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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have (end) March 2003.
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Part XIXb: End March 2003:




To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XIXb of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.


19 March 2003: What a day, tension is in the air and within me too. Everybody is waiting for the big thing to start. For myself I think it is a good day to repost some old story under the name Fragmented as hell. This story was some special composition at the time because I wanted to write a story without any kind of terror arising from it and on the other hand the story had to be 'strong'. Why don't you read it for yourself and after reading you can think a bit around the coming war, was this story one of the first lines cumulating into the present situation? Very interesting question but hard to answer, and the answer is not really needed so better take our time for more important things. Go to Fragmented as Hell if you want (new window of course). 

Now a little Media report, little since this part 19b will probably a long long chapter from the big Kweb story.

Media report to 19 March 2003: Lets start with a quote from the White House. A very interesting quote because some time ago I asked the beloved and great leader simply if he wanted to shoot his own rapist son to death in case the rape stories were true. Simple and efficient and now we quote:
All the decades of deceit and cruelty have now reached an end. Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their refusal to do so will result in military conflict commenced at a time of our choosing.
This is what George Doubleyou said in his TV speech, in about 10 hours it is that time. So lets do it! Give me your best shot my dear Annie but let it be sharply placed shots&I still did not check the weather reports from today upon Iraq and surroundings. Good luck with it, good luck.  

The second half of this days Media stuff is a completely different kind of thing but nice to observe. The Iraqi people will get similar stuff and they could make a website under the name of Or are these kind of web addresses not allowed and do you need to rewrite it into fourtythree dot iq? 
Feel puzzled? Read the quote (from the UPI wire):

KABUL, Afghanistan - "Planting its flag in cyberspace," Afghanistan will officially activate its ".af" Internet domain name on Monday for Afghan e-mail addresses and Web sites, officials and the United Nations said.
The effort, a joint collaboration between the U.N. Development Program and the Afghan Ministry of Communications, marks a giant technological leap for a country where the Internet was banned for years during the former Taliban regime

So from now on Afghan websites can be registered with the 'dot af' extension. Shall I try to get or shall I run into some kind of secret re-registrar again? (Just like the week before 11 Sept 2001??) Exiting, exiting but now we split and we wait upon future stuff and we pray a bit. (End of the Media report.)

End of the start of the second half of Part XIX, lets fly a 'peace-plane' into these texts and enjoy it:

 Title to this work of art: PolCorr pic without titties observed.
As wallpaper; choose the tiles option please. No, no 'left wing' tile jokes please....  


20 March 2003: The war has started, it has started indeed. Not with the 'big hammer' that was fed into the Media (goose like) throats but with a relatively small strike of about 40 missiles, according to some Russian (press??) agency there were the first 10 death but it was not known if those were soldiers or civilians. 
But lets go to the Media report of this day (it will be kept short&tomorrow probably long): 
Media report to 20 March 2003: I just saw the first telly appearance of the Silver Bullet (D. Rumsfeld the US Secretary of defense) and he had some things to say to the Iraqi people. And he even answered some questions from so called journalists, we did not see the light after his words but he made a nice point. The point he tried to make that he often 'Tried to put himself into the shoes of other people' and in this case it were the Iraqi governmental figures who needed realizing that this regime was finished. 
Indeed this is an interesting observable in it all, and I have a nice question for you my dear Silver Bullet: If you would put yourself into the my shoes, would you think it is wise to ask this year again for a nuke on the Pentagon at noon on my birthday? Do you think it's wise to recite for this again?  :)

Now we quit the fun and we only concentrate upon some historical overview about yes/no or much/little access of Media reporters to the battle fields. To me this is very interesting because I like being everything as much in the public eye as possible, the more the better. 
I will make a repost of some old story about how to make war properly, but we are not into that desired situation right now and therefore we just start quoting (I forgot who this wrote it was some 'elderly' journalist who had been in Nam too, sorry). We quote:
Vietnam: Access, But No Technology.
In those days, we had almost total access to the troops. We traveled aboard U.S. planes and

helicopters. We rode with the Army and Marines in their trucks and jeeps. We slept and ate with the troops. Out in the field at least, the relationship couldn't have been better.

Desert Storm: Technology, but Little Access.
The only pictures Americans saw of the ground war were of the aftermath — like the graphic footage of Iraqis killed while fleeing Kuwait along the "highway of death." They saw nothing of the fighting that preceded the retreat.

This Time: Broad Leeway, No Censorship
But the military also understands that having independent observers on the scene — including foreign journalists from foreign countries — can protect them from allegations that might come from Saddam's regime and other governments opposed to the U.S. campaign. 

They learned from the bombardments of Baghdad in 1991 and Yugoslavia in 1999 that the public — at home and abroad — does not always believe the military's account of its own operations when it comes to civilian casualties. 

This time no censorship? Lets hope that this is true, better lets say; ASAP all that needs to become public MUST become public (may be after some time, but let it all flow out; the good and the ugly please....). 
Now we are at the end of this days Media report, till tomorrow my dear readers.


Last request my dear bombing planners; If that so called 'big blast' of 3000 or 3000+ missiles comes, could you at the last minute leave something like 5 to 8% out and therefore spare 10 to 16% of so called collateral stuff? I know it's a though question and you must not do it by reconsidering all cases but choose a kind of 'database view' on this, but it stays hard to do. Speed is important but sometimes patience as well (because after all, only now it is 'real' some governmental figures could change behavior and this could help). 

Now we split, breath sand&bite dust and sleep each minute you can. Below only some Wall Street art, I just observed a 0.63% plus and a minus 0.43% at the same time just before closing and therefore I had fun. Bye. 

Two snakes in some dual dance?  


21March2003: Not much too say, it looks as if things are going ok till now. So I could take time and compose a long Media report but I am not in the mood for this right now. May be tomorrow, we only have a little bit of graphics made. It is even a so called 'Just some WarArt' kind of work and those were not made for a long time (the fall out of the Milan plane in the Pirelli building was the last WarArt work and this is long time ago). Also it's wise not to forget I made a promise of not writing against the recent Iraqi events and I often keep my promise. So all we have is a bit of WarArt for this day:

  Just some WarArt nr16: These are not Iraqi soldiers and this is not the Iraqi leader.   

See you tomorrow or so&digest data well&sleep enough.


22 March 2003: The last two words from yesterday were 'sleep enough' and this is what I did. Ten hours on a row and now I feel fresh again, man oh man what a day yesterday. And a lot more to come, it is rather hard to get a good overview of everything that is going on but it looks as if the picture is developing well. 

Just like yesterday there is simply too much that could be placed in the Media report, now I make a small one with just a few details. So lets turn to the Media stuff:


Media report to 22 March 2003: So much is found, just a very small portion of it. We start with a quote from the NYT, journalist is Michael R. Gordon. Quote:
Not all of today's airstrikes were successful. Two strikes were carried out to kill Ali Hassan al-Majid, Mr. Hussein's cousin, who is in charge of defense of the southern part of the country. He is known as "Chemical" Ali because of his role in overseeing chemical attacks against the Kurds. American military officials said they appeared to result in a near-miss. 
That sure is a pity, so Chemical A does have some more days to live... We proceed with more from the same source (quote): 
For all the thunderous barrages in Baghdad, several hundred strikes were withdrawn from today's strike plan. With American forces advancing on Baghdad and allied officials already working on plans to rebuild the country, American commanders wanted to limit the damage to civilian infrastructure. A major bridge in Baghdad was not struck.
It is logical I am very pleased with this, even more to say that the number of civil losses looks ok so far and we better hope it stays that way. Because after all, this could take some time to finish... 

Something completely different, found on the Washington Post (journalist=Matt Kelley from  The Associated Press). Quote:
An entire division of the Iraqi army, numbering 8,000 soldiers, surrendered to coalition forces in southern Iraq Friday, Pentagon officials said.
That is a lot, but we also have: 
"The brave 51st division, with its valiant commander, officers and soldiers are fighting ... with utmost courage"
(Quote from the Iraqi state telly). So this will probably updated because did they (all?) surrender or not? 

At last we take a look at the stock markets (how is the Angel doing we just wonder). Quote:
All three market gauges rose for the week, with the Dow average up 8.36 percent, its best weekly gain since October 1982. The Dow rose for an eighth day, its longest streak of gains since December 1998. The Dow has gained 13 percent since the rally began last week.
These rises are small compared to the rises on the Dutch stock market, the so called 'real stock wars' (read this one published just before the rise did set in) are going fine too. A miracle or not? ;)
Lets close this Media report.

Title to this bombing art: With the street lights still on?  

End of this day in this story, see you around in future stuff. I cannot say have a nice weekend so let me wish you a 'recovery weekend' but for some it will be a 'cover weekend'. We split, bye. 

23 March 2003: What a surrealism, outside it is a beautiful spring and sunny weather. And in the pic above you see some other reality going on and on. According to Al-Jazeera there were around 50 civil losses in Basra and/or surroundings. We all know what this means and to some other parties I have to say 'Lets do it!'.
To explain exactly what has to be done I have written again some stuff around the so called 'Moral Equation', that is the extra text for this day. Read it if you want to (new window).

The above words and the extra text are a bit 'big', one could say they are very megalomanic. I feel the same way, it sure is a bit megalomanic but I observe it all works and so I just will proceed with this 'daily stuff'. The PowerWriter is at the scene and since I just read some old news article again that did send a few and severe shivers down and up my spine we will proceed:

Flash back; The weeks before the 11 Sept attacks. Flash back; The weeks before the 11 Sept attacks. Lets call this not a Media report but a 11 Sept report:

11 Sept 2001 report: Back to the roots, how did  this all get started? I still lack a lot of details and I still hate that Patriot act preventing a lot of details to surface. But lets not complain and just work on and again show stuff. 
First it is wise to know that a few weeks before 11 Sept I started this website (The Kinky project) and exactly 9 weeks before 11 Sept I wrote that 'Arty out of the Void story'.
In that story is also a girl called Annie, and Annie used to do her own will and after this expect me to go along. Also she was grabbed three times in her pussy by Arty and also I am a private teacher for a long time. Now we quote stuff (from CNN, posted Sept 12, 2002):
"The first semester commences in three weeks. Two high schools and two universities. ... This summer will surely be hot ...19 [the eventual number of hijackers] certificates for private education and four exams. Regards to the professor. Goodbye.
Wow, all we are missing is that they needed some 'math exam' or 'private math lessons'. This quote above was send via a chat program by Abu Abdul Rahman (one of the hijackers) to Binalshibh in Germany. It was meant as a code for the coming terror attacks.
More is worth repeating, it is of importance to notice that there were three targets selected (remember I wrote about that 'three times pussy grab' that Annie got from Arty). We quote on:
About three weeks before September 11, targets were assigned to four teams, with three of them bearing a code name: The U.S. Capitol was called "The Faculty of Law;" the Pentagon became "The Faculty of Fine Arts;" and the North Tower of the World Trade Center was code-named by Atta as "The Faculty of Town Planning."
Again recall the similarity in the names Arty and Atta. And again recall that I was probably classified as some kind of enemy of the Islam (see timeline the 'provocative pages'). Also bring in your mindset that the second part of the Arty story was going on for a full week before 11 Sept (the secret re-registar of some IP address while I wrote in that story 'uploaded to IP addresses that even were not registered').

Come on people, how much 'coincidence' can you take. It is all too much, for example I still do not know at this date who it were that made photographs of me on the highways. Hey, wake up please! Who can help me with more info? 

Yes, wake up please. The explanation to some 'possible' trigger of the 11 Sept atrocities are so simple, so simple. They hated me from the bottom of their hearts, just by accident Atta (or one of the others) came across this story and the quarter fell 'This is what we will do' they must have thought. Am I wrong or am I right? Don't forget the second part of the story was already happening, wake up Goddammit!
Furthermore I have placed some Media info (found some time ago) around events in the weeks just before 11 Sept 2001, the quotes from the 11 Sept report above come from it. 

Title: Private education&Four exams&Regards to the professor....
Second title: Oh dear local authorities, please keep on sleeping and dreaming in your fake world and in your PC mindset..... You are disgusting.

Now we split, goodbye and search for proof and details and evidence please....

24 March 2003: Wow what stuff, but what stuff? I do not have any clue whatsoever but some emotions did run high. And the law of high emotions says that you do not remember stuff anymore, so what is your mood today right now my dear reader? For myself speaking, and without breaking my promise to the Americans to 'not write against' them, I can honestly say that they 'have to work for it again'. 

The POW stuff was interesting, if the Iraqis have still some kind of internet connection I would like to say; Simply go with the Geneva rules on this and do not try to find the border of it. More explicit to the Iraqi army; The Saddam&Sons regime is more or less simply over, just because I want so. Beside this reality I want more and I want you to do some fighting simply to show no country is 'just for free'. 
So fight well and fight good, your opponent is willing to do the same as far as I know. Give me good battles and make sure the Americans have to work for 'it' again. Also to you Iraqi army; No Mogadishu kind of vid-fun is allowed, please do not forget the atomic parts of the SongOfA... And that's the end of this message to the Iraqi army. 

We proceed with bigger stuff, actually it is not 'stuff' but it is 'beast stuff'. It is about the biggest beast of this planet, but what is this so called 'biggest beast'? Is it Osama? Is it the 'Real Osama' (me of course)? Is it Sammy? Or the total amount of deaths if his sons get power in Iraq? Or the Pentagon? 
Do you know? Do you?
Fine, I know the answer too.... I know the answer too.

Title: There is always some bigger beast my boy...   

Yes, always bigger beasts found. All you need is some microscope and turn it upside down&multiply stuff. Now we have to split, may be till tomorrow or may be lator. Bye (no Media report today). 

25 March 2003: Today (a very beautiful spring day&very sunny by the way day) we will look at some math that is implemented in art via some sandstorm. Yes, why not? The math is very simple math, we just wonder how much is the limiting value of the next sum:

Sum = 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 + .... (and so on, and so on)  

How much is this if you go on summing this up 'for ever'? This is a very simple math question and the answer is 2. From this observation you can make the following (structure of) some simple graphical art:

Title: The Sandyman is there, it adds up to two.   
Pic represents the geometric progression with 1/2 and serves as some building block in the work below.

Once you take the trouble of making the pic above you can use it as some building block to make the following (it is just one of the many versions you can make, try a few yourself it is not hard to do...).   

 Title: Shrink, shrunk, paste&cut; Oh I wished for some wet mud.  
The wish for some wet mud combined with the geometric progression of the number one over two.

After all this sand we take a look at the Media report, again a small one and only some details highlighted. And very carefully avoiding writing 'against' the coalition because I simply keep my 17 July 2002 promise on this. Lets go:

Media report to 25 March 2003: We start with a quote found on Reuters website, journalists are Randall Mikkelsen and Charles Aldinger. Quote:
Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that great care was being taken in trying to avoid killing civilians in a military thrust through Iraq and confrontation with elite Republican Guard units protecting the capital, Baghdad.

"They're working this (balance) very, very hard and in some cases we probably don't balance that equation," he said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" program.


What can I say? I can say 'Thank you!' and I can say 'So far things go relatively ok.' We proceed from the same source, quote:
"We're more likely to take a little bit more risk ourselves than to bring the population in harm's way. But that's a constant calculation," Myers added when pressed on whether western forces were being too careful in bombing and missile attacks on Iraqi forces in the six-day- old war.
Yes indeed, this is a constant calculation and I understand the difficulties in it. But bring in your best math and the superiority of the weaponry must do the rest. I do not know if the Iraqi (army and/or people) ever can read this, but I want to say:




Be a bit more careful with the 'fake surrenders', the 'attacks in civil clothing' and so on. This to is 'non-Geneva' and do not glide away too far from the Geneva rules. I can understand you are a bit pissed because the coalition forces have the air and the weaponry benefit and you would like to compensate for that. But you understand the dangers of gliding too far from the Geneva stuff too long, this could lead to 'change of strategy' from the coalition side. So watch out on this, and for the rest I wish you success too. And to be honest; That 51-th brigade commander surrender confusion was nice, yes it was. We proceed with some (statistical) words from Robert Fisk&Robert Verkaik:


You could observe this cockiness when Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Information Minister, spoke. Of Tony Blair, he said jovially yesterday: "I think the British nation has never been faced with a tragedy like this fellow." Mr Sahaf then presented a casualty list, which, however imaginative it might turn out to be, was credible to the average Iraqi, and perhaps to anyone. Civilian wounded and dead respectively: in Baghdad, 194 wounded (13 less than estimated); in Ninevah, eight wounded; in Karbala 32 wounded and 10 killed; in Salahuddin, 22 wounded and 2 killed. In Najaf, the figures were 36 and 2; in Qadissiyah, 13 and 4; in Basra, 122 and 14. In Babylon, the Iraqi government claims 63 wounded and 30 killed.




Why the statistics at the end? I don't have a clue whatsoever of course. Let me simply say; 'To both parties in Iraq a lot of luck' and to volunteers in other nations 'Good luck too, as usual I prefer military objects but now it is more important to keep the numbers right if you know what I mean.'. Again respect the '3-day waiting' period and after that you have exactly one week... Ah, why should I tell you again? You know this by now I hope.

We split, till tomorrow or so. Sleep well if you can, bye bye.

    Just some WarArt nr16: POW WOW WOW, ypi yo ypi yé!    


26 March 2003: A very mixed day, we start with a bit religion mixed with some sand storm. 
Huh? Feel puzzled? 
No reason to feel so, if you have read the previous web may be you know that some times I refer to myself as being the so called 'Devilish parts of Mohammed' (may be you think that is a bit luny but to me this simply fits in some emotional way and therefore I see no reason to rationalize this). And to give some very big scare to some Americans I also called myself at some points the AntiChrist (more precise, I told that I would love to be the AntiChrist but my 'powers' were not big enough by then)

Now you are allowed to take a little look into the kitchen of some madness religion and the cook is the AntiChrist; The very moment I heard there was a storm heading towards Iraq (Sunday or may be the end of Saturday, I do not remember it anymore and I did not file it) I just jumped for joy. A few moments later I tunneled into contact with it (this tunneling looks a lot like praying, not the worship kind of prayer but really try to tunnel into contact with the AllMighty). And I simply 'told' the storm how to behave. 

Days later the storm was in Iraq and I read about wind speeds of 30 mph (or 50 km/h) and I felt disappointed. This was not correct and was not in line with what I wanted. A pity, but the pics were nice and from the pics I made the above Sandyman work. 
But after that I just read about raining mud and wind speeds of 50 miles a hour, hurray my vision on reality was repaired again. You might wonder why I was so pleased with the sandstorm, that is simple to explain. At night all the (high techno) night vision apparatus stuff did not work, you cannot look through sand with it. And therefore the ideal of 'platoon to platoon' and 'soldier to soldier' and 'both armies having equal weapons' was a bit more approached in those moments.
Also I would like to quote a bit (although this is not the Media report):

To Mohammed, the relentless sandstorm was foreboding, a portent of divine will.

"The storm is from God," he said, looking out his trembling window. "Until the aggression started, never in my life did I see a storm like this. We all believe in God, we all have faith in God. And God is setting obstacles against the Americans."

By evening, the sandstorm gave way to rain. Drops of mud fell on the city, clearing the sky for the last light of dusk. But the wind soon returned with even more force than before, driving the last cars off the road and shaking houses.

What nice, it is just like the second title of the Sandyman works from above, let me quote the work  again:

 Title: Shrink, shrunk, paste&cut; Oh I wished for some wet mud.    


Now we quit this religious 'scaring to death' because there is no need for it right now. I still feel so friendly today, especially towards some local prosecutors. Need another shave my boys? 
What do I mean with that? No clues in my head, nothing so if you are some local and you have some creative shaving ideas why not give it a try? Yes why not?

At last we take a look at the watery work below, this to is a simple geometric progression but now with 'reason' one third. Therefore it is handy to know that 1 + 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/27 + ....  = 1.5 (and indeed, look at the pic; the total with is 1.5 times the original pic on the left). It has no title.

 Title: Title: It has no title.    
Question: Does this have a titile? And if yes, what is the title?

And at last the Media report:

Media report to 26 March 2003: What shit in Bagdad, what a shit. I almost did get mad as hell but I scaled down, I did stick my heels in the mud and started pulling the beast again. Yes, only  pulling and pushing some beast. And what beast I mean this time is not of any importance. No, not of any importance and for the rest I have no comments. No comments at all. See you around.


27 March 2003: The last five days will be covered in Part nineteen c, go to XIXc  








Title to work below: Glide into perfection please..  
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