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Part XLII: February 2005:




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To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XLII of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid judicial shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.


11 Feb 2005: Dear readers I have decided to reopen this long story again, strangely enough the governmental courthouse folks did still not hand over to me the date of the next civil trial. A civil trial and therefore it will be a Civil Bloody Day, but although my lawyer promised it would be done in 2 or 3 weeks after 16 November there still is no envelope received by me.

So this is strange because for so many years and with such a large budget the folks working from the twin towers in this little city (the IBG building) were always so determined. And now in the ninth year of legal shit with them they have finally the opportunity to make me brake beyond repair and suddenly get weak knees or so?

Can't swallow a few hundred innocent civilians dead my dear opponents? Do you think I am a madman? Or do you finally understand we all have the responsibility to minimize civil death toll in times of war and that therefore it is very wise to strike back at the populations non-performing armies come from?

With this in the back of our minds it is still unknown what the civil death toll of Fallujah, Iraq was. So if the judicial opponents still like feeling to bring it on, just do this.   


After mentioning my individual problems with incompetent legal institutions lets look at the things in life that makes us all happy, I mean killed US soldiers & similar slime. The elections in Iraq from 30 January were supposed to be Military Bloody Day number nine, although completely different compared to my estimations we can see it was a big success.

Only two US soldiers dead (far to little of course) and at the end of the day a nice British Hercules C-130 down, now 12 days later the experts are still baffled. Well just like the military experts (it cannot be a shoulder fire missile because the Hercules had all standard defense stuff onboard) I have my unrealistic fantasies too of course. But I cannot elaborate, why should I?

No, the next MBD is number 10. Therefore a long expected and tremendous important MBD, because 10 is a multiple of 5 it is one of those 'contest days'. That means that the group or platoon that kills the most coalition soldiers wins the second so called Blue Footed Trophy. According to the lunar (the Muslim) calendar, the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad is 19 March. So that is the reason for declaring this date, it is a kind of honor to the Muslim fighters. Lets not forget the Muslim fighters perform remarkably well given the difference in fire power, it looks safe to conclude that a lot of them are just the better soldiers. Or not my dear US army? Or not?

On 19 March two years ago also something else happened, the US commander in chief informed this people they needed to go to war in Iraq. Here is a nice quote from the start of his speech that evening:

THE PRESIDENT: My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.

On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war. These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. More than 35 countries are giving crucial support -- from the use of naval and air bases, to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units. Every nation in this coalition has chosen to bear the duty and share the honor of serving in our common defense. 

To all the men and women of the United States Armed Forces now in the Middle East, the peace of a troubled world and the hopes of an oppressed people now depend on you. That trust is well placed.

These were the words of the American commander in chief on 19 March 2003, the exact content of these words is crumbled down by now. No WMD found, no significant relation between al Qaida and Iraq and all this and all that. The biggest fault in maintaining the peace was the fact there was no fucking new money, there was no fucking new money the idiots! And what did we get many months later? We get the American commander in chief explaining that making new money is a very complicated process and only one country had the techno to deliver this so fast...

Now there the peace was already lost, no new money to start a fresh economy like a clock. And now we have MBD number 10. Of course the US air force is bound by the same deal as from MBD9, no air power allowed only when otherwise large numbers of US soldiers get killed by withholding this air power. Good luck with it.

(The next picture is from the Arab news outlet al-Jazeera, it seems they have received that Hercules down video but when I emailed the so called 'editor' could not help me out. But the next picture was used on the main page of al-Jazeera when bringing the news of the Hercules down, may be it is propaganda may be it is a still from the video. I dunno!) 

Title: So is this a video still or not? Do you know my dear reader?

12 Feb 2005: Now here is a long download (pdf format), it is the official US counter insurgency manual on which the official Iraqi policies will be founded. It does not contain much information of direct practical value but since it is the fundament of official US policy it can be worthwhile reading.

Somewhere in that document you see that according to the US military it can be handy to apply some taunting remarks over big loudspeakers mounted on vehicles or so. In an Iraqi place named Salman Pak the new Iraqi police tried this wonderful method lately. Here are the results:

In another incident with religious overtones, more details emerged about a battle with insurgents Thursday in Salman Pak that left at least 14 police officers dead and 65 wounded. Four insurgents were killed, according to the Interior Ministry. Footage on Arab television stations showed cars burning and bodies lying in the street.

One witness said the insurgents attacked after police officers began taunting Sunnis over loudspeakers during a search for weapons in the town 15 miles southeast of Baghdad.

The police, some of whom apparently were Shiites, "started calling the people Sunni cowards in addition to all kinds of names," said Mohammed Abdul Khaliq Shummari, a local resident and journalist.

Comment: Now people are not supposed to have fun when others have died and I have to give my excuses to the 14 families of the police folks and the 4 families of the insurgents. But I had fun, I can not deny this. When I would have been in the middle of that fight I likely would have no fun at all but that's something else.
Serious: This is what you get when the new army and police is trained by the Americans (and likely those NATO instructors). It just doesn't work. 

Beside the new Iraqi police, the US military is making a fool of herself too. The Americans are riding around with loudspeaker vehicles and put on tapes with titles like "Love and marriage" or "Why to vote". Would that really work? I doubt this, they only make fools of themselves by doing that. Why don't the Americans make audio tapes with titles like "Why the economical sanctions were needed" or "Nice shootout at the Road of Death" and look how the population reacts on that one... 

Next subject: On Military Bloody Day nine a British Hercules fell from the skies, the investigation is still ongoing but most experts still have no clue. May be the investigators have by now, but since 30 January not much of value was contributed by so called 'experts'. Now here is a quote from a US general commenting on the British incident:

Smith said a tape, played by the Middle East television network Al Jazeera, purporting to show the downing of the aircraft, was apparently bogus.

The videotape, aired by the Arabic TV channel and issued by the 1920 Revolution Brigades, showed a midair explosion, then burning debris of what looked like a plane, including an engine, on the ground and filmed at close range in a large field.

"I'm pretty confident that the tapes that they showed on Al Jazeera were bogus," the general said. "Nothing looked right in it."

Smith said he had never seen anything like the launch mechanism that was shown, including someone pushing a button on a box to launch the missile from a transporter.

Comment: I have no comment on this. 

Title: Now Smith I hadn't seen anything like this too, so you are in good company.

13 Feb 2005: Everyday you can learn something new, sometimes it is a detail you didn't know until now. Other times you suddenly see a big denominator that binds a lot of things together. Many wise and unwise people have talked and thought long about the lack of success of American foreign policies in the last four years. You can write a lots of books full on that subject but you can also bind it together with stating:

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Yes nature abhors a vacuum and tries to fill it with whatever is around. This very simple model of international politics even explain why the oil producing cartel, the OPEC, has left the old oil price range (a 22 to 28 US$ / barrel range). That is because within the old price range American interests were found and so the price range turned into a vacuum. You see international politics is very easy to understand, with the abhorrence of a vacuum you have found a large factor in understanding US foreign policy successes.

15Feb2005: Question: Do the British and American army use the high wages of private security contractors as a motivating force for their military personnel? Rumors go that already over one hundred British SAS figures left their salary about 2,900 / month alone and went for the 20,000 / month stuff.

This problem is going on a lot longer already, it was easy to prevent. Lets first read a few quotes on this:   

British soldiers in Iraq, especially members of the elite Special Air Service (SAS), are leaving the army for more lucrative jobs offered by private security companies.

According to The Daily Telegraph more than 120 SAS troops and its naval equivalent the Special Boat Service (SBS) have already been lured by the higher paying private sector jobs in security companies such as Kroll, Controlled Risks and Armour Security.

One SAS soldier said, "This has always been an issue. It is not the young ones that they are worried about but the senior NCOs who are so important. If they lose middle management they lose all that experience for the future and they are desperate to keep that experience there."

The same problem appears to be affecting the U.S. forces as well.

Only last week, the Defence Department offered its most experienced special forces a bonus of $150,000 to sign on for six years to stem an exodus to security jobs.

Comment: With a simple rule like no security jobs for former military persons in area's of operation this would have been prevented. The fact that no one came up with a simple rule like this is worrisome, because now the US and UK military are open to the accusation that they have a real financial motive in being in Iraq (or other countries).

As an individual I consider this a corruption, it is not a problem that the security drain is on the military but the real problem is a possible conflict of interest. And again we can only wonder why this was not prevented in the first place.
The only rule that there now is only says that during paid holidays one cannot work for private contractors, I don't know if there are rules for unpaid leave. (But unpaid leave is rather uncommon as far as I know.) 

Title: And the oil men they were thinking: Does nature abhor a vacuum?

Next subject: oil. In the previous update from two days back I told you that nature abhors a vacuum and that this would explain the behavior of the oil prices lately. (For future readers: oil prices are relatively high lately.)
Now today it came to my attention that the Europeans want to indulge into talks with the oil producing cartel OPEC about stabilizing oil prices. The arguments named were that stable oil prices were in everybody's interest in general and the world economy in particular.

At the mouth of the Dutch minister of economic affair the European standing was ventilated as a new price range offered from 30 to 35 US$ (the old oil price range / barrel was 22 to 28 US bucks.) Now this Dutch economic minister has qualified himself as a very dumb person, a real dumb person.
Do you want stable oil prices? Simply nail oil prices to a basket of currencies and not in US dollars any longer, this will take the anti-Americanism out of it and THAT would be better for the world economy.

In case this Dutch minister of economical affairs does read these very words it is very likely his ego is not flattered very much, but let met explain further why you are dumb: When oil prices started to climb a few months ago there constantly was that talk of a so called 'terror premium' of up to 10 US$ / barrel in the oil prices. (That would be a premium of over 20 percent of the actual price.)
From the military point of view this was never realistic, the operatives can do miracles for this story but with explosives and sabotage never ever a 20 percent premium could be explained. (No, a broadly felt feeling of anti-Americanism was always a better explanation.) Well my dear Dutch economics minister, what were you thinking all the time of this 'terror premium'? 

Title: And the oil men they were thinking: Does nature abhor a vacuum?

17 Feb 2005: Lets start with a quote from what I wrote today on the homepage, it is a nice cute little composition of emotion so lets repeat it:

Now the high priest of the Pentagon perfumed princes US general Meyers has spoken: 'The Iraqi insurgency is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqis'. Now, it is just a little detail, but often Iraqi prisoners had to stick one of their fingers in their ass and lick it clean. Even captured journalists had to do this, dear high priest of the perfumed princes you cannot beat behavior like that.

Now how come average US soldiers upon behavior like that Mr. Meyers? That is because they download to many gay scat movies with p2p programs. Or do you have a better explanation asshole? 

A nice piece of propaganda eh? But finger sticking stuff like this has actually happened and the size of this is hard to estimate, likely most people who had to lick their own shit from their fingers keep their mouth shut later. Just like with 'consensual rape', often people just feel ashamed to much to tell the truth.

All these months in the Iraqi resistance the best measure of estimating the abusive behavior of the American forces is simply look at the upscaling of the resistance. After my humble opinion this abusive behavior is one of the largest factors in explaining the scale of the resistance, most American explanation of 'evil terrorists' are often not to the point.

For over a year I try to be a bit more diplomatic towards our American friends in democracy and I never mention the large amount of similarities between present day America and Germany from before World War II. I know a lot of American readers turn away from talk like that, so lets skip the talk of admiration for the military that is broadly felt in American society. Lets not point to the similarity in military budgets and stuff like that.

Lets just let the facts speak for themselves, this time that interesting legal bimbo named Guantanamo bay where 'evil terrorists' are held often without any kind of charges brought against them. Those prisoners have a new verb for practices like quoted below, it is named ERF-ed or erfed. ERF stands for emergency reaction force, they come in action as for example you don't have your toothbrush and comb in the right order lined out...
Read the nice quote:

"In March 2004 the Emergency Reaction Force in Camp Delta came into his cell," the lawyer said.

"They brought their pepper spray and held him down," he added.

"They held both of his eyes open and sprayed it into his eyes and later took a towel soaked in pepper spray and rubbed it in his eyes", Mr. Smith said.

"Omar could not see from either eye for two weeks but he gradually got sight back in one eye.

"He's totally blind in the right eye. I can report that his right eye is all white and milky - he can't see out of it because he has been blinded by the U.S. in Guantanamo."

Comment: Ok one more similarity with old Germany, this legal bimbo in Guantanamo bay is done with explicit approval of the so called 'commander in chief'. The problem with the American model of democracy is simply the fact that too much power is in the hand of just one person.
No matter how smart this person is, the individual shortcomings will always be magnified in practice. Therefore nuking America is still advised, it would be a very interesting experiment to observe how they react on that one. (Of course other large scale operations are allowed too.)

In reality the present American government is a hefty believer in free markets (and even in political freedom as they say themselves but this is not entirely correct), yet the free market behavior is a difference compared to Germany from before World War II. Also the state propaganda is of a lesser level, that is a fact too although it is difficult to measure because what is a good standard in measuring propaganda?

Title: My individual maximum cell time is still five long days, have pity on these guys in Dubya's legal bimbo.

Yes, five boring days in cell is all I have until now. Not that these five days did help a lot, when I finally got to talk to someone over the rank of standard police 'officer' the prosecutor in question informed me I had to contact the Dutch secret service with my fabulous insights in the 9/11 attacks...

Well stupid prosecutor, as if I did not try that before... Fantastic advice man! Idiot.

It just did not work, lucky me a long time later the Dutch secret service (the civil one) did make a tremendous fool of herself. They had lured a few Muslim fanatics into a wired building and when police tried to arrest them they got a hand grenade thrown to them, in the Dutch circumstances this is unheard of. But they made such a fool of themselves, the entire air space above The Hague was sealed off, tanks were ordered in and just before the raid upon the tapped building was there I made the next prediction:

They will find only a few hand grenades, a quarter of a stick of dynamite and a few small hand guns...

Some time later it emerged only two hand grenades were found, seldom the Dutch secret service has made such an utter and total fool of itself. It was not for nothing that I placed the head of the Dutch secret service at position nr 002 of the infamous sniper list, no I am not doing childish with a list of people to kill. I am not doing childish, on 24 June 2003 I understood it would be better if the head of this miserable functioning secret service would hear the music from heaven.

Time heals all wounds and may be time heals all stupidity, right now I have a nice but devastating series of nine Military Bloody Days in Iraq (and a bit in Afghanistan too). Some of those nine days failed a bit but most were overwhelming upscalings of the Iraqi resistance, time heals all stupidity I hope.

The problem with Dutch people is more or less found in the next example: When a bag thief get chased by the female he stole the bag from and accidentally she rides him over with her car, 200 Dutch folks gather at the scene of the killing and cry in despair Why did this happen? And they do this for 24 hours. With a general mindset like that in the local population all talk about so called Military Bloody Days in Iraq fades into insignificance, they do not understand.
This is how the Dutch are on the one hand while on the other hand they are remarkably good at setting fires at Muslim elementary schools after that fatbag Theo van Gogh heard the beautiful music from the heavens. This is how they are, they are a nice study object and that's a fact!

Have a nice life or try to get one, till updates.

Title: My individual maximum cell time is still five long days, have pity on these guys in Dubya's legal bimbo.

20 Feb 2005

You just don't believe this, this is a treasure trove of giant size. They are called the Bush tapes and they are a treasure trove, these tapes contain conversations with a guy named Doug Wead. Taped conversations dated from 1998 and this Doug has several hours of them, weird that he taped it without knowledge of Dubya boy. This Doug figure even defends himself saying he did it only in states where it was legal to tape without the other person knowing it... 

Yet some content could give rise to a fairy tale that goes as next:

A long long time ago there was a son of a powerful man that could avoid the Vietnam war by serving as a National Guard pilot, the son was nicknamed Dubya and he was a popular person. Some even said he was to die for. Dubya picked up a habit of smoking soft drugs and even used cocaine every now and then. And he tried to be sober and he tried to be clean but he failed and one day he had to go to a doctors exam, drug testing would be included... The night before the physical exam he totally panicked and thought "If I go my father and my family comes into trouble!"

And if I go or not I will loose my flying license anyway, what had Dubya son to do? 

So far this hypothetical fairy tale, on 20 September last year I already estimated it was drugs that kept Dubya from taking that physical, just read it again. Most lovely quote done by Dubya:

But when Mr. Wead said that Mr. Bush had in the past publicly denied using cocaine, 
Mr. Bush replied, "I haven't denied anything." 

This is good stuff, a tip to the White House spinners: Why not say that it all depends on the definition of the word cocaine? Oh this is good stuff and give a nice insight in the inner workings of Dubya. A few more quotes:

He refused to answer reporters' questions about his past behavior, he said, even though it might cost him the election. Defending his approach, Mr. Bush said: "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions. You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried."

He mocked Vice President Al Gore for acknowledging marijuana use. "Baby boomers have got to grow up and say, yeah, I may have done drugs, but instead of admitting it, say to kids, don't do them," he said. 

Comment: We see Dubya already in his future role as father of the nation and indeed he makes a point with saying that it is better to tell kids simply don't do them. Yet when we look at stereotypes of drug user and dealers in Hollywood movies I think that a prez saying "do not do them" doesn't help much in minimizing criminal behavior.
The kids learn from Hollywood movies it is ok to get criminal after your first drug use...

Quoting on: 

Mr. Wead said he recorded his conversations with the president in part because he thought he might be asked to write a book for the campaign. He also wanted a clear account of any requests Mr. Bush made of him. But he said his main motivation in making the tapes, which he originally intended to be released only after his own death, was to leave the nation a unique record of Mr. Bush.

"I believe that, like him or not, he is going to be a huge historical figure," Mr. Wead said. "If I was on the telephone with Churchill or Gandhi, I would tape record them too."

Comment: George Dubya as some historical figure? Very interesting idea, for example one million Iraqis dead from economical sanctions and no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? The whole world thought they would be there says historical figure Dubya.
When I ask al Qaida in July 2003 to make some 'Tour the world' to show what version of the 9/11 attacks is more trustworthy, this 'Tour the world' even happens and what does Dubya? Historical figure Dubya only works the phone after each bomb and tries to get the leaders of the countries in question at 'his side' on the war on terror.

No, Dubya is a lightweight and someone of dubious moral content. A few hundred extra people died and he only works the phone to use this in his advantage, I just got a very very nasty taste in my mouth from that. But this is how the Americans are, the Mr. Wead with his 'only taping in states where it was allowed' is not that much different from Dubya working the phone. It is a moral emptyness from giant proportions, or not my dear reader? Or not?

Just to name a few of the attacks from August 2003 (the list is not complete and lots of details I am forgotten already, only the big ones are mentioned):

  • 01 Aug 2003, Chechnya, result = 50 dead,
  • 05 Aug Marriot hotel Indonesia, result = 12 dead,
  • Jordan embassy, estimated result = 19 dead,
  • 07 Aug United Nations hotel Iraq, result = 24 dead,
  • 13 Aug Afghanistan, result = 60 dead (don't remember if this was a bomb or something else),
  • 15 Aug the electricity blackout in America (the electricity is a vital part of the so called 'trigger hypothesis' to the 9/11 attacs),
  • 15 Aug Israel busblast, result = 20 dead (likely unrelated because the Palestines are an example of local blasting and not the international terror folks as always portrayed by the US and Israeli government),
  • 25 Aug India, Bombay (the biggest blast for over a decade, this was a significant one), result = around 50 dead,
  • 29 Aug, Iraq mosque, result = at least 85 dead.

So these were the results when I asked al Qaide to show what was reality, all historical figure Dubya did was working the phone. He is a nitwit and nothing more.  

(Once more it has to be emphasized that in the months before August 2003 it was very quit worldwide, therefore the July asking was a good thing to do. So called 'terror experts' can check in their own files about daily average of dead civilians / day in the months preceiding August 2003. They will not do that because they like the crusade part of this faulty named war on terror.

Furthemore a lot of experts suddenly started pointing at the 'frichance character' of that what is known as al Qaida, that meant al Qaida didn't stage attacks herself but gave advice to other groups. Well this was not a miracle since there was only a few weeks of time to go... So called terror experts just walk behind the facts, average time lag is 9 to 12 months or more.)

In case my reader wonders why I do not run into any kind of trouble with the law or so, this is relatively easy to explain. Let me give you three examples: 

  • Lately here in Holland where I live some guy robbed a bag out of a car, the female driver chased him and just by accident the thief got killed. After that about 200 people went to the place of the accident and all were so occupied with the question "How could this happen?"
  • Lately there was some 'terror alarm' in the Dutch government capital the Hague, airspace was sealed off and tanks were ordered in. The Dutch secret service had succeeded into luring a few from the so called Hofstadgroep into a wired house, after the house was raided all they found were two hand grenades.
  • About a year ago the first arrest was made in this Hofstadgroep, it was a seventeen year old. In his house was found a bag with lots of interesting details but it also contained fertilezer. It was clear this was in no way related to stuff like al Qaida, any idiot knows that local fertilizer is, by law made, in such a way it is hard to use in fertilizer bombs...
    (I dunno if the fabrication process can be reversed by the way, I just lack chemical knowledge in this.)  

With people like that you cannot hold normal conversations of a 'Tour the world' kind of stuff. These are two worlds apart, just two worlds apart. A pity by the way.   


24 Feb 2005: Propaganda, what is a good definition of propaganda? It is hard to define but often we recognize it when we see the words written and also have 'other knowledge' on the subject at hand. 

Therefore it is nice to compose a bit of propaganda myself and I did that three days ago, it is a wonderful mixture of true facts and low accusations done in such a way that emotion wins it from logic. (To future readers: In the quotes below you will find a so called 'link' to another part of the so called 'internet'. I always avoid links in this long story but for one time I make an exception, the content of that link is vital in understanding the nature of this propaganda.) Quoting propaganda:   

Flip flip flip I cannot find these old notes again, over a year ago I met that interesting US-led kiddy porn story but I considered it a bit of propaganda. When I recall from memory (often a rather unreliable thing) it went more or less like this:

The USA produces most (commercial) child porn per capita citizen from the common democratic countries. Studied was a collection of digital files as you can collect for example with p2p programs. Beside this the USA was also the country where the same kids popped up over considerable periods of time, lets say four year on a row.

I considered the statistics found not reliable because what factors could explain the relatively large reported gap between the USA and other democratic countries? A factor like the more skew distribution of wealth and income? Less payments to social issues like unemployed benefits (turning 'normal' sexual abuse in a commercial variant)? No, I was not convinced. If there is one thing unreliable it are statistics upon child porn, often some emotional bias creeps in and spoils the value of the reported facts.

Well a few days ago the quarter finally fell into my head, don't get me wrong I do not say that Americans are indeed the largest producers of kid porn per capita citizen. I do not say that, I only say it could be so. Please read the weird story of Linda and John Dollar and stop at 'each child was home schooled'. At that point in time I suddenly understood it could be very well true that you can make many years on a row child porn of a certain child and it never gets detected, mark my words I am not saying it is so. I only say it could be. Till updates. 

Update: That was when the quarter did fall, a little searching around gives more statistical info and up to one out of every fifty children is home schooled in the USA, estimated numbers are something like 1.1 million kids in the age range of 5 to 17 years. Eighty percent of them never visits a school anyway. 

Lovely propaganda isn't it? Facts are I never read any statistics that said the Americans produced most child porn a capita citizen. All I ever had was just one statement saying that lots of child porn came from America and I inflated that to 'maximum per citizen'. And the mixture with real verifiable facts is important too, the story of Linda and John Dollar is horrible but likely true and the details in home schooled American children also...

What is greater on earth, is it propaganda or is it God?

Title: Folks on this beach thought the tsunami was greater than propaganda.

25 Feb 2005: Not much to say today, I finally cleaned the homepage a bit and all that's deleted is placed in the extra text to this day. A so called cache of homepage file, that's all I had to say today.
26 Feb 2005: Oh oh, not so long ago the entire America was shaken when they only had 17 dead US soldiers in the attack on the USS Cole. These days they react entirely different, when on 26 Jan last month that Super Stallion fell from the skies in the middle of the night all the Pentagon had to do was whisper 'A sandstorm'. And although it was the biggest one day military loss of life in the entire war in Iraq, in just a few days it left the media files.

It was definitely funny to read that some guy tried to explain this was 'just like' what happened when the Americans tried to free those 50+ hostages from the US embassy in Iran from many years back. To me it was hard to swallow such an explanation, as if the US military had just nothing learned of the Iranian debacle. They have a many hundred billion budget year in year out and never the 'sandstorm problems' dating many years back were faced? We talk here about a military that takes great pride in technological advantage...
In this is all we can say, that Super Stallion down was likely and accident while an attack cannot be ruled out. While in the 30 Jan British Hercules plane down we still can say it was likely an attack while an accident cannot be ruled out.

So there is no denying this, both the American and British military had their most bloody day within a time span of just four days in this entire war in Iraq. To understand it's significance of the four day time span one must know the was was something like 680 days going on already. Now, how likely is it that two most bloody days occur in a time span of four or five days? Now, can you answer that question a little bit?

My dear reader, in the past often armies did stick up the heads of beheaded enemies in an attempt to impress that very enemy. These days were are not that rude any longer, most often from a distance some button is pulled or some trigger is triggered and man-to-man contact is much less. No, these days we do not stick up heads upon poles to inform the public, in these decent days we make a visit to the Washington Post and we create the next art from this:

Title: 26 Jan 2005 was likely an accident while an attack cannot be ruled out.

On the significance of the four day time frame from both most bloody days for the US and UK military there is a bit more to say: On of those Pentagon perfumed princes (I believe it was that general Meyers guy) said more or less explicit the next: "Those guys have proven to be able to strike on certain days".
I do not remember exactly how he phrased it but it were words more or less like the above.

Now what a brilliant observation from the Pentagon perfumed princes, I started this series of so called Military Bloody Days in half September 2003. Thirty Jan 2005 was just number nine in this, also I have stated more then once it is important to organize the resistance in some ways similar to the way the German army was being held under control by the 'international community' during the interbellum. (That means more explicit: Ensure somehow that most operatives can also operate on a higher hierarchical level, that simple model made it possible that the German army suddenly could grow so fast years later...)

And if the above is not enough Pentagon wisdom we also had that general Abizaid explaining the Iraq was very different from Vietnam. Lets look at a few of his arguments and let me comment on it:

  • Argument: In Vietnam there was active support from the outside mainly coming from China and Russia via the neighboring countries.  

Comment: These days we live in a 'one superpower model' my dear Abizaid, the argument is just not valid Abizaid. 

  • Argument: National uprising is not observed in Iraq, this is different compared to Vietnam. 

Comment: A valid argument, I cannot say that I am not disappointed in this. Also the ethnical buildup of the present new born Iraqi army is worrisome because it is far to skew in this. A valid argument Abizaid.

  • Argument: In Iraq there is no central command like there was in Vietnam. 

Comment: Well Abizaid bumbo, during Vietnam there weren't all these so called 'precision ammo' at the scene compared to these days. Beside this I considered it rather unhandy to have a so called 'central command' in September 2003. No no, timing is the model while the best soldiers in a lot of countries are very willing to help me when they can... Compare that to your 500 billion stuff Abizaid, who will win this?

Title: The Bullets For Oil Program works fine Abizaid, just fine.

27 Feb 2005: The next week (now it is a Sunday) very likely the '1500 dead US soldiers' border will be taken in the Iraq war. To understand the significance of this '1500 number' I still do not know if green card holders are included yes or no.

Although reports vary, the report I follow the most often says total US dead soldiers stands at 1.493. The official Pentagon report often runs five behind or so, lets say the Pentagon thinks it is 1.493 minus 5 gives 1.488. Within these borders the 1.500 number is only impending in the short run. To me that is good, we are at 50% of the second batch where a 'batch' stands for one thousand dead US soldiers.

But what about the 'green card problem'? Is it true that green card holders from non-coalition members are simply kept out of all statistics available? This is hard to swallow, that would be corruption or am I wrong on that one? 

It would be corruption between the US military and the US-led free press in this, why should free press folks not report on a possible 'green card problem'? Isn't that an easy target for so called 'left press'? Now?

(Later I found some info upon a recently killed green card soldier from South Korea, at first he was a few days in the press and later he entered the official Pentagon files upon this, so that is an argument against possible fraud with casualty numbers.)

28 Feb 2005: Today in Iraq a lot of new Iraqi soldiers and police folks gathered to get some physical exam. There was also a car bomb around and lots of them never made it to the physical exam. Reports indicate until now a 105 to 125 reported dead and that makes it the largest blast since 29 August 2003 when at least 85 people died in Najaf.

Just by sheer coincidence (of course) I flexed some muscle eight days ago against the US commander in chief, above it is at 20 Feb, please read the words as written there. So my dear readers when you have read that you understand it is in the ways of this story and in the ways of the writer of this story to give the compliments to this car bombing.

And with this remark we are at a perfect end to part 42 of the story written. Till next part after the latest dialog between two weird figures around a possible future development in the currency wars: 

-Arty: Now that stupid currency stuff again? That boring stuff of dollars, euros and dinars? Bah, I pass on this. 

-Reinko: May be you do but I would like to ask OPEC and China right now to think independently on pegging oil and the yuan to a large basket of currencies.

The weight of the individual currencies has to be based on:

-The labor force of a country or currency environment (read the number of people). This is the L1 component of the weight.

-The potential natural resources of the country /  currency involved, think of oil, iron or gold resources. This is the L2 component.

-The L3 component is the quality of the local economy, this element is best fought out in the so called currency wars or more diplomatic the foreign exchange...   

-Arty: Please may I go back to Iraq or else to Pluto or so?  






NATO NATO, what did you forget? Now I'll kiss you with love & that's a fact!





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