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Dear readers, I have changed this page into a series of pages.
Mostly on a monthly bases, so now we have (begin) March 2003.
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Part XIX: Begin March 2003:



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 17 March 2003 

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To readers who are new to this story: You are now in part XIX of the Birth of the Kweb, the Kweb is of course the KinkyWeb&is this website. This website is good&strong, it's some fine piece of art. Sometimes I write a bit rough on some subjects, but that's the way it is. If you don't like that you get to some other PolitcalCorrect website please!
If you are new, you have to know that almost all things I do write on this website do have some nasty habit of coming out. To avoid juridical shit I had to place some disclaimers, here is the disclaimer to this story.  

Also it is wise to read the Introduction to the stories, here I spell out some words that frequently appear in the stories, for example the SilverBullet. Who is the SilverBullet do you think? If you don't know read the Introduction to TheStoriesProject.



03 March 2003: Last Saturday morning I finally did get the following (Ahold stock) prices: close on Monday was Euro 3,59 and the close before the weekend was 9,71 Euro. This did give a very peaceful feeling in my head and I was relaxed for two days on a row, 6 billion blown away and this feels good. Six thousand times one million is a very good lesson for stupid authorities but you can safely bet on it they still do not grasp it, they still do not grasp it. But why worry about those weasels? As far as I know weasels are not very relevant to the important things in life, if some weasels can give some help they are welcome and if some weasels think they need to fight me they will have to eat some Bali-bang-bang soup. Life is simple&life is peaceful. Now we take a look at the table of peace: 

The table of peace
(Possible) closing value. # % lower Discrepancy from 63%
3.58 -63.13% +0.13%
3.59 -63.03% +0.03%
3.60 -62.92% -0.08%

You see, this could not have been better. And in case you are some kind of journalist reading this may I ask you to stay away and to fuck off. I do not like stupid people and I really hate stupid journalists only telling the stupid and official version of this so called WarOnTerror. And yes, I have peace in my heart but this peace is not for you.

  Title: Did not make it; WTC in a drunk rebuild.  


Media report to 03 March 2003: This weekend was finally arrested some guy under the name of Kahlid Shaik Mohammed. He seems to be the 'main planner' to the 11 Sept atrocities and it was even read that 'all appropriate pressure' is being put on him. Therefore he is probably still in Pakistan... Or not? 
Well let me be clear on this, it is normal that America has some kind of right to do a bit of hunting towards those kind of planners. That is part of 'the game' of course.
For myself speaking, I still miss very important information. I still need to know at what point in time the first hijackers started taking flying lessons. Is this before or after I wrote the so called '
'Provocative pages'? So was this before or after May 21 in the year 2001?
That is some interesting thing to know and it would bring some relief to my mind if they started taking flying lessons before that date. Again don't get me wrong; I believe you when you say that al Qaida did all the facilitating and all the main stream organizing. All I have are some problems with some details of the final execution, that's all but as you have found out by now I can be rather stubborn on this matter. Very stubborn and I still want to know because trying to silence me to death just does not help you at all my dear America. No this does not help you at all.
Now we close this Media report to 03 March.

May be I'll add more stuff to this date later on this day but now I try and upload a this so I can do a little work 'Just for the money, brr yes just for the money'. So smile along with the 63% decline and may be the company under the name of Philips will be next or any other company that needs a full 26, 39 or 63% market cap blown away...
Bye bye readers, work well and hedge well. 

 Title: Also nice but did not make it as rebuild of the WTC.  


 Title: Axes come and axes go, but the Axis of Taxes are so so.


04 March 2003: It is again a beautiful and sunny day as so often lately, what to do today? Some sporting and some writing and again let poverty grow, or go out again and try to get some low paid job to pay the rent and so? The last time I had some rent paying troubles I decided to smash some windows at the local courthouse and after that some Paradise was lost in Africa. The locals constantly want me to act as if nothing happened, is this wise? 
No, this is not wise and after all my thinking on it I just have to say that the 'Bali-bang-bang' soup is still needed. But I am afraid that even after some rough 200 dead corpses into the Dutch borders the locals just keep on doing as if I have nothing to do with such a thing.
Can you give me advise? The six billion wipe out of Ahold may help a very little bit but you must never underestimate how terribly stupid Dutch authorities are. At times they are even more stupid than American authorities so you understand the dimensions of my problems. It is wise not to forget that only these kind of figures can do a thing like Sebrenica and now I hav3e to whisper 'I need 2% of Sebrenica'. Or may be better; 'The story needs 2% of Sebrenica into the borders of the Dutch landscape'.
Sorry locals, if there was a way of avoiding this I would have done so. And also I do not want to come into any kind of position that some folks accuse me of just reciting stuff in other countries and be some coward on the home front. To be honest, I am at peace with this. I did send a few hundred letters to those (stupid) figures but they do not understand it so they need a better lesson. Sorry again locals, but you just cannot say you do not ask for this.

Beside some (very little) worrying about this kind of soup there is still this vast bulk of peace in my heart and I have to ask a few (American) hedge funds to finish of the joy from the previous week. How to do this? Very simple, just send some emails to the Dutch stock market in Amsterdam and/or to Ahold with some words like:
  • Greetings from the NightmareOnWallStreet, or 
  • Greetings from that blood sucker from Groningen, or even 
  • 63% greetings from Reinko Venema, the killer of WorldCom. 

Just be creative and just give them some good kicks under those smelly arses. If you help me with this I will give you some future help upon some other subject (that's a promise&I often keep my promises).


 Title: This will never take off&so cannot loose it's left wing.....  

Now we turn to the Media report of this day, it is devoted to just one subject namely (again) Kahlid M:  

Media report to 04 March 2003: Again some words about Kahlid Shaik Mohammed, the so called nr 3 of the evil al Qaida network. It is very interesting to see that American authorities just act as if this was some kind of static list that simply does not change. It is the same list as they have used it since the end of 2001. 
I really wonder why, because it is reasonable that the network would change and evolve, long time ago I myself gave a few but good tips upon reorganizing. And if they did this, well in that case in most cells there will be some figures who can  create a new cell for there 'own'. And in this new cell...., yes you get the point.
One the one hand this kind of simple advice is some very evil dual use of the Tupperware party
concept. On the other hand you can see it as some kind of duplication of some parts of the organizational structure of the German army before WorldWar II (only 100 thousand soldiers and deprived of all kinds of weaponry and machinery and most soldiers could work into higher hierarchy levels....). 
And now we are further down the timeline this could be the case right now, the ability to grow fast is important towards reaching some goals.

We will wait and see what will come from these words, also it is of interest to observe what the so called 'treasure trove' of Kahlid will do to that very evil organization. Bye readers. 
Now we close this Media report to 04 March.

Now we are at the end of this peaceful and sunny day again, at least we are at the end of the writing part of it. Please smile some six billion euro smile (that smile is even broader and bigger compared to some six billion dollar smile, or not??) and sing like the birds when you are outside. Till next update.

 Title: Ah, do you burn coffee beans this way? Interesting....  


06 March 2003: Brr, today I feel just like the weather. No sun and a little bit of rain&it's relatively dark outside and in my head I feel the same. So much to think about, so many 'story lines' need to be followed and was it wise to ask for that nasty kind of soup? You know, that Bali bang bang soup or may be you can call it a song and again was it wise to ask for singing this song into the Dutch landscape?
Of course when I get killed or get into some kind of vague but lethal kind of traffic accident or in case I
 would be jailed this is only logical to expect and to do. Or is it more wise to try send another 100+ letters to (public&local) authorities? And again try to explain what could be true in this bulk of lies called the WarOnTerror?
Well, I have thought this over and over again. But I think that the evil 'Sebrenica doers' simply have the wrong kind of mindset towards what I try to tell them. But lets cut the crap and I will tell you a little (true) story I heard lately:
In my street live all kinds of people from rather different places of birth, one of those people is a Palestine refugee and he has some court troubles that are now proceeding for 12 years. 
Some time ago I heard via via some fact about the evolution of these court troubles. And I was flabbergasted and I was stunned when I heard that fact and I simply could not believe that fact.

So I went there to ask if the fact that came under my attention was real. Simply because I could not believe that this fact was true, when you are confronted with organizations that can use these kind of 'facts' what can you do? What can you do if such organizations, like the Dutch Immigration & Naturalization Service (the IND), truly can come away with this kind of 'facts'?
Would you hijack some plane and bust this into some government buildings in the old city of The Hague? Or would you start collecting signatures on a list and give this to politicians saying that 'your Immigration Service is completely out of line while doing this'? Or would you simply kill yourself?

Here is the little fact that was some 'stunner' to me: 

The IND did tell the Palestine refugee that he was not collaborating with the authorities. And he was not collaborating because he did not try to reach the Palestine embassy.

So this is the state of the Dutch political landscape lately; telling people who are into the juridical mill for years and years that they do not collaborate because they did not even try to contact the Palestine embassy..... Want some soup or so you smarties? 

Now lets take a look at the Media report (will be published only next week or so, I do not have any haste this day. No haste at all, at all no haste&no palindrome in this home. Lets report:

Media report to 06 March 2003: We start with some (strange) remarks made by Kahlid M: According to him is Osama alive AND dead. This is rather strange don't you think? When he was arrested he said that he spoke to Osama only a month ago but while under questioning by 'proper authorities' he told the opposite...

All I can say is that I do have some very very sharp ideas about that myself but I cannot tell it right now. But it could take some long long time before those ideas will surface if those ideas are realistic. So now we cut the alive and/or dead stuff, ha this is also some experiment into the science of Social Quantum Mechanics....

We proceed with some kind of expert onto al Qaida, lets quote stuff:
In an interview on Sunday, Mr. Gunaratna said that government agencies should widely disseminate information about Al Qaeda and how it operates, not only to law enforcement agencies but also to the public. "If you do not keep the public informed, they cannot be your early warning system," he said.
Yes yes&yes again, I totally agree with you Mr Grnaratna. Bet the problem is that so very much never ever does surface and so the public help will be limited in

  quality. For some strange reasons the American authorities will try to have 'total control' about the information that reaches the public, it looks a bit like they have some severe 'lack of trust' into other parties. 


The next is completely different, but it shows how fast (and terrible easy) the financial part of the WarOnTerror grows. The fiscal and financial woes are heavy into a lot of American states, this is much more severe and much more serious than I ever would think one year ago. Lets quote stuff:
A budget crisis in Oregon has forced the state police to abandon 24-hour patrols. Some rural highways in the state won’t be covered at all. Even before the recent cuts—the layoffs of 129 officers out of a force of 349—state-patrol ranks were down to their lowest level in four decades.
The above is just a detail, for example the problems in California are also very very big. You could call them even DOW size problems. ;)
The next is laughable on the one hand, on the other is it very interesting to measure the long term effect of the arrest of Kahlid Shaik Mohammed. In 

Time Magazine I found this:
Once Pakistani intelligence officers had pin-pointed Mohammed's hideout, a two-story house in a quiet and well-guarded neighborhood inhabited by retired Pakistani army officers, they held off in arresting him for eight hours and tailed him through the bustling streets of Rawalpindi in hopes that he might be visiting bin Laden.
Yes, just ring the bell and say hello. The idea of 'just following' is funny but so much more is 'funny'; For example I wrote to the local prosecutor in Nov last year the next question:
Did you find out already where the 'real Osama' lives?
He considered this a being rather funny and of course I have to agree with such a wisdom. On the other hand I just have the bad luck that I do not have some price on my head because in that case I could turn myself in and I finally would have some money again.... ;)

Beside the fun there is (serious) concern that indeed his arrest could be retaliated via some bombings. Just like when I was arrested last year (see timeline nr 25 through 31 for details on this). Rather strange dimensions are found into my little private life but why bother you with these kind of boring details?
Let us end the Media report and say Amen.

Yes! We say amen and we will not upload this for five or six days. In Dutch we say 'Lekker puh' as some little emotional emphasis to this 'not uploading to hungry minds'. I feel sorry but there is no translation that gives a good fit to the 'Lekker puh' statement so we better take a look into each others eyes: 

And now we split and say goodbye.


10 March 2003: What to do and what not to do? I feel a bit bored and may be it is wise to write some nice stories and observe the non-boring result of that, or shall I write some letters to the (stupid) Dutch government saying that I do have some very nasty 'six-million' joke for them into a nice 63.0% shaving of the Ahold company?
Or shall I shave my hair (it is rather long by now) and do some heavy sporting this afternoon? And shall I try to repair my graphics program because I feel like an invalid without it, or is it stupid to say you feel invalid when you just miss the working of just one computer program?
Now we talk on computers anyway, how come that the modem of this (leaned) computer does not work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays? (That were the days I usually uploaded this little website....).
And now we talk about stocks, how come that Aegon is getting beating after beating? Is there some American beating source to this or is Aegon just some kind of front runner towards the future of the Amsterdam stock market? The Amsterdam stock market (the main index there is called the AEX) is going down fast the last weeks, it looks as if the AEX goes a bit more fast compared to the other European indices but since I have lack of internet access I cannot qualify or even quantify this kind of thinking. Let me quote a bit out of nr07 of the timeline; there I spelled out my amazement that the AEX did not decline much faster but kept in line with the rest of Europe:

The rest of the European stock markets went downhill too and Amsterdam was not significantly different from the rest of Europe. I still do not understand this good, may be it could be explained from the fact that there is no real Amsterdam stock  market anymore, it is now Euro Next with three places of trading.

Or may be that American investors lost the relation between the original nationality of the NightmareOnWallStreet (Dutch of course) and adopted a simple kind of selling strategy (European stock first out). What facts exactly did keep Amsterdam in line with the rest of Europe is still unknown to me.



See nr07 (The adventures of the NightmareOnWallStreet) for more details, can it be said that now this extra gap is finally growing? And what does this have to do with the general sheepish 'flock stuff attitude' of so called financial experts who can only think in 'Political Correct' explanations for stock market behavior? 
Shall those 'experts' lead the general public towards widening the gap between the AEX and the rest of the European indices? I hope they will because that would be good to the power of the story, so lets hope for the best and lets hope that a lot of big Dutch companies will go bankrupt in the near future. Hurray, hit the road Jack....

For myself I just like being the AngelOnWallStreet for some more time, please do not joke that this could be some AngelOfDeath because that is not true. Or shall I carry the nickname NurseOnWallStreet for this week? Oh oh, Reinko as a nurse, wow I feel so femalish suddenly. By the way, my spelling controller suggests 'demolish' instead of 'femalish'; what a wisdom is into that spelling controller stuff... 

Today no Media report, I have lack of enthusiasm this day and I better invest my time in something else. So lets split again my dear readers and we meet some other day again. Bye bye&zwaai zwaai (remark; the Dutch 'zwaai' means 'wave' into the English writing). Lets all give a waiver to the StillNotBlackHouse, why not? 



11 March 2003: Only a Media report today, but the report is very funny and is about something from Dec 2003:
Media report to 11 March 2003: This is unbelievable, this is fine and this is funny and I just cannot tell you how pleasant I feel. What is it all about?
Very simple, just by accident I looked at some telly program called 'Wanted', that program is made by Dutch police and in the program they try to solve some unsolved crimes. The crimes vary from real evil ones to very laughable ones.

Very laughable was the stealing of crown jewels from the Museon in the night from Sunday 1 Dec to Monday 2 Dec 2002. In total a rough six million value of jewelry 

were stolen and the insurance  companies offer a full 10% of this stolen value to anyone who can give the 'final tip'.

You ask, yes nice but why is this so very funny? Very simple, last year in November I did the final round of court window smashing. And the last window I smashed seemed after all some kind of bullet proof window. I remember that window very well because after my first smash the window did not have a scratch so I had to hit it hard. And although it was double glass I succeeded into breaking the two layers with just one very hard smash...

And what did I see on that telly program called 'wanted'? You probably understand this, the safety glass boxes the jewels were in were axe smashed too....
I even saw the axe they did it with, and I was surprised as hell because that axe did have some shortened wooden part, just like I shorten the 'heavy weight' axes I have (the 1200 and 1200+ gram models have to long wooden parts to 'dance' with).
Ha, this is good and this is fine. According to a police officer I spoke with it was rather unlikely that such windows do break down so easily, may be some parties did get some motivation by this....

You see, just another example of 'Reinko recites' and 'the rest follows'. All I have to do is give the right and good example and after this always something happens. Always, this is some kind of 'law of nature' by now because it is always the same and it is often very funny. Oh oh, six million of crown jewelry from rather different royal houses is good fun and big fun. I want more of this, just big big humiliation of the rich and powerful is what I want....
Please give it to me and see you next time. (A pity my graphics program is broken right now because I would love to place a few crown jewel pics around here....; but if you have some diamonds left please send a few to me so I can play cat and mouse with some insurance companies, just please...)



13 March 2003: What a beautiful day today, it is spring and it is sunny. The weather is so beautiful that this sure is a reason to ridiculize journalists; The Dutch journalists are ridiculize in this text, the American journalists in the text below in the blue font: 
Lately I saw how the press conferences of the White House go along; The Big Leader himself (or that meat thing Ari) is making some standard sound bites like 'We are the freedom fighters' or 'We will prevail' and even 'God bless America' and after this he reads some journalist name from some list of names. And when the (American) journalist under the name of Joe hears his or her name 'Joe' comes along than he or she is allowed to ask a 'Political Correct' question. 
This truly is the 'free press' or so, the White House has some free use of it and therefore you can call this the free press. Of course when you are not an American journalist you are not allowed to ask questions, but you are allowed to visit the 'press party' so you must be thankful for this.

To me it all looks a bit fake, but if the American 'free press' is willing to cooperate in this game of poker why not? And if you do not want other countries take you serious you just proceed with this. What's against it? Now things are clear and not so difficult anymore and that is fine....

Beside the fun observed above this day is also a bit sad. Today it is five months ago that the Bali bombing occurred, just five months but it seemed so long ago already. That bombing was a few days after the ending of the so called 'Moral Equation period' (see the Intro to the story project), I still think the Dutch secret service is full of shit because they neglected this all. Well, we can say that every country gets the secret service it deserves, and we deserve this shit shit shit secret service that is just a play toy of our dear royal family.

This day there will be no Media report, may be I see you next week, may be even longer. And of course may be I will not update for some time because I still consider ending these file for a while. Right now I do not know, so may be till next week. Bye bye beloved readers, take it easy and make it difficult for no reason at all. Why not?


14 March 2003: This is nice; after six hours of 'repairing' I can finally type this on my own PC again. All broken stuff is repaired by now, all I need is about 20 meters of new cable and a new sound card and the thing is ok again. So I do not longer depend on other computers and the cooperation of neighbors and so, that is good. 

Oh, what interesting diary this is: This morning I finally did see some one from the 'reclass' department (they are asked by local prosecutors to file a report about me, but what is there to report..?..) And again it was very pleasant but 'sorry sorry' not a date for my trial is known by now. So I am a bit confused, fly in more of that 'Did you ever consider killing your local prosecutor?' kind of stuff in (like in this story) or shall I continue my axe of diplomacy?
Ha, shall I go to the local police station and ask for my statements in digital form so I can place them around here? Why not? It must be possible to put it onto some disk for spatial transfer so shall I try and post it before my trial or after that? We will see if I can get those files in electric form, may be it is not allowed or so...
Till next time dear readers, enjoy the last made 'plane':


This is the latest made 'wallpaperz' take a look at this page to see a few more of them. Choose the tiling option in your wallpaper interface please.


17 March 2003: Only a (long) Media report to this day, before that we recall a few things;
  • On 17 July 2002 (or around that date) I gave the American government permission to start war against Iraq. Dig in your memory, when did it all start?

  • And when was the last al Queda bombing? Wasn't that last year into some hotel in Africa..?.. And my dear journalists, did you already find out why that was done? Or are you still playing dummy just like that Ridge figure from that homeland defense? 

  • To help you a bit with the 'long lines' I have added some 'Mombasa Media info' into the timeline. Also recall that a very long time ago I explained the (long term) result of the 'anti- terror' wall in Israel; With the Mombasa stuff a complete and new branch of al Queda surfaced. What to think of this? Read nr 27a of the timeline or go to the timeline index

Media Report to 17 March 2003: A long report to this date, a lot did happen and only a bit can be commented upon. We start with (quote from Jeanne Meserve, CNN): The statement said reports from a wide range of intelligence sources -- some of them highly reliable -- suggest the al Qaeda network probably would claim it is acting on behalf of the Muslim world and Iraqi people rather than the regime of Saddam Hussein.
?? Yes of course they will do so, the fact you even mention this is a bit weird because why the hell should al Qaida be involved with the Saddam regime? The attempts of the (cowards of the) White House to bind al Qaida upon Saddam are futile and without any ground and if such a bind would come out it would hinder al Qaida from some marketing point of view...
From the same source we proceed with (quote): Ridge also announced the start of a national plan called Operation Liberty Shield to enhance security nationwide.
The plan includes detaining asylum applicants from nations where al Qaeda members and sympathizers and other terrorist groups are known to have operated.
This is rather overdone, when you lock up entire families only because they come from the wrong 


kind of country you might as well achieve the opposite. I really wonder if you can prevent just one terror attack with this, and more to say; how  much known terrorists (or sympatics of this) did enter the country as some asylum? Zero or one person? I think it might be zero. 
Now we turn to the proceedings of the FBI, also found on CNN (quote): 
Virtually all of the dozens of known Islamic extremists not in custody are already under surveillance, FBI officials said. But they acknowledged concern about other sympathizers with Iraq who might try to strike out spontaneously
. And from the same article:
Al Qaeda operatives are believed to be relatively few in number but represent a continuous threat to vulnerable facilities and soft targets, officials said. The FBI is closely monitoring known members of other terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah and Hamas, but note that such groups have reasons not to attempt strikes within U.S. borders.
The phrase 'sympathizers with Iraq' is wrong, you should write 'sympathizers with the Iraqi people' would like to strike to keep the Pentagon boys&girls a bit in line. If you remember the so called 'Road of Death' you understand why...


Now we have a bit of pure fun, it seems some Wall Street figures were a bit surprised when there was a big rise in stocks last Monday. Quote:

If Monday's rally elicited anything on Wall Street, it was head- scratching.
Sure, you could paint a pretty explanation for the move higher. You could say that it was about certainty, for instance, that after months of not knowing what was coming next, investors finally had, in the surety of war, a course for action. But the market rallied only four days earlier, on Thursday -- supposedly because war was going to be delayed.
Some also cited "short covering." Investors who had sold shares short in hopes of the market going down were buying them back in an effort to close out positions and "be flat" ahead of war. But while that may have been part of what was going on, volume was far too heavy for that to be any more than a partial explanation. Real investors appeared to be in there buying.
"I can't figure it out," Putnam Lovell head of U.S. equities Jack Baker said of Monday's action. "You've got to go somewhere else to find the answer to this.
Oh oh you Putnam, you are not so smart I see. Let me advice you to go to Holland and find the 


 answer there, last Thursday we had a 10% rise  and last Friday it was over 7%. So that was fast in short time and it was very nice because all kind of hedge funds and other short sellers 'suddenly' needed to cover some arse holes.
Oh oh you Putnam, this is a so called 'stock war' I wrote down lately (read nr35 of the timeline please). And I just observe some real investors beating some shit out of short sellers in a very clever way. And I think I like it, I like it.

Let me make some advertisement for myself: When you read CNN you are the first to know stuff that happened in the (near) past. But when you read Reinko you know the future. Reality forms around my writings and that is very nice...

So my dear investors worldwide, enjoy your time while the Angel time is around Wall Street because my next creation will be somehow different and the White House will hate me for that from the bottom of their souls. But I have to be patient and wait until the right moment because I want the Republicans to loose the next elections on the new President. Just wait and see....
Are you shocked by this? Ha you clever Puttie, I can do anything I want. Just anything, wanna bet?



Now we are at the fifth column of this days Media report, the next quote is about lying and being lied against you. I found the next quote on the New York Times, written by Elisabeth Bumiller. Quote:
The president, Mr. Lugar said earlier today, was heading into war angry at allies like Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of Germany, who did not support him in the Security Council.

"If you're sitting with the president, he'll point to the chair where Schröder was sitting and where he said these things and he thinks just simply was not giving him the truth," Mr. Lugar said. "And so he's very, very upset still about that.

Why is this quote so very interesting? Simply because I have done some thinking myself on the actions and behaviors of some European head of governments like Schröder and his France colleague. Because they are acting rather fanatic and although they have some points to be made (for example the hurry found into the evolution of the Iraqi stuff lately), their fanatism is remarkable. Could it be, I just wonder, could it be they realized that there was some other player around? And that this 'other player' already gave


 permission to the USA to start a war in Iraq on 17 July 2002? And that very may be those heads of cabinets did think this was all a bit luny because this 'other player' was never mentioned in any official document or statement. 

But who is this other player, what kind of cards does this other player have and what is the name of that other player? I do not have a clue whatsoever of course, not a clue and not a shred of proof towards these thoughts. But could it be that Germany and France are thinking they are lied against in this particular matter?
And that therefore they start acting in the same way and that this might explain their relative stance standing on this subject of going to war against Iraq?
If you would ask me it makes sense to look at stuff this way, but who is this 'other player'?
Please inform me when you come across that figure, I am so curious who that figure is. It is probably some kind of religious luny, or somebody from a very right wing think tank or so. 

Now it suddenly looks wise to me to close this long Media report to 17 March 2003.


This is not
some secret -->.

signal, no no..
It's just -->.

a 'strange




Now we are at the end, do your thinking and do your sleeping and dreaming. Till next update beloved readers. 


The second half of this month will be covered in Part nineteen b, go there if you like to.




Title to work below: Glide into perfection please..  
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