathematical idea is relatively complicated, it will survive only a very short time. 
Sometimes, and this is a very seldom thing, the mathematical idea get stored into the memory of the brain of a math professor; although the original idea has popped out of existence, a copy of that idea is stored in the memory. 

A lot is known about the brains of math professors; for example it is flat and squared and very small; just a few millimeters across. Biologists have a theory that says the brain of math professors is flat because of the use of 2D complex numbers and that the use of 2D complex numbers also explains as why the brains of math professors have stopped evolving so very long ago. 

If you cut the skull of a math professor open with an axe, precisely in the middle of the head you can find that tiny tiny brain. Under the microscope it looks something like this:     


The white parts is where a math idea has popped out of existence and the shadowy parts is where with the help of borrowed conscience a mathematical idea has popped into existence. 

Sometimes an idea gets stored in the memory of the brains of that particular math professor; for example the idea that you can take the cross product of a scalar and a 3D vector could, in theory anyway, get stored into the memory. 

If that happens, the brain of the math professor will look like this:      

It is well known that math professors always write publications but why they do that is less well understood. Ok, we can infer from this activity that math professors can actually read and write, but why they write stuff nobody else wants to read is unknown. 

Biologists think that writing so called publications has to do with territorial instincts and that writing publications is a way of marking off the particular territory. 
But the problem with that is just like dogs that when they take a shit, they align themselves with the earth magnetic field. From that we can infer that dogs have a biological compass but we do not know why dogs align to the earth magnetic field while taking a shit...   

Anyway to make a long story short: If a professional professor in math publishes something that was stored in the memory, it looks something like this:


Now serious: What is the punishment for the Nottingham math professors?  

In a few days time I will update about 10 new pages with more or less the net content: 

1) The cross product in 3D and 4D. 

2) In 3D and 5D we form pairs of imaginary numbers that imitate the number i from the complex plane. 

The punishment is as next:
The Nottingham professors must investigate if in 3D there are non-trivial zero's of the famous Riemann zeta function. 


And the Youtube video from the channel Numberphile that started it all (once more): 

Math Jokes Explained 

End of this update. Till updates. 


(13 Feb 2015) Today I finished updating the electricity update and because it is now the year 2015 I opened page 3 from the primer on three dimensional complex numbers. 

Item 1) Three phase electricity and three dimensional circular numbers. 

  Item 1) Three phase electricity and three dimensional circular numbers. 

This update contains no new math, on the contrary: the goal is to illustrate that you can use higher dimensional complex & circular in any way you like. 

For example the most difficult math I used was only this: 


In another development today when I rode my bicycle a bit around the local landscape, I suddenly realized that these math professors from Nottingham are completely wrong. 

Look in the previous update from yesterday for the details, but you can easily in three dimensions cross a scalar with a vector. 

Once more we observe how dumb all those math professors become when they year in year out refuse to study higher dimensional complex numbers. In a few months time I have published about the stuff for 3 full years. 

From that relatively long timespan you can deduce how smart those people from the universities really are..... 

Till updates.  


(12 Feb 2015) The UK based university of Nottingham has a nice channel named Numberphile on Youtube; on a regular basis they post videos for a wider audience. \\

In general it is very nice but lately I came across a horrible video where these evil monsters poked fun at my 3D number systems...
This cannot be, I will protect my little baby numbers with all my cognitive powers!  

Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors.

  Item 1) Punishment for funny math professors.

First look at the root source of all evil in this world: 

Math Jokes Explained 

The accumulation of pure evil is at about 5 mins into the video.
Ok ok, may be it is not pure evil but total ignorance. 
And we must never forget what Jesus said: 
Blessed are those with the simple minds. 

So the Nottingham university professors are, just like the professors here in Groningen, extremely blessed! What more could they wish for?  


Ok ok, let me give the Nottingham people a hint:
In the first problem, one of the factors is (x + y + z) so if you factor that out from
x^3 + y^3 + z^3 - 3xyz you can prove it is zero. 

For the second problem I do not know any method that does not use 3D numbers... 
Or, may be it is just the same as (x + y + z)^3.
(Yes, that is true but the expression itself comes from the third power of a 3D number.)

That's it for this update, till updates.  


(09 Feb 2015) Today I finished a small 6 to 7 page long piece on 3 phase electricity using 3D complex or circular numbers. And I am considering publishing it because:
1) It contains no new math &
2) It is important to show you can use these higher dimensional numbers in all sciences that use advanced mathematics.  

There is absolutely no reason to stick to the complex plane only (like the weird behaving professional math professors do). 

Yet today's update is the smallest advertisement possible for 3D complex numbers: 

Item 1) A math model for black holes.

  Item 1) A math model for black holes.

The 'math model' is as simple as possible:
Take the 3D complex or the circular numbers, use the set of non-invertible numbers to mimic the accreditation disk and the beams going out.  

It looks like this: 


End of the advertisement. 


Yeah yeah, there will be no mercy for the incompetent so called 'professional' professors from the science of mathematics.  

The way black holes are structured is exactly the same as non-invertible numbers in three dimensions... 

The similarities are striking: mass that gets sucked in to the accreditation disk is indeed 'no longer invertible' and the other way around:
Once you are on the main axis of invertible numbers (the multiples of the number alpha), you will never leave that axis. 

(The last statement is not true when you can use addition, for example 1 + alpha is perfectly invertible. But let me spare you the technical side of stuff; all in all these black holes look just like the space of non-invertibles...) 

End of this update, till updates. 


(08 Feb 2015) A small update on quantum mechanics because after all those people from the overpaid math professors at the universities can only add up two quantum states into a so called superposition of independent quantum states.  

Once more I say that for three quantum states you need 3D complex numbers... 

Item 1) Roger Penrose on Schrödingers cat and stuff like that.

 Item 1) Roger Penrose on Schrödingers cat and stuff like that.

In a relatively old Youtube vid from the year 2003 I found Roger Penrose using a so called overhead projector. Teens very likely have not seen much overhead projectors but the origin goes back to the cave people who sitting in their cave at night used the light from the wood fire to project shadows on the wall. 


Ok, when it comes to the so called superposition of quantum states, the math is hard.
With 2D numbers from the complex plane you can only add two of such quantum states. 

And there is that stuff known as 'phase shift' that says you can in a continuous way shift from one state into the other (as long as there is no observer from the macroscopic world watching). 

But Roger knows his stuff, here is a screenshot from that 2003 video, at about 11 min 36 seconds Roger shows this overhead projection to the audience: 


Do you see the w and z? 

You see Roger has put them perpendicular because the two quantum states are independent. And that is where the present day science of quantum mechanics run into serious trouble: 

They cannot superposition more than two quantum states because they only use 2D complex numbers... 

Roger Penrose on Quantum Mechanics and Schrodinger's cat  


End of this update, till updates. 


(04 Feb 2015) A small food update that might explain a little bit why the brains of humans are so large compared to the other apes.  

Item 1) What happened to gene MYH16? 

 Item 1) What happened to gene MYH16? 

Often it is stated that chimpanzees are our closest relative in the animal kingdom; and indeed we share a very large pool of identical genes. But why are the brains of chimps so small compared to the apes named humans? 

Is that because our jaw muscles are so weak that for example your brain can grow and grow until you are an adult? (The weak jaw muscles allow your skull to be much more loose, this in contrast to chimps that do not have this benefit.) 

Brain size of a chimp is at most something like half a liter while human brains are about three times as large. That's a big time difference... 
(But sperm whales seem to have the largest brains, about 8 kg or five times the human brain. Beside actual brain size you also have to take into account the ratio between brain size and body size because a large body needs more brain to control it.) 

Now a long long time ago people started cooking their food to the extent that at present day people can no longer eat raw meat like the meat from cows or so. 

And that seems to be related to gene MYH16. 

Nice quote: 

In addition, the scientists discovered that mutations deactivated the gene MYH16, which is linked to jaw muscles, after the ancestors of chimpanzees and hominins diverged, but before the ancestors of modern humans split from those of Neanderthals and Denisovans. This may explain why modern and extinct human lineages have relatively weak jaw muscles compared with ape relatives such as chimpanzees. The researchers suggested that this gene loss may have occurred after the development of cooking, which can make food easier to eat, lessening the need for stronger jaw muscles. 

Comment: If true, cooking food allows for the gene MYH16 to get razed from the gene pool allowing for bigger brains while at the same time you need some brains to get the fire going... If you look at humanity today, I think it is all true. 

Source: Different Tastes: How Our Human Ancestors' Diets Evolved   


So that explains a little bit why we eat the food we do, only that bread keeps on going to be a strange thing. But all animal species will have their own blind spot when it comes to food, after all nature wants you to die as soon as possible so nature can proceed with her experiments on evolution... 

End of this update. 


 (30 Jan 2015) Yesterday I hang a short pdf file in this website about so called Clifford algebras. Clifford algebras are famous because of their role in the science of quantum mechanics. 

Embargo considerations: I have done a lot of work lately, so you can be assured that these new Clifford algebras fall deep behind the 10% threshold of new stuff found.   

Item 1) A teaser picture for some cheap math with two fingers in the nose written. 

 Item 1) A teaser picture for some cheap math with two fingers in the nose written. 

Yes, let's not do difficult: Any mathematical lightweight human could write cheap stuff like this. So for me it was important to show that I can be just a non-performer of math just like the professional math professors are. 

All these precious professional professors do is producing pseudo science, and miracle miracle they get boatloads of money for that pseudo science. 

Now, I can make pseudo science too... 

Don't believe me? 

Just click on the next picture and you will know that whatever the future of humans will bring, it is worthless knowledge.  


End of this update, but once more I am glad I can write useless knowledge too... 

Till updates. 


(23 Jan 2015) A short update on the European Central Bank new policy of buying 60 billion € a month in government bonds. 

Item 1) Has the ECB gone bonkers?

  Item 1) Has the ECB gone bonkers?

I did not see the press conference today but in the intro ECB prez Mario Draghi clearly stated that as far as the ECB is concerned, they will lay the foundation for future economical growth. 

Mario clearly stated that without political help like transforming your economy this massive bond buying program will not work. 

Furthermore, and that is very important, if government bonds are bought, 80% of the risk goes to the local Central Bank of that country and 20% will rest on the shoulders of the ECB. 


What can I say? 

Not much; I think that this all is not going to work because the problem countries like France and Italy will never ever make the changes needed. 

Politics in countries is never driven by economical or mathematical insights, most of it is only local emotional stuff. 

As we observe on inspection; an unemployment rate of 25% in Spain does not trigger any political reform at all. 


But as a mathematical dynamic system it will be funny to observe local Central Bank pump up their balances with local government bonds.... What will happen to future losses on those local Central Bank balances? 
The USA & the Japs are already in dire straits...

When will debt huggers learn the math? 


End of this update, till updates. 


(17 Jan 2015) A small math update with one of those 'numerical proofs'.
Of course these are not real proofs, but anyway.
I respect the embargo because time in and again I have stated the determinants of exponential circles & curves is 1. So there is nothing new under the sun...   

Item 1) Don't worry; there is nothing new under the sun.

 Item 1) Don't worry; there is nothing new under the sun.

One picture with some words in it: 


The 'animated drawing' applet can be found here:   

End of this update, till updates. 


(14 Jan 2015) Finally I printed it all out; 225 pages printed while on this website only about 140 pages of math around higher dimensional complex numbers are found... 

So the embargo is gathering some beef; a lot of stuff will never get published. 

Item 1) The publication embargo is gathering beef.

 Item 1) The publication embargo is gathering beef.

Finally on the last day of the year 2014 I went to the printing shop and printed it all out.
And for only 12 € I had the very first version in my hands, although I had written it all myself even for me it was more or less impressing what is inside it. 

The 225 page long pdf print contains only one picture, in the 140 pages on this website a whole lot of pictures from outside sources are included. So I am very satisfied with how the boycott of new results is going. 

This is how it looks in print, just 12 € and it will be the only copy forever. 


Yeah, only one copy forever. 

After all the professional math professors do their thing and I know from experience that if you want to find better math you avoid these people like they have the pest. 

And they have the pest, they can only do 2D complex numbers... 


End of this update, till updates.   


(12 Jan 2015) This is a small math update in the Dutch language; the accountancy firm Deloitte is arguing for more investments into the math departments of the Dutch universities. Needless to say I am against giving more money to people that have a solid track record of being incompetent to the bone. 

Even if you give them boatloads of math for free, they do not respond.
So will giving them much more money be good for the Dutch economy in the long run? 

Here is the item in the Dutch language:

Item 1) Volgens Deloitte is wiskunde goed voor 160 miljard per jaar. 

 Item 1) Volgens Deloitte is wiskunde goed voor 160 miljard per jaar. 

Om de gedachten even scherp te zetten is het verstandig om eerst de advertentie van Deloitte lezen want alle details die erin zitten lijken op het eerste gezicht logisch. 

Dus hier is de link naar de advertentie van Deloitte: 

Wiskunde nodig om arbeidsmarkt te redden
Wiskunde verdient jaarlijks 160 miljard voor Nederland BV

Ik zal niet ontkennen dat met het juiste gebruik van wiskund de economishe groei voor vele decennia gewaarbgorgd is, maar dan moet je wel een zootje competente wiskundigen klaar hebben staan natuurlijk.

Vergelijk het met een pan perfecte soep: Als in die pan soep ongeveer 10 gram zout nodig is om de smaak en voedingswaarde perfect te krijgen, kun je dan zeggen

"Tien gram zout geeft een pan gezonde soep!"  

Dat is onzin omdat behalve het zout je allerlei andere grondstoffen nodig hebt. 


Laat ik een ander voorbeeld geven: 

Een belangrijk deel van de huidige wiskunde is gebaseerd op het gebruik van complexe getallen uit het complexe vlak. En een belangrijk deel van onze economie is gebaseerd op inzichten daaruit, bijv electriciteit.

Nou komt er een wiskunde student voorbij die vertelt hoe je vanuit dat complexe vlak naar de hogere dimensies kunt gaan en wat denk je dat die professor mafketels doen? 

Nul komma niks. 

En deze wiskunde is op termijn veel meer waard dan 160 miljard per jaar.  


Conclusie: Omdat in de jaren 1990 - 1992 de wiskunde professoren al veel te veel geld kregen voor hun prestaties waren ze veel te veel met geld bezig. 

Laat je ze wiskunde zien dat echt een beetje helpt, dan zien ze de lange termijn waarde niet want ze zijn bezig met hun geldje enzo. 

Daarom is mijn advies veel minder geld naar die mafketels van die belastinggeld betaalde wiskunde professoren... 

End of this update & till updates.  


(09 Jan 2015) Ha ha, do you think I would comment on the terror attack in Paris? 

Come on, only twelve people dead. No time will be wasted on that. 

This is a food update and I would like to give my well meant compliments to the USA based Food & Drug Agency.

Item 1) The FDA bans all use of trans fats in food products.

 Item 1) The FDA bans all use of trans fats in food products.

Now what are trans fats? That is very simple: to normal fats there are extra hydrogen added in the 'trans way'. That makes these fats much more stable and prolongs the shelf life of food products where trans fats are added to.

But very likely, because the shelf live is larger, your body has all kinds of troubles with digesting it.  

Just a few examples: Doritos potato chips or the halverine spread for your bread contains a lot of trans fats. Therefore after five years if you open your healthy halverine spread or after 50 years you open your healthy Dorito potato chips, it is still perfectly edible.  

Since it is my opinion that you should avoid eating stuff your body cannot digest, it is not unwise to avoid processed food that contains trans fats. 


So I was flabbergasted to observe the USA based FDA banning all use of trans fats anyway. 


In the meantime we have about 30 million Americans that have diabetes type two, that is about 10% of the entire population. And that relates to hundreds of extra amputees for the lower of the patients legs day in day out. 

If you compare that to the weird stuff related to the Paris attack, who is the crazy one?

Day in day out the food kills, it starts at young ages: 



End of this update.  


07 Jan 2015) A short food update upon havermout or as it is known in the English language, the oatmeal.   

Item 1) Feed the kids oatmeal, not bread, and they will live longer.

 Item 1) Feed the kids oatmeal, not bread, and they will live longer.

This is a very simplistic title because our bodies have thousands of genes containing the information for producing specific proteins to build your body. So in theory there can be many food allergies because of your genetic constellation but in practice a lot of food allergies and/or food intolerances are related to dangerous grains like wheat. 

Oatmeal does not fall in the category that shortens your lifespan without reason. 

The other grains always interfere with your blood sugar levels in a way that only makes your body gain more and more fat while you cannot burn your fat away even if you exercise...
The grains are unwise food, but when you are young you don't drop dead from it. 


For myself speaking I classify oatmeal as a fast food because I consume it with milk and a little bit of sugar. And indeed since it is a fast food you can run faster or get a higher average speed on your bicycle.
But oatmeal is much more safe because you do not gain weight from eating it, contrary to bread, wheat, corn & the likes, the fast food dimension is much more related to the milk and the five grams of refined sugar that comes with it. 


What about milk?
My body processes milk perfectly, but for most of humanity this is not the case. 

Now why should oatmeal be an allowed food?
Make up your own mind, I did not read the fine details but the abcnews says: 

Bowl of Oatmeal a Day May Be Key to a Longer Life, Major Study Finds 

In case you want to know why oatmeal is not a bad grain?
Very simple: It does not break down into sugars within a few minutes after passing your stomach & entering your intestines. 

Till updates. 


(28 Dec 2014) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

Item 1) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

 Item 1) A short math update in the so called 'Gauss style'.  

After Euler the Gauss guy is definitely on my shortlist of good guys. 
A major reason for this is that it is estimated that because Gauss never published a lot of work the whole of science was set back by something like 50 years. 

I think that is a rubbish estimate, would Gauss have published in time because of the sheer incompetence of other professional math professors, science would also be set back for 50 years. 

So Gauss was completely in the right with his 'few but ripe' policy of publicizing things.  


After having said that, there are also strong differences between me and Gauss. For example I usually think that transparency is very important and that costs me an awful lot of time to get it right.

For example the proof that in 3D the exponential circles are indeed flat circles; outlining the proof was about 25 to 30 seconds. Writing it all down and hitting the button named 'publish website' is like 6 to 8 hours of work. 

People often complained that Gauss lacked transparency, he just stated results.
Gauss compared it to for example the restoration of a building; all the time there is all that scaffolding around and when it is finished the scaffolding is removed. 

So today, with a little smile on my face, the embargo forces me to not publish the 100% transparent pages and only the end result.

It is a bit like going 'Gauss style'. Here is the end result:   


So my dear professional professors, can you prove with your own theories if this is true or not? 

Let's leave it with this, till updates. Updated on 05 Jan 2015: 

Ok, let's hope that at least a few amongst you have wondered what the hell the 'A' is in 
A = B and A = C implies B = C.
Well that is in the picture below: It is the first coordinate function from the exponential circle, but it is run at 3 times the normal speed. 

You can break down the formulae with the sin(9x)/(3sin(3x)) using the de Moivre formulae in the complex plane, that gives the B. 
You can also do this in the three dimensional complex numbers, that gives the C.  


Because it does not matter what kind of complex numbers you use (the 2D complex plane or the 3D complex space) this indicates that my way of generalizing the complex plane to all higher dimensions is indeed valid. 

Not that the mathematical 'professionals' are interested, those people are so incompetent they cannot even distinguish between a left and a right shoe or so...
But for me this is important because the higher dimensional number systems are not some freak show but the only way to generalize the complex plane. 

And what the professional professors think or say is 100% irrelevant. 


By the way; I wish you a happy new year & till updates. 


(26 Dec 2014) This is a short food update in the Dutch language. 

Item 1) Daar zijn die imbicielen weer van het Voedingscentrum.

 Item 1) Daar zijn die imbicielen weer van het Voedingscentrum.

Ach tja 'eerlijk over voedsel' en dan zo'n dike laag aan nonsense gaat mij te ver.
Het kan dus wel tweede kerstdag zijn maar ik wil even kort ageren tegen die idioten genaamd Eddy Zoëy en een snol genaamd Jenneke Heising. 

Zij geven voorlichting over het gluten in brood op de website van het Voedingscentrum. 

Nou ik wil kort zijn maar ze hebben in hun update bij het voedingscentrum maar één detail echt goed: 

Als er meer gluten in het brooddeeg zit dan is het soepeler en meer elastisch. 

Al het andere, daar klopt nul komma niets van. 

Lees die rotzooi eerst maar eens door: 

Gluten zijn slecht voor me denk ik

Niks maar dan ook niks klopt van deze vreemde bizarre denkwereld; hooguit 1% gaat extra vroeg dood als ze brood blijven eten vanwege koeliakki? 

Snapt snol Jenneke & pooier Eddy wel waarom zoveel mensen rugklachten hebben? 

Ok ok, van een auto ongeluk kan je ook rugklachten krijgen. 

Maar alleen als je dat gezonde brood eet dag in dag uit blijven die rugklachten bij je voor de rest van je leven. 


En al die omatjes die een nieuwe heup moeten hebben? Allemaal broodeters. 

Ga je naar de dokter met gewrichts klachten en je vraagt: Heb ik misschien reuma?
Dokter zegt: Nee hoor, reuma begint bij je handen en polsen.
Maar waarom kan ik mijn teen niet meer bewegen dokter? Het gewricht is stuk! 
Dokter zegt: Geen idee. 

Laten we het daarbij houden, maar heb je regelmatig last van je gewrichten dan zal alleen een wiskunde professor niet proberen om gewoon eens een tijdje te stoppen met brood en al die andere tarwe producten... 

Tot opdatums, till updates.  


(21 Dec 2014) Because in a few days time I will have a new computer I thought why not upgrade my math type setting stuff to the present Miktex2.9?  

Of course I had to prove it once more:
On my computer it is impossible to include pictures in your math texts. 

To my surprise a true miracle happened: Not only after a few faults I was able to get one picture on a correct spot, on top of that even after making a pdf from it the output still looked the same! 

That sure was a miracle & that is item number one for today: 

Item 1) The Christmas miracle is there!

 Item 1) The Christmas miracle is there!

It is unbelievable but all those years in the past it was always the so called 'encapsulated postscript' or the eps extension that never worked. Jpg pictures worked better but also too unreliable. 

And now suddenly at least one picture is in the correct place, in the meantime I also discovered a new species of math professors: 


It is a true miracle; not only is the picture placed there where it is supposed to be (at the top of my 222 page long main article). But also this new species of math professors are looking very high IQ compared to the human variant that is only wasting tax payer money.

I am humming with satisfaction... 


Now why did I go to that website 

That is because I was looking at one of those video's that try to popularize quantum mechanics and I stumbled on a nice vid from the Imperial College London where they use alcohol to visualize muons in public places. And that too is a miracle.  

Quantum theory: it's unreal  


Many aspect of quantum physics look unreal, for example that entanglement stuff where is there is large spatial separation between entangled particles a measurement of the one rams the other particle into the same quantum state. 

Anyway, that is what they claim that happens over and over again but I have never done such experiments myself. 

End of this update.  


(16 Dec 2014) What did Hamilton do wrong when crafting the four dimensional quaternion numbers?  

After all he tried to find 3D complex numbers... 
Hamilton did about everything fault in trying to find 3D complex numbers, in this short update of 3 pages we analyze from what wrong assumptions he reasoned. 

Click on the next picture to land on those 3 pages: 



Source:  Liberation_Of_Algebra_part1.avi 

Further reading: Quaternion  

End of this update. 


(15 Dec 2014) This is a food update, we are pondering the question if all calories are born equal. So the zero hypothesis is that all calories are equal and it does not matter what food you eat against the alternative that some kinds of food are so that you will overeat & that you will die far to early...      

Item 1) Are all food calories born equal? 

 Item 1) Are all food calories born equal? 

Of course not all food calories are born equal, after all my own father died when he was only 67 years of age and with what I know now it was the bread and the wheat that killed him prematurely. 

I will not repeat the faults my parents made so for me it is simple: If I die beyond the age of about 72 years, in that case I stopped eating bread in time. 

And compared to my previous generation, I will have lived about five years longer. 


Now are all food calories born equal? 

Suppose there is food out that if you eat it, your body will refuse to burn fat but you are not aware of it. 

Does such food exist? 

Yes, your puffy fluffy bread is such a food. 
If you eat bread (or other food with all that high sugar index stuff), after getting satisfaction for your calorie need, your body refuses to burn fat.  

Don't believe me? 

Here is a simple graph of my own body weight, all the time when I was eating bread I could not go below 88 kilo of body mass. Even if on my bicycle I ride 500 kilometers week in week out, my body refused to go below 88 kilo of body mass...  


Are all food calories born equal? 

No they are not; in the next picture you see my own body weight and you must know I came down from weighing an amazing 109 kilo. 

But I was not able to go below 88 kilo, still staying in dangerous BMI index ranges. 

Only with simply skipping bread I was able to make it to what my goals actually were. 


And now, every week again and again I have to buy a few bags of nuts and overeat on my own terms. 

And not on the terms of the food industry. 


End of this update, till updates.  


(09 Dec 2014) A few updates back I joked a bit like the entire of humanity need at least 265 years to find only one exponential circle while I, Reinko, now publishes 10 more.
So on my own I did about 2600 years of average mathematical progress...  

Now can I improve on those 2600 years?
Yes I can; there is a formulae from Abraham de Moivre that even predates the first exponential circle as found by Leonhard Euler. But during the last centuries professional math professors have found two more, so until now they had only 3 of them. 

Well, with every exponential circle/curve you also have these Moivre formulaes.
I won't write them all out.
It is reasonable to add about 900 years improvement to the 2600 years, that gives a total of about 3500 years... ;) 

Item 1) Abraham de Moivre formulae, 3D version.

 Item 1) Abraham de Moivre formulae, 3D version.

In case you do not know what the Moivre formulae is, please study the next page first: 

De Moivre's formula

From the historical point of view this Moivre formulae is very important, for us living in the century number 21 it is hard to judge if Euler would have found the very first exponential circle if he would have no knowledge at all about the Moivre thing... 

But history is not a repeatable process, we can only guess and that's it. 


In three dimensions I took the circular multiplication and looked for the most simple Abraham de Moivre formulae I could think of. Of course that would be the square of the three coordinate functions of the exponential circle in 3D.

I made two versions of it, this is not an official publication or so nor are they 'teaser pictures' for impending publications. One way or the other; I have to obey the embargo years until the university people finally start acting normally. 

And that my dear reader, could take a long long time... 


The two versions are precisely the same in mathematical content, only the background is different. The first one is named kitsch & the second has the name normal. 

Here they are, this is the kitsch version with parquet: 


And precisely the same without any kitsch parquet in it: 



Don't forget: This is the most simple version of de Moivre formulas it you leave the two dimensional complex numbers.   

Let's leave it with that. 

Till updates. 


(05 Dec 2014) Another detail of the Direchlet kernel in five dimensions, a small numerical proof from a detail of the sphere-cone equation in 5D.

Item 1) Diving in 5D with help of the Dirichlet kernel.

 Item 1) Diving in 5D with help of the Dirichlet kernel.

Ha ha, never in my life I would have thought this Dirichlet kernel would carry so much importance, but for the time being I am humming with satisfaction because it looks like this particular kernel fits a lot of exponential circles & curves. 

To be a bit more precise: They give me the actual coordinate functions & and together with a little bit of Floris Takens time delay musings it looks like I have found a very good yet partial description of  at least my theory until dimension number five...

Today only a small numerical detail, of course the math embargo is still out and until those weirdo's from the local university here in Groningen act starting doing normal the math embargo will be lifted. 

Anyway, here is the numerical detail: 


Never ever in my life I wrote an expression so long that only says it is zero all of the time. All that sinus stuff is only implementing the time delay from Floris while Reinko says it should be zero. 

Here is the numerical expression: 

f_0 * f_1 + f_1 * f_2 + f_2 *  f_3 + f_3 * f_4 + f_4 * f_0 =

((1/5)*sin(5*x)/sin(x)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-0.62832))/sin(x-0.62832)) + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-0.62832))/sin(x-0.62832)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.256637))/sin(x-1.256637)) + 
((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.256637))/sin(x-1.256637)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.8849556))/sin(x-1.8849556)) + ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-1.8849556))/sin(x-1.8849556)) * ((1/5)*sin(5*(x-2.513274))/sin(x-2.513274)) + 


Ha ha, anybody sees instantly this has to be zero... Or not? 

Till updates. 


(03 Dec 2014) Correction: I wrote Diriclet in the previous update where it should have been Dirichlet... Sorry for that.  

Now we have only one day of lifting the math publication embargo with this Dirichlet stuff, why not dive in a bit deeper? 

Item 1) Diving in 5D with the Dirichlet kernel. 

 Item 1) Diving in 5D with the Dirichlet kernel. 

To put it simple:  

Now I understand the usage of the modified Dirichlet kernel a little bit, computer proof that the sum of squares of the coordinate functions equals 1 is easy crafted. 
Just like the fact that the sum of the coordinates is also 1. 

Ha ha ha, this time around there is no mercy for the weird behavior of the local math professors here in Groningen: I applied just a little bit of Florens Takens time delay & as usual year in year out you will act like the weirdo's you are. 

But let's skip the emotional parts of my brain & dive into the good cognitive parts. 

The numerical parts of  my insights are easy to harvest, this picture clearly says the sum of squares of the coordinates equals 1, just like the sum of the coordinates does.

How to turn this into good math? So not that stupid computer proof math?


End of this update, till updates. 


(29 Nov 2014) Ok ok, today I am in a good mood so for one day the  math embargo & boycott is neglected. But it is only for one day...  

Item 1) Holy shit; are coordinate functions actually Dirichlet kernels? Why?

 Item 1) Holy shit; are coordinate functions actually Dirichlet kernels? Why?

Today I am in a good mood so I throw in an open problem I cannot solve myself.
I do not have any kind of proof for it, but lots of times the coordinate functions of exponential curves and stuff are a simple transformation of the so called Diriclet kernel from Fourier analysis. 

Why this is, I do not know. 


Useful links:  

Takens' theorem in action for the Lorenz chaotic attractor


Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(26 Nov 2014) I finished turning the math text into 19 jpg pictures, so today the stuff can be published. Take your time, do not try to understand all 19 pages in one go...  

Item 1) Ten exponential circles and curves.

 Item 1) Ten exponential circles and curves.


Again, do absolutely not try to grasp everything directly. 
After all, it took me about one and a half year...  

Till updates. 


(25 Nov 2014) Today I finished turning the impending update on exponential circles & curves into internet-digestible jpg pictures; 19 of them. 

So before I hang these 19 pictures in this website, the last teaser picture is there.
And that is the only item of today: 

Item 1) The last teaser picture. 

  Item 1) The last teaser picture. 

This is the last teaser picture and in it I challenge all those dumb so called 'professional math professors' that think higher dimensional complex numbers do not exist.  

How much more fundamental proof do you need to understand humans are only a branch of primates, always having a bad brain day and never ever we are echo's of God. 

By the way, that goes for me too... 


But here is the last teaser before the hard math will strike in a few days of time. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(22 Nov 2014) The last years I always have problems with the telephone; people who are supposed to contact me cannot get through.   

I have accepted that as a fact of life; you might know I am not satisfied with math professors, but believe me: compared to math professors the real utter slime is police forces and stuff. Lately there are also more and more internet connection problems, for example I cannot even download a small 3,1 MB file from a company named Microsoft. 

And that is where I draw a line in the sand, the rest of this update is in the Dutch language. 

Item 1) Waarom doet dat internet zo gek?

 Item 1) Waarom doet dat internet zo gek?

Kijk dat mijn telefoon afgetapt wordt door die achterlijke politie, dat is iets waar ik al vele jaren mee weet te leven. Bovendien is er ook nog zoiets als fiets en met fiets kan je gewoon een handgeschrven briefje ergens heen brengen als dat nodig is zonder telefoon te gebruiken. 

Telefoon aftap is altijd makkelijk te begrijpen; er zijn altijd veel te veel van die enorm rare fouten. 

Bijv: Familielid maakt telefoontje, gesprek is afgelopen en familielid hangt op.
Daarna gaat de telefoon dan 1 keer over.  

Maak ik zelf telefoon gesprek en ik hang op, dan nooit gaat ie nog 1 keer over. 

En dat gaat dan rustig een maand of drie door totdat ik er iets van zeg op deze webpagina... En verhelpen ze de fout.  

Conclusie: Achterlijke politie die op 21 oktober 2001 begon met mij te stalken is mijn telefoonlijn aan het aftappen. 

Recent in het jaar 2014 zijn er weer allerlei telefoon problemen en omdat de laatste jaren onze minister Ronald Plasterk constant staat te beweren in het parlement dat zoiets altijd gaat met een ministeriële handtekening, heb ik een probleem met Ronald.
Maar ook met Opstelten want die gaat over de politie enzo. 

Kan dit soort van onzin eindelijk eens stoppen? 

Als je wat wilt weten gebruik dan de methode genaamd 'deurbel' ipv altijd dat laffe gedoe als telefoon taps en aanverwant laf gedrag... 


Geloof je me niet dat het internet enorm raar doet?
Hier is een eenvoudig screenshot bewijs dat ik niet eens 3 MB van Microsoft kan downloaden: 


Omdat onze mooie Ronald altijd van die mooie kletspraatjes heeft in het parlement en omdat de AIVD onder zijn bevoegdheid valt kan ik maar één ding zeggen tegen deze incompetente imbiciel: 

Sterf Ronald Plasterk, STERF!!! 

Maar goed, het kan ook een Opstelten probleem zijn. 


Laten we het daarbij houden. Tot opdatums. 

Till updates.  


(19 Nov 2014) Today I finally finished my oversight of exponential circles and curves. I restricted it to 10 because otherwise I would clearly break my own embargo that says:   

Only 10 to 20% of new results will be published until those crazy math professors finally will act in an adult way and not like inside the sandpit where small children play.  

Item 1) The last teaser picture for the exponential circles & curves.

 Item 1) The last teaser picture for the exponential circles & curves.


End of this update, till updates. 


(16 Nov 2014) About one year ago on 08 Nov 2013 I wrote an update on 17-dimensional exponential circles. Now ha ha ha , they do not exist at all. 

So I crafted a small correction on that particular update from about one year ago & that is the item for today. 

Item 1) Naming and shaming incompetent math professors.

 Item 1) Naming and shaming incompetent math professors.

Yeah yeah Marius, you said it yourself: 

Equations of Diophantus are more important. 

So bye bye professor number one... 



End of the start of the slaughter of math professors reputations... 

Till updates. 


(12 Nov 2014) From the previous update we had an open problem; the solution to that open problem will be given and a new open problem emerges. 
Ha ha ha, that new problem is not easy to solve in six days or so...  

Item 1) Leonhard Euler saves the day. 

  Item 1) Leonhard Euler saves the day. 

Ok, I did not set this up because when writing an oversight of all inns and outs of exponential circles and curves in low dimensions I finally had to tackle this problem.  

Let's not do difficult, the solution to the open math problem lies in understanding projections & also understanding as why in quantum mechanics all measurements are basically projections. 

So here is my solution to my open problem from six days ago: 


The last question is very philosophical.  

Till updates.  


 (06 Nov 2014) One item with a mathematical challenge to the entire global math community. I want a brain proof done by a human brain without the use of a machine...   

Item 1) Musings on an open problem.

  Item 1) Musings on an open problem.

It has to be true because if not all my other math work on higher dimensional complex numbers will come crashing down hard and after that I would feel the need to commit suicide or start eating bread again. 

But leaving jokes aside, why is the next problem that you see in the jpg picture below so hard to crack? My brain cannot prove it with just my brain & a bit of old fashioned paper & pencil. 

An internet applet for the exponential matrix gives (of course) the correct answer, but I refuse to bow for the wisdom of machines. I just want to understand the math with my own few pounds of human brain tissue...  

The number 1.047198 you see is of course pi divided by 3. 

So this is the open problem:

How do you, as a human with only paper & pencil, go from the 'entered square matrix' to the result? 


Ok, every day I am making a little bit of progress into my oversight of exponential curves and exponential circles. 

But this detail is still not solved in full order for a human mind... 


End of this update, till updates. 


Archive (of these homepage files). 



-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

Chained dollars are from a time chain and so you have to filter out inflation so you have a better estimate of price and quality and so. 

Therefore chained dollars are easy to understand. Hard to understand is what exactly a Gross Domestic Product, or a GDP is.

One way or the other; all nations will have their own flavor of GDP. 

Lately I just got so confused my dear reader. The Americans were able to spike up GDP growth by almost 0.5% because some stuff was now 'investment related' instead of the old thing.

Now that is very interesting because a dollar is a dollar, let it be a consumer good like bread or coffee or green tea or whatever what. Or a business invested dollar, GDP statistics should be like the temperature of the air outside the building and not inside the building. 

Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...














Title: A 2010 condolences card to the US dollar.