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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have April 2003.
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Part XX: Begin April 2003:





To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XX of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.


01 April 2003: Oh oh, how miserable I feel. This is unbelievable, this is so bad. I feel shit, I feel like slime. I even feel like some slimy worm living into the slimy mud. Is this what I deserve?
How did it come this way? So carefully all was more or less planned and worked out. It was all so simple, last year in July or so I decided I wanted get rid of Saddam&sons. And therefore I gave permission to the Americans to 'do it'. A few month later (September) they even started doing this (that was unbelievable too but it happened anyway). The timeline after that was fine, the rift in the NATO was perfect (if the biggest military alliance can be torn apart a lot of more can be torn apart&blown into pieces&shredded in plastic shredders&etc etc).
Later the UN was rifted too, this was no fun and that was some pity. In the meantime I thought things over and the plan was so simple from my side, the concept of 'instant retaliation' surfaced as some little branch of the big so called MoralEquation.
Everything went so perfect, I even observed some general under the name of Meyers tell words like; "They're working this (balance) very, very hard and in some cases we probably don't balance that equation." So from the 'big picture' point of view stuff could not have been better.

No, it could not have been better. May be I felt sorry for the lives lost via this 'instant stuff' or may be I felt not sorry for that. This is not relevant by now because there was somebody else who started talking the same way, it was that debile under the name of Sammy H. This was so utterly utterly stupid to do my dear but stupid Sammy, lets simply look at the operational side of it:

Suppose there would be some (evil) al Queda members or some (holy) Kweb figures out there really planning some stuff and really trying to operate on the 'instant retaliation' modus. The operatives probably know I want you. Sammy H, wiped out because the Iraqi people need a better life. The operatives, no matter what side they are on, will get confused over this. And once confusion is in the mind plans often collapse, so Sammy you are not so smart I see. Our little 'terror problem' is a bit as follows:

  • Once your hitmen know I am after you they will hold back (&all 'other parties' have:)
  • If 'some stuff done' than you will get the blame, this will hold them back too.

This was not so cleaver from the Victorious leader who is well known for his upstanding against the zionist afterbirth. Why not share some other 'big picture' with you. The name of the comic strip, one piece below, is 'The big picture' (found it on Yahoo). 

Title: My individual comfort levels are lost with the collapse of The Big Picture.

And what about the individual comfort levels of the operatives that work on some voluntary basis? I don't know but lets hope for the best. In the meantime I will visit some nest, and this all without complaining about the high costs of health care. Why should I? 


02 April 2003: This morning I woke up after some good 10 hours of sleep, yesterday I almost went to bed crawling but not I feel more or less fine again. After reading some news it felt like a cold shower, another 33 civilians blown away with some bombs in the wrong place. Let me gently ask to the Pentagon again; hold back a little bit please. You know what happens when people (bomb planners and so on) work too long under too much pressure; to many faults are made and to much collateral stuff will be at the scene.

Beside this, to all in the field&I hope this message will reach you in the coming days; 'The suicide attack at that road block was frightening, but the shootout of the seven females and children too. Let me put it bluntly; If you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!' That's all, I know you can get scared from these kind of attacks but simply count dead bodies and do not act with fear and stress. 'Just stand that heat and stay in the kitchen and do your work as you are supposed to do it....' 

For the rest it is wise I do not place to much time into the present war, lots of other websites cover as well a lot of stuff. And therefore I wrote the extra text to this day again around my ongoing problem; more 11 Sept info. Read it. And after reading it and thinking, do you say 'Goddamnit! Yes, if he just proceeds he indeed will have his nuke. Oh shit, what to do?' Or do you not think that?  

  Title: Not so many bombs please, give me good battles!
 Yes! Give me good battles, I am very hungry by now.... 

Yes, good battles is what I want. And who am I? Please to meet you, I am the man that will change the face of modern warfare for good and for ever... (Or for never? Or some temporary ever or never?) And who are you? Yes my dear reader, who are you? 
We split, till tomorrow. Sleep well, work well, bomb a bit less&think with light. 


03 April 2003: Today I reposted story nr 32, it is about 'free electricity'. To some 'very special readers' (they give me some material support) I would like to ask; "Please do not see this as some kind of challenge, I need this repost to make some point towards some (stupid) local prosecutor. They are allowed to investigate if there is some increase in the use of the method mentioned within the story since 28 April 2002." It's a nice story and it was one of the very first writings triggered by behavior of local authorities. But much more was written against this local stuff, when people are simply 'to stupid to understand me' they can grow into some enemy mine. Not all of course, there has to be reason in it but if you together did nicely blow away my little company and later tell me at face value that 'I am responsible for my own income'... Well if that is the case there could be a little little chance that you together are blown away too. Or do I go too far with saying this?

Now we are at the path of local authority stuff it is nice (or wise) to know that I still have a very little little war with the Dutch state going on. They are probably not aware of it, it is all 'too difficult' I just guess. In case you hate me very much you have some big luck today, you can have joy from the fact that at this day I placed my first steps into asking for my bankruptcy. Yes I know, some of you jump for joy and shout 'hurray'. I know, I know.
And since I am not in a mood to get mad today I will not create demolishing stuff, you are even more lucky this day! Only some thoughts spelled out around the question 'More retaliation needed?' Do not worry, only some elementary thoughts, if you want you can read it into this days extra text. Read it.

The Media report is small, it is around the sayings of some older guy who is some luny according to the measurement of his sayings. The oldie in question is some richie too, lets enjoy his stupidness: 

Media report to 03 April 2003: Although today is some sad day (I took the first steps into the filing of my bankruptcy and I feel sad because I know I later will get mad and after that people die). But this does not mean I do not like to fight stupid insights from some elderly. Some elderly finally did find out how the ways of power go and he likes to tell the world why wheels are often round. Lets enjoy:
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch said Wednesday Americans have an inferiority complex about the world's opinion and that Iraqis eventually will welcome U.S. troops as liberators.
Reinko says: Ha! Some inferiority complex is at the very root of 11 September! Please thou wise mongol let Djenzis Kahn give you a question: "Why don't you count the buildings still standing?" 
"We worry about what people think about us too much in this country. We have an inferiority complex, it seems," Murdoch said at the Milken Institute Global Conference. "I think what's important is that the world respects us, much more important than they love us."
Reinko says: Again Robert, you better ask
 yourself the question "Why do they hate us so (very) much?" I think that what you name 'respect' is just what is missing in a lot of countries for a long time already. But you can always nuke some stuff out, you are right on that part. 
But beside his political wisdom he also has very deep battlefield insights, enjoy further:
And he suggested a decisive U.S. effort for a quick end to the war would be better than a protracted battle.

"There is going to be collateral damage. And if you really want to be brutal about it, better we get it done now than spread it over months," he said.

Reinko says: Again completely right man, why not some dozen H-bombs thrown in? They are rusting away anyway and it is not the obligation for all weapons to serve this country?
A lousy twelve hours is enough to win the entire war and suddenly respect is global again....

Sleep well (all elderly and younger ones too).

  Title: Milk and honey pot forces heading towards planet earth.
 Heading towards earth in the final frontier. Why not? Where else to go?   

The final frontier is embedded with rather strange war planes don't you think? And oops, just by the way; Is the 'satellite hypothesis' for real? And was some kind of space craft taxes paid in Texas without some axes?
Who knows the answers and what the heck is the 'Hubble bubble'? We split, bye. 

04 April 2003: No talk, only a little Media report.  
Media report to 04 April 2003: We start with a quote from some AP writer under the name of Curt Anderson (quote):
No Credible U.S. Terror Threats Since War
WASHINGTON - Although no credible domestic terror threats have emerged since war with Iraq began, federal law enforcement officials say the United States will remain at high terror alert status while hostilities continue.
Authorities are convinced there continues to exist a "hidden network of cold-blooded killers," as Attorney General John Ashcroft (news - web sites) recently put it. But officials who spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity acknowledged being pleasantly surprised that the war has not so far triggered a response by terror groups or "lone wolf" extremists

Reinko says: Yeah yeah, this has come under my attention too. According to the Iraqi body count there are over 500 civilians dead by now but only very little terrorist acts observed. On 1 April 
I gave already some explanation that could be at the root of this very low level of attacks.
The fact that most terror attacks will be written on the conto of the (dying) Iraqi regime could be some serious hinder. Furthermore I simply stick to my promise of 'not writing against' America (for this time) so the 'hands on' approach is not at the scene right now.
Further I try to write more 'factual' and even a bit 'diplomatically' and avoid triggering heavy emotion (because I want the 11 Sept details above, the rest bows for this...). And at last it could be true that the arrest of the 'kingpin' lately is hindering some voluntary field operatives too.
We wait and see how the war goes, until now there are about 50 coalition forces dead and over 500 Iraqi civilians so this rate is 'one to ten' right now (how does the American public react on this, nothing only the 'bring our soldiers back' sounds observed). 
We proceed with a few remarks around cars.




Remarks around cars? Yes, beside me not paying my latest car taxes (What else can I do to express my anger towards the Dutch state? Want hell, get hell.), there are some global other car problems observed. It has come to my (terror parts of) attention that some time ago the first car explosion in Iraq did send 4 GI's to heavens not longed for right now. 
After this some Pentagon workers did gave some advice how to threat cars properly and this resulted into 3 bullet ridden cars filled with only civil people.
So on some 'car scale' it was 3 to 1. Now quote:
But even as coalition troops claimed control of the airport and 45 percent of the country, sporadic resistance continued. An apparent suicide car bombing at a U.S. checkpoint in western Iraq killed three coalition soldiers as well as a pregnant woman and the driver.
"There is a presence of force still out there," Brooks said. "There's still work to be done. We 
never underestimate our enemy."
And now it is 3 to 2. And some pregnant female? Does she not like America for some reasons and did I not give the advice to use 'some less bombs' for the second time some time ago?
But what about the pregnant female, is she from Baghdad and is this the echo of 'Let me recite to just one Baghdad wife' from the previous content of this website's homepage? Exiting!
And also echo of 'I want six balls on a plate'? Yes, but remark this is a real 'coincidence' because for the same buck there could have been 4 or 5 coalition soldiers dead instead of 3. 

At last the electricity fun observed, in the extra text to yesterday ( txt 01: Prosecuting info) I mentioned some long time not told electricity breaks in this little country. And what did happen into Baghdad last night? 

Thanks&till tomorrow.



   Title: Honey pot forces?? Feed them well&feed them good? What is this?
 What is this? Feed them well&feed them good? Honey pot forces??   


05 April 2003: Oh oh, so much has to be written and explained. But as always, time is running out and there are so many 'story lines' at work right now that it is hard to keep up with the news. A very important story still untold is one of the themes to the timeline, it is the theme of so called 'female emancipation' into Muslim societies. Also the concept of 'emotional bombs' or 'emotional pondering' could be used into this.
Important example of this 'emancipation' was found in the Moscow hijacking of some theater; about 20 female suicide fighters at that scene. So am I doing my very best for female emancipation and again it is not good according to local authorities. 'That is not possible with some stories only' they tell me at face value. 
So I am still doing my best to show those smarties what stories can do.... Dear local courthouse employees, what did happen on the second day of the (re)opening of this story? What happened on 29 January 2003? 
Again you 'do not understand'? Why? If you really want to fight, we can fight. But I prefer a bit of help and may be a bit of money so I can concentrate on the 'main battle'. The 'main battle' is still (of course) the details surrounding the 11 Sept atrocities in the USA. 
Again my local smarties, I prefer a bit of help but when you make blup blup noises like (in Dutch) 'ga maar huursubsidie vroagen jong' or even 'goa moar naar die bijstand manneke' you make me a bit pissed. Or do you want me to be your servant and give you another shave? What is your problem and why do you not do normal?

Oops, what emotional talk emerging. To compensate a bit I have placed two extra texts to this days writing. The first is added at the timeline at position 27a, it is Media information around the Mombasa hotel called Paradise. The second is Media info around the happenings on 19 March (the start of the present war). Read it if you want to.


The antidote to today's madness is 'some stuff' placed into a (very) long perspective kind of view. This long time perspective materializes in the art work below, on the one hand it is just some nice pic and on the other hand it is some kind of 'secret signal'. Yes, this sure is some kind of signal and there is some possibility that some people on the face of this planet know exactly what the (long term) implications of kind of 'space view' is.
To the (American) people understanding the origin of the symbolism in the artwork below, I like to be a bit teasingly and daunting; I just say; "Isn't it true there are small powers and big powers?" Small powers are for example the power of this 'NightmareOnWallStreet' or may be the power to start some war somewhere. 

Oh oh, how vague is my soft speaking. But to those understanding the symbolism in the art below it is like thunder as never heard before. Ha! A thousand cruise missiles landing on the same spot in the same moment are just nothing compared to the thunder emerging from my soft spoken words. No, just nothing.
The Shaker of nations is a one day fly and the Shaker of the Universe is at some scene. What scene and is the scene for real? And is this what you call 'some big deal'? Vague and fainted, but is some future painted?

   Title: XX and OO symbolism? Or XO and OX symbols? What is this?
 Reinko says: If even this is for real you sure must give the writer what belongs to the writer....  Do this! 

End of this mixed day. Don't be puzzled on the last art, only a few on this planet know what this means. But those few must know they are my 'slaves', I'm so sorry but I want 'my nuke'&now it's in 'the book'. Exiting! What will happen? Be my guess on this. Bye&so.  


06 April 2003: Today I sure feel like killing, but let me calm you; 'I will not lower myself into such acts'. No I won't. Or shall I axe away some usher that might consider giving me some visit in the coming week? 
Yes, why not? Why not? Or am I only bluffing and smiling? I know and you don't. But lets cut the crap.

   Title: Yes! Lets cut the crap! Cut crap with what?

Yes lets cut some crap, but do you know that at some points I am very very jealous at the Folkert guy? (To foreign readers, Folkert did kill some politician on 6 May 2002) I feel so jealous, so very jealous; all he did was just kill one person and for almost a full year the entire country is hanging on his lips eagerly waiting until he speaks. On the other hand I must not complain because Folkert is jailed for some time already and probably for a lot of years more, compared to the freedom I still have he has bad luck on that part.
By the way my dear local (stupid, fat, smelly, debile&flock-stuffing kind of) authorities, did you know I send Folkert a letter last year? He must have received it on some Thursday and exactly two days later it surfaced he finally did make some kind of confession. What coincidence, what coincidence... Wanna know what I asked to Folkert my dear and local authorities? Sorry, all I can say is 'Fuck you&if you smell like shit you will get (more) shit'. Oh, oops; are you going to use the above words against me in some (future) court case? And within what kind of context you want to use these words in case you truly consider this?
Now I stop my little teasing you because I would like to speak some much more important words on behalf of electricity meters. Electricity meters? Yes, electricity meters! But first a little graphics:

   Title: No no, if you look at it this way it will never take off!

Now I proceed with more important stuff; rather precise two years ago I just came across that little news article. And this news article said some female was stoned to death with some good solid rocks. And more it said; she was found by 'proper authorities' because they traced her down via some number read on her electricity meter. 
She was kept for some eight years in prison, this was rather long and some of us know what some dicks of some religion do at the moment they know 'this is not a virgin'.

After this I emerged from hell, a long chain of events took place and later that year the war on drugs transformed into the war on terror. Just a detail of course, why should I care about the loss of this war on drugs? But let me return to the point I want to make; one way or the other I will ram the truth around 11 Sept above the surface.
This week I will probably get some visit from some electricity usher. So what is wisdom? Axe this guy down in a truly horrible way so I will finally get the attention I want? 
So again, what is wisdom? Because if I truly axe this guy down some other chain of events will surface and this chain will contain some links that prevent me from being jailed too long  (don't forget I am not some Folkert and one bomb a day keeps the judges away...).


My dear electricity company under the name of Essent. I know you read this, at some times I can see it in the faces of your employees working outside. I know you read this, so do not say that I did not warn you. In case you would like to file some complaint (better read all this first) against these words above, let me bring the following to your holy attention: If you file some complaint about the content of this little website, you are the first who would do this. The very first since I started this web rather precisely 3 weeks before 11 Sept 2001.
Why don't you give it a try? Or shall I say my above words are just not serious and only one 100 percent of pure bluffing from some guy only behaving via opportunities? 

End of this day, no Media report (off day). The writing is suddenly local (so I'll make some 'local poem'): 

Local lightning or local singing? 
Was there 'big bang' in the beginning? 
I want to know, so I need it rough...
Little roughness here&little kissies there,
Sad sad I feel, to many go upstair.
And what's the big silence, the silence without hair?

Eop, eop, eop.


07April2003: Oops, yesterday I was a little bit rough with my speaking of 'change of view' of certain dicks belonging to a certain religion at the very moment this dick understood 'This is not a virgin'. Sorry for the inconvenience and I know not all of you are so, but I simply needed it to make some point. 
Now we are on this 'not a virgin' or 'is raped so without value' subject anyway I suddenly remember I have some AxeOfMassiveMullahDistruction. Mullah men around the world may I ask you some simple question? 'How come that if some (young) female is raped, and this gets to be known in the community, she is treated so very different for a long long time?' Are there some sources in the Holy Words to be found on this? 
Since an axe is an axe we are not finished by now, let me ask another question: "Often it is heard that when females from western societies walk around in (middle) eastern societies and they are dressed like they do in their home countries, they get a very lot of 'Slut!' or 'Whore' or those clicking of tongue or the hissing sounds into their ears?" Also the men whispering these sounds do even feel a bit at the female flesh in question. (I remember someone told me 'Good titties, me feel, you slut'.) But if you do not like it, why don't you just shut up? And if you cannot enjoy nature down here on the face of this planet, if you cannot enjoy nature without feeling violent how must you ever reach Paradise? Because when you reach some kind of Paradise is it not true that some of your deepest dreams and whishes come true? When you die and you are on your way to Paradise, you will meet some Guard. Do you think this Guard will let you enter Paradise when you go jumping around shouting 'Whore!' or even 'Fuck bitch'?

Oops, how hefty; don't bite please! So this summer not the Chrysler building please.... No, serious again; in case you are some Mullah why don't you think a bit on this 'entering of Paradise'. Enjoy nature without fear and also do not misunderstand me, because at some level I thought the strange 3-2 carmatch was funny. Much more, it is a very strong emotion to me; some females turning 3-1 to 3-2 on the very sharp moment of writing. I like it and more, I love it. Yes, I do and therefore I even wrote some simple extra text to this day. 
Before we jump to that text I want to ask my readers the following; Just look at the text above, you see some writings of some very 'self centered person' (my, Reinko). In the following text some 500 number comes along, please do not forget I write the above stuff while this 500 is more or less constantly in my mind. Now read the extra text of so called 'Self Writing Stories'. 
This is some heavy and brilliant innovation; stories that write themselves! Shall I try to get some patent on this? The stuff all writers long for, stories that write themselves....

Title to this: Stories writing themselves??   

No Media report, I'll write on and what do you do?  


08April2003: We bring back some old story and this old story serves as some parallel: Long time ago somewhere in November 2001 I did tell people stuff like 'There is still time to leave these buildings of Serious Statistics, these buildings of Serious Abbreviations'. And more was told, for example 'I think the market will be kept as thin as possible'. With this I referred to the big markets as we have the DOW and the Nasdaq. Even the 'Not so smart' under you know what happened many months later.

Now I have some nice parallel to this; If you own a house in the neighborhood of the Pentagon, or even if you rent a house in this neighborhood let me give you the advice to sell it while you still can. Let me give you the advice to move a bit away from that building, for some reasons I do not like that building. So do not say that I did not warn you, and please do not say that what 'I want done to it' is unreasonable because so many civilians live around it. Now we tunnel into the Media report:

Media report to 08 April 2003: According to Iraqi doctors the daily&hourly rate of casualties&  civil deaths have never been so high. Even medical staff figures with 25 years of experience say that they have never ever seen anything like this. This scale of killing was never observed before in Baghdad. So I just wonder, what is the hurry? But much more I wonder why still so  much bombs are dropped. Why is this?
Let me be clear, I do not have a good oversight around here. But my dear CENTCOM this is the third time I ask you this; Can you hold on a bit longer to your bombs? By now you probably know who I am and you are capable of judging the above 'house selling advice'....

Or not?

Title: CENTCOM, This is the third time I ask you this.   
UnderTitle: Annie lost her legs, Ali lost his arms. JDAM or Goddamn? 

Again, I carefully stick to my promise of 'not writing against America' during this war. And the Iraqi body count stands somewhere around a 1000 civilians so from some statistical point of view it could be worse. It could be worse, but  the last days it all goes a bit too fast. What's the hurry? What would you like my dear CENTCOM? Hearts and minds? Or JDAM with fear? The third time is always the last time, I will not ask this again....


End of this (sub)part, go to the Next part (half April 2003) 










Title to work below: Glide into perfection please..  
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