Title: And now I am mad as hell. 


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Posted 27 March 2003  



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And now I am mad as hell, mad as hell, as hell, hell...

And because I feel that way I simply will not translate the Dutch quotes into English. Sorry, this is some 'internal affair' I guess.


I just start quoting from the Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant' (The People Daily) but before the first quote I would like to remind my honored audience to the fact that I, Reinko, already in November 2002 did tell to the local courthouse eggheads the fact that 'The bullet did not come from the (political) left but from the stupid behaviors of the local courthouse eggheads.'. 
But they were not impressed and laughed a bit around it... 

Van der G. verklaarde donderdag dat hij zonder meer het plan had Fortuyn dood te schieten, maar dat hij niet meer weet wat de reden was om dat plan ook ten uitvoer te brengen. Van der G., die al had verklaard de moord te hebben gepleegd, erkende donderdag opnieuw volmondig schuldig te zijn.

Reinko: This is often the case into murder cases, lets call it the 'law of high running emotions' published yesterday. We proceed on quoting:

Van der G. ging op 6 mei vorig jaar na een ontbijt met zijn gezin in zijn woning in Harderwijk naar zijn werk bij de Vereniging Milieu-Offensief in Wageningen. In de middag nam hij vrij. Tegen een collega verklaarde hij dat dat in verband met het mooie weer was.

Reinko: Local authorities, in case I run out of toilet paper and you would like to give me your oral service on this problem, I am so sorry but I cannot make use of your services. That is because you are to stupid to find the right hole to clean...
I can tell you that there is some high probability that Mr. Folkert vd G did look into my writings that morning and that he received 'some signal' and that afterwards he acted 'without thinking'. That is what I think and I do have some reasons to think this (the main part was found while I was in your stupid police cell in the village of Delfsail by the way...). 
But again, why don't you kiss my arse and again I simply do not explain why I think Folkert was just a slave to the story. To me you are shit and therefore you will be treated that way, please do not forget some time ago I just whispered 'I need two percent of Sebrenica' and please do not forget that one out of every four death in the Afghan landscape was some civilian...

And, just by the way, if I were you I would finally start to act a bit smarter because right now you have some hellbound course and I do not know if it is 'too late' already or not.
Now we split, think smart and (finally) act smart, but if you ask me you are just too late. Sorry.

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Update from later: Good quote stuff is found, ha ha locals now you have to tell the truth. The truth around some simple computer stuff. Ha ha, you are not like the Americans with all that (anti) Patriot law they have and I just found the following quote. And I also ask myself the following question; 'Do I really need to smash another set of 26 windows at the local courthouse or not?'

That is what I ask myself, but I do not give an answer and I just proceed quote stuff in Dutch:

Enkele uren na de moord stuit de politie in zijn huis ook nog eens op munitie die eender blijkt te zijn als de kogels en hulzen die in het Mediapark zijn gevonden. Op de harde schijf van zijn computer worden allerlei aanwijzingen aangetroffen: zo heeft hij al weken voor de moord urenlang op internet naar de naam 'Fortuyn' gezocht.

To English language readers I can say that the words 'harde schijf' mean a 'hard disk'. Bingo! Just bingo, ha locals... Do your thinking, am I right or wrong? 


Title to this AxeArt: Two percent of some stuff, do you think this is some big bluff? 
Opponents to the (big) story will face the future they just ask for, again I feel sorry but who am I?



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