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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have the last five days March 2003.
Look at the index of these pages!

Part XIXc: March (the last five days in) 2003:




To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XIXc of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.


27 March 2003: And now I am mad as hell, just plain mad as hell. No Americans it is not you, it is against the (stupid&eggheaded) local authorities. Right now inside me a big demon awakens, it is some old one and it has to do a bit with 6 May 2002. But first I would like to speak a few power words to the local authorities; "May be you were lucky with your arrests in Achen&other places, but some cell gone does not mean you will not have the Bali bang bang soup into the Dutch borders. Sorry, there is no avoiding this, you had plenty of time to act a bit more smart but you failed. There is no avoiding this and the 'soup' will be there on a time the story needs it at most&or at a time I need it the most."

After this bombardment of future facts I would like to bring under the attention of my honored egghead authorities the law of so called 'high emotions'; it says you simply forget what happened or what you thought right then. And after this kind of wisdom I would like to say to the local prosecutor&other court eggs that they simply cannot understand how much I hate them. And how much I hate stupid organizations that want to interfere with me. Want some axe? You will get some axe.

Why am I so mad against you, you might wonder that... Rather simple, long time ago in April 2002 I just decided you needed some (severe) punishment and so I just reopened this story again. The power unleashed with this act materialized fast, within six hours the Milan plane crashed into the 26-th floor and I felt satisfied. But some time later the 'math exam' in the German place Erfurt was suddenly there and a lot of teachers were shot, I felt sad but this was the risk and I knew this from Sept 2001 on (there will be more or less 1% of WTC stuff every now and then in case I am gonna find out the truth around WTC stuff, this was clear from the beginning). 
But all in all the locals did had punishment enough and therefore I was considering ending the 'big story' again, this was done on the morning of the sixth of May 2002. Local (but stupid) authorities know what happened that day; Pim Fortuyn was invited to paradise.
Oh oh, local courthouse stuff again I have to say that you just cannot imagine how much I hate you. Twenty dead corpses and you just do not have any clue whatsoever... Well if this is actually the case, may I ask you for the 250th time 'Can I finally get some serious attention or do you really want your soup served hot?'
Sorry! Time is out and soup will be there, speed it up.. 

No Media report at this day, see you tomorrow. More details to the Pim stuff is in the second extra txt to this day. 

      Title: This day was ok, but it suddenly smashed into awakening demons. Sorry...    
Awakening demons? Bullets from the left? Or bullets from the local prosecurot?


28 March 2003: What to do today? Again I took a lot of time to do a bit of rollerblading (or skeelering as it is locally known) but today I just went slowly instead of the usual speed. This day I wondered again if it might be wise to try to explain to local authorities what might have happened on the morning of 6 May 2002 (the day Pim Fortuyn was invited to paradise). What is wisdom? Again try to talk to slimy mud&again receive sounds like 'This is a cognitive disfunction'? Who is the luny around here? My dear governmental authorities or me?

May be I'll write another (little) text around this, but wiser would be not to do this. Why try to reach into the slimy mud and stick my head beneath that surface? Why? Before we go to the Media report we take a look at Liberty city in the USA (somewhere in or around Miami; but the symbolism was very nice, thank you...).

  Title to this TornadoArt: Finally Liberty City was liberated by operation Tornadoes.  

Liberty city struck by one or two tornadoes. Or two tornardo's??


Media report to 28 March 2003:  What a strange kind of liberation in the above, or not? ;)
For the rest, what to quote from all that interesting news? So much of the news is probably some big fake, it smells a bit rotten.
So I will not quote but only want to remind you of the rule of logical reasoning, it simply says that the 'first derivate' of emotions is thinking and this implies to logical arguments and logical thinking as 
With this wisdom in mind you could read a lot of newspapers, and with this wisdom in mind you can read for example the 'news' on the so called bio&chemical stuff supposed to be in the Iraqi landscape. 
But of you do not like thinking too deep (you probably have some headache by now) you could try a little sleep. See you tomorrow or later. 


29 March 2003: When stories unfold and the plan goes well, bridges break down, bombs go astray and I ask myself 'Shall I go away?' we go back in time. In the pic below you see some soldier into the Afghan landscape, happily after must those people be. Liberated as hell and free as a bee.  

And now we just wonder, what did happen to that good old 'War on Drugs'? Long time ago since I heard that phrase, what happened to this little war? Only some American propaganda observed (if you feel happy after using evil stuff you end up supporting evil atrocities against our Nation under God). Ha! In these days the borders of the USA are protected against real poison stuff and the drugs is suddenly a bit less important.

Still I need to find the following info; Is it true that the poor Afghan farmers did have a good price lately? Dear drugs dealers and smugglers, if I find out that the farmers did not have a good price and if I find out you behave a bit too greedy you could find yourself into big big trouble. Don't be greedy, those farmers have children to feed and medicine to buy and I hold you a bit responsible for their welfare. Feel your throat and follow my orders on this particular subject. 


In the little work below you see another example of some geometric series, again the total adds up to 1.5 times the original pic on the left of the little work. Again you see some example of  1 + 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/27 + ad infinitum = 1.5; is this math difficult to you and are you a Muslim too? And are you very good in memorizing the Holy Words but you do not understand the amount of 1.5? In that case you are a shame to the Lord and you are a shame to your religion; use your brain cells please... They are Gods gift to humanity, for storing information you can use hard disks these days. Now I stop preaching, I am not so good at it. 

  Title to this: Freedom is still enduring, just like the poppies.  

For the rest I did update txt01 from yesterday, it is about the 6 May killing of Pim Fortuyn in 2002 but it is completely in Dutch. In this text I tell the local authorities what I think of 6 May and what I think of them, read it.

Media report to 29 March 2003: On the battle fields into the Iraqi landscape the coalition forces take some days to refuel again. This looks wise and for the rest I have no comments because I am struck to my promise from last year to give them more or less free hand. 
Since I usually stick to promises we look at some funny side of the war. There are sold futures and stuff like that with bets on the life of Saddam and/or similar stuff. Let me quote a bit: doesn't set any odds. Its bets are set up as futures contracts that bettors buy and sell directly to one another. The most active "Saddam security" pays $100 if Iraq's leader is ousted by March 30. If he's still ruling on that date, it pays nothing.
What to think of that? I had to laugh, you can sell these futures for yourself or you can buy them. What would be a reasonable price for both buyer and seller? Is there even some stochastic differential equation to be found that rules the price of these kind of derivative products? Ha, this is funny it sure is. Let us proceed with the history of the price of this particular future, quote:
The future sold at around $60 when trading began back in September and it looked like Saddam had about a fair chance of lasting until spring. Then its price gradually declined to about $25 as the U.N. Security Council debated and Iraq agreed to admit weapons inspectors, a
stalling tactic that increased Saddam's chances of hanging on until the end of March.
The price rebounded when in December U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell complained about the incompleteness of Iraq's weapons disclosure to the U.N. and then accused Iraq of being in "material breach" of the Security Council resolution. Then the price declined, with a brief spike in January when U.N. inspectors found warheads capable of carrying chemical weapons.

But the real action began after the bombs started to fly on March 19. The price of the March 30 Saddam future jumped from $19 to an all-time high of $88, an indication that most people believed the Iraqi leader would be out within days.

Wow, this is real volatile stuff. But what is the price lately? Quote:
But over the weekend it became clear that the second Gulf War would be longer than the first. With the contract set to expire in less than 10 days, the price of the March 30 future quickly eroded. By Thursday afternoon it was trading at around $10.
With this I leave you alone, do your thinking and why don't you try to think with light? Bye beloved ones (except prosecuting stuff of course...).   


30 March 2003: Sorry, I have some 'off day' today in the sense that I have a 'non duty day' today. And therefore I can keep this day's writing short and only emphasize my total disgust of local 'legal authorities' (lawyers, prosecutors, judges&similar stuff) again. Just a quote from last summer (in 2002):
Do I have to cut some work of art in flesh and blood with my axe into the Herestraat in this old city?
And stop after forty bodies because of receiving some bullets from little police guns? 

But, you probably did understand it already, no reaction at all. Nothing, so are they cowards or not? It is wise to know that they never ever met me before so they could not know I might be bluffing. They simply could not know... (may be only if that 'trigger hypothesis' is true, but they laughed at me and told me this was nonsense...).
Now I stop, after four minutes I think I spared enough time on those cowards. No media report, only the 'not made' axe work in flesh and blood. I am boring, I know... See you tomorrow; sleep, eat, talk&dream. (To compensate me being so boring I would like to bring to the attention of my honored audience some old work of art. It looks rather hefty but the blood is mine, the wound was small and healed after a few days). 

  Title: With my axe I carve my stories into the backbone of humanity.  
Hey dear prosecutors! Wasn't I promised some trial in the month of March??  Where is it? Something wrong again, some 'technical failure' or so?  

Hey Sammy&Sons; a little message in case you still have some internet connection left. Till now this axe has two titles, at first I named it 'The Axe of MassiveMullahDestruction' but later I renamed it as 'My Talliban Axe'. And please Sammy&Sons, respect the Arab fighters in your country. As far as I know they are there to help the people of Iraq, and as far as I know they are not there to help you. End of message, eom. 


31March2003: What a beautiful spring day again, yesterday summer time did set in and the weather is still so lovely although it was a little bit cold this morning. And beside this remark we like to do some very simple and short calculations; Rather often I have read that the economical sanctions against the Iraqi regime have caused somewhere around one million death, let us not take into account that the (old) 'Oil for Food' program did bring some relief and conclude that this is a 'burning rate' of about 100.000 death a year.
On a daily basis this is more or less 250, so 250 death a day only from economical sanctions. 

If I were the Iraqi leader I would scratch myself on the head and try to end this killing. But our dear Sammy H&Sons could take this, no problemo... We had big big victory because 'they said that we would not last for two days' (back from Gulf War I). What big victory, hundreds of deaths a day and the RapistTrio did nothing to make it better for the future of the Iraqi people. 
Hey, Sammy H; did you think you are the Lion? And lions eat flesh, so sorry my dear Iraqi people but I am your leader till the end? Did you think stuff like that? Sorry Sammy H, but long time ago I spelled out that you (and your sons) will be remembered as the 'rapist regime'. And as far as I know this is still your future, and I do not give a shit if there is WMD inside your country or not. You wanted some place in history? Ok, you can have what you want. 


In reality this kind of statistics is a bit too simple because the 'Oil for Food' program did bring some relief, but it is wise to calculate the amount of dead civilians until now (in the present war) against the hardest parts of the economical sanctions. But there is much more to compare, let me quote some old old story. The old Halabja one, you know what I talk about. Only 'real lions' can do such things, or not? Lets read the quotes:

However, in Halabja there was little time for “liberation” celebrations; the late-morning airstrikes of March 16 sent people scurrying for cover. “We must have been in the cellar for about six hours,” Mahmoud recalls. “The bombardment outside was very heavy. Then, just after 5.30pm, some people in the cellar began to notice a strange smell. I couldn’t smell anything, but I took my daughter Azhin in my arms and went out to see what was its cause, telling the others to remain.” 

In the streets Mahmoud saw hundreds of people running, others staggering and falling. There was total panic, and shouts to evacuate above the cacophany of screaming. Parts of the city were on fire, and flames licked high into the fading light of dusk. Mahmoud saw one of his brothers among the scrum, handed little Azhin to him and ran back to the cellar for the rest of his family. 

He had been outside for little more than 15 minutes, but as he walked down the cellar steps he noticed that the darkness was completely silent. There was not a murmur. A breeze had blown a bank of gas down the cellar steps. “The smell of gas was thick in the dark,” he says. “All 150 people were silent, many already dead, though some were moving. I was scrambling over bodies trying to find my family.” 

Hey Sammy H, compare your 'works' to mine. After all, I am the men who did take away a rough 2000 points from the DOW Jones. It is just a detail but it was one dollar out of every five, and this from the entire corporate America. Hey Sammy, you must not worry, the Americans are relatively safe within my claws. But now they are after you, how come this my dear Sammy? How come this?
Now I stop my teasing of the Iraqi (&rapist) regime and now it's time for the axe to materialize again:

Title: Material breaches materialize? I don't give a shit, you better act wise.
Sammy; You get the same punishment as Mohammed Atta. You get one year of hell time for every life you wasted....  

Oops, what strong emotions felt from the behalf of my dear readers. Yes I know this is a bit of rough writing, but right now reality is a bit rough and after all I am the Writer. And now you know this again we might as well take a look at the Media report on the last day of this sub-part of the BigStory under the name BirthOfTheKweb. 

Media report to 31 March 2003: A lot was read, I will not quote on it all but only give some short comment.
On the one hand I am very pleased with all those 4000 or 4000+ Arab fighters into the Iraqi landscape. And let me be honest, I did not anticipate on this 'storyline' on the forehand. And I have to smile when I remember my often recited words 'I always prefer military objects'. 

So why do I smile? Simply because I cannot forbid the attacks they do and because it is also a bit 'non-Geneva' on the other hand. But just proceed my dear Arabs, military targets are military targets even if they are into the Iraqi landscape. Simple or not? But a few things did arouse the attention of me. Let me name two:

1) Somewhere I read that a girl was hanged because she did accept some chocolate bar from some coalition soldier.

I do not know the details and I do not know if this is actually true. But if true I want the figures who did this wiped out. And also the platoon they belonged to had to be wiped out completely.

2) Somewhere else I read that at some point coalition soldiers did get orders to shoot a civilians walking on some bridge. This was because it 'was possible' that fighters mixed within the civilians.
This too is completely unacceptable, my dear America; just count dead soldiers on both sides. Don't be to greedy or else face some 'platoon wipe out' advice too. 

All together; I like the 'military targets' attacks but all must think on their consequences. And the coalition forces must reconsider their stand on this. The coalition has to win from technological advantages and not from shooting at civilians.
End of my preaching, fight well&sleep well.

End of part nineteen C, another subchapter in the ongoing story that just writes itself. Again I would like to thank the AllMighty for ramming me into this position, thank You! My axes are vibrating and I hope you are shaking, the accumulation of power looks hard to handle but again my dear reader; This story writes itself. And you can be of help too, all I (or the story) wants are simple things:

  • Transformation of modern warfare&
  • Some transformations in the economical system.

If you ever come into some kind of position you could help the story, just act harsh and think with light. Be my guest and thank you for your help. We can do it, I just smell this and with some luck I do not use any nukes or stuff like that... Deal or not? 


End of Part XIXc, end of part nineteen C, end of part 19c.






Title to work below: Glide into perfection please..  
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