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-Dring dring, there the door bell goes. Reinko opens the door and it is Arty! Hey come on in Reinko says. 

Arty: Shit man, all these years you let me dry out in the beautiful Afhganistan landscape and now I must come here to eat cookies?

-Reinko: Oh, you got the message wrong: In this country it is illegal to send so called cookies along with your website. 

But I cannot control the cookies my dear Arty, that problem is around for many years: 
Visitors get a cookie, but it is not done by  me... .

Arty (looking difficult): So what do we need to do?

-Reinko: We must eat the cookies before they eat us..

 Arty (smiling): Ok ok, I have to go back to my home country, so bye bye 




(08 April 2018) It is not my task to comment upon every stupid video out there about food and diets, but after viewing a video riddled with nonsense from the channel Seeker I decided to put some side notes to that stream of nonsense...

The Seeker people, let's name them Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid come up with all those nonsense stuff like 'Your brain runs on glucose so you need to eat carbs' while in practice because glucose is such an important molecule for your body, your very own body can produce plenty of glucose... 

It is just all so stupid, I hope to keep it short but here we go: 

Item 1) The most stupid Seeker video ever!

 Item 1) The most stupid Seeker video ever!

In the year 2011 my body weight had grown to 109 kg and because year in year out I was only gaining weight I decided to do something about this ever growing problem. 

So at first only some calorie restriction and more exercise and kilo by kilo the fat burned slowly away. In the meantime I began to study the stuff around food and how it all affects your body. 

At some point in time I did hit a severe barrier; I could not get below 88 kg of body weight. Even riding your bicycle for 500 kilometer a week could not break down this barrier. 

In the meantime all of a sudden I developed a serious gluten allergy so I simply was forced to stop eating all that wheat stuff. That's it in a nutshell but year in year out I am very stable in body weight ever since.  

Compared to all those diets out there, the way I eat resembles mostly the keto diet. The keto diet is basically very simple: keep your insulin levels low so that your body has the capability to burn fat. 

If you eat too much carbs or protein in the form of meat, blood sugar levels rise and at that point in time your body can't burn fat. The present day obesity epidemic is not about people eating too much but much more the food they eat prevents their bodies to burn fat...


After having said that, here are a few of the very stupid things Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid explain to us as being 'scientific' or 'under strict oversight' and it is just all soo stupid:

1) Eating fat, my arteries hurt says Mr. Stoopid. 

Comment: If you can't burn the body fat also dietary fat can become bad for your health. 

2) Glucose, your brain and body runs of glucose says Mrs. Stoopid. 

Comment: Glucose is a very simple molecule that your body can easily make plenty plenty plenty. 

3) Giants amounts of meat. For some strange reason Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid seem to think that maintaining a low insulin level commutes with eating gigantic amounts of meat. 

Comment: If your body cannot process huge amounts of meat, your body will respond by breaking the meat down into sugars raising your insulin levels.

4) Starvation. Here is where Mrs. Stoopid gets really fanatic, only via starvation and all of that ridiculous keto stuff you can loose weight...  

Comment: Eating no food by carb hoarders for more than six hours is known as the horrible process of 'starvation'. Yes, after about six hours your glucose reserves are depleted and because you did eat too much carbs to begin with you feel very very starved. And you crave food deeply... 

A normal person would access the body fat for energy and would find it very strange to name this 'starvation'.  

Only carb eaters use the word starvation, if you are behind that diaper wearing phase in your life it is simply 'fasting'.  

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Stoopid explaining their precious insights about how to feed the brain, click on the picture for the stupid video: 


Source: Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

Wow man, I am glad I made it mentally sane at the end of this update... ;)

End of this update.  


(02 April 2018) Lately I found a nice video summing up all the problems related to when you eat stuff your body cannot digest, in particular gluten. 

At present day gluten is a bit of a laughing stock for a lot of people because they never drop dead after consuming bread or other wheat related products. But the effects it has on your body build up over time, the first half century of my like I did eat bread on a daily basis and I too never thought it would do me harm. 

It was just food, I trusted it... 

That is the item for this update: 

Item 1) Make or buy some gluten and take experiments for yourself.

 Item 1) Make or buy some gluten and take experiments for yourself.

Gluten is something your body just cannot digest, gluten is not one molecule or protein but has more components. For myself speaking I view gluten as a collection of anti rot components that the wheat grain uses to survive the winter in order to sprout and grow and live for another generation of wheat. 

So if this is true, if gluten is also an anti rot component for the form of life known as wheat, it should also be that almost no other form of life can break it down. 

I checked that more or less abundantly in the past. I bought a kilo of 100% gluten for just five Euro, also I washed wheat dough out until you are left over with the gluten.
I did put out chunks of gluten in plastic bags together with some water and, for example, some French cheese. Or with beer yeast, or a combination of cheeses and beer yeast or even bread yeast... 

At one point in time I even placed a plastic bag in my garden, let it open so all kinds of microscopic life could enter the plastic bag. 

After that I started using fermentation bottles because that gave such nice looking photographs where I could make my fancy pictures from. 

Anyway, all experiments I have done to make nature break down the gluten always were at least 3 months until the proteins were broken down so small that the stuff became a liquid.  

The human body is not made for digesting stuff over a time span of 3 months or more so we simply shit all problematic stuff out and live happily ever after. 

Ha ha ha, the funny thing about gluten is that the daily consumption of wheat related products gives you a leaky gut so that all kinds of garbage can get into your body. 

But this post is not about repeating what is already out there in knowledge about what can happen if you eat too many stuff your body just cannot digest, think of experiments for yourself. What form of life can break down the conglomerate of proteins known as gluten?  

You can get gluten via washing out a fresh kneaded wheat dough, after flushing the dough with water for about 40 or 50 minutes it looks like this: 


Once you have the pure gluten you can think of yourself for all kinds of experiments showing human digestion cannot break it down. Nor other forms of life on this planet.

The leaky gut stuff related to gluten is also very likely very true, after I changed my diet to anti gluten I almost had no back pain for about four years. In all years of my bread eating life I had so much back pains that every year at least one week I could not ride a bicycle...   

And if you eat bread every day, you also have have at least for some time every day this schematic picture for your leaky gut problems: 


Ok let's call it a day. 

The two pictures above came from the next video: 

Is gluten that bad for your health? | The science 

It is a nice video and with a little smile on my face I can say I have also found a group of ultra smart professionals that should eat more gluten: The math professors!

If math professors would eat more gluten and the rest of the population less gluten I would be in paradise... ;) Thanks for your attention. 

Till updates.  


(26 March 2018) It is about high time to post a few new updates on this very homepage. In the previous update I did not mention it but only posted a link to page 3 on the magnetic stuff (mostly viewing electrons as magnetic monopoles).

And with a little smile on my face I type once more down 'electrons viewed as carrying magnetic charge' and I know that instantly all those professional physics professors will fast click away to some other website. 

These people are shitty to the bone or to put it more mildly: they are university people... 

The last few weeks I have been working on a general proof for the so called inverse Pythagoras theorem but I was a bit stupid and first crafted the general proof and only later tried to look up on the internet about the inverse theorem of Pythagoras... 

It turned out there is no inverse theorem of Pythagoras, anyway I could find nothing in the public domain. Anyway this inverse stuff is our first item and the second item is about a very nice explanation of magnetic domains and the domain walls of magnetic domains. 

Let's go: 

Item 1) On the other website: A general inverse Pythagoras theorem. 
Item 2) More on magnetic domain walls that are made of electron pairs.

 Item 1) On the other website: A general inverse Pythagoras theorem. 

For myself speaking I would not classify this result as a theorem but more like a cute result. But I found that was of measuring the distance d as used in the cute result over two decades ago. 

On the other hand it was only why some other guy named the 2D version a 'theorem' I started thinking about this so for me this cute result is new too...

So theorem yes or no, let history decide! OH NO: that kind of history is more or less the version of history that future university people will make of it so may be that is not a wise thing to desire...

Anyway, here is the link to the cute result that for the time being goes under the name of The General Inverse Pythagoras Theorem:

What is the inverse Pythagoras theorem? 

Here is a screen shot that shows the cute result:


That's it for this item: cute result or a full blown theorem? Make up your own mind. 

 Item 2) More on magnetic domain walls that are made of electron pairs.

At the beginning of February I watched a video with Stuart Parkin from IBM talking about so called racetrack memory where they use nano wires to shift the magnetic domains inside the nano wire.  

This is a way to store information on some computing device, present day fast memory consumes far to much energy and this racetrack concept of storing information on nano wires is very very cute...

Stuart Parkin told that the magnetic domain wall can only be moved by electrical fields like those inside the nano wire done by what Stuart calls 'spin polarized electrical current'. The important detail is that likely Stuart & his IBM fellows have tried to manipulate the domain walls via magnetic fields and as such they failed.

The same day I realized what must be going on: 

1) The inside of the magnetic domains have a surplus of electrons carrying north pole magnetic charge OR as surplus of south pole magnetic charge on the electron.
The magnetic domains themselves are NEVER magnetic dipoles but regions with a surplus in one of the two magnetic charges.

2) The domain walls contain much more electron pairs because all unpaired electrons will be pulled to some inside of the domain because they are not magnetically neutral. The electron pair is by definition magnetically neutral because it is always made up of a south and a north magnetic charge and as such likes to hang out in the middle where the Lorentz forces make it spinning around. 

Basically that's it: paired electrons are always by definition magnetically neutral while unpaired electrons never are magnetically neutral because they carry magnetic charge...

As such the formation and change of the walls of magnetic domains is a highly dynamical process, unpaired electron will tunnel into another magnetic domain if the wall is too weak and so on and so on.

Here is reason number 57 from two days back:

A video containing the formation of magnetic domains 

The reader is invited to think a bit about electrons having magnetic charge and as such explain all those weird phenomena we see around us... 

After all it is not my task to convince you about anything electron related, if your brain is more or less healthy you will arrive at similar insights...

(Except for the university people of course.)

End of this update. 


(10 Feb 2018) Ok, I could talk long and short about some local earthquakes but I won't. 
We leave out all local emotional stuff because we also have to clean the closet every now and then.

So this is more about the Mathologer who finally sees the light and the IBM folks who still struggle so much to understand the elementary basics of electron spin:

 Item 1) Finally the Mathologer sees the light. 
 Item 2) Magnetic domain walls explained via electron pairs.  

 Item 1) Finally the Mathologer sees the light. 

Back in April 2016 after visiting a general math lecture at the local university here I thought it would be funny to completely debunk the nonsense from a bunch of Nottingham physics professors who claimed that the sum of all integers equals minus 1/12. 

They sold nonsense like: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + .... = -1/12. 

And from that it is easy to deduce much more completely retarded nonsense, for example you can lower every integer in this sequence by one in order to get the same sum back: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... minus
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ... =

0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... 

But if the last sum also equals -1/12, it has to be that: 

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ... = 0. 

If you have a normal functioning brain, I hope you more or less estimate that if you add the number 1 infinitely many times, the answer is the thing known as infinity. 

To my surprise on a video channel I found the Mathologer also explaining why this is a bunch of weird math. It was fun to watch so I placed a small update with his video on this two year old detail:

Debunking the Euler evaluation of zeta at minus one  

Let us leave this detail behind us. 

 Item 2) Magnetic domain walls explained via electron pairs.  

This week I was viewing another video of Stuart Parkin who is trying to craft so called racetrack memory for future computers and he is trying to use the spin of electrons in order to reach his goal. 

Of course Stuart Parkin is a strong believer in electrons having two magnetic poles, just like all the other professional physics professors.  

Let me not lamentate upon the slow acceptance of electrons carrying a magnetic charge, that is how the human brain works after all: slow and dumb ;) 

Anyway within a few hours of looking at his video I understood how the magnetic domains in metals like iron are for real: 

The borders as found in iron have much more electron pairs into them, furthermore each magnetic domain has either a surplus of north or south electrons carrying the magnetic charge. 

The electron pair is magnetically neutral while unpaired electrons never are, so when Stuart Parkin informed me that those magnetic domain walls just not got moved by magnetic fields, after all that time I had a tiny bit of experimental validation of my whole magnetic charge idea...

So this is reason number 53 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: 

Reason 53: Domain walls of magnetic domains explained (electron pairs)

Here is a picture of the stuff that is most horribly wrong with the representation of electron spin as a vector; make up your own mind but I consider this not correct:


Ok, that was it. Till updates. 


(28 Jan 2018) About three weeks back I had a court case because back in Nov 2016 I was that stupid to park a car on the parking spot of a handicapped person...
That was stupid of me, I cannot deny that, but I was completely unaware of the nature of the parking spot because I did not see the sign.  

Anyway I was fined a nice 390 € and because that is a whole lot of money for something I had not done on purpose, I decided to appeal. 

So I performed all my appealing duties, it was nice to use the old post method of letters written on paper a few times, and that was it in let's say Dec 2016. 

About half a year later I got the next letter from the CJBI (that is the Dutch state fine collector, a rather powerful organization) and my appeal was not taken into consideration because I failed to handover the letter that said I could appeal in the name of the car owner... 

But I never received a letter telling me to do so, all I observed was month after month of nothing. 

So I appealed against the decision of not taking up my first appeal and as such we had a court house date of 08 Jan 2018 at 14.00 hours. 

For me it was kinda strange to be back in the local courthouse, so much has changed like for example it is much harder to bring explosives or metal weaponry to the courthouse... It was nice to observe how they evolved since I have evolved myself.

Anyway, beside all those old emotions, later I found out that at 14.00.52 hours a multiyear long record earthquake was there just outside the city where the gas pumps of companies like Shell suck the natural gas from under our living space. 

Therefore in order to promote cognitive growth in item 1) we try to estimate the average amount of how much the so called 'bodem daling' will be.

And since this is a local issue, it will be done in the Dutch language. (Sorry for that.)

Item 1) Wat is eigenlijk de gemiddelde bodem daling? 

 Item 1) Wat is eigenlijk de gemiddelde bodem daling? 

Een aantal jaren geleden heb ik eens proberen te schatten hoeveel de bodem daling in Groningen nu eigenlijk gaat worden. 

De gasproductie is altijd gegeven in het aantal miljarden kubieke meter, één miljard kubieke meter gas is precies één kubieke kilometer. Maar 1 kubieke kilometer aan de oppervlakte onder een druk van 1 atmosfeer (of 1 bar zo je wilt) neemt diep in de grond veel minder ruimte in. 

Nou ik wil niet de hele berekening herhalen, maar je maakt gewoon gebruik van een nogal eenvoudige gaswet die zegt dat druk maal volume gedeeld door de temperatuur gelijk is aan een constante.

In al zijn eenvoud, bij veronderstelde gelijke temperaturen, bij twee keer zoveel druk heb je half het oorspronkelijk volume.

Dus ik ga het spul niet herhalen want dan kom ik weer op een gemiddelde bodem daling uit van 3 tot 6 meter. Je hoeft niet erg lang na te denken dat dit eigenlijk nogal rampzalig is en gigantisch duur op de lange termijn... 

Ik nodig jullie dus van harte uit om het zelf eens te proberen, daarbij heb je de volgende gegevens nodig: 

1) De cumulatieve aardgaswinning sinds het begin van de gaswinning in de jaren 60, stel dat is X miljard kubieke meter aardgas dan is dat dus X kubieke kilometer aardgas bij een druk die we aan de oppervlakte hebben.

2) Diep in de grond is het warmer, dat laten we gewoon weg uit de berekening omdat we een CONSERVATIEVE SCHATTING willen maken. Er zijn namelijk ook allerlei redenen dat de bodem daling minder zal zijn, bijv als er veel grote rotsen zijn of hele steenlagen dan kan die bodem daling wel miljoenen jaren duren.
Nou er zijn eigenlijk geen rotsformaties en gegeven de hogere temperatuur zal die X kubieke kilometer dus iets meer volume innemen want hoe warmer het is hoe meer het gas uit zal zetten.

3) Gemiddelde diepte van het gewonnen gas, dan kun je de druk uitrekenen. Op bijv zes kilometer diepte is de druk gewoon het gewicht van een kolom aarde daarboven tot de oppervlakte. Als ik het mij goed herinner gebruikte ik een massa van 2500 kilo per kubieke meter grond. Dan kun je de zwaartekracht uitrekenen die je per vierkante meter hebt, dat is dus 6000 maal 2500 maal de lokale gravitatie constante g = 9, 81.

4) Je moet ook de oppervlakte van de gaswinning weten, volgens mijn geheugen is dat vrij precies 900 vierkante kilometer.

Als mijn schatting van 3 tot 6 meter bodem daling correct was, dan moet al het gas dat er gewonnen is sinds de jaren zestig diep in de grond dus ongeveer een volume hebben van:

900 maal 0,003 = 2,7 kubieke kilometer, tot maximaal
900 maal 0,006 = 5,4 kubieke kilometer.


Een aantal jaren terug vond ik het eigenlijk best wel een schokken resultaat. Gelukkig hebben we ook de universitaire wereld en die deden natuurlijk weer waar ze goed in zijn:


Dus geen validatie, geen ontkenning. Gewoon business as usual en vooral niets doen...

Laten we het daarbij houden behalve een geinig nieuwtje omtrent een belangrijke aandeelhouder van de NAM die natuurlijk voor de kosten van de bodem daling zou moeten opdraaien. Dat is Shell, die suckers beginnen zich terug te trekken tegen de toekomstige kosten van de Groninger bodem dalind veroorzaakt door de gaswinning van de Shell suckers themselves. Dit is van dagblad Trouw:

Shell zet de Nam op afstand. Wie draait er straks op voor de schade in Groningen?

En voor het geval je eens hard wilt lachen om één van die overbetaalde ultra debielen bij Shell: De NAM heeft poen zat voor alle schade die nog gaat komen. Dat wijf is echt rand debiel, hier is haar overbetaalde visie:

Shell-topvrouw: NAM financieel robuust genoeg voor rekening aardbevingsschade

Waarom kopen die mensen niet een paar zakken potaarde voor de planten vraagt de topvrouw van Shell zich af. Daarmee kunnen ze toch makkelijk die bodem daling compenseren? 

Toegevoegd op 01 februari, een leuke wiki zegt dat op dit moment de maximale bodem daling ongeveer 30 centimeter is. En dat is maar in een niet al te groot gebied, niet in de 900 vierkante kilometer van het totale gaswinnings gebied... Er zijn dus al giga veel problemen en allerlei kosten bij een maximale bodemdaling van 30 centimeter.
Als mijn gemiddelde schatting van 3 tot 6 meter uitkomt dan is het duidelijk dat de meeste problemen nog in de toekomst liggen.


End of this update, till updates.


(10 Jan 2018) Often you hear stuff like 'Do not use Google search but Duckduckgo because the latter protects your privacy and for Google you are just a bunch of data'.

People sometimes say 'If you are online, Google knows who you are'. 

There might be some point into this because with the rise of fake news, last year the echo chamber came to the foreground meaning websites like facebook and the likes bombard you with news and advertisements of stuff you have seen before. 

So in this update we do only one search, namely 

calculation of the 7D tau  

and we will look at the behavior of the Bing search from Microsoft, Duckduckgo and the elephant in the room named Google search. 

Item 1) Internet search engine comparison.

 Item 1) Internet search engine comparison.

On 06 Dec last year I posted the way to calculate this seven dimensional important number on the other website. Here is the post for those who are into that kind of nice math: 

An important calculation of the 7D number tau (circular version)

To my surprise on all three search engines this post popped up at number one. Some people might remark this is rather logical since there are not that many webpages with titles like that. Ok, that is true but there is also a lot of noise that pops up high in the search results. 

Yet, the Bing engine from Microsoft gave only one result on the first page. Duckduckgo gave also the introductionary post to the calculation of the 7D tau. 

Here is a screen shot: 


Now compare this to Google; they give also the 06 Dec post as number one but also pages of the categories as I use them on the other website. Categories like 'Exponential curves' or 'Matrix representation'.  

I think it goes too far to classify this as 'echo chamber', it is just better and is what Google always said they try to do: Making searches more relevant. 


For myself speaking I will mainly be using Google as my default search engine. The fact my userdata might have some use for Google is fine by me, after all Google gives also goodies in return like Youtube or Google books. 

Of course you must be aware of the differences between the three main search engines, in the future the searches stood be relevant and not what some AI guesses you like to read. 

Ok, let's hit the button 'upload changes' and see you next time! 


(20 Dec 2017) I added two more reasons to the long list of why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. That is our item for this update on this homepage:

Item 1) The spin of positrons.
Item 2) The aurora's of Jupiter are without accompanying electrical fields...

 Item 1) The spin of positrons.

Last week I was looking some Microsoft videos about quantum computing and they came up with a result from the university of Delft: 

Majorana fermions that are there own anti particle... 

A bit more investigation gave a nice result from some guy named Leo Kouwenhoven and he claims that a super position of a hole and an electron forms a Majorana fermion.

And they are their own anti particle...

So that made me thinking; what actually happens when, for example, in the large hadron collider in the Swiss landscape we observe the formation of a electron positron pair?

This is very interesting because the electrical charges cancel out so that the law of electrical charge conservation is respected. But now I have figured out that electrons can have two magnetic charges, it looks reasonable that in the creation of the electron positron pair they will also have opposite magnetic charges.

To put it in the language of the professional physics professors:

If the electron is spin up, the positron must be spin down and vice versa.

But now we have a problem because professional physics professors often explain electron spin via actual spinning of the electron around an axis. And because the electron and positron have opposite electrical charges, the only way to produce opposite spins is if they are spinning in the same direction...

And that would violate the conservation of angular momentum...

More in magnetic page number two at entry number 51:

17 Dec 2017: Reason 51: Spin properties of the positron  

 Item 2) The aurora's of Jupiter are without accompanying electrical fields...

This observation made by the Juno probe around the gas giant Jupiter is a blistering success for my idea's around electron spin being a magnetic charge.

The electrons in the aurora's of Jupiter are also coming up from Jupiter without electrical fields to suck them in. 

This result was found back in September this year but I waited a bit because I would like to read some stuff from the preprint archive on this interesting detail. But nothing was found and that might be logical: People often write about stuff they understand and not about stuff they do not understand...

In my view, if electrons are coming up from the atmosphere of Jupiter without enough electrical field, it has to be they are expelled by the magnetic field of Jupiter. 

Just like the ejection of the solar wind when it comes to electrons; the electrons are blown out because they have the repelling magnetic charge. 

Here is a Scishow video upon this electron detail that is not understood by the professionals: 


More on the stuff in reason number 52 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles:

19 Dec 2017: Reason 52: Jupiter aurora's without the electrical field acceleration  

Ok, that was it for this update. Till updates my dear reader.


(07 Dec 2017) It amazes me often as why the obesity epidemic keeps on spreading. I was once obese and back in the year 2011 I decided to do something about it and after some time it was understood that you only have to keep insulin levels as low as possible and live slim & happy ever after.  

Does this simple knowledge spread into society? Hardly because for the UK for example we have the next weird item: 

Item 1) One in four UK nurses are obese.

 Item 1) One in four UK nurses are obese.

Weight loss & gain is primarily driven by hormones and as such you should expect that inside the professional health community a better understanding of this fact would be there. 

Now to the excuse of nurses they often work night shifts and it is well known that working night shifts is very good in messing up your hormones. So if you work night shifts should you avoid carbs even much more as those who do not work night shifts? 

No talk like that from the UK health professionals. 

In practice over 25% is obese strongly suggesting that in the UK they still view the human body as some kind of mechanical machine and exercise is the answer to weight gain. The fact that a raised insulin level prevents the body burning fat, a very elementary thing to know, is completely lost on those people.

'1 in 4 nurses in England are obese,' survey finds

A strong characteristic in all Western government advices on food for the population is that they never say you should fade away from carbs the older you get. On the contrary, they give weird and wrong advices like you should eat bread every day. 

But for a lot of people bread spikes the blood sugar to too high levels, this is poisonous and as such the body excretes insulin in order to lower the blood sugar levels. 

Glucose is an important and very simple molecule for your body, therefore you do not need to consume it because it is important your body can make plenty of it for herself.
After all glucose is a simple molecule, it is not like some protein of thousands and thousands of atoms forming giant molecules...

More than one in four nurses are obese, new study shows 

All this food stuff has strong characteristics of addiction, that is why (scientific) knowledge does not spread around. All this designer food is not food, the stuff is designed to make you overeat and instead of complaining most people buy more and more of that particular 'food'. 

As an antidote to all that madness going round you should simply look every time you go out and buy food, WHAT DO OBESE PEOPLE BUY? 

And from that it is easy to figure out what not to eat; if you are like me over 50 years old, only a complete idiot would eat lots of carbs every day. If your body cannot burn the fat you will get obese. It is as simple as it is, exercise is good but it does not make your body burn fat... 


In my life everything is simple:

1) Math professors refuse to understand complex numbers while
2) Physics professors refuse to understand electron magnetic charge and
3) Nurses refuse to think about food and what it does in your body.

Let's leave it with that, eat a few more cookies and sing praise to trump:

The US is exporting obesity – and Trump is making the problem worse

In the meantime I still refuse to die so probable there will be new updates in the
future on this website... So see you around. 


(16 Nov 2017) I found a nice pdf file from CERN where they try to explain Larmor frequencies of electrons. The title of the pdf is Electron spin resonance, our item for today is about that CERN pdf: 

Item 1) Electron spin resonance according to CERN.

 Item 1) Electron spin resonance according to CERN.

The article starts with a description of a nice experiment with a steel ball with a bar magnet in the middle that can float in an upstream of air. Two magnetic fields are applied, one stationary and one vibrating at a particular frequency. 

And indeed, if you find the right frequency and strength of the vibrating magnetic field it is very possible you flip the rotating metal ball so that it's bar magnet is anti-aligned with the stationary magnetic field.  

The bar magnet is trapped in this manner because the angular momentum from the metal ball prevents it from making the proper alignment with the stationary magnetic field; it is more or less in an energy trap. 

The CERN folks claim this is the way to flip the spin of an electron. 

Here is the pdf-file: Electron Spin Resonance

There is only one tiny problem: the magnetic properties of an electron cannot be explained via rotation because it has to spin a huge multiple of the speed of light. 

This directly implies you are not allowed to argue from rotating stuff and year in year out I am wondering why those people do that. Because if that is accepted at CERN it must be accepted by the whole physics community. 

It is not much of a secret I think that electrons carry magnetic charge, either a north pole or a south pole charge. And why do electrons resonate a la Larmor? 

Because they act as tiny masses on a spring, the spring being of course the binding to some atom or molecule. Depending on the strength of the bond between the electron and the atom different resonant frequencies will be observed. Of course this resonance comes best forward if there is an applied constant magnetic field....
The constant magnetic field is what makes the resonance possible in the first place.  

As usual the CERN people bring up the Stern-Gerlach experiment and this exposes their shallow thinking; if a few electrons would be flipped against the magnetic field, how the hell can they draw an entire silver ion into two separate trajectories? 
Silver has over 100 protons and neutrons while an electron has a mass of about 1/1830 of a proton; should we believe that a few flipped magnetic bipolar electrons can move a mass of about 200 thousand electrons?

No way; the Stern Gerlach experiment does not validate the official theory on electron spin. It is the way towards understanding electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles but magnetic monopoles that carry magnetic charge. 


At last one more link to what I posted in the previous month:

In page 2 on magnetic stuff you can find reason number 50:
Reason 50: A calculation on electron acceleration by a magnetic field  

End of this update, see you later electronater! 


(18 Oct 2017) Four days back I published reason number 50 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, that is for item number 2. Item 1 is for new obesity record rates in the USA; that is good news because it validates my long ago posted insight that the average lifespan in the USA will decline for a relatively long time... 

Item 1) Hurray; obesity rates almost 40%! Pop open another Coca Cola!!!
Item 2) Reason number 50. 

 Item 1) Hurray; obesity rates almost 40%! Pop open another Coca Cola!!!

The rate of obese adults in the USA is now standing at almost 40%. That shows that all government information about how to eat and what to eat are completely wrong. Just like in my own country where the so called 'experts' at the Dutch Health Council have the guts to advice to eat bread on a daily basis. 

Contrary to government officials I know what I am talking about because back in the year 2011 I was 109 kilo or a body mass index of 32 and as such I have qualified for being obese. 

What government officials refuse to acknowledge is that having so much fat in your body is not a case of eating too much but much more the problem of your body not being able to burn body fat.
And when you cannot burn body fat you get hungry very fast, four or five hours without fresh food is enough, and you need to eat again. And again and again and again. 

The food advices of our Western governments also assure that even if people manage to loose some weight, often they start to jojo and end up with even a bigger weight...

And this all while it is basically so very simple:

The older you get the less carbs you should consume... 

If you do not abide a simple rule like this, the excess amount of sugar will shorten your lifespan. Cut down on the fucking carbs and live happily ever after.

A funny read from Forbes:
U.S. Obesity Rates Have Hit An All-Time High [Infographic]

 Item 2) Reason number 50.

Because we humans use the number system based on the number 10 without doubt there is some symbolic value in reason number 50. 

So I decided to make that calculation where electrons are accelerated by a non-uniform magnetic field as this reason number 50. But for that calculation that is based on macroscopic behavior of let's say a bar magnet, you need to know what the size of an electron is. 

There is the start of what makes stuff rather fuzzy because electrons also exhibit wave like properties but the most reliable information I could find was based on collision experiments that say the electron size should be less then 10 to the power -18.  

I still use the size 10 to the power -14 because there you already need a spatial gradient of the strength of the magnetic field of like 10 million Tesla rendering all fantasies of electrons as being magnetic dipoles into an oblivion state.

With an electron size of 10 to the power -18 you would need a magnetic gradient of about 100 billion Tesla per meter and that would only accelerate the electron with an acceleration of just 10% of what the earth magnetic field does... 

In page 2 on magnetic stuff you can find reason number 50:
Reason 50: A calculation on electron acceleration by a magnetic field  

There is only one tiny problem left: The university people still act if I am the one with severe cognitive malfunction... 

I cannot solve that problem, may be they should eat a bit more of that healthy whole wheat bread so their brains will have a tiny bit more energy.

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.


(04 Oct 2017) Oh oh that Las Vegas shootout was some serious blasting; over 500 wounded and until now 59 reported dead. This seems to be a record in modern day mass shootings. And there is also positive news: The USA government, I think it is now at the Congress level, is working to make it more easy for all kinds of gun silencers to make it to the consumer gun market.

So with a bit of luck, this decade we will have new fresh records in mass killings.
And my best wishes go to the NRA: No amount of guns brought to the country & western music concert by the public would have made any difference in the outcome.  

Lets leave this mass shootout detail with that, it is boring to start with so lets go to the more interesting stuff:

Item 1) A ten million Tesla gradient for only weak electron acceleration? 

 Item 1) A ten million Tesla gradient for only weak electron acceleration? 

Fourteen hours back the 2017 Nobel prize for physics was reported and more or less like expected it went to the discovery of gravitational waves in that LIGO experiment. I expected it already last year but the discovery was made after the deadline for making applications to the Nobel committee so 2017 is the fastest year possible to award a Nobel prize to that wonderful discovery! 

The greatest thing is of course that humanity now has a new way of looking at the universe and once we have that into the pocket it will be there for a long time. 

If you compare that to understanding electron spin, that is to say electrons are not magnetic dipoles but carry magnetic charge, it would be great if there would be a tiny bit more experimental evidence. 

For example the expectation that electrons also get accelerated by magnetic fields that are as uniformly as possible would be a great contribution because I cannot do that myself.

Not that I am expecting any kind of help, after all the university people have a big dictionary and words like 'cooperative' or 'helpful' are just lacking. It is not there, university people will always stay the same just like the average Nevada redneck is a gun hugger, university people will never be helpful... 


But the title of this item is about magnetic fields having a gradient of many millions per meter. That is what you need if you want to accelerate electrons by their so called but non-existing magnetic dipole moment.

You can find the calculation on the other website, here is a permalink:

Collecting the nonsense in a vid named Spin 1/2 in a B field.

The magnetic gradient is mind boggling but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense: The electron is very very small so if it is an magnetic dipole one way or the other the north and south pole are very close.
In order to make a serious force to accelerate this electron you need a giant gradient in your magnetic field. 

Compare it to the mass density of neutron stars, if you want to accelerate a tea spoon of neutron star stuff you also need gigantic forces.  

As usual the non-performers from the universities (the university people) will not react, after all being helpful is just not in their dictionary. So we will have more years of total silence... 
Here is the heart of the simple to understand calculation:


Till updates. 


(15 Sept 2017) Of course Google news is a horrible place to search for 'magnetic monopole' so why not reap the harvest? 

Item 1) University people on magnetic monopoles, a disaster of course...

 Item 1) University people on magnetic monopoles, a disaster of course...

Those poor university people still on the lookout for that mysterious magnetic monopole. They are searching for a particle without electric charge and only magnetic charge. And always there is the ghost of Paul Dirac hanging over it because he was the one that started it all. 

Also those university people compare the magnetic monopole to the electron, but what is an electron? According to official theory the electron has an electric charge and is a magnetic dipole at the same time. 

What I truly do not understand that if you believe the electron has electric charge and is a magnetic dipole, why not look for a particle that is a magnetic monopole but is an electric dipole??? 

It is not for nothing I say that the professional physics people have left the path of verifiable experimental results and instead have turned the science of physics into some religion with all of it's mystifications and not understandable miracles like their explanation of electron spin. 

Why do they look for a pure magnetic monopole while even the electron is not a pure electric monopole but has 'something to do with magnetism'. 

Why is it always the same with university people year in year out?
Always excel in fundamental stupidity exposing shallow thoughts?   


Source of the text in the picture above: 

Physics Monopole-y: A Key to a Unified Theory of Everything?

It sure is dogma that magnetic monopoles do not exist, yet the Stern-Gerlach experiment can only be explained via magnetic monopole behavior of the electron. 

The laws of nature look a lot nicer if you accept that as a building block of your thinking, but university people never do that. They indulge into crap like this (quoted from the picture source):

Magnetic monopole particles are likely extremely rare; Flicker speculates there may be a single particle in every galaxy. In the case of Flicker’s experiment, this will not constitute the observation of a real particle. 

Comment: Only one magnetic monopole per capita galaxy, need more proof these people turned what once was a respectable science into a religious thing?

Let's leave this nonsense with that, university people will always act as conformists while stating they love the freedom of thought. 

Till updates.  


(12 Sept 2017) A new magnetic update was posted five days back:

Item 1) Reason nr 49 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles; Jupiter aurora's.

  Item 1) Reason nr 49 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles; Jupiter aurora's.

Yesterday it was another 'nine eleven day' and for sure this is also the biggest failure of my own life: Although I did my very best for a full decade long, never ever the authorities were interesting into investigating the so called trigger hypothesis. 

Simply said; the 9/11 attack from the year 2001 were only so successful because in those long lost years the Muslims were ultra pissed because of only one piece I wrote...

So authorities never dived into the fact why the WTC towers were flattened while the White House not... Let it be, for me it is like water; if it does not stream away it will evaporate and I will go on with my life. 


But I am now already wasting a huge amount of time into explaining to the more scientific parts of humanity as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

The spacecraft Juno observed the Jupiter aurora's in a bit more detail and ha ha ha they are a few hundred times as strong as they are supposed to be. 


If you use the hypothesis that electron are not magnetic dipoles but magnetic monopoles, you do not need one extra cent of taxpayer money. You only need to use your brains.

So what will happen? 

Very simple: University people will keep on asking for more and more funding and refuse silly idea's like electrons carrying magnetic charges. Just like for a full decade the local authorities hefty neglected all research into the trigger hypothesis into the 9/11 attacks...

And life, life will go on.

By the way, here is reason number 49 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

Have a nice life or try to get one. Till updates. 


(30 August 2017) It is wonderful to see the amount of rain in Texas, right now they had more rain in a few days than we have over here in an entire year...
This must be God's way of explaining climate change to GOP climate change deniers. 

Just a few years back Republicans were much more willing to accept the role of human behavior in the observed climate change but 8 years of the Obama presidency have changed this: Now the Republicans understand that the Democrats think climate change is human made and as such they are more or less obliged to take the opposite point...  

But let me not waste time on the USA and her troubles like that piece of shit named donald trump, I found a long book upon monopole stuff and already in formula 1.2 the stuff goes wrong wrong wrong... 

Item 1) The electron is not an electric monopole.

 Item 1) The electron is not an electric monopole.

As far as I see it, almost all problems there are inside the science of physics are related tot he fact that most folks think that electrons are pure electric monopoles. 

Of course I cannot deny that electrons carry electric charge and that this charge is always negative, but after my humble opinion electrons also carry one of two magnetic charges: so the electron has a negative electric charge and a north or south pole magnetic charge. 

For about one century the scientific community tries to find the so called magnetic monopole; with a magnetic monopole they mean a particle with only magnetic charge.

Rather likely this is impossible; if my version of reality turns out to be true in that case electrons always have two charges, a magnetic and an electric one and it might very well be that it is impossible to particles with only one charge to exist. 


In the last weeks I have read a whole lot of nonsense like the Seiberg-Witten garbage on magnetic monopoles. These folks are very good in crafting 'physics theory' that just never ever is validated by experiments. 

It is only wooly wooly talk with zero relation to observed reality, always over complicated math without any explanation of how this pans out in observable reality. 

The difference between those overpaid weirdo's like the team Selberg & Witten compared to me is that I only talk about stuff that can actually be validated or rejected by experiment: 

If electrons carry only one of two possible magnetic charges, it is easy for universities with their huge budgets to craft experiments that either reject or accept this simple insight.

Here is an example from 1994 about what those guys wrote and still write today:

Monopole Condensation, And Confinement In N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory

Although cited almost 4000 times, I do not consider this stuff being good science. After all we are now 23 years further down the timeline and still zero of all those new super symmetric particles are found... It is garbage written by people that even do not understand the basics of the electron. 


Now I am not going to repost my own experiments with an old television set of just 6€ and a stack of 50€ strong neodymium magnets. Those experiments clearly validated my own insights and it sure is a pity I have no access to more advanced stuff like trying to estimate the amount of magnetic charge on electrons or so...

Here are two photo's from 26 December 2015 that show a black spot on the television screen where no electrons land: 


It is important to understand that the Lorenz force make electrons go around and as such there is only little to zero transfer of energy; most important is that the initial momentum of the electrons cannot change via the Lorenz force. Soif the Lorenz force was the only force acting, you would never see spots on the television screen that have no electrons coming in...

I in the next picture I show you on how a deep level those professional physics people are doing it all wrong. Here is the link to the long pdf file: 

Magnetic Monopoles 

From chapter one with the title Magnetic Monopole in Classical Theory only the very first formula (1.1) is correct, in (1.2) it already goes wrong because the electrical monopole does not exist.   


The nonsense in (1.2) is easy to explain: the stuff e[v out B] is the Lorentz force and as such the acceleration in the direction of the magnetic field is neglected.
The acceleration in the direction of the magnetic field is, or course, dependent on the magnetic charge on the electron...

And if you would take the effort and view a few of those video's from plasma people you would find that they think that only the Lorenz force is an actor in how electrons move through a plasma controlled by magnetic fields like in a fusion reactor.

Let's leave it with that, till updates.  


(31 July 2017) Often when I read stuff on math or physics like electron spin it feels like I am watching some weird weird football game where all players in the field included the referee are blind.   

Item 1) The behavior of a blind football team.

  Item 1) The behavior of a blind football team.

Needless to say it is a giant handicap when you are blind and you have to participate into a football game. Not only is it extremely hard to find the ball but when you have found that stupid ball how to score when you are blind? 

But the public watching the game is allowed to help and they shout all kinds of help to the football players in order to find the ball and when found the ball how to get it into the goal... 

Among the public are also supporters of the other team so the football players cannot always rely for the 100% of all that stuff that is shouted to them from the tribunes. 


In the picture below you see some Maxwell equations, the upper set is the standard set as used by the professional physics professors, the lower set could fit in case the professional physics professors have found their long sought magnetic monopole. 

I found these screenshots in the next pdf article as found on the preprint archive: 

Magnetic monopole and the nature of the static magnetic field 

It is written by Xiuqing Huang back in the year 2008; when I read stuff like that it makes me feel looking at a team of blind football players...

What is the case of blindness on behalf of this Huang guy? 

He observes that electrons might be a candidate for magnetic monopoles although he completely does not explain as why this should be so. 

He is pandering a bit around and comes up with the smallest possible bipolar magnet he can thing of: an atomic nucleus and an electron arranged in an alternated fashion (see figure 6 in the above mentioned pdf file). It is all crazy to the bone because the smallest possible bipolar magnet is the electron pair. 

Anyway to make some long story short, here is a picture with an old version of the Maxwell equations and a better version of the Maxwell equations as dreamt up by a blind Chinese football player: 


This Chinese guy, he is so blind: 

One of the corner stone reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles is the simple fact that inside the science of chemistry we only have the electron pair as a bonding mechanism. 

If electrons were magnetic dipoles we would not observe only electron pairs but also triples and more complicated electron configurations.

Till updates.  


(27 July 2017) Yesterday I had my birthday and my shining youth is now standing at only 54 years; the most annoying detail is that for sure I will not double in age...

But I got a lovely birthday present from IBM; without the IBM researchers being aware of it they are writing bits to and from so called racetrack memory that validates my views on electrons have two magnetic charges. 
Electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles,  each and every researcher, university department, commercial company etc etc that will not accept that will make no progress just like IBM failed with their racetrack memory. That is item nr 2.

In Item 1) just an oversight of stuff done the last 4 months.

Item 1) Four months of updates; what have I done?
Item 2) Reason 48: The failure of IBM's racetrack memory.

  Item 1) Four months of updates; what have I done?

On 19 March I posted a model for super conductivity based on the sole fact that electron pairs obey the Gauss law for magnetism meaning the electron pair is magnetically neutral. 
The old theory named BSC theory is based on weird ideas like vibrations of the ion lattice that allows for so called Cooper pairs to go into super conductivity mode...
The BSC theory is far from complete, it lacks to explain as why only electron pairs contribute to super conductivity. 

As usual zero response from so called 'professional' people working at universities, this confirms once more that beside overly stupid the not so stupid are overly cowardly. 

 Reason 46: BCS theory says electron pairs are bosons...


On 19 April I posted more stuff on another lost century in astronomy: The failure to accept and investigate the role magnetic fields have in the acceleration of spin half particles. The overpaid professionals prefer to say that 'At present day it is not good understood that blah blah this and blah blah that'.  

On the other website ( I posted in March the second post on the general theorem of Pythagoras: 

In the month of April I made some desperate move to once more explain how permanent magnets work, of course zero reaction from those who waste all of our tax money...
Also I made some additional posting to the general theorem of Pythagoras. 

In the month of May I started with a very clumsy way of defining a new way of taking a Fourier transform, this was done in the context of looking in how far coordinate functions of the 3D exponential circle were also perpendicular to each other from the viewpoint of Hilbert space. 

I should not have posted it this way; the 3D attempt to a new Fourier transform is only ammunition for university people who can now indulge in stuff like "You see, the only reason this shithead is posting this is to get famous, go on neglecting this stupid stuff."  

June was a fruit baring month; on 01 June I posted the new way of taking a Fourier transform, stuff like this is clearly the top of what I can do. The problems of the clumsy way of defining a non-performing Fourier transform were over and I was satisfied at the result.  

Also some old math was dusted off; two funny internet security attacks were posted using the so called Jente principle of finding the factors of a giant number N supposed to be factored by only two large prime numbers: N = p*q.
Originally I found this about two decades ago, although it is extremely basic as far as I know reality the math professionals never found this. And that is strange, we give those people such high salaries and so much job security so why do they just never ever just for one day perform a little bit better???  


Item 2) Reason 48: The failure of IBM's racetrack memory. 

Back in the year 2004 IBM patented the so called racetrack memory, I am not going to explain the details here because you can find it in the video's in the post for reason 48 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Now I spend over one week reading all kind of articles in the preprint archive about racetrack memory because I wanted to write a bit more like a scientific responsible post on this subject. 

But those 'professionals' only understand a tiny part of the problem so after a day of 10 of reading all those preprint archive articles I skipped all that 'professional' stuff because on Youtube in just one day I found much more answers.
The answers mainly came from Stuart Parkin, a IBM fellow, and just between nose and lips he stated in a video that they write new information to the racetrack memory using 'spin aligned current'. 

At that point in time I understood IBM will never make it to a commercial product in a thousand years; electrons spin is a magnetic charge and if you think about it like some bipolar tiny magnet like a vector you will loose it big time. 

And that is whay IBM has done in the recent years: No progress at all and most of all always on all levels possible not understanding electron spin... 

Now in my world it is extremely hard to find experimental evidence that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, mostly because of university people but also that I am unemployed so I do not have much social interaction with people who in theory could help me out. 

But IBM is definitely the biggest fire cracker at my birthday party; if they want to write a spin state to a magnetic domain using so called 'spin aligned currents', in that case they will destroy magnetic bits in the neighborhood. 

And ha ha ha, my dear IBM fellows; the general accepted standard model in physics does not explain that but I, Reinko Venema, I do. 

In the picture below you see a flow of red electrons coming from below and they are wiping out that read piece of the nano wire; this is the repelling of same charge particles at work. Only this time the electrons carry a magnetic charge named red and they repel the red in the nano wire...


So IBM, please follow suit like all those university people:

Be a bunch of losers into the future too. 

Till updates. 


(21 July 2017) It is not much of a secret I do not hold most professional math people in a high esteem. I think most of them are overpaid under performers; too much money, too much social status and far to many titles like honorary professor have done bad for the level of the average 'professional professor' in mathematics. 

Our small item for today is about Yitang Zhang, he is a self made math guy. 

Item 1) What did Yitang Zhang find?

 Item 1) What did Yitang Zhang find?

Given the set of whole numbers, the integers, we also have as a subset the prime numbers. For centuries there is that so called twin prime conjecture out that states there are an infinite number of twin primes like the pair 3 & 5 or 11 & 13. 

It is supposed, or conjectured, that there are infinitely many twin primes while on the other hand we know the average distance between prime numbers grows like the natural logarithm.  

A few years back if surfaced that some unknown Chinese found a upper bound on a gap between prime numbers, it was like 70 million or so. Yitang proved that there were infinitely many pairs of primes separated by at least 70 million.  

I never studied the details because I mostly avoid the stuff that every body else is doing, but how did the mathematical community react on this finding of Yitang? 

Because professional math professors all have that giant self esteem thingeling they think they are very very smart and as a group they have a strong tendency to only look at their peers and that is all. 

It is a closed system like a run of the mill pedophile network uncovered on the internet; as a group math professors act just like a (social) group of pedophiles... 

I found a lovely Youtube video where you have a few of those weirdo's talking about the finding of Yitang and the next math professor sums it up so perfectly: 

"There was no way some guy I never heard of solved a problem like this". 

These words are lovely; it shows the overpaid math professor thinks he is inside the center of the universe when it comes to math. 

The idea that somebody outside the realm of overpaid math professors comes up with a relatively good idea is completely new to those folks. 

Here is a picture of the overpaid math professor, I do not know his name nor do I know his mathematical achievements: 


In my view this guy is just another neglectable overpaid imbecile. 

Picture source: 

Counting from infinity trailer 2

And no no no, I am not going to talk about modified Dirichlet kernels of all those new trigonometric identities found. Why should I?  

The math professors act like some pedophile society, so we better treat them as just another bunch of weirdo's... 

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one.  


(11 July 2017) Yesterday I found a perfect video explaining a whole lot of stuff about ketone bodies and the human brain, that is item 1 for today.
And in the second item just a few more teaser calculations around the so called Jente principle. Although the Jente principle can be explained to elementary school pupils, I am not aware of any study of this principle in the entire history of mathematics... 

Item 1) Ketone bodies and the brain. 
Item 2) More elementary calculations upon the Jente principle.

 Item 1) Ketone bodies and the brain. 

It is not much of a secret that I think that the older you get you should consume less and less carbohydrates in order to prevent funny illnesses like Alzheimer. 

It is not much of a secret I think that a state of Alzheimer is an illness that comes from the brain having not enough energy to perform the things needed to keep healthy. In my view you can only develop Alzheimer if you eat bread multiple times a day, if you consumer sugary stuff also multiple times a day the Alzheimer fun only gets faster and faster delivered at your brain.

There is a whole lot of nonsense going round about the functioning of the brain and consumption of sugar and/or carbs. Very often you hear those weirdo's explaining the world like: 


But if you think about human evolution, does this make sense?

Suppose 50 thousand years back you get hungry and need to go out on a hunt or to collect food. Do you really need carbs all year long to keep your mind at work? 

In my view that is not how evolution works: Evolution is much more about getting more efficient in about everything and this does not include eating 3 meals a day and on top of that a whole lot of in between snacks...

Yet in my own country the Netherlands, incompetent government agencies advice to the public to eat bread every day. In my view these people are fucked up weirdo's, but the good thing is that when they stand at the grave of their grand parents that died from Alzheimer they often wave there hands and say 'Nobody understands Alzheimer'. 

At such a point in time I always have peace in my heart:

Idiot A goes to the grave of idiot B thinking about how complicated life is.
After that idiot A goes to the cafetaria that comes along the giant graveyard, idiot A orders a coffee and some bread & cheese or so... 

Here is a nice screenshot from the video, it is about how much bigger the human brain got (about 3.5 times in size) and how much blood flow there is on average (about 6 times as much over time): 


Source video:  Is Ketosis Dangerous? (Science of Fasting & Low Carb Keto)

The relevant fact is found at 11.40 minutes into the video:

Human brain size about 3.5 as large but blood flow to the brain about 6 times as much...

 Item 2) More elementary calculations upon the Jente principle.

Lately I have posted some math fun around the subject of the total and utter destruction of internet security on the other website. In this item I only post a few very elementary calculations because in my view two posts upon that kind of stuff is enough. 

But it sure is tempting to the brain because understanding the so called Jente principle also brings a ton of questions around prime numbers and stuff.

So just two more teaser pictures that relay to the same old second post, here they are: 




If you want to destroy internet security you must never be afraid of big or giant numbers. Just look for something like in the last picture: 

How to find very very fast that 351 = 0 mod 3. 

Of course in practice you need to crack giant numbers like 351 decimal digits long or 3510 decimal digits long...

I never found it, but in those long lost years I used to breakfast with bread and coffee. Also I am horribly bad at writing computer code, please let some body else do it...

Till updates my dear reader.   


(02 July 2017) It is fascinating to observe that in the USA slowly just so slowly the people start to realize that donald trump has a serious mental illness. 

And all those talking heads on the television are just wasting time and energy; month in month out they try to explain the behavior of the POTUS as was this a person that is not mentally ill. The baseline of reasoning is wrong; a person with the IQ of donald and not mentally ill would never do such weird stuff...

But I have patience, why not? 
After all this is the best political show I ever observed in my lifespan... 

And for the more serious stuff, item 1 is only a new teaser picture: 

Item 1) Only a new teaser picture.

 Item 1) Only a new teaser picture.

A few days back I finished the second post in the 'Destroying Internet Security' stuff where we try to find the biggest prime factor q that is in some known giant number N = p*q where p is the smallest prime factor. 

In general I do not know much about algebra in general and number theory in particular, but it might very well be the so called 'professional math professors' are once more found standing only in their underwear if they do not know this easy to understand method of finding prime factors. 

Here is an old teaser picture from 13 June that was from the first post, but if you click it you arrive at the second post on finding primes via this method: 


Only for reasons of 'showing off' I made another teaser picture with a so called 'double modulus formula' in it. This is not found into either posts but it surely is the way a 'professional math professor' would 'explain' his business: 

Overly complicated and hard to read and understand... 


So if you want to read post number 2 just click on one of the pictures. 

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(22 June 2017) In the previous update I forgot to post it explicitly but the new update on attacking internet security was finished a few days ago. Here is the link to the other website: 

In another development I found out that inside the science of nuclear fusion they already know since the year 1976 that runaway electrons in nuclear plasma causes trouble. That is our item of today: 

Item 1) For 40 years they have those 'unexpected accelerating electrons'???

 Item 1) For 40 years they have those 'unexpected accelerating electrons'???

For about 4 years I am trying to explain that electrons are accelerated by magnetic fields because electrons are not magnetic dipoles as official doctrine says but carry one of two magnetic charges; a north pole charge or the south pole version of stuff. 

If you embrace that simple idea a whole lot of things are suddenly much better understood; for example permanent magnets are 'explained' by 'professional physics professors' by mumbling words like 'all the electron spins get aligned' and so permanent magnets work. 

Oh oh those incompetent shitholes; for four years they are not only too stupid to understand what I am saying, these natural born imbeciles also learn nothing on time scales about ten times that long. 

When during operating a nuclear fusion devise suddenly electrons get far far more accelerated compared to the other particles, why does no one of those people arrive at the idea that magnetic fields do that? 

Ok, we have the Gauss law of magnetism. I know this Gauss law is not valid for unpaired electrons because they carry magnetic charge, but why are there zero people using a free brain inside those thousands and thousands of so called 'professional professors'? The answer is: They do not use a free brain because they do not have one...

Back to those physics imbeciles: Electrons get accelerated by the magnetic fields that are supposed to contain the plasma. So how do the weirdo's solve this problem?
By injecting heavy stuff and once the electrons collide with that heavy stuff, the speed declines temporarily... 

Once more we observe: In this world there is no shortage of imbeciles. 

A few quotes plus the sources where I found them: Quote 1 (source): 

Researchers are one step closer to a safer and cleaner energy free from carbon dioxide emissions.

A team from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have created a new method of decelerating runaway electrons, paving the way for better fusion power.

To get atoms to combine requires both high pressure and high temperatures, but runaway electrons also are a danger to fusion reactors. An unwanted electric field could jeopardize the entire process because electrons with extremely high energy can suddenly accelerate to high speeds that can destroy the reactor wall.

However, a pair of plasma physicists from Chalmers have successfully identified the runaway electrons and decelerated them, by injecting heavy ions in the form of gas or pellets, including neon and argon. 

Comment: This is so stupid it is hard to comment on it, but it clearly says they do not understand electrons are accelerated by magnetic fields... 

Quote 2 (source, this source might be unreliable as a hyperlink because it is one of those html pages that expand as you near the end of the page, but may be the link keeps on working):

Chalmers University of Technology researchers claim to have fixed the problem of runaway electrons suddenly accelerating to dangerous speeds that can destroy experimental fusion reactors. Researchers say they can decelerate runaway electrons by injecting heavy ions, like neon or argon, to act as “brakes.”

Runaway electrons have been known as one of the biggest roadblocks to commercial fusion power since 1976.  

Comment: Since 1976 they have not found the reason as why electrons get accelerated, congratulations with it. More stupid as this is like talking about donald trump and how smart he is... 

Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates.    


(20 June 2017) A few months back this year the USA based Heinz Kraft company placed a bid on the entire Unilever company based in the Netherlands & UK. 

Of course this kind of takeover was not allowed because in the USA because of the weird food they eat the life expectancy has started to shrink. We do not want shrinking life expectancies in Europe so it just cannot be allowed weird food companies like Heinz Kraft to expand into Europe. 

Why allow for the premature killing of our elderly? 

So have a food item for today's update: 

Item 1) Making peanut butter healthy again.

 Item 1) Making peanut butter healthy again.

Almost all peanut butter as sold today has zero health benefits; it is also not damaging but once upon a time peanut butter was a healthy food. 

May be you have a jar of peanut butter somewhere in your kitchen and just grab it and look at the list of ingredients and rather likely you will find it contains 'hardened palm fat'. 

Why does the food industry merge hardened palm fat with chopped peanuts? (May be more emulgators are added, I am not an expert on industrial peanut butter.)

This gives a more consistent product, if you only chop the peanuts after some time the oil comes floating above and the dry peanut matter is found on the bottom of the jar. 

The problem with these kind of weird additives is very simple:

Very often when those liquid fats are 'hardened', your body cannot digest it any longer.
This is an over simplification because biological chemistry is highly difficult to understand but the whole process of 'making fats more stable' is a root cause of your body to also not capable of digesting this hardened fat.

Stuff like that also goes under the name of transfats, trans is referring to the fact extra hydrogen bonds are introduced on the molecular level while food regulation never asks to check if your body can actually digest the stuff offered.  

Have you ever tried to eat a spoon of halvarine or margarine? 

Have you ever tried to eat a spoon of olive oil? 

How come a spoon of halvarine makes you vomit while if you did spread it out on your healthy whole wheat bread it did not make you vomit? 

To make a long story short: Unilever is going to sell it's poison spread business, so it is bye bye to all those modified fats that do not make you fall dead on the spot but are not contributing to you health at all. 

This fall they are auctioning their stuff; I hope there will no buyers there with the expectation of course for USA based buyers. 

USA people are more like pigs anyway, so let the pigs eat what the pigs want... 

Unilever Plans Autumn Auction for Spread Business

Now I do not hate Unilever, but in general companies should not sell stuff that human bodies cannot digest. Let's leave it with that. 

Till updates.  


(13 June 2017) Oh oh politics; the UK has managed itself into a hung parliament after the tories decided to call for elections three years early...  

The previous time those wise UK based conservatives called for an election in the form of a referendum we got Brexit and please never forget this was a good thing.

Beside the UK has nothing more to say on European politics we have the giant benefit of exactly zero elderly British folks complaining on television about:




So from that point on in time they only could fuck themselves & indeed that is what we observe. 

Let's leave politics with that, with too much weird nations like the UK or Turkey it would be impossible to have some fortress Europe... 

Item 1) Teaser pictures on internet security.

 Item 1) Teaser pictures on internet security.

Lately I picked up some new investigations about finding the factors in huge numbers N that have only two factors. say N = pq.

A whole lot of internet security is based upon that and two decades back I realized if you could crack the problem of finding just one of the factors, internet security would evolve to a more safe space... 

Now I am the first to admit that since the year 1997 I did not make much progress. 

So why pick it up again?  

That is because one of the results was so beautiful it would be crazy not to look at it again at some future time. But I found out in the year 2017 stuff is just as hard as it was in the year 1997.

Zero progress in only 2 decades but I would like to share with you a beautiful result that rather likely is unknown to 99.99% of overpaid professional math professors.

It is the detail where I calculate it is only 3...

Here are the teaser pictures: 




Yes, once you found this paradise like basin of numbers, it shouts like THE PRIME FACTOR IS HERE!!!!

Let's leave it with that, till updates my dear reader.  


(30 May 2017) Time flies when you are having fun. The news lately has been good, all European NATO members understand that by now you cannot trust the USA on all kinds of levels. Let it be the name of a suicide killer or a clean cut signal NATO is important; do not look at the USA.

So albeit over 10 years late, it is good to have some common sense into the heads of the European political leaders. 

After having said that we skip all things political because political things have a tendency not to stand the wear and tear of time passing by. Only yesterday we thought the Dubya was the full blown idiot now we have the wisdom of donald trump to digest...

So we skip all things temporary and I just post a funny quote upon the Stern Gerlach experiment that was conducted in Germany in the year 1922 but still is not understood by so called 'professional physics professors'. 

Item 1) Just a funny quote done by a traitor of the Gauss law of magnetism. 

 Item 1) Just a funny quote done by a traitor of the Gauss law of magnetism. 

I found the quote in an article published on the preprint archive, here are the source files: 

The Stern-Gerlach Experiment Revisited 

Now at the top of page three you can find a sinner, a guy named Devereux is breaking open the century old grave of the holy Gauss and starts fucking the corpse of Gauss in the ass... 

And the editors of the preprint archive, they only look the other way... 

By definition according to the accepted laws on magnetism like we have them from Gauss & Maxwell, it is forbidden to study acceleration of particles by magnetic fields. 

So what to think of the next quote of the scientific infidel Devereux? 

Devereux (2015) argues that a comparison with double slit experiments of photons or electrons is misleading because in the case of SGE a real energy transfer takes place which destroys any superposition. 

Comment: This is pure evil as proposed by the devil worshipper Devereux because if you think about it, if a real energy transfer would be there, how can the electron be a magnetic dipole as ordered by the Gauss law on magnetism? 

These science people they are so evil, why do they whisper Gauss is not a prophet??? 


Oh oh oh, energy transfer from magnetic fields. Since when is this world suddenly an evil place? Why do they kill the prophets?

The Gauss law on magnetism holds because the prophet discovered his law long before actual electrons were discovered. Why in the year 2015 some idiot is talking about energy transfer is unknown to me. 


Added 24 hours later: Two good videos for very different reasons: 

A short video about the properties of electron spin, all these properties make no sense at all if you view electron spin as a vector. If you view them as a magnetic charge all of a sudden spin is easy to understand: 


By sheer accident I came across the next video from MIT. As a matter of fact I watched some other video but I fell asleep. And when I woke up this MIT video was playing and after some time I got exited: 

This guy is fucking calculating a spinor!!!!! 

And on top of that it is easy to understand while if you read the ordinary 13 in a dozen texts on spinors you only get confused. Here is the video: 

4. Spin One-half, Bras, Kets, and Operators 

Ok ok my dear MIT professors; the USA might be the root source of having donald trump at the scene. In a normal world you would get a punishment for that but because I finally found the answer as why a spinor needs to go round two times in order to return to it's original state I will love you forever! 


In my life I never understood as why some overpaid university people think that only when an electron encircles an atomic nucleus twice, it is back to it's spin state... 

Come on my dear MIT folks; using the simply hypothesis that electrons beside carrying electric charge also carry two different magnetic charges makes the world a much more easy thing to understand with our tiny human brains... 

Till updates.  


(20 May 2017) What a lovely week; I almost completely recovered from my very first gout attack. It really wrecks havoc on your joints, those ureum crystals cut in the soft bone material holding your joints together.
You often read that gout is the most painful thing you can have, that is total bullshit. A few years back when I developed my gluten allergy it was much more painful when your entire immune system starts attacking your gut.

In the meantime donny boy has ousted the FBI director, just one day later donny boy had two Russians over in the White House and he started bragging like Firing that nut job Comey brings great relief to the investigation...

It is strange this donny boy with his long array of mental illness still has so many supporters but we have to take into account most people are shallow thinkers. Often they can be much more smart but it just does not happen because their brains are wired for the easy quick solution like physics professors with their electron stuff. 

But the goal of this update is just another teaser picture. 

Item 1) Teaser picture upon the use of 3D complex numbers.

 Item 1) Teaser picture upon the use of 3D complex numbers.

Yesterday I finished a new post for the other website; it is a bit of this and a bit of that, mostly Fourier analysis stuff. I give some examples as why Fourier analysis could work using three dimensional complex numbers. 

But there are also many reasons as why three dimensional complex (or circular) numbers just cannot do the job like Fourier analysis crafted by the two dimensional numbers from the complex plane... 

Anyway I just skipped a lot of the more difficult stuff and in a few days on the other website you can read it.

Here is a teaser picture from the end of the post where I show an alternative method of calculating the primitive of a particular function in a different way the shallow thinkers mostly do. 

You just write it down and take the real part of stuff & voila with a tiny bit of knowledge of higher dimensional number systems you now have an alternative way of calculating these kind of integrals. It is not a very general method, on the contrary you can only very seldom use it. 

But if you understand it, it brings utter joy to the brain. 


Ok, let's leave it with that. If you want a bit of math pleasure just multiply a circular X against the inverse as given in the picture above. And if you have found that indeed X times X^{-1} = 1, you more or less discovered how my brain works. 

In the meantime the POTUS will go on his very first international trip as being the US prez, he will also visit a NATO meeting and rumors say that other political leaders are instructed to keep their talks at at most four minutes because otherwise donny boy has trouble of listening much longer...

No wonder the Russians, just like me, keep on smiling. Till updates.  


(12 May 2017) Why am I wasting so much time on political stuff? 

For about the last 100+ days when I finally fire up my computer at 22.00 hours in the evening, instead of doing valuable work I only scan about what donald trump did today. 

Don't get me wrong; I am not a supporter of donald trump but for me it is interesting to observe how a simple binary democratic system destroys itself because the simple democratic system is not capable of repairing itself. It only goes more bipartisan year in year out. 

Every day I am wasting at least one hour of my time on this while this goes at the expense of math & similar stuff. 

Item 1) Why do so few people understand that donald has a serious mental illness? 

 Item 1) Why do so few people understand that donald has a serious mental illness? 

I do not know why this is, but I have this nice little screenshot about a White House press representative hiding in the bushes of the White House. 

His name is Sean Spicer and for some strange reason he also fell out of love from that mental retard known as donald trump.  

See here Sean defending his bushes: 


I mean I love it: please much much more emotion at the scene before the Americans decide that their POTUS might have some 'minor mental illnesses'.   

Good luck with it my dear USA folks & what will the donald trump circus pump up tomorrow ? Let's wait and see how the next chapter of this circus will evolve... 

Till updates.  


(04 May 2017) Why does scientific progress goes so slow? 

I am not talking about understanding electron spin, about nine years ago there was a very good publication about the Alzheimer illness being diabetes type three.  

Now in my own life I am pretty much used to it that when it comes to university people you will never ever get any kind of help or recognition of the value of published results. 

Back in the year 1992 I already understood these people from university institutions are mostly parasitic imbeciles. But nobody dies from not understanding electron spin and thousands of university careers are kept up by telling more nonsense upon electron spin.

But when it comes to illnesses like Alzheimer, why does the progress inside universities go so horribly slow? 

Item 1) Why do university people always hinder scientific progress?

 Item 1) Why do university people always hinder scientific progress?

I am not talking about my own favorite wooden horse sticks; electron spin being not what we are told or, for example, when it comes to math why the modified Dirichlet kernels are neglected year in year out. 

For me stuff like that is frustrating but at the same time it validates the lack of cognitive prowess they have over there at the tax payer funded universities.  

So you might think; but hey when it gets emotional and it is not that hard to prevent granny or grandpa from dying of a horrible brain illness, one way or the other the university people will finally follow elementary insights... 

No no no, studying the Alzheimer illness as a fundamental energy problem of the human brain??? Nowhere it is done, thanks to university people of course.

Let me keep this update short: 

Here is a screen shot of Google news, on top of the news just one scientific article pops up. Once more this is not due to university people but due to the Google algorithm: 


Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes–Evidence Reviewed

In the beginning it is a bit hard to read, for example what is the abbreviation T2DM?
That is diabetes mellitus type two...  


My dear reader I am fully aware that the math community stays silent year in year on when it comes to mopdified Dirichlet kernels. I have no problem with that because it validates that 'professional math professors' are not very professional at all except when it comes to collecting ridiculous high salaries...  

But when it comes to stuff like the Alzheimer illness, why do these university people just nothing century in century out?  

Please, can we cut the salaries of those non-performers in half?

Till updates. 


(26 April 2017) In this update two health related items; the first item is for allowing feast at all universities because lately I had a gout attack so day in day out I had to endure a lot of pain.  

Without doubt this will cheer the mood of the university people so let them dance on the table while shouting DEATH TO REINKO!! DEATH TO REINKO!!   

The second item is about Alzheimer; in 2015 I posted seven updates around that illness known as Alzheimer's decease where I carefully viewed this horrible decline of the brain purely as an energy problem. 

I found a nice video that validates all of my insights into the development of Alzheimer... 

Item 1) A big feast for the university people?
Item 2) A big defeat for the Dutch Health Counsel?

 Item 1) A big feast for the university people?

Shit man that condition known as gout is a bad ass thing; you are getting those crystals inside your joints and not only is that painful, with every move you make you only allow those sharp crystals to cut into you soft bone tissue.  

For the time being I cannot comment much upon it but I think that the root cause was a change in diet and that I did consume far too much fat for about 2 to 4 months. 

The fat turns into ketone bodies and if your body does not use them for energy you simply piss them out. That is why it is so easy to maintain a steady body weight; if you do not use the ketone bodies you simply piss it out... 

But ha ha ha, the ketone bodies compete inside your kidneys from attention from other acid sources like ureum acid. And if ureum acid is not removed properly, it forms all of those lovely crystals inside your joints. 

I am pretty sure this will make the academic society dance on the diverse tables... 

 Item 2) A big defeat for the Dutch Health Counsel?

In the year 2015 I did a seven update long in depth review of viewing Alzheimer as an energy problem of the human brain.

All I knew more or less for sure was the tiny fact found back in the year 2005: Alzheimer brains have insulin resistance.

Insulin is needed for your body cells to run on glucose, so called intra cellular lipids block the insulin receptors and as such those body cells can not take in glucose as an energy source.

In my view elderly people should gradually eat less and less sugar and carbo hydrates and more and more fats. In my view only when you eat bread multiple times a day you are prone to illnesses like Alzheimer.  

The Dutch Health Counsel promotes eating bread on a daily basis... 

They think it is a healthy food, not that there is much proof for that but that is what they think. 


Now I could talk about this for many hours because I am very emotional about this. Compared to understanding electrons spin, that is just another bunch of university people doing stupid stuff I never get that emotional. 

Nobody dies from not understanding electron spin... 

But millions die from not understanding the food on a basic level, please remark I am not running after some 'food guru's' or so. From the mathematical point of view eating bread on a daily basis is a necessary food habit for the developing of Alzheimer.  

Here is the video, it is about 20 minutes long: 


Source of the pictue: The Brain & Ketones – Dr. Stephen Cunanne (Full Interview) 

For myself speaking, this video says that over the years when your brain is aging less and less you can rely of glucose as an energy source of your brain. 

So you need to burn fat, but if you eat bread multiple times a day you cannot burn fat 24/7. For myself speaking I am glad that this video validates all and everything I have ever written about Alzheimer being primarily an energy problem for the brain.


In another development I found a relatively long but very readable article about nuclear fusion having all kinds of problems. It is written by a guy named Daniel Jassby and he has worked about 25 years on nuclear fusion reactors.
And he has an amazing long array of possible problems with nuclear fusion...
Here is the relatively long news article:

Fusion reactors: Not what they’re cracked up to be  

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(20 April 2017) Two items in the update for today: Yesterday I posted reason number 47 in the magnetic pages as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. It concentrates on the speed and acceleration of the solar wind.  

The second item is about a very very wrong use of the Hamiltonian in a description of the most simple atom there is: the hydrogen atom. Once more this is an example that if you give silly names like 'electron spin' to important properties like 'electron magnetism', those stupid names can blur the mind for decades...  

Item 1) Reason 47: The acceleration of the solar wind, Part 2.
Item 2) Even the Hamiltonian for molecular hydrogen is too difficult with spin.

 Item 1) Reason 47: The acceleration of the solar wind, Part 2.

There are some explanations out as why the solar wind has all of it's strange properties, the last one I found was some NASA based explanation using ion cyclotron radiation. 

This all is very interesting but for the time being I stick by my guns that say spin half particles (but not neutrino's!) are always accelerated by magnetic fields because they carry one of two possible magnetic charges. 

If you click on the picture you land at reason number 47 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles: 


The above calculation is far to simplistic to be realistic, but it is just soo cute I had to include this... 

Next item: 

 Item 2) Even the Hamiltonian for molecular hydrogen is too difficult with spin.

In the last update from 08 April I already said that if you model chemical reactions via electrons carrying magnetic charge, you could be in for a field day because finally after all those decades the pieces fall into place. 

Also in reason number 47 as in the above item I say that you cannot trust any computer simulation that is based on the present understanding of electron spin because it is nonsense that spin only exists against an external magnetic field. 

That is like stating that the electron only has a negative electric charge in the presence of an electric field. Most people think that if there is no external electric field, the electron still carries a negative electrical charge... 

May be it is best if you look at a video of only six minutes long where a Youtube guy named TMP Chem writes down a Hamiltonian only using Coulomb forces:

Quantum Chemistry 10.1 - Hydrogen Molecule Hamiltonian

Now the goal of this small item is not to poke fun at all those chemistry people like 'THEY ARE EVEN TO STUPID TO MODEL MOLECULAR HYDROGEN' but more point to: 


Here is the funny screen shot of what happens if you model atomic hydrogen using Coulomb forces only (nothing happens because at the end of the video the TMP Chem guy says it is all to difficult to solve analytically): 


Now don't get me wrong: Even this person thinks a robust and good approximation of the most simple molecule there is not an easy task. 

But simply scrapping in the above the repulsive forces between the two electrons should give a far better numerical result. After all the magnetic neutrality of the electron pair is paramount over the protons so just scrapping the repulsion between the two electrons would give a far far better looking result.


End of this update, till next update.  


(08 April 2017) Three days back I posted a small addendum to reason number 46 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Item 1) Just a small addendum added.
Item 2) Why are quantum simulations always so lousy on modern fast computers? 

Item 1) Just a small addendum added.

After watching a few more of those video's where those professional quantum people decry and decry 'Why do electrons form pairs because they have the same charge' and that fucked up nonsense like 'If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you do not understand quantum mechanics', I decided to write a bit more to show you the nonsense of the BCS theory upon super conductivity. 

The only thing that is good about this BCS 'theory' is that they discovered it were the electron pairs that were center stage to the phenomena named super conductivity. Yet from the BCS theory it becomes clear they did not have a clue about the magnetic properties of electrons.  

Beside this it is not a theory at all; at best it is a BCS model for describing super conductivity. A theory is something that explains a whole lot of things while a model is a thing used to explain some stuff of some detail.
For example saying that light is made of particles is a model that gives some good answers to the behavior of light but not all behavior is explained perfectly. 


So in my little addendum together with the rest of reason number 46 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles I do not view it a 'theory'; the way I am describing the paths of electric and magnetic neutrality as central to super conductivity is just a model. 

Anyway, a day later I realized that my simple model based on the fact that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles also covers the high temperature super conductors. Of course that phonon theory of vibrating crystal lattices was doubtful for the low temperature super conductors, but for high temperature super conducting materials even the professionals understood it had to be something else. 

As far as I understand my own simple model for super conductivity; it explains not only the low and high super conductivity stuff but als those strange details as found in the latest record high temperature super conductor material: 

Hydrogen sulfide under 1.6 million bar of pressure...  

I haven't looked up the details, but if my model has the predicting power I think it has, the giant pressure is simply needed to make the electron pairs going from one electron cloud to the next. 

Here you see a picture of how electron transport is supposed to go under the ridiculous BCS theory with phonon resonance, as you see on inspection the unpaired electrons are supposed to stay out of the electron clouds:  


Once more: the good thing about that episode in time (the 1950-ties) was that they discovered the electron pair... 

 Item 2) Why are quantum simulations always so lousy on modern fast computers? 

If you have one of those statistical packages like SPSS you can with easy run thousands and thousands of simulations using all kinds of probability distributions like the normal distribution or whatever what. 

But year in year out we always hear those advertisements for quantum computers because with quantum computers we can engineer medical drugs because quantum computers have something exponential going on with the number of Qbits they have. 

So why are classical computers so bad at doing chemical reactions because after this is very much an electron affair...??? 

In my view this is caused by the fact that professional university people thing that electrons are magnetic dipoles.  

But in chemistry only the electron pair (and some loose unpaired electrons) explain almost all of the behavior of molecules and how they react with other molecules. 

If you model the electron as being a magnetic dipole, it must be extremely hard to get good results. For example if unpaired electrons are magnetic dipoles, why do they never ever form a magnetic triangle? 

So the computer code writers are always forced to worship the electron pair because if they use the electron as a magnetic dipole, the software just gives nonsense returns... 


That is why the simulation of chemical reactions is so very bad: they do not understand the electron. 

To put it in bricklayer terms: If you do not understand the properties of the bricks and the cement, no wonder your house will crumble in the shortest of times. 

End of this update. 


(29 March 2017) In this update with two items we only look at the good and bad of the CERN organization, instead of the words 'good' and 'bad' may be it is better to use 'smart' and 'stupid'.  

Item 1) The good (or smart) side of CERN.
Item 2) The bad (or stupid) side of CERN.

 Item 1) The good (or smart) side of CERN.

Most science folks like CERN a lot, me too. If you think about a 27 km long particle accelerator who does not feel proud that humans can pull such a thing into reality? 

Without doubt the machinery at CERN is a giant engineering wonder of the 20-th century and lately they even updated it with even stronger magnetic fields and that is one of the first wonders of the 21-th century.  

From some old video files I have selected number two in how they made those magnetic dipoles that form the 27 km long ring. If you click on the picture the old video will open in a new tab or window: 


And the whole thing, 27 kilometer long, will be cooled with liquid helium so that the super conducting magnets can do their work... 

It is an ultra marvel of present stuff humans can do if they work together. 

 Item 2) The bad (or stupid) side of CERN.

As far as I know reality at present day CERN is once more shut off and under repair and or improvement. But lately they have been running an experiment so that they could find magnetic monopoles. 

The experiment at CERN is named MoEDAL and with two fingers in my nose I can tell you they will fail.

It is not much of a secret that I, Reinko Venema, am thinking for over 3 years now that all spin half particles carry magnetic charge and as such are magnetic monopoles. Just like the electron and proton carry electric charge.
I make an exception for the neutrino family of particles; why they are classified as spin half I do not know, but given their tiny tiny mass they should be the most active magnetic particles there are but they don't: interference with neutrino's are very seldom... At least the professional professors say so.

Ok, at CERN they are looking also for magnetic monopoles and once more it is not much of a secret that I, Reinko Venema, found very good candidates for that. For example the electron; it comes in two falvors and while both flavors have negative electric charge the magnetic charge can be either north pole or south pole. 

If you take that as your basic idea of electrons suddenly you can explain all kinds of things that the professionals cannot explain; why is the electron pair so important in super conductivity? Why is the electron pair in chemical stuff like the valence bonding so important? 

If the professionals were right with stating electrons are magnetic dipoles too, what is the experimental proof they have?

They have no proof, neither experimental nor theoretical... 

Here is a video of the weirdo's at CERN explaining once more they did not find any magnetic monopoles inside the range of their scientific insights that lead to the performance of the MoEDAL experiment: 


Sometimes I just wonder as why the scientific community has so much trouble into digesting that the electron also carries magnetic charge beside the electric charge.

But on other days I just wonder as why this piece of shit above named Jim Pinfold has such a high monthly salary.  I am unemployed since the year 2002 and I can only dream of the stuff you could do with a salary the idiot Jim receives every month for being stupid to the bone...


Let's leave it with that my dear believer in electron spin.
Till updates. 


(23 March 2017) Two items in today's update:

Item 1) Reason 46 why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles is posted.
Item 2) Are the people from the UK based JET fusion reactor trustworthy?

 Item 1) Reason 46 why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles is posted.

Back in the time there was an explanation found as why super conductivity occurs, this is known as BCS theory. The B, C and S stand for Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer. 

At present day the electron pair is still often named a Cooper pair and back in the time in 1957 it must have been utterly amazing: 

If electrons are magnetic dipoles, how can it be that they form only pairs and why do these pairs contribute to the super conductivity while unpaired electrons do not? 

Without knowing it, B, C and S have found what I now call 'magnetic neutrality' of the electron pair. It is the fact that the electron pair is neutral in the magnetic sense that promotes super conductivity and the fact that unpaired electrons are not contributing to super conductivity is one more reason that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

Here is the stuff:

Reason 46: BCS theory says electron pairs are bosons...   

And it has become more or less a ritual, but why are the professional physics professors stay silent year in year out? This is now year number four and when there is some scientific debate people are supposed to bring in arguments.

I have kept my part of the deal that normally brings science forward; right now I have 46 arguments as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.
Now during the last 3+ years the scientific community from the physics side of things have brought forward zero stuff...

It is still like 1992; You just cannot trust the university people to do the right thing for only once...  

  Item 2) Are the people from the UK based JET fusion reactor trustworthy?

Two decades back the Joint European Torus (that's JET) did set a fusion record: It was claimed that about two third of the energy in came out.

Back in the time that sure was a record and it did bring hope for the future so we could leave fossil fuel and stop poisoning the atmosphere of our planet.

I too was thinking 'wow man, may be finally some progress towards nuclear fusion'. 

But this JET record now more looks like a scam; in order to focus the mind first look at this Youtube video where some JET employee hails the successes of the year 1997:


They claim that about 60% of the energy put in was converted via nuclear fusion to output energy. But the 16 mega watts produced was only extra heat inside the fusion chamber, it was not electrical energy out.  

But the biggest fraud is that 'energy in' is only the heating energy. 

For the confinement of the plasma they needed about 700 mega watts so all in all this was not 60% effective but only in the order of about 2%. 

This also explains why the JET people never did set up another 'world record' in the last two decades; it would only draw attention to their fraudulent claims back in the year 1997. 


So beside my own insights as why nuclear fusion will never work (the electrons only get accelerated without boundary by the very magnetic fields that are supposed to contain them) we now have a more easy to understand thing as why commercial fusion will never work: 

It was based on lies done by people who thought they did the right thing: 

Saving the planet... 


Let's leave it with that. Till updates.


(16 March 2017) The elections have come and gone, luckily that piece of shit named Geert Wilders will not be in any new Dutch government soon. On the downside the Dutch labor party (the PvdA) lost massively, I regret that because I consider the last government we had as one of the best I observed in my entire life.

The Dutch labor party manned the ministry of finance and as such they implemented austerity measures of the tune to about 50 billion. Ok ok I always want more austerity because in the last 50 years we only had two or three times a budget surplus and not a deficit, but Jeroen Dijsselbloem was one the my favorites in the last government... 


Now in my last update I was a tiny tiny bit provocative towards that dog known as erdogan. There is absolutely no reason at all to write his name as Erdogan, just as it is better to write donald trump without the capital letters. 

Yesterday, because I was curious, I did a simple Google search on erdogan dog and I was very much surprised by the results. That is our short item of today, next week I will finally post a few more updates on magnetism but for the time being we are still looking into the ass of a dog named erdogan. 

Item 1) A dog named erdogan.

  Item 1) A dog named erdogan.

If you did the Google search 'erdogan dog' yesterday, result number four and five are about that piece of shit erdogan likening the European countries to a pack of dogs because 'They do not bite each other'. 

Here is a screen shot, if you click on it you get a new report where that piece of dogshit erdogan is explaining his wisdom: 


Let me quote from the the next quote from that piece of dogshit erdogan: 

Continuing his reactions to the Netherlands’ expulsion from the country of Turkish Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya on Saturday night, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sharpened his tone, likening the silent Europeans to dogs, the state-run TRTHaber reported on Sunday.

“There is no voice [reaction] from the Europeans because they do not bite each other,” said Erdoğan referring to the Turkish proverb, “A dog does not bite another dog,” during a speech in Kocaeli. 

Comment: Rather likely this piece of dogshit named erdogan is portraying the European nations as a pack of dogs, but my dear erdogan dogs do bite each other. Dogs have a strong tendency to bite the dog that behaves strange. 

Did you know that when the salvia of a dog touches a devout Muslim (that would be a friendly dog lick), the Muslim is obliged to wash that place on his body six times... 

That is why, for example, you never see Muslims inside the Dutch landscape walking a dog around; that religion has serious mental issues with dogs... 


Ok, let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(14 March 2017) Lately we the Dutch are having a diplomatic riot with Turkey because two of their government ministers were not allowed to give political speeches on our own soil...

Now Turkish pm Erdogan was speaking in front of an applause machine that represented the local parliament they have over there and it was clear he tried to provoke us by referring to the Sebrenica massacre.

So I feel pleased and honored to rise to the occasion... 

Item 1) What does any dog have in common with Erdogan?

  Item 1) What does any dog have in common with Erdogan?

Where do the Turkish excel in? 
They excel in committing the Armenian genocide and after that for a full century keep on denying that did all that killing and all that raping of small children.

Why are there zero high class weapon factories in any Muslim country?
In general Muslims buy weaponry from Christians because they are too stupid to produce them themselves.

Has there gone any Nobel prize to any Muslim?
Might be one or two in a full century but those are always people living outside Muslim culture. 

Why are Muslims so illiterate when it comes to all kinds of science?
Answer: The prophet Muhammad could not read or write, now over one thousand years later his followers still cannot read or write any stuff you need a brain for. 

Why do the Turks think they can hold political rallies all over the place inside Europe?
Answer: They are Muslims so by definition they will come up with crap like that. 

Can the Kurds held political rallies inside Turkey?
We all know what the Turkmen do to the Kurds... 

What has the Turkish pm Erdogan in common with a dog?
He is very good in licking his own ass clean because they cannot handle toilet paper properly.


Let's leave it with that, but if the Turks keep on behaving so strange & weird like calling Germany and my home country a bunch of Nazi's, I will not hesitate and run your future into the ground.  

After all if your trading partner says you are a Nazi, why trade goods and services for the next century? Why not give Turkey to the Islamic State?
Who needs Turkey in the first place?  


End of this update, the IS is allowed to place some attacks inside Turkey but after 500 deaths they should stop again. 

Oh oh Erdogan, let there be peace on the prophet once more...

End of this temporary update. 


(10 March 2017) For years and years I have been arguing that the average lifespan in the USA will decline. I do not remember how long I have been telling this, it might be 7 years of a full decade or even longer.

In this update we are going to harvest on my old insights because now actually the USA life expectancy is actually declining. Also I will highly critical against my own Dutch government Health Council (in Dutch: De Gezondheidsraad) because via their food advices the average life span in my county will not rise very much in the estimated time scale of 2010 to 2030.  

Here we go: 

Item 1) Old insights into USA life expectancy are coming to life; hurray!

  Item 1) Old insights into USA life expectancy are coming to life; hurray!

If you study what food the average USA citizen is consuming it makes you wonder: why does the government do nothing about that? 

Answer: The USA government, just like the Dutch Health Council, does not understand all the details properly nor do they understand how those details like sugar and carb consumption interplay to bring life expectancy down. 

I do not claim I know all the answers, after all I am a math & physics guy but when I am told scientific crap like 'You should eat bread every day' (by the Dutch Health Council) it is obvious the dumb authorities will kill on a large large scale. 

For example, in 2015 I crafted 7 updates in where I explain in great detail that you only can get Alzheimer if you eat bread multiple times a day. Of course it is not only bread but if you eat bread multiple times a day this comes with a whole variety of other foods like cake and other healthy wheat based foods...

At present day the Alzheimer brain illness does not contribute a lot to the overall causes of population death in the USA. Here is a picture that says it is only going up from 25.9 in the year 2014 to 29.4 in the year 2015. 

Please note that the category 'Unintentional injuries' is also a reflection of average brain health in the population, once more; brain health is declining in the USA.



Please remark that Alzheimer grows over 10% year on year.

Source of the picture: 

U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993

It is very funny for me to quote the wisdom of people saying you 'should not draw conclusions from just one data point', by saying that these people only show they have limited understanding of statistics in general.
But after the picture above you have all kinds of idiots stating stuff like:  

Experts cautioned against interpreting too much from a single year of data; the numbers could reverse themselves next year, they said.

“This is unusual, and we don’t know what happened,” said Jiaquan Xu, an epidemiologist and lead author of the study. “So many leading causes of death increased.” 

Comment from Reinko: So you have a full year of statistics and 'We don't know what happened'.... This is just like the Federal Reserve back in the year 2007. 

Now it is getting late and I am tired so without going into much detail as why my own Dutch government is a piece of shit when it comes to giving health advices at the general population, here is another Washinton Post link estimating the average lifespan increase in a lot of countries: 

U.S. life expectancy will soon be on par with Mexico’s and the Czech Republic’s

So if you are an enemy of mine, please eat more wheat based products as endorsed by your local government. If you die from a heart attack please note this is good for the economy because after all these medical costs you also did overeat your entire life...

Till updates.  


(27 Feb 2017) Weirdly enough the Unilever story still has many headlines in the news but although tempting today's item is about why the present USA prez donald trump has a long array of mental illnesses.

Item 1) Exploring the mental illnesses of donald trump.

 Item 1) Exploring the mental illnesses of donald trump.

Ok, a person is going bankrupt six times, manages to keep not going bankrupt in some other places but hey: SIX TIMES BANKRUPT??? 

We know those kind of people for a long long time, they are known as pathological liars. Every time they come up with a fantastic story about how you should give them money for another fantastic project, after a bit of time the wheels come flying off and every body goes bankrupt but not the donald that simply files for another bankruptcy... 

A very important feature of the pathological liar complex is that people like that truly believe the lies they are telling at that moment; in order to understand donald trump you must look at it in that way: 

This is just some guy with mental issues & that's it. 


After my humble opinion all those news outlets that try to make sense of the donald by analyzing his spoken words as if there is some 'large strategic strategy' behind it, they will fail: donald trump might be smart but also has severe brain damage. 


Why the Americans vote such an imbecile in place I do not know, but in the live of people that try to eat normal food there is no place inside NATO for the USA any longer. 

Or am I wrong and donald trump is just a temporary fault inside a perfect working democracy?

End of this update, please elect more imbeciles in the future my dear USA.
Till updates. 


(18 Feb 2017) This is crazy: USA Kraft foods wants to buy Dutch Unilever, this is not allowed because it is well known that kids born in the USA today will have a shorter livespan than their parents have. And that only because of the food they eat...

Item 1) Food can act as a medicine but also as a poison.

 Item 1) Food can act as a medicine but also as a poison.

It is not much of a secret that I do not like my own Dutch based Unilever just a tiny bit because in the past I was that stupid to buy one of those 'health foods' they sell with the promise that food had '3 times more omega 3 fats' compared to olive oil. 

I was stupid and by eating that Unilever shit I was rewarded with a 100% gluten allergy... So one thing is sure: Unilever will never be a friend of mine.

But on the scale of things, in the USA average lifespans are declining just like they did when the USSR fell apart and now we have the USA based Kraft company trying to take over Unilever? 

May be try to get a smart US prez in the first place... 

My dear Kraft floks, I will not allow you to shorten the average lifespan of the average European citizen. Please eat the food you produce yourself and not force-feed innocent people that think they buy food but instead it is more or less poisoness in the long run.

A simple quote: 

Shares of Unilever and Kraft Heinz shot higher Friday, after the companies disclosed that Unilever had rejected an unsolicited $143 billion bid from the Warren Buffet-backed Kraft Heinz.

"Unilever rejected the proposal as it sees no merit, either financial or strategic, for Unilever's shareholders," the company said in a statement.

But Kraft Heinz isn't giving up, setting the stage for what could potentially be one of the biggest deals ever in the space. 

Comment: No comments because I do not eat Unilever foods but I do not like it when Kraft foods are taking a hold in Europe. You should not eat from companies that do not understand food... 

Source of the quote:

Once more: It will not be allowed by USA based companies to shorten the lifespan of children that are born in the year 2017 inside Europe.
If USA based Kraft wants to expand their activities, why not sell more sugar loaded stuff inside the USA? Or inside Mexico? Or whatever what, you just fuck up with your stupid fat asses and bellies. 

Till updates. 


(12 Feb 2017) Suppose in order to explain the electron magnetic properties, you need the electron to spin about one hundred times the speed of light, is your explanation valid or not? 

One hundred years after the discovery of electron spin, at Fermilabs they still think the electron is spinning at just one particular speed. 

Item 1) Another Fermilab imbecile observed: Dr. Don Lincoln.

 Item 1) Another Fermilab imbecile observed: Dr. Don Lincoln.

In this update I am not that polite as usual; when I observe a shallow thinking imbecile I simply say this is an imbecile. And I will not say that because Don is a Dr in physics he must be very smart by definition. 

At stake is the most significant physics experiment ever done in the entire human history: 

The measurement of the magnetic dipole moment of the electron.
It is measured to be the theoretical value up to 12 decimal places.
Isn't that proof that Fermilab people are very very smart?

But if you study the details, a true 'dipole measurement' was never done; with some magnetic fields it was possible to catch some frequency in the electro-magnetic spectrum but that is all there is. 

The basic thing to understand about electrons is that they only send out electro-magnetic radiation if they are accelerated. And if electrons are accelerated, both the magnetic field and electrical field are in perfect phase suggesting this is done by a particle carrying both electric and magnetic charge... 

Once you understand the basics of an electron, the 100% in phase of magnetic & electrical field, you understand the electron cannot be a magnetic dipole.  


Not physics Dr. Don Lincoln.

Like a lot of other physics professionals he uses a strange strange strange way of explaining electron behavior. Let me show you the nonsense picture first: 


Congratulations my dear Fermilab employees; one hundred years after it was calculated the electrons needed to spin at speeds above the speed of light you still use the analog of the gyroscope.  

Congratulations with being such an imbecile...
There is nothing spinning when it comes to electrons. 

Furthermore, your so called 'most confirmed up to 12 digits', what is it worth?
It is just another coupling constant towards the Bohr magneton, it is a coupling constant in order to make the theory work. 

The experimental fact you observe some frequency does not prove at all the electron is a magnetic dipole. Let's leave it with that, here is one more picture and after that we say goodbye: 


Here is the Youtube source from the two screen shots as shown above:    

QED: Experimental evidence

End of this small update, most of the time physics professors are in the right but when it  comes electrons it is just like we are watching a future video of donald trump explaining how the economy works.

Till updates. 


(09 Feb 2017) Oh oh it would be tempting to comment on that piece of shit named donald trump or may be a bit more philosophical by explaining that binary democratic systems do not work in the long run. (Binary democracies are like the UK and USA; because there are only two mainstream political parties the hatred only builds up and up and almost never goes down down down.) 

But no, we go the boring way because I wrote two new reasons as why it is completely impossible for electrons to be magnetic dipoles. That is the item for this update: 

Item 1) From shiny metals to how qubits from Dwave quantum computers work...

 Item 1) From shiny metals to how qubits from Dwave quantum computers work...

Have you ever wondered why metals are shiny, mirrors reflect almost all the light that comes in and why your magnetron over keep all that powerful radiation in? 

The answer is that electrons come in two variants namely magnetic north and magnetic south (and of course electrical negative for both of those variants).

If the professional physics professors are in the right and electrons are magnetic dipoles, in that case the magnetic part of stuff like visible light could not interfere with any electron because all acceleration on the electron would not be possible via the magnetic part of visible light. 

Only the electrical part of visible light could accelerate the electrons in the metal or the mirror or the inside of your magnetron oven. 

More bla bla bla is not needed on this homepage, for more details go to:  

31 Jan 2017: Reason 43: The way a Faraday box and other mirrors work

Reason number 44 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles was found when I finally dived a bit deeper in how the quantum computers from the Canadian Dwave company work on their deepest level: 

The qubit. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew they use macroscopic structures that have two electrical currents running against one another in a circle. 

Luckily with a simple Google picture search the trick of making two spin currents possible was found. And with pride in my heart I can tell you it is only the small fact that the Gauss law for magnetism does not work for unpaired electrons that you can make these kind of electrical spin currents.

Here is a picture as I found it on the website of Nature:


As you see on inspection: the two electrical currents with 'spin up' or 'spin down' are created by magnetic fields that are tangent to the circular metal shape. 

Let's leave it with that and we will enjoy another week where professional physics professors will tell you once more that magnetic monopoles do not exist.

Till updates my dear reader. 


(02 Feb 2017) Fake news from the Royal Society observed, that is our small item for today:  

Item 1) Fake news from the UK based Royal Society observed, it's about monopoles.

 Item 1) Fake news from the UK based Royal Society observed, it's about monopoles.

When the official folks like Royal Society folks talk monopole you instantly know it is about the magnetic monopole and not about the electric monopole. 

They want to find a particle that has zero electrical charge but has a magnetic charge, after my humble opinion they will never succeed into this noble quest.   

The official stance about electrons is easy to understand, electroms have two properties:

1) It carries electrical charge and,
2) It has magnetic spin that is up or down BUT it is a magnetic dipole. 

Ok ok, this all sounds very very vague and it becomes even more vague when the UK people would like to find a magnetic monopole with no electrical charge... 

After all if an electron is a electric monopole and a magnetic dipole at the same time, would it not make a lot of sense to find a particle that is a electric dipole but also a magnetic monopole? 

But no no no, at the British Royal Society they keep on telling this nonsense like a magnetic monopole should exist at higher energy levels.  

Oh oh my dear fellows from the UK Royal Society, electrons are electric and magnetic monopoles all of the time. Yet it has to be remarked that they can change when it comes to magnetic charge. 

So the fake news coming from the UK based Royal Society simply boils down to the nonsense the next guy is telling you: 


Screenshot picture source: 

Monopole quest 

Let's leave it with that, electric or magnetic monopoles are hard to find. Till updates. 


 (29 Jan 2017) A few years back the folks from Lockheed Martin Skunk Works projected this year 2017 as the year when they would have their first version of a small nuclear fusion reactor.

Wanna bet Lockheed Martin will fail?
They will fail just like ITER in France, they will fail just like the Wendelstein 7-X from the Max Planck institute will fail and this all for a very easy to understand reason: 

The electrons (and to a very small amount the protons too) get accelerated by the magnetic fields that are used to contain the plasma. This is the root cause for a lot of the instabilities in the fusion plasma but plasma professors keep on telling their nonsense like there is no Reinko Venema at all... 

Item 1) 2017 is the year Lockheed will fail delivering a prototype fusion reactor.

 Item 1) 2017 is the year Lockheed will fail delivering a prototype fusion reactor.

Four to five years back folks from the Skunk Works detail from Lockheed Martin started bragging that they had developed a so called 'high beta' concept for making a nuclear fusion reactor that should fit on the back of a truck... 

But if you study the details coming from Lockheed Martin they think that the plasma is diamagnetic, one of the properties of diamagnetism is that it is very softly repelled by magnetic fields. 

So for me it was clear: This whole Lockheed Martin endeavor of crafting truck sized nuclear fusion reactors is a pipe dream that will never work.  

As far as I know reality the electron acceleration will always hinder the fusion process because with this kind of plasma containment you only accelerate the stuff you do not want to have high speed. For fusion to take place it are the protons that need the most of speed. 

But on all universities around the world, professional plasma professors refuse to investigate if electrons get accelerated by magnetic fields.
After all this is year number 4 that I write about this small but significant detail but all I hear is the usual wall of silence...


But a first small success can be reported although I do not think the source where it comes from if filled with extremely smart people: 

US Flagship Fusion Reactor Breaks Down After $94 Million Spent Fixing It

Ha ha ha, Princeton is just one of those place where they simply refuse to understand the magnetic properties of electrons. Electrons that get accelerated by magnetic fields??? No no no, the Princeton professors have this fantastic mathematical machinery with electron spin operators in 3 dimensions and the intrinsic commutator relations between those three operators. 

Is there any experimental proof for this math being a true representation of reality?
It might be but I have never seen it... 


Here is a nice picture showing how arrogant these overpaid people from Princeton are: 


Refusing to understand electron behavior will come with a price my dear perfumed princes... 

Picture source: 

COLLOQUIUM: The Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor 


Before closing this update let me post a BBC link where we once more have this guy named Steve Cowley who is leading the UK affords to bring nuclear fusion to live.

Here is the link: 

'Skunk power' creates confusion over nuclear fusion 

Here is the quote from Steve Cowley:  

Like many experts in the field, those at Jet believe the Lockheed announcement is not a breakthrough but a lack of concrete information is frustrating the scientists.

"You have to be ready for somebody to change your mind, you have to be," said Prof Steve Cowley, the director of the Culham effort. 


Comment: You have to be ready for somebody to change your mind???
Come on UK folks, because this is year number four I am telling you about electron acceleration via magnetic fields, you are the ones that are not listening.

Don't forget Steve Cowley is the one that asks himself as why nuclear plasma starts rotating in the first place. So Steve is one of those guys that see the plasma accelerating under his nose on a daily basis but because of Maxwell equation reasons electrons cannot be accelerated by magnetic fields...

Welcome in the halls of 21-th century science!
Idiots like Steve Cowley rule the place, just like centuries back when the pope was the keeper and ruled of all human knowledge.

More on the UK works of achieving nuclear fusion without understanding electron spin: 

Limitless Fusion Energy Is Just 13 Years Away, According To Tokamak Energy

End of this update, live well and work well. 


(27 Jan 2017) It is not much of a secret that for the last 16 years I tried to kick out the USA from the NATO alliance. But after ten years of work I made no progress at all so I decided to pick up other things and not tell every year that non-USA countries should have larger military budgets.  

Yet now we have the donald as the new US prez, all the time during the long long USA election process I was forced to be silent but after all this time I only have one small item: 

Item 1) Why does nobody simply concentrate on the mental illnesses of the donald?

 Item 1) Why does nobody simply concentrate on the mental illnesses of the donald?

In my view people should stop reacting with all that emotion when it comes to donald trump, they should very simple focus only on the mental illnesses that comes with this guy. 

You must not think there is some kind of strategy behind all this weird news; it is just a guy of about 70 years old that has a lot of mental deficits. To put it simple: the donald that in now the US prez is a weirdo not understanding how societies work. 

Let's leave it with that, tomorrow we have another day of weird stuff coming along and all I want to tell you is: Do not act in an emotional way because the guy named donald trump has a long array of mental sickness. 


End of this update, till updates. 


(21 Jan 2017) Wow man, yesterday the Donald Trump imbecile was the new US prez and one of his most important tasks is to replace Obamacare by something that actually works. Good luck with it my dear Donald, it is a battlefield of your own choice and observing the food the average American thinks you can eat, good luck with lowering the medical costs of such behaviors...


After having said that, only one short item for today's update because I found a perfect plagiarism result that might be no plagiarism at all.
After looking a few days on it I jump to the conclusion the writers of this preprint archive article do not know who I am and how long lasting my mathematical empire will be. 

Item 1) From the beginning it looks like plagiarism, but is it?

  Item 1) From the beginning it looks like plagiarism, but is it?

As far as memory serves it was about the year 1988 when I found an alternative way of differentiation in the multiplicative style but since I did not pass my first year exams at the local university I had to rearrange my priorities.

So like all other works I made it was just never published because from the get go I understood the peer review progress in science is not for real. 

After a few attempts I decided to never ever allow those idiots to value my work again; if you allow to get ruled by people that are basically idiots you only shorten your own lifespan... 

So let me do not difficult, on the one hand it is pure plagiarism while after I have learned my lessons at the local university I understood it is far more handy to implement your policies without having your own name attached to it.

From that point of view the next preprint article is a blistering success, here is a screenshot that makes me dancing on the table:  



The devil is in the details, yet as far as I know math history it was me that did put in the dx in the exponent for the first time. 

It takes about 30 years to view some follow up on that... This long period does not bode well for my insights on electron spin; if that too takes up three decades I will be over 80 years when finally the physics people understand electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles...

At the close of this update let me once more place a link to a pdf I wrote about 2.5 years back where I discuss ten different styles of product integration. Style number three is the Reinko style and only that style uses that you raise a function f(x) to the power dx.

Click on the screen shot picture to download the pdf in case you are interested in product integration:

For myself speaking it was kind of strange to finally read some stuff written by other people about a math idea I had when I was just a beginning student. And if you understand product integration and use the dx in the exponent notation you really do not have to mention my name; I have no professional career in math whatsoever.  

Let's leave it with that, till updates.   

Till updates.  


(09 Jan 2017) Happy new year by the way. Two days ago I opened a new html page on magnetism on this website, here is page 2. On the other website with all that beautiful but as simple as possible math I posted two posts about magnetism; the most funny one is explaining how permanent magnets work because the official version needs electrons to be glued in place. 
Of course electrons cannot be glued in a fixed position in space...
I also opened a new category on magnetism, you can find how permanent magnets work in that new category: 

But in my simple life I do more than study math & the occasional fragment of physics, I also like to understand a bit more about the human body in particular as why we can develop Alzheimer disease and nobody understands why.  

Item 1) You can only develop Alzheimer's disease if you eat bread on a daily basis.

 Item 1) You can only develop Alzheimer's disease if you eat bread on a daily basis.

It is well known that I think you can only develop Alzheimer if you eat bread on a daily basis, other carbs might be harmful too but only bread has the power of simultaneously make your brain insulin resistant while at the same time attacking your brain-blood barrier. 

But I never post much on it, here in my home country the Netherlands the official health officials promote eating bread on a daily basis and the only way to talk some sense into their head is not posting long calculations. No, the coffins must do the talking against the wisdom of our local 'gezondheidsraad' (that is the Health Council around here).

It is just a detail but it is an important detail; the New England magazine for medicine published back in 2013 the results of a nice follow up study:

With n = 667 elderly participants only all that was measured was the blood sugar levels during fasting. Now fasting is only the time between meals, you must not think the elderly had nothing to eat for days on a row.  

Interesting detail is that elderly with blood levels of about 105 to 110 were much more prone to developing Alzheimer.

If you do not know what 105 means, that is 105 milligrams of glucose into one deciliter of blood or for simplicity 1.05 gram glucose per liter of blood.

The thing to Avoiding Alzheimer is relatively easy to understand: The older you get the less your glucose blood levels should stay the same. Eating bread is just another death spike in your blood sugar levels.

At about 28.00 minutes in the next Youtube video you see Mr. Perlmutter explain the stuff a little bit:

David Perlmutter - Ketogenic Diet, Carbs & Gut Bacteria 

Let's leave it with that because the Dutch Health Council simply advises to eat bread on a daily basis. And I am not looking for a fight, all those time those Health employees visit a funeral is far better to make them think about their own actions.  

Till updates. 


(27 Dec 2016) Three days ago I posted reason nr 41 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, it is part two of the so called vacuum catastrophe.
The vacuum catastrophe is indeed caused by the fact that theoretical physics folks use the flawed results of the experiments that lead to the acceptation of the Hendrik Casimir effect. Here is reason nr 41.

Yesterday I was lucky because I found a one hour long video with an oversight of the Stern Gerlach experiment, this is important because the SG experiment is the proof that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles in the first place.
So that is our item of today: 

Item 1) The most extensive description of the SG experiment ever!

 Item 1) The most extensive description of the SG experiment ever!

This video contains a treasure trove of info, for example I still had zero proof that Mr. Stern & Grlach were Germans. Ok ok their names sound very Germanic but that does not proof a thing. 

Actually Albert Einstein knew Stern so Albert must have known the results from the SG experiment from the get go. It never dawned on Albert that it is kind of  weird that electrons were attracted to the weaker side of an inhomogeneous magnetic field; this is impossible because basic math probability theory says there is zero chance of an electron to perfectly anti-align themselves with an outside magnetic field.

My dear Albert, you are now dead by a long run but it is not that the electrons are attracted by the weaker part but they are repelled by the stronger parts of the magnetic field...    

But beside the things Albert remarked on the Stern Gerlach experiment, we also have crap coming from people like Niels Bohr or Mr. Pauli, here is a screen shot from 40.50 minutes into the video presentation: 


Click on the above picture to land on the treasure trove video,
Here are the title and https link to it: 

The Stern-Gerlach Experiment And The Discovery Of Electron Spin - Sandip Pakvasa [2016] 

I could say a lot more on this subject but it is almost mid-night and I go to sleep. 

Let incompetence rule the science of physics just a few more years, till updates. 


 (13 Dec 2016) The last days I was busy searching for more stuff on the vacuum catastrophe, I mentioned that detail in the 10 Oct update in the page on magnetism. 

Indeed I can confirm that professional physics people base a lot of their insights on the original Hendrik Casimir experiments. Now I know a little bit more it is important to back pedal my words from 10 Oct 2016:

It is not that individual electrons are doing the checker board pattern, it must be small clouds of electrons that do this. But this update is not about me being wrong on some physics detail, after all I am not a physicist, but we take a small look at some TOTAL CRAP as Lawrence Krauss is telling us. 

Item 1) This video proofs that physics is turning into a modern religion.

 Item 1) This video proofs that physics is turning into a modern religion.

After the invention/discovery of quantum physics slowly but surely what once was an exact science known as physics turned more and more into some mythical thing bordering on being a modern religion. 

A hallmark of religion is that it is so riddled with mysteries you need a strong belief in order for the cognitive parts of your brain to accept those mysteries. Stuff like the virgin birth that Mary had to being Jesus the son of God, all highly mysterious and for the cognitive parts of the human brain hard to swallow. 

But humans are humans and the best way to broaden you science like physics is to throw a bit of mystique stuff in it, the more mystique the more the general population allows for more tax money to be burned by the high priests of physics. 

For example in chemistry we have the electron pair as a very important kind of cement in making larger molecules in the first place. In physics, just an example, the super conductivity of electrical current only sets in when the temperature is low enough so that electron pairs can form. 
And when the electron pairs are formed they are magnetically neutral so the super conductivity can set in. The fact that with loose electrons this does not happen tells us the electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles...

If you think about it; if the electron was a magnetic dipole chemistry as we know it would not have the electron pair as we know it. 

If you think about it; if electron pair formation is the main source of making materials having zero electrical resistance, how come this electron pair is magnetic neutral?

Once more: These scientists tell crap but because they are in the realm of crafting a modern religion and they will never say that their science is doing weird. No no no, it is always you that is the imbecile not worshipping the high priests of quantum physics: 


And in many ways they are right with stating this because if you think the electron is a magnetic dipole I too agree that all kinds of stuff is just incomprehensible. Just like Jesus is the son of God without God fucking the virgin Mary.  


Anyway to make some long story short; if you click on the picture below you will see one of those USA professional physics professors doing their very best to turn what was once are noble science into a religion. 

Dr. Lawrence Krauss claims that the below simulation of the empty space inside a proton is responsible for about 90% of the mass of this particular proton. 

The Krauss idiot thinks that without any experimental proof at all, inside a proton most of the mass is explained by mysterious particles that pop in and out of existence...

And if you ask one of those imbeciles as why the space outside protons does not have this heavy bombardment of extra mass they will say:


Link source: 

And if you keep on persisting into asking why this mysterious mass in only located inside protons they will say: 


Let's leave it with that & have a nice day about understanding as why electrons just cannot be magnetic dipoles.  

Till updates. 


(02 Dec 2016) Fantastic baby; my weird health problems from the last 10 to 7 days are known in the Dutch language as 'peesschedeontsteking' and Google translate says it is tenosynovitis in the language du Anglaise. 

Anyway to make a long story short; just one tablet of a medicine named Diclofenacnatrium Aurobinde Retard and only waiting 40 minutes of time and relief from the pain sets in... 

Because this medicine is so good at attacking the retarded behavior of my wrist I thought: why not post a link to my latest found exponential curve? 
After all now there is pain relief I can use the computer keyboard again...

Item 1) A perfect and easy to understand new exponential curve found.

 Item 1) A perfect and easy to understand new exponential curve found.

Wow man, on the second day of medication I can use the computer keyboard again like I do not have a swollen wrist right now. But it still looks ugly so I keep this update short.

So just a link to a newly crafted 4D number system that is a hybrid number system. It mixes the circular and complex plane numbers, as a matter of fact I start with the circular plane and replace the real scalars by numbers from the complex plane. 

If you compare my hybrid system with what the professional math professors have to offer, this is the difference between a lush forest and a dry dry desert.   

And although this is a very beautiful differential algebra completely outstripping the math as the 'professionals' do it with their pathetic 'several complex variables' kind of theory, as usual these professionals will not react whatsoever. 

Since the year 1990 they have been doing their thing like making a little bit of progress every now and then and I have been doing my stuff. 


Here is the link:

Let me use the old teaser picture from below again because it is still a lovely teaser picture: 


Ok, with that the university people can do their daily parasitic thing like wasting tax payer money and do on a daily basis where they are so good at: 

Talking about themselves. 

Sometimes out of curiosity I wonder what has the most inertia,
is it: 

1) The giant black hole in the center of our milky way, or
2) The global set of professional math professors? 

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(23 Nov 2016) It is clear that my insights into electrons not only being electrical monopoles, they are also magnetic monopoles, is still falling on deaf ears. 
Ever heard of the electron pair in for example chemical bonds or why Cooper pairs lead to super conductivity? Can this be explained from the viewpoint of electrons being magnetic dipoles?

Not at the website under the name physics dot org: Over there the imbeciles keep on hanging to the idea that every electron is a magnetic dipole. 
As usual the weirdo's do not give any kind of (experimental) proof for their stupid talk. 

That is our item for today: 

Item 1) In the year 2017 the people will keep on talking weird stuff.

 Item 1) In the year 2017 the people will keep on talking weird stuff.

In an article under the title The mysterious missing magnetic monopole the people from the website physics dot org expose their stupid ways: 

They still have not found the magnetic monopoles..... 
The article is from 09 Aug 2016, those people will never understand basic stuff.

Link of the source file of these weirdo's: 

I do not feel any desire to place some graphical art or so, we are now more or less entering the fourth year of explaining as why electrons are also magnetic monopoles but zero point zero reaction from the scientific community.

The electron pair; it shouts in your face electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

Let's leave it with that, from past experiences it is well known that university people are relatively worthless when it comes to cognitive endeavors. 
The electron pair exists because electrons are magnetic dipoles, congratulations for your insights but the wiser policy is to avoid all contacts with weird people like that.

Till updates.  


(19 Nov 2016) Did I sit on my hands for the last 10 days?
No I didn't but I decided that all that zeta function stuff was just to difficult. 

After all, after 26 years when I discovered the higher dimensional complex numbers until the present day there still zero confirmation by so called 'professional math professors'. So we leave that pile of garbage people where they belong: simply inside the dumpstack of useless and worthless people... 

Two items in this update: 
Item 1) Has the imbecile Donald Trump ever read the Federal Reserve Z1 release?
Item 2) After 26 years of neglect I finally do research the circular plane; it's lovely! 

 Item 1) Has the imbecile Donald Trump ever read the Federal Reserve Z1 release? 

Back in the time to the year 2004 I decided to study the global financial system because I understood if there was one perfect way to hinder and stall the dominance of the US military it would be by ruthless slaughter of the finances flowing into the US military. 

After 3 years I more or less explained that this was not sustainable, debt growth was crazy and nobody said one thing about it. For example at some point in time I discovered that in order for the US financial system to pop up her 'profits' as usual this financial system would need a popping 2.4 trillion more in outstanding debt in the course of just one more year of this madness. 

Later in popular culture this became to be known as the 'credit crisis'. 

All credit crisis's we know of in history are always caused by the fact you have to pay back the money you borrow and for a wide variety of reasons those societies did not understand that properly.  

The imbecile named 'the Donald' is also behaving like he does not understand the debt environment he lives in. Ok ok we had some talk about 'negotiating the debt thing' and it is known he has gone bankrupt on a few occasions, but does he get the stuff the Z1 release is shouting out? 

Here is a picture of a screenshot of the present day overall debt growth in the USA:


The stuff is not that hard to understand:  

This year 2016 Q2 = 46300.8
Last year 2015 Q2 = 44073.7 so an overall debt growth of just 5.1%. 

So the pile of non-financial-sector-debt is growing at 5% a year while the underlying capacity of the US economy does grow not that fast year in year out. The economical growth is like 1 or at most 2% a year; once more the debt keeps on ballooning.

The Trump imbecile wants yearly economical growth of 4%, at the same time this imbecile wants to lower taxes and repair all that crumbling infra structure. So that would be a yearly total debt growth of about 15 to 20%.
For me the situation is clear: 

The Donald is just as stupid as the Dubya. 

End of this item. 

Item 2) After 26 years of neglect I finally do research the circular plane; it's lovely! 

I really do not know why as why I only started to do some math investigations into the two dimensional circular plane after 26 years when I discovered the three dimensional complex numbers.

May be all have our so called hubris, our cloud of superiority and we make discard to those who express other views...

But the 2D cousin named circular numbers of the complex plane is very beautiful if you use the right math tools.   

Let's not complain that since that guy named Euler all people refused to craft those math tools, humans are like ants: they only think they are smart and that's what keeps them alive. 

Well just a short teaser picture from the work of the last few days, I do not expect that the worthless overpaid math professors will react on it. It is truly the cousin of the complex plane so if there should be a point in time they should react it is now... 

But mark my words: The overpaid idiots will not react. 


For the time being I am planning to post the above stuff on the other website.   

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(09 Nov 2016) For a few weeks I am trying to make some magnetic equivalent to the works of Ben Feringa who received a Nobel prize a few weeks ago.
When the Nobel prize on physics came out in a very short time frame I was able to explain the so called 'vacuum catastrophe' (that is the difference between the actual energy stored in vacuum space as compared to the theoretical predictions of it) via explaining reality using the fact electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

With the Ben Feringa nano motors I tried the same but I failed, after a few weeks it is easy to understand why: they do not use magnetic fields whatsoever in order to power their beautiful nano-motors... 

So I just gave up because this kite would not fly... 

Guess what?  

Within 30 minutes I had one lovely math discovery; the determinant of one of my most complicated tau numbers equals 35 times the zeta function evaluated at the even number six. So that is our item of today: 

Item 1) Just a screen shot showing the numerical result.

 Item 1) Just a screen shot showing the numerical result.

At the moment the American elections for the new prez are closed and they are counting the ballots in order to see who will be the next US prez.
Donald Trump or the Clinton female. 

This is of interest because the USA will break down into the future into more or less different states because the politics in Washington are completely broken. If the Donald gets elected this process will accelerate. 

Let's leave it with that.


Without explaining as why in the next six by six matrix all these entries have their numerical value, the outcome of the applet is clear: 35.607035.

And that would be 35 times the value of the zeta function evaluated at s = 6, so we have some severe  math victory tonight. 

Remark once more: if you give up all of those emotional things like beating some local Noble prize winner all of a sudden you get rewarded with cognitive pleasure.

Here is the simple screen shot:


The joy as found in the result is as next: 35.607025 etc equals pi to the power six divided by 27 and that equals 35 times the zeta function evaluated at the real number six.   

So today I had a good day, even if we get a Trump presidency it was a good day.
And don't forget: If we get a Trump president the USA will split just like the UK is splitting from Europe. 

Till updates my dear reader. (Two days later a small update on the matrix representation that started it all a few years back) ..  Here is how the matrix looks, I am so sorry that it is 451 pixels wide instead of the usual 450 pixels so I guess we are still not in paradise.


Ok ok, there are all kinds of complications coming with this because you should view the above matrix as a 3 by 3 matrix of 2 by 2 blocks that represent the complex numbers from the complex plane.

You know there are days when I am desperate to figure out how to bring my ideas to a wider audience, but if your audience like the total collection of math professors act just like they are another collection of rabbits, why try to make future contacts?

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(04 Nov 2016) This week I finally found out why high blood sugar levels are so poisonous to the human body; why does the fat burning process stop at the very moment we have to high levels of blood sugar?

The answer to that is the process of glycation, so that is our item for today: 

Item 1) Glycation, it makes you age faster and faster...

 Item 1) Glycation, it makes you age faster and faster...

A few weeks ago I estimated for you that if you eat only two baguettes or 200 gram of bread, in that case in just a very short moment you have about 15 times as much sugar entering your blood steam as there is in your blood at any given time. 

Recall there is only about 1 gram of glucose in every liter of blood, for a male adult this gives about 5 gram glucose in the blood at any given time but 200 gram of bread releases about 75 gram of sugar... 

So why does that mighty hormone insulin spike so fast and so long and why does the fat burning process stop?  

The answer is glycation and it is easy to understand: the glucose molecules often bind two protein molecules together that are supposed to be loose from one another. This binding of proteins results even into clustering of red blood cells and that is why people who are obese for a long time often have a few toes amputated because the blood has become so thick it cannot pass small blood veins... 

At one point in my life before I understood the strange dangers of bread I was 109 kilo, that qualified for a body mass index of 32 and indeed I was officially obese. In my very first selfie as you see here under all that excess body fat is gone fore good; once you understand how to burn that body fat why should it come back? 


As a comparison, in the UK people like me who have shed over 25 kg of excess fat, only about 1 in 200 are able to keep their weight down. 

This abundantly proves that in the Western countries all those food advices coming from government paid institutions are just crap to the bone. 

Here in my home country the Dutch landscape we have the so called 'Gezondheidsraad' or the Health Council of the Netherlands, in my view this is the most worthless government agency we have. And if you look in the latest advices these shitheads gave in 2015, these are all professors. Ok ok, there might be some dr in between but the majority are university professors. 

And these university imbeciles advice to consume at least 90 gram of whole wheat bread a day, so for those mentally handicapped university professors it is no big deal if you eat 200 gram of bread when you are an elderly person. 

Persons that stupid should be executed in public because the level of stupidity classifies them as being no longer a human person; these are only idiots serving the food industry. Don't get me wrong: these professors are not paid or bribed by the food industry, it is only these professors are stupid to the bone while the food industry is the food industry. 

Here is what the shitholes of the Health Council have to say on food: 

Dutch dietary guidelines 2015

By the way that furry thing on my legs is a dog named Loïs, tomorrow she will be 14 weeks old. But back to the glycation process and the best efforts all Western governments make in promoting that you die prematurely: 


Oh oh, basically it is so simple although there are large differences between population groups but the older you get the less carbon hydrates you must eat. Or in a dual version: avoid foods that make your insulin rise too high. Till updates.  


(28 Oct 2016) Oh oh that poor Google picture search engine, so hard it tries to find a picture of my face but it just isn't there on the entire internet... 

Item 1) Stop grieving my dear Google picture search engine, here is my face...

 Item 1) Stop grieving my dear Google picture search engine, here is my face...

A few days back when I did that Google picture search on my own name it was kind of weird to observe that the search engine did spit out completely irrelevant pictures on rank number 2: the place where you might expect a face or so. 

And I felt a pity for the Google search engine; so much she tries to do her best and via the latest of AI even trying to 'understand' what the content of the pictures actually is. 

But all those deep learning algorithms including those convolution methods did not pop up a picture of my face. Oh oh poor Google picture search engine, what to do about your problem? 

The answer is: Sunglasses and an old old photo from about 20 years back: 


Dear Google search engine, the computer name for this picture file is:

I sincerely hope you now have some peace of heart and when somewhere in the year 2017 I once more do a Google picture search on my heavenly name Reinko Venema this one also pops up. In the meantime I have other things to do, so good luck with it my dear Google search engine.  

Till updates.  


(24 Oct 2016) Although it is a bit of narcism, this update is upon two simple Google picture searches. The first search is about 3D complex numbers and the second search is a picture search of my own name Reinko Venema. 

Item 1) Time evolution of two picture searches.

 Item 1) Time evolution of two picture searches.

About a year ago I started a new website named so for me as the author of that website it was interesting to see the evolution of Google searches when it came to topics related to three dimensional complex numbers.

The last year I did post about 40 posts and every now and then I checked the evolution as found on Google pictures. There were many rises and falls of some pictures but one picture when it began it's rise it only went up. For over half a year a picture from a six dimensional space is always on top; it was a post on a hybrid where I mixed the numbers from the complex plane as we know it for centuries with my own invention of the 3D complex numbers. 

A few pictures further in the Google search there is always that Cauchy-Riemann equation stuff where I explain how the hell Riemann wrote down the CR equation and math professors should stop to write it down in that 'ant fucking style' like they always do but instead use the 'chain rule style' because that is mathematically superior... 

As such the picture search on the Google search engine is more or less very stable for many months on a row. In the upper half of the next picture you see the results as they are more or less month in month out:  


The lower half of the picture above contains search results number 1, 2 and 3 when you do a picture Google of my name Reinko Venema. 

I don't do that very often because I am not very much preoccupied with day to day action like we have in the media files. Beside that picture searches on the name Reinko Venema always have some content related to the first decade on the war on terror. 

So people might get confused; is it math or is it a evil terrorist???  

But anyway, the three pictures from the lower half of the picture above shows: 

1) On the left a fragment of the top index picture of this website,
2) A picture from some math question website that should be my face &
3) Victory: Poking fun at the PPP. 

I just never expected to be a photo of the experiment that shows that electrons get accelerated by magnetic fields be on position number 3. Yeah yeah only electrons that are the long sought magnetic monopoles can do that kind of behavior; the official story of the professional physics professors that the electron is a magnetic dipole on it's own is just not true... 

Ok ok, the electron pair is indeed a magnetic dipole and as such will obey the Gauss law of magnetism, but that is another story and at the time being it is good to observe the evolution of the Google picture search every few months or so... 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates. 


(14 Oct 2016) At last the update with reason number 39 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles is finished. That is our item of this update:

Item 1) The acceleration of the solar wind analyzed. 

 Item 1) The acceleration of the solar wind analyzed. 

Last week I just did not understand why the electron and proton temperature in the solar with was so different from the stuff we know from fusion reaction here on earth. Later I realized you should not view the sun as a down to earth short lived plasma acceleration kind of stuff, the solar wind has gone on from thousand of millions of years.  

So you must view the solar wind as it is now via how it likely has evolved.
Since electrons are much more accelerated by magnetic fields it has to be that in the beginning of the formation of the solar wind the fraction of electrons was much higher. Over time the sun became more and more positively charged and that is more or less the explanation for the present temperature of the electrons in the solar wind. 

Click on the picture to land on reason number 39 on the magnetism page:


Let me end this small update right now, till updates. 


(10 Oct 2016) Ha ha this is funny: only today I found out that the Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded to three people and one of those three is from the local university. 

So although this is nice news, of course on such a detail I will absolutely not change my own policies when it comes to dealing with people from universities and other institutions like that. Better avoid all contact will still be the prevailing policy... 

Our item for today is an imitation of the Nobel prize in physics from this year: 

Item 1) The Hendrik Casimir effect and the vacuum catastrophe. 

 Item 1) The Hendrik Casimir effect and the vacuum catastrophe. 

To make a long story short:  

The energy stored inside a vacuum is about 10 to the power 120 less than as measured at present day. So where does this discrepancy come from? 

As usual it is the Gauss law for magnetism.  

Now you also understand as why it is still important to keep a large distance between myself and those people working at universities... 

A long time ago a Dutch physics guy did some experiments and from that we have the so called 'Hendrik Casimir effect'. And Hendrik did his best and he tried to avoid all possible attraction between the metal plates he used in his experiment. 

At the time it was thought that electrons were magnetic dipoles so there was no reason in this experimental setup to correct for the fact they are not magnetic dipoles.  

But inside metals you have those free electrons, they are not bound to nuclei but they can roam around in freedom. And if you repeat the Casimir experiment again and again of course you will find that cute attraction between two metal foils... 

Enough of the bla bla bla, click on the picture below to land on reason number 38 as why electrons just cannot be magnetic dipoles. 


The vacuum catastrophe is the actual amount of energy as it is stored in one cubic centimeter of vacuum. It is only 10 to the power minus 8 and not the weird numbers as they flow from experiments like done by Hendrik Casimir... 

End of this update. Till updates.  


(07 Oct 2016) I have added two more reasons as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, for these two reasons go to the page on magnetism  

In a separate development I have selected Albert Fert, the Nobel laureate in physics in the year 2007 as the 'perfect imbecile'.   

Item 1) Is Albert Fert really a perfect imbecile?

 Item 1) Is Albert Fert really a perfect imbecile?

Albert Fert explaining electron spin in some Youtube video.
And I am wondering is this person a perfect imbecile yes or no? 

The video is very short, it will take only 1.04 minutes or 64 seconds of your attention but within this framework of just 64 seconds of time you have all these imbecile thoughts together: 

1) The electron is actually spinning and that makes it a tiny dipole magnet.
2) It has spatial quantum stuff. 

My answer to this idiot explanation are very simple: 

1) Show me some experimental proof that there is something spinning.
2) It has not spatial preference whatsoever, it only follows magnetic field lines because it has magnetic charge. 

Let's leave it with that. 

Here is the picture of the 2007 Nobel laureate in physics explaining electron spin: 


For myself speaking: It is very hard to pack more nonsense into 64 seconds as this guy does. From the sociological point of view video's like this where 'important men explain electron spin' always have the same characteristic:

It always lacks experimental proof that electrons are actually magnetic dipoles...

It is always the same, it is only theoretical blah blah blah and zero point zero experimental validation of this particular blah blah blah. 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


 (04 Oct 2016) Today the Nobel prize in physics was announced and by sheer coincidence about one week ago I did read for the first time about the quantum Hall effect. That is item number 1, the second item is an addendum on the food update from 29 August and now we fine-tune our calculations on blood sugar caused by bread.

Item 1) Nobel prize stuff + lost photo found back.
Item 2) You eat two baguettes, what happens next?

 Item 1) Nobel prize stuff + lost photo found back.

Today's announcement of the Noble prize in physics was not my first choice: I would have recommended the gravity wave folks because that is a strong victory for the experimental physics professors. 
That would also have prevented Nobel prize money going to those theoretical professional physics professors who think that electrons are magnetic dipoles by definition.  

So that is my take on it, yet of course it has to be remarked that the quantum Hall effect is a truly amazing thing and this quantum Hall effect is only a part of what those weird states of matter can do. From that point of view I also think the choice of the Nobel prize committee is very defendable. 

On top of that, the oldest laureate was from 1934 or so and of course since the Nobel prize can only be given to people that are actually alive, this might have weighed in too... 

Yesterday I was lucky because I am recently working on reason number 37 as why electrons are not magnetic dipoles but magnetic monopoles and I found back that photo that was made by Marcin Bialec.  

The important feature of this photo is that you see the beam of electrons spreading out into a broader sheet. So it is spreading out in the direction of the magnetic field lines and that is what I name the bonkers force: 


This photo is perfect, from the very beginning the beam of electrons starts spreading out into the direction of the magnetic field lines... 

That simply means there is acceleration into the direction of the magnetic field lines and that is the bonkers force. Why do I name it the bonkers force?

Very simple: It will make the professional physics professors go bonkers.
So there in no denying this: If it makes the ppp go bonkers it must be a very mighty force... ;) 

 Item 2) You eat two baguettes, what happens next?

On the 29 of August I made a simple estimation that said if you eat two baguettes that weigh about 200 gram you get a dose of about 15 times the total amount of sugar that is in you bloodstream at any given time. 

I did that easy estimation because I was highly irritated by the sheer incompetence of the Dutch health authorities when it comes to food: this is a collection of imbeciles known as the Dutch Health Council. 

Now back to our easy estimation: Blood sugar readings during fasting are 90 100.
That means 90 to 100 milligram of glucose per deciliter blood.
That is a very difficult way of stating you have about 0.9 to 1.0 gram of glucose in your blood so in your entire bloodstream there is about 5 gram of glucose in total. 

My easy estimate was there would be about 80 grams of carbs in two baguettes.
In the next picture we once more have my beloved Australian glycemic index that tells how your blood sugar levels react upon eating particular kinds of food: 


In the last column you see 'Carb per Serve' and indeed if you multiply the serving size of 30 gram by a factor of 7 you land on 200 grams of bread or two baguettes. 

So my estimate was rather good, only eating two baguettes gives your blood a nice blow of 15 times the amount of glucose that is in it... 

What happens to all that sugar in the blood?
Very simple: The most mighty hormone there is starts pumping in, insulin enters the blood stream and tells your body on the cellular level to go into glucose burning mood.

So all that excess glucose makes your body run on glucose and the rest gets turned into body fat. Humans cannot store blood sugar, we have never evolved that way.  

But there is more: Because insulin spikes you turn the bread into fat but later when the sugar high is gone you need to burn the fat. Ha ha ha, your insulin levels are still far to high so you cannot burn fat in the first place.

And that my dear reader is the stuff that explains we have all those weird looking people with all those excess fat on the weirdest of places... 

Till updates.  


(02 Oct 2016) Wow man the Russians have all kinds of comments on the Dutch investigations on the downing of flight MH17. But as I long long ago remarked, if they have nothing to do with it they would not make all kinds of strange remarks. 


Ok, in the world of the grown ups I would like to explain to you that the science of physics has gone bonkers way beyond control and I only show you two easy to understand Youtube videos by doing that. 

Item 1) Why do physics professors talk the talk they do?

 Item 1) Why do physics professors talk the talk they do?

Just two video's from the 'Breakthrough physics prize' conventions as they have over there in the USA. Both video's have nothing to do with smart and elaborate research into important details like the explanation of the speed of the solar wind, how do we explain diamagnetism that can elevate frogs with a strong enough magnetic field etc etc. 

No, we only get weirdo's like Leonard Susskind and imbeciles like Nima Harkani-Hamed. You understand: I myself, Reinko Venema, am not fishing to get the next 'breakthrough prize' in the science of physics...

Anyway, here are the two video's from two physics professors that are sung loose from reality years and years ago:

Breakthrough prize in physics year 2014: Leonard Susskind: 

Leonard Susskind: 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics Symposium 

Breakthrough prize in physics year 2016: Nima Arkani-Hamed: 

Nima Arkani-Hamed: 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics Symposium  

In order to understand the nonsense that is going round in the professional USA circles of so called 'professional physics professors' I only post one screen shot of that weirdo Leonard Susskind. He is talking about black holes that have lot's of wormholes to photons coming from Hawking radiation coming from that same black hole. 

There is not much experimental prove given, but hey these are the 'theoretical physics professors' on their top performance so who cares about actual experimental proof anyway?


And don't forget: The pay rise in salaries these idiots have every year is what in the future is my entire yearly pension.  

Who says these imbeciles should even get more money?

Let me leave this stuff by that, idiots talking about black holes connected via wormholes to loose photons is worthy of a 'breakthrough prize in physics' over there in the USA... Till updates.   


(16 Sept 2016) Two new reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles, or at least carry a net magnetic charge, were posted this week.
Our item of today is about reason 34 because that contains the most imbecile explanation of electron spin as done by overpaid physics professors. 

Item 1) Only imbeciles give imbecile explanations.

 Item 1) Only imbeciles give imbecile explanations.

You can check this explanation for yourself, it is found in the next short video at about 3 minutes in. The guy in the video is  David Awschalom and he is (or was) the head of a spintronics department somewhere on this globe.

Source file of the picture: Spintroncis made easy

This is how he looks: 


Now David is not the only physics professor starting the explanation with a spinning earth but he is the fucking head of a spintronics department! 

Furthermore this David claims that this electron spin can point in any direction like it can point to anywhere on a sphere...
But the 1922 Stern-Gerlach experiment said that THIS JUST DID NOT HAPPEN!

So in 94 years of progress in the science of physics these weirdo's still miss the main point: IF IN THE FUCKING STERN-GERLACH EXPERIMENT ELECTRONS GO AWAY FROM THE STRONGEST PARTS OF A MAGNETIC FIELD, THIS IS CAUSED BY REPELLING. 

And if the electron was a magnetic dipole, the thing could never undergo such a strong repelling force. Once you get that my dear but stupid David you also understand spintronic devices like the read and write head in spinning hard disks as we have at present day in our computers...  

I hope that I am not sounding frustrated because on the scale of things nobody dies from physics professors thinking weird and unproven stuff. While for example in the meantime if you look at the food advices from the Dutch Health Council thousands and thousands die every year for no reason at all. 

But the Dutch Health Council has a long history of being on the wrong side of things: In the 1960 we suddenly had to skip the fat and embrace a low fat diet.
Later a lot of people were advised not eating eggs because of cholesterol.
And so on and so on, even now in the year 2016 they advice stop using butter and change to liquid oils... 

In this world there is just never a shortage on idiots in high ranking positions.
Till updates & bake a few eggs in lovely butter.  


(08 Sept 2016) The Health Council of the Netherlands (de Gezondheidsraad) has a multi decade long history of giving the wrong food advices. Last year a new set of guidance's for food choices came out and today we are looking if they still are stupid to the bone yes or no.

Item 1) Check on the Health Council of the Netherlands.

 Item 1) Check on the Health Council of the Netherlands.

Last year new guide lines came out, you can find them in the next link (it is in Dutch of course):

In these pages you can find two advices that completely for the full 100% contra dictionary to each other. These two advices are: 

1) Stop drinking liquids that contain sugar, this includes fruit juices.
2) Eat at least 90 gram whole wheat bread a day. 

The idea behind advice 1 is likely that consuming too much sugar leads to too high levels of blood sugar, the body reacts by releasing insulin and as a result most of the consumed sugar turns into body fat.  

This is a very general thing: You can only store fat if insulin levels get elevated. 

The idea behind advice 2 comes from some cohort research that I have no access to but likely they compare whole wheat eaters to refined wheat eaters and indeed you may find a small positive health effect.  

More on blood sugar: Too high levels are poisonous to the human body and in the so called Glycemic index there are a whole lot of foods found and the influence on your blood sugar it has. 

Lot's of people ate a standard amount of food like 50 or 100 grams and this is compared to eating 50 or 100 grams glucose. The amount of blood sugar after consuming glucose is the fixing point labeled 100 (it is an index number). 

The university of Sidney has a perfect database of a lot of foods, you can check the numbers I give to you yourselves over there: 

Glycemic Index Database 

Snickers Australian = 41
Snickers USA = 65
Orange juice = 46
White bread = 70
Whole wheat bread = 75 to 85 

As you see on inspection, the orange juice is relatively innocent compared to the whole wheat bread. Now you might wonder as why whole wheat bread gives an ever higher reading compared to white bread? 

That is because whole wheat is not whole wheat; about 5% of the weight is extra added gluten. Because gluten is stuff that is in wheat naturally by law the millers are not obliged to tell this on the package but you can see it at the price you pay for whole wheat flower:  

Always in every store if you compare the cheapest while wheat flower to the whole wheat it is rather precisely 50 cents more expensive. But hey ha ha ha, the price per kilo gluten is 10€ hence 50 gr of gluten is 50 cents... 

At the Dutch Health Council they think that whole wheat means it is whole wheat but that is wrong, it is a refined product because healthy things like vitamin E are removed and sold to the cosmetics industry while extra gluten is added because otherwise the bread will not rise properly. 

Now what explains the very high index range of 75 to 85?
The extra gluten causes even more very tiny bubbles in the bread so whole wheat bread has more surface area for chemical reactions when it is inside your gut system. 


Do you understand why I think the Dutch Health Council is just another load of academic imbeciles? They name the Glycemic index in their report but when it comes to bread they do not use it because it does not fit their ideas upon healthy whole wheat foods... 

And if you ask them about that anti bread sentiment from lately they say: That is just some guru, it is just one person... 

From that reaction, that is broadly held at the Health Council, you can see they are even not capable of judging the stuff you can find in books like Wheat Belly that are written by that 'guru'?

Let me give you a similar reaction from the year 1905: 

Two professional physics professors PPP1 and PPP2 are having a conversation: 

PPP1: I did read a very interesting article about some guy that stated E = mass times the speed of light squared, did you see it too?
PPP2: Yes but I looked it up and there is that guy Albert Einstein, the problem is that he is not a scientist. He is just some fucking clerk at some stupid patent office...
PPP1: Oh I did not know he was not a scientist at all, we better skip that nonsense I just guess.
PPP2: Of course we skip this nonsense, only real scientist make real science and clerks are only there to sharpen the pencils and bring us our coffee. 

And that happened, for over three years nobody said a thing about what is now the most famous physics equation: E = mc^2. 

Ok this update is getting a bit long so let me skip the Alzheimer things because with the Alzheimer things the Dutch Health Council is also not picking up her responsibilities but only talks coward shit year in year out.

Let me leave you with a screen shot of the whole wheat GI index:


There are dozens and dozens more reasons as why these people working at the Dutch Health Council are just another layer of academic imbeciles. 

For example in the year 2005 it was discovered that the human brain can have diabetes, that was classified as diabetes type 3.

If you would ask the Dutch employees of the Health Council on that detail, they will react like seeing water burning of you have more of that 'it is just one person who found that' kind of stuff.

End of this update & and once more a rigid middle finger to de Gezondheidsraad!
Till updates. 


(07 Sept 2016) A few days back I finished the update on new methods for differential equations. That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Second teaser picture for the diff equations update. 

 Item 1) Second teaser picture for the diff equations update. 

So how 'new' are these 'new methods' anyway?
To be honest I have no idea, for example in Part 2 where we do the 'easy Taylor coefficient finding' it is hard to imagine nobody has done such a thing before. 

And in Part 1 where we expand solutions from the real line to the complex plane & more it is the same: It is hard to imagine nobody has never done that before. 

But in my life as a 53 year old person I have never seen it in not a single book or some internet resource. Yet one thing I can assure you: Everything beyond dimension 2 is very likely never done before. 

I shrunk the teaser picture from the other website from size 550 x 550 to 450 x 450 (otherwise it does not fit over here) and I hope you can read it a little bit. 

The new update is 10 pages long (that is 10 pictures of size 550 x 1100) and I did my best to concentrate on differential equations people know already and on approximation methods people know already. (Like the Taylor approximation.)

Click on the picture to land on the new update: 


For myself speaking the three coordinate functions as shown above can only be found if you treat the 3D vectors from 3D space as numbers. Otherwise you just cannot find a result like this. 

So that is one nail more in the coffin of the official math professors who think century in century out that three dimensional complex numbers do not exist... 

End of this update, if I have time this week we will also be looking at the very weird food advices as given by the Dutch so called 'gezondheidsraad' or as they name it themselves: Health Counsil of the Netherlands. 

These people are retarded to the bone and with only 10 minutes of internet search that can be validated on a deep level. Ok, see you around & till updates.  


 (29 Aug 2016) I am very pleased with the results from the university of California related to reversing Alzheimer because that is not very hard to do via diet changes.
So that is item number 1, in item number 2 a teaser picture for new methods of solving differential equations. 

Item 1) Dutch government health officials are really stupid. 
Item 2) New methods for solving differential equations, teaser picture.

 Item 1) Dutch government health officials are really stupid.

This year the Dutch health officials from the so called Gezondheidsraad crafted new guidelines around food, In the USA they have the 'food pyramid', here we have the 'disk of five'.   

In this item I will not go to long lengths as why I think that Dutch government officials are just as incompetent as math or physics professors. I just give a very simple calculation around blood sugar levels. Here we go: 

If you have developed that nice condition known as diabetes type 2 you constantly have too much sugar in your blood and that is not good. Now how do medical doctors measure your blood sugar levels?  

Very simple: If the reading is 140 that means you have 140 milligrams of blood sugar per deciliter of blood. That is a very difficult way of saying you have 1.4 grams of suger per liter blood. 

Healthy levels of blood sugar between meals is in the range of 90 to 100 meaning 0.9 to 1 gram per liter blood. 

So in your blood there is about 5 gram of blood sugar in your entire body if you have healthy blood sugar levels. 

Now suppose you eat two baguettes or about 200 gram of bread, let's say these two baguettes contain about 120 grams of wheat and I do not know the exact percentage but suppose this wheat breaks down into 80 grams of sugar. 

Do you understand the problem? 

Eighty grams of sugar eager to enter your blood stream is about 15 times the amount of sugar in your blood you need to function properly.   

Let me keep this item short: Most elderly are not bicycling the Tour the France on a daily basis, they do not need this high intake of sugar. It would be far more better if their livers produce the blood sugar they need.

And this, my dear reader is why I think the Dutch health officials are just another bunch of crap... 

Update from 31Aug 2016: The latest update on food by the Gezondheidsraad are in the next link. It is a pdf file and it speaks for itself.

 Item 2) New methods for solving differential equations, teaser picture.

In the past I have stated often that if the complex plane is a fish bowl, the higher dimensional number systems are an ocean. 

Therefore the present 100 thousand professional math professors always prefer to be in that very fish bowl. This kind of flock behavior is very interesting, all in all it acts like a religion preventing progress and studying the ancient texts with devotion...  

Hello bunch of weirdo's: Here I have two functions x(t) and y(t) that are just simple real valued functions but if you differentiate them this mimics the multiplication from your superior complex plane.  

Without all this emotion about incompetent professionals: Lately I have been studying time evolution of complex spaces and to my amazement it was so simple to find very deep results so soon. 

You know inside math societies there is that idea going round: All the low hanging fruit was picked by Euler and associates. This is a nonsense idea: Only overpaid people eating bread at breakfast can take this seriously. 

Here is the teaser picture, just differentiate the two x and y functions my dear professional math professors and voila: There is your magnificent complex plane multiplication...  


End of this update, finalizing the above math work will take about one week while talking reason to our local health officials will take about 750 years. 
Till updates. 


(24 Aug 2016) Last year in 2015 I did a seven update long explanation of how to prevent Alzheimer based on the idea that those dementia illnesses are caused by the brain not having enough energy. 

Anyway the conclusion was: Stop eating that fucking bread because it contains gluten and the gluten is what weakens the blood-brain barrier. Also stop eating all that weird stuff like carbon-hydrates because if you eat the stuff that babies and children need that is not good for you... 

Now, 2016 by the way, at UCLA they had a small study with only 10 patients but they were capable of reversing the Alzheimer symptoms... That is our item of today: 

Item 1) Can Alzheimer be prevented by simple dietary choices? 

 Item 1) Can Alzheimer be prevented by simple dietary choices? 

In 2015 I perfectly understood how bad the general food advices are as given by the governments of all Western countries. That is not some evil conspiracy but much more accumulation of stupidity that gives rise to weird food advices like eating bread for breakfast. 

So in order to avoid hefty frustration I decided: Only seven updates and after that we will observe year in year out all those deaths from Alzheimer and the other brain deceases that kill efficiently. 

That is important because the imbeciles that give those government sponsored food advices simply have to carry a lot of their own grandma's and grandpa's to the grave before they will realize: My food advices are not 'completely optimized' yet. 

It is now only one year later and this is already the second time this year I speak about it again, but both on the gluten front and the consuming of simple carbon-hydrates it looks like the small UCLA study of only 10 patients is a thundering victory. 

I only cut and paste change number 1 that is the most important step in avoiding / reversing Alzheimer: 

Eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food from her diet, and eating more vegetables, fruits and non-farmed fish. 

Comment: It is important that year in year out all those nurses and medical doctors keep on carrying their own grandparents to the grave prematurely because only this kind of emotion will change the way they view food. 

Here is a modified picture of a screen shot, once more it is important that those weirdo's that keep on eating bread die too soon because they were stupid in the first place: 


Source link:

Oops I also observe this strange advice of 'fasting for a minimum of 12 hours'. 

Now in order to get a clear discrepancy between the government guidance for food intake and my own view on that: Always allow for the elderly who already have Alzheimer to have lot's of candy in their rooms... 

Ok they will die prematurely from consuming all those sugary products, but we live in a free society without borders. 

Let's leave it with that; please die from Alzheimer to bring strength to my statistics!
Till updates & do not forget to eat your daily whole wheat bread at breakfast.  


(20 Aug 2016) Yesterday I posted reason nr 33 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles, a link will be there in item number 2. 

In item number 1 we will look at the MIT idiots once more. 

Item 1) More MIT idiot behavior observed?
Item 2) Reason number 33 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

 Item 1) More MIT idiot behavior observed?

Today I was just clicking around on this very website using the so called World Wide Web. To be precise: I was looking at my magnetic page. 

And guess what? 

Entry date = 12 July and two of the picture were missing...  

That was strange, this was so strange that I felt a heavy desire to investigate and indeed on the internet server two pictures were gone. 

Indeed this is strange behavior of website servers, so what kind of pictures are these??? Well these are two pictures where I more or less verbally attack one of those MIT weirdo's telling nuclear fusion is just around the corner.  

Here is the link to the refreshed page, I uploaded the first two images a second time so now the reading pleasure of the average reader is restored again:

12 July 2016: Reason 31: Experimental results from JET show non confinement for plasma particles

Please MIT give me a break: I am not responsible for the utter stupidity of your own nuclear plasma professors...  

 Item 2) Reason number 33 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles.

Reason number 33 is a rather perfect reason because also in Europe we have lot's of weird physics professors trying to make nuclear fusion work. 

But the weird plasma professors always refuse to accept the elementary detail that electrons and other spin half particles are accelerated by magnetic fields. 

I found a perfect quote that talks about 'magnetic energy' that is supposedly loaded into the nuclear plasma and can destroy the fusion reactor if not understood properly... 

The professional plasma physics professors ( a pppp) do not understand it, but after retirement they can say what they want. And as such I was happy as a child to find the next drawing of a retired pppp:


Ok, end of this update. It was strange to observe the two pictures related to the incompetents of MIT removed from the web server. 
But there is no need to declare war on MIT or the wider parts of the USA because those people are on a long decade run of eating themselves to death.  

Of course I with them good luck with that ;) Till updates.  


(13 Aug 2016) Two days ago I posted reason number 32 as why electrons must be magnetic monopoles or at least must have a net monopole charge. In this update I named 3 things as why nuclear fusion will never work.

Item 1) For the first time I use the words 'magnetic discharge'.

 Item 1) For the first time I use the words 'magnetic discharge'.

When you look at those modern video's from the surface of the sun with all those coronal mass ejections it is hard to understand that this is only done by electrical fields and electrical discharges. 

Yet at present day with the Maxwell equations still ruling the brains of professional physics professors only electricity and/or mechanical motion can explain the behavior of solar plasma. 

After my humble opinion, all those discharges of plasma on the sun along magnetic field lines also have to do with what I call a 'magnetic discharge'. It looks a lot like an electrical discharge as for example we have here on earth in the case of lightning where a channel of ions (plasma) enables the electrical discharge.  

Solar magnetic discharges must be different in the sense you see something flying out and landing in some other spot of the sun. But if it is for example only magnetic monopole north particles going out, there must be a more or less equal amount of magnetic monopole south particles going into the sun.
Only you cannot see that but there is a strong clue as we see Newton's law of action versus reaction at work because never we observe shockwaves going out no matter how bit the coronal mass ejection is... 

Anyway a bit more down to earth; here is the picture of professional physics professor Steve Cowley who at some point in the video starts asking as why the plasma in the fusion reactor starts rotating... 

This Steve guy is from the UK JET fusion project and every time those people make we wonder: How can you work year in year out on stuff like that and never ever wonder as what makes the plasma following the magnetic field lines?????

Click on the picture to land on reason number 32:  


Link to the video the above screenshot comes from: 

Source: Inside ITER: Preparing to burn (Steve Cowley) 

Let me not do negative or sarcastic but give you a simple example:

If an electron with initial velocity of zero goes from a negatively charge plate of -200 Volt to a positively charged plate of +200 Volt we say it has gained 400 eV (electron Volts) of energy. 

The electrons follow the electrical field lines because the electrical charges create a force on the electrons. 

With magnetism it is grosso mode the same only in practice it is very hard to mobilize enough magnetic monopoles because now the line splits in the particles themselves: there are two kinds of electrons, two kinds of protons, two kinds of neutrons etc etc. 

End of this update, till updates my dear reader.  


(03 Aug 2016) A teaser picture for a new post on the other website. 

Yeah yeah, higher order Cauchy Riemann equations and the math paradise they bring... If you would ask one of those severely overpaid non performing professional math professors about higher order Cauchy Riemann equations they would say: 

That is so simple to understand, nobody will study that because you are only going around in circles. 

Item 1) Teaser picture for an impending post on the other website.

 Item 1) Teaser picture for an impending post on the other website.

Oops oops, partial differential equations as the professional math professors have never seen them before... 

So as usual since the year 1990 when I for the very first time found the Cauchy-Riemann equations for the 3D complex numbers, there will be no response whatsoever. 

But life goes on and overpaying people always introduces giant inefficiencies, just look at the banking sector of our economy, and since life goes on I simply post some new teaser picture of some partial differential stuff. 

Let's keep it simple: Here are some higher order CR-equations & let's leave it with
that...  Click on the picture for the new post on the other website:


Yeah yeah, factorization of the Laplacian that rules the wave equation of quantum mechanics and those weirdo's stay 100% silent year in year out. 

End of this update, till updates. 


(30 July 2016) Wow man I am back from a very short holiday with a person named Son and although completely untrained he performed well:
On the second day he had to bicycle 88 km and he was almost like dead meat.
On day number five we did 104 km and after that he had plenty of energy left...

Also on day 5 we only ate non carb meals, very small like less than one third of normal energy intake for your body. It was a perfect lesson for Son: he now knows he can ride the bike for over one hundred kilometers without any of that weird carb food... 

Item 1) Can you as a nation eat yourself to death premature???

 Item 1) Can you as a nation eat yourself to death premature???

Of course you can, the most perfect example of wasting your citizens is the USA where more or less unavoidable life span will decline more and more in the next decades to come. 

It is strange that the nation with the highest per capita citizen GDP is also the nation leading in decline of your average citizen lifespan. 
The best way to understand societies learn nothing from the global obesity growth is every 3 months in Google news you search for the simple phrase 'obesity'. 

Just read some of that stuff and 3 months later you do the same and you arrive at the conclusion: This is a system that is not capable of learning. 

It is always the same dumb stuff like people need to exercise more. 
But if as a nation you feed your citizens industrial products instead of healthy food, what use is there in more exercise?  

The reason for this update is the next simple graph, I do not know how reliable it is but it is now the year 2016 and we are still more or less on steam with the impending decline of average USA citizen lifespan expectation. 


It more or less looks like those USA people are eating themselves to death, I wish them good luck with that because for the rest of the world that could be a reason to avoid too much industrial products that are marketed as food. 

Sources of the above picture: 

America’s inefficient health-care system: another look

Economy of the United States 

End of this small update, if you are a USA citizen please keep on eating yourself to death because otherwise you would make me look like some kind of fool and I do not like that...  

Till updates. 


(20 July 2016) Last year 2015 I did a seven update long set of item's about Alzheimer, the root cause being an energy problem in the brain via insulin resistance and how easily to avoid this via dietary changes.
There was some unfinished business: All those weirdo's that claimed you need to eat carbs because your brain only runs on glucose...  

Item 1) Does evolution say: Thou shall eat carbs 3 times a day all year long? 

 Item 1) Does evolution say: Thou shall eat carbs 3 times a day all year long? 

In 2015 we observed there is a whole lot of experimental evidence that says Alzheimer is caused by insulin resistance in the brain. And when your brain has insulin resistance it cannot take in glucose while because insulin levels are far too high the body cannot burn fat at the same time. 

And if your body cannot burn the fat it gets deposited at strange places like your muscles and even in your body cells; that is the root cause of insulin resistance: intra cellular lipids blocking the insulin. 

Basically it is easy to understand: 

If you like me are 50+ years of age but you keep on eating like you are a 12 year old boy, likely you will run into a broad array of trouble. At the same time our own government is promoting to eat bread a few times a day but that stupid advice only ensures you cannot burn fat.  

And if you can't burn it, your body will deposit it in the strangest of places. 


Anyway, last year I could never find a reliable source that explained in layman terms how your brain gets the energy it needs to function normally. 

The next video is from Eric Berg and a long time ago that person was the first to inform me that after eating a few slices of bread you cannot burn fat for many hours. I had some WTF reaction to that but studying the details proved Eric to be 100% right.

Anyway, click on the next pic to see the video and if you want to avoid Alzheimer ensure that you are able to burn that fucking body fat:


Link used: 

In the meantime our own Dutch health authorities knows as 'de gezondheidsraad' promote eating bread because going against too much bread is 'just some trend' and is promoted by 'just some guru'... 

In my opinion these fake scientists should start at the basis and look up some stuff known as the glycemic index. It is obvious that in the past they were to fucked up stupid for this and it is expected in the future to be the same. 

So let me give the middle finger to de gezondheidsraad, in our society those fake scientists only make the problems worse and worse. Lets leave it with that, till updates. 


 (19 July 2016) All this bogus stuff using weird and complicated math that really does not help very much in understanding magnetism. Today's item is a short one and we compare how my 50 € experiment without any math at all relates to a similar result from that what likely is a ppp. (A ppp is a professional physics professor.)

Item 1) If you cannot use math, how to do physics experiments???

 Item 1) If you cannot use math, how to do physics experiments???

On 18 June I showed you the next photo where I show that with a stack of about 30 € of those new neodymium magnets on an old television you can separate the electrons from the three electron cannons into three regions:

Region 1: The outside.
Region 2: The dark spot where no electrons land at all.
Region 3: The center spot where the electrons that are attracted land.  

By all means, this is a very simple experiment... 


So let me show you the math needed so that a ppp can put up a similar graphic.
You can find this in the preprint archive, here is the title and link stuff: 

Spin Transport in Tilted Electron Vortex Beams 

Try to understand the math these professional idiots use...
It is incomprehensible, far to technical and has no relation with real nature whatsoever. But weirdly enough, after using a galaxy of not needed math this guy arrives at the next picture: 


The conduct of those people is breathtaking; holding on to the Maxwell equations but also capable of using some 'positive B' for spin filtering. 

What 'positive B' actually is is not explained of course; after all physics is the new 21-th century religion and as such we will observe much more 'miracles' like 'positive B' before those weirdo's understand electrons carry magnetic charge... 

Till updates. 


(13 July 2016) Just finished the 31-th reason as why electrons are not magnetic dipoles, it even contains are very simple calculation that everybody who understands 
F = ma will grasp... 

Item 1) Reason 31 as why electrons are not fully understood...

 Item 1) Reason 31 as why electrons are not fully understood...

Ok ok I know I have to be patient, but I am now talking 3 years about the fact that electrons do not behave the way they are supposed to do under the present umbrella of scientific physics knowledge. 

That is about 2% of the time since the Gauss law for magnetism was penned down by Gauss... 

It is remarkable that also in this case we have about zero response from the universities and academia; the bravery of those people speaks for itself (just like all those coward math professors). 

Of course I can put a positive spin on it: 

If they are incompetent to the bone, they know when to stay silent... 

Anyway, here is a small teaser picture and if you click it you will land on reason number 31 as why electrons are not magnetic dipoles as was conjectured by Gauss long long long before the actual discovery of electrons: 


Ok that was it, pop up a fresh beer or do whatever you like. 

See ya around! Till updates.  


(11 July 2016) It was a beautiful day yesterday because a Dutch guy did win an etappe in the Tour de France using brain over muscle while the Portuguese won the European soccer title... 

But our item of today is about plasma physics; if we want to save the earth for future generations we need fusion energy but the shitheads do everything wrong big time. 

Item 1) Why are professional physics professors in plasma so dogmatic?

 Item 1) Why are professional physics professors in plasma so dogmatic?

The answer is very simple: 


I deleted the text as I wrote it last night; I was far to angry and frustrated by how those plasma professors do not understand their own stuff. 

In order to kill the frustration I made a picture with four small screen shots from the video below where I show you what is wrong with the official approach. According to the laws of Maxwell in a magnetized plasma no acceleration occurs because of the magnetic field. On the other hand most people know that if you observe turbulence this is always related to acceleration of deacceleration of the stuff involved. Let it be air around an air plane or plasma in a tokamak; the turbulence itself is a strange attractor and always there are forces and energy involved... 

Here are just four things wrong with plasma physics: 


Fault 1: In the upper screen shot you see helical electron or proton movement; this is correct and caused by the Lorentz force but the way this is drawn you observe no acceleration of the particle. That is the 'dogma part' of plasma physics.

Fault 2: A giant difference between theory and experiment; they try to understand how particles disperse to the outside (that is the D with the perp sign to it) and if you use dogma stating magnetic monopoles to not exist you get that very small number.
Experimental evidence shows it is much much more like in the order of one square meter per second.

To the excuse of the plasma professors this is info from the UK based JET tokamak and they also use electricity to keep the plasma together and electricity also accelerates plasma particles...  

Fault 3: Plasma does not diffuse properly, anyway not like Brownian motion. But if you need stuff like Lévy-flight to model your plasma, something must ensure the acceleration of those particles. Well magnetic acceleration proportional to the inverse of the mass explains all observed stuff properly.

Fault 4: If all spin half particles are magnetic monopoles, in all tokamak and stellarator designs both electrons and nuclei will more around in two directions. So you will always get four streams of particles. And when those stream collide always a lot of particles will hit the walls of the vessel. 


I simply predict that both the 20 billion € ITER in France nor the Stellarator from the Max-Planck institute will work properly ever. The design is flawed because in fact the particles are accelerated by the magnetic field and the longer it is confined by the magnetic fields the more turbulent it will get.

It is as easy as it is my dear reader. (And that made me so aggressive yesterday because the advocates of nuclear fusion always do that bla bla of global heating but those fools are on the wrong path...) 

Anyway, here is a link to the video that triggered it all:  

Neo classical transport in tokamak plasmas. 

Till updates. 


(09 July 2016) Yesterday I posted the latest post on 5D complex numbers and how I found the first modified Dirichlet kernel on the other website. Click this or the teaser picture from the previous update below. 

This update is about climate change as I can see it where I live. 

Item 1) The climate is shifting but nobody changes lifestyle yet...

 Item 1) The climate is shifting but nobody changes lifestyle yet...

Just a few anecdotes: 

Anecdote 1: Reinko is a draft soldier in the years 1985 & 1986 and by train I had to travel every week from the north to the south of this country. It was highly interesting to observe spring of 1985: 

In the south more or less perfectly the spring in all of it's details started about 14 days early compared to where I lived in the north of the country.  

The distance traveled was about 300 km in a straight line.

In the year 2016 it was in the local news that the growing season for al plant life around there was about 6 weeks longer. 

Beside spring we also have later autumns and the calculation is very simple: 

In about 30 years we now have the average climate around here like it was in the 1980-ties about 450 km to the south. For a human with their short lives this does not sound like a bit deal, yet in geological terms it goes with the speed of light. 

Anecdote 2) An 18 year old boy takes a walk through a local park and there suddenly is that giant plant that I just have never seen before. The locals name it bereklauw or bearclaw. And the thing is beautiful, almost three meters high unlike all other weeds around here it sure was a king the very first second I did see that new weed. 

At present day this weed has become a pest: It has become widespread and is a highly invasive plant so to say. Every year the costs of controlling this pest have gone up. 

Here is a photo I took today, I think this is ground owned by the local university and in the background there was just some demolition of the new pest but one small plant survived the pest control: 


In the background you see the poisonous destroyed bearclaw... 

Anecdote 3: Last month June 2016, for the first time in recorded history the yet streams high in the atmosphere have crossed the equator going from north to south. 

Normally the atmosphere around the equator is about 3 km higher and that more or less always keeps the jet streams from the northern and southern hemisphere separated. Well no longer I just guess. 


Climate change is not something that will happen in some long distance future, it goes on year in year out but nobody changes lifestyle. 

Therefore the people from the SETI project searching for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe should turn around their telescope and turn it into a microscope and try to find intelligent life on our own very planet.

That is what I had to say today, have a nice life or try to get one.
Till updates.  


(04 July 2016) Today with a bit of delay like seven days, I finished the text for the nest post on the other website. It is about five dimensional complex numbers. Weirdly enough the 5D update from 30 Jan 2014 on this website always ends up very high in the search engine results. 

That is strange because that old 30 Jan 2014 update is really hardcore & as far as I know reality professional math professors do not like hardcore or softcore math when it comes from outside a university or so.

And that is our item of today: a teaser picture and a strange video of a guy defending the suburb academia & university people. 

Item 1) New teaser picture + do scientists use dogma?

 Item 1) New teaser picture + do scientists use dogma?

For the math folks, professional or not, British or not, try to think a little bit about the two integrals in the teaser picture below. Likely they can be solved using standard math techniques but I can solve it with two fingers in my nose while looking & thinking at other problems...  

As you see it has a nice flag in the background, the flag is irrelevant because what is relevant is how present day math could solve these two simple to understand integrals.
Later in the week when I uploaded the new post you can click on it for the new post:  


A Youtube channel under the name Concordance or as he writes it: C0nc0rdance has most of the time carefully thought through videos. Now to his defense I have to say this conordance guy mostly takes it out at the USA based creationalists and those USA folks believing in the literate creation of the earth like every point and comma in the Bible was scientific fact are one hundred percent retarded.

But thinking that the official science community is not prone to such thought is naive by all standards. I now have a solid bag of 30 reasons as why (for example) electrons carry magnetic charge just like they carry electrical charge but even if I could guess what happens if I would send that to a peer reviewed physics outlet like Nature??? 

Come on Mr. Concordance; the peer reviewer will use lot's of dogma because it is deep in the Maxwell equations that magnetic monopoles do not exist. 

Just a detail: For about 65 years physics people try to make fusion reactors because we fucking need an energy source outside gas, coal and oil. How much progress did they make? Indeed zero point zero point nothing... 

So do not say this so called 'exact science' does not use dogma. 

Here is the link: 

The Tyranny of Evidence: Do Scientists Use Dogma? 

Come on Mr. Concordance, both physics and math professors use dogma all of the time in all of the places. And year in year out a common characteristic is that when you confront them with it: They stay silent year in year out.  

Till updates my dear reader.   


(02 July 2016) By sheer accident today I bicycled towards a local village known as Haren and I came across that large spancloth reading: Open day 02 July at your drink water company. 

So driven by curiosity I went there and after taking some photo's of all that technical stuff I suddenly realized: THE BRITISH SHOULD KNOW THIS TOO!!!!! 

So that is our item of today: 

Item 1) Making Great-Brittany tea again. 

 Item 1) Making Great-Brittany tea again.  

It is no secret the British love their tea and that is not for nothing: without boiling the water and just drinking it without a boil you get all those illnesses and often people die.
By experience the clever British people know that if you drink tea you do not die from all those kind of weir illnesses... 

How does the average Brit make a tea?
For example this person lives near the river Thames, so if water is needed they go out with their kettle or a wooden bucket and a rope. They throw in the kettle or bucket and with the rope they pull it in. 

Ok, now the average Brit has his or her water they boil it and make their tea with it.


Here in my own country we often use so called ground water, it is free from bacteria or germs so it only needs a few treatments and it can be pumped to the households and companies that need water for a array of reasons. 

We can drink tap water without getting ill...
In the next photo you see one of the oxidation chambers where water from the deep ground is oxidized so it does not have that 'ground taste': 


And when seeing one of those oxidation chambers I thought: 
Wow man, the Brits should know this too!

But a few minutes later I realized that Louis Pasteur was the person that discovered that people get a whole lot of illnesses via germs. Let it be in the air, in the food or in the water... 

So the British logic very likely goes like this: 

Louis Pasteur = a French person while;
France = European while;
Europe = Evil Super State where:
Super State abbreviates to SS and that has something to do with World War II. 

And I realized the British could never ever use the theory of germ born disease because that is all evil evil evil and it is better to make tea the British way once more... 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(30 June 2016) Today I did some serious thinking now I understand that the pro Brexit camp was fighting evil decade in decade out. They were fighting evil European institutions where unelected technocrats were writing evil laws that enslaved the freedom seeking wonderful British people.

And the coin fell: Start subsidizing corn just like in the USA! 

Item 1) Just like in the USA: start poisoning your own population!

  Item 1) Just like in the USA: start poisoning your own population!

Every USA citizen knows that the USA is the greatest nation on earth.
This is caused by the simple fact there are so many fat and obese people over there; for their population size they have the most kilo's of human biomass on the entire planet. 

(Actually this is not 100% true because there are some small island states where obesity rates are even higher... But anyway for normal countries it is true.) 

Now in the USA they also have a long history of fighting evil, that was known as the war on drugs. And highly fanatic government agencies on all levels, let it be federal or state wise, fought drugs with ridiculous punishments.  

For example if you were a teenager in the 1980-ties caught with a tiny amount of weed you got criminal records. And for a lot of them that was the start of a lifetime of unemployment.

But evil is evil so the authorities kept on going to fight evil. 

In the meantime decade in decade out the US government kept on subsidizing corn and although that is not evil an sich, they allowed the high fructose corn syrup in unlimited amounts in the food of the US population.  

So while fighting the evils of drugs, as far as I know it the USA was the only government that poisoned it's own population year in year out. 

As a result we have a present generation of youth that will have a shorter livespan compared to their parents. 

Also: Per capita citizen the USA has the largest GDP.


Now we have Brexit Brittany should much more consider how she can be more and more in sync with the USA while fighting the evil European institutions. 

And after a bit of deep thinking the answer is very simple:

Start UK subsidies on corn, stimulate the consumption of high fructose corn syrup and ensure the rise of obesity by making Brittany bigger as ever before. 

Basically my advice is very simple: Just eat your way out and you'll be fine... 

A few technicalities as why it is so good to poison your own population while fighting evil at the same time is in the next vid: 

High Fructose Corn Syrup 

And if you are from the UK don't forget to eat more sugary stuff so all your savings go into your healthcare problems and your political masters will be happy because now they have more economical synchronization with the USA. 

Till updates.  


(29 June 2016) Correction: For me it is more or less very funny but I made a stupid typo in the updates below: it is not 0.1 cent but 0.1 Pound (or less than 0.1 Pound a day for the average UK taxpayer).

I also remember as why I made this dumb fault: I wanted to calculate it in pennies but I did not know how much pennies there are in one Pound. Well since the evil decimalization from 1968 (likely a European thing...) there are 100 pennies in one Pound.... 


In another development it slowly more and more starts emerging that high fat diets simply are best. I can confirm that because all in all I lost over 25 kg (for dumb UK folks: that is over 55 lbs) and once you understand how food works it is so simple to loose weight:

Simply avoid all foods that jack up your insulin levels & live happily ever after.

Now in the UK people who have lost a similar amount of body fat like I did, only 1 in 210 succeed in not gaining weight but are capable of stabilizing their body mass...

The UK fuckheads, they all start eating carbs again showing they might be able to loose some weight for a short time but just do not understand what it takes long term...

Now when following a high fat diet consume zero carbs, those carbon hydrates are only polymers of sugar and humans are not like bees: for us daily consumption of sugar is poisonous. Anyway here is the link: 

High-Fat Diet Best for Diabetes Prevention in Obesity Prone 

No news on the Brexit today yet it is important to again tell the world the UK people are relatively stupid because over there only 1 in 210 can hang on to a loss of body fat of over 25 kilo's. I mean: THAT IS A CULTURE OF FUNDAMENTAL RETARDATION.

So we are better off avoiding intimate contacts. Till updates.  


(28 June 2016) Didn't I say yesterday that our local imbecile Geert Wilders would also like to have a referendum? That one would have the name Nexit.
Now I was unaware of it but today it was on the news that the political 'party' that is lead by the imbecile Geert Wilders filed a so called motion in our parliament asking for a referendum over here in the Netherlands.

Twelve parliament members from the political 'party' lead by the imbecile Geert Wilders voted in favor of it together with two others that formerly were a member of the political 'party' that is lead by the imbecile Geert Wilders. 
So that is a score of below 10% of Dutch parliament.

This drives our two items of today: Why is political 'party' not a political party and that lovely 350 million a week bus from the Brexit weirdo's: 

Item 1) Why a political 'party' and not a political party? 
Item 2) Why do so many British believe in such strange propaganda? 

 Item 1) Why a political 'party' and not a political party? 

In any more or less democratic country if you want to be political active you can join a political party. And if you join you become that what is known as a member, you pay your yearly contribution, you can go to meetings, you can vote for the stuff that is so important the party members want to vote about and so on and so on. 

So not the PVV (that is the political 'party' as lead by the local imbecile Geert Wilders). The PVV has only one member: Geert Wilders. 

Why Geert is so anti-democratic is something I don't know.
But I know that the great Adolf was far more democratic: 
If you wanted you could join the Nazi's... 

Let's leave this imbecile with that. 

 Item 2) Why do so many British believe in such strange propaganda? 

Churchill once said: The best case against democracy is just a talk to the average voter for just five minutes. (Or words of similar phrasing.) 

He was right: Most people live ordinary lives and are satisfied with that and never try to get out and explore some fresh and new idea's. They eat their daily bread that keeps them dumb and when being dumb they ponder about stuff that dumb fat people like to ponder upon. 

As an experiment of thought: 

Suppose you are one dumb daily bread eater overweight person and you see this bus riding around: 


Ok, I more or less estimated the average cost for being in the European market for the average 30 thousand Pound earning a year British tax payer about 0.1 cent a day. 

That is the net cost because most of that comes flowing back. 

So why are so many Brits not attacking this bus in the past from before the Brexit vote? 



So from Adolf being much more democratic compared to that piece of shit Geert Wilders to the Bus of Lies, I call it a day and I say: till updates. 


(27 June 2016) Yesterday I finally digged into what those Brexit people had to say and it was some weird stream of videos of UK people talking about 'the evil empire'.
It was kind of strange to observe this, for some collection of weird reasons they think the European institutions are 'evil'.

So let's stay calm and observe we are simply better of now those idiots have voted themselves out... 

Another strange thing is that when our local imbecile Geert Wilders shouts: 'We want a referendum too!!!' that instantly a lot of foreign media folks think that Europe is on the verge of collapse. And this all contributes to the panic on the financial markets so I love it I love it & once more: I love it. 


But I also love it that I, Reinko Venema, was the guy that about 3.5 years ago figured out that electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles. And with that I am simply better compared to one century of professional physics professors... 

It is as simple as it is... So our item for today is what the ppp think of magnetic monopoles. The Youtube video is from the Royal Society, I saved it for a rainy day like today. 

Item 1) The heroic search for magnetic monopoles by the ppp.

 Item 1) The heroic search for magnetic monopoles by the ppp.

The professional physics professors are looking for a magnetic monopole that is at the end of an infinite long curly string and at the end for some strange reason a magnetic monopole has to drop out... 

Now in my world the word 'imbecile' not only refers to people like the Brexit voters or our local imbecile but also to physics professors who accept stuff like this 'infinitely long string' bla bla bla. 

It is so retarded that I am not going to comment on the video from the Royal Society; after all they made it themselves and after they made the video they did not destroy it but uploaded it to the Youtube channel so that every body can enjoy the fruits of their mind processes: 

Monopole quest (by the UK Royal Society) 

Just a screen shot: Paul was likely thinking if you extend this spiral thing long enough you would get a magnetic monopole:

Once more: this is so retarded and a disservice to the good things Paul Dirac did & I am not going to comment on this nonsense. 

Till updates. 


(25 June 2016) It would be tempting to comment about the Brexit but the main goal of this update is a bit more on the Maxwell equations. Therefore a small item on the Brexit and a normal item on the Maxwell equations related to the speed of light.

Item 1) Good news: The UK parasitic suckers are out!
Item 2) The Maxwell equations and the discovery of the speed of light. 

 Item 1) Good news: The parasitic suckers are out!

Decades ago it started with Margaret Thatcher: WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!! 

Now for some strange reason or a collection of strange reasons the Brexit camp in the UK always says that the UK is the biggest net contributor to the EU. 

I am amazed at how dumb this is; for the average tax payer in the UK about 1% of the paid taxes flow to the EU and a lot of that comes back. A guy under the alias of Thunderfoot made a good Youtube vid about that, he says: 

Suppose you earn 30 thousand Pound, you get taxed about 10 thousand Pound and from that about 100 Pound goes to the European institutions.
Most of what you pay comes flowing back and indeed if you are a net contributor as a country it might be expected not all 100 Pounds come flowing back so our hypothetical tax payer has a net loss of let's say 20 to 30 Pounds a year.

That would amount to at most 0.1 cent a day. 

For that they have access to a market of 500 million people, but for parasites as the British are these costs are apparently too high... 

Therefore as a Dutch guy I am glad we have gone rid of those parasitic shitholes...

 Item 2) The Maxwell equations and the discovery of the speed of light. 

Ok, it is not a secret I have a long list of about 30 reasons as why electrons must be magnetic monopoles and not the magnetic dipoles as the consensus is inside the field of science. 

If electrons are magnetic monopoles you need just a tiny change in the equations from Maxwell. But in the science of physics this Maxwell guy was some kind of prophet and on top of that he used an equation from Gauss that said that magnetic monopoles do not exist. 

Weirdly enough Gauss made his contribution many many years before the electrons were discovered. And as far as I know in the year 2016 there is zero point zero evidence that there is experimental proof for this weird claim. 

I mean everything in the Maxwell equations is shouting for symmetry, yet in the year 2016 professional physics professors are not capable of explaining the asymmetry as only waiving their arms while stating: life is so difficult to understand. 

Here is a nice screenshot: 


At present day you cannot paste code linking to Youtube video's any longer: You do not get a clean small link but the entire 'Youtube experience'.  

But the screen shot from above is from the next IP address: 

Let's leave it with that and don't forget the GOOD NEWS: These idiots that do not understand the 0.1 cent calculus have a NEW FUTURE!!!!

Till updates.  


(18 June 2016) Two items: a teaser picture for a new post on the other website about modified Dirichlet kernels and an item about reason number 30 as why electrons are magnetic monopoles or if you want: carry a net magnetic charge. 

Item 1) Teaser picture for the modified Dirichlet kernels.
Item 2) More proof that electrons are magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Teaser picture for the modified Dirichlet kernels.

In a few days I will post a relatively easy to understand post on the other website (that is and I did my best to keep it as simple as possible: 

Only dimension 1, 2 and 3 are covered although dimension 1 is rather boring because it amounts to a modified kernel that says d(t) = 1 all the time... 

But for n = 2 my modified kernels nicely gives the complex plane, as such suggesting this method of modified kernels are the answer to a few very deep mathematical questions I never dreamt of solving it...  

What the hydrogen bomb is in the average nuclear arsenal, that is what modified Dirichlet kernels are in the study of higher dimensional number systems. 


All in all I am glad I finally did pen down this simple math because it contains a few elementary proofs that I always took more or less for granted. But now they are written down and on a very fundamental level I could expand my proofs using existing knowledge. So this is not about 'new trigonometric equations' but the other way around:

Prove this trigonometric identity using existing math. 

Here is the thing to prove:  


It is not a deep result but it is very fundamental to my theory of 3D complex and circular numbers. 

  Item 2) More proof that electrons are magnetic monopoles.

Lately one of my brother came by for a visit and since this is a relatively seldom event it was nice to show some of the changes in my household like garden stuff, new furniture made and also: 

Show my triple electron cannon gun particle accelerator and how it reacts on a s stack of those new neodymium magnets. 

And when I showed him you could create spots on the screen where no electrons land, he observed that 'this is caused because electrons follow the magnetic field lines'. 

For me this is a very valuable insight because if my brother thinks that it is highly probable a lot of professional physics professors think that too...

In the magnetics page I updated number 30 with two more photo's showing how electrons behave under the magnetic fields of the new neodymium magnets. 
And those two photo's counteract what my brother said:

Electrons follow the magnetic field lines and are also magnetic dipoles...

As usual click on the picture to land on the new update:


Ok, that is what I had to say. Till updates.  


(09 June 2016) Ok ok may be yesterday I came a bit hard down on those beautiful people that only have a hard time to understand math but otherwise they are the best of intellectual forces humanity has...  

So today I actually took the time to look at the Youtube video I posted myself yesterday and at one hour and 34 minutes I decided I had enough. 

Item 1) Hey you Harvard weirdo's, why not explain to me the electron pair???

 Item 1) Hey you Harvard weirdo's, why not explain to me the electron pair???

When thinking about humans discussing if or not the universe is just a computer simulation I only get a severe headache after listening to all that stupid stuff they say. 

No computer can simulate itself, so for the universe to be a simulated thing you need a computer that is many many times the size of our universe. So that is a little bit problematic in the first place. 

So let me keep this update rather simple and challenge all those beautiful minds they have at Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Russian universities and so on: 


Why does nature (simulated or not) does not allow for the electron triplet? 

Let's leave it with that, the overpaid university workers will do their thing once more and talk about themselves and how good they are... Till updates.  


(08 June 2016) In the last update where I questioned if Elon Musk was a simulated retard I found 3 more of these weirdo's talking about our universe being a computer simulation... 

Item 1) Is the science of physics a replacement for religion?

  Item 1) Is the science of physics a replacement for religion?

Religion is the oldest form of organized science because religion tried to explain stuff about the world we humans could not understand very good. 

So everything was created by some almighty God or Yahweh or Allah or some Hindu stuff... 

And many valuable thought exercises were made: how many angels can dance upon the point of a needle. 

Normally scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson always reject the creationist thing because of the argument 'Who Created God???' 

And now these same people come up with the concept of that our universe is just a computer simulation of some superior alien race and that this kind of reasoning brings forward many 'mind blowing questions'.  

Don't believe me? Read this: 

WATCH: Is our Universe a simulation? The experts weigh in 

Who are these so called 'experts' that in my view cannot bake a mathematical cake anyway? There names are: 

1) Lisa Randall 
2) Neil deGrasse Tyson &
3) David Chalmers (the 'I found computer code inside math' weirdo). 

Facts are these 3 so called 'scientists' are too stupid in the first place to understand higher dimensional math like complex numbers in the first place.
In the second place people like these might be good in popularizing science but now they look as if they live to be on the television screen forever and ever...  

Back in the past it were also the more advanced scientists who pondered the question of how many angels could dance on the tip of a needle; in those old gone days it was the church that was the keeper of all knowledge known to man.

At present day the universities and academia's think they are the keepers of all knowledge scientific and we get shit like our universe is some computer simulation. 

I have said it so often: 

Present day science is organized like it is some substitute for religion... 

And if our universe would be a computer simulation, the computer that does this would be some kind of God don't you think?
And who did build that computer anyway? 
That is just like the question who created God... 

Let's stop this nonsense update on weird pseudo scientists like number 1), 2) and computer coding finding idiot 3). 

Sometimes I just wonder: Why do people like this talk crap bordering on the side of pure religion and why do they not study math at all? 

Till updates my dear reader. 


(02 June 2016) For years I am annoyed by people who say that we are living in a computer simulation of some alien advanced species.

Just 'do the statistics' they say; the probability that we are living inside a simulation of reality are far greater compared to actually not living in a simulated world. 

Item 1) Is Elon Musk a simulated retard?

 Item 1) Is Elon Musk a simulated retard?

In the USA the Elon Musk guy is rather famous because he is in a very interesting array of companies. Rumors say he is more or less against AI (artificial intelligence) and in the next video you can observe all that stupid talk about 'living inside a simulated world': 

Elon Musk: Chance we are not living in a computer simulation is 'one in billions'

Now without doubt Elon is a smart guy and to be honest there is something to the idea we are living inside some virtual reality. 

But it is all nonsense after you try to do the next thought experiment: 

You must build a computer that has only one goal: 

Craft a simulation of yourself, so the computer has to build a program that if executed properly is a simulation of itself. 


Just think about that for a few days; even our biggest human build super computers can only mimic a few million molecules of let's say the actual power supply of that very super computer. 

This is a very fundamental law in my opinion: 

No computer can make a simulation of itself that is actually better than the original. 


So the idea that we live in a simulated world is kind of crazy to the bone:

Show me the computer that can do this in the first place and secondly:
Show me the aliens that for some strange reason want to make such simulations of our universe...  

Please keep it real: Despite what all those scientist say, it is fundamentally not possible to live inside a simulation because computers cannot simulate themselves. 

Hence, we are living in some kind of reality... (And not in some stupid simulation of that.) 

Till updates.   


 (27 May 2016) This update is mainly an advertisement for the new [a, r, t] coordinates as I published them on the other website a few days ago.

That is our item of today: 

Item 1) An advertisement for the new [a, r, t] coordinate system.

 Item 1) An advertisement for the new [a, r, t] coordinate system.

With a delay of about one week I finished this update, it is 14 pictures long with picture size 550 x 775 pixels. 

It is less technical compared to the latest update on page 4 of the higher dimensional complex numbers where on 6 May I introduced the [a, r, t] coordinates for the first time.  

In the [a, r, t] coordinate system all of those special properties of important particular higher dimensional complex numbers come together and each play the fine role as is needed. 

For any coordinate system to be useful, if must adept to the way the human brain works. For example we teach rectangular coordinates to high school pupils and when you enter university you also get polar coordinates in the plane. Cylindrical and spherical coordinates in 3D space and so on.

This [a, r, t] coordinate system is luckily very easy to understand: 
You take a cone and drag it through space along it's main axis of rotation...
You can 'touch' every point in 3D space with this simple idea. 

Ok ok there are some technical issues: In order to calculate the t coordinate you need all these fancy internet apps so this new coordinate system is in many ways also a true 21-century coordinate system: without those internet apps or advanced computer programs on your desktop it would not be of much use. 


In the post on the new [a, r, t] coordinates I also give a new rule of de Moivre and I am joking that in about 3 centuries it is good there is finally some progress on that detail. 

Here is the teaser picture, click on it to land at the post on the new coordinate system.

Ok that was more or less what I had to say; it is funny to point attention once more to the new de Moivre identities while at the same time noticing non of all those fancy overpaid math professors will react on it... 

Let's leave it with that, till updates my dear reader.  



(20 May 2016) On the other website a weird thing is going on: I am getting hundreds of comments on my post on using 3D complex numbers for atomic and molecular orbitals. There is only one tiny problem: Non of them are written by humans...

So that is the item for today: 

Item 1) Can we kill AI before it kills us or shall we love AI?

 Item 1) Can we kill AI before it kills us or shall we love AI?

The last years all of a sudden AI is taking off because now you can train artificial neural networks like never before. This stuff is known as deep learning; it is possible to create some collection of artificial neural network and to train it. 

Anyway to make some long story very very short: 

A very important update on the other website was update number three on how to use 3D complex numbers when solving the Schrödiger equation. It basically says you should use only 3D complex numbers that are found on the main cone.  

It is relative deep math, so you are invited to check on those hundreds and hundreds of weird comments make by computer programs but there is not one real human amongst them at my other website: 

Third post on the Schrödinger wave equation using 3D complex numbers for atomic & molecula orbitals.

End of this update on the rise of the machines: Will they kill us?
Till updates my dear reader.  


(14 May 2016) Yesterday may be many years to late I went to the local child protection agency here in my city. They are located at the Leonard Springer Laan. At first I only wanted to make an appointment for next week or so, but there was a female prepared to make notes so I told my story.  

So I am changing my seven uploads on Hanneke slightly because the female from the local child agency explained a bit to me how children behave when they come under severe deprivation of people that show normal affection. 

This is the item for today: 

Item 1) Because the smallest child behaves like the child protection female says...

 Item 1) Because the smallest child behaves like the child protection female says...

Ok the latest news on the smallest child of the female psychopath Hanneke is very simple: Together with his sister he moved to a new school but he has behavior problems that forced the school to expel him and he has to go to one of those special education schools. 

But on those schools there is no room so he has to wait at least 30 days. And ha ha ha most of those 30 days will be spend with his dearest of psychopath mommy's depriving him even more from contact with people that act normally when it comes to showing a bit of affection.  

When telling my small selection of observations around Hanneke the female from the child protection agency said: 

Such children when they are offered affection often are very claiming about that. 

As I understood from the biological father of the child this is the case: The small boy wants attention from his teacher but he is in a class with like say 25 other children.
He does not get his attention fast enough so he does things like pulling the cables from the computers or some other stuff that brings attention in a fast way... 

You see, everything I have told you points only in one direction: 

Hanneke is a psychopath and as such she is not capable of understanding in a deep way how emotions in other people work. 


Let me close this with story number 7 on Hanneke because for myself speaking I am deprived from talking about math and stuff:

Last year Hanneke her oldest son became homeless because for a few years he has lived with his biological father (he has a different father compared to the other kids) and that father moved to another town. 

So he became homeless sleeping on other addresses most of the days. I meet him in the street and he is explaining a bit how life goes and he cannot get enrolled in a new education because he is homeless. And those schools do not accept homeless people.  

I think about it for a day or two and decide 'You can live officially at my address but you can't be here seven days a week'. He agrees.  

In the same time I met Hanneke and we talked a bit about the homeless problems of her eldest son. And she is completely against the idea that he could use my address for example when he has to receive some mail or so. 

So this is the emotional system of the psychopath named Hanneke S: 

When her oldest son is homeless, she tries to make him homeless even longer. 

Ok, end of the 7 Hanneke files. Till updates.  


(12 May 2016) This is update number five on Hanneke. In this update I describe some stuff that happened in the year 2005 so that is when she only had one child. 

Item 1) After a few weeks suddenly Hanneke understands why...

 Item 1) After a few weeks suddenly Hanneke understands why...

Ok I learned the 10 year old boy to ride a bicycle and I slowly get more understanding of what is missing in his upbringing as a child. Now all my own children are a member of the local library; for kids up to 18 years it is totally free and that is one of the unpaid treasuries of our society. 

Needless to say I consider it very important that children have access to giant vaults of knowledge and also fun books to read. So I am consulting Hanneke if she knows it is free anyway and shall be make her son also a member of the local city library? 

I didn't know it was free she says so I take that as a token that we can go direction city library. 

So I take Hanneke her son there, show him how the book borrowing system works, we go through the membership administration stuff etc etc.  

The boy selects some books and we return home, likely at Hanneke her house I will drink some whisky and smoke a few joints because by now I understand that is her favorite way to kill the day time. 

I basically forget about the whole thing until a few weeks later Hanneke shows up at my doorstep in the evening. Her child is unsupervised at her home apparently. 

And Hanneke is really mad at me, that is clear so what is the problem I ask. 

Now I understand why you did all this library stuff! (She is really angry!)
That is to put my family in a bad spot light! (I have no clue what this is about.) 

Well it turns out the boy was late with returning the borrowed books, as most people know this is no a big deal like a fine of 10 cents a day.  

I try to explain that I never wanted a bad spot light on her family in any way but she keeps on being highly emotional and keeps on insisting that I did this library stuff only to put her family in a bad spot light. 

After two full hours of 'discussion' this detail it dawns on me the only way to stop this nonsense is to put up a fight in order to reset the brain of Hanneke. 

And I am shouting as hard as I can: Why do you have no teeth? You were a fucking heroin whore, you are a useless piece of shit. Your face is so ugly, who wants to fuck you now.  

After about 10 minutes of this stuff (in the meantime I am worrying what my neighbors will think of me tomorrow and the days after...) finally her brain breaks down and she starts to sob and cry.  

So after about 2.5 hours she stopped explaining that all this library stuff was done to put her family in a bad spotlight. All the time the kid was home so I send her back to her house and indeed she goes away. 


Now my dear reader take some time to think about it: There are far less female psychopath compared to the rate of male psychopaths in the population. 

But on that day in the year 2005 I more or less began to understand that Hanneke was a female psychopath. 


Yet on the wider range of things, every person is more or less a psychopath. For example if you step with you shoe on a few ants, do you instantly stat crying because you just killed a few of those very beautiful ants? 

No, normal people usual have little emotional attachment to a few bugs that might get killed yes or no. After all pest control is also important. 

Let me end with a nice old video of a neuroscientist who more or less discovers from his own brain scan he himself is in fact a psychopath also... 

But ha ha ha, there is a difference; Hanneke has a very low IQ while this guy is a higher IQ version of the psychopath thingeling.     

Discovering One's Hidden Psychopathy 


End of this update, till updates my dear reader.  


(11 May 2016) This is update number four on Hanneke. In this update we do bedtime stories Hanneke style while in the next update I will give you a rather fundamental proof of her being a female psychopath. 

Item 1) Bedtime stories Hanneke style.

 Item 1) Bedtime stories Hanneke style.

Ok, in the afternoon we have been smoking joints and drinking whisky for hours in a bad ventilated room with a baby present. 
We have had our food and that is a thing where Hanneke is very good at: cooking. 

After the meal I turn to beer because I cannot stand those huge amounts of whisky.
Somewhere between 7 and 8 'o clock in the evening Hanneke suddenly decides it it bedtime for the baby. 

So she grabs the kid form the floor, goes to the room next to the living room en returns in a few seconds. As soon as she closes the door the baby starts to cry. 

Hanneke walks to the dinner table in the corner of the living room and she does not say a thing. I can see she is angry because of all that crying from the sleeping room.
This goes on for over half an hour, all the time she keeps looking angry. 

At some point in time I try to explain why telling bedtimes stories and talking a bit of what happened that day is good for children and that most of the time they will not cry... 

Hanneke does not say a thing, I am pretty sure all three of her children have never heard one story from her in their entire life. They might have seen it on the television, parents that actually talk to their children instead of only giving commands and barking negative comments... 

Now why does Hanneke do this? Once more; a psychopath has no clue about how emotions in normal people work. For Hanneke reading bedtime stories is a fucking waste of effort and time. For her doing that there is no reward like more whisky, more cannabis or money. Beside that there is not a single childrens book in the house. (May be now there is but at the time it was not.)

Very likely this goes on every evening: without any announcement suddenly picking up the child put her in bed and leave the room as fast as possible...

Welcome in the wonderful world of Hanneke...
Next time we will do the library story; when that happened I understood she must have psychopath issues. So till updates my dear reader. 


(10 May 2016) A bit more of Hanneke stories but I promise you that this is update number 3 on Hanneke and I will stop after update number 7 just like last year when I tried to explain you can only get Alzheimers if you eat bread every day multiple times.  

So we pick up on the day when the daughter of Hanneke was able to walk using the table as a guide. 

Item 1) Late in the afternoon her oldest son walks into the house, what will happen?

 Item 1) Late in the afternoon her oldest son walks into the house, what will happen?

It is about five o'clock in the afternoon and we have been drinking whisky and smoking joints for a few hours in a badly ventilated room with a baby around. 

And her oldest kid enters the house. 

This is not on deaf ears on Hanneke her behalf and she commands the kid over here and with great interest I observe a long stream of problems that this kid creates.  

It is not like "Hey son what have you been doing today but this morning you left a few bread crust on my aanrecht while you were preparing your meal for school while I was sleeping in my bed. Can you clean this up now?"

No, minute after minute a stream of low accusations comes out. 
It is clear the boy is used to this, he simply swallows all this low stuff and even tries to make a reasonable comment but this makes mommy only more furious.  

For me it is clear that the usual bonding between a child and it's care giver simply is not there. It is just some psychopath female trying to bring control to the scene... 

End of this update & we will have precisely four more updates on Hanneke to go. 

Till updates.  


(09 May 2016) Oh oh now I opened the box of Pandora about a female named Hanneke S why not post a second update with some baby stuff from about 8 or 9 years ago?

If after reading this you think I was an asshole not going to the police or the child protection agencies it is very simple:

1) In those long lost years the local police always tapped the sounds in my home via my telephone. The technical details how they did this are not important but each and every day when I did my daily walk to the local supermarket it was always at the same space there was this police car with always 3 police officers in it.
It was always at a shop named Dik Race, they had fine-tuned me leaving my house against their readiness of preventing ruthless terror attacks... 

2) Child protection agencies? Give me a brake, I was under investigation myself.
And if you are under investigation yourself, there is little practical use of making them change their minds. 

Item 1) Hurray, Hanneke has a new baby and she is so cute!

 Item 1) Hurray, Hanneke has a new baby and she is so cute!

It's about 8 or 9 years back and I am over at Hanneke her house that is right behind the corner and her baby named S is just so cute! By now she can stand holding herself at the table and move a bit around by that.

Hanneke asks me: shall we smoke a joint? 

That was ok by me although even in those long lost years I never liked smoking weed during the day time. So Hanneke prepairs a joint and I say: 

Shall we go to the garden because all this smoke is not good for babies. 

Hanneke, skilled female psychopath as she is, she opens a tiny window so that fresh air can come in.

The baby S is trying to get to mommy and is going to use the table as a guide.

All of a sudden Hanneke places a carton box between her and the baby.

The baby clearly does not like it, but at looking at the scene she decides that if she moves all the other way around she would still make it to mommy...

So the baby goes all the way step by step and tries to make it to the other side. 

And guess three times what happens? 

Mommy replaces the carton box so the path of the baby is blocked & the whole scene repeats itself. And again mommy replaces the carton box so that fucking stupid baby would stay away from touching her.  


And as such what once was a perfect baby is at present day a child having all kinds of damage that was not needed in the first place. 

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(07 May 2016) Two items, one about a street kid I know for about 11 years and the second item is about a brand new coordinate system that is very beautiful if you understand it. 

Item 1) What about the boy now he is so psychotic?
Item 2) Teaser picture for the latest math update.

 Item 1) What about the boy now he is so psychotic?

It was in the year 2005 and there was that boy walking down the street with a bike in his hands. And always he was only walking, he never did ride his bicycle. 

So I asked him why he never rode his bike and he said: I would like to ride my bicycle but I do not know how to do this. 

A few days later I learned him how to ride a bicycle, it took a lot of running but within one hour he could ride his bike... 

Later I confronted his mother, her name is Hanneke and I asked her as why her 10 year old son was not able to ride a bicycle. All I got for an answer was some lousy explanation as that she herself never learned that and when she fell with her bike and came back in bruises she only got laughed at by her parents.

More later I confronted his mother: But you got pregnant so you had to stop smoking weed and stuff.
Answer from mommy dear: But I was so glad to give him that feeling of a high while he was still in my womb... 


Fast forward to today: Yesterday I visited the boy who is now in emergency care at the local shrink clinic know as Lentis in Groningen. He is totally psychotic like cutting his clothes, wearing sun glasses with only one dark glass & total chaos.

Now the psychopath scientist in me is glad to observe what 21 years of emotional neglect can do do a child. But my human part suffer a lot because the female under the name of Hanneke has two more children under her care. 
They will more or less go down the same route, that makes me sad. 

 Item 2) Teaser picture for the latest math update.

With great joy I announce a new coordinate system, it can only be used inside a 3D number system like circular or complex numbers. So during my life it will never take off because of the 'special smartness of the professional math professors'. But decades ago I understood how smart these people are, so why talk about shit when you can also discuss math beauty like a new coordinate system??? 

Come on, they are mostly imbeciles with that retarded stuff like 1 + 2 + 3 + ... = -1/12. 

And do those retards ever come up with a simple but fundamental new way of crafting new coordinate systems? Nope, njet, no, nee, nein und nimmer... 

They only recycle the known coordinate systems like the rectangular, spherical or cylindrical coordinate systems... 

Well talked enough about those people, here is the teaser picture and in this picture you can see that I myself can also be very stupid for decades on a row:
In the past I really tried to find metrics so that the length would be preserved, but the determinants always killed everything I threw at it. 

Yet in the upper part of the teaser picture is something I should have calculated a long long time ago. As usual click on the pic to land at the update. 


Till updates.  


(01 May 2016) A few days back I posted an extra update in my 'debunking Euler' update on page four of the higher dimensional complex numbers. That is the item for today: 

Item 1) More debunking Euler stuff...

 Item 1) More debunking Euler stuff...

Originally posted on 15 April, two days back I posted two more pictures there where I basically do two things: 

Thing 1) Calculation zeta at minus one using the analytical expansion and 
Thing 2) Make the same flawed mistakes as those five Nottingham professors do but now with the geometric series. 

Since everybody knows the geometric series I found wisdom in debunking the
next also: 

 1 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 16 + 32 + etc etc = -1.

But university people are university people and indeed it was simple to find a university weirdo easily explaining as why this should be minus one: 

Adding Past Infinity (WARNING: Math Ahead)

The above video is from MinutePhysics, it is only 47 seconds long and the calculation speaks for itself. Needless to say it is nonsense on a very deep level. 

But university people are university people and a pure intellectual under that name of Singing Banana was Nottingham professor number five that give the green light for nice summations like:

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12. 

Ramanujan Summation

All of this nonsense feeds upon itself: The math people think that because the physics people from string theory stuff use it, there must be some truth in it.
The physics professors think that because Euler and Ramanujan are never debunked properly it must have some value. 

And life, life will go on...
End of this update. 


(28 April 2016) Two more updates in the magnetic page, so that is our item:

Item 1) Reason number 27 and 28 are added in the magnetic page.

 Item 1) Reason number 27 and 28 are added in the magnetic page.

It is well know that a moving electrical charge like an electron produces a magnetic field and a moving magnetic charge produces an electrical field. 

So my teaser picture looks very weird: according to professional physics professors the electron is a magnetic dipole. We have used the scientific method they say.

That is very interesting, but in this teaser picture as far as I can see I do not see a magnetic dipole at work. If there is any truth to those pictures depicting how linear polarized light acts, it cannot be a magnetic dipole combined with an electrical monopole. 

I have spoken, here is the teaser picture: 


Have fun with thinking about the existence of linear polarized light.


It is well known that professional physics professors are very good at stating the next: 

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand it.

And they are in the right: If you think that an electron is a magnetic dipole it is extremely hard to understand quantum physics. 

Here is a nice Youtube video from a female that really tries to understand the stuff with electron spin but she just keeps on hanging to that dipole magnetic thing.
Once more we observe that 'modern science' is only a substitute for religion, but let me skip my usual stick horses: 

The video is from a female under the name 'looking glass universe' and she really tries to make sense of the concept of electron spin. 
She is cute but also a perfect example as why physics is the 'new religion' because dogma's are never doubted but used as basic thought ideas:


End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(20 April 2016) Just an item related to an email:

Item 1) I emailed daughter but she said she did not understand it...

  Item 1) I emailed daughter but she said she did not understand it...

Oh oh, I emailed Daughter with a short version of the debunking Euler proof and she said she did not understand. And since she is not particular crazy I decided to look for that video that is fool proof so that you can understand as why some professional math professors think that: 

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12.

This is all very basic math, no zeta function stuff or so... 
Only the fact you can add or subtract two rows of numbers and that you can multiply them by a constant number. Click on the picture for the Youtube video:


Video link:

And if you search for the 'sum of all numbers' on Youtube you get the next stuff:

Well I really hope I did not confuse to many people because that proof saying it is nonsense to valuate the natural numbers to -1/12 is just basic math. 

Till updates.  


(16 April 2016) Two new updates and that is the item of this update:  

Item 1) Debunking Euler & third post on the Schrödinger equation.

 Item 1) Debunking Euler & third post on the Schrödinger equation.

Debunking Euler: 

Five days ago I was at a public lecture at the local university here in Groningen and a guy named Frits Rammers (for Dutch folks that would be Frits Beukers) talked also a bit on a very bizarre result dating back to Euler himself: 

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + etc etc = -1/12. 

Obviously this must be nonsense, only people why are bad at math will fall into this trap done by the high priest of math himself: Leonhard Euler.

Now does this change my views on Euler since this high priest is so easy to debunk?
Of course not, Euler gave the world the number e and if he would not have done that it would only be in this century that I could do the same... ;)

So as far as I am concerned, Euler will always be the number 1 guy when it comes to ranking math people in the long run. The debunking stuff is found in page 4 of the higher dimensional complex numbers, to be precise it is at entry 15 April 2016.


The third post on the Schrödinger wave equation is on the other website:

Both updates were fun to do: The Euler debunking stuff was fun because it was so easy while at the same time for example 26-dimensional bosonic string theory is based on that.  

And the Schrödinger update was fun because I succeeded into explaining how to use 3D complex numbers without ever solving the Schrödinger wave equation.
So from my point of view it was a great week:  

Debunking weirdo's like people who believe in string theory & at the same time giving the green light for usage of 3D complex numbers for constructing those very difficult atomic & molecular orbitals.

It truly was a geek week! Till updates. 


(10 April 2016) The last few days I have been writing stuff for the third post on the Schrödinger wave equation from quantum mechanics using higher dimensional complex numbers. 

This update is for posting the teaser picture. 

Item 1) Teaser picture for third post on the Schrödinger wave equation.

 Item 1) Teaser picture for third post on the Schrödinger wave equation.

More or less without thinking in the first post on the Schrödinger equation on the other website I said you should use complex numbers from the main cone in order to craft all those beautiful atomic & molecular electron orbitals... 

Later that week I was cleaning my living room and came across that old dirty piece of paper, and yes it was true: A long time ago I already decided you cannot solve the Schrödinger wave equation using 3D complex numbers. 

It was clear I had acted like a fool because you cannot say 'use the main cone' if in a wider sense it will never work. 

But now some time later I am almost ready with composing the third post.
The math itself was developed over two years back by me and for myself speaking it was very rewarding to do it once more.  

For example in the next teaser picture you see the plusses and minusses of the three basis vectors. My complicalted exponential curve goes through all these six end points.
That was a major math victory at the time leaving all those so called 'professional math professors' far behind in a cloud of murky dust... 


For myself speaking it was nice to read all that old stuff again; because there is more than 2 years between it I could also see how my own brain works... 


In a few days it all will be ready and posted on the new website:  

Till updates.  


(06 April 2016) Yesterday I came across that video with the nice title 'Magnets in the sky' and may be I could find a bit more reasoning as why electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

But what I found was the most utterly and totally stupid explanation of how permanent magnets work.  

Item 1) For whatever reason, iron does line up it's electrons at 11.34 min.

 Item 1) For whatever reason, iron does line up it's electrons at 11.34 min.

This guy physics professor Bryan Gaensler tells more or less the most retarted explanation that is out there. He is not the only one, I have seen MIT profs doing this too but the way Bryan puts it is just so mindbreaking stupid. 

If you think about it, Bryan thinks the electrons are glued into a fixed position and that is the way permanent magnets work. 

He compares wood to iron, observes in wood electrons have spins in all directions while in iron 'for whatever reason' (sic!!!!!) the electrons are aligned. 

I have to say I am more or less speechless as why this retard gets a government paid salary. As stupid as he pumps it up, he is classified as a 'creationist'. You know one of those people that think the earth is created in six day and the bible is in fact a scientific piece of work. 

It is just so utterly fucking stupid, I stop talking about this retard. 

Source of the screenshot picture: 
Magnets in the Sky, Prof Bryan Gaensler (aka the fundamental retard)  


This explanation is 100% retarded as only the people of the universities can come up with. 

Luckily as an antidote to this sheer 100% retardization process I posted reason number 25 and 26 into the magnetic page. 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(01 April 2016) The 3D complex numbers seem to be faring well in the diverse search engines but the fact that electrons are not magnetic dipoles is much more of an abandoned orphan.

So in this update I only repost a picture of me holding a bunch of those powerful new neodymium magnets against a 6 € old television. 

Item 1) The Lorentz force only goes that far...

 Item 1) The Lorentz force only goes that far...

It is just a repost of a picture from some time ago and at the same time I perfectly understand how deep the science of physics is married with the idea you cannot make magnetic monopoles. 

But each and every electron in our universe is a magnetic monopole, if you want this statement a bit less extreme you can say electrons carry a net magnetic charge. 

By now, if you are a professional physics professor you are already on the verge of vomiting, I am well aware of how you behave and why you behave.  

Let me not do difficult and just repost my old photo of holding this stack of strong magnets against a small television screen and trying to explain what I see using the ideas behind the Lorentz force:  


If you click on the picture you get a bigger version of it but in this small one you already see the Lorentz force at work: it is that rotating thing going round using the rigth hand rule. 

Unexplained is the circular spot where no electrons land on the television screen.  

Present day physics in the year 2016 cannot explain this empty electron spot. 

End of this update, till updates. 


(24 March 2016) Six days back I made a small advertisement for the woodshop Dikhout that sells countless fine woods from all over the world. But this does not mean all wood from regular shops like Hornbach is worthless.

Item 1) In defense of Hornbach wood.

 Item 1) In defense of Hornbach wood.

In the picture below you see a piece of a wooden beam, bought it about a year ago and it was only 8 € for about 3 meter of beam. That is dirt cheap, beside being cheap it is already flattened and shaved. 
The only disadvantage is that it is kinda pale, in the past it was easy with a finish containing petrol and stuff to get a far stronger contrast in the grain of the wood. But at present day most paint is water based and that does not improve the grain of the wood. 

On top you see an unfinished piece of wood and directly below I brought a bit of contrast in it. How to make this kind of wood a bit more beautiful? 


Very simple: You make you own water based paint with two pieces of steel wool (wash out the soap carefully) and some vinegar. I used cleaning vinegar because it is a bit stronger. You put it in a jar and put the lid loosely on it.
After about a day or five it is ready to use, filter it through a paper coffee filter or something like that. 
It is important you take enough experiments because this stuff acts different on different kinds of wood. After five days the paint is very strong, I had to dilute it to 25% of it's original strength. 
After painting you can sandpaper it unit you get what you wanted.

The piece of wood below is some plywood, you see a small gray spot, so you see it works very different going from one kind of wood to another. I do not like the gray color, but that is for every one themselves to decide.

Again dilute it enough, the first time I tried this the wood turned into pure black and that was a pity because without the paint it looked better and I could not sandpaper it.

So experiment on small pieces of wood that you do not need anyway... 

Till updates.  


(21 March 2016) Yesterday I finished reason number 24 as why spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles, or if you think such particles are always spinning very fast without any reason: they have a net magnetic value.
That is the item for today: 

Item 1) Reason 24: Energy distribution in cosmic rays.

 Item 1) Reason 24: Energy distribution in cosmic rays.

Where the spinning electron pair explaining dia-magnetism is the smallest thing based on the idea of electrons being magnetic monopoles, the behavior of charged particles in inter-galactic and galactic magnetic fields is, until now, the greatest structure found that drives the behavior of cosmic rays. 

In the next picture you se an impression of our Milky Way and a few years back the high energy satellite Fermi found two giant lobes perpendicular on the center of the Milky Way and there was significant more gamma rays coming from that part of space.

Gamma rays are the highest energy rays we know of, it is thought they are produced by cosmic rays and contrary to the name cosmic rays are not rays at all but very energetic charged particles.   

Cosmic rays (particles) is also a bucket name for a wide variety of particles, the lower energy ones come from our sun in those violent corona mass ejections and for those high energy stuff the professional physics professors have no good explanation.

That is understandable: If you think that electrons are magnetic dipoles it will never cross your mind they are accelerated by magnetic fields. In that case you will only think they are accelerated by electrical fields. 

Well that is a choice they made every day again in favor of the prophet Maxwell (may peace be upon the prophet Maxwell). Long before the electrons were discovered the prophet decided magnetic monopoles do not exist and until this day this is part of the Holy Scriptures of the religion named physics...

Let's leave it with that, here is the teaser picture for reason number 24: 

Of course the pink/purple stuff is only showing the space where the gamma rays are coming from. As usual click on the picture to land on the magnetic page.

Joke of the day: If you know a professional physics professor in person, just ask this person how to explain such giant lobes of 25.000 light years high... 

Till updates.   


(18 March 2016) About one week back I took a look at the amount of pictures I made since I started that new website Indeed fresh picture production was so high I thought 'let's take a little holiday from that'.  

Item 1) Let's take a holiday from all that math and stuff. 

 Item 1) Let's take a holiday from all that math and stuff.

Beside hobby's like brewing beer, riding the bicycle & tiny amounts of published math, every year I also make a few pieces of wood furniture. Here you see a picture of my latest piece of furniture; a new book shelf that replaces the old one. 

On the left of the picture you see two new woodworking projects: 


The thing on top of the barrel is supposed to be my very first table saw sled. With a sled like this you do not need to have your hands very close to the sawing blade, so this brings in a bit of safety.

Underneath the sled is a barrel, that was a woodworking project from about 8 years ago and now I am going to turn it into the Cauchy integral formula with the help of lots of epoxy resin and some prints of the new Cauchy integral formula.    


I would like to make a free advertisement for the guy where I mostly buy my wood. 
The locals here in the city of Groningen likely know the new bridge known as the Oslo bridge. If you come from the kernel of the city, after the bridge you go to the left and park your car at Dikhout fijnhout. 

The guy from Dikhout has wood that is very very hard to find at places like Hornbach, Praxis or whatever 'wood retailers' that are out there to serve the public need for fresh wood. 

End of this update, if I succeed with the Cauchy barrel may be some more photo's will be added. Till updates.  


(09 March 2016) Added to the page on magnetism are two more reasons as why electrons & other spin half particles are magnetic monopoles.
Since the very last reason involves also diamagnetism of DIY at home made plasma, I finally had a good reason the post that picture of the levitating frog...  

Item 1) The levitating frog.

 Item 1) The levitating frog.

Reason 22 is the so called Birkeland currents, I never heard of them but these currents stream from the sun outwards to the earth and stuff. I found a perfect very old photo, likely made by Birkeland himself, it shows a toy model of our earth bombarded by electrical currents.

At the end of reason 22 I post a link to a video that shows some guy making DIY plasma at home and he is doing experiments with strong permanent magnets. In reason 23 I discuss the results of that person in detail because the plasma particles that are diamagnetic behave perfectly as one should expect when electrons are magnetic monopoles.

But if you would ask a professional physics professor about how to explain diamagnetism, you get answers like:  

1) Diamagnetic materials contain no unpaired electrons, or; 
2) If atoms have only electron pairs, they become diamagnetic, or;
3) It atoms are stripped from the unpaired electrons, those ions are diamagnetic. 

Etc etc. 

Stuff like that is not an explanation, at best it is a correct observation or description about when you can expect diamagnetism. But it is not an explanation. 


Click on the picture to land at reason 22 as why electrons are magnetic monopoles: 


This frog was levitated at some Dutch university, you know one of those places where they are overpaid and think they understand electrons using advanced math... 

Let's leave it with that. Till updates.  


(03 March 2016) Weirdly enough my six dimensional complex numbers are a hot topic when it comes to Google picture searches. That is our item for today: 

Item 1) Why do the 6D complex numbers score so high?

 Item 1) Why do the 6D complex numbers score so high?

The six dimensional numbers combine the 2D complex plane and my own invention of 3D numbers in a very straightforward way, so why are they so successful?  

Likely it is the 'complex plane' because people from universities and stuff know what the complex plane is. 

Of course it is a great honor to arrive at search result number 3, but for me who has published vast amounts of math that has gone unnoticed, I don't give a shit.


After having said that, look at the screen shot & after that I will give you the link to what started it all.  


End of this update, click on the pic to land on the post outlining the 6D complex numbers using only 2D & 3D complex numbers. 

Till updates.  


 (25 Feb 2016) Added is reason number 21 as why spin half particles are magnetic monopoles, that is our item for today:

Item 1) The way magnetic mirrors work in plasma containment. 

 Item 1) The way magnetic mirrors work in plasma containment. 

Just go the magnetics page here and enjoy reading reason number 21 for spin half particles being the long long sought magnetic monopoles.

Till updates.    


(22 Feb 2016) Just finished a new math update under the title The Cone Theorem.
That is the item for this update: 

Item 1) The Cone Theorem.

 Item 1) The Cone Theorem.

I found a very beautiful way to classify all subspaces of the 3-dimensional complex number space such that if you multiply by an imaginary unit like j, all stuff gets rotated by a fixed amount.  

This also adds a new layer of geometric properties on the 3D complex and circular number systems. It has to be remarked that I found it because the preprint archive article from Slomi Jacobi gave me the idea to investigate this stuff a little bit. 

Here is a link to the preprint archive: 
On a novel 3D hypercomplex number system

The new update is 12 pages long and placed in page four of the higher dimensional complex numbers. If you click on the teaser picture you land directly on the new update: 


The applet I used for these pictures is the Polyray applet from the WIMS archive of applets. The next one is from the university of Leiden but there are more around the world. Likely you must search a little bit:  


Ok, that was it for today. Till updates.  


(17 Feb 2016) Another reason why electrons and protons are magnetic monopoles. This time it is from the geniussus of MIT, believe it or not but via simulations on giant super computers they found that there are two types of plasma instability.   

Item 1) One step closer to fusion power.

 Item 1) One step closer to fusion power.

The title of this item is the same as the video from MIT, for reasons of being very sarcastic I hold on to this title. This is now year three of me talking about electrons and stuff being the long sought magnetic monopoles and year in year out on a global scale all university people stay silent. 

That proves a lot of things, things like being stupid, being arrogant, not understanding your own profession, being a bunch of fucking cowards and so on and so on. 
The list of problems these people have is like an endless river. 

And always this bragging like 'we follow the scientific method', if for just once they did that instead of that endless river of nonsense about electrons that are spin half and magnetic dipoles at the same time. 

There is no proof for that, the scientific method is not used for about 106 years since electrons were first discovered... These people live in a fantasy world, a lot of the common knowledge is correct but a few important details stay wrong year in year out...

Click on the picture to land on reason number 20: 


Source: One step closer to nuclear fusion

Till updates.  Extra update from 19 Feb: 

It is also funny to read the news from the MIT source itself, for myself speaking I consider it also more or less funny when on 21 Dec I explained the root source of plasma instability via spin half particles being magnetic monopoles in at most two hours. It took the MIT weirdo's 37 days on a giant super computer to find similar results. The only problem is: the MIT weirdo's still think electrons are magnetic dipoles... 

Well, good luck with it. 

Here is the MIT news link:  New finding may explain heat loss in fusion reactors 

Till update my dear reader.  


(15 Feb 2016) Only added Reason number 19 as why spin half particles are in fact magnetic monopoles. This reason is the temperature of the corona of our beloved sun. And since this temperature is about 100 times as high as the outer layers of the sun, only a fool would hang on to stupid stuff like electrons are magnetic dipoles...


Click on the above picture to land on the 19-th reason as why spin half particles are all magnetic monopoles.  

Till updates.  


(12 Feb 2016) I was busy doing other things so only this evening I became aware of the announcement that gravity waves are discovered. Give or take it looks like a solid breakthrough, so why am I not dancing on the table? 

Very simple: I dance on the wooden floor because years back I had to repair the table and I know how weak it actually is. I am not going to dance on a weak structure like that. 

Item 1) China has also a record breaking new when it comes to nuclear fusion. 

 Item 1) China has also a record breaking new when it comes to nuclear fusion. 

On the fourth February of this month I poked fun at those German scientists from the Max Planck Institute about how their Stellarator nuclear fusion reactor will never ever work because they are in denial when it comes to the properties of the particles that make up the plasma. 

The Stellarator folks managed to get the plasma to about 80 million degrees Celcius for about 250 milliseconds. 

I informed them this project will blow up in their arrogant faces... 


Did I know that the Chinese were also hunting down nuclear fusion the wrong way?
No, until this day I was not aware of any Chinese stuff using the retarded Tokamak design to craft nuclear fusion. 

It makes me smile because after all the Chinese have a new endurance record:

102 seconds of stable plasma. 

Funny link from a website under the name 'popular science':


All those circular nuclear fusion reactor are self destructive by design because the scientists on a global scale refuse to understand how spin half particles behave inside magnetic fields. Let's leave it with that, till updates.  


(10 Feb 2016) I opened page 4 in the higher dimensional complex numbers on this website. But now I have that new website known as my estimation is that I will publish only the more hardcore stuff on page 4.
All soft stuff will go to the new website.   

Item 1) Teaser picture about the seven properties of the number alpha. 

 Item 1) Teaser picture about the seven properties of the number alpha. 

On the other website I said lately I would post a post on the more or less elementary properties of the number alpha. But while writing that it became a bit too long and at the same time I had not opened up page 4 on this website.

So combining the stuff, I posted 3 teaser pictures on the new website while publishing the real meat in page 4. For me it is a great honor to place my fist at the heads of all those incompetent math professors with writing down just another Euler identity... 

These incompetent shitholes known as 'professional math professors' often state that the most beautiful equation they know is the Euler identity.

And as such, if they did not react all these years upon similar identities, it is clear these people are incompetent to the bone. Let's leave it with that. 


End of this update, till updates.  


(07 Feb 2016) You know I have a so called 'smart tv', it is not really smart because for example you cannot disable cookies and as such a channel like Youtube always goes on where I left. So I am always rewarded with fresh attacks from scientists on creationist and vice versa. That is the short item for today: 

Item 1) A non-black crow, creationism and evolution. 

 Item 1) A non-black crow, creationism and evolution. 

Here in Europe it is completely absent but in the USA you have all these fights between people that think the bible is literally true in every point an comma versus the standard view that life always evolves if needed. 

For myself speaking, I think that religious thought is an important evolutionary trait that after a long long time gave rise to scientific institutions. 

Today I was riding my noble iron horse and I was in a village named Southhorn (that is Zuidhorn for the locals) and I passed that strange looking crow. The crow had clearly non-black feathers but it did not look ill or so. On the contrary, for a crow it observed standard behavior; these birds are always very alert.
But I could make this photo: 


I have no clue as why this bird has lost this amount of black stuff.
I have no idea if this is a genetic thing, so it is unknown if this is evolution under your nose at work. 

Creationalists see the work of the Almighty in each and every aspect of life; for example genetics explained via evolution?
Very simple: the Intelligent Designer simply uses the same sets of genes while creating different kinds of species with it. After that those species never evolve further... 

And if you would show them the nice new zika virus that wrecks havoc in the brains of babies, it is not a virus that evolves but surely must be a punishment by the Almighty because so many people believe in evolution. 


But on the science front you can find much of those examples too: 

Plenty of professional physics people think that if an electron circles a nucleus once, it has reversed the magnetic spin. So that only after two times going around it is in the same spin state again... 

They never say that the electrical charge of an electron oscillates in a similar fashion because even creationalists instantly see that this is nonsense. 


This is the end of my religious sermon discussing evil creationists and demon scientists while looking at a non-black crow flying around in Southhorn...
Till updates.  


(04 Feb 2016) Two days back in the magnetic html page I posted reason number 18 as why electrons must be magnetic monopoles. In it we look at why oxygen is para-magnetic and we observe it must be the unpaired electrons that are causing this para-magnetism. So here is Reason number 18

Today we poke fun at the Stellarator people from the Max Planck institute, Germany: 

Item 1) Poking fun at people that believe in electron spin.

 Item 1) Poking fun at people that believe in electron spin.

First a correction: In the previous update on the Stellarator fusion reactor I told you that it took 19 years to build. Now there is also a lot of info out there that says it was 9 years. 
It is not that relevant, likely the planning started 19 years ago and the actual building was started 9 year ago. 

What is relevant is that these people are building a fusion reactor where all particles in the plasma are supposed to follow the magnetic field lines, yet all those years these people never realize only magnetic monopoles follow magnetic field lines... 

I mean; how fucked up stupid can you be? 

I am not going to explain for a second time as why these ring shaped fusion reactors are all unstable by definition. If the Max Planck institute people are to fucked up stupid to understand my 18 reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles, it is their problem and not mine... 

Yesterday Angela Merkel pushed the button for the second experiment and the temperature was impressive: about 80 million degrees Celcius for about 0.25 seconds. 

But once more it was claimed that in the coming months they will try to let the thing run for 30 minutes or 1800 seconds. On top of that these strange people say that this is a preparation for a continuous operational fusion vessel. 

Well, for myself speaking I am very interested what happens if you accelerate your electrons and protons second in second out. My gut feeling says these fusion vessels are instable by definition.  

But let's wait a few more months and see if indeed the whole thing will blow up in their arrogant faces. 


In the long run, what is the lesson the profession of physics can learn from this? 

Now very simple; if from day one after the Stern-Gerlach experiment you put weird names on the observed behavior, weird names like 'intrinsic spin' you cannot make any significant progress because your mind does not grasp what is going on. 

Funny wiki link: Wendelstein 7-X 

Till updates my dear reader.  


(27 Jan 2016) Two more reasons as why electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles & that is today's item:

Item 1) Two more reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles.

 Item 1) Two more reasons as why electrons are magnetic monopoles.

I arrived at reason number seventeen as why electrons are in fact magnetic monopoles, this time I selected the diamagnetic properties of things like wood or water that are always repelled by all magnetic fields. 

And I do not need to use fancy math that no professional math professor understands, it is basic stuff like nature is always seeking to minimize energy levels. 

And minimizing energy levels seems to be a perfect explanation as why those strong permanent magnets always repel stuff like wood and water... 

Just read it at the magnetic page

End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. Till updates.   


(20 Jan 2016) Yesterday on the preprint archive I found a very interesting article: 
On a novel 3D hypercomplex number system 

Ok the name is a bit over the top, there is nothing to 'hyper' about 3D complex numbers. Anyway now for the first time I have some evidence I was not the first: it is claimed that the original author found the 3D numbers back in 1960.  

Once more this proves it is better to avoid all contacts with university people because university people are like one dimensional people only interested in getting more tax payer money and their rankings in their publication schemes... 


In this update I will dissect the weirdo's at CERN hunting for so called magnetic monopoles. That is our item for this update: 

Item 1) Trashing the torque hypothesis on electron spin.  

 Item 1) Trashing the torque hypothesis on electron spin. 

Long before the discovery of the electron scientists already concluded that magnetic monopoles could not exist. So when electrons were discovered about 110 years ago, despite them being electrical monopoles having an electrical charge, it was already forbidden to treat them the same. 

So even when the Stern-Gerlach experiment came along, electrons were still viewed as being magnetic dipoles. And they had a serious problem to explain:
Why did the beam of silver ions split into two? 

This was a serious problem because it was forbidden to say that it was magnetic monopole stuff that caused the whole thing, therefore the concept of 'intrinsic spin' was introduced. 

Furthermore this spin is always up or down, but why do they say this?
Now when it is up or down they talk about a vertical applied magnetic field.
When the spin is left or right they talk about a horizontal magnetic field applied. 

In that way you can always avoid talking about magnetic charge that can be measured in all kinds of magnetic fields. Because if electrons have a magnetic charge, the orientation of the magnetic field applied should not matter that very much. 


Experimental validation of electrons having magnetic charge: 

Click on the next picture: the 3 electron cannons of the old color television spit out electrons all the same. Yet my 3 strong neodymium magnets ensure there is a circular disk where all electrons are void void void & more void. 

Now you can come up with a very complicated theory using torque explaining this while the more down to earth explanation simply says: This proves electrons carry magnetic charge.  

Click on the picture for an enlargement: 


This is the most cheap experiment disproving all that torque stuff: It uses a second hand television for 6 € while I only needed 3 of those new neodymium magnets or about 25 €. So for only about 30 Euro you can poke fun at those thousands and thousands of overpaid CERN physics people hunting the magnetic monopole in their own way. 

Let's leave it with that, till updates. 


(17 Jan 2016) This update was not planned: while reaching high in the search engine count I discovered I made two terrible typo's! 

So instead of me poking fun at the physics professors like "hey how are your dipole electrons do today?", I find myself back in the corner where the beatings are. 

Item 1) Correction of my 07 Dec 2015 update.

 Item 1) Correction of my 07 Dec 2015 update.

Since I have my new website about once I week I do some internet search engine searches like '3D complex numbers' and just see what nonsense pops up. 

I am very satisfied because results from pop up high enough. Not on page 1 of course, there are all of those websites out there to serve the general public to answer all kinds of questions science related, ok ok I accept they hang out on page one of the search results... 

But on Google pictures, last week I was hanging out at picture number six.
And guess what? It was a teaser picture for the 6D complex numbers as constructed from 2D and 3D complex numbers... 

Not a bad result, but on inspection pure panic was on my behalf!!! 

There were two typo's in it, two minus signs that were supposed to be there were AWOL. Of course the people from the universities will say instantly:

See, just a bit more proof this guy hangs together from typo's and more weird stuff... 


So I corrected my teaser picture and now it looks like this:  


End of this update, have a nice life or try to get one. 


(11 Jan 2016) In the new page on magnetism I added two more reasons as why electrons rather likely are magnetic monopoles. This makes the item for this update:

Item 1) Superconductivity explained via magnetic monopoles. 

 Item 1) Superconductivity explained via magnetic monopoles. 

Just a teaser picture, you see the so called Meisner effect: If you place a permanent magnet above a superconducting piece of material (mostly metals) it starts to levitate. 

So it has a high Harry Potter content, it is just like in the background Harry Potter is waiving his magic wand whispering 'Leviosa at infinitum'.    


Till updates.  


(05 Jan 2016) The last week I have been studying superconductivity type 1 and a bit of type 2. Once more the idea that electrons are magnetic monopoles is once more the last idea standing... But this item is about poking fun at the professional physics professors & about wishing you a happy new year!

Item 1) Poking fun at the ppp.

 Item 1) Poking fun at the ppp.

In my house it is well known that ppp (professional physics professors) think that electrons are magnetic dipoles. 
In my house it is also well known that there is no experimental proof for that anyway; the thing that comes most close is the Stern-Gerlach thing and what do the ppp say when talking about this experiment??? 

They often say: For some strange reason nature does not allow us to measure electron spin in more than one direction. 
They often say: Electron pairing is a quantum thing.
They say this and they say that, if they use math they come only up with 2D complex numbers, so for me this is a bunch of toddlers playing in the sand pit wearing their diapers while carrying sand from one place to the other.  

These weirdo's with their vertical Sz measurement of electron spin, these people are crazy without borders. 

In the next photo you see 'spin measurement' around the circle, or to put it mildly: In an infinite amount of directions... And when measured in an infinite amount of directions, the electrons still behave the same...   


If you click on the picture you get a larger version. Anyway now we have these strong new neodymium magnets for just 30 €, we can do experiments that measure electron spin simultaneously in a 360 degree fashion. 


Till updates & have a happy life or try to get one.  


(30 Dec 2015) Happy celebrations tomorrow & do not forget to drink a gigantic amount of beer, a tiny amount of wine or a very tiny amount of Vodka! Cheers to everyone! 

I just finished the latest update on why electrons are magnetic monopoles, here it is or click on any of the 3 teaser pictures from the previous two updates.
Till updates & see ya next year! 

(29 Dec 2015) Bah, I did sprain my ankle so I do not feel like dancing or so. Since I stopped eating bread and the poisonous gluten I did not have any joint problems for over 1.5 years. And it is also my own fault; I should not have gone exercising yesterday because that only made it worse and now I have a nice swollen foot... 

But there is also good news; I can confirm that with these new neodymium magnets you can both attract and repel electrons. So a small update on that.  

Item 1) Confirmed by experiment: electrons are not magnetic dipoles.

 Item 1) Confirmed by experiment: electrons are not magnetic dipoles.

In the 26 update I showed you a teaser picture with a black ring where all electrons were missing. Now that was caused by south pole electrons attracted to the north pole of the neodymium bipolar magnet.

Below you see the opposite, the neodymium south pole is repelling electrons, to be precise: monopole magnetic south poles. The shape of the missing electrons is explained by the fact the electrons come in with an angle at the corner of the screen. 


You can also see a bit more light under the magnet tip, these are extra north pole monopole electrons. For me this is very important because this way everybody can check self for under 50 € that I am in the right. 

Because if we wait until the first university confirms results like this, after 500 years we will still be waiting... 


All in all these simple experiments with a small second hand television together form reason number 13 that electrons are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

This week I will update the magnetic page with reason nr 13. 

Till updates. 


(26 Dec 2015) I bought myself a second hand particle accelerator a few days ago and combined with those new neodymium magnets I bought one month ago we can do some physical experiments. 

Item 1) For 6 € I bought that second hand particle accelerator.

  Item 1) For 6 € I bought that second hand particle accelerator.

This machine is perfect, it makes all my dreams about electrons being magnetic monopoles come out. Now the second hand particle accelerator that I bought for just 6 € is also known under the name 'color television' and mine is from the Dutch brand known as Phillips. 

But old fashioned televisions are also quantum stuff things because the old tube televisions had 3 electron cannons in them and a truly suburb copper wiring to guide the electrons to the right place in the right time. 

Anyway to make some long story short, the next teaser picture is also a teaser picture for all those overpaid physics professors. Please explain the circular disk where no electron at all reaches the screen... 

So my dear physics professors, explain in long and exhausting detail as why we have such strange black circular spots where one type of electrons is clearly missing in our very simple physics experiment.   


As you see on inspection: at the end of this magnet stuff some electrons are in, after that you get that circular band of no electrons hitting the screen and after that the whole screen if filled with electrons that hit the screen. 

A bit more detail:  


Where are the electrons gone? 
Why do they not hit the screen? 


Stuff like this only fits inside a theory of reality where all spin half particles are also magnetic monopoles.   

End of this update, till updates.  


Archive (of these homepage files). 



-Food for thought:

Chained dollars! What the vuk are chained dollars?

Chained dollars are from a time chain and so you have to filter out inflation so you have a better estimate of price and quality and so. 

Therefore chained dollars are easy to understand. Hard to understand is what exactly a Gross Domestic Product, or a GDP is.

One way or the other; all nations will have their own flavor of GDP. 

Lately I just got so confused my dear reader. The Americans were able to spike up GDP growth by almost 0.5% because some stuff was now 'investment related' instead of the old thing.

Now that is very interesting because a dollar is a dollar, let it be a consumer good like bread or coffee or green tea or whatever what. Or a business invested dollar, GDP statistics should be like the temperature of the air outside the building and not inside the building. 

Everything on the 3D complex numbers from 2012 and 2013 is bundled together in one html file.  

A primer on the three dimensional complex numbers.

For 2014 there is page number two: Page 2   

In 2015 we proceed with page number three: Page 3 

In 2016 still zero point zero reaction from the official math professors. Ok, let's proceed with page number four: Page 4


23 Dec 2014: Back in the year 1748 or so, Leonhard Euler found the very first exponential circle.  

It is also known as the Euler identity, Euler's formulae etc etc. 


In the last 2.65 years I found 10 more of these circles & periodic curves in higher dimensional complex number systems. 
I made a 25 page pdf from it. 

An overview of 10 exponential circles & periodic curves.  

Please take your time and try to understand it page by page. If you do all 25 pages in one day, very likely you will go bonkers...  


28 Oct 2015: Finally I started a new html page about electrons (and other spin half particles) that, after my humble opinion, are the long sought magnetic monopoles. 

It starts with the Ten reasons why electrons are magnetic monopoles

09 Jan 2017: The link above grew out to 41 reasons that electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. We proceed with reason number 42 on

Page 2 as why electrons cannot be magnetic dipoles. 

Page 3 covers the stuff as found in this year 2018.


29 Jan 2015: I made a new kind of so called Clifford algebras. As far as I can see it will have no practical value whatsoever. 
It is only six pages long, it contains no definition but only examples.
Clifford algebras cubic style


14 July 2014: Since a lot of young folks are also hanging around here I wrote a simple piece named the Water Planet.
We calculate as a start the number of water molecules in a liter of water; Here is the rest. 


19 June 2014; The noble are of product integration is a very seldom observed thing.
That is caused by the fact that in general math professors are relatively dumb people. Ok they are good in reproducing things from the past but a relative more advanced concept like a continuous product is met with a giant vacuum inside their brains.
So if those folks were talented they would use it and given the fact almost nobody uses it, the dire straits of average math departments is clear... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation.  

09 Jan 2015: Later I rewrote the piece a little bit using the curly font from Richard Gill for writing the product integral. 

The content has not changed, the difference is only the curly symbol used... 

Ten styles for product integration and product differentiation with the curly notation


Some old math I wrote about 13 years ago, it is very simple to understand: you can differentiate and integrate all geometrical objects. And when you triangulate a landscape or a movie scene properly you can later in a computer change the position of the camera. Of course you need a new file format because the goody good mpg format won't work.
This might be of future interest for police or stuff like that (you can change the camera viewpoint to that of the victims or that of the criminals. Of course this is not a miracle; missing information can only be repaired at a certain level but anyway... The math is there and it is waiting to be used!
(Ok you also need geometrical integration but that's a cakewalk, some geometric projection theory, lots of self repairing codes and very very difficult: a good camera device. But if these conditions are met you can later change the camera viewpoint...)


(17 Oct 2008) This morning I finished a very simple and non technical article about statistical testing of poisons in food. It is so horrible non technical that even political leaders can understand it's content; only seldom I have sunken so low...

Here is the pdf file.


A pdf file explaining why we likely never ever will have nuclear fusion as a reliable source of unlimited energy...  



Sayings from famous and unknown people that shed light on their insights and their emotional daily running system:

Phrase nr one (from Dubya or the present lame duck president of the USA):

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!"
--The first Presidential debate

Phrase nr two, also from Dubya but I have to pump it up from my memory so there might be some little faults in it (it was some weeks after the 911 attacks on the USA):

The enemy is so evil that most people in the USA do not know what they do why they do!

Phrase nr three from the former USA secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (if my memory is correct he spoke these words in the week from 16 to 21 October 2001, at that point in time we were on the height of the anthrax scares): 

And it makes you wonder; How does he do it? And we would like to ask this person to come on over to our side and together fight the war on terror.

Phrase nr four is from me myself & I:

To understand your own 'logical thinking' you must know that logical thinking is only the first derivate of emotion. That is why all attempts towards artificial intelligence have failed: computers do not have emotion build in but we humans, like all other animals,  do.
The above mentioned three phrases of my enemies only expose their emotional system, lets destroy that system...

Phrase nr five is from US celebrity Donald Trump. A few weeks before this the famous Lancet report was published calculating Iraqi civil death toll at 650 thousand (this with a relatively large but acceptable standard deviation):

For myself I use 400 thousand killed.

Phrase nr six is from CNN's Larry King (CNN is received in 200 countries so therefore the CNN management thinks it's wise that Larry King can parade every day one or more American celebrities). When King was asked why he did not use the internet he responded:

There are a billion things on the internet.

Phrase nr seven is one more from the former US secretary of defense. After a few years in the war on terror he was asked what it all boiled down to. He said:

Can we kill the terrorists in a faster rate than the massandra's spit them out?

Phrase nr eight is from Osama bin Laden. The phrase is very worthwhile mentioning because the US CIA folks were in the past very satisfied with 'Just a few weapon deliveries and we lured the Russians into Afghanistan'.

When America needed us to fight their proxy war against Russia they supported us. The moment the Russians left Afghanistan we were irrelevant. 

Phrase nr nine is from US four star general Peter Pace, he made it during a memorial speech on 11 Sept 2006 (exactly five years after the 9/11 attacks from 2001).
At that point in time total US military death toll already stood above the number of civilians killed on 9/11/2001.

Right now the total amount of killed US military members is approaching the civil death toll from nine September 2001.

Phrase nr 10 is again from me myself & I. It is around the rebuilding of the organization after the military campaign in Afghanistan.

Make sure to imitate the way the German army was organized after world war one; That is make sure that every member can function properly until up three hierarchical layers higher. If you do that you can grow with an enormous speed in the future when this is needed.

Phrase nr eleven is also from me myself & I. It is to proof that I can be stupid too. I do not know when I wrote it but it was a long time ago.
I asked the Iraqis the next:

Can you hold on one more year? After that things will get better, I promise.

You just don't imagine how much I have regretted those words, after that the US military came with bonuses of up to 70 thousand dollars for enlisting / reenlisting and how could I have been so stupid as to not have foreseen this?
I mean the Americans run their country on the greenback & why was I outside reality? Why?

Phrase number twelve is from a peace loving female neighbor of mine, her name is Geertruida.

We people we can speak, so we should not fight war but speak with each other until our differences are solved.

Of course I had to remark: Because we have speech we are much better in making war compared to other animal species. 

Phrase nr thirteen is from the present al Qaida leader in Iraq. I mention it because I think it was a very important detail, it was made in his first statement after he took over from Zarqawi.

We need help from scientists, let it be in the field of communications, chemistry, medics, biologicals or whatever what. You can live your dream and kill the Americans on a large scale inside their bases. You can fulfill your scientific dreams.

Phrase nr fourteen is from CNN's war whore Christiana Armanpour. Why do I call a whore where in fact she is a respected senior correspondent?
That is because she understands the difference between a 'commodity driven war' and one that is not driven by that.
In the entire Iraqi war no CNN reporter has emphasized that Iraq is very much 'commodity driven' (read stealing the oil) but when Tony Blair resigns she says:

He wanted military assistance in Bosnia although there are no commodities over there.

(Or words of similar phrasing, I do not recall her exact words but they boiled down to the above.)   


Not all my hobbies evolve around war, death and destruction, or financial markets. No, I also like to cook food and stuff. There will not be many recipes but here is the index to some food I made, it is just a small fraction of what I cook. A very small fraction but the goal is to come to a feast meal for the Iraqis and Afghanis. So it likely will take a few more years...


















































































Title: A 2017 condolences card to the US dollar.