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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have April 2003.
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Part XXb: Half April 2003:




Extra texts 

09 April 2003 txt01: White Lion news    txt02: Enemy within news  
10 April 2003 txt01: Kinky Reinko ==> Kinko's?
11 April 2003 txt01: Anthrax update   txt02: More anthrax  
12 April 2003 txt01: Sniper update   txt02: Iraqi info minister info
13 April 2003 txt01: Prosecuting info (=rude&rough&in Dutch...) 
 14 April 2003 txt01: Index to the Nasty Letters (rough&in Dutch 
 15 April 2003 txt01: Prosecuting info (rude again&in Dutch)
 16 April 2003 txt01: Prosecuting info (rougher....&in Dutch) 
 17 April 2003 txt01: Shuttle update   txt02 Proc stuff (in Dutch)
18 April 2003 txt01: Moussaoui update
19 April 2003 txt01: Prosecuting info (the 6&7th Dutch letter) 
 20 April 2003 txt01: AntiChrist info  txt02: Anthrax funny info  
21 April 2003  txt01 Prosecuting 08  and 09 (Both in Dutch)



To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XXb of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.


09April2003: Ah, some relief came to my mind. That's good, the so called 'checks&balances' still work so things aren't that bad. For today we have two texts, one with 'good news' and one with 'bad news'. Those two texts cover enough Media stuff so therefore there will not be any Media report. Text one is about good news and text number two is about bad news

Now there is some relief in the mind of the armchair general some of us have a break to breath some fresh kind of air. So some fresh air as found in the pic below, just some 25 million of pixels fresh air. Or is there some dangerous smell arising from some lips? 

 Title: I always cover my underlip, so that is not the smell you smell. 

What to write around here? Just make the general saying 'Provoke, Wait, Point&Harvest' (=the whole of 11 Sept 2001 in some nutshell)? Or shall I make a real materialization of this wisdom and file the most heavy provocation I can think of right now? Shall I do this? Shall I speak words of such a roughness that after that some people will react without thinking after receiving some signal, or shall I not do that?
Indeed I will not do that, I will not write down the fundamental provocation that will make 11 Sept a little joke. No, there is still all this peace in my heart so why spoil all this peaceful feelings? Lets enjoy nature further on:

Title: Thou shall not cover cattle in blue tents... 

Ah, what a diplomatic day. No fundamental provocations, no blood provoking stories and only peaceful and quit feelings found around here. Really true, even the StillNotBlackHouse has some lucky day. For one day, and for this one day only of course, I have to admit the nickname of thou holy President was completely wrong. It is not IQ43 but it is IQ143! Yeah yeah, just like me and just for one day? So my dear George Doubleyou, this might explain the heavy headache you have today; Now it runs at 143 (heavy pain or not?). Now I stop my teasing of 'not stealth' painted houses living in richery.


10 April 2003: Suddenly is all goes fast into the Iraqi landscape. Statues torn down and all those stupid Sammy H paintings destroyed and probably a lot of Baath party members invited to hell. Around here we have a nice saying for what will happen to Baath members, it is called 'Axe day'. But other garden tools come in handy too and if there is some electricity again, why not make use of some plastic shredders while you still have time to clean up society a bit? I do not think these words will cross the borders of Iraq very fast, let alone that most Iraqi's will hear them but I ask this next anyway; "Baath members having some blood bath is fine by me, but do not kill all their children, they aren't responsible for this..." Now I quote from the homepage, it was placed just six days ago. 

Cache of the homepage words from just six days ago:

Today it is 04 April 2003; Ya yo&hi ha ho!, Rest, sleep, eat&dream. 
Talk, walk, think&shrink. React, provoke, act smart&don't smoke. 
Light comes, light goes, careers break&muscle grows. 
Three pieces of meat, still alive. Let me recite to just one Baghdad wife.
Feed them well&feed them good. They are for hell&that's understood.

They think they are royal thunder, I think they are some blunder.
All I want is just six balls, six balls on some plate,
And do you three think you can stand my rapist hate?

Do thy really think 'Smell some victory'? 
Just like last time, that decade old pee?

You are served off&this is for thee. 


Originally (that means this morning) I planned upon writing a lot of nice stuff. But for some reason a little reminder of the so called 'local authorities' did enter my mind, after this the big big source of hate did burst out&open again. And lately these bursts are as big as last year in October and November and I simply do not function normal. 
These cowards, I hate them so much. So much, just too much. We split, bye.


11April2003: After a good and long sleep I feel a bit normal again. It is better when I think of the second day of the (second) reopening of this strong story; some nice courthouse shooting. A pity the prosecutor wasn't shot to death, a true pity (no no do not think I go to far with these words, there won't be any complaint just a always, do not forget they are the cowards and they are the liars). Yes, they are the liars and from some logical point of view one could expect more problems for those people. Why not? They started smearing shit and they have some bad luck in just meeting 'the wrong one'. 
Now it has come to my noble mind that it could be wise to post some old pic again, so you prosecuting liars this is your future (again). Want to jail me? Yeah yeah, fuck you&why don't you jail yourself? Can't stand the Erfurt shootout? Can't stand the 29th Jan of this year? Not had enough and want more? Ok ok, have it your way, you are the coffin smelling liars only telling crap and stupid shit.   

Title: Just feel my love for you; just wait and feel... 
UnderTitle: When you lie you die. 

Yezzie yezzie allabessie, when you lie you die my dear and local courthouse employees. This ancient old fact applies to these days as well, and please do not forget that at important moments the story always writes itself in blood. What do you think, are you invited or not? Can you give me just one reason not to invite you, can you? 


Just found: Anthrax update, see the extra text 01 and extra text 02 to this day and the timeline at nr 05



Media report to 11 April 2003: First some details that did wonder a lot of observers. For example the 'Kabul-Baghdad' detail; it took Kabul 38 days to get 'liberated' while in Iraq it took only 21 days. I will carefully not indulge into festivity talk like 'You see what difference just one Reinko makes', no I will not do that. 
No no, just in case my so called 'powers' are for real I just want to point them at local stuff. You probably understand who I talk about, yes it are all those courthouse employees (mainly cowardly orientated prosecutors) and all those others getting too much money for being just too stupid.
Why waste tax money on debiles? Better waste
some of their bodies, and please do not say this is not reasonable or so... They have had time enough, too many months and still just too stupid.

But now I run out of the Media report, so lets quote on (written by Thomas E. Ricks, WP staff writer): Most notably, the defenses of Baghdad proved surprisingly easy to attack. Luft was especially critical of Iraqi preparations for urban war. "Abysmal," he said. "No trenches, no barricades, no sniper positions, no booby traps, no mines."

But the first three weeks of the war may 


eventually be seen as easier than the peace that follows the conflict. Army generals and others interviewed yesterday said they remain extremely concerned about the security in Iraq in the coming days.
"The hard part is yet to come," said retired Army Col. Johnny Brooks, an expert on infantry tactics. "We can easily win the fight but lose the peace."

Oh yeah Johnny B, the hardest part is yet to come. And I wish you luck on that part too, a mountain of work has to be done that is sure. Hey Johnny do you think it is wise not to indulge in some kind of 'See what a difference Reinko makes' and in fact point my power at local cowards? I have done my thinking on this, I think this is wise. Only some good and rather massive killing can break down the barriers I constantly
face. So Johnny do you have wisdom to add on this subject? That would be nice, I need some advise. 
At the end I want to ask my readers to look at this: 
Yes! Mix it up! What you get when you mix Reinko with kinky? You get Reinky or Kinko, yes or no?
So why the hell did Mohammed Atta buy his tickets at Kinko's??? Fuck you authorities, fuck you! 

Hey Pentagon, may I ask you: Am I just like that Iraqi minister of info when I inform my dear (but stupid, smelly, fat&etc etc) local authorities they sure will face hell now it is just too late? Am I just like him, yes or no?  

Oopsie toopsie tralala, oopsie toopsie tralala. Do I hear some local war drum or is it the sizzling in my ears? Ha, I think it is some war beat and this beat is rather 'pixel precise'. The beat is sharp and just under your conscience threshold level some very beautiful music is just unheard, so beautiful the music is. Music for the angels or music for the gods and I just have to invite some locals at random to listen to this beautiful music in more detail. 

Title: Music? What music! I want headache materialization for.... 
UnderTitle: Oh local A; Wipe those stupid smiles from your face please, just please. 

At the end of the day we can say I need a good and severe local 'system shock' and the shock must be of good size. All other (more little) shocks did not grow any insight at all so I need some big one. And if you are some local; do not be afraid of some future, in car accidents always a lot more people die and are you frightened as hell every moment you see a car driving by? So separate fact from fiction and separate fact from fear..
We split, bye&till another day.


12 April 2003: An easy day, a beautiful day and I even enjoyed all the attention towards my person when I did a bit of rollerblading in the city. No media report (no lust to write one, but a lot is observed), but to compensate we have two texts to this day. The first is about the sniper stuff from Washington DC from 2002 (also a detail in nr 24 of the timeline). Read txt01 if you want.

The second text is a nice collection of the sayings of the Iraqi minister of information, read txt02 if you want. And if you don't you could eat some bread with peanut butter only. Give it a try if you like peanut butter but if you do not like peanut butter take a look at the old work below. The Iraqi minister says she is some Muslim female, I do believe him but what do you think my dear reader? Till the next update.  


The Iraqi info minister says: This is not beautiful nature, this is some Muslim female. 

   (Secret signal; Please, please oh just please who can kill some local prosecutors? Please, I beg you....)  

13 April 2003: Again so much goes so fast and that is good, I truly hope those economical sanctions against the Iraqi landscape is over and is over forever. More nice news was seen, the Baghdad police would like to go to work again, the few I saw on the telly did look relaxed and eager to work again. Indeed, it was natural to observe that civilians think 'better stop this kind of freedom (looting and so) a bit'. I truly do not preach on this because I think I would loot self too if I were in that position, and for a lot of reasons it is may be best that the entire old governmental structure is completely gone and a new one can be build up from the bold ground.
More to say; the Israeli news of getting rid of settlements did look good too. But the receipt for peace between Israel and Palestine is rather simple; throw much more of this kind of 'free stuff' in&make it some big deal and some good deal. Why not try to make some 'shock and awe'? Not with bombs but with 'freedom stuff'; and make the shock so big that all (evil) terrorist figures feel so surprised that there mouths fall open (&plastic teeth fall out) and that they drop the bombs they hold in their hands. And when they accidental drop the bombs in their hands from the big surprise, some of those bombs go off and the martyrs will enter Paradise where they are waited upon 63 sex hungry virgins. Really true, I got a positive confirm on this by the Iraqi minister of info.  

No good news without some bad news, as some antidote to the above positive developments I just will go on fighting the coffin smelling cowards from the local courthouse. The extra text to this day is some kind of letter to those figures. But I will not post this letter with the normal post (because they never ever react on it anyway...). The writing is rude and rough, it is also in Dutch (sorry when you cannot read that). If you do not have to read it, please do not. The letter is about the possibility that some of those coward employees did some anti dating of some files, could be although I am not sure on that anti dating. Well, here it is. Read it if you want to.

Title to this art: Thou wisdom is beyond measures&If you lie you die. 
 Click the pic to go to the Dutch written&very nasty letter. It is NASTY!! Watch out! 


14 April 2003: I hope you did read the letter from yesterday (see the extra text to 13 April, it is in Dutch). Also I do hope some of you do not read this as some kind of surrealistic art, it is not meant that way (but you can read it that way, that is true). Right now I am back from a little walk in the city, I have to remark that the 'police car density' is a bit large lately (hope I have nothing to do with that of course). But in one of the police cars some nice female was driving and she had such a lovely flushing face. It looked very beautiful and it triggered some memory of me. Let me tell you the (small) anecdote:
Anecdote from somewhere summer 2002: In the year 2002 I experimented a few times with some skeelering (=roller blading) accompanied by one of my axes. The axe was placed behind some belt so it looks a bit if you carry a sword at your side, I was just curious how people would react on it. You can classify these as some 'social experimenting' but since this is not a big city you must not do this too often, but 3 or 4 times on a yearly basis is acceptable. 
What is the anecdote? Very simple, most people just do not see the axe (or pretend not seeing it) but there was a car with 3 nice females in it. They drove by, saw the axe and instantly knew 'it is him'. Never in my life I did observe a car full of females getting wet so fast, big eyes staring and nice waving to me. They started driving slowly so I could catch up a bit, and what beautiful big big eyes staring. Oh oh, that was sure getting wetter by the second. How is this possible?
Yes, how is this possible and since when you can profile with some simple garden tool? 

End of the anecdote.

Now we turn at the Media report, just one subject. The subject is POW stuff, in the pics below you see one American Prisoner Of War, it is some single mum. 

Title: Back from the grave, yeah yeah; Just show 'all are equal' my dear America. 

Media report to 14 April 2003: First I make a few quotes to show how very happy the American people are with some POWs getting back. After that I will make a little request. We quote a bit:
The seven — who included the only female captive, Private Shoshana Johnson — were handed over by their Iraqi guards on the road from Baghdad to Tikrit.
The amazing discovery ended a 21-day ordeal for cook Shoshana — limping after being shot twice — and her comrades.
It triggered elation among their families, who feared they had been killed after their bloodied uniforms were found in a Baghdad prison last week.
And the whole of America — already buoyed by the return of rescued PoW Jessica Lynch on Saturday — joined them in rejoicing.

Yeah yeah America, does that bring some relief? Is it good to know they are still alive and is 
it even better to know they are now in US hands  again? 
You probably understand upon what I am steering, there are still a few thousand Iraqi POWs and they have family too. Of course it is not wise to let these Iraqi POWs all write 10 to 20 A4 size pieces of uncensored letters to whomever they would like to write. But some standardized kind of message containing the minimal info could be used to let their families and relatives know they are still alive. Just minimal info like name, date of birth, a few names of people 'to inform this' and may be (family) address&what the hell it takes in inform their families in a proper way. 

When and how to release them is difficult, but you cannot keep them all for a long time because some criminals could be there. That does not look wise to me but you must not endanger yourself on the other hand too. We close this day, bye. 

Title: POW WOW WOW jippy yo jippy jeeh! 
UnderTitle: Is American POW stuff some endangered species? 


15 April 2003: Today I wrote the second of the 'rude&rough' letters, it is in Dutch (sorry for foreigners). Read the  extra text to this day. I do consider writing a lot more like these and gradually make it rougher and rougher. As usual I do not expect to run into any kind of trouble with this, in case you are able to read Dutch just read both letters and ask yourself how it is possible of not running into trouble whatsoever.
Of course the concept of 'being coward' is of some importance, it is just a plain bold fact the local prosecutors are cowardly orientated. But beside this they probably fear some heavy loss of face value if they would turn to these writings seriously, also you must take into account the classification of 'coffin smelling cowards' is rather correct. They simply cannot deal with it, may be late at night when they read the stories they understand. But at daytime they are 'team players' again and they simply cannot think outside that box. 
No no, they will carefully not investigate what is going on. Beside a pity it is a shame, in a lot of ways they just act like America and imitate the big big silence. Why is this my dear authorities? Why are you hiding some truth from the public? Or do you think that this guy, this Reinko, wants to be famous or so?
In case you are interested, no I do not like that. I prefer my privacy a bit protected, but now we stop this days writing&again I would like to classify some of you as 'coffin smelling cowards'. It sure is a pleasure to tell you what you are, and don't forget this is not for fun this is for real. Just like the famous 'trigger hypothesis'. 

No Media report, only the second letter in the cycle of nasty letter... Till some other time. 

  Title: Give me a million ways to attack the local crap tellers. 

16 April 2003: Wow wow wow, I just finished the third letter in the 'nasty cycle' cycle. Like I told they will get rougher and rougher, indeed nr 03 is of some increased roughness. It sure is, wow wow. Some old death come along but it was not the '29 jan fun', no some old deaths found in police prison cells. Especially the death of some guy named Koos did arouse my attention, because he lived next to a pal of mine. And to me this death looked like some kind of signal, like 'watch out Reinko'. 
Yes, to me it felt a bit like that. But later I came to the conclusion it was not meant as some signal but only big sized stupidness. Big big sized stupidness, so it is wise to fly the teacher with the axe to the scene in question.

Wanna read nr03 in the cycle of nasty stuff? Be my guest, and very may be in case you are some ... you could .... so they have the same hell you were in. (What has to be put on the dots? Read nr03 and you know, sorry but it is in the Dutch writing.) 

Title: Rejoice in 29 january&give the story what the story needs. 

No Media report to this day, just a 'media remark'. To me it was just nice to observe that during the trial of the killer of Pim Fortuyn some people shouted 'Hey Petra whore, we will gonna get you!'. (Petra is the wife of the suspect in the Pim murder). Compare this to the level of problems I face, am I not doing a very very good job in avoiding hate coming to my door? I think I do and I think it is wise to ask for some 'showdown' for local courthouse crap tellers.  

Still the world holds it's breath and still the first bombs have to explode in this landscape and still there is no food poisoning at the scene. We split, sleep well&cook well&live well.

17 April 2003: The most stunning news was found, see the Media report upon some update on the shuttle disaster above Texas USA from 1 Feb lately. Now I would like to be as vague as possible while saying there are 'big powers' and there are small powers. As an example to some small power we have the 11 Sept 2001 happenings, and because this clear is small compared to the big one (to the device...) I constantly try to talk to local authorities about some 11 Sept sources but I face shit after shit after shit. 

To compensate a bit for all that stupid stupid shit I started making the cycles of nasty letters, but this will clearly bring a bit of relief but sure not solve the problems. But lets now not talk about those local shit figures, just rejoice again for 29 Jan and my dear local junk army let me ask you this; "Why not give them back the shit they gave to you? Just ram back and talk to them in the language they understand." 

Title: The story of the small&big power is far from told&you ain't seen nothing yet. 

Media report to 17 April 2003: Isn't is true that some days ago I spoke words like (quote) 'Is there some space craft taxes paid in Texas without axes?'. On the one hand this was supposed to be a joke but on the other hand I am stunned on the alternative. Because the alternative implies the shuttle disaster was done via some sabotage and may be this sabotage did find some moral roots in the saying 'If you lie, you die'. 

Because if the 'big power' is for real (that is, if the device truly works) than it could be that the captain of the shuttle knew about this. More to say, it could even be that from the timeline we have anthrax, the fast outcome of the WorldCom scandal, the fourth plane on New York are more or less related about knowledge around the 'device'. But I don't want to talk about the device, I want to talk about the trigger hypothesis (something completely different, yes it is small compared to....). But why not start quoting around the shuttle stuff? Bring in your mind the effects of some simple axing and do your thinking (quote):
HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- A long, narrow slit on

Columbia's left wing may have let in scorching heat and doomed the space shuttle during its plunge through the atmosphere, accident investigators said Tuesday.

Such a gap could have been caused by a missing or broken seal on the leading edge of the wing, and is the latest -- and now strongest -- suspect in the 21/2-month-old inquiry.

And a bit more: 
"It's possible we may not be dealing with a round hole but instead something that created a long, narrow slit," said Scott Hubbard, a high-ranking NASA official on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

This is exiting, the dimensions are completely stunning and it is true that there is 'just one man' that is 'bringing a great nation down'? Of course I am doing my best and use all my 'bible knowledge' to scare the hell out of America but when I am rewarded with complete space shuttles it could be wise to do some rethinking. Yes, this could be wise.
The complete text from the quotes is here: txt01  



Title: Reinko makes the world watch at prime time at prime numbers.... 

Next is very funny, in the end you see a lot of wisdom found around language problems. I have them too, for example when I want to find some news articles around the Mousaoui case I just do not know how to write this name. Is it Moussaoui or is it Mousaoui, or even Moussoaui? Why do they constantly have those difficult names? We quote fun:
Robbers went that-a-way...
A US soldier with millions of dinars removed from a bank in central Baghdad for safe-keeping after a bank robbery collapsed into a farce worthy of the Keystone Kops thanks to dithering, language problems and the audacity of the robbers.

A patrol of Iraqi policemen and US Marines arrived at the Rashid Bank to find more than 20 thieves had smashed open the vault, pulling out sacks and boxes stuffed with dinars, and made their getaway, firing a victory shot from an AK47 as they fled. Three who lingered at the scene were detained by the Marines, who then wondered what to do next.

Further down the street, a scuffle broke out when a bag of money was found discarded on the road.

An Iraqi policeman, armed only with a truncheon, jumped into his battered, unmarked car and went racing off towards the scuffle, leaving his new US colleagues behind.

Five minutes later he returned, sprinting at full pace, minus his truncheon and his car.

“That’s great, that’s just great. Now they have a getaway car and we don’t even have a vehicle to take these guys to the police station,” Marine Corporal Shane Weeks said, pointing to the captives lying face down on the pavement.

Reinko: This is of a level of humor seldom observed, or not? But the rest does it to me:
He added: “We can’t understand the language so it’s hard for us to communicate with the Iraqi police or the people. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on here.”
We split, enjoy the dinars (pic below). Bye.  



Title: Reinko sits on power, this soldier sits on money.... 



18 April 2003: Nothing, njente and nada. Nichts, niks, nothing and no no no. This means I have a day off, bye.

19 April 2003: Yes, a little bit. Tunnel to Media stuff please:
Media report to 19 April 2003: A rather old quote but a very important quote to act against, the wisdom of knowing that one day the Saddam regime would be over against the 'ever enduring power of America'. So I consider next quotes as nonsense:
"What a tragedy again plaguing the great people of Iraq," he wrote. "They have to chose between the night of tyranny and the night of humiliation stemming from foreign occupation."
Reinko says; I would not like American soldiers in this country taking over to but all in all this is meant to get rid of Saddam. Again, trust me the Americans are relatively safe within my claws but let me give you the advice on the same hand to grow some claws yourself (for me and you to use of course, they like 'to help' and they need a bit of 'pointing' every now and then. We proceed quotes: 
"They know that the Saddam Hussein regime will eventually end one day, he will die," said Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a professor of social sciences at the Lebanese American University. "With America you have a whole system, an entirely different system. The threat from America 
is far greater than the threat from a government that will disappear one day."
Reinko says; No, the death of Saddam would not have changed things. His sons or other parts of that family would have taken over and what would change? Amal Saad, your talk is not understandable to me. It is clear not much countries like to have so much American soldiers running around, but do not forget the Iraqi's now simple are free to do what they want.

Just implement freedom at all levels possible, this brings chaos in the beginning simply love the chaos. Freedom is hard to handle, you must have some kind of backbone or cultivate some new kind of backbone. Let me give you some example; I liked that total looting of the museums in Baghdad, enjoy your freedom and in one decade (or a bit longer) the museums will be beautiful again. And if some Baghdadi reads this right now, he or she gets mad because he or she has hunger for real food and not the nonsense abstract museum talk... Or not? 

End of the media report on this old quotes.

Title: Come ushers come... Ha! Since 01 June 2002 almost zero bills paid... 
UnderTitle: Come ushers come... Come on here, we have some showdown fest&do it! 


Come ushers come, we have showdown now!
Come ushers come, we have showdown n ow!
Come ushers come, we have showdow n now!
Come ushers come, we have show down now!
Come ushers come, we have s  howdown now!
Come ushers come, we hav e showdown now!
Come ushers come, we  have showdown now!
Come ushers come,  we have showdown now!
Come ushers com e , we have showdown now!
Come ushers  come, we have showdown now!
Come ushe rs come, we have showdown now!
Come u shers come, we have showdown now!
Com e ushers come, we have showdown now!
  Come ushers come, we have showdown now!

HaTè HaTè HaTè HaTè HaTè

éTaH éTaH éTaH éTaH 



20 April 2003: An easy day, a fine day. Eastern eggs, family stuff and food like that. Also fun observed, read the extra texts to this day. And beside fun we have the 8th nasty letter written, what nasty to write that all. See the nasty index if you like. Tomorrow number nine in the nasty cycle? I guess so.

21 April 2003: Yes, number nine is written. A very rough one, in the (Dutch) nasty letter is some story. The story is a bit about rape but this story is only some symbolism to deep deep humiliation of so called professional shrinks. Of course the letter&story contained in it are way out of line but nice reading anyway, and it just gets rougher as we go. As we go, so now we go to tomorrow 22 April 2003.

22 April 2003: Oops, what a day and what can I say? Shall I say that some 'sum of ciphers' is six and therefore I have to thank you six times: Thank_you6
The art of being as vague as possible is always some nice art and its ways are long, so I will take the freedom to get a new pair of shoes from savings from some rolling department. (Vague enough?)

Hopefully this was vague enough, please proceed to Part XXc of this self writing story. 


Title to work below: Self writing stories??  



End of part XXb. Back to part XX (Begin April) or go to part XXc (End April)     





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